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  1. Jun 1, 2012
    Although the game looks very nice, due to the server and technical problems is currently unplayable. I bought the game two weeks after the release and here is what I've got: Day I - it works, nice game; Day II - it works, but there are lags and time jumps (e.g. game moves one second back in time randomly and I have very fast LAN connection to Internet); Day III - server maintenance + client version bug; Day IV - infamous error 37; Day V - Stuck at "Retrieving hero list"; Day VI - Error 300008. So for 6 days I had 1.5 days of working service, what gives 25% service availability :( Expand
  2. Jun 5, 2012
    Blizzard is deleting posts on the diablo 3 forums about refund rights and constructive critisism.
    I have never seen such an effort pulled by the community managers to censor the truth about Greedablo 3.
    The game itself is shallow, souless, nothing like diablo 1 and 2. I have been a fan Blizzard games since the early days of warcraft 1 and starcraft. I'm afraid there is NOTHING left of the
    old Blizz team. The true masterminds moved to other companies and only shallowness remains. Expand
  3. Aug 16, 2013
    Hello, I'll be writing this review from a "Diablo 2 LOD player precept". I'm going to talk about what has been removed from D3, that D2 LOD did right "in my opinion." - (No offline single player.) - (Battlenet System) - In D2 you could make your own games (Not in D3) - Only 4 Players in a game now from the previous 8 player games. - No longer having the option to choose your own games to hop into.(old school item for item trading). - Lag or Downed Servers or Errors (Not really improved from D2, maybe even worse) - Botting still in the game *Up side for blizzard if a bot farms a nice item they share the profit with it - (Ladder System) *I cann't imagin restarts because of the real money auction house *-one of the worst ideas ever put into a Action game is holding back one of the best - (Drop System) *Feels very unrewarding. Old system felt more rewarding because there was more items in the game. - Set items *there is no point in wearing a full set because there's normally no bonus for wearing all the pieces. - AH *You'll find the real gear on the real money auction house or a website. - No Runes meaning "No Runewords" So doesn't that mean white items are useless? - No Jewels - No Charms (Small Charms Large Charms Grand Charms Torchs or Annihilus or Gheeds Fortune) - No Ethreal items - Little to no Aura Spells on hit Items *One of the most fun Powerful items from D2 - (Way Points System)************** Just to Magic Find another Act you have to beat the one your in or Hop into another game - (No Open World PvP System) - (No Skills or Attrubites points System) *Characters feel less unique - (No Valueable Quests)************ *There isn't one Resistance or Stats Quest or Socket Quest or Skill Quest. *There are just mandatory quests in D3 - (Randomized Map Generating System)* Feels less randomized in D3 In D3 Every Characters Damage scales off of Weapon Damage. Unlike D2 where you had to make decisions on Crush Blow, Deadly Strike, Open Wounds, chance to cast a spell 1-3 to skills, Auras, +1-3 freeze target, Monsters rest in Peace, Prevents Monster heal. - Top lvl is hit way to fast You'll find yourself around act 3-4hell max level Still having another Difficultly to go, and you have to gear grind and do it a 4th time for no other reason then lets do it a 4th time. - The Old Cow level (with massive mobs of Cows wheeling Axe Polearms) lets just say its more like a flower, carebear, pony land. - Enraged Minions - Not having your mercenuary when playing with your friends. The game has chanced alot "I feel like the game has went backwards". What really pisses me off tho was Blizzcon 2011 "Which you can watch on youtube." Blizzard showed off alot of idea's saying most were finalized "just some needed some fine tuning" Almost all of those idea's shown at blizzcon didn't made it into the game. There for I had no idea as to how D3 would look, sense what they showed me never made it into the game. Expand
  4. Jul 16, 2012
    Bought the game a few days after release, really enjoyed normal, nightmare and hell modes. The difficulty scaling felt just right and some of the drops I could use. However, I am now in act 2 of inferno and I am bored stiff. There is no real strategy in this game, the boss fights are not very imaginative and the elite packs are dull. With most elite packs in inferno, you will end up resorting to hit and run tactics for about 10 minutes until you burn down all their HP. For all this effort you will pick up rubbish equipment that is always for another class. I wish the loot tables meant equipment dropped I could actually use. I don't mind using the AH, wont ever be using the RMAH but just now and then it would be nice if I could run a dungeon and find something worth equipping. A side from the boring progression in Inferno and lack of decent loot, I wish there was more randomization to the game dungeons as it is soo boring doing the same quests/dungeons over and over and over!!!!!!!! Blizzard are right to admit that D3 has no end game... it's flawed! If I had my time again I wouldn't spent my money on this game. Hoping Torchlight 2 bring more enjoyment. Expand
  5. Jul 19, 2012
    I gave D1 and D2 high scores on another site, but this game is hands down the worst Diablo I've played, don't let some of the decent reviews fool ya, if you played D1 or D2 you're gonna most likely hate this game, if you haven't played either you might enjoy it. I am seriously at a lose for words on this game that is how disappointed I am with it.
  6. Jul 21, 2012
    avarage story and avarage graphics. A way too brief game for it's price. It's not even worth half the money. I mean, i won this so quickly, it felt like a joke to play it. I personally do not recommend the game to anybody, unless you can get it for free. I said to my friend, don't buy this, he tried mine through normal and he couldn't agree more. Blizzard needs to freshen up a bit. It's getting old. Expand
  7. May 15, 2012
    Started off by having to wait hours before my payment was transferred (kept for hours in queue).
    Meanwhile the downloader bugged out on me for some freak reason,getting errors.
    After hours of misfortune and eventually got everything running I tried to log-on but kept getting errors like error 37.

    This is the worst launch of any game in history.
  8. May 15, 2012
    This is the game I have been waiting for since 2001. The UI and control scheme are vastly improved, the pacing is excellent. I love the removal of manual stat adjustment and/or allocation as this was mostly useless before, and the new ability system is excellent. I also like the removal of the potion belt. The online DRM system is assy, but it is what it is. I miss the Gem/Rune system from 2. The graphics engine is dated and inefficient, I wish they had put little more time into exploiting the high end hardware and maybe even DX11 support. I you Like DIablo 2 and Torchlight, you will love this. Expand
  9. May 15, 2012
    Worst. Game. Ever. Don't waste your money on this fake Diablo game. At least get something made by the real Diablo crew such as Torchlight II or play something that is similar to Diablo II such as Path of Exile.
  10. May 15, 2012
    DRM DRM Absolutely disgusting action from Blizzard, the introduction of DRM shows a complete lack of respect and trust from this company and punishes those who planned to buy the game instead of pirating it. They forget that some people around the world that don't have a constant internet connection available to them. I wont even talk about the in game gold hoarding.

    whatever you have
    to do don't give them your money.

    Don't buy this game it only encourages them.
  11. May 15, 2012
    I can forgive them for messing up the launch. I can forgive them for DRM, but I can't forgive them for making a game that bores me within 30 minutes of playing. Where's the Diablo Magic? It's just bland and repetitive and such a grind. High production values not a game make.
  12. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 3 is Dungeon Siege 3 with an always online DRM. No stat points, just like Dungeon Siege 3 Automatically get every skill instead of opting for customized builds, just like Dungeon Siege 3 Items are the only way to affect stat points, just like Dungeon Siege 3 Health/Mana orbs, just like Dungeon Siege 3 Dungeon Siege 3 was terrible and got boring real quick, Diablo 3 has many of the same inferior mechanics, some aspects that are better, but one aspect that is much much worse. Always online DRM... even play the single player game.

    Given these limitations and the overall game length the launch price should have been $30.
  13. May 17, 2012
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    D3 is a horrible game. Do not purchase it.

    If you get it as a gift, eBay it for half price unopened, then take the money and buy a real game like Endless Space.
  14. May 22, 2012
    I originally gave the game a 3, but now it's getting the lowest score possible. For all the sheep who call themselves game reviewers, I ask a few questions: 1. Should a game with a failed launch get a 100% score? 2. Should a game that can't protect its player's online security get a 100% score? 3. Should a game that is a re-hash of the last two games get a 100% score? 4. Should a game with graphics that look 10 years old get a 100% score?
    5. Should a game with SINGLEPLAYER LAG get a 100% score?

