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  1. Oct 25, 2014
    Bad AI, boring game play, bad voice acting, an obvious money grab using the IP of a TV series that is meh at best, it's also as grindy as the day is long, and ran (badly) by Trion, nuff said.
  2. Oct 19, 2014
    This game sucks the big one, can't get anywhere by using the keyboard. Need to make it so you can use a game pad. Would be a great game for PC if you made it less frustrating to play or you trying to get people to buy the CD?
  3. Oct 10, 2014
    Defiance has a great start, which I think is so important for all MMOs, however very soon the game becomes very repetitive and quite frankly boring. The AI is also awkward at the best of times...
  4. Sep 6, 2014
    The game itself is decent. However TRION WORLDS continues to lie, and ignore its community.

    Thousands of ban reports go ignored. The hackers being reported even do so on the test realm right in front of the Dev team, and they simply ignore it.

    Beyond that there is the P2W cash shop. Once again they promised only cosmetic items, and once again they lied to us.
  5. Aug 31, 2014
    Finished all the main quests today, as it appears theres nothing else left other than grinding same stuff over again, and with how dissapointing pvp turned out to be its time to move on. Its shame this game is such a mess as the world based on series is a great concept, and overall idea is nice.

    - cool idea to mix mmo with a series and add new quests related to it as the show
    - visuals are okay, nothing amazing though
    - quite big map and it was fun to explore it
    - some nice weapon ideas
    - quest cinematics were quite well done (at least for the first half of it)

    - very limited options, game looks and behaves like a bad console port
    - if you havent watched the series, main quest makes little sense
    - most of the costumes you get look very similiar
    - the amount of bugs is pretty crazy considering game is over year old (models going invisible, random lag spikes/crashes - game doesnt even pop an error for about 10 mins, making you run arround when you are disconnected, vehicles dissapearing sometimes while you mount them, crosshair disspearing and going console mode (no crosshair and auto aim) randomly, theres propably more, thats all I remembered
    - half way through main quests they have diffrent voice actors, with HUGE decrease in quality both in acting and actual audio quality that sounds like home made recording
    - quests are very repetitive, basically only 4-5 variants of mission over and over, either bring something, go somewhere or kill few waves of enemies
    - theres no storage for your characters
    - skills are mostly passives, with only 4 actives to choose from, can only use one
    - a lot of game content locked behind dlc paywall
    - co-op instances and missions were incredibly boring, just waves after waves until you get to boss
    - no classes
    - only 2 pvp modes
    - the pvp in the game is horrible mess, it looks like alpha state. Theres a ton of glitches, wallhackers, aimbots, and apparently dev doesnt care about making a proper anti cheat or even banning hackers, most basic stuff using cheat engine seems to work, ppl using blatant speed hacks and dmg hacks. Then comes the problem with weapons, the only viable ones are sniper rifles, grenade launchers, shotguns and infectors, funnily enough except the sniper all of those require little to no aiming, aoe weapons hitting as hard or harder than single target ones. You either use the glitches and the overpowered weapons or you gimp yourself
    - felt more like single player game for the most part

    Play it only if you enjoyed the series and want nostalgia ride, otherwise stay away. You can get about 20-30 hours doing only main quests, but to be honest I quite regret doing even that, at it was plain dissapointing for the majority of it.
  6. Aug 23, 2014
    **AVOID** Horrid network issues with very poor support and rude(snarky) responses from Trion make this a game to avoid. Trion developers are evidently Armchair Wannabe developers. Trion is not staffed to support multiple games, I would avoid all of them. It is only a matter of time until a game you bought and paid money and time for will go belly up and become unplayable.

    ***Here were my original thoughts before recent intermittent network issues became widespread and long term:

    This is a solid mmofps with good shooting mechanics that is generally fun to play. You get a vehicle right out of the gate that allows you to move around in the large open world. The game allows you to easily play with friends regardless of level (hello auto scaling and port to player), which I wish more mmo games allowed. There is a huge variety of weapons and many options for customization of weapons and skills. Think of this as a borderlands mmofps, without the humor. The crafting and inventory interface could definitely be improved.
  7. Aug 15, 2014
    Yes! This game is completely amazing with stunning graphics and such absorbing story line. I was amazed and i am addicted to it! Of course, the game is not perfect with such bugs and poor customer service, otherwise i would rate 10 for a such perfect game.
  8. Aug 3, 2014
    After several hours in one day's sitting, I'm impressed. I'm not a stranger to MMOGs, I've played AC, WoW, DoD, LOTRO, Neverwinter, EVE, Rift, more recently Firefall, .. and actually Defiance is like a breath of fresh air. It has a really good recipe, and while I've come across people complaining about bugs, I think the build I'm playing must be after quite a few fixes because I haven't really come across any real glitches. (Come to think of it, I did have to log out and log back in in order to reset a mission that didn't complete, and do it again in order to restore a mission that was taken over by other players' work on another mission in the same area. Recalling this, I am forced to bump down from a 9 to an 8.)

    Defiance does try to be a lot of things at once -- MMOG, RPG, FPS, etc -- but at this first round of gameplay I think it manages to pull it off pretty well. It's refreshing to see the kind of variety in shooter action that other MMO FPS's lack, while enjoying some of the RPG elements that one can only experience in solo games or in RPGs, like a proper skill progression system. The sound, graphics, physics, et al are really quite spectacular, too, in my opinion, perhaps not raising any bars individually but definitely setting a new bar for their stable combination.

    I do miss the necessity of revealing areas of the map by way of adventure, it seems when in Map view the user can see everything, all the landmarks, all the current events, everything, and I don't know that like that, but this is coming from my recent experience with Firefall and SIN uplinks. in Defiance I had difficulty sensing progression via the map. The flip side, however, is that side quests and both an "episodic" and "main" campaign were all locally visible on the map with their markers, and that gave me a sense of variety.

    This game feels proper. We are a spoiled crowd, notice the negative reviews are all spoiled by the specific bars set by specific features but no game has ever really tried this recipe out to accomplish both RPG and FPS so well. I'm impressed. Well done.
  9. Jul 24, 2014
    For a fps not bad, except the graphics are just plain bad, which kills the idea for an fps. You die a lot because you can't make out the person shooting at you, if they would just make the graphics better it would be an interesting game
  10. Jul 11, 2014
    This game is pretty fun only if you have some friends to play with it seems. I had a group of three i played with and had a hell of a time. The plot is crap, but it really doesn't matter to me because i had so much fun just finding the best guns that i could use. Its a great game, i logged about 90 hours without any of the DLC so that shows how engaged i was.

    TL;DR Good if you have
    friends, plot was bad Expand
  11. Jul 11, 2014
    If a game goes free to play it means it's a failure/dead and you should avoid it. The only content updates they are releasing are laughable cosmetic items such as masks for sale in the in game store. "We’ve added two new cosmetic headgear" I read with excitement in the email they sent me; telling me I should watch the TV show and buy these digital masks that don't do anything. Apparently this game is based on some kind of TV show nobody has ever heard of or watched. After ripping everybody off who paid full price for this game by making it free to play, I advise you to not waste your time on this. Expand
  12. Jun 24, 2014
    Simply put, it's not very good. The world is interesting in many ways, but it suffers from repetitive gameplay. The largest problem is the developers. It felt like they checked out shortly after launch and as the population dwindled, never returned.
  13. Jun 14, 2014
    tldr: Like Borderlands, not quite as polished, but MMO and free!

    A fun MMO shooter, solid shooting and evasion mechanics and Borderlands-style random loot. Events which attract large groups of players who all need to work together makes this game's multiplayer fun, it does not require grouping a lot of the time. Apparently it used to have bugs, so far it has been stable for me.
    People who are expecting another WoW style game may be disappointed, people who are looking for Borderlands with seamless multiplayer will probably like this. Game is free-to-play now so it is great value, there are few penalties for not being a paid player. Story is not bad (especially compared to most MMO's where the story is dull). Biggest downside is that it might get repetitive after a while.

    Getting to do MMO gameplay in a game that actually makes an effort to have good gameplay is rare. This game lets you drive around in ATVs and do jumps and stuff, so there is actually physics! No riding a horse that has no mass! There is a lot of strategy in what perks you equip, what power you use, and what equipment you have in your loadout. Its refreshing to actually have to think about strategy in a character build instead of just give your tank lots of armor or your healer high Wisdom, for example!

    I find that this game is most fun because it eliminates a lot of the penalties that most MMORPGs have when trying to get a group. Character level is not so important, and there are not classes, so you don't have to, for example, wait forever for a healer to come along before doing a quest, you just play with your friends or anyone in the area who is also doing the quest. Quest objectives are also shared with nearby players, so there is no having to race to complete an objective, and have to wait for it to reset if you didn't get to it first. Very few penalties for playing near other people compared to most MMORPGs.

    Personally I try a lot of MMO games, but was unsatisfied with all of them until this one. Games like WoW and SWTOR have boring gameplay (imo) and most shooters like Planetside 2 are all PvP. This is a shooter with mostly PvE, just what I was looking for.
  14. Jun 10, 2014
    This game belongs in the pantheon of great MMOs!.
    You could definitely see it as a fine working mixture of (in order of)
    Borderlands/Halo/PlanetSide 2/RAGE.

    The world is quite large (& faces expansion) and encourages you to explore it, there are a lot of random events such as saving troopers, helping take out enemies, races, Arkfalls (in orbit decaying Alien/Votan 'ship parts', that
    have technology which is valuable - in the game it's rare weapons & more, that crash down to Earth with a type of enemy usually occuping it's vicinity once it 'landed', that are scavenging it) & much more.

    Suffice to say, there is a healthy amount of content, which has been significantly improved since it's initial release (April 2 - 2013).
    The game is 95% PvE oriented, with the remaining 5% being a "Shadow War" PvP type mode in which players compete for point control, often granting things like the aforementioned Arkfalls.

    The graphics are extremely decent for an MMO, and should run smooth on most machines/setups, even during large player amounts.
    Of course, using the control panel of the GPU to enhance the picture - can never hurt.

    The character creation is quite weak, not having sliders or anything of the sort, only pre-determined eyes, face build, lengths etc. Although there are 3 races to choose from which are Humans, Irathients & Castithans.
    Irathients being more feral & spiritual-minded, whilst Castithans are the more 'civilized' of the 2, although you NEED to buy the Castithan Charger DLC to be able to choose the Castithan race.
    (Recommend getting all DLC, in the form of the season pass - which grants a nice discount).

