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  1. May 15, 2012
    Why I do agree the Always On DRM is crap, Diablo 3 itself is a great game. I haven't had a single issue logging in or playing. This game feels much longer than Diablo 2 or 1 and feels much more complex. Take the negative scores with a grain of salt. Yes, every launch has a rocky start.
  2. May 15, 2012
    Apart from the botched release - which is something that has happened with damn near every World of Warcraft expansion as well - the game is very very good. It's refined the gameplay from Diablo II, and I would argue for the better. Online only is not a big deal, like it's not a big deal in Starcraft 2.
  3. aTn
    May 15, 2012
    Most reviews done by users before the day of release (or a few hours after release) are simply rants against the DRM policy. Thanks to them for polluting the set of user reviews and making them have absolutely no meaning at all, except for the fact that many like to whine.

    I've been playing the game for about 5 hours and it is simply great. I will reserve judgement until I've completed it
    and the dust has settled a bit. I give it a 9 based on sound (the music is awesome, even the installer music !), graphics, lighting effects and the story. Expand
  4. May 15, 2012
    Judging this game based on launch drama is silly. In a year when people are looking to see how Diablo 3 is, they'll need to see real reviews.

    This game is a lot of fun. I'm not a die-hard fan of the franchise, but I've played about 10 hours now and had a lot of fun doing it. The classes are fun, the missions are varied enough, and the story is great. I'd recommend this game a lot.
  5. May 15, 2012
    Seriously people rating 0/10 because they can't log in or just because of one little thing? Should you be even rating something if you haven't played it? Anyway, yes there are some problems with the game like server issues and no offline so 1 point off for that (not 10 off because thats retarded). I have played 7 hours of the game and i'm still in act 2 so if you don't rush through the game you can expect maybe 12-14 hours of glorious gaming on normal difficulty. Game play wise the combat is visceral and fast paced; the story so far is okay, not great because it is somewhat contrived. You do get a skill every level but you can customize skills with runes, also you don't get anymore attribute points instead you are given them; in my opinion this is a good thing because the attribute system in Diablo 2 was basically enough strength for gear, enough dex for max block, and then dump the rest into vitality, basically fake customization. I'm honestly glad they got rid of the ye olde attribute system. Expand
  6. May 15, 2012
    Ok, so this ticks me off a bit. First off, Diablo 2 was amazing, now they release this game that is supposed to be really good, and from what i have played, it IS. Its pretty amazing actually really fun and awesome. But, the first day EVERYONE got on, so the servers couldnt take it and crashed, now everyone is REALY pissed because they had to do maitinence, does no one in this world have patience? Your giving a GREAT game a bad rep because of one mishap and its fixed now, just play the game. Game= 10/10 Fans= 0/10 Expand
  7. May 15, 2012
    Diablo III excels in the dungeon crawling genre. If you don't like these games, you won't like this one. If you do like these games, it's a great example of how to do this type of game correctly. I am playing on medium/high settings on a Mid-2010 MBP 13 inch, with good framerates. In other words, you can run it on integrated graphics and it'll still look decent/good. If you cannot reasonably expect to maintain an internet connection all the time, don't bother, since you do need one. HOWEVER, mine is incredibly slow and the game runs just fine with no lag, even with 3 other party members.

    Overall, it's a great game if you can get past the minor annoyance of having to be online. If that doesn't float your boat, skip it.
  8. May 15, 2012
    Tons of fun, a couple hiccups at launch but a really enjoyable game. I cant wait to bang my head against the wall in inferno. The changes in the skill system are good, saving up points was not a fun mechanic.
  9. May 15, 2012
    All the reviews on this game are far too extreme for my tastes, so here is my opinion as a first time Diablo player, and as an intelligent gamer, who does not review simply on a server issue.

