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  1. May 17, 2012
    Incredible. Blizzard has really blown me away here. The game is incredibly addicting and is sure to last long, with all the different classes, auction house, difficulties, very fun co-op, and the soon to be here PvP should be pretty good. Definitely recommend.
  2. May 19, 2012
    After 50 hours of gameplay in 3 days, I can say only one thing: excellent game, made to last for years and decades. Oh my, so many haters here were probably paid by a company hostile towards Activision and have no idea what they are writing about. This is a great game, with an enormous potential that will make you play it years after you bought it. The gameplay is awesome, th UI is very well thought. Locations are a delight: vast, varied, vibrant with Diablo 1 gloomy and dark atmosphere. Multiplayer is great, I have never seen so addictive co-op. Looting, crafting and skill systems are full of great innovation and offer tonns of items, millions of skill combinations and an enormous potential where you can sink you gold into. Auction House is a very good feature for those who don't want to think too much about strategies and tactics at higher difficulty levels. So why all this hate? Let's analyze it step by step by looking at some major accusations. INNOVATION. This game IS innovative, but as much as it is necessary not to loose the Diablo style of game. COLORFUL. No, it's a return to good ol' Diablo dark atmosphere, without some colorful elements of Diablo 2. INTERNET ISSUES. Well, the game is out 2 days and some gave it 0 because more than 2 milion people preordered it and maybe another 4 milions bought it and can't log in during the first hour after the servers are up? Come on, give me a break! INTERNET-DRM. And so? If I can play without some stupid hackers and cheaters running by, why not? And what is all about latency? I never ever had any latency issues in D3, except in the beta. NO SINGLE PLAYER... No comments on this. What kind of arguments are these people bringing in? Diablo III is great. Period. For me, it has only one (1, ONE) big flaw: the music is nothing in comparison with Matt Uelmen's. Who played Diablo 1 will know what I mean. Expand
  3. May 15, 2012
    Please don't listen to these idiots posting negative scores. They obviously only tried logging in right when it was launched and expected a flawless experience. From someone who has played every diablo, this one is up there with the rest of them. Great story, great visuals, and while the skill tree is now gone, there is a equivilant with passive and special skills. All in all, a pretty good game. Sad how little kids (You can be a grown man, but still be a kid.) are putting low scores up. Expand
  4. May 20, 2012
    I have been a pc gamer for the last 20 years and dungeon crawlers have come and gone.from the earlier diablos to presently torchlight.they all have there own unique feel.All the negative feedback on meta critic scoring this game a zero is an insult to the people that spend a lot of there time making this game for your pleasure.Yes the game had teething problems but they said sorry and I can honestly say I waited until yesterday to purchase the game and everything went connection issues at all. Diablo 3 is the most fun I've had with a pc game sinces baldurs gate .heres looking forward to many hours gameplay. Expand
  5. May 17, 2012
    This game is tons of straight-forward fun - it's actually difficult to pull myself away from it to write this comment. Countless monsters, unfathomable amounts of loot, and a fresh skill system, places Diablo III, like its predecessors, at the summit of hack&slash RPG's. The only reason to be sour about it is if your not part of the action - and believe me, I can imagine how frustrating it must be to be experiencing connection problems. Hang in there though, it's well worth it :D Expand
  6. May 16, 2012
    After a few frustrating attempts to play immediately after launch, I've now played about 10 hours of Diablo III, and it is really fantastic. The game is easy to pick up, difficult to master, and impossible to stop playing! Once everyone calms down about the rough launch, Diablo III will be a clear contender for 2012 Game of the Year.
  7. May 20, 2012
    I waited to finish the campaign on normal mode before writing a review. Something people really should do in my opinion otherwise you don't get a review, you get a rant. Aside from the connection issues which are still cropping up every now and again this is an excellent game. The production values are outstanding. It is extremely fun to play alone, and fantastic with a group of friends. That's really all that should matter in a review of a game. I feel sorry for people who are unable to play due to connection issues, it's not fair and Blizzard should do something to compensate them. That said, it's a separate issue and should not effect the score here. It is no longer just a single player game and the online only requirement is a necessary evil that shouldn't make any difference to most people. The animation, visual effects, story and atmosphere are some of the very best ever created, and certainly the best in this genre. It's a great game that will undoubtedly become a classic regardless of this bumpy start, and I guarantee every reviewer here trying to punish Blizzard by giving them bad scores will soon enough be playing and enjoying it themselves. So do yourself a favour, buy it, play it and enjoy yourself. Expand
  8. May 15, 2012
    If you have come here to read reviews that accurately reflect the current state of the game, you will find yourself sorely disappointed. All you can find is the unified sound of complaint derived from those that find the lack of offline play unsatisfactory. Reality is they knew all along, but waited until today to complain about it. As for the actual game play, it's amazing, possibly one of the most addictive and fun games i've ever played. the music is great, the graphics aren't the BEST in the world, but the simple fact that it can run on my old P.O.S. Machine and my Brand new one alike, makes me even more satisfied. There are so many little things that make this game incredibly fun. Just try it yourself, you will see. After this nonsense dies out and people realize it's really not that big of deal, they will calmly re-approach the subject and apologize for their outlandish behavior. Expand
  9. May 15, 2012
    So many haters....what did you expect when 37 million people are trying to log on to the servers at once? Connection issues aside this game is awesome.
  10. May 15, 2012
    I don't think people know what they're talking about, there's a good reason the game has no offline mode and that's because real money auction house wouldn't exist with it. Also their game just launched, haven't you all figured out that online only games tend to get full on release no matter how big the publishers think the servers is? I've enjoyed the game thoroughly with and without friends with several classes and it is without a doubt a genuinely entertaining sequel. Expand
  11. May 21, 2012
    This is a no spoiler review. First of all, I will start with the bad things. Always online-DRM can get pretty annoying due to constant errors that DC you or won´t allow you to log in. But when I look back, the Diablo II launch was not really ideal either. Next minus is the story. I know this is a game with emphasis on action, but the story is just incredibly predictable. I like the voice acting, characters, follower stories, but the story in the whole was just too predictable - I am not lying when I said I knew what will happen next all the frickin time. A little bit broken thing are the legendaries in this game. My opinion and I think it was intended to be like this - is that the legendaries should be the most powerful. They are not, many of them are weaker then some blues sadly, hope that will be fixed. I do not really like the idea of the auction house, but that´s just my personal problem. This leads to the next problem - the armor/weapon design is very very poor. The final sets in this game are just plain boring. They don´t really give you the feeling of uniqness and power. Now to the good things. First, I want to give blizzard a big hug for the cinematics. They are just Amazing. The cinematic at the end of the act I just blew off my mind. The soundtrack is not bad, but is often not heard in the battles. But the OST play in the key parts of the game and otherwise works pretty well. The effect sounds are fantastic and the voice acting is in my opinion just astonishing (monk male, greatest quotes). Graphics are great and the gameplay is awesome. I love the rune system and the diablo action style is better then in diablo II. The exploration is highly enjoyable, you can find lore books, beast lore, rare enemies everywhere, as well as big amount of small dungeons, that are scattered troughout the whole world. Achievements are a WoW copycat thing sadly (they are identicalú, but I personaly adore the ach. system (me being PS trophy lover) so I am happy with that. I have not encountered any gameplay wise technical issues, co-op works great and the inferno difficulty is awesome. Which gets us to the great replayibility this game has - if you like item hoarding, this is the game for you, it is basically item porn. Still looking forward to PvP. So my verdict would be 9 out of 10. Minuses are the story, DRM and little fixable game issues. This game was worth the wait. Expand
  12. May 18, 2012
    Good heavens Metacritic reviewers are a whiney bunch. "The launch didn't go flawlessly!" "The servers were down!"