    At some point, someone needs to start a site that reviews game reviewers, because they are so corrupt and beholden to their Super Seekrit Backstage Passes at industry events that they can no longer give reviews.

    If any other company had created this pile of steaming doo, it would not be getting a 90 metacritic. It would be getting a low 70's. Diablo 3 is a perfect expression of everything that is wrong with the gaming press. It's time someone shines a light on it and start embarrassing these sheeple.
  15. Sep 26, 2012
    I rated this game as a 6/10 shortly after release because, despite it's flaws, I felt that the game had potential and a part of me really hoped that improvements where in the pipeline, as at the time of release things like overall combat, difficulty, loot and the auction house were clearly defective.

    However, after playing the game more than I really wanted to in order to give a fair
    score, I can honestly say that not only is D3 a bad game, it's... well, it's sort of broken my faith in gaming. It's that much of a disappointment. It's the definitive example of a company taking a franchise that was built with love and care at it's conception, and turning it into a soulless cash cow with a complete disregard to the common gamer.

    The scores on Metacritic are by and large NOT trolling. The critic scores, to put it mildly, are an absolute disgrace and a clear example of an attempt to buddy up to Blizzard - a gaming megalith - for future releases.

    Let me be clear - I'm a Blizzard fan, I appreciate the quality they have delivered in the past, but you have to judge D3 on it's own merits and not as a fanboy of the company.

    I could go into details as to what exactly makes the game poor - such as dumbed down gameplay, mind-numbing repetition, no time spent/reward ratio, an unbearably stupid loot system which renders 99% of everything you pick up utterly useless and a profession system which I can't find a negative enough word for... but it comes down to one very simple conclusion; Diablo 3 is comfortably the most disappointing game ever. But even if you took it as a standalone title and ignored the franchise history it's still one of the worst games of the year with very few redeeming features.

    Do yourself a favour - if you have fond memories of Diablo 1 & 2 and you're about to opt for D3, please don't. Keep your memories of the good times safe and sound.

    And the major review sites should be ashamed of themselves - actually ashamed - as you're misleading people into parting with hard earned cash for a title that they can't even return or resell when they find out how bad it is. If DRM is part of a title, honest reviews are going to be vital in the future.
  16. May 21, 2012
    What can I say about Diablo 3? Well, it did a good job gettng me hyped, too bad it doesn't quite live up to it. How could it really? About 10 years in the making, it almost became Duke Nukem Forever, in quite a literal sense too... Too many bad choices by the devs, always online DRM, the dumbed down skill-system and the far to linear levels... Which by the way, aren't that interesting. This game called Diablo 3 just doesn't feel like Diablo, it feels like a chore to play this game. I want to play Diablo 3 by myself, that's what I like to do, so having to log into servers to play singleplayer just feels wrong. The game in itself feels lacking anyway, I can't help to wonder what they've been doing all this time. The only really fun thing about this game is the skills and costumizing them, even though they are quite few compared to Diablo 3. Actually, I can't quite grasp the fact that it's this dumbed down, now town portal scrolls or identify scrolls are needed, just wait a bit. I was actually surprised when I found a piece of armor I had to identify, since I didn't know how I figured I'd learn it later but then I saw the icon, "click to identify", I clicked and after a sec it was identified, I was amazed... What was the point of even having unidentified items to begin with? To make it a surprise what you picked up? I don't know why this game was released this way, new devs mixed in with the fact that it's been touched by Activision? Who knows, but all I know is that it's hard to recommend it even to fans, I'd say those who are most likely to enjoy it is people wanting a gateway into RPG's, but if you want something deeper and more meaningful then just keep looking since even Skyrim has this beat in complexity. I have no choice but to give this the score of 4/10, I'll keep playing it, but I won't feel that good about it... Only good thing about this is the Music and the few Skills there are, if that's enough then go right ahead and buy it. It's more mindless fun than a deep experience, which disappointed me atleast. Expand
  17. May 29, 2012
    1) the server maintenance is getting very very annoying, offline frequently, seriously avoid this game if you have no patience.
    2) the map isn't as random as D2, only the breakables and chests are randomly placed.
    3) the game requires you to play to higher difficulties to fully unlock the features. meaning if you want to upgrade to the highest level / craft the ultimate jewel, you have to
    be in hell mode or inferno mode...... Expand
  18. Aug 10, 2012
    This game is so utterly bad, that even writing this is more than it deserves. There is nothing fun about it except the first few-dozen hours of initial gameplay, it has no depth, it has no quality script, it has nothing original, it's in fact regression in every aspect. This game would never have sold if it wasn't signed Blizzard and it pains me so many of us buy something like this, expecting something good from a supposedly good company only to be served STUPIDLY expensive (80+ dollars at some time!!!!) CRAP. I am not going to buy Blizzard game ever again, I'm done with this company. They used to make good games, now it seems they just cash-in on their established brand. Like every **** business these days. Expand
  19. May 29, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a lot like StarCraft 2, if you liked the others you will like the new one; but if you we're looking for some new innovative and creative upgrades from the previous games then you will be very disappointed, like me. The background graphics are better than the actual environments you fight in, which are very boring and stale. Building up your character gets boring around level 30 and there are only a few interesting, unrepetitive, enemies throughout the game.

    I wish I could trade in my copy now to get as much money back as possible but because of the online connection and serial code required to play this game once you buy it you must keep it. Blizzard really needs to get its butt in gear if it plans to keep its fans because SC2 was a huge disappointment and now they have failed to deliver with Diablo 3. Blizzard, your fans need more than just a stale storyline and upgraded graphics. Try creating more interactive environments, different routes and decisions for quests, open environments, special multiplayer concepts (not just co-op). You (Blizzard) are destroying great series' of games and you not learning or listing to your fans; they want more than just new graphics and a one-way story.
  20. May 29, 2012
    I'm just going to keep this short and sweet. Being kicked out of playing a SINGLE PLAYER game is a joke! I paused the game to keep up and grab a drink and something to eat, came back to my computer to see an error message saying I was kicked out of the game and honestly was shocked. My single player game that I was playing by myself was cancelled (so I had to re clear a massive area as it only loads you to the last checkpoint) and additionally the servers go down. In fact I think the server's go down weekly now (which I never knew about).

    Sadly the only people enjoying this game to it's full potential are the pirates as they have no server downtime and they aren't kicked from their single player experience. Activision (I refuse to call them Blizzard as that company is long since dead now) have really screwed up with this.
  21. May 30, 2012
    Accounts getting hacked left and right like mine. Server issues still after a week or so of launch. Release day was terrible...and for a company who can support MMO launches without a excuse for not letting me playing single player.
  22. May 30, 2012
    This is a Free to Play MMO that you have to buy. It even will have an item mall. Try everything you hate about MMOs and none of the stuff you like. In a single player game. And god help you if you log into public games. Hacking is unbelievably common. people logging in and stealing your stuff. Fortunately Blizzard will happily sell you an authenticator for six bucks. Do not buy this game. Or, if you must, first search for "5 Creepy Ways video games are trying to get you hooked", an article from cracked. Read that and understand that this is all diablo is about. Addictive treadmilling. You have no significant customization options, no significant means to influence your characters build (No Knife and dagger Demon Hunters... not if you don't want to die every encounter). At best you get dualwield, sword and board, or two hander... and even the differences between these two are negligible. What I'm trying to say here is that the play is extremely shallow. It lacks any kind of depth and if you've followed the diablo mythology for any length of time you'll pretty much know exactly how it'll end about ten, maybe fifteen minutes in. This is not an exaggeration. I figured it out roughly that quickly. However, if you're dumber than a box of hammers you'll get to learn the exact same thing I figured out about 20 hours later when you've completed the game. All that's left is higher difficulty. Mind you, higher difficulty doesn't really unlock any significant new options (you have character progression til sixty but you'll beat the game on normal around 30)... The critics were either bought and paid for or too terrified of knocking blizzards new MMO. I cannot stress this enough. This game is an enormous con job the likes to which, in roughly 20 years+ of gaming) I've never seen before. Expand
  23. Jun 20, 2012
    Far too linear, far too easy at earlier difficulties, auction house, silly random loot generation (str/int gear?!), weird loot drops (weird mix of attributes, no sense of progression), oversimplifying the game - limited to only 6 buttons to use while the game offers a great deal of fun, if situational abilities, which you will never use as a result.
  24. Jun 20, 2012
    If you enjoyed previous installments of this series, you will not enjoy this one.