    There are LOT of weapons & types in it, comparable to Borderlands - there is every weapon you can imagine, also Alien AKA 'Votan' weapons & you can also add weapon modifications (that also change the visual appearance of the weapon), and there are types like Electricity, Poison, Fire etc..

    The main story missions & side missions are very numerous, especially when owning all DLC.
    But you will often find yourself doing those Arkfalls, which is highly enjoyable & rewardable.

    All in all, this is probably one of the best Shooter/RPG/MMO that I have ever played.
    Really commendable game. Personal score: 8.5/10

    Now that it's Free2Play I HIGHLY recommend to everyone, to try it.
    Also if possible, watch the TV series (it is similar to Game of Thrones - but then Sci-Fi based)

    I hope to see you in game, and have fun!

    Much Greetings
  15. Jun 6, 2014
    Defiance is a game that appears to be new, innovative and interesting in the first hour. As you play on, you realize that the world of defiance is composed of one not-so-very-large map which can be easily explored in a single day.

    The game play is repetitive, for the first hundred or so EGO levels that you gain, it may seem fresh and exciting, but as you play on you realize that from
    level one hundred to level five thousand, you will be doing the exact same thing, over and over again. Expand
  16. Jun 5, 2014
    I have spent 522 hours playing this game in the past 3 months, I got to say that the game has potential, but unfortunately there's a lot of bugs within the game that make the experience completely frustrating adding the lack of quality customer service. It seems that they are more focusing in giving a copy/paste response and blame the developers which by the way will never give you any kind of response for any in game generated bug report. So basically there's no feedback if your issue is going to get resolved or not, One thing that I would like to rescue out of this game is the forums community which seems to be really strong and has more lore than what you could acquire with their developers or CS reps.
    Now as a closing, all this game experience leave me with a bitter taste. Trion Worlds would be definitely a company similar to Turbine Inc but even worst.
  17. May 9, 2014
    Its a great game, at first. Then it starts to go downhill, the weapons arent good enough that you need other player, which there are none. AND it takes 1 hour to start the game i mean WTF, its not just on my xbox i tried it on others too
  18. Apr 7, 2014
    Defiance is how Grand Theft Auto Online should be. Everything is smooth, people cooperate in the free roaming world instead of griefing and killing you, while PvP is possible in the PvP events, as it should be! The world is nice, the graphics are good, shooting, driving physics are good. A lot of content makes you want to roam the world more and more. I don't like sci-fi at all, but Defiance is the exception I like to make. Expand
  19. Feb 13, 2014
    It's lazy and repetitive. The game dies immediately (never picks back up). Players are all identical. --It feels like a facebook game. Barely playable. Any positive review here must be a developer. I don't know how someone could recommend something so tedious and gray. Just play co-op Borderlands instead.
  20. Jan 20, 2014
    This game has the absolute WORST UI I've ever seen -- EVER. You won't be able to see chat unless you stop doing whatever you're doing and hit ENTER -- good luck trying to communicate with people in the heat of battle. Supposed to have a voice chat system built in, but neither my husband nor I were ever able to get it to work. You'll probably have better luck using Ventrilo or Teamspeak.

    Gameplay is incredibly repetitive. Do a mission. Turn it in. Go do an arkfall. Now go do a siege. Do another mission. Rinse. Repeat. And since there are only about 3 or 4 mob models in the entire game, it gets very old very fast. Seriously. You shoot the same stuff from level 1 to level 1000+.

    There are 4 player archetypes to choose from, but they ALL do the same thing. The only way to really be viable is to pack as much DPS as possible. There is NO support for alternative play-styles.

    My advise? Don't bother. Go play Warframe it's so much more fun and has way more variety.
  21. Jan 5, 2014
    FANTASTIC!!! Great story, graphics, mechanics, and gameplay!!! I think this game as come a long way since it has been released, making a lot of the past reviews outdated. I was actually shocked at the poor ratings. This game has brought me so much fun and enjoyment! One of my favorite MMO's of all time. Yeah that's right. Well worth the price of $10. If you wait for a sale on steam (it was $5 this past winter sale) than even better! Expand
  22. Dec 14, 2013
    I'm not the kind thats fit out for games similar to this but I checked it out and thought it was pretty neat. I'm a little nervous about these MMO types since I was never properly introduced to it and everything in it, so for that I am completely unexperienced in these games in every single way. I hope someday I will get into these games. Very cool game though still. 6/10
  23. Nov 21, 2013
    I think that most of the problems that people talk about when they have one with Defiance have been fixed. I waited to pick the game up until it went on Steam sale and it is one of the best game buys I have made in a long time.

    I read all about everyone saying that there is this bug or that bug, but I have about 50 hours of gameplay now and only ran into 1 which was corrected by
    relogging. There are many little tiny things with the game that I wish were changed but it doesnt take away from the running around and shooting that is Defiance. They are small things with like menu navigation or how loadouts work. But it doesnt take anything away from gameplay.

    With the price sitting at 9.99 and no monthly fee, all i want to know is... Can you afford not to try it?
  24. Nov 16, 2013
    Great atmosphere.
    + A world that matches.
    + No auto aiming or stupid Skill clicking.
    + For an MMO it has a nice graphic (not great but nice)
    + Great system for multiplayer events. (The Arcfall Events can reach an extraordinary epicnes)
    + Lots of different weapon types.
    + Nice story.
  25. Nov 14, 2013
    seems alright to me, the main reason why i got this game is because my animation teacher worked on it so i wanted to give it a try and steam was having a sale so i got it. i'd recommend it to friends but the game doesn't seem for everyone. BUT one of my favorite things about this is that if someone starts a quest near the time you do, you'll be doing it together, i fell in love with this idea. I never saw this before in a MMO but it probably has been done before. so it makes quests more fun, and you can grow on your teammates and you'll work together more. I highly recommend this game Expand
  26. Nov 11, 2013
    This is one of those games that did not live up to its full potential, it is fun,and for someone who is new to MMOs a great experience, but if you are an avid MMO player this might not be the best idea, but for 10$ this game is great.
  27. Oct 31, 2013
    The experiment of game and tv show kind of works.. initially is really gripped me but through time interest has waned. However I got a large number of hours in before I got bored. Lack of a cover system given the type of game it is is a shame but Arkfalls are fantastic fun.
  28. Oct 28, 2013
    Not your tank/dps/healer mmo. You need skill to play as your shot goes where you are aiming at. Gear is not as important as your ability to hit the target.
    Big complaint is the clumsy UI and lack of chat. Lack of chat is not bad considering you wont be exposed to chuck norris jokes or gold seller spams.
    At $10 this game is a steal. Try it if you are into FPS games.
  29. Sep 7, 2013
    This game, is a sub par, third person shooter, tv spinoff. This having been said let me go into detail about why it is sub par. First of all, let me start with pve. The storyline failed to grasp me. The combat is facing multiple of the same enemies, you have the normal variant and the elite variant. Running around, mowing down, hundreds of enemies in a row is satisfying, at first, then it loses its appeal. It took me around 4 hours to get bored of pve and try pvp... It was a mistake to try pvp, let me tell you right now, ill give an explanation in a moment. The pve is similar to hellgate london with slightly better game mechanics and a larger world not separated into separate instances. This is the best way to describe the game. it has features hellgate london could have used... It falls short on everything else...

    pvp, the combat mechanics have zero stamina for sprinting/rolling/etc. No cooldown on vehicles, no bunny hop prevention. The pvp in the game, is a complete mess. It is beyond broken, everyone uses stealth to sneak up on someone, its all about who uses stealth first, who can jump around and hit other bunny hoppers faster. Usually weapons with elemental effects are used. There is zero fairness in pvp and the mechanics are just broken for it.

    I think I would rather play hellgate london. Buy this game, only if you are curious or absolutely adore the tv series.

    Graphics 8, sound 5, music 6, controls 5... Controls gets rated down due to the lack of pvp balance and prevention of bunny hopping, rolling 800 times in a row to avoid fire, etc. There should have been stamina...

    I am going to go play hellgate london as this game makes hellgate london look absolutely brilliant. On a side note, Trion Worlds has made very sub par games for their entire existence, great concepts but the execution is just god awful. They are almost on par with the developing skills of timegate studios... in other words, they are terrible developers...
  30. Aug 31, 2013
    Ok let's start this review with a central statement: Defiance is not a classic MMO.
    It's more accurate to define it as an Online Action TPS. The MMO component is present but you should not buy it thinking it as a classic MMO. There are no classes, gear is limited to weapons, shield, grandes, outfits and headgear is only for costumizing the character. The game is quite fun in solo, and
    very funny with friends. There are big boss battles with many other players (hundreds), there are vehicles and a lot to explore. the story is OK, not great and a bit repetitive, but it's ok. I always wanted a game like this after Tabula Rasa closed, and this is quite a lot better of TR.
    I payed the game 10 euros, and it's well worth them. I reccomend to buy it at this price is and absolutley great game.
  31. Aug 20, 2013
    So far for me it's a great game. the story and gameplay has certainly captured me and i love the way you automatically help each other on missions if you are in the mission area together.
    no more waiting for your turn to complete a mission.
    And the idea that the games story and environment will change according to what happens in the tv-series is an innovative twist that only helps to
    make the game that much more exciting. Expand
  32. Aug 15, 2013
    Unfortunately, I waited for a big Steam sale to play this game. I had read the reviews and feared the worst, but took a chance at the $13 price point. I was so disappointed...not in the game, but that I didn't jump on board sooner. All of the MMO-fanboy negativism and terrible review dynamics have all but put this great game in the grave. One review states..."it IS fun!" and gives it a zero... If you're into MMO-numberRow-button-sauce, standing stationary, generally facing your opponent, and grinding through cool-down attacks, this is NOT the game for you. If you're into go-fetch-me-X-of-Y things, this is NOT the game for you. IF you want to tick up your Schwarzenegger-strength attribute or your Legolas-dex're not going to find that here either. However, if you like good action gameplay and want to really "feel" like you're killing some stuff based on your ability to point a gun, dodge, sneak, find cover, etc. AND you enjoy some good story elements to follow this might just make a favorite game list for you.

    Following the main story quests and the episode mini-stories, is the most engaging. The cut scenes are generally something you want to watch. They pull you in to the characters and the environment and the "feel" of the world. If you like the TV show, it makes it even better. It's just cool to take on a quest with Lawmaker Nolan and Irisa. And THANK YOU TRION for giving me a friggin' vehicle to get around this world so early on.

    Guns...guns...guns...this is pretty much (as you've seen in many other reviews) a Borderlands MMO. Gun customization is where the crafting comes in. It's not as involved as a lot of MMOs out if you're wanting to farm your ores or yew wood, move along...none of that stuff here. But, if you want to equip your shotgun that shoots grenades with a scope...DO IT!