    Ugh. Here's the skinny on the game itself, not my whining and crying and giving it a zero because I couldn't log in instantly upon launch. Did you love Diablo and Diablo II? Big surprise, you'll love Diablo III. Chopping and slaughtering my way through enemies with my friends
    is a blast, and better still, we don't have to fight over loot because of the genius individualized loot in multiplayer. Better still, if you get something nice for a barbarian, yet you are playing a witch doctor, just toss it over to the barb in your group. Better chances for everyone to get loot they like the more people are playing.

    The classes each have a fun unique feel with their different sources of magic/power. The rune system is a little disappointing because everyone has access to the same set, however, I find myself switching around and trying new combinations all the time against different groups of foes and depending on whether I am solo or grouped. I know that PvP will add a whole new element to the runes as well.

    Knocking a point off for not having PvP on launch, but that just gives me time to get through the first difficulty and get on to the real loot so I can crush my enemies more effectively. Don't listen to the whiners. Diablo III is a good-looking and addictive sequel that is a ton of fun to play.
  13. May 22, 2012
    An incredibly fun game. People rating it zero are fighting an irrelevant idealistic battle. Some of the most fun I've had in a long time. The improvements over Diablo II are huge. Overall, it's simply a very very good game.
  14. May 16, 2012
    Ok, giving a game a ZERO for having server issues on LAUNCH DAY is ridiculous, you're not a gamer, go cry somewhere else. OK, so I LOVED, Diablo 3. And I'm not a huge Diablo fanboy, I played D2 a bit, never went all the way through it, and it was pretty fun, at least what I remember of it. This time around blizzard stuns with their incredible rendered cutscenes... I really wish Blizzard would make a movie out of their tech, the sheer quality of their cutscenes is amazing. The sound design is great, dungeons feel like dungeons, the voice acting is high calibur, and they even have a great song to listen to while you install the game, very well done Blizz. OK, now for gameplay, the game functions just as you'd think a dungeon crawler would, there's a bunch of different dungeons scattered all over the place and you must "crawl" them to find items, finish quests, etc... This works great, though some of the game is too linear for my liking, the game is fun to play. A little disappointing that there's no offline functionality... What if there's a storm that cuts the internet? Well then you can't play Diablo 3. Some gameplay elements are repetitive as crap, clicking repeatedly to kill people is really annoying, but there's enough variety in enemy types, and bosses to keep you trodding through the game. Though it would be nice if there was more customization... the weapons arent very fleshed out, with just reskinned arms granting different stat bonuses, and you can't customize your own skill trees... with all your abilities unlocking in sequence based on your level, you dont get to choose what to unlock at what time, being an RPG fan I think the ability to spend skill points and the like is a must have, and it was a bad move by blizzard to keep this out of D3. The story is farly interesting, with enough great voice acting to keep you playing through, but hey you can always skip audio and the like if you just don't care. The controls are solid, the game is fluid running at a steady 120 FPS on my machine, and it's addicting as all hell, give it some time when Blizzard works out all the kinks, and you won't regret your D3 purchase. Though being an avid loL player I wanted to remap the right and left click buttons so right was attack and move, while left was my ability... the mapping of the mouse buttons CANNOT BE CHANGED! I also think that's ridiculous. But anyway, grab some friends and diablo the crap out of your PC, it's a funtastic addicting time. Expand
  15. May 17, 2012
    Blizzard has another winner. Pay no mind to the ignorant reviewers....there is no way this game deserves anything below a 7. There 2.8 trillion ways to customize your character. Go to YouTube and watch the D3 event from BilzzCon 2011.
  16. May 16, 2012
    Ignore the haters, this game is amazing. Forget those that complain about the graphics, for it's been beautiful drawn and painted if you only stopped for a second to look around. It's like being in a wonderful cartoon. The music is stunning. Sure there were some server and install issues which maybe shouldn't have happened, but they are mostly ironed out now. This is an ONLINE game, with an ONLINE community and Auction house system, it was never intended to be played offline and Blizzard told you that years ago. If you bought it for single player offline you should have done your research before hand, too bad. The 10-13 million of us that play WoW won't have a problem with that. No character customization -- what do you want to see? When you are armoured up you can see faces, not to mention the fact you can't see faces because the characters are small -- which is exactly why Blizzard removed the customization. As for skill point distribution, Blizzard are getting away from that in WoW, why should that step backwards with their newest game and give you talent trees to fill out when you are just going to go to a website for the "best" build. It's up to you to figure out the best build. At the end of the day everyone looks at the critics scores, not the hater scores. Expand
  17. May 16, 2012
    Diablo III is an absolutely stunning successor to Diablo II, it had launch day problems, but it's already resolved. Real players would not dump this game down, except trolls, the so called "Diablo II Veteran" (LOL).
    Pathetic attempts to write absolutely garbage review without even playing this game or even have the game. 1300+ trolls trolled Diablo III hard on Metacritic, does it affect
    anyone else? Nope, 10 millions of players will still enjoy this great game whatsoever. Users on Metacritic cannot take seriously when you can review the game without playing it and write stupidly garbage review with self-entitled bias reviews.

    Last words: Diablo III is 10/10, better than D1 and D2 in every perspective. Game of the Decade.
  18. May 15, 2012
    Despite the launch problems which are the source of most people's complaints, Diablo 3 is an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding game that lives up to it's expectations.
  19. May 15, 2012
    All these people rating it a 0-2 are ridiculous. Sure the DRM and always online thing is silly. But lets get to the real meat of the game. I was lucky and was able to log in around 5AM and have been playing it since. It took me a good 6 or so hours to beat Act 1. I don't understand these "cartoony" graphics. It doesn't look like WoW, look at a screen of WoW and then Diablo 3, then look at a screen of Diablo 2. And tell me what it looks more like. Ya it looks more like Diablo 2. What a bunch of cry babies PC gamers have become. Once the server issues get fixed this game will be perfect. I find it ironic that people complaining about cartoony graphics then say, "I'm going to buy Torchlight 2." Really guys, Torchlight is more cartoony then WoW. Get over yourselves. Expand
  20. May 15, 2012
    Lived up to every expectation i had. Amazing game. Played diablo 2 for like 7-8 years and really think its and improvement to the series. Gl hf playing it :)
  21. May 15, 2012
    Play the game slowly and take in all the details of the game. I've been playing for 12 hours and nearing the end of act 2 just because I have taken the time to do other things rather than race to the finish line.