    To begin, I'm going to get the 1,000lb elephant in the room out into the open. The Launch day sucked, plain and simple. Any true Blizzard fan knows they're bad at launching games, so these clearly
    spoiled and pre-pubescent whiners who are giving a 0/10 are apparently new to Blizzard's way of launching games. The point to be made is that you CANNOT rate a game based off it's launch day. Anyone who does is either incapable of reason, or an entitled brat that the gaming scene is so outrageously composed of nowadays. The "always online" DRM was Blizzard's way of preventing hacking and cheating in order to protect the users of their new "real money auction house", wherein players can sell valuable items for actual cash. While the RMAH won't be implemented for a little while, many people are complaining about the "casualization" of the game. The issue with this feature is really only skin-deep. Blizzard is looking for some extra revenue, and what better way to make it then to take off an "auction list" price out of inter-player transactions? No one truly sees how both Blizz, and the players, benefit from this. Blizz gets profit, and devoted gamers get a few bucks for doing something they love. Now on to character creation and diversity, sadly enough, there's no true individuality to be found in character customization. The only true customization is the WoW-like banner that's attached to one's character. The only problem with that system is that many options are locked, and are unlocked via the achievement system, so you'll have to go achievement hunting in order to get a full customization range

    In terms of quality, the game lives up to the Blizzard standard. I played with my graphics on max, and while I wasn't "blown away" by the looks, it still proved to look and sound amazing. I experienced only minor issues graphic wise, but most people will simply overlook, or possibly not even realize the issues. The soundtrack itself is nothing to undervalue, as it's true quality work. A certain "skeletal boss" in the early game has a great song played, and I found myself listening in to hear all the instruments, and I was surprised to hear a guitar in the mix. It was woven so well into the piece that I couldn't he;p but listen intently, even if there was a boss in front of me.

    In terms of game-play, there is no better place to look than in Diablo III. As a new fan of the series, I brushed up on my lore before starting the game, and I must say I'm glad I did. The game conveys lore in an easy and fun way, through the use of books, which are read aloud for the player to hear. The reason this works so well in Diablo's case is that you can keep trudging though a dungeon or area, and still be able to listen and absorb the lore. This helps those gamers who like to breeze through the content, while still being cued into the story come end-game time. Overall, this game is definitely worth the money, for both hardcore fans and newbies to the series as well. Once the connection issues are completely sorted out, (which will probably happen within the next few days max) this game looks to be an amazing ending to the Diablo series, and a great game for anyone.
  10. May 15, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a pleasure to play, despite the difficulties logging in on release night. While I do agree Blizzard should have planned for the server load, I can accept that there were unforeseen circumstances. The game falls short of a 10 for me due to the inability to play offline. I understand why it is the way it is, but that doesn't change the fact that it just comes off as a way for them to make more money off of their real money auction house. Kudos to Blizzard for making a game that is both deep and accessible! Expand
  11. May 15, 2012
    Ridiculously fun, a worthy third installment in the Diablo series. The action is far more physical and visceral than Diablo 2, with bodies, body parts, broken bits of furniture etc. flying around the screen as you hack and slash. Gorgeous graphics, with a soft-focus "painted" style backdrop to contrast against the foreground action. Typical cheeseball Diablo storyline (and what a delight it is to hear Deckard Cain's voice again). Character classes are fun right from the start, rather than spending an age autoattacking due to only having one or two weak skills and a tiny mana pool - the resource builder/spender system is a great leap forward. But there's really no one word which can sum this up better than "FUN". Expand
  12. May 15, 2012
    Loving the game so far. Playing a Demon Hunter and finding it very enjoyable. The game runs extremely smoothly, and in general looks very well polished. Had about two issues with monsters getting stuck in walls, but nothing else really.
    Mainly having an issue with being randomly removed from the game, but Blizzard is no doubt working on that. The game itself appears to be well worth the
    wait and money, with the only real issue being the servers. All in all, Blizzard is handling the issues that arise quite well though. Expand
  13. May 15, 2012
    Great game, ignore the loads of people who hate any type of change. It is a worthy successor to Diablo 1 and 2, with better story, gameplay, writing...everything really. Yeah it has launch issues, but so does every major online game, they will be all fine in 2 weeks.
  14. May 15, 2012
    After the initial SNAFU of being unable to log in for the first hour of the game being live I spent the next 7 hours in the game with three other friends, smashing through Act 1. So far the game has been one of the most enjoyable experiences games can offer.
  15. May 15, 2012
    I've played the game for about 6 hours now and played co-op and single player both. The game has only provided constant enjoyment and it keeps getting better. People complaining about lack of skill points and customization need to give it a rest. There are PLENTY of customization options relating to skills. Thousands of total combinations. Half of the people complaining seem to have only played the beta or not even played the game at all yet. Reviewing the game based off of server stability at launch is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard of in a review. Expand
  16. May 15, 2012
    Great Game love the new MMO like features that are included. It sucks to need a internet connection at all time but I see the trade offs and am willing to deal with them. Sure the servers are down but like any other MMO the servers get smacked during the first few days. Overall was it worth the eleven years is a long time to wait for any game but that doesn't mean that it isn't one of the best, if not the best game in its genre. At least they decided to change the game up and not give us diablo 2.5. Expand
  17. May 15, 2012
    Great game, to all those who think it let down the series it didnt. It is a much longer game than D2, better items, boss fights, fighting in general etc... The plot has plenty of twists so far, especially when compared to the other diablos. the only problem is the option of offline play that is negated. But hey how often are you playing the game when you dont have internet access anyway?
  18. May 16, 2012
    I am thoroughly enjoying this game. I have only been been on this game for approx 2-3 hours and taking it slow. The game flow is very fluid amd is very well put together for newcomers to the Diablo scene (ie myself). Users are complaining about options that were available in Diablo 2 and so on, but then this is Diablo 3... Ofcourse there are going to be big differences because its a brand new game. Most games now require an always on internet connection etc. I mean the game box clearly states internet connection required so how can you down rate a game when its actually part of the game!? I am giving it a rating of 9 as i still have some more of the game to play but currently, the game has a lot to offer. Putting all the errors and login issues that are pumping out to the side, its a well put together game! Expand
  19. May 16, 2012
    So far very happy with everything I have seen out of this game, with the exception of server stability, but honestly that was to be expected. My two favorite things are the boss fights and the cinematic. The boss fights surprised me because they have evolved so much from D2, I can't wait to meet these bosses in the harder difficulties. My current favorite cut scene is between Act 1 and 2, all I can say is wow.