    As was mentioned, the side-quests aren't very deep, but they are a good way to do some quick killin' and the best way I've found so far to get cool mods for guns.

    For the most part, the interface is pretty easy to use. There are a few annoying quirks, like the need to double-click the menu items in the Salvaging Matrix. Uggghhh, take those double-clicks out Trion! And even tho I started playing later in the calendar...there are still a few bugs. But there are bugs in all games and particularly MMOs. I haven't played one yet that didn't have some sort of bug here and there. Defiance feels good. Looks AWESOME (the reviewers claiming the graphics suck...what the hell game are you playing...?). And sounds amazing too. Details abound all over the world. Stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

    If you're an MMO-snob and have to have your MMO-sauce features...then don't play Defiance. However, if you like to participate in some good action and experience a coop solution that feels more coop and less like a mob of people running around doing their own thing...try Defiance. It doesn't have a monthly fee and is available at bargain prices (Steam: $9.99).

    And like the dumbass that thought "IS fun to play" is worth a 0, I'm giving it a 10 because it is REALLY fun to play!!!
  33. Aug 14, 2013
    TLDR: Play FireFall instead, the game is not going to get better, as many of the developers were let go after the game was published.

    What a great concept behind Defiance: A Science Fiction game and a TV show which evolve together and influence each other. But what a horrible, horrible implementation. It was fun to play at times, and if the game gets ever finished, I am sure it will be
    fun to play.

    Four months after release, it plays like an early beta. In the first minutes, you cannot follow the instructions, as your tutorial actions are constantly interrupted by NPCs. Already the first few missions are bugged, so that you may have to quit and restart in order to do them. Chat is bugged (in the sense of not being able to communicate at all) for the PC version, so that you cannot even ask other players for advice about the bugs; I found the advice to relog finally on the forums. The game has open world missions, but gets confused when two players work on the same mission, so that you cannot finish them.

    The good points: You can try the game for free for three days, but within this time frame you need to download the client, and the downloader has major problems. The price for the game was lowered to 10 bucks in some places, and no subscription is required, so it might be worth buying, if you believe that the developers will ever finish the game. Which is unlikely, as a lot of the developers were let go in May 2013.

    By coincidence I discovered a second Science Fiction MMO shooter called FireFall at the same time, which is in open beta starting August 2013. FireFall plays almost the same as Defiance, with the difference being that it is actually fun, and mostly a finished product.
  34. Aug 7, 2013
    I was really interested in this game when it came out and finally decided to get it and to try it out after all of these critics. Well, it isn't bad but it doesn't feels like a top notch game either. Gameplay-wise, the controls are somewhat questionable and the default key-binding is weird as well (it doesn't matters anyway because you can rebind pretty much everything). The story is okay, but the overall game is engaging. Be careful, IT IS repetitive. Expand
  35. Aug 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game can't be decreed simply. Rather by a complex formula of reviewing. The game is great on pc playing arkfalls make e feel the community is good and each person is striving to be better than the others but at the same time willing to drop by lending a helpful hand. Second it is actually rewarding to play PVP for this game for strictly co-op people like myself for bonus exp ego levels and pursuit reards such as cool echelon uniforms. However i will say character customization was console biased because of the fact some players clearly stuck to the defaults. Also i will say the game can be glitchy but not drastically. And said glitches can be resolved simply waiting moving your shooting or jumping. Characters are either good or mediocre for example this girl who wanted revenge is so angry she hates the world except her room mate. Then there is the good ones like John cooper who started ot as a okay guy just irritated at the people who constantly call him when a raider walks through there yard stealing their chickens. Who then ttys to save the world by helping you get the ark core and thne hating Von Bach for making him see his friends die then later killing of one of his own friends. Then their is ego who i think has Bi polar disorders and/ or split personality syndrome because first she is concerned about you living then she is showing signs of insanity when i killed some 99ers and then says "do they have any spare parts i could use a upgrade" or on the co-op mission explosions 101 after the echelon girl gets shot through the temple and you the ark hunter have to set up the explosive she says "sweet! i was hoping we would get our hands on these things lets blow some stuff up!" only to later say "I'd prefer to see the explosion at a distance." This actually made me question my character not because he is listening to everybody in hopes of retiring to Antarctica but rather because there methods are strange kill everybody hack the system and all that but the show no remorse or enjoyment. either they are emotionless or the save it for the emotes you use to say thank you to player. However though the biggest reason people flip out about this game is it is repetitive. I find no problem in a game being repetitive as long as it is fun. Besides if you hate a game on repetitive then what about call of duty. Specifically older ones with only one or two different section using vehicles in such or rather in halo where everything is kill stuff use vehicles to kill stuff and the two good kill the scarab missions where your on foot. So if you hate a game based on that then why note most shooters? where there is only different level that is so memorable. However the areas look the same except the ones you have to care about they look good like the docks and the smeltery. in short the game is fun even if you find yourself alone in the corner of this huge world all you got to do to find other people summon your good looking vehicle and drive to the nearest and biggest ark fall and gang up on hell bugs. or rather get your Friends this game play through it help them level up and smash the biggest baddy you can find and loot the great weapons and look like a genuine bad ass along the way. Expand
  36. Aug 4, 2013
    However interesting the cameos and tie-ins from the TV series might be, there's one thing that simply cannot be denied about Defiance. It's boring. Your character is a borderline deaf-mute with no impact on the proceedings. The gameplay is 'acceptable,' but nothing else. The environments are decent, but lackluster in variety. The interactions with other characters is bland and meaningless. The skill trees are dull, and leave much to be desired.

    I would not recommend this game to anyone, personally, but it is pretty, for what it's worth, and it does have a story to tell. It's just not really a story worth sitting through hours of boring quests, and brutal grinding to hear told in a stilted, off-the-cuff manner.

    4.1/10, overall negative. Better off watching the syfy/space series.
  37. Jul 28, 2013
    Defiance keeps me coming back. Unlike other games where it's a constant grind to get level after level, I feel like a partner in the game. I can pickup anywhere and join in a fight and leave no questions asked. Totally fun.
  38. Jul 28, 2013
    This game I played from the beginning and deserves a low rating. People who exploited the game we congratulated by the company for what they did. They promised things like what you do in the game will affect the show and the show will affect the game which they now say will happen later like Aliens:CM tricked people. They cannot fix issues that have plagued the game since the beginning and the DLC promised in the first month still hasn't shown up even though it is now almost 5 months later with no confirmed date of release. Hacks are many in this game since they used a 32bit security systems for systems that can use 64-bit hacks that the 32-bit could not see like gun damage. The game has been on sale so many times each month because they need to try and keep some sort of following. The game goes on sale for 20 dollars all the time. The PVP is unbalanced since a snipers line of sight is too small so people exploit it by coming into peoples range, shoot, and then run back 2 feet so they cannot be shot at themselves. Don't listen to the people that say it is great when at an extremely low level like 250 EGO since they haven't played past the starting area. I have played it through twice and the second time is quick because you can only do the main missions and all the secondary missions are not available. Not worth your time unless they do major fixes and apologize to people that were told lies. Expand
  39. Jul 24, 2013
    Those devs are such trolls why they lower the price to 49,99 EUROS TO 29,99 EUROS AND NOW 9,99 IM SO ANGRY TRION WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! I LOVED RIFT AND NOW RIFT IS FREE TO PLAY AND NOW DEFIANCE IS 9,99
  40. Jul 22, 2013
    You know why there's no demo of Defiance? Because if you do one quest, one arkfall and attach one mod to a gun, you've done EVERYTHING there is to do. Seriously. There's virtually no meaningful character progression, no real crafting, no real social component. It's a pseudo MMO for the Call of Duty dolts. I was bored after an hour.

    I gave it a 3 because the guns are kind of fun and the
    shooting mechanics are solid. But really, it's not an MMO. Expand
  41. Jul 21, 2013
    Defiance is a 3rd person action-MMO (without a monthly fee) with Borderlands game-play mechanics wrapped around the Defiance TV series story, and I love it. Unfortunately, it also seems to be yet another example of MetaCritic review ridiculousness, which you can easily see by the massive swing in review scores. I play this game cooperatively with a friend, and we're able to join together as a group, easily keep track of each other in the game world, and can cooperatively complete instance quests. The main story is cohesive and enjoyable, the gear is vast and diverse, and the environments are beautiful. If you've been itching to try it but have been put off by the mixed reviews, and you like what I've described here, then give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Expand
  42. Jul 17, 2013
    Pros: Gameplay, Co-op, Story and Episode missions, Post-Apocalyptic setting.
    Cons: Arkfall events becomes a bit dull after a time, Graphics, no Defiance town (no cities at all in fact).

    At first I was reluctant to try Defiance because of the critics, but I decided to check it anyway and I'm glad I did.
    I have played a lot of MMos in the past, Daoc, AO, WoW, GW, to name a few but
    Defiance feels really unique compared to them thanks to his Fps/Tps gameplay, it's really a refreshing change. It feels like a bit like Borderland gameplay wise (not as good of course but still good).

    The game world is large enough and there's a lot of things to do. (side missions, races,...)
    Arkfall events becomes a bit dull after a while, they're similar to the events in GW2.
    The story is really good though, with good voice-over and all. The Co-op missions are quite fun too. (they're like Dungeons)

    The game is set in San Fransisco bay and not in St Louis (Where the city of Defiance is) Which is a weird choice, but I hope we'll be able to visit Defiance in future DLC's, If they are as good as the original content, I think I'll be playing this game for a while.

    I would recommend this game to those who like Borderland-like gameplay and to the Fallout fans (like me) who enjoy exploring a post-apocalyptic world.
  43. Jul 15, 2013
    best game i ever played a open world borderland expirenc with over 100 players if you ahve played border alnds you must play defianc if youre a fan of the TV series this is a most get
  44. Jul 14, 2013
    I am a huge fan of Firefly from way back, and so am excited about the Defiance TV program. I was also very excited to learn about the Defiance MMO game. While I am not a regular player of MMOs, I have had a long presence as an educator (I teach Chinese language and culture at a major Australian university) and social user in Second Life (I accept any flaming that occurs at this point as inevitable). I have also created a Chinese language task-based learning environment in SL complete with NPCs that can interact in Chinese character text chat, so while I can't make much expert comment on Defiance as an MMO user, I thought I could contribute a couple of initial observations of the virtual world as I have experienced it so far.