    Terrible story.
    Terrible loot.
    Terrible time investment to loot ratio.
    Frequent patches to prevent anyone from playing the game other than the way they want you to.
    No variety of builds in end game.
  25. Kah
    Jun 28, 2012
    The game's story is a joke. Uncharismatic characters, predictable bosses. Do not have an element of suspense as the previous ones. Blizzard promised too much with this game and failed.
    The company seemed much more concerned with the auction system than with the game.
  26. Mar 20, 2013
    This isnt a game, its a cashcow. Pretty disgusting because Diablo II was great. Go to hell ActiBlizz
    Nasty DRM politic, casualized gameplay, everything else is bad, Im very dissapointed.
  27. May 15, 2012
    The game is unplayable. This is remarkable since all Blizzard ever said is they are waiting until it is a completely finished product. If it is a completely finished product, then we can safely review it as it stands now. And as it stand now, it is unplayable and worth of a 0/10.
  28. May 15, 2012
    Sitting at around 60% uptime. Thats a D- where I come from. Graphics are decent but really nothing to write home about these days. This game lost all of it's soul. No character customization .. pay to win RMAH? really? Is it better than 3rd party sites selling stuff? Who cares? it's evil. The only thing they got right was the gore.
  29. May 15, 2012
    A cheap, cash crop from Blizzard. Everything about this game is not as good as it should be and is made with the pure intent of making money, and not delivering a quality game. You buy items with real money, and can sell items for real money, but with a "Transaction Fee" where blizzard makes more money...
  30. Jun 22, 2012
    gonna have to come back for a new review here; normal through hell are a fairly pleasant gaming experience; it wont last very long and its only fun your first time through. but the heart of the game; where all the loot tables are best; where 90% of all items are located; inferno mode. its a mess. designed around needing gear you could never ever ever hope to possibly get in less than 10000 hours played. itemization is **** for a game that is all about the loot.

    every single part of the "end-game" is directed to try and get you to use the RMAH; the game has no offline mode and the always online is frequently down and always laggy.
  31. May 15, 2012
    DRM was a horrible horrible decision to make. Seems Activision finally got their tainted and dirty hands around the hearts of Blizzard employees, starting with that real money auction house. Launch day was a disaster, completely and utterly. Servers down constantly or you can't log in at all. DRM requires that you be logged in and online to be able to play the single player version.....wait unti it goes on sale. Expand
  32. May 15, 2012
    It has been a day and the game at no point has been playable. This is totally unacceptable. I played the beta and it was decent, but having to depend on the random nature of the servers to actually play the thing is intolerable.
  33. May 15, 2012
    The gameplay itself is wonderful, and I very much enjoyed it. But, what good is it if you paid and are unable to play. We've taken a day off from work and have been unable to play for ~4 hours of it due to server downtime. With the 10 years Blizzard has had to develop the game and prepare for launch, the amount of server downtime should have been minimal to none. While something like this might be expected from a cheap, knock-off South Korean game and company, Blizzard is held (as they should be) to a much higher standard when it comes to game stability, balance, etc.

    The ability to deliver a stable game on day one is disappointing. The countless hours of work the devs and artists put into this game are going to be diminished somewhat by the quality of their launch. Sorry, Blizzard.
  34. May 15, 2012
    I definitely was looking forward to this game. However, even based on the fact this game was hotly anticipated as the next greatest thing to move the franchise forward, it feels much more like a step backward. Firstly. I need to get this off of my chest, than I'll get into the actual review: Digital Rights Management is flat out inexcusable this day and age for single player games. I was tolerant of when Blizzard decided to install DRM into Starcraft II when it was released, mostly because it is a multiplayer game where lies the heart of the game. Diablo III is NOT required to be played in multiplayer to enjoy this game. I refuse to support a positive review on this point alone. Now on to the actual review:

    - Art style is very reminiscent of "World of Warcraft", very cartoony and animated; For a game such as Diablo III where it is 'supposed' to be grim, dark, and scary, it is neither of these things. I suppose the development team wanted to make it 'accessible' to woo the casual gamers, this come at the cost of the overall mood and I just don't buy into it and the quite figuratively pulls all of the emotional impact it has on the overall gamer, I don't feel sucked into the game. - The music in this game is fantastic, and hits the ball out of the park this time. I couldn't help but feel that this is the production quality even higher than what would be found in big budget movies and the 'canned' movie scores, reminiscent of the Avengers movie that was released. Well done, music producers!

    - The skill tree based system is well thought out and complex, especially once you get into the advanced ratings. It is a departure of the old 'Diablo I and II' skill management system, and a welcome change. However, for those hoping for 'more of the same', will be disappointed.

    - Gameplay is boring and repetitive, even playing with friends is boring. Was hoping for more synergy between classes when playing multiplayer, but alas there is none. Absolutely no synergy. Looks like you're on the own on this one, even when playing with friends. - Lastly, there is no excuse for having defects on the production day, and shutting down the login servers so users can play the game they paid for. DRM is a travesty, and really for a game like this, which has been under development for quite literally 4+ years, it should be shipped bug free. Now we can't even play the game because their servers are down (thanks, DRM) , even when they've had adequate time to beta test, adequate time to stress test, and adequate time to design the application. I am disappointed in the execution of this game and I don't think I will be investing much time in it in the future, will be spending much more time playing Guild Wars 2 and Torchlight 2 when they come out. This game will tide me over until than.
  35. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 2 with updated graphics, a real money auction house and DRM that prevents people from playing equals one bad game. It's a shame what's happened to Blizzard. Terrible, stay away from this one.
  36. May 15, 2012
    Probably one of the biggest let downs of the year, When I purchased D3 I was expecting the epic conclusion t0 D2 one of my favorite games of all time. What I got instead was an insane amount of lag and game play that feels about ten years dated. I seriously hope you guys don't consider buying this game.
  37. May 15, 2012
    Negatives: online DRM and online singleplayer, cartoon graphics and wow style graphics(its like a wow mod), nothing new in gameplay and high price; only positive thing is sounds and musics are from diablo 1-2.

    its a big disappointment, i was expecting something different.
  38. May 15, 2012
    Purchased. Unable to play. For a game I mostly play solo... Unacceptable.
    A team of hundreds of video game's veteran, a budget of hundreds of millions dollars, a name worth a billion : how have you managed to screw this brand that much ? Please, Blizzard. Leave Vivendi-Universal, they hurted you badly.
  39. May 16, 2012
    After 4 hours in a 24 hour span of nothing but error messages I finally was able to play Diablo III for about six hours. The game is nothing like what I had hoped. Every character of the same class is identical, except for equipment. There's no deviation in skills/abilities because their unlock is not strategically chosen by the player but unlocked based on level achieved. There are no stat points to spend to customize your ascension, there are no talents you can choose from a tree - it's just a skill choice + a rune choice for your attack, and every single player has the exact same options available to choose from, all of the time.

    The AI has been very buggy, with my followers just standing around watching as I fight. They sometimes just get stuck, unsure of how to reach me when standing just 10' away up a flight of stairs. There is no path finding to speak of - if I click on a point on the screen to move to, and there isn't a beeline path to reach it my character does nothing. Several times my character has lagged and jumped around on screen, and not due to the use of an ability.