    My biggest worry coming into this was that the world would be too small. I had played the beta and thought it was very condensed and didn't feel like a classic diablo map. Luckily, it all changed right after the point where beta ended the next couple of maps blew me away with thier size, and how much fun they were to explore.

    Now of course the 500lb gorilla standing over there in the corner is the battle net stability issues. Now don't get me wrong, they are annoying, but like I said before it was expected. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I'm glad its online only. I think in the long run it will make for a much more stable community.The sad part is that the long run isn't here yet and we are forced to watch Battle Net crash and burn multiple times until they can get it working right, but I for one think they will.

    Here's to hoping you will enjoy this game half as much as I am so far!
  20. May 16, 2012
    There is a lot of wrong going on in the gaming industry. Kids are getting spoiled and they're either complaining about games being to hard or too easy. But this game is not the one to blame!
    First of all, complaining about the requirement to be online to play? All I can say to this is that if you still don't have an internet connection in 2012, you would've probably pirated the game
    This game has never been designed with a focus on single-player. Anyone who prefers to play Diablo 3 solo has probably either never played Diablo2 on (so they're missing the point) or used one of those "external utilities" to "augment" your characters. If that's what you're missing and are angry about, then get back to Skyrim and mod your way to eternity.
    Next, complaining about real-money auction house? They basically cut off all the websites and services that were selling items for D2 for all those years illegally. Being this pay-to-play? This might be a slight issue in pvp, other than that - if you feel bad about playing with someone with purchased items, then don't play with them. And look at it this way - if you ever have a luck with dropping some rare legendary that you don't need, you can put it on auction yourself and make some money in the process and then use that money to buy something you might actually use. Besides that, I'm pretty sure that with this option, the auction house will be packed with legendaries within a year and the most expensive item will probably cost around $5.
    Next, dumbing down the game mechanics? You probably haven't played past skeleton king yet, have you? By the time you reach the end of normal difficulty, you're gonna have so many skill+rune combinations that you'll actually feel overwhelmed and also happy that you don't need to figure out the pointless distribution of primary stats. Everyone with at least a slight interest in making their characters the most viable build in D2 ended up distributing the stats the exact same way as the other guy next to you. Also, in D2 you only used 2 spells/abilities actively. Yes, you could keybind the others to use them if the occasion asked for it, but you had no real reason to use more than those two on a regular basis. Now, in D3, you have 6 slots for active spells/abilities, and believe me, you will have a pretty hard time trying to play this game by using only two of those. And figuring out the combination of spells+runes to play with is the fun and beauty of it. Yes, there might be some combinations that are a bit stronger or weaker than the other, but none of those are "wrong".
    I don't care about graphics in most of the games and I especially don't care about it in this game. This is not the type of game where you have the time to climb the mountain and then look down to the valley in awe how realistic it looks. If this is what you're looking for, you should probably go out with your friends more often. You'd be surprised how awesome mountaintop views look like in real life!
    Besides that, the art direction is actually very suitable for this game. This is an actionpacked game where hell's minions are destroying everything around them, regurgitating their descendants. There's nothing beautiful about it. Finally, this game was never intended to be story-based so, of course, the story is weaker. But it's still much better than it was in D2. Cinematics are awesome, the short class-based narratives after every important event and scripted/random events are also a very nice touch.
    Don't be so spoiled, give this game a chance - play it with friends (if possible) and you'll have a blast.
    The only reason I'm giving this 9/10 is because some of my friends are having connectivity issues and some of them are not getting any achievements (so I can't play with them, because they don't want to - until it's fixed).
    Every game has its issues after the release, especially games like this where people had high expectations even before it was announced. Blizzard is not asking for any monthly fee, just some patience. You all wanted to have this released ASAP and got angry with possible delays, so try to cope with the fact that it has some bugs.
    I have very positive reactions to this and I'm sure most you will eventually have that as well.
  21. May 16, 2012
    Extremely addictive...almost like D2 - whitch is great! Yes, i had connection issues, but once i got in the game, i could stop playing. IT IS ALMOST THE SAME GAME AS 9/10 :)
  22. May 16, 2012
    Epic Game, Had some trouble on launch, but it's all good now.
    Game is balanced, climatic, cool plot and most enjoyable.
    Graphics create a unique feeling and aren't colourful at all.
    It's not D1 nor D2, but feels very similar - just like a sequel should.
    A radical shift in game-play mechanics - self-unlocking skills are a great idea in my book - no more cookie-cutter toons builds - you
    change skills as you see fit. I most sincerely recommend D3 for anyone.
    (Yes, I played all Diablo games, including Expansions, and i see D3 as a worthy, keeping the level of previous parts).
  23. May 16, 2012
    The game plays really well, is lots of fun like only a few games were so far. The graphics (on my low end computer) are still amazing in low quality. What I like most about this game is the atmosphere. Every new zone is amazingly detailed and hauntingly beautiful. The game will still look pretty in 5-10 years, when graphics have evolved. I will play this game lots, planing to stick to a low pace and taking everything in the game has to offer.

