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  • Summary: Shoot any way you'd like, with a myriad of weapons, armor, and special abilities that evolve with experience. Custom character creation means you can play as human or alien, modifying your look to become a unique citizen of the Defiance world. Fight to survive in a consistently evolving environment with regular content updates and dynamic events. Play on your own, or join tens of thousands of simultaneous live players in a futuristic San Francisco Bay Area that’s a fully-realized open world. Expand
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 40
  1. 89
    It’s an addictive game that seems to become even better as you play. If it keeps getting the right support and if the tie-in with the TV series proves successful, we might have a game that will keep us occupied for a lengthy amount of time. [May 2013]
  2. Jun 4, 2013
    Only time will tell if the game linked to a TV series shtick will pan out, but for the time being, I am glad Trion is taking the risk.
  3. Apr 21, 2013
    Launching MMOs is always difficult, doing it on PC and consoles (and TV!) at the same time is almost impossible. But in the end Defiance defies early critics and lands some good punches: the smooth surfacing PvE and PvP FPS mechanics are intriguing enough to turn a blind eye on not-so-cutting-edge A.I. and visuals. Just give Trion a chance.
  4. Apr 16, 2013
    Even with its blemishes, there's a lot of enjoyment to be had in the creaking world of Defiance 1.0. Its creators have banked on the "fun shall overcome" school of game design which, with exceptions, Defiance achieves. I only wish it didn't have to overcome quite so much.
  5. May 30, 2013
    Defiance fails in the difficult task of merging a TV series and a video game in a convincing and engaging way.
  6. Apr 11, 2013
    Defiance is an interesting mix between an MMO and a FPS, fun to play and with many things to do. Too bad for the poor AI and a certain lack of variety.
  7. Apr 15, 2013
    Defiance is mostly lacking meaningful connective tissue. It fails at the fundamental task of feeling like a thoughtfully designed and polished game. It fails at feeling like a world. It fails at giving you much to look forward to once you’ve realized you’ve seen most of what it’s ever going to do. You can only get so far with “it’s fun to shoot stuff”. About Defiance far.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 76 out of 257
  1. Apr 2, 2013
    One of the rare MMO's that actually grips you in the story, flawless launch so far which you never see in mmos ever. Nice customization, weapons, loving the vehicles. Expand
  2. May 12, 2013
    A lot of false reporting going on from people who don't understand how the game works. One person said the arkfalls are not even following lore, perhaps that person should take some time to read lore before mis-informing people on here.

    Bugs, sure there are some bugs, they are working on fixing them, you think they are just going to keep them in the game? Bugged pursuits you can contact a gm on live chat and have them fixed, I have 91/104 pursuits completed from season 1 so far, and all of the pursuits from episode content complete, so clearly these people are either lying or don't understand how to contact support.

    Some of reviews have stated theres not many rpg elements or player progression, that's just false. This is not a typical mmo where if you go kill the dragon 10+ times you will eventually get that awesome flaming greatsword of doom. You have to earn your improvements, little by little, you have to know what kind of synergys and mods go well with what weapons, and then combine those with certain powers and most importantly perks. Many don't seem to understand how to do this, which is why I can score upwards of 5 million damage at an arkfall while the second place guy only has 1 million. I have over 320 hours played and I still don't have all the perk slots unlocked, if you don't find perks important, then I guarantee your one of the many people who score well below me on arkfalls and co-ops because you don't understand how to use them.

    I could go on, but my point being, people played this game a few days, mabey a few weeks and then gave up, because they don't understand how things work (they think they do) or they say there is a "lack of content". I have over 320 hours played at this point and I am alarmed at the announcement of the first dlc content(not release date), as I was hoping to finish with everything from the core game before any dlc came "lack of content"...yeah..sure....says the people who are less than 2k EGO, no where near half the pursuits completed, and probably have a rather poor arsenal at there disposal (because all the guns are the

    The tv-tie in is going to increase as both the show and game progress, 2 of the main characters were already in the game, and we have another character crossing over very shortly. For those who thought they were going to be able to alter the show by playing the game...well....really? You think they would leave a show that costs millions of dollars to produce in the hands of video game players? No, the show will effect the game, not the other way around.

    Many of the "issues" people currently have are being addressed via patches and dlc. The game is growing, rapidly, 5 dlc's are scheduled for this year. Each of them comes with a $10 dollar price tag, or you can buy all 5 in advance for $40 and receive a few in game perks. Each dlc also comes with a free component in order to not alienate the player base, if you buy the dlc and your friend does not, he can still play the content with you, but he will not receive certain rewards and items associated with that dlc.