    The environment world (landscape) from my perspective is very realistic and fantastically detailed. I love that aspect. It is also big and open, and apart from very steep inclines that the physics won't let you go up, you can go just about anywhere. This is a big plus for me as I hate being constrained by game-pathways which prevent you from exploring the environment. The the player avatars and the various different kinds of NPCs are also very high fidelity and movements, albeit it rather limited, are very fluid and realistic. Having a degree of customizability is also a plus, and for me increased customizability would be a huge bonus in the future if it happens. I have only driven one vehicle (the basic quad bike) but it is fun and for a novice like me quite easy to control. Having first person view while on/in a vehicle would be great and make driving feel even more realistic (maybe I have missed this option?).

    I initially enjoyed some of the quests challenges, and while I am normally not into shooter type games, I did enjoy picking off the bad guys from a distance and mixing it with the hell bugs close range (not the really big ones though not skillful enough to defeat one on my own). I can see huge potential in this virtual world MMO, but some things are still missing for me. I mostly felt very alone in this post-apocalyptic world. Sometimes it frightened me (especially with the infected zombie crowd) and I wished I had someone covering my back. I really felt/feel the lack of social interaction in the environment. I did try a couple of times to talk to some other players but never got a response. Maybe this is the nature of these kinds of MMOs, which I am not knocking. Its just that coming from SL where activities can be very social it felt extra isolating for me in Defiance. When I first went into SL the thing that struck me was the number of people ready to mentor me on anything I didn't understand. I know I can read the forums on Defiance (I do for extra hints), but I miss that human to human (or Irathient to Irathient) interaction. For me this is the big attraction of the TV program the interaction between the characters in Defiance, and as such was a big disappointment. As a language educator I naively thought I might even be able to learn practice a little of the Irathient language while in the virtual world environment, which I know is not everyone's cup of tea, but for me it would have been fun and much more immersive.

    I also miss having a safe location (the city of Defiance for example) where I can take some time off from the constant tension of fighting out in the badlands and simply wander around shops and buy trinkets for my character or items that would be useful for the game, or simply interact with or watch other players interacting with each other, or catch up with online friends. I would also like to be able to interact with artefacts in the environment even more, even something simple like being able to put my gun down and sit on a chair in a bar or on a porch would be fantastic. I guess my view of things is too coloured by my time in SL, although I have heard other MMOs/virtual worlds (like WoW) do have this element.

    I guess also as a non-regular MMO player I am expecting too much or expecting things that are different from what other MMO players want. However, I think the combination of great battles combat quests challenges with free-style non-combat exploration and social interaction in safe zones where maybe there is a bit of an economy would be real winner in some circles. A player sandbox for creating things (whether it be weapons or clothing or other items) would also be fantastic, would help support an economy and would take some of the burden off the creators of Defiance in terms of creating new content.

    Linden Labs have had a fairly rock road developing SL over the years, but they have stuck to their guns and it is getting better over time (for those of us that enjoy using it). Hopefully Trion will stick with the development of Defiance and we can look forward to even bigger and better things in the future.
  45. Jul 14, 2013
    This game is fantastic once you understand it. initially my impressions were mixed Defiance is a very easy game to just pick up and play for a bit. It is a fun and seemingly shallow game. If you play this game on your own and spend your time running around just chasing ark falls you will have a bit of fun but you will miss the point of the game entirely, and become quickly disenchanted. However if you spend some time with the game get into it a bit deeper suddenly you realize that there is a lot more to it. There are events scattered all across the map to participate in there are open world non ark fall non quest related encounters. The "Shadow War" PVP aspect of this game is intense and entertaining. There are the standard co-op instances to run with friends.. This game offers so much variety and with the TV show tie in episodes it has been nothing but entertainment from day 1. Expand
  46. Jul 14, 2013
    During development, Trion Worlds displayed gameplay trailers that showed a graphically rich and dynamic world with all kinds of alien flora, dynamic weather, and great cooperative gameplay. I was quite happy to be chosen to play in beta but what I found was disconcerting. The game was littered with bugs, contained a very sparse UI that was clearly designed for the console rather than PC, offered bare bones graphics, and a dearth of content. When the game went to retail, there was no way I could justify buying it even though Trion Worlds kept assuring us that everything was coming "soon".

    Fast forward to 11 July 2013 when Steam launched their Summer Sale and initially put Defiance on sale for 66% off. I purchased the game figuring Trion had three months of time under their belt with the game so, hopefully, they had addressed some of the issues. Unfortunately that is not the case.

    First, the bugs. Most of the bugs still exist. Most of the bugs you will encounter will be mild annoyance bugs, such as your vehicle randomly disappearing while you're still on it, or your character getting stuck in an animation. But there are also the game breaking bugs which prevent you from being able to finish quests (e.g. NPC or item not spawning, textures with necessary interactive items disappearing) and bugs that will prevent you from doing challenges (e.g. 'invincible' mobs who don't die during a timed "Rampage" mission that requires all mobs to be killed). Bugs still occur FREQUENTLY.

    Second, the UI and controls. Clearly ported to PC as an afterthought, the UI and control scheme still hasn't changed since beta. Vehicles control is some of the worst I've ever experienced when using keyboard/mouse, and on foot controls feel clunky and counterintuitive. Plug in a game controller, however, and it plays like a completely different game. I found some statements by Trion Worlds claiming they were "working on" the UI but so far they've done nothing. And since the UI is responsible for driving social interactions, the piss poor chat and social UI structures continue to make this a largely solo game where the only time you interact with other people is during Arkfall (world coop) events.

    Third, graphics. Forget the old trailers. I can play this game on ultra with the only FPS hiccups occurring during major Arkfall events which tend to pull in two dozen (or more) players in one limited space, yet the graphics look as though they are from circa 2007 Xbox 360 games. Poor textures, medium polygon counts, static lighting and shadows, terrible draw distance, and BARE MINIMUM graphics options available to the user. The world itself is typical post-apocalyptic fare, brown and gray, bland and uninspired.

    Finally, the lack of content. Let's get this out of the way right now: Quests fall into one of three categories; Fetch, Click, or Rescue/Protect. Every quest you do from the beginning to the end will be one of those three or a combination thereof. There aren't even any "kill X number of people" quests, which is probably for the best since enemies in the game can ALSO be broken down into exactly two types: Humanoids and Hellbugs. Although they've added episode based quests (the TV show tie-ins), after about 10 hours, you'll realize that you're doing the exact same thing and that the only thing you have to look forward to is doing the exact same thing.

    "But Cap," you'll say, "ALL MMOs have repetition." To which I will respond that you are absolutely correct. However, unlike most MMOs, Defiance really offers you little challenge and little hook to break the monotony. For example, in classic MMOs where you earn X amount of XP and learn new skill "Y", getting a new skill offsets the monotony of doing the same thing you've already done by giving you something new to add. In other words, if you play a mage and you get a blizzard spell, you don't care that you're marching off to kill another 50 humanoids because now you get to use this awesome new blizzard. You don't get that break from monotony in Defiance because what you do in your first hour and what you do in your 200th hour is the same: point and shoot. There's no need for strategy or theorycrafting and your EGO AI companion holds your hand from start to finish. Loot and passive skills can only carry a game so far.

    Anyone who tells you the story carries the game is lying because after the first cutscene you're left to fend for yourself. You're sent off to the shooting gallery with very little info and the most story you get is from hidden audio logs. Even if you watch the show, often times what you do in game makes little sense. PvP is, by Trion's admission, full of hacks/cheats that they have yet to address. So what COULD HAVE been fun is marred by poor design leading to rampant cheating.

    In sum, I do not recommend this game, even at a super sale price. Frankly, I can't see Trion keeping the servers up for another year at the game's current rate.
  47. Jul 13, 2013
    I bought Defiance yesterday for the Steam Summer sale, and I'm happy with my purchase. That being said, I bought it for $13. I also specifically waited 3 months so they could iron out a lot of bugs, and I still had a ridiculous struggle logging in the first time. The core gameplay is pretty interesting, though. The problem is just a lack of polish. This game doesn't feel finished, which is a shame. Still, if you're looking for an MMO to play with friends for a bit, I suppose you could do worse. Expand
  48. Jul 4, 2013
    A good story tie in and some great shooting mechanics make this game a fun and enjoyable title that with time I think will become better and better. My only gripe is the boring questing but I think that's comes with most mmo's.
  49. Jun 29, 2013
    Garbage, wish i had my money and time back. I can't help but question if all the positive user reviews that came out immediately at release, which were notably done by mostly people with no other reviews, were paid for by Trion.
  50. Jun 28, 2013
    It has a engaging story with plentiful side missions. I feel as if there is not enough tie in to the show as advertised. It has an enormous map on the consoles, but on the PC it is very small for an MMORPG. The game has plenty bosses (Arkfalls) but they feel repetitive because it is the same boss constantly. PvP in the game is very underrated because there are varied maps, many weapons, and great gameplay. Expand
  51. Jun 27, 2013
    I've been playing this game on and off for a week as of this post. Frankly it started out kinda nice with the intro, but theres not really very much choice in weapons... even with the modding option its really bs... theres no real customization imo with weapons.

    The general game play is kinda glitchy So many of the dungeons/instances/ co-op missions have really bad boss encounters i
    cant count how many times i've been blown back into a wall and unable to do anything.

    The Story has very little to do with the actual TV show, you only see nolan and his daughter once or twice and thats it... then you get to do some missions for that one irathian girl nolan lut go in like episode 3?

    you only get to choose human or irathian you cant be a votan or indogen or w/e the monkey people are.
    none of the story really ties together, eventually ending in a very anti climactic boss fight. that one fight is very buggy. You have to repeat it 3 separate times before the pointless ending...

    Whats more you never get to go to defiance at least at the time of this writing. PvP seems very one sided in that infectors, shotguns and cloaking run the show. Im sure some people do better but this is what you can look forward to the most.

    The game map while a sandbox, gives no reason to explore other then the occasional small amount of experience for finding something, theres no easter eggs to look for. going out of your way more often then not will get you sent back to the last town you got bound to in at. which you dont get to choose its just what ever one you run thru.

    The map it self is incredibly small for an mmo game. theres no open world chat that i noticed either no one talks at all. its really boring. theres a northern and southern continent. both of which can be traversed in a few minutes.

    The arkfalls.... i can only really compare to Rifts from rift.. or events from GW2, BUT there so tedious and boring and repetitive and dont really give you any good rewards, you simply do them get some "marks" 64 total and 3000 scrip will get you a tier 3 lock box. theres tier 1 and 2 boxs as well but white and green items are not really worth having around. there just garbage or breakdowns for mats for more marks.