    I would've given it a score of 10, but I don't like the idea of the Real Money Auction House. Blizzard almost lost me as a Diabro when it was announced. But, I'm here, I'm playing and I'm loving it, ignoring the one feature that really sucks!
  24. May 16, 2012
    Super game! really i'm playing it and never enjoyed a game like so.
    Graphic superb, enviroment incredible, nice and passionate story.
    Yes i miss putting point directly on my skill, but the new way to control skills and abilities is fun!
    King of Hack'n slash no more words!
  25. May 16, 2012
    Absolutely loving the game!! It takes what was great about Diablo 2 and brings it up-to-date with awesome looking graphics and that hack and slash gameplay that was so fun 12 years ago.
  26. May 16, 2012
    After a few frustrating attempts to play immediately after launch, I've now played about 10 hours of Diablo III, and it is really fantastic. The game is easy to pick up, difficult to master, and impossible to stop playing! Once everyone calms down about the rough launch, Diablo III will be a clear contender for 2012 Game of the Year.
  27. May 16, 2012
    If you liked D2 and (this is a big "AND") judge a game based on it's merits and NOT on your distaste for a developer's reputation, then you will like this game. Yes, the launch has been crappy, but the game is not. Always online is annoying, but it's not the end of the world. The game is super polished and fun. It is reminiscent of D2, but takes things further. 90% of the negative reviews here are about Blizzard's servers. The other 10% are people who made up their minds before ever seeing the game, because "I hate WoW, i hate Activision, i hate Blizzard." Lot's of bitter nerds on the internet these days. Big developers can still make big games. Not everything needs to be a boutique, indy game about using a command prompt to bake a text-based pie (i just made that up, but it will probably make some douche $10 milliion because it's "hip and quirky.") Diablo 3 is good. Give it a chance. Expand
  28. May 16, 2012
    People can say what they want, but most of the changes are for the best. If you played all the Diablo's it is easy to see within about 5 minutes that it is more fun, more depth, and takes more skill to play. Diablo 3 is amazing.
  29. May 16, 2012
    I just finished the game I can honestly say this game was really worth it. Diablo 3 is really not at all like Diablo 2 and while I do dearly miss such things like the customization of skills and the rune system [for me] is a little bit frustrating since every person can have every skill and such. However, this doesnâ
  30. May 16, 2012
    I'm ashamed at some of the people here!! Seriously?? With historical release issues Such as WoW -Cata haven't we come to expect issues when release time comes?? Anyways, aside from minor lag issues in my area (East coast US) Diablo3 plays smoothly, graphics are great and storyline amazing.
  31. May 16, 2012
    This is a fantastic game with a minor bug at launch that stopped some people from getting online May15th on the American servers.
    No reason for everyone to spam down the rating on what will be rpg game of the year.
    The depth of skills and runes make a wonder symbiosis.
    the graphics are beautiful. and run easily on almost any PC.
    Best part is that the developers aren't close to being done.
    this game will only get better. For me that will change my 9/10 to a 10/10, there is no monthly subscription to this online game. No in game ads to help off set this either. Expand
  32. May 16, 2012
    Overall the game is great!. Despite the initial log in issues I was able to log in 1 hour and 35 minutes after release time. The graphics are a amazing and rich and the environment lighting keeps me glued to the screen. The new character skill variations are really something that I could play with for hours to find a combination for every style of play. However, I was a little disappointed in the fact that the first two acts where more or less enviormentally similar to the Diablo II and that the attribute points where auto assigned. After I got over the fact of Act similarity and the fact that the points are basically assigned the way i would anyway I started to trully enjoy the game. After spending 12 hours playing on openning day as a casual gamer I would have to say that this game was def worth the wait and that I would really recommend it to people. Most people that gave it a low ranking due to it constant online requirment have to understand that it is done for the purpose of preventing the much hatted hackers that would try and ruin the game with map and loot hacks that have ruined my gaming experience in the past. Now back to the game and hope to see you all there Expand
  33. May 16, 2012