    I hear the story is remarkably short compared to the previous Diablo games. So far the cinematics have been good (but HEAVILY compressed, and very messy with a lot of blocking/blurring during high-movement scenes, which seem common) and the in-game graphics look like you're playing World of Warcraft with a slightly different camera angle. The UI is improved from Diablo II, so Blizzard can tout that benefit from their mandate that all players remain connected to BattleNet ALL of the time. However, that could have been done without the draconic DRM that disconnects you the second your internet connection flakes out. I have yet to try the Auction House feature.

    I intend to keep playing, to see the game through to the end but so far Diablo III is a real letdown as a followup to Diablo II and Diablo II: LoD.
  40. Oms
    May 15, 2012
    Disappointing sequel to an otherwise excellent franchise. I waited in line for 4 hours to pickup my CE copy for $115. The packaging is excellent and the art book is beautiful. The additional "behind the scenes" footage is also well put together and enjoyable to watch. The game itself however is far from being a game of any kind. Vast majority of my game time was spent staring at the same screen as the bugs and problems with the game make it impossible to proceed beyond the initial login screen. If you are lucky enough to make it into the game you are quickly booted out and taken back to the login screen. I'm not sure how this game made it past quality assurance but this game is anything but a game. If you are looking for a login screen simulator this is an excellent choice; if you are looking for the sequel to the diablo series you have come to the wrong place. If you are really interested in a login screen simulator; I can save you $100. Hit the Windows logo key and the L key on your keyboard for a totally free login screen simulator that comes included with your copy of Windows. If you have any doubts about my review; please read the rest of the reviews. Blizzard has a few of its people posting positive reviews to trick people into buying the game, because they do not give refunds, but hopefully the gaming audience is smart enough to avoid that. Expand
  41. May 15, 2012
    alright, enough is enough. If you are going to release a game online only, make sure u know what u are doing. If you are unsure, then release an offline mode that syncs with servers every so often with online as the main. But this is rediculous
  42. May 15, 2012
    Anyone who gave this game a 10 should get a psych eval... either that or the standards for games have fallen that low. There's absolutely no appeal in a dumbed-down D2 with slightly better graphics, a bulky RMAH, and online DRM that prohibits true single player. Simply said, Activision + Blizzard = Fail.

    Gameplay: 2/10
    Extremely dumbed down, what exactly were the devs thinking when
    they decided to nix the skill tree in favor of some atrocious "customizable" rune system? It's hard to **** up an already perfected game genre (especially when Blizzard originally set the standard of dungeon-crawlers) but this game has actually done so. Wait it doesn't end there... Blizzard essentially signed a death warrant for its own game from Day 0. Introducing a Real Money Auction House has destroyed many RPGs whether MMOs or Single player (take a look at why Korean RPGs never really went international until recently). RMAH's destroy in-game economics and replay value so why introduce it at all? To snag up all the sales that the 3rd parties were getting in D2?

    One of the greatest characteristics of D2 was to create a personal "build" for a class e.g. Rabies Druid. With D3, the makers of the game took away a very important facet of the franchise and this alone should hint at its unworthiness as a title in the Diablo series.

    Graphics: 1/10
    Really now? Might as well have copied "Fate"'s cartoonish style. Maybe the consumers might've been more forgiving...

    Sound: 6/10
    Great music as always, decent voice acting. Not the best but passable.

    Controls: 3/10
    D3 attempt to carry on the Diablo series' tradition of 2-mouse button-oriented control playstyle is a bit nostalgic. But what happened to the innovation and ingenuity of the old Blizzard?

    Story: 1/10
    Gone are the epic stories that once defined all Blizzard games. Throw together some half-*** bull**** set in the same environment as the other two games in the series, slap a Diablo logo on the game, and voila there you have it, the latest Diablo sequel.

    Misc.: Only redeeming quality would be that it is still pretty addictive to play but I would attribute that to the type of game it is.
  43. Apr 24, 2013
    The game is a soulless version of what it was supposed to be. This is not Diablo 3, this is a sham. Maybe it was never supposed to happen? Maybe it was dead all along and that is okay, what was given was glorious in its day and it will always have that place in history. Let Diablo die one final time, lay it to rest and say goodbye.
  44. May 16, 2012
    Shocking and disappointing. If you can get over the fact you have to pay above average for the game and that you can buy in game money for real world money there are still major problems. Before I get to that I still want to say that this game is nothing more then an obvious money sink now rather then a true attempt to carry on what may loved about D2. Its my love the last game that made me give this a go and put aside the unpleasantness surrounding the game. I should have known better. Things have been stripped apart like customisation and how can you not have an offline mode?! Oh right, need to make money as mentioned. All other game companies while obvious like EA, at least rationalised things like pre-release DLC. What Blizzard have done to Diablo 3 make them look like good guys!!! Wow cant believe I can say that. As for gameplay, well since the servers have collapsed things arnt going great there either. Yet another blunder on a list longer then my arm. To be fair the games started off quite good, but there are so many things missing and already Im seeing fast tracked explanations and associations. I think I may grow to eventually like the game, but I cannot justify Blizzard antics, this has become a circus. Thus my zero. Sorry Blizzard. You become a monster of your own success. Its apparent its about the money and not the game and so you have forever lost a customer going forward Expand
  45. May 16, 2012
    A step backwards for the entire gaming industry.
    Rather than give players a full game experience, Blizzard-Activision decided to pull offline mode and LAN mode from the game.
    The game series just isn't the same without it.
    Because Blizzard was afraid of pirates, the people who actually have paid for the game now have to suffer the consequences.
    Infact, pirates have already made the game
    public for download and have an offline mode.
    The pirates have actually improved the game and given people a reason to pirate rather than purchasing.
    Do not buy the game, do not buy it's DLC, and do not talk about it. This is how you make the game die and send a message to the developers.
  46. May 16, 2012
    The game itself is probably an 8/10, but the DRM sinks it straight down to a negative score. Unfortunately, I can't give it a negative score, so I have to go with 0 for now. DRM is the hemorrhage of the gaming industry, and it's time developers actually listen to their customers.
  47. Jun 15, 2012
    More and More Server Disconnection. 3 times in 10 minutes. Give us a break, Give us a single player without constant internet connection!! I am a fan of Diablo, however, this has become a pain. Yes. Understand it is Friday evening, but I want to play single player mode anytime, anywhere. The constant network disconnection took the fun out of it. We paid for the game, not paid for the disconnection and disruption of the game flow. Expand
  48. May 17, 2012
    if you want my review of the game look at koroshiya_ichi review. Gone are the days when blizzard was a gamers company. Now blizzard is just about herding as many casual gamers as possible to play there games. Even if it means abandoning the hardcore gamers that built blizzard to start with. They will not get another penny of my hard earned money.
  49. Mar 17, 2014
    Reduced my rating from 3 to 0. D3 no longer exists in it's original form. Blizzard killed the game with patch 2.0 for worse. All they needed to do was give us simple things like more acts/areas to play, events, etc, not revamp and facelift the entire game balance and mechanics. Barbarian class is garbage now, whilst Wizzard is godly. Main stats are on steroids, life steal buried, AH buried, BOA and no trading possible. PvP still doesn't exist as was promised >3 years ago. Blizzard/Activision is a garbage company still trying to ride on their past glories from decade ago. Expand
  50. May 18, 2012
    Agree with the other users here. Gold selling within a day of launch. No multi-display support, clunky animations, micro transaction auction house, no world PVP, no innovation from the previous Diablo. Do yourself a favor and get torchlight / torchlight 2.
  51. May 19, 2012
    Why should I have to be online to play the game in single player? Why should I have to accept downtime for server maintenance for a single player game? If always online DRM is the future of games count me out, epic fail!
  52. May 20, 2012
    Too many bad things, DRM, graphics, voices, history, gameplay, character customization, wow styled, no rol like diablo series.... hell, 10 years wasted. oh wait, in 10 years they just care about WoW, this game wasnt even developed by serious people. its just a joke.
  53. May 19, 2012
    It's basically World Of Diablo. With single-player lag. Plot is more rehash. Pros: Fun click-fest action. Cons: Weak plot. Trite characters. MMO type game-play. Connecting to battle-net to play single player @ 820ms lag is just silly. Conclusion: Worth playing if you liked D1 and D2 and you're hard-up for something better to play. If you absolutely must buy the game, at least hold the trigger until Blizzard fixes its server problems so you can enjoy your single-player experience lag free. Good grief. Expand
  54. Jun 11, 2012
    It is bad when you have to update a review and lower an already low score. Low poly models, bad lightning, shader issues, lack of camera movement / zoom. We can list them but we can say: many similar games share these traits. Lag spikes, disconnects, error 37... Ok, some online games stay this unstable for weeks long, Diablo III isn't all alone. Online only single player encourages account hacking but doesn't prevent item duplication? That is bad. And even worse with server side achievement and AH bugs. We can speak about stability issues, hacking incidents, AH bugs, item duplication and other things. We can point to the fact, there is no PVP because the game is half finished. We can see frequent hotfixes because of huge balance problems that shows how some abilities weren't tested at all. We see numerous smaller or bigger issues. We can see how Blizzard lied in russian key related scandals. But sadly when many people tell you, "it was easy to this point, but now I can't make a progress at all" and good drops just don't want to drop even after days... Then you have to say the game can offer you two things: Boredom because you see no challenge, or boredom because the game is too hard. Where is the fun part? Ok, "flow" (if you learned about psychology) and mindless farming can be "motivating" and "fun" for some. But the same people would have fun as factory workers as well.