    I believe this lives up to the expectations of diablo 2 lod and i give it a 9.
  22. May 15, 2012
    From what it seems, people are upset about character creation, which to me, not having character creation in Diablo 3 was expected. It's Diablo, It isn't an MMO, your character won't really mean as much customized. Another point people are making is that you always have to be online, and they are upset, but then complain the graphics are cartoon-y (it's Blizzard, this should have been expected) and that it is 2012 and we should have better. Big shocker here, it's also 2012, you should have internet. Another thing, the game has been out for about 14 hours at the time of this post, and there are so many people complaining about the connection issues. Jesus fricken christ people, it hasn't even been one day! Every single game that comes out experiences this, give them time to adjust to the amount of people playing, I guarantee it will be fixed.
    To the person that beat the story in three hours, good job playing the game, I'm sure you explored every single area there is to explore with all 5 classes. I'm sure glad you got the full experience, and to be honest you are probably better off without your account. And one last thing about the graphics, you knew exactly what this game was going to look like many months ago. Just because it is 2012, does not mean that every game will look the same or extremely detailed. This is a fantasy game for one, I know there are fantasy games out there that look nice, and two, comparing that to any form of art/music. "Well, it doesn't look the same as so-and-so's piece of art, it's obviously bad."
    I woke up real early before work and got a few hours played in, and completed the beta multiple times. I could run back and forth between the beginning and the skelly king thousands of more times and still be content. I'll have more to play later, but everything I have experienced in this game so far has been fantastic. The only time I have had a server connection problem was in the beta, and it was only for a few hours. Overall, I give this game a 10/10 for what I have played.
  23. May 15, 2012
    What a great game. Sucks that servers are acting up. But the flow and feel of this game are great. The multiplayer experience is awesome and there are so many ways to make a character. I am glad I don't have to do so much un-needed character tweeking. There were only a few goods way to make a character in Diablo 2, so it was way to cumbersome. A lot of silly people out there would say they don't like not having to waste time groaning over their stats, but I think if they give a shot they will find this game to be great. Great additions. Can not wait to get to the hard difficulty levels where it will get even more important how you play and what skills you choose based on your team mates build. Expand
  24. May 15, 2012
    All this trolling makes me sad. D3 is a worth successor to a storied franchise. It does exactly what it set out to do: it updates Diablo gameplay to 2012 sensibilities while maintaining the core of what it means to be "Diablo." This series has been the gold standard in the ARPG genere since it the original Diablo came out in 1996. D3 continues that legacy with aplomb. If you like Diablo or this style of game in general, D3 is well worth your money. If you're not a fan of the genre, I recommend you give D3 a look. Expand
  25. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 3 was one of the largest leaps of faith I've taken yet. The secret to enjoying this game is simple. The pro's Greatly out way the cons. Can't play it cause you don't have the internet? Then you also couldn't leave a bad review here. Honestly, get with the times. It's a minor detail these days. Besides, I'd rather have it all server side with better security than than offline available with hacks everywhere. Also, This game won't be pirated. Don't believe me? Try and find a pirated copy of World of Warcraft. (if it does eventually come out, it won't be playable as it's all server based).

    Can't spend attribute points? Awesome! There was only one correct way to build your character anyway!

    Can't customize your characters? You can now chose male or female for all classes, whoch you could not do in Diablo 2.

    Doesn't have the old characters? Yes, well, Diablo 2 didn't have the 'new' ones. I'll take a Monk over an Assassin any day. Plus, this is 20 years later. Some of them will have died.

    Only 5 characters? Guess what, there was only 5 when Diablo 2 came out. Wait for the expansion if that's a problem for you.

    Lack of story? Hardly. Diablo 3 starts 20 years after Diablo 2 at the beginning of the End of Days. Even going so far as to use story elements used in the 'first' Diablo, which was not even mentioned in Diablo 2. The simple truth is, Diablo 3 is not Diablo 2. No more than Diablo 2 was Diablo 1. Get with the times.
  26. May 15, 2012
    I am having a blast playing. Great sequel to and representation of of Diablo 2. Yes, a lot of WoW influences can be felt, but they are just fine. Could use better art, but the game will run on a laptop, so all good. Server issues at launch? Yes, annoying, but going to be fixed. Upset that you can't play offline? Then you don't understand why they did it. Online only keeps cheaters out, pirates at bay, and helps prevent botting. Expand
  27. May 15, 2012
    There is so much flaming about this game it is disgusting. There are launch hiccups like every other online game. However, the hours I have played have been incredibly enjoyable. The entire game is a modernized version of the franchise, with the writer of D2 writing the story of D3. I cannot say much about the story at this point but after playing D2 for the past few weeks, D3 is a breath of fresh air. Expand
  28. May 15, 2012
    After a rocky launch (which is to be expected with any major release) the logins began to work and I played for quite a long time. The game play is flawless, the builds are addicting, abilities a ton of fun to use. I prefer softer, artsy graphics to hyper-realism (CoD) because its more fun for me and looks better as it ages. I've been having a rediculous amount of fun so far and once the servers fully stabilize, there wont be a negative aspect of this game. Expand
  29. May 15, 2012
    I loved diablo 2. I spent thousands of hours playing that game from my childhood, through high school and all throughout college. Now I'm an adult and playing D3 brings me back. People whine that it is different, but I don't see it. It feels the same, but better. It's more visceral. It's darker. The monsters are more vivid and the characters are more real. I see more customization, not less. The game is perfect and I foresee myself playing even more hours on D3 than I did on D2. Don't listen to the naysayers. When Diablo 2 came out people were pissed and they though D1 was better. This is just another incantation of that same tried thing. When companies do something different (as Blizzard often does) the fans react negatively. They don't understand the design decisions, but once the servers are up and running well and people have really played the game, they'll be reminded why they love Diablo and they'll come to love this installment too. Trust me, buy this game. Expand
  30. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a major improvement to the previous bestselling pc title, don't listen to the reviews about the servers, that's simply due to its popularity :)
  31. May 15, 2012
    First the negative: it was a bit of a pain in the ass to get on the first couple of hours due to high server loads, and while I think they could have implemented some sort of queue so you didn't just have to spam login I think we all expected it and from a technical standpoint there was absolutely no way to prevent it.

    The positive: Blizzard has made a FANTASTIC game, the constant online
    play makes hacking/duping much more difficult and after the first couple days the high server load issue will decline extremely rapidly. As someone who got terribly bored playing the first two Diablo games for anything more than a week at a time I still find this addicting like neither of them ever were. Bravo Blizzard.

    This would have been a 10 but for the lack of a queue on login.
  32. May 15, 2012
    Returning D1 and D2 player here, and I have to say that despite the really rough launch, this game has lived up to all my expectations. Me and my brother managed to play co-op for a good 4 hours last night and just finished Act 1 while still missing a few things. The boss fights are really fun, and the new skill system is fantastic. The dungeons are really immersive and I'm sure that if you liked the first two, you will thoroughly enjoy this one. Ignore all the bad reviews written by players that are sour because they didn't get to play. Expand
  33. May 15, 2012
    If you are expecting D2 to be redone, you won't like it. As many have pointed out, there are a lot of differences. Depending on where you are coming from, you may not like the differences. I personally do, so I give it a 10. I think most of the negative reviews are related to the server crashes. At least where I am it's a beautiful day and the downtime is a good time to go take a break.
  34. May 15, 2012
    I am very disappointed by the entitled nature of the reviews here. Not only is it a complete given that an online game with millions of players will have some issues at launch, but what makes it truly ironic is that Blizzard tends to be one of the better companies at mitigating such issues.