    I really enjoyed this game. Sure the player build is structured and you cant distribute talent points anymore, but that is a small issue. The game play of the game is still very engaging and alot of fun to do with friends. Being able to have multiple abilities is an amazing step forward from D2. The idea that you can only do 2 things at once is a dated system. When was the last time you played a game where you only had 2 abilities. And i don't have any issue with having to be online the entire time. The game is more fun with friends anyway. All this being said, the game inst revolutionary, its not spectacular, but it is a solid title that will give hours of game play. I understand the people who get angry that the game is easy when they only play through it once on normal difficulty. Blizzard worked for a long time on this game and the quality of it is about what i expected. I look forward to plaything through this game with all of the characters on all of the difficulties and even some hardcore characters. Expand
  34. May 16, 2012
    Ok, giving a game a ZERO for having server issues on LAUNCH DAY is ridiculous, you're not a gamer, go cry somewhere else. OK, so I LOVED, Diablo 3. And I'm not a huge Diablo fanboy, I played D2 a bit, never went all the way through it, and it was pretty fun, at least what I remember of it. This time around blizzard stuns with their incredible rendered cutscenes... I really wish Blizzard would make a movie out of their tech, the sheer quality of their cutscenes is amazing. The sound design is great, dungeons feel like dungeons, the voice acting is high calibur, and they even have a great song to listen to while you install the game, very well done Blizz. OK, now for gameplay, the game functions just as you'd think a dungeon crawler would, there's a bunch of different dungeons scattered all over the place and you must "crawl" them to find items, finish quests, etc... This works great, though some of the game is too linear for my liking, the game is fun to play. A little disappointing that there's no offline functionality... What if there's a storm that cuts the internet? Well then you can't play Diablo 3. Some gameplay elements are repetitive as crap, clicking repeatedly to kill people is really annoying, but there's enough variety in enemy types, and bosses to keep you trodding through the game. Though it would be nice if there was more customization... the weapons arent very fleshed out, with just reskinned arms granting different stat bonuses, and you can't customize your own skill trees... with all your abilities unlocking in sequence based on your level, you dont get to choose what to unlock at what time, being an RPG fan I think the ability to spend skill points and the like is a must have, and it was a bad move by blizzard to keep this out of D3. The story is farly interesting, with enough great voice acting to keep you playing through, but hey you can always skip audio and the like if you just don't care. The controls are solid, the game is fluid running at a steady 120 FPS on my machine, and it's addicting as all hell, give it some time when Blizzard works out all the kinks, and you won't regret your D3 purchase. Though being an avid loL player I wanted to remap the right and left click buttons so right was attack and move, while left was my ability... the mapping of the mouse buttons CANNOT BE CHANGED! I also think that's ridiculous. But anyway, grab some friends and diablo the crap out of your PC, it's a funtastic addicting time. Expand
  35. May 16, 2012
    The biggest challenge Diablo 3 has is pleasing its demanding, expecting (and biased) fan base. These user reviews are clearly disproportionately evaluating aspects of the game that they have a problem with. Diablo 3 should be evaluated on its own successes and failures, and not just how it evolves the genre. It borrows some character development mechanics from World of Warcraft in terms of character development and skill builds, which help to streamline the â Expand
  36. May 16, 2012
    Really good hack & slash game it not may be good as Diablo 2 but still it's one of best RPG in this year.
    Only thing i don't like is lvl based skill system that are same to all and only characters items are what make it different.
    By far i played first act one and i really like the story.
    Graphics are really good even it's not same "realistic **** graphics" like in Battlefield 3 that need
    way too lot power from PC but at least Diablo 3 runs very smoothly at all graphic setting maxed.
    Online base single-player is good thing and bad thing, good thing is with this way they can prevent hackers and botters to ruin this game that happened to Diablo 2 (And that why i never playd Diablo 2 online because of hackers and botters), but bad thing is you can't play it without internet connection and also it make some connection problems too.
    Mostly i really like the co-op system it's so easly to jump friends game, others games or make your game as public that any one can join.

