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  • Summary: Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps is a real-time 3D tactical strategy game set in the North Africa campaigns of World War II. Command up to 70 different units on recon, search & destroy and siege operations in the African desert. Experience 20 engaging missions from the single player Axis & Allied campaigns and fight with up to four friends in multiplayer ? all with beautifully detailed graphics, realistic damage and weather effects. [Encore Software] Expand
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  1. An excellent storyline, high production values, sweeping sound, impressive graphics and an attention to detail that would make my professors at Berkeley proud all combine to make Desert Rats one of the best World War II real time strategy games I’ve come across in a long time.
  2. 82
    The only thing that kept me from enjoying this title to its fullest is the current state of the code, which is evident, not in game-stopping bugs, but in bugs that mar the overall experience of the game.
  3. A fun game. I can’t find much fault with the time I spent with it. But its overall feel is less than stellar. The game will crawl along at even medium resolutions and the pathfinding seriously hampers you at times.
  4. The visuals are simply amazing, particularly for a title from this genre, and the depth of the units isn't too shabby either, however it lacks that finishing polish and precise execution that would have made it that much better.
  5. Unfortunately the multiplayer modes don’t offer any extra gameplay depth, only offering the usual death match and capture the flag modes, coupled with a few tacked on others for up to four people.
  6. Ignore the trivial narrative, focus on the grim business of war and you should find this a satisfying and challenging game.
  7. Unless you're just here to admire teh decent-ish graphics, suck it up and play "Combat Mission" already. [Aug 2004, p.60]

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