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Generally favorable reviews - based on 50 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 50
  2. Negative: 0 out of 50
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  1. Demigod is one of those games which surprised the hell out of me in many ways. From the overall presentation, the graphics and audio and the very fun and addictive gameplay, Demigod is one of the best PC games this year and is a shining example of how great game developers can continue to evolve old ideas into bigger and better games. This is a must buy for strategy fans looking for something new.
  2. 90
    Demigod shines brightest in its multiplayer, and rarely stops shining. A must for RTS fans and something to look into for multiplayer junkies.
  3. If you really need to play a demo first then by all means wait it out, but if you're still on the fence, I think most gamers will find Demigod to be a blast - especially when more multiplayer issues are ironed out over the next week or two.
  4. The main problem with this game is that it is extremely unreliable when players try to connect to the multiplayer service. This is a shame because this is where the majority of player’s time will be spent. Hopefully this flaw will be fixed as this game is a blast to play!
  5. The multiplayer focus and a lack of a more traditional, story-driven solo campaign may not sit as well with all players, but the streamlined action-RPG gameplay proves to be seriously addictive in short bursts. The development team managed to inject a surprising level of gameplay depth into such a pared-down RTS design, and it works out.
  6. In conclusion, Demigod is an interesting RTS/RPG game that unfortunately is more suited for an online game, rather than single-player.
  7. Brad Wardell, CEO of the game's publisher Stardock, said it best: "Now right now, Demigod, as a game, is awesome. Demigod, as an on-line service, however, sucks ass." That couldn't be more true. With any luck these problems will be addressed quickly, because the gameplay is simply too engaging to allow a few network problems get in the way of an otherwise fantastic experience.
  8. Despite some of the multiplayer technical issues that are still ongoing, Demigod is an absolute blast to play.
  9. However with time, and a lot of patience, you can excel past these problems and find a really enjoyable experience just waiting to be uncovered.
  10. Battles are fast and furious, but you never feel overwhelmed or pulled in too many directions at once.
  11. Pelit (Finland)
    Assuming connection problems are solved, Demigod is really surprisingly fun when played against human opponents. However, new content will be needed on regular basis. [May 2009]
  12. PC Format
    Demigod is simple in concept, but thoroughly engaging and great fun. More content would make this an essential buy. [June 2009, p.92]
  13. Polished, visually impressive and offering a surprising amount of depth under the deceptively simple gameplay. On the downside, Demigod suffers from major multiplayer connectivity issues and lack of content at launch - a lot is riding on patches and free content updates appearing as promised.
  14. A fantastically imaginative gameworld of gods, dinosaurs and giants, beautiful but messy and poorly explained.
  15. Not quite an RTS and not quite an action game, Demigod is an extremely successful blend of both. Whether it will still have a massive legion of followers two years down the line is debatable, but right now I’m hard pressed to think of any other recent PC games that would be worth buying over Demigod.
  16. For players looking for some challenging strategy with an RPG skill system that allows the player to tailor the game to their play style, will find a fun and affordable game with Demigod. Just make sure you understand what kind of game you are buying and you won't be disappointed.
  17. Solo gamers won’t have that much fun with Demigod, but if you are into multi-player battles, you are in for a treat. Balance needs to be fixed, though. And it’s a bit too expensive.
  18. Demigod is a solid implementation of a unique concept.
  19. A refreshing game, deep and complex, but suitable even for new gamers. It has cool graphics even if the engine is light, and the only issue regards the lack of a real "solo mode". Developed specifically for a multiplayer experience, Demigod is a new approach to the genre.
  20. Demigod is one of those games which are focused for a restricted community. The game is strategy, but it’s also a role-playing and an action game, and every genre it tries its well executed, offering a deep and engaging on-line gameplay. Not traditional at all, and surprisingly intense.