    Overall game is solid and really fun to play hack & slash game.
  37. May 16, 2012
    Even though the problems that surfaced during the first hours of the game were huge for a lot of people, I think a fair review should not give them a lot of relevance. From a game life-span perspective, launch day it's a very important day, but it's a tiny percentage of the game experience for it's players.

    Having said that, and focusing on the game itself, I'm very well impressed, the
    game is exceptionally polished, game play is super fun, the pace and difficulty is extremely well tuned (being a "regular" player you get to almost dead a lot of times, but always feel you can overcome it if played correctly). Expand
  38. May 16, 2012
    The graphics and audio are good, the game is fun to play. The game is well balance and I will replay it Diablo 3 several time like I did for 1 and 2, good job !!!
  39. May 16, 2012
    Generally a perfect Sequel to Diablo II and LoD, although maybe a bit to easy on normal.
    Quite balanced and the random level and events generator seems to do an amazing job. I have finished the game in normal with 2 different characters, and had a quite different experience both times, because of locations that change and new bosses, and events.
    Been a fan since Diablo I and will clearly
    look forward to Diablo IV.
    It is a crying shame that whiny kids try to boycott the games score because of server issues, I think a game should be judged based on the game, not the server capacity. Should Blizzard have anticipated this ? YES.
    Are we grown ups, who know mistakes can happen ? YES
  40. May 16, 2012
    Ignore the whiners.. Diablo 3 is one of the best computer games ever made. I played EQ for 7 years, WoW for 6 years, and I will be playing this one for years to come(with expansions eventually). Beautiful graphics, great control. It is Diablo. People are just whining about everything and most of them were(or still are) in elementary school when Diablo 2 came out and weren't even born for the first one. I loved Diablo 1 in college.. I liked Diablo 2(I had my reservations about it) but with Diablo 3 they have fixed everything I wanted and did so much more! Expand
  41. May 16, 2012
    I don't know how people could not enjoy this game if they liked Diablo II. This game takes everything great about that game and makes for a very fun experience. Even though it might have had some issues on release with servers, that doesn't make the game worse. It is a very fast-paced game that really draws you in, in a way that I think is better than its prequel. Skills are mapped to keys to make them very easy to use, and the new potion/town portal system makes for combat that is very fast-paced, dynamic, and non-stop. Whereas in Diablo II sometimes there was too much prolonged battles where you had to go use town portals and go back to town to restock several times, this combat system is more smooth and great. Also, inventory management is easier and more streamlined, which is great. Overall, a great game that has improved on its predecessors in just about every way. And with the skill choices, the higher level you are, the more great choices you can make in regards to what kind of skill combinations you want to use. This makes for a great way to build the kind of character you want, and nothing to complain about. People that talk it down this game wanted just a carbon copy of diablo II, and while that was a great game, I'm glad that Blizzard changed it up with the release of this game. Some people can't take change, but this game is very polished and fun, definitely a change for the better. Expand
  42. May 16, 2012
    I find it amusing how everyone gave it horrible ratings because of opening night and not being able to log in. Was expected in my book. I absolutely love the game. The new skills are a change from Diablo 2, but I didn't come here to play Diablo 2's overpowered skill sets and I am not going to compare this game to World of Warcraft or Starcraft like the other idiots do.