    Two days from now, the 800 negative reviews will be literally meaningless, yet they'll still be
    here on this site. That's a terrible shame. Expand
  35. May 15, 2012
    This is a highly polished game that brings everything fans of the series want to its logical next evolution. The abilities are more dynamic, your kit now holds more than 2 abilities at once, and using them no longer feels "spammy". The storyline is great, after my first playthrough, and the environments and mobs will have you smiling while intensely concentrating on how you're going to tackle the new groups of enemies. Truly a joy to play. Expand
  36. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 3 is an awesome game, with a great degree of customization. The people who say otherwise are used to spending permanent points in synergized skills that leave little leeway for deviation, and they like to call that somehow not cookie cutter, when 85 percent of them are going off build guides they read on the web. I LIKE NOT HAVING TO ALT TAB OUT OF THE GAME. I also like not having to worry about nerfing my character with spent skill points. There are so many possible combinations of skills and gear, I'm hopeful that there won't be a reliance on specific cookie cutter builds that there was in D2. The game runs wonderfully, with just a few launch issues, that are easy to understand considering the game's giant fanbase, old and new. I smell a bunch of butthurt DIablo 2 elitists. I couldn't log in until 2 hours after launch cause of server flooding, but after that point I had an absolute blast. 10/10 would play for the next 10 years. Expand
  37. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a wonderful game, adding much of its own charm while staying true to the original feel of the previous 2 installments of the series. I've so far played for 5 hours, and the experience has been quite enjoyable.

    first off, much of the bad reviews on this website are people bashing the launch, as the game must constantly be online, even while playing single player (the game does
    not allow offline or lan play). It did take me an hour and a half to get online, but, seeing as how this is an extremely popular game, it was to be expected. This game is amazing, and I'd recommend it to anyone, as it is easy to get into, but becomes a challenge as you progress. If you want to try it, go on reddit or a website like that and see if someone will give you a guest pass, or ask a friend. Expand
  38. May 15, 2012
    The first few hours of playing this game was done with friends and I have to say the multi-player element of this game is outstanding. It was incredibly easy to add friends, join their game or have them join me and the UI was intuitive. Not sure why there are so many haters of the online component, or saying it's nothing like it's predecessors. It is every bit as good as Diablo and Diablo II were when they were released and well worth the wait and investment Blizzard has put into producing a quality game. This title will be around for many years to come. Expand
  39. May 15, 2012
    So many people just review log in screens or parrot opinions without playing games these days, it's pathetic...

    Disblo 3 is amazing, and was well worth the wait.
  40. May 15, 2012
    this game rocks! There is some first day problems but the game is still awesome and will get just better and better!And people cant read that's why they have so much problem with the connecting to this game but if you follow the community you will have no problem with the game!
  41. May 15, 2012
    My god, these trolls. The game is fantastic. Apart from a few server hiccups, it plays very well. I'm looking forward to spending 7 more days playing this beast of a game.
  42. May 15, 2012
    One of the greatest games i've played in years. People complaining about the servers, I played most of the day on launch, servers were down for four hours. While this is unfortunate, i don't think it should have any baring on the rating of such a great game. 10/10. Oh and have played 6 hours now, still in Act 2, those who are buzzing through the game are ignoring everything there is to do. Great game. Expand
  43. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 3 is **** awesome even if i didn't get to log in all the time today! It's hrpahnasdf;lkajdfa;ldfkj graphics are really awesome and the story telling is awesome. Although this is the first Diablo game that i have gotten so far i think that i will love it and play it for a long time 10/10 !!
  44. May 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game isn't perfect, but is a great game, DRM is a shame, but I think the game is pretty fun, despite the outdated graphics, it's pretty well anyway, diablo 3 despite the problems it presents is a recommended game, and Monk is the best Expand
  45. May 15, 2012
    Seriously people rating 0/10 because they can't log in or just because of one little thing? Should you be even rating something if you haven't played it? Anyway, yes there are some problems with the game like server issues and no offline so 1 point off for that (not 10 off because thats retarded). I have played 7 hours of the game and i'm still in act 2 so if you don't rush through the game you can expect maybe 12-14 hours of glorious gaming on normal difficulty. Game play wise the combat is visceral and fast paced; the story so far is okay, not great because it is somewhat contrived. You do get a skill every level but you can customize skills with runes, also you don't get anymore attribute points instead you are given them; in my opinion this is a good thing because the attribute system in Diablo 2 was basically enough strength for gear, enough dex for max block, and then dump the rest into vitality, basically fake customization. I'm honestly glad they got rid of the ye olde attribute system. Expand
  46. May 15, 2012
    Ok, so this ticks me off a bit. First off, Diablo 2 was amazing, now they release this game that is supposed to be really good, and from what i have played, it IS. Its pretty amazing actually really fun and awesome. But, the first day EVERYONE got on, so the servers couldnt take it and crashed, now everyone is REALY pissed because they had to do maitinence, does no one in this world have patience? Your giving a GREAT game a bad rep because of one mishap and its fixed now, just play the game. Game= 10/10 Fans= 0/10 Expand
  47. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a pleasure to play, despite the difficulties logging in on release night. While I do agree Blizzard should have planned for the server load, I can accept that there were unforeseen circumstances. The game falls short of a 10 for me due to the inability to play offline. I understand why it is the way it is, but that doesn't change the fact that it just comes off as a way for them to make more money off of their real money auction house. Kudos to Blizzard for making a game that is both deep and accessible! Expand
  48. May 15, 2012
    I rather see DRM and login problems one day than see duped items for the rest of this excellent game life time. Diablo is NOT a single player game, put that in your mind, it has ECONOMY that needs to be protected from hacks that could come from a non-DRM single player. DRM chatter aside, i finished act 1 and this is probably the best game i ever played.
  49. May 15, 2012
    This game is everything I wanted it to be and more! So so good! Kudos Bilzzard! Once the servers become stable I think this game is going to be incredible!
  50. May 15, 2012
    Great game, ignore the loads of people who hate any type of change. It is a worthy successor to Diablo 1 and 2, with better story, gameplay, writing...everything really. Yeah it has launch issues, but so does every major online game, they will be all fine in 2 weeks.
  51. May 15, 2012
    After the initial SNAFU of being unable to log in for the first hour of the game being live I spent the next 7 hours in the game with three other friends, smashing through Act 1. So far the game has been one of the most enjoyable experiences games can offer.
  52. May 15, 2012
    TL:DR- 1. Fact- Huge customization with over 108 possible skills with runes, dyes for armor, male and female characters, items change appearances much more than previous games, items glow with a color based on attributes of the item. you can create and customize your own banner, 2. easy to play with your friends just press join game, no more town portal scroll or identity scrolls just press t to go back to town and right click to id items, also you dont need to wait for a town portal just click the teammates banner to go right into the action.
    3. Gold actually now has value (unlike diablo 2) and you can craft rare items similar to how charsi could imbue!!
    4. You actually need to think! Monsters can create walls to block your path, can freeze you solid, push, pull, knockback, make you character feared, slowed, poisoned, thrown into the air. enemies are extremely varied and you must use all your abilities to survive.