    Theres little even like side quests scattered all over the place but theres no point in doing them imo. some of them give you gear some of them give you mods, all are competition against other players so eventually no ones going to be able to get up to number 1, unless they reset every time the server gos down for maintenance... no idea like i said theres no point imo to do them....

    I have yet in my week or so of playing to get a purple in a co-op or as a drop out of an arkfall, of which theres major and minor arkfalls, major arkfalls are huge and require you to do multiple minor ones to finally get to a boss fight.

    once you get to the southern continent theres a couple variations on the major arkfalls.. but frankly this games boring after a week, never had that happen before, theres just not much of anything to do, no real point in pvp other then more ego points and once you've done the main story theres no end game raiding type of things to do, your armors purely fluff aka for looks it doesn't do anything..

    i guess the control's themselves aren't bad, but how the hell do you screw up a shooters control's, although theres so many bugs with shooting npcs/mobs unless they get an ego and ability's too.

    give it a year, then try it maybe they'll get there crap together. although from this crap fest they started with i doubt it.
  52. Jun 19, 2013
    This game is pretty underrated. It takes a while to get into, but it's a really interesting game once you get into it. Of course there are flaws and glitches, but the game is still very entertaining. Pros: - TONS to do aside from the main story (side quests, arkfalls, sieges, etc) - Combat system is great - Takes quite a while to overpower the enemies in the beginner areas - The customization is alright
    - Tons of loot
    - Co-op is great
    - Driving around is fun

    - Some enemies and concepts are ripped straight from Borderlands 2
    - Main story is extremely short
    - Not very many boss fights
    - Difficulty in the main story rarely increases, then instantly gets about 3x harder at the final boss
    - Would be a lot better with more melee combat
    - The world is kind of small (driving end to end on the map probably takes 5 minutes)
    - PvP is pretty bad (except for Shadow War)

    Overall, the game was able to suck me in for 40 hours so far though I haven't played it in nearly a week. With some work, this game could be great. Hopefully the DLC will make some improvements.
  53. Jun 13, 2013
    The game is beautiful, I'm a fan of the Irathient but the options are lacking human and irathient only In an upcoming DLC that will change with the addition of the Casthithan race.

    I like the fact that it's not impossible for me a person who definitely doesn't play shooters for pick and run with. It's nice that everything is sorted out in your standard MMO quests and the arkfalls,
    Defiance's version of rifts, can be entertaining.

    This game will get a 10 from me if they fix the ingame chat, it's horrible and players have to resort to voicechat which is a big no no for me and provide episodic and lore content. They do have some ties-ins but it's not enough atm and instead are relying on speed challenges like car racing and shooting challenges as filler. Fix those and in my opinion, Defiance is a 100% winner.
  54. Jun 12, 2013
    pros: open world ,lots of weapons, third person view and you shoot a lot of enemies I think its great its like earth defense force 2017/insect Armageddon meets borderlands.

    cons; if you were expecting a full blown RPG well... its not
  55. Jun 12, 2013
    Let me just say this: its fun. The competitive and Co-op mix of Multiplayer is very welcome to me. While many MMOs have fairly fun PvP, the PvP in this game is actually fun stand alone, kind of like the kind you would get in some kind of high-quality deathmatch. Otherwise, it has a good weapons system, some (though not enough) fun bosses and a solid and entertaining Co-op. However, its 60 dollars. That's a pretty big deal breaker because the game doesn't have the story or production value to be a Bioshock Infinite or any spectacular game that really blows your mind. That being said, I do just keep coming back, as much as i tell myself the game is ripping me off. Expand
  56. Jun 6, 2013
    Do not get fooled by flashy and amazing videos of this mmorpg...
    1st of all, there is a lot of what you can see in those videos, that never been implemented in the game.
    Crazy vehicles, interactive weather system, thousands of weapons etc, you wont find in Defiance.
    Also the game itself was supposed to be revolutionary, with a lot of players interactions between the TV series on SyFy
    channel and the actual game... It is NOT.

    Defiance is a simple online shooter with a storyline... Although a storyline so short (2 weeks of gameplay) and a map so small, that i found myself having nothing to do after only 2 or 3 weeks of gameplay. Once you're done with the storyline, you will be doing a series of highly repetitive side missions, with the same voice over, again and again, which can be done in no time as well.
    And then it is pvp time for you, or you'll find Defiance quite boring, and really fast.

    For 60$ (Now 39$ since the reviews were terrible) i would have give a good average score if the game itself would have been around 20$ at launch, which would have been a fair price for such a small game.
    But unfortunately, Defiance has been one of the major let down for me, since Aliens Colonial Marines.

    The combat music is monotone, and on a perpetual loop...
    smallest map ever on any mmorpgs i've played so far.
    Ridiculous weapon system, with no real impact on any stats whatsoever.
    Repetitive boring side missions
    Shortest main storyline ever created.
    3 kinds of vehicles, with no weapons mounted on them whatsoever.
    No weather system, boring "Rift like" arkfalls, No big rewards, and lame Achievement system.
    Almost non-existent in game store, selling armours you can get in game for free...just different colours.
    NO economy whatsoever, No auction system, no brokers, no crafting.
    No real goals, no immersion, no feelings or attachment to the main characters.
    No real interactive tie to the TV series, unless some minimal impacts.

    The only thing this game has, is good graphics, visuals, effects and cosmetics.
    But even with that, as a shooter 1st, the mmorpgs element aren't there at all.
    Its a good little shooter game you'll want to try once it'll go down 20$ or 14$.

    So wait until it comes down as for the price.
  57. May 31, 2013
    Wasn't quite sure what to expect from a shooter based MMO, most of the stuff the game does is pretty good... the controls are sharp, the gunplay is very well done, weapon modding etc is reasonable, driving vehicles around is also mostly done well, the game plays like a mix of LOST PLANET with BORDERLANDS... and for me that's a good mix. My biggest concern is how much of the old MMO fetch quests remain in this game... despite a large amount of random quests, it doesn't quite hit Guild Wars 2's grade of fluid, but the combat is certain damn fun and would stand up as well as a single player title. I'd give them more time to get more content into the game, but they been busy fixing most of the bugs so it's forgivable. Expand
  58. May 29, 2013
    Its been a few weeks since I bought the game, and I'm still playing it casually. The launch went fairly well for a modern MMO, and I see new content added each week. Lots of different encounter types combined with plenty of weapon types keep the shooter atmosphere from becoming too stagnant.
  59. May 28, 2013
    Bugged. Its very bugged. AI isnt... good enough for a shooter, but normal for a mmo. This game is need to be polished, added with a new quests, more interesting and original ones, may be more graphic settings, PvP modes, PvE content etc. But its freaking awesome Sci-Fi with fascinating gameplay. Srsly. I love sci-fi games and this one too. I want to love it and play it despite all this bugs, polishing fails etc. I really believe this game will be much better with numerous patches and ofc dlc's. And Trion didnt fail in gameplay part of this game what is most important. Its really good shooter, "refined shooter" and you get pleasure and fun playing Defiance and doing all this ark hunter's stuff. I put 9 because its game with great potential. Now its 7 imho. But im waiting for a moment this game becomes 9. It will be. Expand
  60. May 28, 2013
    Defiance is generic throw away console trash. Everything about it's design from the terrible control schemes, to lack of graphics customization, right down to the bite sized questing and ADD style action random action points scream console port. If you are looking for a PC shooter MMO, look elsewhere. Save this one for the $9.99 bargain bin.
  61. May 27, 2013
    A friend of mine hyped the game alot for me, so I decided to buy the game (which I did, at launch).

    First, the patcher is horrible. You have to download 15 GB straight. If you close the patcher and opens it again, you have to redownload the whole game again and it does not delete what you already downloaded.

    Second, theres no real progression in the game. It is a online shooter, and
    the RPG elements are limited to allmost none.

    It would probably have received a better score if they have called it a MMOTPS instead of a MMORPG.
  62. May 26, 2013
    I purchased this game with little hope for it. I have now put in over 200 hours of game-play. I have to say I had no idea it keep me coming back to it this much. It is a very flawed game; the story is kind of lame, enemies get repetitive as do missions, graphics are muddy at best, and voice acting is terrible at best. That all sounds horrid, but let me tell you the good parts shine through all this. Great shooting mechanics, good mmo elements that don't require a lot of hassle, good customization, and just general fun. The fluid nature of the world with other players crossing paths with you is very intriguing and draws me back more than anything. I won't say it is a great game, but I think it is an interesting move in a direction I think will be huge once it catches on. This is not for everyone, I feel it is very much dependent on personal preference as to whether you will enjoy Defiance or not, but if you liked Borderlands or really like the 3rd person perspective there are far worse places to go for a good time. Expand
  63. May 26, 2013
    I already hate when games with no history or budget are released at 60 bucks, so when Defiance was finally released and had massive problems and bugs on launch day followed by horrible reviews and ratings, I dropped the game clean off my radar. However, Trion Worlds has recently began facing massive layoffs and Steam just had a "free weekend" for Defiance.
    Now, I just thought this would
    be my chance to try a bad game and rip it apart in a review, but I am not sure if it was because I went into the game with such low expectations or what, but I was pleasantly surprised. The game actually had some decently enjoyable shooter mechanics. I spent 15 hours in defiance and it was not at all as horrible as I thought it would be.
    However, the game was still unable to hide its serious lack of content for a game that claims to be an mmorpg. The quests are all repetitive and get boring fast. There is really no "mmo" feel to this game. Very little cooperation or grouping is needed. Customization is narrow, and I felt extremely lost with some of the menu features like gun modding.
    However, the actual gameplay, or gun-play, and the world itself, was solid and has the potential to be built upon.
    I came into Defiance with guns drawn and ready to obliterate it. But it actually had some potential to be something much better. I give the game 6 points. Great gunplay and world FOR AN MMORPG, but I still have not seen the MMORPG part of the game. Just that they know how to mimic a lame rpg quest. So it is only half a game unless they add massive amounts of things to do.
  64. May 26, 2013
    TL;DR: Overall Defiance is a game which was released much to early due to time issues based on the on air termin of the TV show. However it keeps developing rapidly and definitely is worth a try. Full: At release this game had to fight a great number of frustrating bugs. However most of them have been fixed rendering most negative reviews outdated. While the story might seem short and there are no raid instances so far, Arkfalls and Shadows keep you playing.
    In about 2 weeks sieges will be enabled (they're included in the latest patch) which will be another group of open world events.
    They feature a capture&survival style wave defense.
  65. May 26, 2013
    Great Game, Borderlands meets World Of Warcraft, as with any new MMO it needs some work, mostly on the questing side as it gets repetitive, the game has tons of potential and I hope the developer takes advantage of it.
  66. May 23, 2013
    Right now I don't recommend this game. Sure there is a lot of things to do, but good luck getting things done. There are so many bugs in the game that when you try and complete something, there is a good chance the game won't recognize it or an update will erase what you have accomplished. My level/ego rating has been pushed back several times because the 'fixes' have not fixed anything or has made Trion roll back the character's progression to before the fix. I am really getting tired of this. The game has great concepts, but horrible follow-thru. Weapons need multiple reloads before firing half of the time. One out of about seven times I get stuck in an instance. Certain weapon kills don't add up properly. Some achievements are not attainable because they game isn't finished. I did have fun playing the game, but now I feel like I am a tortoise with a carrot strapped to a stick on its shell. I feel like I am getting nowhere. I just hope this next month is better. Expand
  67. May 22, 2013
    I think this game is quite underrated. People always expect a game to be flawless upon release, which is quite frankly not possible.
    Defiance has a great potential which it is not using fully yet, but the pace at which bug fixes game improvements and patches in general are thrown out at the moment make this game improve on a steady pace. More importantly, these patches actually contain
    useful stuff that enhance your gaming experience and the next major patch is already on its roll.