    Anyways, the
    story is great so far and keeps me wanting to play more to see what happens. I like the flow of the game and the mechanics seem quite balanced. The graphics are not too shabby for a side scroll top down sorta thing mode and are improved slightly from the engine they used for Starcraft 2.

    Overall, I am very pleased to have gotten my collectors edition and can't wait for any expansions to be following the D3 line or any other Blizzard game line. Keep up the good work and next time, be more prepared on opening night so you get better user rating :P
  43. May 16, 2012
    This game is fantastic.Yes I couldn't log in straight away on launch night,and I struggled the following day,this was a pain in the arse.I hoped it wouldn't happen,but I knew that I had to be connected to play single-player before I bought it.So I sighed and got on with my life for a few hours.And then tried again.Now (just over 48 hours after launch I can log in and play no problems. The game,for me,improves as you play through it.The leveling up process is simple and satisfying.The user interface intuitive and straight forward.The facy people went out of their ways to come here and give the game zero's out of ten is just sad.Games have problems when they launch.Shock horror.Grow up trolls or just **** off,you're just trying to ruin other peoples fun in any way you can.Half of you probably don't own the game anyway,which makes the situation even more laughable. Portal 2 got similarly panned and other excellent games I'm probably aware of.Never played Diablo 2,so have no reference but the game is fluid and fun.Anyone giving less than five probably has a similarly sized **** in inches. Expand
  44. May 16, 2012
    The negative reviews of this game are interesting. There are complaints about the story and character customization as if there was a brilliant story and a wide array of character customization in the first two. The Diablo series has never been about story or character customization, it has been about spam clicking your mouse and watching hordes of enemies die as you get loot and level up. In Diablo 2 a player would drop 20 skill points into the same skill in order to maximize its effectiveness. Now, that skill just levels on its own. Blizzard realized dropping 60 skill points into 3 skills for synergy was redundant, and changed it for the sequel. I even saw a complaint about town portal and identify scrolls being removed. You can still town portal and identify all you want, you just don't have to horde scrolls in your inventory now. I saw a complaint about stamina potions. Really? It is really upsetting to some Diablo 2 fans that you have unlimited stamina now? Blizzard essentially took Diablo 2 and streamlined it while preserving the style of game play that kept everyone addicted before. This is a very fun game if you enjoy hack n slash RPGs. If you enjoyed Diablo 2, it's likely you'll enjoy this game...unless you have absurd expectations that include either an identical game with no changes or a game that is nothing like Diablo 2. It seems like the majority of the negative reviews take that extreme. Why is this game not identical to Diablo 2? Why is this game not drastically different than Diablo 2? Blizzard definitely failed to prepare their servers on launch day, but other than that the game plays fine and is just as addicting as the first two. Expand
  45. May 16, 2012
    I was a big Diablo II fan 12 years ago, and I have waited for this title for a long time. But after reading all negative user reviews about this game, I almost dropped this much anticipated title. Besides the expected launch day server issues (which I did expected Blizzard to be better about), the biggest legitimate sounding complaints I saw that people were bringing up over and over were:

    1. Streamlined Stat leveling, every character will have the same end build, not as customizable friendly.
    2. Short story game (people claiming the story mode lasting only anywhere from 2 to 8 hours)
    3. Cartoonish art style, not dark fantasy like the previous games were.
    4. Pay to win auction houses cheapening the game.

    Well I decided to get the game in the end and see check the validity of these complaints, and let me tell you right now, they are for the most part unfounded.