    This game is great. I'm not sure why there are so many 0's on here. I think that the new skill customization is great, People are saying the skill system has no customization are dead wrong and have only played to levels 10 or so. You unlock skills as you level and you unlock runes which change the skill. All together i think there are over 108 different skills with runes attached Which easily exceeds diablo 2 customization. Lets be honest for a moment. in diablo 2 (an amazing game) there were 2 or 3 actual builds for a class that were viable for hardcore players. You had to put points into synergies or your character would suck. This new skill system allows for great customization and the ability to adapt to situations. Every character has their own voice and voice acting is everywhere which really draws you into the game. There are great cut scenes with awesome action. Everything in diablo 3 is added because the cummunity tried to add it themselves into diablo 2. There WAS an auction house with real money, it was a third pary company that made bots that would play the game and farm all day and find items to sel to peoplel. Would you rather the makers of diablo 3 add that back in,? An option for bots and farming? I dont think so. Instead they created an entire interface for it and for YOU to make money if you want to. You dont like the auction house and think its dumb? you dont need to use it. The auction house is there if you want to use it and nothing more. The new interface makes creating and joining games with your friends so easy.
  53. May 15, 2012
    I loved Diablo 2 and I have to say that this game so far exceeds my wildest expectations. This is almost definitely my favorite game I have ever played and I am only 4 hours in. Blizzard did such a good job keeping all the good things I loved from D2 and removing all the crap that people didn't like. The concerns that people are bringing up like the lack of offline mode, drm, etc doesn't really matter when the play experience for those who bought the game is fantastic. Kudos to Blizzard, they just need to get the servers running super smoothly! Expand
  54. May 15, 2012
    Worth the wait, everything I wanted it to be, amazing, addictive, action packed, and I could say many more things. Diablo III is simply fantastic. Don't believe all these low scores. They are just people pissed at the issues with the servers. Give the game 24 more hours and the game will be fine. Yes, no offline mode sucks, but I don't really care. I always played DII with players and almost never did the singleplayer. GET THIS GAME! It is easily the best game of this generation and I can easily see myself pouring way over 1,000 hours into this game. Expand
  55. May 15, 2012
    It really upsets me how some gamers can be so biased and childish. To give some background: I grew up on Diablo and Diablo II; and I played them so much that I can practically recognize the Tristram opening guitar chord in any piece of music that I listen to. First off: the problems with the servers at launch. I find it ridiculous for almost 1000 users to give a game a bad review because a game had server problems at launch. For those of you who are personally offended because of this problem, I only have this to say: AN ONLINE GAME OF THIS SIZE AND SCOPE WILL HAVE PROBLEMS WHEN IT FIRSTS LAUNCHES. It is ridiculous to think that a game that will be played by millions of people online at a time will not have problems when it first launches. Also, the sole fact that there are almost 1000 negative reviews for it and the game has barely been out for 24 hours is astonishing. OMG THEY CHANGED THE ORIGINAL GAMEPLAY A BIT, I GUESS I SHOULD CRAP ALL OVER THE GAME ON A WEBSITE. Grow up. I sincerely doubt that the the reviewers that took the user score down to a 3.5 actually played the game all the way through. All this being said, I have not played the game all of the way through yet either, however I am adult enough to say that so far the game is different from the originals, but still an extremely solid and engaging game. I have had a great time with what I have played so far and I have not wanted to stop playing yet. There is still the chance that I will get to the end of the game and be disappointed, at which point I will then post a fair review of the game. I simply wanted to give this game a 10/10 to try and balance out the douchebaggery going on here. I have seen it many times in this site: anticipated game comes out, a couple of problems with game (whether technical or opinion), give the game a crappy review before the game is given a proper chance. It comes down to this when it comes to anticipated sequels: if it is too similar it is a rehash, if it is too different it "isn't for fans of the original." Gamers who review on this site need to start throwing out their preconceptions of anticipated games and give them a fair chance before trashing them. Rant over, grow up, play game through, then review. Expand
  56. May 15, 2012
    I love this game. It leads me back to the Second edition I played as a kid. The graphics are pretty, enemies are challenging, and the class mechanics innovative.
  57. May 15, 2012
    Great Game love the new MMO like features that are included. It sucks to need a internet connection at all time but I see the trade offs and am willing to deal with them. Sure the servers are down but like any other MMO the servers get smacked during the first few days. Overall was it worth the eleven years is a long time to wait for any game but that doesn't mean that it isn't one of the best, if not the best game in its genre. At least they decided to change the game up and not give us diablo 2.5. Expand
  58. May 15, 2012
    Why are there so many uneducated people allowed to post on this site? The same points over and over again are brought up with no research or effort to see why blizzards choose certain game systems. I swear if you have posted about lack of customization you obviously haven
  59. May 15, 2012
    Excellent game, a lot of people don't understand about the DRM and like to jump on the band wagon, but with this new DRM the game feels better, people aren't able to hack and dupe items so the RMAH and status of the game remain clean and unspoiled, Combat is fun, fans of Diablo 1 and 2, this is your Diablo 3.
  60. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 3 is very good!I like a diverse mix of skills, easy to play, after the first hour of launch with everyone in the world trying to log in, access & gamepaly was flawless. I actually prefer the art-based graphic style that still looks good .
  61. May 15, 2012
    IGNORE ALL THE HATERS AND COMPLAINTS ABOUT SERVERS!! I played for a solid 8+ hours today with no problems. If you didn't take off to play a game that is arguably the most anticipated game of the decade, I don't feel bad for you. Get over it. No matter what, there were going to be issues with this launch. It's just too popular. All of you complaining about not being able to use skill points... you're an idiot. You know you would have just looked up a cookie cutter build online anyway. Why do you think the skill points were done away with? This is a great game. No one in their right mind can give it less than a 7 or 8. Anyone giving this game a 0-4 based on day one server issues should go to college to learn networking so they can understand how unpredictable networks, ISPs and servers can be. Internet technology isn't perfect. The sooner you all realize this, the sooner you can stop being so angry and giving sch ludicrously low scored to a fantastic game. Expand
  62. May 15, 2012
    I am an older gamer who was starting to think I had lost an interest in video games. Today I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. This game is fantastic. At the moment it deserves a 9. Time will tell if it deserves a 10. I'm giving it a 10 just to offset the absurd number of "0" ratings that showed up at midnight before anyone had even played the game.