    As far as it goes for content, there is a fair amount out already and the story can be quite enjoyable if you don't hammer away the cinematics.

    If you play Defiance with a friend or two, you can have a good time.
  68. May 20, 2013
    GREAT GAME, this is not an MMO in the traditional sense. It's more like a gigantic third person SOCOM, or Borderlands. The leveling system is not your main incentive to play the game, the main incentive is the addictive gunplay, earning new weapons, customizing those weapons, fun missions, and buying new vehicles or unlocking new perks. Overall it's a fantastic game, that is WAY underrated and misunderstood. Expand
  69. May 20, 2013
    At the start, the game is a bit meh. I was even pondering if I chose right to pay for the game. But as soon as I reached EGO RATING(lvl if you wanna call it) 300 or up, the game started to become interesting. There are no levels, no mobs with higher level than you, it require skills to kill it. Granted, it will make it easier if you have a uncommon or rare gun...

    Think of it as
    borderlands in third person with the ability to modify your guns.

    It is quite fun the "dungeons" too, if someone leaves your group, someone else can take its place automatically.

    They also have world pvp, where you can actually pvp in the zones where you had your quests, with the mobs hindering or helping you. It's called Shadow war.

    There are also arkfalls, where a chunk of the Ark falls and you have to battle through mobs, and the end boss is amazing.

    Now the TV show felt very stale and slow in the first episodes, but I believe on the 3rd and up it started to pick up steam. It feels quite like the Star Trek Original Series, where the "drama" and the "story" happened more inside the ship than outside.

    So, give it a go... It is worth it, especially because the episode and game tie-in was quite fun, and explained more of the lore.
  70. May 14, 2013
    This game was very well made, apart from the annoying bug which stops a arkfall crystal from spawning.
    The overall story line was ok, after you are with the story however all that remains are arkfalls and side missions, which are mostly the same.
    If you want new content you will have to wait until the next episode is out, then you get like 3 side missions related to the episode which are
    different then usual, i like this approach but after 2 days these missions are removed from the game, that's annoying.
    Overall this game is ok/good, critics concerned you could say any game is bad, my gaming experience however tells me this game is awesome, i would give it a 8 or 8.5 but since the overall rating are to low if you ask me I'll rate it 10, which considering all the hard work put into such a game is certainly just.
  71. May 13, 2013
    Defiance is an absolutely abysmal game. Sub-average graphics, repetitive game-play and a boring story line is underwhelming. I had high hopes for this game, and to be honest I really wanted to like it. But unfortunately I couldn't. Also, the game preforms like a piece of especially when you are in an area filled with other players. Overall Defiance is a terrible game. Recommendation: DO NOT BUY.
  72. May 12, 2013
    A lot of false reporting going on from people who don't understand how the game works. One person said the arkfalls are not even following lore, perhaps that person should take some time to read lore before mis-informing people on here.

    Bugs, sure there are some bugs, they are working on fixing them, you think they are just going to keep them in the game? Bugged pursuits you can contact
    a gm on live chat and have them fixed, I have 91/104 pursuits completed from season 1 so far, and all of the pursuits from episode content complete, so clearly these people are either lying or don't understand how to contact support.

    Some of reviews have stated theres not many rpg elements or player progression, that's just false. This is not a typical mmo where if you go kill the dragon 10+ times you will eventually get that awesome flaming greatsword of doom. You have to earn your improvements, little by little, you have to know what kind of synergys and mods go well with what weapons, and then combine those with certain powers and most importantly perks. Many don't seem to understand how to do this, which is why I can score upwards of 5 million damage at an arkfall while the second place guy only has 1 million. I have over 320 hours played and I still don't have all the perk slots unlocked, if you don't find perks important, then I guarantee your one of the many people who score well below me on arkfalls and co-ops because you don't understand how to use them.

    I could go on, but my point being, people played this game a few days, mabey a few weeks and then gave up, because they don't understand how things work (they think they do) or they say there is a "lack of content". I have over 320 hours played at this point and I am alarmed at the announcement of the first dlc content(not release date), as I was hoping to finish with everything from the core game before any dlc came "lack of content"...yeah..sure....says the people who are less than 2k EGO, no where near half the pursuits completed, and probably have a rather poor arsenal at there disposal (because all the guns are the

    The tv-tie in is going to increase as both the show and game progress, 2 of the main characters were already in the game, and we have another character crossing over very shortly. For those who thought they were going to be able to alter the show by playing the game...well....really? You think they would leave a show that costs millions of dollars to produce in the hands of video game players? No, the show will effect the game, not the other way around.

    Many of the "issues" people currently have are being addressed via patches and dlc. The game is growing, rapidly, 5 dlc's are scheduled for this year. Each of them comes with a $10 dollar price tag, or you can buy all 5 in advance for $40 and receive a few in game perks. Each dlc also comes with a free component in order to not alienate the player base, if you buy the dlc and your friend does not, he can still play the content with you, but he will not receive certain rewards and items associated with that dlc.

    Essentially you have a free to play mmo, with lots of free dlc on the way, as well as new content added weekly that is guessed Check it out for yourself, listening to people who probably have not even beat the boss is not the way to go.
  73. May 10, 2013
    Hi, So I have been playing Defiance for a few hours and I think it is very good. The graphics are average but the atmosphere and combat work really well. After reading mixed comments about it I thought I would see for myself and I am glad I did. If you like Borderlands or rift then you should try this game. It doesnt really feel like an MMORPG but it certainly is unique. Fri May 10 2013
  74. May 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. complete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crapcomplete crap Expand
  75. May 6, 2013
    You SHOULD defy the negatives. This GAME are amazing. Game resevre the leter 10 Very good game, the battle are really good. punching and kicking lot fun. very good story. Gravity very good game company. i wish for more sequal and dlc.
  76. May 6, 2013
    The game got off to a shaky start but it definitely redeemed it's self!. There were a lot of bugs to start but those are all now patched. The game has great ideas such as arkfalls. Arkfalls keep the entertainment aspect high. You could be driving to finish your quest then out of no where an arkfall lands, you rush to it to fend off hell bugs or to kill the mutants and destroy the crystal, afterwards you get some nice loot, money and xp. There's aspects of borderlands but with 1000's of players instead. It has a great leveling system. Unlike traditional MMO's you can level up your gun types, every time you level up a gun type you get 4 "levels" (EGO rating) But you can also get 10 levels every time you fill your xp bar up. There's a cap of currently 5000 so you'll always have a high level to achieve for a very long time. Expand
  77. May 5, 2013
    When I first played this game in beta I thought it was pretty fun. I also expected that there would be more content released with the full version. I was wrong. This game is lacking. There are essentially only 3 enemies to fight. The environment is pretty but gets boring very quickly. Questing is very tedious and redundant. There is no world immersion. It feels like a watered down co-op version of borderlands. I am really disappointed in Trion for releasing this mess. It's extremely linear and way too simple. There are only a few co-op maps to play as well. Honestly it feels like the game is missing 3/4 of content. If Trion thinks they can release a ton more content in DLCs and have me pay for it they must be insane. Expand
  78. May 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I won't lie. The show is fantastic. The game however suffers a great deal. Here are my points:

    1: Trion tried way too hard to copy their "rifts" from their other title for the "arkfalls" in this game. To the point that arkfalls in the game don't even follow the arkfalls of the show. (asteroids that you shoot at instead of falling ship parts). That's the first thing that set me off... not even following its own lore.

    2. the amount of bugs (as of now three weeks in) this game has. There are many "quests" (pursuits) that cant be finished in the game due to being taken out to be fixed. There are some weapons which cause your weapon damage at the end of an arkfalls scoreboard to be 0.

    3. The what i like to call "slot machine" loot system. You basically get keys (either by rewards from arkfalls or converting a metric ton of salvage) that allow you to unlock chests which give you a chance to get better gear. After reading a post one night i decided to spend all my stockpiled salvage (since the beginning of the game) on keys to see if i even got a legendary. I got only one.. and it wasn't even a weapon i liked to use. 333 major arkfalls worth of salvage.. (yes i did the math).

    4. The outfits. Again with the lore.. most of the suits either sold on their shop or given to you as a reward didnt even look like stuff you would see on the show... power suits? really?! Last time i checked they were survivors wearing what they could. I wont even get into the rehashing of the same skins with a different coat of paint.

    5. Them being more worried to advertise for dodge by letting you race one of its cars. So you can get a new coat of paint for your dodge car. Never mind the fact that that coat of paint can actually be found if you get lucky at a vendor randomly... so it really isnt rare at all.

    6. The non existent co-op. Really.. there wasn't even a reason to team up with people other than having them able to rez you. In fact it just makes it harder on you to have more people around because it just makes the mobs bullet spunges.

    7. Probably the biggest one for me was the lack of a "tie in" or impact on the show. Yes thats right... for all intents and purposes.. there is nothing in the game that impacts the show or vice versa (as of now). Word has it they are even finished filming season 1. Which begs the question.. how are we supposed to impact the show again?