    Why the game can't even have short part where the difficulty is just right and you can enjoy it? Why everyone sees easy progress then hit a wall and see "no progress"? Because the balancing mechanism that help to set proper difficulty are just wrong, and small tweaks and adjustment can't fix it. The core game mechanism is flawed and it needs a total redesign. This with the well known issues is enough to rate this game as a 0/10.
  55. May 21, 2012
    Great game. I was really worried about Blizz efforts to make this game stand out and improve upon the predecessor. But they didn't fail. Suprisingly the new environmental mechanics proved to be extremely fun. Classes are varied and interesting. Story is detailed and captivating. I think I would still prefer talent trees to this strange skill slot sytem, but it is not that big of a deal. One thing I don't like is that I can't play singleplayer due to online server maintanance. But I guess this is the price of living in our times. Generally - really cool game, Blizzard delivered once again, I would recommend this to any hack'n'slash and rpg fun. Expand
  56. May 21, 2012
    This would have been an ok game if it was not called diablo, thereby falsly attricting a huge d2 fanbase which is now extremely dissapointed. I honestly believe this game scores a 1/10 compared to diablo 2, All the things that made diablo 2 fun are left out of diablo 3. A fine game dumbed down for the masses and became totally uninteresting and unrewarding. Your character "build" consist of two things: your damage and your health. Damage comes from your primary attribute and weapon dps, and health comes from vitality. How is that even considered an rpg, every damn shooter is based on the same stats, health and damage : ( Expand
  57. Jun 3, 2012
    Junk,back to diablo 2 .this game is for my kids who have 4 years bad i'd hope to return some old memories like diablo 2 did but this one is, sorry ''crap''i tried to like this game but i just can't.the era when a game is focus on the player and not on the players money is gone.sad man very sad.they taken bad that so many people hat bot it. 0 its a very big note for me anyway.
  58. May 23, 2012
    I waited years for this? It is simply not as good as I thought and a lot of people told me, the graphics should be way better, the "roleplaying" is simple, short and boeing. In the end it is named Diablo but it looks like World of Warcraft and plays like an 5-year old free to play game. After being a big fan of Diablo and Diablo II this is very disappointing, also you have to be logged onto the Internet (RDM) even if u are just playing single player... what cheek! This is just an awful rip-off! Expand
  59. May 24, 2012
    Such a HUGE disappointment. Even when I watched the trailers I thought it was way too much WoW about it, yet I still bought it. They deleted the possibility to distribute the stat points by yourself, there's not even a strength or dexterity requirement on the items anymore. Your spell damage is based on how great your WEAPONS damage is! Yeah, that's right, I'm not joking. There isn't even a skill tree anymore, instead, you gain a new skill/rune ability every level, which means that all characters of the same class will have an equal skill-setup in the end. The items are boring as hell, both by stats and look. PvP will be implented, but in arenas like WoW, with health globes popping up now and then. Bye, bye free dueling from Diablo II. If you liked everything about Diablo I & II, don't buy this game, it will disappoint you. Expand
  60. May 24, 2012
    Remember when Andy could 1 shot you in normal? her name as the maiden of anguish wearing her S&M outfit either whipping you to death or slowly poisoning you to death earned her that name. The fear of Duriel slicing you up, while maintaining that hard shell that kept you ruining in a claustrophobic place that added atmosphere. same with the maggot pits, real fear was felt in there. Diablo 2 had more diverse and interesting enemies throughout the level, the subversion the rangers from the first game and creating blood raven into d2 was cool and d3 has none of that. Objectively better tone, story, and gameplay that contributes the the user's happiness in diablo 2. This game makes you sit through 3 levels of tutorial making me waste 2 days trying to get to inferno. server issues suck too. Expand
  61. May 25, 2012
    PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT. I ask you kindly, even more I beg you, don't buy this game. Even if you played the beta and enjoyed, or you have read reviews and tested the game, and really liked it, still DON'T BUY DIABLO III. Don't let Blizzard get away with their disrespectful and discriminating policies. Is it their really so much difference between not letting you play the game if you don't have internet connection and for instance saying that you can't go to college because you're black. I mean really you can always (or almost always) get yourself internet connection just like you can change your skin color. Please show some solidarity with people who, like me, sometimes play their games on the go or want to play together with friends who don't have internet connection. If we don't protest now SOON ALL DEVELOPERS WILL FOLLOW BLIZZARD. And don't stop there don't buy any Blizzard products until they change their policy and tell all your friends to do the same or really soon you'll find that you won't be able to play any single player game without internet connection. I am not even going to discuss other concerns such as the fact that you don't really buy the game you kind of rent it from Blizzard, or the fact that there won't be any mods, or the lag, or the theft of the accounts, or the server issues, but I have to say a few words on the auction house. BLIZZARD SUPPORTS MODERN DAY SLAVERY by legalizing the trade of virtual goods. Just do a Google search and you'll find information on forced labor camps in China and other not fully democratic countries where prisoners are forced to play the game to support the regime or for the financial benefit of the prison guards. Don't be ignorant about this issue, there's no excuse, educate yourself, and search your conscience to determine whether you'd like to play with people who are forced by oppressive regimes to farm gold in the game you play simply for fun. IT'S UP TO US WHETHER WE LET GAME DEVELOPERS DISRESPECT OUR RIGHTS AND THE RIGHTS OF OUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS.
    EDIT: 1st time I reviewed something on metacritic and I gave it 10 instead of 0, sorry if it was misleading to anyone.
  62. May 28, 2012
    I spent about 15 hours with this game trying to get into it the control system is just to old skool for me tastes. The control of the character is simply to basic and even though there lots of abilities the tactics and actual combat are way to simplistic. It would have been so much better if I could have played using a control pad. The graphics are detailed but dated and character models are poor. The sound and story are not very good and seem badly done. The game-play is bland there`s no reason for it to be online at all the multi player is worse than single player. The game need to be brought into the present it wasn`t that good when it first came out Baulders Gate was and still is a far better game. Expand
  63. May 28, 2012
    Gameplay/fun = 7.5 - (When playable) Server/support = 0 - Game is not playable in current form - spend some money on Australian servers RPG elements = 5 - little customisation no way to make a great (or bad) character as all players are the same if leveled up Graphics = 5 - ok but from 5 years ago Story = 7 - what you expect for this type of game Verdict = Simplified but fun game when playable, should have been better. Recommendations - don't buy it in Australia at the Aussie price - at peak hours you may not be able to play the game you paid for or it will lag sooo much you will smash your computer in frustration. Wait for Torchlight 2 at half the price and double the fun. If the game was playable wih decent server support then score would be 6/10 but after buying a game I would like to play it and I can't. Might be ok if another company did this too me but Blizzard should give us better with their multiplayer history and amounts of money from making the game. Expand
  64. May 29, 2012
    This pretty much sums the entire game.. and big. .fat.. disappointment.
    If you played D1 or D2 or both and are expecting the same experience....dont bother.
    After reading the reviews (witch I have to agree 100% with) I find myself surprised that no one has mentioned the HORRIBLE loot system this game has... I mean.. DEAR GOD! One of the things that made D2 "fun" to play
    was the loot, but in this game is just crap.. Maybe Im too used to WoW's format..blues are better than white...yellow (in this case is better than blue) and orange (witch are legendary items are far better than any other color) well.. this is not the case.. you can find a legendary or a yellow and 20 min later find a blue item witch is a lot better than both, at the same lvl requirement .... what?
    Another observation....I found me a really nice "Wizard" hat.... and by wizard I mean "only a wizard can equip" .. with dexterity and strenght for stats... again.. .what? The random factor on item's stats is absurd!
    Last but not least.. loot rewards.. you can get a yellow out of a damned barrel! or random champion packs, but when you kill a boss.. when you kill DIABLO..THE LAST BOSS IN THE GAME.. he drops 1 or 2 feels so .. unrewarding.
  65. May 29, 2012
    1) Online DRM: Worst idea in the history of gaming. 2) Constant single Player lag, disconnections, and Server down time. 3) Story line is very sub par considering it took 11 years to come up with. 4) Graphics are average. 5) Terrible Skill system, offers very little configuration options. 6) Completely Linear Story line, makes replayability no fun at all. 7) Blizzard Diablo Forums very poorly supported as to complaints, questions, and concerns. Blue responses are late, arrogant, and biased. Expand
  66. Jun 19, 2012
    The game is fun but it's nothing groundbreaking. If you played Diablo 2 (D2) then you've played this game. The only improvement in my eyes is that you now pick up gold by walking over it instead of having to click on every single pile. The addition of forcing you to have a constant connection to the servers is annoying and should never have been implemented. I was never one to play D2 online and I only ever played with friends when we were on a LAN so forcing me to connect to Blizzard servers is extremely annoying. They have issues, have maintenance, or any other issues and all of a sudden I can't play a game I paid for. I honestly think that D2 is a better game solely because I can play it without an internet connection. Expand
  67. Jun 20, 2012
    I am sorely disappointed in the game. First off the only online DRM makes it cumbersome to play, and weekly maintenance? I feel like I am playing an MMO. The graphics are a step up from D2, but are reminiscent of 2004-2006, and do not evoke any nostalgia from the earlier titles in the series - hell, there is no light radius! That was a great feature in the original games. The story is quite bland, and even the characters that follow you throughout the game do not grow on you; however, I do enjoy the retorts of the companions and their interactions with the player. Those characters are much more fleshed out that even... wow, I actually forgot the name of the girl who is the centerpoint of the story! Aha! Leah, wow. I was going to just sit and think for a bit and keep typing her name, but the fact that I am an avid roleplayer (both paper and pencil and classic RPGs) and I could not remember a leading NPCs name says something to the quality of the storyline.