    Ignore any reviews in the 0-3 range
    that don't offer any real criticism of the game itself. The servers were down for a few hours, and people who haven't even played the game are taking out their frustrations here. People are also complaining about "DRM," and don't seem to understand how Diablo 3 functions as a multiplayer game. I'll take a dupe-free Diablo 3 over a single-player Diablo 3. Expand
  63. May 15, 2012
    The game is great. With the exception of the expected blizzard fail on launch day (does it actually still surprise people that blizzard ALWAYS fails on launch day?), it plays smooth. Visuals are nice, music is phenomenal, the gameplay/combat is smooth and fluid. The attribute/Talent removal was a little odd, but the skill selection being capped at 6 on your bar, and the rune system really allow you to make your abilities the way you want them. It allows you to pick/choose your skills without having to have specific ones talented into to make you 'cookie cutter' since they are all unlocked anyhow. I've played as much as I could today with servers being down and having to work, and I'm loving it so far. If you are expecting a graphically updated diablo 2, you will be disappointed. This is a new game with new mechanics, but I am enjoying it so far. The crafting system is very different from anything that was in diablo 2, and its a nice change of pace to give you something to do with your random items/gold laying around. Expand
  64. May 15, 2012
    Great game, to all those who think it let down the series it didnt. It is a much longer game than D2, better items, boss fights, fighting in general etc... The plot has plenty of twists so far, especially when compared to the other diablos. the only problem is the option of offline play that is negated. But hey how often are you playing the game when you dont have internet access anyway?
  65. May 15, 2012
    After the hour or so of launch day server issues everything works flawlessly. Great gameplay, story, art direction, and voice acting. 10/10 would buy again.
  66. May 15, 2012
    Crows take flight, accompanied by violins singing rapidly as you begin your journey in Diablo III, what wonders await? What a beautiful game. Just watching the building burn in the distance against the misty clouds which float across the full moon is enough to take your breath away. The DIABLO III logo shines in glorious gold and red as a lone crow motions in majestic redundancy below, and slightly to the right. But that's not all, there is a solitary, gnarled tree dominating the left hand of the foreground, twisted and haunting atop a rocky hill. Another crow sits in that tree... I have spent many-a-hour of game-play just wondering what they crow must be thinking. Millions will certainly get hours upon hours of game-play examining the gray-green grass, swaying hypnotically in the breeze amidst puffs of smoke. The options page is brilliant, and there is a whole list of categories labeled "Act I" to "Act IV" under the cinematics category. One piece of criticism I must point out is that the credits are awfully boring, and there are many empty text fields and a "News" section obstructing my field of view at all times. But all things considered, this is a masterpiece which certainly deserves the Game of the Year Award. God bless you, Blizzard, God bless you. Expand
  67. May 17, 2012
    My first review was apparently removed by one of the cowardly staff that manages the comments here. As punishment, I will post again. And, I give Diablo III a 10 now, not a 9. All of you complaining about the game and how terrible it is have not played it long enough. It' spectacular. Enough said. If you don't like it, go to another game and be done with it. Or hey! Start your own game-writing company.. We'll see how well you fare... Expand
  68. May 15, 2012
    I've never reviewed anything on metacritic before but after reading the many of the negative reviews and seeing what their gripe is I felt compelled. Diablo III is an impressive game that stands on it's own. I would like to take a moment to touch on just a few of the "reasons" people have given as a reason to scoring the game with a 3 or lower. First, you must be connected to the internet and in order to play. It's been on the D3 website for over a year and it's the same model Blizzard used when they launched Starcraft II. If you failed to do even the most basic investigation before spending your money, you wouldn't feel cheated, however, you only have yourself to blame. The benefit of Online-only game play FAR out weighs the drawbacks unless you were planning on pirating the game. It allows Blizzard to control the economy, pull real time statistical data, and keep cheating to a minimum. By the way, in our day and age of near 24 hour connectivity to mobile devices, wifi, and hotspots - being online to play the game is a negative? I'm sorry but there is a far less vocal majority who live in 2012 that have no problem with Online only DRM. That said, you should not review the game based on this, and if you do, is it really worth giving a game that would have received a positive review, a ZERO because of this? Secondly, many people have complained about the perceived lack of character customization. When you compare D3 to D2 in this department, you guys are absolutely right, you had total control to make a horrible character in D2 and you do not have that ability in D3. A smart player in D2 would have "customized" their character by following one of only a handful long-standing "builds" which almost never changed because the math behind each build was tried and tested for years. Diablo 3 brings this franchise into the modern era where the customer is not the "die-hard gamer" or the "lives with his mother gamer" or the "Loves to play DnD gamer", but rather "The guy from the accounting department", or "The girl who makes your Tall Mocha Latte" every morning. But, you might think, did they sacrifice the character customization that so many fans loved, just to be more accessible to "Joe-schmo"? Not at all. There is still a hundred ways to use your skills in unique and imaginative combinations and while some combinations work better than others, you still get far MORE options that actually have functionality.

    Lastly, there have been many who felt that the inability for Blizzard to manage their servers in such a way that would let everyone who wanted to play, log in within the first 15 hours, were cause for a ZERO rating. Let me remind you that Diablo 3 is one of the most pre-ordered games in gaming history. More people spread more evenly across the globe want to play this game and want to play it right now then perhaps any other launch in history and even so, I was able to play for about 10 hours yesterday, yes, on launch day. How did I do it? Patience, for starters. Also I took the suggestions from the Blizzard team and setup my router to keep D3's ports open. I had a problem, sought a solution, found one from the Dev Team, implemented it and was able to play not long there after. What I did not do was run to Metacritic and give the entire game a Zero because I was too impatient or inept to play the game.

    I'm giving this game a 10/10 because the game is fun, the story is interesting, the gameplay is engaging and allows the player to try new combinations in skills. I started with the Wizard because I felt it would be one of the least played classes, and I've been very happy with that choice. The game's option screen allows for a wide variety of customization even on things that are obvious to me that they could not have thought of without playing the game and listening to testers.

    Bottom line: Is this game Diablo II with better graphics? Absolutely not. This game moves, responds, and envelopes the player in a way that it's predecessor never did. It brings the Diablo franchise into the modern gaming era and leaves little room to doubt the master craftsmanship that went into the production of the title. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is ready for an adventure, and I wont feel the need to direct them to an extensive game guide beforehand. In short, Diablo III will return what you put into it. If you want a carefree action game and don't much care for the mechanics, you're in for a treat! And if you want to dive into every number of every stat and calculate the damage output, I think you'll find yourself at home as well. Congratulations Blizzard, on an excellent launch, and amazing title.
  69. May 15, 2012
    I've been very impressed with Diablo 3 thus far. The art direction is incredible - the scenery is dark, gorgeous, saturated and not overly cartoony. Every class is a joy to play, with a wide array of skills. Runes really add depth to the gameplay experience, and there are so many build options for people to try out and enjoy.

    The quest and event system has been greatly improved over
    previous games, and it just feels streamlined and well-designed. Multiplayer is a joy now that players are no longer competing for loot, and boss fights are actually challenging.

    All in all, this looks to be on of the best video games I've ever played, and I'm so excited that Blizzard created it. It's clear that a lot of love went into this game.
  70. May 15, 2012
    150 characters minimum? God dammit I hate typing...
    Anyway, I played the beta for a short time and I fell in love with this game, even in it's unstable form.
    Now that it has been fully released Diablo III has exceeded all me expectations not only in a game but as a platform.
    The server issues that people have experienced are a minor set back and to be honest I expected worse when the game
    went live.
    The blizzard team have done a great job and anyone who says otherwise should take a good look at themselves as a person and as a pert of modern society.

    ALSO, There is no OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYER because of the risk of hacking, now wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have cheating idiots... then we may be able to have our OFFLINE play.

    Yea, the caps were to get your attention :P
  71. May 16, 2012
    The game is great and I like it a lot. Act 1 is easy cause it is for training and there are people who cant see it, plus you are playing at normal. Mixed feelings wth the DRM, but it does not bother me. RMAH, okay someone wants to pay for stuff, it does not affect your gameplay. You dont need customization with skillpoints cause you put it always the same way. If you cant log in game and never played the game, dont rate it. Expand
  72. May 16, 2012
    Blizzard lied to us, trying to make up B.S. excuses why the online DRM was needed, like how they did it with SC2. They are obsessed with sales, becauses its Activision at the end of the day running the show. Like how they rip everyone off with Call of Duty, WOW, D3 id doing the same crap.

