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  • Summary: Meet Jack Slate, a cop who's having a bad day. Framed for murder and facing execution, he makes a daring escape from the Iron Point Maximum-Security Penitentiary. Driven to bring the criminal element that framed him to justice, Slate hunts the hunters in this gritty, crime-noir inspired epic. He finds himself alone and on the run trying to survive the hard streets of Grant City. Without a home and pitifully few friends, what Jack discovers sends him on a downward spiral into a labyrinth of corruption, betrayal and crime. With super-charged game play, jaw-dropping graphics and hard-boiled storytelling, Dead to Rights raises the bar on the crime action-thriller genre. [Hip Games] Expand
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  1. Fairly solid gameplay experience, but it really does feel like it was made for a console.
  2. 75
    A fun action game, but at its heart, it still feels like a year-old console title. There's no multiplayer, and the action is frequently interrupted by multiple load times.
  3. 75
    Had the fighting engine been better, this one could have trounced "Max Payne" as king of the bullet-time games. But the fighting is too plain, too poor, and there's far too much of it.
  4. A solid action game, but it's no "Max Payne 2" (or "Max Payne, for that matter). [Feb 2004, p.84]
  5. DTR’s good points are largely overshadowed by its enormous faults. Die hard fans of Max Payne and its sequel might find something to enjoy here, but then again it would be difficult for them to take such a big step down.
  6. It lacks the style, glossy finish and gunslinging simplicity of Max, and particularly its unadventurous but hugely enjoyable sequel.
  7. A no-frills port of an aged, derivative, repetitive shooter. [Apr 2004, p.85]

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