    The constant patching and downtime is expected in the early weeks of a new game, but this was not meant to be an MMO, but rather, staying true to its predecessors, a single player game with LAN or connectivity. So if I do not play online I cannot use the Auction House? I don't care. I would gladly make a character on and play online with support and have my offline skirmisher for when I had 30 mins or so to kill. D2 even had the open option where I could bring my offline character online and search for other players. On gameplay, I can understand removing the town portal and auto-identifying items to make the game more fast paced, and the new skill system has its merits, but I feel that one thing is to streamline the playthrough, and another thing entirely is to simplify it down to the point that it loses all appeal other than left click kill, left click loot, left click move. Inventory management, skill or talent choices, visual character customization!!!!, to name a few examples are part of action-RPGs. The devil is in the details, and I would say that this proverb is even more true in a game titled Diablo. There is something severely missing in Diablo 3, I have come to the realization that I have been able to play for this long because I have been grouping with the same two friends to progress together, but honestly I have rarely played solo much - the first act I did alone and enjoyed it greatly I will admit. I believe that this act is the most faithful to the franchise - if they added darker lighting effects and a fog of war or light radius if would truly be creepy and Diablo-esque. However, the random idiot yellow robed cultists and the purple flying faerie that COMPLETELY deter my immersion into the game, please make them black robed even if it's generic and have the purple faerie witch be less flamboyant - and without WINGS!!! arg!!!

    To summarize, this game seems to have lost its direction and is not worthy to be named a continuation of the Diablo legacy. I hope that Blizzard sees this and reviews its decisions with this game for future endeavors. I have no hopes for any significant changes in a game that is free-to-play, sadly -- Blizzard already got my $60 and well I guess that price for a few weeks of gaming isn't so bad -- there is no monthly subscription (thank God) which is the biggest incentive in online games to make changes. Play the demo (they should have a 3-day pass offer still) before you decide to invest in this game. Hopefully you will get to Act 2 and see how far it diverges from the spirit of the series.
  68. Jun 23, 2012
    Catastrophic disaster. The story is bad, the graphics are obsolete, pay-to-win, takes no skill to actually play the game. And with the latest v1.0.3 they infinitely ruined the game; Repair bills are way too high which forces to grind endlessly. They also nerfed the drop rate of loot considerably so you are force to use the Real-Money Auction House
  69. Jun 23, 2012
    Absolutely disappointing and uninspired game which simply circles around a casino-system. Blizzard ransacks the chance for properly working game mechanics which would never disturb the always-online-"experience" in order to generate maximum revenues via the real money auction house.
  70. Jul 12, 2012
    "Diablo 1.5"
    This game has nicer graphics than Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. It has a shared stash and some nifty little features like that. Other than that most of what players care about have been cut out of the game or reduced down to almost a child-level of simplicity.
    Compared to Diablo II: LOD, there are:
    Less users per game, less items, less heroes, less customization, less
    secret levels, less hero levels, less workable builds, less item affixes, less item types, no runewords, no jewels, no stats on heroes, no charms, no custom room names, etc. The list is extensive and I recommend dropping by the official forms: and asking there if you should buy the game or not, BEFORE YOU BUY IT. You have been warned! Expand
  71. Jul 16, 2012
    Game was essentially ruined by the real money auction house due to bots automatically buying all the good items on the gold auction house and relisting them for ridiculously high prices. Players are left asking themselves whether to bother competing with bots on the AH, or to instead spend hours grinding for gold in order to upgrade their gear.
  72. Sep 27, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game launched with a lot of problems. A LOT of problems. Broken servers, broken AH, weird performance issues. I play on a heavily overclocked 2500k with Crossfire 6950 GPUs. Day one, horrible stuttering when entering games. I even had stuttering on pre-rendered cinematics, and that bug still exists today. There is a bizarre bug with v-sync that if I ever drop below 60 FPS even for half a second, my FPS either gets cut in half to 30 for several seconds, or keeps going at 60 FPS as if v-sync was suddenly turned of. This turns the game into a juddery piece of s*** when it occurrs and totally ruins the experience. That bug STILL EXISTS TODAY and has been well-documented. How do things like this happen with a game that had the budget they did? I really don't get it.

    The game itself is okay. In general the classes are fun to play. The 'story' is a complete travesty. I don't know who wrote this thing, but the story and delivery are on par with something like..."The Room". How many times does Kulle have to telegraph that he's going to betray you by laughing maniacally every time he finishes talking? What really killed the game was itemization. You basically have to win the lottery to find an item that is any good or even worth selling. Inferno was so challenging at launch that most people never made it past act 1. People depended on broken specs and exploits to get through. Botters and exploiters have absolutely ruined the gold economy. Items that would be a solid upgrade for me now cost 50 million gold or higher. There is something truly effed when I can't buy an item that would really be a good upgrade when I'm sitting on 35 million gold. And guess what. You can't gain a lot of gold unless you sell a really kickass item. But wait, remember that the loot rolls are so random that I play a few hours every day with a good amount of MF and find an item that sells for around 10 million gold...oh, about once a month.