    Diablo 3
    - Is very linear and no even 5% as dynamic as d1/2 were, the levels are now boxed sections
    that inter change, where before every single wall, room and door were never in the same position, they were completely replabled, diablo 3 feel like it has basically lost its randomization. When you learn where the sections interconnect or you just start to remember the area you are in. You basically run to the exit 80% of the time just because you remember the same sections over and over letting you avoid half of the rooms that you know lead to no where. Blizzard had some amateur developers picking up after Blizzard North the real diablo 1/2 creators, none of the orgional key staff are around and that's why diablo 3 is ALOT worse then the past, sad to say i'm getting a refund. Expand
  73. May 16, 2012
    I love the atmosphere of the game. The action is fast paced and feels great. It starts a bit slow when you only have a couple of skills to use, but it really opens up once you start getting the meat of your abilities. Rune system is great. A skill you thought was useless before becomes a must have when the right rune opens up.
  74. May 16, 2012
    Torchlight 2 > Diablo 3. Many of the original developers of Diablo 1 and 2 worked on that game and it shows. Diablo 3 is just fancy colors and is lacking in-depth addictive gameplay.
  75. May 16, 2012
    One of the best game i've ever played ! I was a big fan of Diablo and Diablo 2 (and LoD extension), and this Diablo really rock !
    I hope they will succeed correcting this Server problems !
  76. May 16, 2012
    10 hours into the game. The cutscene into act 2 made me cry. This is a fantastic game.

    The server issues will be fixed. This is BLIZZARD, people...................................
  77. May 16, 2012
    Epic Game, Had some trouble on launch, but it's all good now.
    Game is balanced, climatic, cool plot and most enjoyable.
    Graphics create a unique feeling and aren't colourful at all.
    It's not D1 nor D2, but feels very similar - just like a sequel should.
    A radical shift in game-play mechanics - self-unlocking skills are a great idea in my book - no more cookie-cutter toons builds - you
    change skills as you see fit. I most sincerely recommend D3 for anyone.
    (Yes, I played all Diablo games, including Expansions, and i see D3 as a worthy, keeping the level of previous parts).
  78. May 16, 2012
    The game is close to excellent. I don't need the perfect graphics, modern technologies or something outstanding. All I need was at Diablo. The only problem makes me sad is connection required to play. I prefer to have a standalone offline version that has no dependence from outer servers.
  79. May 16, 2012
    Pls review the game not the connection issues which indeed is frustating but has nowhere to do with the gameplay itself and that should be the judgement criteria. Therefore 10 as counterscore.
  80. May 16, 2012
    Great game, after the first hour of launch with everyone in the world trying to log in, access & gamepaly was flawless. I actually prefer the art-based graphic style that still looks good years later (ie D2) instead of the trend to hyper-realism and the uncanny valley.
  81. May 16, 2012
    Unlike many other that have been dragging the rating down to 3 etc. do i like the game allot. Personally i think that Diablo 3 have many of the positive details and the same fun gameplay like Diablo 2 did, and with a beautiful atmosphere that drags you into the good story where bad forces are about to take over the world ones again i want to give it a big recommendation to all that haven't bought it yet. Expand
  82. May 16, 2012
    Sorry to say but there are a lot of fool people in the world THAT IS DIABLO! obviously dialbo is update in 2012 you live in stone age! the story is closer to the player the character is use to be changed every minutes to keep the line with other 100 games. in this way could be possible to update. with new skill in the next exp what you suppose to do??? respec is the new way of the customization

    please Blizzard forgive them
  83. May 16, 2012
    The game plays really well, is lots of fun like only a few games were so far. The graphics (on my low end computer) are still amazing in low quality. What I like most about this game is the atmosphere. Every new zone is amazingly detailed and hauntingly beautiful. The game will still look pretty in 5-10 years, when graphics have evolved. I will play this game lots, planing to stick to a low pace and taking everything in the game has to offer.

    I would've given it a score of 10, but I don't like the idea of the Real Money Auction House. Blizzard almost lost me as a Diabro when it was announced. But, I'm here, I'm playing and I'm loving it, ignoring the one feature that really sucks!
  84. May 16, 2012
    i somehow managed $60 and grab a copy of what i was waiting for long.
    f*** the drm, i can't play because of Blizzard dumbness and greed.... die you.
    its a big disappointment , even single player don't have offline mode. what the f*** they were polishing and stress testing.
    ridiculous it is.
  85. May 16, 2012
    I had to make an account just to counter the amount of crying whiny children. I love this game and I've been enjoying it almost without a break since I started at 1am. Yes, the launch wasn't perfect. Yes, there were connection issues. Make me a game that's perfect 00.01am and I'll pay much more than I did for my CE and download.
  86. May 16, 2012
    Because **** people who gave bad review... and didn't play the game. Be more patient and it'll be ok. Dudes, you know it will be like that, it's alaways like that the first days.
  87. May 16, 2012
    Perfect game i don't know why everybody is so angry against the DRM almost anyone have Internet and certainly they will fix the errors soon i really don't believe that people can be so stupid in that way of giving low score because of a bug...
  88. May 16, 2012
    Absolutely loving the game!! It takes what was great about Diablo 2 and brings it up-to-date with awesome looking graphics and that hack and slash gameplay that was so fun 12 years ago.
  89. May 16, 2012
    I am giving this a 10 because of the preposterous amount of people rating D3 as a 0 just because they haven't been able to log onto the servers yet. Disgusting. You people need to sort your lives out way more than Blizz needs to sort out their servers.
  90. May 16, 2012
    I believe this game to be rated about to be about and 8, however i am rating a ten because of the unfair judgement this game has been given. A 3.5, in absurd. If this were the first game of the series, all the nerd boys (and girls) would raving about how great this game is. A large portion of complaints come from the game being online only. We're at a point where damn near everyone has internet. If you don't have internet, it's probably because you haven't paid your bills and shouldn't be buying new games. Now once you accept the fact that it's online only and most everyone has internet all the time on their computer, you'll realize that you can see your friends online and your friends can see you online. This allows you to instantly jump in and play with your friends. Have you ever been to a LAN party and had this happen? "Well i'd host the server, but greg and steve can't connect to me, but if greg hosts I can connect, but joe can't. But if joe hosts every can connect." You spend so much time figuring out who can join who. Blizzard is the server, everyone can connect to it without issue.( Except right now )

    The visual could be somewhat darker than they are, but they are still great.

    I will agree that some things in the game have been dumbed down, but a lot of those dumbled down things really were just ways to prevent you from being able to play the game. For example, after 4 hours of game play, I didn't have to identify one item. So that means i don't have to buy a ton of identify scrolls once i get back to town and manually identify each item while my friends stand around and wait for me. Town portals don't need scrolls. Those scrolls were cheap and wasted inventory. Honestly, there are only 3 features that make this game easier. Teleporting to your friends from town, check points when you die, and not dropping all your items when you die. I would like to see check points go away and items dropping at later difficulty, but its not that big of an issue. Complain once you think inferno is easy.