  21. games(TM)
    We can't wait until the next few months of extra content and improved networking herald clear blue skies of gaming joy all the way to the heavens. [June 2009, p.114]
  22. Demigod is an excellent game that only suffers by the lack of options. A campaign mode with a better story mode would put this game on a higher level.
  23. When it works, Demigod is a game with plenty of fun to be had and at times even rivals its source material.
  24. Thanks to some important patches and updates, the game delivers some exciting multiplayer action with a decent amount of depth, outstanding graphics and addictive role playing elements. Still, there remains much to do for the developers: the game needs more maps, more demigods, more tournament options and more community features, to mention only a few.
  25. Demigod is definitively a good game and an extraordinary genre-mix, but because of lack of content and technical problems it can't tap the full potential of its profound and complex gameplay.
  26. Games Master UK
    Heavenly fun, but soured by online bugs and the baffling lack of a campaign mode. [July 2009, p.78]
  27. 75
    Now, it's safe to say that Gas Powered and Stardock will eventually get a handle on all of the networking issues plaguing the game. However, in its current state Demigod's netcode is almost like a craps shoot at times; unless you know people who are playing and can set up a custom game with them, you're not going to have a lot of luck playing multiplayer.
  28. It’s fast, easy to learn, and you never, ever come away with the feeling you were cheated – if you lose a game there is a specific reason why you lost.
  29. Ultimately, Demigod is a very good game, a great idea carried in a noteworthy way in terms of gameplay but, unfortunately, it doesn't deliver in other aspects and this diminishes the final result. It lacks more scenarios and a more solid singe player mode, and this reduces the public which would enjoy the game.
  30. Demigod has laser-focused gameplay that reaches for new ground without overreaching its ability.
  31. Demigod is surely fresh and innovative, but it's not a perfect game. All it's good ideas are tied up in a lot of minor flaws that keep the game out of the excellence. We are talking about a tiny single player mode, a various gameplay not always well devised and matchmaking a little bit broken.
  32. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    There is just one thing Demigod is good at – online hero battles on the edge of RPG and RTS. But its good enough that you forget there is nothing more. We beg for a campaign next time. [May 2009]
  33. Edge Magazine
    The enticing depths of strategy coupled with the affectionate, colourful realisation of the various characters you control ignites curiosity - and their abilities in battle are well-realised, gratifyingly powerful and many. [June 2009, p.90]
  34. Fast-paced and handsomely presented with no two online sessions alike. The only hurdle is getting there. [Issue#20, p.50]
  35. For he who loves to conquer, Demigod offers addictive gameplay and a game that distinguishes itself by being relatively unique. Too bad the game lacks depth and fails to explain the odd gameplay in a decent manner. Thus making the game fail in achieving a god-like status.
  36. A clever, if not wholly original, action strategy that's only lacking in single player appeal.
  37. The polish of the game - the truly glorious soundscape, the astonishing art of the characters and the maps, and the clear joy of the basic idea - do point to a talented crew of developers, but the endless bugs, the limited content, the badly balanced upgrades, and the half-implemented ideas feel like the game was polished before it was finished.
  38. In the end, Demigod does a lot of things right.
  39. It looks well, it moves well, the sound is good, but there are edges to be polished before it can become a serious online phenomenon.
  40. PC PowerPlay
    An innovative genre bending game with loads of replay value. [Aug 2009, p.56]
  41. Demigod is a good game with huge potential and that's why we expected more from it. It's not possible to blame its deep gameplay and fascinating design but we can't ignore the monotony that fills every mode in the game.
  42. Demigod is a good strategic game, easy to understand and with an addictive formula, specially online.
  43. PC Zone UK
    An unreliably enjoyable experience. [July 2009, p.68]
  44. Online connection issues and a dearth of content keep this fun hybrid game from reigning supreme.
  45. Right now Demigod is a source of constant annoyance. In multiplayer, one normal session is usually followed by three horrible ones. In skirmish, stupid bots are boring to tears. Even if Gas Powered Games and Stardock eventually manage to revive Demigod, it won’t erase our memories of this involuntary beta testing.