    I could go on but ill stop there. The only good thing i saw in this game was that it was a shooter/mmo. And as much as i could say that was cool. In all reality they could have done much better.
  79. May 3, 2013
    This is a fun third-person shooter game. It almost feels like someone redesigned All Points Bulletin, or Borderlands, into a post-apocalyptic MMO. The highlights are the randomized world events, using vehicles to run over your enemies, and being able to switch 'classes' by unlocking all the available abilities and picking your own combination of them. The problems however are, the lack of content, the removal of 'old' episode content, a confusing sense of progression, and bugs such as the group, clan, and/or friend system spontaneously not working. The game has a great concept and is fun to play, but the game needs a lot more polish. Expand
  80. Apr 30, 2013
    best game that i have played in the time since i been gaming. The graphics are good. very good game play. story is good in the game. animations in the game is well done..
  81. Apr 30, 2013
    The game was a mess at the launch but since coming back on this week I can see they have fixed a lot. There are still a whole bunch of problems but if they keep it up the game will be what I expected it to be. Side quests can get a little boring sometimes though and the feeling it's a single player game needs to be sorted.
  82. Apr 30, 2013
    For something so bold to be taken on, and have it actually succeed in any way is something for the books. Defiance is a game connected to the show, but as of right now not much connecting is going on. We were able to play the episode missions until the first episode aired. Which I think was a good move, others might disagree. But that's about all the connecting that has been going on, I haven't heard or read anything about when the new episode missions will be coming. Could be halfway through the season or at the end of season one completely. Regardless of the storyline, the actual gameplay is brilliant in my book. Fun and intuitive (if you have a controller) I couldn't get a grip on it with a mouse and keyboard. Maybe it was just me, but I was not a fan of the way they set up the controls for the PC. If I didn't have a gamepad I would have been upset. The multiplayer that can be joined whenever in the middle of the main of the game is great. Shadow wars are a blast. The main story is decent. A lot of the same type of quests over and over but it was fun all the same. It actually engrossed me and made me want to keep playing until I beat it and most of the side missions. Which is a huge factor for me. Arcfalls are a damn good time. I love getting together with other players and killing tons of hellbugs or raiders. Bottom line the game is good, not great. Connection to the TV-Series still has to be proven. Gameplay is a good and shooting mechanics are amazing. Expand
  83. Apr 28, 2013
    The story is poorly written, voice acting is average, and most importantly (because I can forgive the first two things) the gameplay just sucks. If Planetside 2 was really bad and had PvE, it'd be this game. Unless you just hate PvP, don't play this game, go pick up Planetside 2 for free and jump into some great shooting. I suppose the PvE isn't horribly implemented, it's just so repetitive that I couldn't play it for more than six hours total over three days. Haven't logged in since. If you're like me and think you might give this game a shot, bear in mind that you can't get a refund on Steam and there are better online shooter experiences out there. Expand
  84. Apr 28, 2013
    I have had alot of fun with this title, yes there are bugs but dev's seem to be acting very quickly to fix issues and also have removed quests/mini games cause of bugs within them and say why they did it. It's nice cause many other games leave those in. the launch had some serious issues but those seem to be long gone just a few quests/mini games that are still gone due to the devs fixing them.
  85. Apr 27, 2013
    This game gets a bad rap for having a TV tie-in and for people expecting something that it is not. First off, don't expect a Bioware-level story or experience here. It is unashamedly an MMO first and foremost. If Borderlands and Guild Wars 2 had a baby this is what the result would be like. The pros are the gun-play is very fun, vehicles have actual physics and don't work like the usual "mounts" in MMOs, it's free to play, and PvP is quite satisfying once you get the hang of it. The cons? Well like any MMO it can get repetitive, there is no real difference in guns as you level (a pump-action shotgun at level 30 will essentially be the same as it is at level 2000), but you can mod them and you do level your skills with that gun type to make it better, and I don't see a real end game in sight at the moment. However, despite the cons if you approach it as an MMO with guns (think of how Tabula Rasa SHOULD have been) you will have a good time. If you are expecting MMO Mass Effect, you will be disappointed. Expand
  86. Apr 26, 2013
    Defiance is a game full of potential. At this moment, we have an excellent MMOTPS with good gunplay, many available guns and even more mods. Several kinds of vehicles and rewarding events that require quite some players to participate. When you do such an event, you will notice you won't have ANY lagg, neither you will lose ANY FPS. Most of the bugs that came with the launch are fixed already. Defiance will run parallel with a TV Show with the same name. It's promised that when something important happens in the TV show after it airs, it will affect the game. There have been only two episodes so far, so I couldn't really verify this yet. The best pro might be that Defiance doesn't have a monthly fee, so you will only have to buy it once.
    These were the main pro's, there are some con's as well. The AI is not that smart (but it doesn't mean it's the Mindjack AI), the world could be bigger and the missions are very repetitive.

    But overall I had a good experience with Defiance already, and I can't wait for content updates and DLC.
  87. Apr 26, 2013
    I gave this an 8 its a fun entertaining game. Its funny to read reviews that blast it for graphics and voice acting, ha Borderlands was no visual gem either... Plot is very sci fi adventure, I love the idea of this game its very close to great.. its no 10 and thats because of the Perks and weapons lacking depth and or game changing ability... The missions dont feel like a grind untill you want to turn the game off then you realize your never standing around doing nothing. Im not a big MMO guy I hated WOW I played Guild wars for an hour and lost interest, this is not like those games at all... Its not some overly crammed game that requires your hourly attention and constant concern. Its for me a single player game online where other players are there but I just go thru the quests and have fun.. Driving my FLIPPEN 4 wheeler around!!! Expand
  88. Apr 25, 2013
    So......yeah....where to start really...Worst inventory system ever, only 2 weapons at a time, picking up new weapons equips them requiring you to go into the awful inventory to re-equip the weapon you were holding at the time. Pitiful number of bag slots, no social aspect, god awful AI.
    Fun vehicles for about 30 seconds...

    Don't just don't bother, play borderlands instead. This IS
    NOT an MMO. it's a singleplayer game that a lot of people are playing at the same time Expand
  89. Apr 25, 2013
    The game is unpolished, buggy, gameplay is fun at times, but unimaginative. None of this kills the game. That is done by the repetition and a system that doesn't keep you wanting to flesh our your character. After 20 hours, you will have done anything there is to do in this world multiple times. That is pretty normal for an MMO, where defiance differs is its Loot/leveling system, which is veryshallow and I'm hesitant to say it even has one. You can easily get to the end of the game with the same guns you had at the beginning, this is because the stats on a higher level weapon is exactly the same as that of a lower level weapon. In the end, you may be tempted like I was. I bought this game and wanted to love it. I have 20 hours logged(for many gamers 20 hours for a game like this is a laughable amount), before I saw this game for what it is, a rushed, shoddily put together money grab exploiting the first game of its kind. Save your money for now and wait it out, by the time the price goes down, maybe it will be a game of comparable quality to some other games out right now. As is, even if it were free, you could do better. To Trion and Syfy, you could of had a contender, instead its just a bum, which is what it is... Expand
  90. Apr 25, 2013
    This game has some decent combat for an MMO, but sadly that also means the questing is a terrible as even the better MMOs altogether making a bland game but'll be fun with friends!
  91. Apr 24, 2013
    Bottom Line: Game play: EXACTLY like Borderlands(with a slower, "not funny" story), Theme: EXACTLY like Rift(except you are chasing Ark falls instead of Rift openings). If you like the idea of crossing Rift with Borderlands then this is the game for you. And the game can be plenty of fun-for awhile but then it becomes repetitive. All you do is drive from one objective to another, shoot the bad guys, do the deed and turn in the quest; Over and over and over. Having said that, the gun play is spot on and sniper shots are excessively satisfying-its just that that's all you ever do. I played Alpha and Beta. I don't think its worth 60 bucks but when the price becomes reasonable(around $20 maybe-or maybe it will simply go F2P) I probably will purchase it. Defiance isn't a bad game, its just nothing new or earth shattering and not even close to being worth the price they are asking for it right now-or $100 for the digital omg lol! Expand
  92. Apr 24, 2013
    The graphics could be better but I guess they could be considered good for a mmo. Before I started playing this game I was worried since it's my first mmo since World of Warcraft. WoW basically took over my life and became a part time job for me. Defiance has none of time killing traps that WoW is rife with. There are no mobs or mats to farm. No farming period really. You can play solo if you want. No dungeons to raid and no guildies to have to contend with over loot drops.

    The game is worth buying at full price I definitely think you will get your monies worth.
  93. Apr 24, 2013
    Defiance is a good game with a lot of potential, but also many issues. All in all I would give it a 7/10. What I like: - Its fun to shoot things - I haven't really seen a better MMOTPS - PvP was pretty good until the hackers started to take over - Arkfalls were great until the hackers started to take over. - Great Co-Op missions - Interesting story - TV Show tie in (and the show is actually good!)
    - No loading time unless you fast travel
    - Up to a few hundred of players on screen at a time with no lag

    What I hate:
    - Slow patch progress
    - Lack of weapon progression
    - Crappy modification system
    - Everything is very expensive and you can buy lockboxes using cash (so you can buy powerful gear, making it P2W).
    - No working chat system
    - Crappy tutorial I had to go outside the game to get into on BASIC game mechanics
    - Lots of bugs, exploits and hackers
    - Lots of server downtime
    - Lack of incentive to PvP or PvE after you finish the main story
    - Very little content. Around 50 hours to "beat" everything
    - No cover or blindfire system in a TPS

    If you want to find out more about Defiance, be sure to check out Lex's great Defiance guide

    Given enough time, I can see Defiance becoming a hit, as it is it's probably not worth it unless you are a huge TPS fan, or love the show (which I am).
    If you can pick this up for around $30, don't hesitate but at $60, it's simply not worth it.
  94. Apr 24, 2013
    This MMOFPS has solid fundamentals: the progression system gives you lots of small rewards without letting players substitute time played and loot for skill, the shooting is as snappy as Borderlands and the vehicles have actual handling models and physics instead of just being speed boosts in disguise.

    If they can polish it up some and start releasing stronger content crossing over with
    the show (like the exclusive pre-show content available at launch), they might just have a winner here. Expand
  95. Apr 24, 2013
    I have played and enjoyed the game since launch. Glitches have been relatively minor for me, but prevented a higher rating. Login was fast, no que's were encountered, and the game installed easily on an i7 w 16GB of RAM and a 660Ti without any issues.
  96. Apr 23, 2013
    The simplest way to describe this game is Rift without all of the plethora of spells and abilities and stripped of tab targeting and skill based combat added in. Trion has managed to take the dynamic events that made Rift so much fun to play and made it a skill based 3rd person shooter. The PvP is solid and enjoyable and the Coop maps essentially instances/dungeons are well done, quick, challenging and fun. There is a lot of content to keep you occupied, especially if you don't mind the standard fetch quests. There are also faction reputation, Ark Falls, Emergencies, Special Events, The Shadow War (open world objective PvP) and TONS of side quests, skill challenges, etc. For a Buy to Play (B2P) game like Guild Wars 2, this is a pretty attractive game. I really enjoy it and the graphics are great voice acting gets better as the story progresses and it stays in safe territory without a lot of innovation. Basically its Rift's event and world system, Mass Effects competent and enjoyable 3rd person shooter combat, and cutscenes that are short and to the point. Could only give it an 8 because its so mainstream though with no real risks involved.