    The skill tree and points system is gone. The vast majority of players likely looked up online where they should put their stats. So most everyone followed the "optimum stats" build. Powers are unlocked at levels. I don't know about other people, but almost everytime I unlocked a power, I was like, "That's awesome!".

    But.. but.. the servers won't log me in. Deal with it, it's a game. Blizzard will fix the issues quickly. Take a shower and go get some fresh air, maybe a sandwich too.

    Diablo III isn't the best game ever, but its fun. Accept it as a fun game, because once you do, you'll enjoy it.
  91. May 16, 2012
    The Best game ever, even though the lousy start. And no matter what they say all sorts of whiners, and the like thugs, it will buy or at least launch a pirate, all the world
  92. May 16, 2012
    I love this game. I've played Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 for years, and even if this game is different from first 2 titles, I've found it amazing. It's all I'm waiting for: fast action hack'n'slash game with some rpg elements. And every new level it adds me more choice to build my character. I can't wait to ding level 60 so I can appreciate this game at its best.
  93. May 16, 2012
    I'm in Nightmare mode. I need more of this game because... It is so smoooooooooooooth. The normal mode is easy and let us play comfortably. In the nightmare mode, the "beast" becomes far more aggressive and game "playable". Soooo cool!
  94. May 16, 2012
    "Uhhhh this game sucks because nobody can log-in!" has been the last 24 hours' chorus, and I undoubtedly support the idea that a DRM forcing you to log-in even when in Single Player can upset somebody. Now, please, think again: Blizzard justified the online-thingy placing online features in the SP mode too, at least, not like others which force you to log and check every time, without "feeling" the game as "online". You can like this, or don't, but it's a choice that brought classical online related problems, nothing more or less than that. Next in line "The graphic sucks! It's not like Diablo 2!" of course it isn't. DIII is not like DII in the same way DII was not like Diablo itself, with all the deserts, swamps, mountain etcetera. We all can say there were no "blue colored tendencies" in the first two games, but still, I can't see where it's wrong having them for a start. I myself am a GM for many RPGs, and when I tell a dark story, I don't get upset because my wizard wants to dress yellow, or because somebody describes his/her spell as "colourful", nor do I accuse them to be "WOW themed". Next, again: "The artistic direction is too much like WOW!" okaaay, calm down, let's have a look at Starcraft II. Now, look again. Doesn't it seem like WOW? No? That's because it's setting is Sci-Fi, the artistic idea behind it is pretty much the same. The new Blizzard's artistic direction is this, you like it or you don't, deal with it. I won't dislike a game because it's different from its predecessor. I don't like WOW graphics, true, but that's mainly because I have a low poly model for my PC right in my face, and not looking at it from a distance. Next: "It's all flat and automatic! No skill trees or customizable characteristics!" do you hear yourselves? Have you even tried to make something different from a Hammerdin or some other somebody-else-made builds in DII? If you did, does the lack of customizable characteristics upset you? Thanks. I personally made a strange face when I understood that skills could be changed only through Skill Runes, but this WILL necessary lead to a multitude of different builds, since one WON'T be overpowered than another, so no more Hammerdins, and no more lame builds. Have fun slashing and killing with your personal build, and get away with the loot. More: "The story is flat, dialogues are below standard!" again, think of Diablo II. Do you remember particularly epic moments beside cutscenes? This is Diablo, it's an ARPG, it's mostly about casting, slashing and stepping on your foes' corpses, Has this stopped you from playing DII two, three or more times in a row? I don't think so. Just a final thought, the "art" in DIII is incredible, the way they played with the knowledge that the game would be seen from one perspective only in the making of scenery, effects, etcetera is beyond imagination, and I love it, with its colours and its "notsomuchlikethefirsttwoonesness". It is okay if you don't like something, somebody wants to shoot at me because I don't like the Uncharted franchise for an example, but this won't keep me from giving a 10 to a game I waited so much for, and I love, even if it has moved in another direction from his roots. Expand
  95. May 16, 2012
    This is supposed to be a review of the game, now how they botched the launch. The launch was pretty bad, but the game is fantastic. Yes they did away with the skill trees and instead gave you WAY more options. Character customization is really not that complicated if you take the time to, ya know, read. They took out most of what was annoying about D2 and left all the demon slaughtering fun!
  96. May 16, 2012
    Believe me, I would love to live in a world where this game is a 3.6, but it's simply not. It's polished, fun, and what you would expect from Blizzard. It's and updated D2, that has been streamlined on the skill point and attribute end. The "hardcore" players can say what they want, but I've been playing since the original Diablo and they are for the best. You don't have to look up a build on the internet and make sure you put the exact right points in all their places, and feel remorseful if you didn't. You just bash demon skulls, which is why you play Diablo... So, let the flamers flame, It's still a good game!

    Also, the errors are almost all attributed to the servers, which is just something we should expect with an online required game. They will even out after a day or two. Kiddies these days expect perfection from everything. If it isn't purrrfect on day one they Flame On, it's ridiculous. Most of the people who rated 0 on here will still play and love the game. Do I fully agree with the DRM? No, but it or any other feature in the game a surprise? No, exactly as f-ing advertised. Quit crying and go play the game!
  97. May 16, 2012
    If you liked D2 and (this is a big "AND") judge a game based on it's merits and NOT on your distaste for a developer's reputation, then you will like this game. Yes, the launch has been crappy, but the game is not. Always online is annoying, but it's not the end of the world. The game is super polished and fun. It is reminiscent of D2, but takes things further. 90% of the negative reviews here are about Blizzard's servers. The other 10% are people who made up their minds before ever seeing the game, because "I hate WoW, i hate Activision, i hate Blizzard." Lot's of bitter nerds on the internet these days. Big developers can still make big games. Not everything needs to be a boutique, indy game about using a command prompt to bake a text-based pie (i just made that up, but it will probably make some douche $10 milliion because it's "hip and quirky.") Diablo 3 is good. Give it a chance. Expand
  98. May 16, 2012
    Everyone needs to take a breath instead of raging about game systems that have been announced and known for years now. Play through the game and you will see how great it is. Great balance, excellent build variety, amazing gameplay. This will be an all-time classic.
  99. May 16, 2012
    Excellent game. Some minor server issues that would be expected with any launch of an online game. People are **** about this now because they have no idea what a terrible launch can look like.
  100. May 16, 2012
    This game is great, people need to stop giving bad reviews because of the servers being down or slow. A lot of big games have this problem at launch. Played 4+ house so far and no bugs. Haven't played the 1st or 2nd but still love the game and story line. It runs great on my computer avg 100+ FPS on Max settings at 1920x1080. Buy this game you wont be disappointed.
  101. lcf
    May 16, 2012
    Played Diablo I and II, and many other hack&slash up to date (including roguelikes, Sacred, Titan Quest, and others), and it's totally awesome. Fun skills, nice customization with runes, can do re-spec any time.

    Good boss fights (Butcher is the first worth mentioning) you won't find in any other HnS. And even normal difficulty level can be sometimes challenging, usually when you meet mobs
    with new mechanics (like wallers).

    Plot is not usually most important thing in HnS, but it's here, and it's great, too - as well as very high quality cinematics.

    Full 10/10 from me.

    PS Yes, release day was a failure when it came to logging in. That's why 10/10, not 11/10 ;].

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]