  46. Demigod can be a lot of fun online when it works right, when the gameplay is smooth and you're working with your teammates efficiently to buff up your defenses, take the right flags, and chase down and slaughter the enemy heroes with a one-two punch of special abilities. It's just a shame that experience is so hard to come by right now. When--or if--Stardock and Gas Powered get all these issues fully ironed out, Demigod will be easier to recommend, but for now you should be aware of exactly what you're getting into.
  47. Demigod had a lot of potential and could have, with some minor tweaks, been a really great game. The is no introductory tutorial and since the game also lacks a single player portion this game will appeal only to the hardcore audience. But for experienced fans of real time strategy games there is a lot to be liked in this game.
  48. 50
    If you're interested in throwing down cash for a beta and maybe getting in some practice before things get smoothed out, go ahead and bump that score up a letter grade. Anybody else should find something else to do until then.
  49. Demigod doesn’t give itself a fair chance on the gaming market. With the lack of a tutorial and even a description of the different game items comes a steep learning curve that demands a lot of effort from the player. For that reason only many people won’t realize how good it can be at it’s best.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 184 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 46 out of 65
  2. Negative: 9 out of 65
  1. Aug 23, 2013
    Very few heroes, very few maps, a steep learning curve, and no single player are Demigod's downfalls. It's just a bad game. There is veryVery few heroes, very few maps, a steep learning curve, and no single player are Demigod's downfalls. It's just a bad game. There is very little to like. Full Review »
  2. Jan 8, 2012
    Update for 2012: The game crashes on start, crashes randomly ingame and support is currently non-existent. There is no reason whatsoever toUpdate for 2012: The game crashes on start, crashes randomly ingame and support is currently non-existent. There is no reason whatsoever to buy it or play it. Full Review »
  3. Dec 19, 2011
    The negative reviews on this are pretty darn off to how they rate this game. The visuals are breathtaking, the game-play is stellar. It's anThe negative reviews on this are pretty darn off to how they rate this game. The visuals are breathtaking, the game-play is stellar. It's an obvious MOBA game like DOTA so people need to cease the fan-boy whining. This at heart is a MOBA game, but they added elements that focus on areas of action and fast paced hot seat reaction. In Vanilla this game is perfectly fine, with a few mods and tweaks out there this has become my favorite MOBA game out there. I played Heroes of Newerth for a long time and LoL even longer. I played DOTA back in around 2004. Now i'm in the DOTA 2 beta. But since this game's release on steam, the community is climbing and I've fallen in love with this hidden gem. Stardock made a game I won't leave idle for long. They're still working to fix issues in multi-player. First thing is first though. Like all MOBA games you need to know how the champs play. There are two kinds, Assassins and Generals. Assassins were designed to hunt down demigods and counter laners. While the Generals have abilities to buff their allies, summon minions from items in shop or their own abilities. This allows them to work as a carry or pusher based on how the character is setup. The iconic Rook is an assassin and he is similar to Earthshaker in DOTA he makes a great initiate hero and does a damn good job on raining pain with that hammer of his. The multiplayer has a tournament event system that starts every now and again. The AI is a decent challenge that lets you practice your micro and this game is for anyone who has played the hell out of LoL or DOTA and want a MOBA game with more depth and customization. There is a techtree and your Nexus/Citadel that you can use to upgrade your minion waves, hp, armor, weapons and even new creeps. You can upgrade towers, and you can ensure your gold and exp flow is higher then the other team by capping points or upgrading it at citadel. The point capping system allows certain buffs like cooldowns, minion hp or dmg. XP and if a gold mine is present, more gold per second. This game has many many different tactics and with the limited heroes you begin to learn them all very quickly and focus more at hand. The strategy and not learning the ins and outs of hundreds of champions. LoL releases champions out the wall and makes it a pain to enjoy the game with so many heroes. But for those who want more action and less study. Demigod delivers! Full Review »