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  • Summary: Dead Reefs is a beautiful mystery adventure which takes place on an island off of England's coast, set in the tumultuous 18th century. In the course of a murder investigation, Dead Reefs will take gamers through a world of intrigue and suspense! Features atmospheric sound, music, and visual set in the 18th century will immerse gamers into story. Over 40 minutes of high-quality cut-scenes Dynamically evolving events keep the player entertained. Player choices affect the advancement and outcome of the game. Unique devices and contraptions are used for traveling within the game. Characters have real-life personalities and unique mannerisms. More than 16 characters with which to interact, 1st-person 3D adventure with a murder mystery storyline. [Adventure Company] Expand
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  1. A solidly entertaining and enjoyable horror adventure that is fairly short but quite engaging while it lasts. The story is well told, even if it travels some familiar territory at times, while the setting, visuals and overall effect of the presentation of the tale make it worth experiencing, despite the poor control scheme.
  2. An initially engrossing horror mystery takes serious damage on the "reefs" of a confounding interface, frustrating linearity and mind-boggling puzzles.
  3. While the crisp graphics hold up their end, the story deflates through a series of recycled clichés and a gradually diminishing sense of drama and excitement to a rather unsatisfying short — and somewhat hysterical — conclusion that leaves you feeling your time could have been better spent watching folk dance.
  4. Dead Reefs has a good game hidden deep down inside, but there are a few layers of obfuscation that disallow the gamer from ever experiencing it.
  5. All harshness aside, I think there is a good game buried deep in there. If just a little more time was spent on programming the game and ironing out the quirks, they could have had a success on their hands. As is, it’s not worth the time or money.
  6. Considering that the gameplay in Adventure Games revolves around exploration and puzzle solving, doesn't highlighting every single interactive object dull the exploratory experience a little?
  7. Overall, Dead Reefs offers plenty of atmosphere that teases with its potential, but really suffers from its make-shift story and weak gameplay, made worse still with poor controls.

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