    Lately, Blizzard has shown some interest in making things better. The 1.05 patch and 1.04 really seem to put forth some effort to improve the experience. However, for many players it's just too little, too late. Seriously, it's months later, and the changes in these last 2 patches should have been what the game launched with. Still no PvP or even word when it should be expected.

    I actually still have fun with the game, so that's something. They seem to be committed to fixing the problems and what players don't like. But until that really happens, I can only give this game an average rating. Maybe with the expansion (and we all know one is coming) they will get it right from the start. After the utter s***fest that is Mists of Pandaland, I'm not holding my breath.
  73. May 15, 2012
    As others have said, launch day server failures are an embarrassing but enlightening example of exactly how bad DRM is for gamers. Add that to boring, casualized gameplay and you have a shining (or should I say reeking) example of the state of the gaming industry today.
  74. May 15, 2012
    This game epitomizes the intrusiveness of digital right management done wrong. Always online connectivity does not translate well to a game that has single player elements. What if I don't want to play online? Maybe I want to play my character in single player and then later bring him online? That way, I don't have to deal with disconnects while I'm trying to progress, sluggish AI and server lag in general?

    As far as gameplay goes, this game improves the combat with varying builds and skills, and the runes were a nice addition to change the function of some abilities. However the value of creating a build is lost because any build can be changed on the fly with no penalty. So the game is very homogenized and boring because of it. Eventually players will find the best build for every boss in the game, and everyone will copy this mathematically correct way of maximizing damage done and minimizing damage taken. While this did occur in Diablo II as well, if someone decided to do a different build for variety they couldn't just switch over when they felt like it to that cookie cutter build. Adding a focus on health orbs and removing the excessive use of potions I found to be a plus overall, though I think potions in this new system should have become more rare (not buyable at a vendor) so we'd come to value potions and rely on random health orbs more.

    Graphics and atmosphere are out the window. Blizzard decided they wanted a Teen rated Diablo, and they made it. This game does not resemble Diablo as a franchise in any way, nothing is gorey, bloody, or satanic. There are spurts of blood on monster when they die, but the bodies disappear quickly. I miss seeing bodies hanging on meat hooks with the Butcher standing behind a bloodied chopping block, just waiting for the unsuspecting adventurer to stumble upon him and run for their lives. "Fresh Meat..." he'd say and you'd go running scared. Graphics might have been technically impressive for a game in 2004. I realize this was a conscious design choice but there's a reason games have low - max settings, for scalability. Max on Diablo III is just low graphics with some shadows and more clutter. Nothing has that satanic vibe from older Diablo games, and I play Diablo for the atmosphere and story primarily. They lost me on both these parts. The story is garbage, no spoilers, but it's just insulting to your intelligence if you value story.
    Overall, graphics are a huge step back, style is reminiscent of Blizzards World of Warcraft, very kid friendly. I would liken Diablo III atmosphere to that house on Halloween whose decorations were bought at Wal-mart. They resemble things that could be scary but just look cheap and underwhelming.

    Overall not a good game, do not recommend you buy it if you are a fan of the older games. Though I'd recommend Titan Quest or Diablo II over this, D2 aged quite well and is still fun today.
  75. May 15, 2012
    Graphics are an absolute shamble. Truly terrible game. Would not buy, pirate or even try.

    Please avoid this like the plague. I seriously hope you guys don't touch this game.
  76. May 15, 2012
    Truly awesome game! Spent most of the morning playing. The game is not super difficult at first, but as soon as you get into hardcore it gets a lot tougher. I am also eagerly awaiting PVP!
  77. May 15, 2012
    --> No offline single player
    --> No LAN play
    --> No mod support
    --> Pay for power auction house
    --> Can't login because Blizzard allocated a woefully inadequate number of servers for launch

    Don't support this trash, wait for Torchlight 2.
  78. May 15, 2012
    To those attempting to defend this game for servers not being available at launch: shut your mouth. This game is a title that requires a persistent online connection to play the single-player game. It would be one thing if it was a single-player game that's multiplayer aspect was rocky on launch day but you CANNOT PLAY THE GAME AT ALL thanks to the DRM. That is unacceptable. There is no excuse and no way anyone can defend this. I am attempting to get a refund from Amazon as we speak because frankly this product does not function, I cannot play the game thanks to the server error and from what I'm hearing about the lack of skill-trees and no customization I doubt I would even want to. Expand
  79. May 15, 2012
    This game is plenty fun once you get in, It's engaging, the combat is great, at least as a monk, and the story keeps you intrigued. To all the people who are complaining about not being able to play: Come on, seriously? This isn't the first time this has happened, and it's not the last. You know better than to give a game a negative score just because of the launch day rush. If you're using the beta as a standpoint, not everyone got in. Not everyone had time to do it. Some people would prefer to not play the beta at all just so they didn't spoil the game itself. The game itself isn't any less fun because you can't play it at that exact moment. I know how frustrating it is not being able to play, but seriously. Stop acting like kids about this, you've all been through several releases on the PC - How many didn't have this sort of problem? Expand
  80. May 15, 2012
    I played the closed beta for months before the game. At least a 100 hours worth of play time. Let me tell you the game is excellent as far as content goes. User interface is great though I did not like it at first. This is an improvement from D2 which I also still play. DRM issues are basically a pointless argument. While I understand people want to play it offline, the fact is the description of system requirements clearly states internet connection required. If you didn't read it quit blaming Blizzard or anyone else for your mistake. There was such a problem in D2 with hacks and dupes and people selling ingame content for money that Blizz instituted a MUCH needed DRM requirement and no single player ability in efforts to reduce hacking and duping. Server side issues will be adressed in terms of connection. Actually they already were somewhat at 10am this morning on day one of play. That is a company that supports its products fixing an unforseen condition within 10 hours of game launch here in the USA. Great game Blizzard. Expand
  81. Aug 15, 2012
    The novelty of this game wears off extremely quickly and becomes a repetitive grind. This holds true when you have to complete the campaign 3 times just to reach the max level.
  82. May 15, 2012
    Amazing game, very fun gameplay, beautiful graphics and much more. The only downside is the login errors, but they are only temporary since the game just launched, something many people here fail to understand.
  83. May 15, 2012
    I expected more after so long in development. With maxed out graphics @ 1920x1080 this game still looks kinda old and ugly in my opinion. Graphics are from 2007-2008 or so I'd say. It's moderately entertaining for a while although honestly I'm tiring of it already after 1 day. It might have gotten 5/10 instead of 4/10 but the price is too high. Also, I haven't taken into consideration the login problems alot of people have or it would have been 2/10. So don't believe the hype about D3, it's an ok game nothing more (except for grapics wich suck). If you consider getting it atleast wait until the price drops and they've fixed the problems so you can actually log in and play. Expand
  84. May 15, 2012
    I know the connection issues and "37 error" are sucks. But Blizzard is working on it too now. Let's just give them some times. The Game is really good and satisfying though.