    If you are tired of having your MMOs flavored with tab targeting and medieval themes then I would suggest trying Defiance.
  97. Apr 23, 2013
    This game is FUN to play. I am confused as to a lot of the 0-2 reviews. I think a lot of people played it for five minutes, got bored, and tossed it before the game got to the level where combat became challenging and interesting.

    The game starts out in "Easy" mode. This means the only enemies you run into are mutants that stand still and shoot at you. This is so those of us with less
    experience in shooters have a chance to learn the controls. If you keep playing, the game gets harder, and therefore more interesting. You have to consider how to approach a group of enemies. You can't always charge in, stand in one place, and shoot people. Now you have to take cover. Now you have to try to eliminate shielded enemies first. Now you try to snipe their heavy damage enemies first so you can then deal with the peons.

    This is an MMO. If you don't have the patience for server downtime and bugs, you MUST WAIT a few months before buying it. I waited two weeks, and by then the game now has almost no server downtime, I have no lag, and the game runs flawlessly. The few minor bugs I ran into are not game breaking, and I know they will fix them all in a future patch.

    The worst part of this game is the dialogue. It appears to be written by a seven year-old boy that just saw his first boobie. In one line, a character says "Who is this pretty girl and why is she mad at me?" Yes, there are hundreds of groan-worthy lines like this strewn throughout.

    The second problem I have with this game comes from the synergy the game has created with the TV show. It seems the story and info you run across in the game world are intentionally vague, generic and leave out details as to the lore of the world. They developers are worrying too much about treading on the TV show's toes to tell an interesting story which explains and shares the intricacies of this alien infested, war torn world. In future content, I really hope they get that out of the way and try to tell a deeper story that includes more depth into the characters and areas we explore. Right now it just feels like a big empty sandbox and the only people your mute character (good choice... I love playing a game where I get to watch other people talk and make decisions) run into have nothing interesting going on.

    My final problem with the game is the lack of information. Certain things seem to continue to go on unexplained. How do you unlock the coop missions? No one knows. It appears to be random at best. How do you modify your equipment? Just keep pressing buttons and you might figure it out. But, if you happen to have any of the equipment EQUIPPED, you will NEVER understand it, because it doesn't give you an error message telling you to first unequip the item before modifying it... Dear lord, do they WANT people to play the game? The only reason you would need to have it unequipped is because there is an arbitrary ten minute timer to add a mod slot to an item, during which you CAN NOT USE THE ITEM, and neither can you even use the weapon modding system during that ten minutes... This seems like a poor choice. Make me pay to add the slot, but don't stop me from playing the game to perform such an arbitrary task.

    Play the game for the combat. That's the fun part. Despite all the flaws, it is hella fun to ride around on my 4wheeler, killing aliens, and saving the world from mutant freaks.
  98. Apr 23, 2013
    This game doesn't even deserve a rating of 1
    I bought the game, and don't get me wrong, it IS fun! But For people that don't play many mmo's or mmorpgs. However, if you look into it, the character customization is pretty much..... less then nothing! MMORPG's or MMOS (shooters) should at least give SOME character customization, but this game has non.
    For in-game combat, its just as
    repetitive as many, however, like i said, for someone who hasn't played many MMO's. This game is for you. It's a great start to the MMO world. But compared to others... it is dog poop on the bottom of the shoe Expand
  99. Apr 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Defiance is one of those trend setting games. It will set a precedent as the first MMO/TV show. A great GIMMICK, I've watched the TV show, I've played through the story and then some of the game. The show is far more enjoyable.

    I have spent over 40 hours in game, customizing guns, co-oping with friends, joined in a shadow war and some regular PvP as well as lots of arkfalls and of course completed the story mission. But I open up Defiance apprehensively every single time. Sometimes I'm disconnected from PvP 2 or 3 times and give up. Sometimes my weapons vanished while zoning into a co-op. And sometimes it was just asking myself how many ark-falls am I going to do before I get bored.

    Defiance at the start is exciting, I crash into a strange new area. Then about 2 hours in you decide everything looks the same, so lets try a co-op. 3 hours in you realize they retooled solo mission dungeons as co-op dungeons(and the rewards aren't very good). So one decides to try the challenges, and then you see someone's score of over 100k and decide okay let me try, and find its far harder than it should be to even get a reward like one of those bad carnival games. So then on to racing, then you notice your hands are on a keyboard and mouse and decide to pass(even on a controller they are not too are racing a time, like those ghost races in Mario Kart). So on to the story missions.....(you can finish them within about 7 hours)....done. Side quests and area quests are retooled story missions hooray! Go do this and collect or kill that. Now onto the bread and butter, ARKFALLS! Shoot EVERYTHING! You are presented with waves of enemies regardless if that's the objective or not and sometimes you go to several locations shooting the same stuff and then you find one big boss where you exploit weak spots and then destroy the summoned minions and then exploit weak spots...Rinse, repeat until dead. The ark falls are very interesting up until you do your fourth one (that is if you can find more than 1 or 2 in a row) when you decide well lemme do something else because i'm kinda tired of this guy whose got the grenade launcher that spawns more grenades on impact and I might have a seizure. Onto a shadow war! After an hour wait you spawn in to die by someone who has cloak and a double barrel shotty at your back. Re-spawn! Someone runs over you with a vehicle. Re-spawn! You spawn falling down with your shield gone and get sniped by someone on higher ground as you fall. Etc.

    You may be asking well what redeeming qualities does this game have. Defiance is extremely fun for the first 20 hours or so. After as such it is simply ALOT of the same content replayed and retooled. You think you can take it for longer seeing the same scenery, the same guns, the same mods for an extended period but you don't, nay can't. Let alone the lack of balance of weaponry, people say there are a lot of guns to mess with, this is true, but if the Light machine gun has a clip of 111 before you have to reload and does 416 damage per bullet give or take with a fire rate of 5-6 per second and the rocket launcher you need to reload after 2 rockets and each rocket does approximately 1200 damage per shot with a 6 second reload time, which will you choose? You say you are a sniper though and you only do sniping in shooters!? You do the same damage as a rocket launcher with 6-12 bullets in your clip. Do you see an issue?

    Now we come to the abilities. The abilities are unique and fun to use but once you maxed one out around level 350 with the perks you are set in using there is no more imagination. There is no point to go any further with the skills. You can make yourself a little more powerful with every 30 levels or so but it doesn't play a big enough part to matter. I'll dodge a firefight or a few bullets with decoy or cloak. Ill Initiate with some good damage with blur or overload. But other than that I don't see anyone going too much further with them.

    I give Defiance a 5 because it has elements of a great game, and you can start up do an ark-fall for 10 minutes and then get on with your day and still feel like you accomplished something in the game. The co-op rewards need to be improved, actually grouping with people for a reason is nice. Weapon balance will in turn balance out PvP. And as for the scenery, create some new venues Trion! Your game is great but it feels like it's extremely incomplete! ONLY the bay area while the show takes place in St. Louis? Does anyone else see a problem with this? Or how about more than 5 factions to fight because you have 7 races in the Votan collective PLUS humans. Some people might say hey what about DLC, but I remember the days when dev's would release a COMPLETED game before they would announce an expansion. Just saying. Worth 60-100 USD? NO! Worth getting into? Absolutely! But not right now.
  100. Apr 22, 2013
    I like Defiance. It's fun. You find lots of guns. A lot of them look the same, and seem the same, but rarity differs. The AI is easy, but some bosses with more health and harder hitting weapons are difficulty. Their AI is the exact same as the easier mobs. The driving is cool. Is it worth $60? I bought it, and I would again. The game needs some work like every other game. The quests are boring. Go here, tag that, revive this guy, (all with the "E" button). I think if it had a subscription cost most people wouldn't stick around, but since it's buy once and play I think people will stick with it for longer than the initial month. Expand
  101. Apr 7, 2013
    This game does have bags of potential; whether it lives upto that potential in the longer term is an entirely different story however.

    On the face of it, it is a 'not too deep' entertaining and casual third person shooter set in a persistant world.. and it makes a pretty decent job of filling this niche. The problem is it's a bit of a one trick pony, and there's very little else to
    occupy your time other than running around an 'killing 10 mutants'.

    The game world is very small, and even the most casual of MMO players will probably rattle through all the current content within a few days, so this game is going to live or die by the amount of DLC that becomes available and the quality of the associated TV series.

    Graphically, it's not bad, but it's not great either.. and the world in which we are meant to play is pretty uninspiring, usually shrouded in a grey haze! There are scant in ame options for graphical optimisation on PC either!

    The social aspects of the game are next to none-existant, in fact I'd go so far to say the way this game/UI is designed makes it pretty antisocial. Which brings me onto the UI.. it is a poor console port that is tedious to navigate on the PC.

    Additionally there are (at the time of writing) still many bugs within the game, some of which are verging on game breaking.. again the speed and quality of fixes is going to go a long way to determine this game's long term future; and Trion has show that it can be pretty agile when it comes to fixing up things.. but I'm not sure if the millstone of console versions is going to affect their ability to respond quickly.

    Despite all the negatives however, as I said right at the top the gameplay itself can be pretty entertaining so long as you're in the market for a bit of lightweight escapism and not Battlefield 4 realism...

    On a final not I have to say the physical Ultimate Edition for PC is amazing to behold, if Trion had executed the actual game as well as this edition they'd be onto a sure fire winner!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 40
  2. Negative: 2 out of 40
  1. Sep 10, 2013
    Defiance may be an ambitious project. Linking an online action game with a TV-series is a smart idea but one that here mostly comes of as a mere gimmick. The story is unengaging and the action mediocre and monotonous. Not to say anything about the myriad of bugs that utterly destroys the experience.
  2. 89
    It’s an addictive game that seems to become even better as you play. If it keeps getting the right support and if the tie-in with the TV series proves successful, we might have a game that will keep us occupied for a lengthy amount of time. [May 2013]
  3. Jun 4, 2013
    If Trion can introduce better quest design, this will be a winner. [June 2013, p.88]