    Essentially you have a free to play mmo, with lots of free dlc on the way, as well as new content added weekly that is guessed Check it out for yourself, listening to people who probably have not even beat the boss is not the way to go.
  3. Apr 3, 2013
    Big world, engaging story, unique mixed-media connection to the TV series. Character customization is lacking hopefully a future patch will address that. Variety of weapons and equipment is excellent. Game has depth. Very fun to play. Expand
  4. May 31, 2013
    Wasn't quite sure what to expect from a shooter based MMO, most of the stuff the game does is pretty good... the controls are sharp, the gunplay is very well done, weapon modding etc is reasonable, driving vehicles around is also mostly done well, the game plays like a mix of LOST PLANET with BORDERLANDS... and for me that's a good mix. My biggest concern is how much of the old MMO fetch quests remain in this game... despite a large amount of random quests, it doesn't quite hit Guild Wars 2's grade of fluid, but the combat is certain damn fun and would stand up as well as a single player title. I'd give them more time to get more content into the game, but they been busy fixing most of the bugs so it's forgivable. Expand
  5. Apr 17, 2013
    This game has quite a bit going for it: a unique world, large assortment of weapons, quite a few modifications for those weapons, and large variety of random encounters.

    Sadly, quite a few bugs mar this game, from patching to almost every aspect of playing. Errors during downloads of patches, random moments of getting disconnected, unable to enter instances properly (either not entering them or getting tossed into an instance with a full group), overpowered weapon/perk combos (shotgun stealth in PvP is still very common, even resulting in 1 shots after a nerf), nerfs to gains in currency, constant weapon reloading bugs, etc.

    Shooter fans can find quite a bit of gameplay that will outweigh the numerous bugs, but the average MMO or Sci-Fi fan may be turned off by the large issues. Until the dust settles, I can't give this game anything above a 6.
  6. Apr 6, 2013
    The UI in this game is the biggest problem. If they were to fix the UI and have real weapon progression/character progression they would probably have a hit on their hands. There are no levels in this game, just an EGO rating. If you log in as a new character and pvp against someone who has played 100 hours you basically are equal strength. Their excuse is that if they had actual levels they would have to separate us in pvp and pve, not a good excuse, every other MMo does it. I don't want a game that does not reward progression. Don't buy this game if you think its an MMO because it is not. Expand
  7. Aug 31, 2014
    Finished all the main quests today, as it appears theres nothing else left other than grinding same stuff over again, and with how dissapointing pvp turned out to be its time to move on. Its shame this game is such a mess as the world based on series is a great concept, and overall idea is nice.

    - cool idea to mix mmo with a series and add new quests related to it as the show progresses
    - visuals are okay, nothing amazing though
    - quite big map and it was fun to explore it
    - some nice weapon ideas
    - quest cinematics were quite well done (at least for the first half of it)

    - very limited options, game looks and behaves like a bad console port
    - if you havent watched the series, main quest makes little sense
    - most of the costumes you get look very similiar
    - the amount of bugs is pretty crazy considering game is over year old (models going invisible, random lag spikes/crashes - game doesnt even pop an error for about 10 mins, making you run arround when you are disconnected, vehicles dissapearing sometimes while you mount them, crosshair disspearing and going console mode (no crosshair and auto aim) randomly, theres propably more, thats all I remembered
    - half way through main quests they have diffrent voice actors, with HUGE decrease in quality both in acting and actual audio quality that sounds like home made recording
    - quests are very repetitive, basically only 4-5 variants of mission over and over, either bring something, go somewhere or kill few waves of enemies
    - theres no storage for your characters
    - skills are mostly passives, with only 4 actives to choose from, can only use one
    - a lot of game content locked behind dlc paywall
    - co-op instances and missions were incredibly boring, just waves after waves until you get to boss
    - no classes
    - only 2 pvp modes
    - the pvp in the game is horrible mess, it looks like alpha state. Theres a ton of glitches, wallhackers, aimbots, and apparently dev doesnt care about making a proper anti cheat or even banning hackers, most basic stuff using cheat engine seems to work, ppl using blatant speed hacks and dmg hacks. Then comes the problem with weapons, the only viable ones are sniper rifles, grenade launchers, shotguns and infectors, funnily enough except the sniper all of those require little to no aiming, aoe weapons hitting as hard or harder than single target ones. You either use the glitches and the overpowered weapons or you gimp yourself
    - felt more like single player game for the most part

    Play it only if you enjoyed the series and want nostalgia ride, otherwise stay away. You can get about 20-30 hours doing only main quests, but to be honest I quite regret doing even that, at it was plain dissapointing for the majority of it.

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