    Just waiting for 1 or 2 days to play this amazing game will worth it.
  85. May 15, 2012
    Nothing but an over priced copy of Torchlight but with less freedom to create your character as you desire. Save yourself $40 USD and get Torchlight 2 . All in all this is a buyer beware product and I am ashamed to admit I spent money on this game.
  86. May 15, 2012
    Overall the game does not meet up the standards in Graphics of today games, the story is kinda good and the gameplay is repetitive and boring, somewhat of a dissapointment.
  87. May 15, 2012
    I'm not sure who at Blizz/Activision thought it was a good idea *cough* Bobby Kotick *cough*, but loot is the reason for this game! It's not a lie or point of opinion, if you played as much D2 or Diablo 2 knock offs as me you know that's the drive, hell back when D3 was first previewing Blizzard at the time said so themselves ( I also got to play the game back then it was WAAY better and way more hectic). So adding a real money auction house is just nonsense, for any other game it'd be like buying the end of the game, or being able to pay money to get a max lv character in WoW. Expand
  88. May 15, 2012
    Within 20 hours of trying to start this game I didn't manage to. I saw D3 on my friend's pc and it was... poor. Very easy, faded/blury graphics, automatic skills (are we 5 yo?), average music. D2 is sooo much better (personally, for me D1 is the best). I waited in the line for 5h during the night to get this game. For 20h I try to run it (errors 37 and 75). Sorry Blizzard, you failed. Rate: 0.
  89. May 15, 2012
    This game is nothing compared to Diablo 1 and 2, Just a big disappointment. THE STORY IS TERRIBLE OMG WHY DID I BUY THIS WHILE SO MANY GOOD TITLES ARE COMING OUT THIS YEAR?
  90. May 15, 2012
    I have been one of Blizzard's longest and most stupidly loyal fans. I have bought and played every game they've released with the exception of Warcraft I, and never for anything less than a matter of months. But if they could see how poorly Diablo III is actually functioning on my end, I'm certain they would be professionally embarrassed.

    With anything less than an ironclad connection,
    the performance of the game is simply appalling. I played Everquest on a 56k connection in the late 90's, and only the rarest of the worst lagspikes would cause issues like I'm seeing with Diablo III. And unlike that case, I don't mean occasionally: the BEST performance comes with about 3-5 seconds of delay between input and output for ANY action, enemies ghost about half the distance of the screen for every movement, I'm rubberbanded all over the place to the point where my only character deaths have occurred several screens over from what was hitting me, I could go on.

    The merits of online-only DRM are one thing; I can honestly, without an ounce of anger or rose-colored nostalgia, say I've never seen any online game function so horribly in my entire gaming history, going as far back as Windows 3.1 and AOL when I was just a kid playing on my parents' dime and phone time. I've never before considered getting a refund from a game, and the fact that I'm considering doing so from a Blizzard title is a bigger disappointment than I can come up with a clever analogy for. I didn't even want my money back for the Star Wars prequels, and I felt physically nauseous from shame as I witnessed those animated first-draft fridge-magnet-quality disasters unfold.

    In all fairness, I'm going to give this game two weeks to see if these problems get sorted out. But as bad as it is, I'm seriously wondering if this is a deliberate attempt on Activision's part to kill the brand name. I want to enjoy this game, I really do. But I can't as long as it doesn't actually work. And that's what kills me: up until now, the Blizzard name meant that they took as long as they needed to to release a finished product: and now (undoubtedly due to executive meddling) they've tossed out something that doesn't even work. Flaws I can overlook, (the only other company I'm a bigger unapologetic fanboy for is Bugthesda) but the game has to at least be playable. This... this is simply, unarguably, downright broken.
  91. May 16, 2012
    Now that I've finally had a chance to play the game, I'm updating my earlier review. Pros: It's fun. The graphics are beautiful. It's fairly intuitive. The character classes are different enough to give the game some definite replay value. It's also fairly addictive. The sound is good. I also really like the in-game map. I haven't once had that "where the heck am I supposed to be going?!!" moment, which is a huge plus. Cons: The need to be connected to the internet to play is big downside of this game is a big downside. It wasn't something I knew about until just before I purchased it, and by then it was too late to curb my New Game Lust. When I'm at home, it won't be an issue, but I bought a new laptop just for this game, so I could take it with me on trips and such. That appears to have been a waste of money. As for the game itself, I am a bit disappointed in the skill leveling system. In the previous Diablo game, you earned skill points which you could invest in the skills you wanted. It resulted in highly individualised characters, which was a big draw of Diablo 2. Diablo 3 seems to give every character the same abilities as every other character of that class. At any time you can just change which abilities you have equipped and you'll be exactly the same as the next Barbarian or Witch Doctor. This is an aspect that severly HURTS replayability of this game.

    On the whole, it's still Diablo, a game I've loved since I was in High School. It just seems like a step down from Diablo 2. Maybe someday they'll come out with a Diablo 2.5, with updated graphics and a new character class or something (and no weird online-only DRM). Until then, this will have to do.
  92. May 15, 2012
    Very one-dimensional game, the story is weak, graphics are only a slight bit better than D2 (not what it should be given the time between these games), and most of the interesting mechanics of D2 have been dropped and replaced only with a corporate-backed gold buying. I won't even mention how you need to be connected to the internet (so you can't play on the plane, a hotel that sucks, etc). The franchise is so strong that I'm sure this game will sell, but Blizzard really blew it with the one, its really a massive disappointment. Expand
  93. May 15, 2012
    A game best worth avoiding. 12 years in the making and all that Diablo 3 shows us is a graphical update from the previous game. The game doesn't "feel" like a Diablo game, it feels rough around the edges and poorly optimized like they were rushed to get it out. Oddly enough a game with a completely different art style plays more like a Diablo game is Torchlight 2, currently $20 on steam with TL1 for free.

    It is obvious though that Blizzard are neutering the potential of the Diablo franchise because they do not want to directly compete with their cash cow World of Warcraft. I expect the upcoming Diablo expansions to add functionality to the game that really should already be here. Blizzard's classic rehashing content at ridiculous levels with more difficulty levels than necessary, note Blizzard, adding more HP and damage to minions isn't really enjoyable game play. It's tedious, which is a word I'll use to describe this game. Is it worth $60? No. Is it worth $30? No. Is it enjoyable? No.
  94. May 15, 2012
    Graphics: Disappointing, I was expecting something better. The cartoony look does not justify the sub-par graphics. Storyline: Boring, boring, boring Character creation: zero customization, all same-class characters will be exactly alike Biggest gripe: Can not play single player without server support (then is it really single player?). Blizzard took DRM to a level that screws over customers. With such a large revenue from pre-orders you'd think Blizzard would do more to ensure a a launch where players could at least play by themselves. Expand
  95. May 16, 2012
  96. May 15, 2012
    This game may have been fun 10 years ago but video games as a whole have evolved so much this rehashed formula just doesn't work. Combat is boring and lacklaster after the first day. Skill system needs improvement. No content after you beat the game. D2 just felt right because it was a technological advancement back then. This does nothing, for video games or for me.
  97. AMF
    May 15, 2012
    No connection = No Game

    This is a single player game.

    DRM epic fail.

    Don't waste your money on this joke. Don't let the fanboy's sway you with the 10's they are putting up for a game that they themselves can't login to a single player game. Silly Blizzard.
  98. May 15, 2012
    i actually got in for about 20 min before servers went to hell.not bad but not great.average at best.there is no excuse for the game not being playable considering the amount of time it toolk to get released.the irony is that people giving this game a 10 and calling the rest of us trolls for being pist at the lack of polish for a game thats been in development for 12yrs are in fact trolls themselves.60$ in this economy is alot for pc game,shame on you blizzard for treating your fans with such little regard. :( Expand
  99. May 15, 2012
    It's just a horrible game. I will leave my opinion of DRM out of the rating system, since even if the system is horrible, the industry has to do what it can.

    This "game" is nothing but a dumbed down click adventure. Hold down left click, win everything up to Hell mode. Do not buy this game until it is around $9. It's worth maybe $4. I was not a die-hard fan of Diablo 2, but I do have
    slightly fond memories. There was no lost nostalgia here, this just felt like someone's school project submitted under a major label.

    The story was lazy, the combat boring, and the music repetitive. I enjoyed the voices, but that wasn't much of a comfort. Honestly, if you have to go through the full game and change a mode to "see the real thing" as I was challenged to do, the product has already failed.

    Gave it a chance, Diablo 3 simply does not deliver.
  100. May 15, 2012
    After half an hour I had to stop playing because of the latency. With a latency of 400ms (standard in my country) there was a delay of almost half a second between waving the weapon and hitting a foe. Totally unplayable. Blizzard, why so little love to the single player?? This has nothing to do with DRM. They wanted to create another WoW but they failed miserably. Reinstalling Titan Quest.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]