    1. The abilities have been streamlined a bit, in the sense that you can no longer choose which abilities to pick when you level up, and you also do not distribute stat points for your character. I originally thought this would be a big grip for me in this game, cause I loose the ability to focus on particular builds and thus play style. I have found that this is not the case. With each ability came the options of augmenting them with different rune stones. These aren't stat boasting number effects, but legitimate ability changes, I still felt unique playing my wizard class with other wizards in my group, going for a tankier defensive setup with crystal shelled diamond skin, orbiting arcane orbs, and wave of force compared with my friend choosing a artillery striker setup. Throw in the different loots, and even aesthetic clothing dye and banner customization, you can totally feel unique and different if you want to.

    2. The short story thing I feel is hands down not true. I am a bit more completionist when it comes to checking all the treasure and breaking all the containers for loot then your average player, but there is no way you will finish this game in less then 8 hours unless you are straight up running from point A to point B without stopping or doing anything in between. I finished Act I and am mid Act II right now, and I have clocked probably ard 12 hours in this game thus far. There is a lot of meat in this game, especially if you are willing to explore a bit.

    3. In terms of art, I think Blizzard did not disappoint. I thought it would be a complete WoW fest, it is not. Yes, the characters and world are more exaggeratedly proportioned then representational realism and are more "colorful". But honestly, it did not distract from the experience for me at all. At no time in the game did I go, oh that looks like too friendly or too kiddy for a mature game. There is so much polish in this thing, especially when it comes to visual effects. Enemies will die differently depending on the attacks you used, burning to a crisp when you use lightning bolts, or have limbs and heads fly off when you chop them with swords. Large columns will crumple down when you hit them, dealing damage to enemies, and everything just feels very very smooth.

    4. In terms of the real money auction house, I cannot really say cause its not open yet. But its my opinion, that you the player, play this game to have fun. If you want to spend real money to stomp bots and that's how you have fun, fine with me, I will still enjoy the game because the reward is the journey toward achieving self imposed goals. Whether Blizzard is cashing in with this move or not, does not augment or hinder my ability to enjoy this game.

    But, don't take my word for any of this, if you are curious about this game, pick up a demo or guest pass or something. Don't take other people's word for it, try it yourself and see. I did, and I am glad I did.
  46. May 16, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a solid game, No doubt about it, I really enjoyed playing Diablo 3 post release, even though there are some controversy within Blizzard's post release of Diablo 3, but when you start playing it error free, you will find yourself playing a game that will make you dunk dozens of hours into. The feel that it will give it to you while raiding every single dungeon is priceless, the new revamped system is somewhat weird to me at first. But since it has Diablo on the title, I willingly forgiven it and pressed on to play it more. I love the game, and playing as a monk started my journey to save the world once more. Blizzard has nailed it again. Congratulations! Expand
  47. May 16, 2012
    Ignore the haters, this game is amazing. Forget those that complain about the graphics, for it's been beautiful drawn and painted if you only stopped for a second to look around. It's like being in a wonderful cartoon. The music is stunning. Sure there were some server and install issues which maybe shouldn't have happened, but they are mostly ironed out now. This is an ONLINE game, with an ONLINE community and Auction house system, it was never intended to be played offline and Blizzard told you that years ago. If you bought it for single player offline you should have done your research before hand, too bad. The 10-13 million of us that play WoW won't have a problem with that. No character customization -- what do you want to see? When you are armoured up you can see faces, not to mention the fact you can't see faces because the characters are small -- which is exactly why Blizzard removed the customization. As for skill point distribution, Blizzard are getting away from that in WoW, why should that step backwards with their newest game and give you talent trees to fill out when you are just going to go to a website for the "best" build. It's up to you to figure out the best build. At the end of the day everyone looks at the critics scores, not the hater scores. Expand
  48. May 17, 2012
    Greeting. I can not say I'm a Diablo fan, but the third little disappoint me in terms of character customization that game. I mean I can not choose how I allocate my skill points on. Otherwise I love it. We started yesterday at 14 to play it and had no problems with connection. I had about about 6 hours of play.
  49. May 17, 2012
    it's time to stop hype bashing... huge game! dynamic gameplay, mysterious ambiance... it's a worthy successor to diablo 2
  50. May 17, 2012
    Great expectations met! Great game, great gameplay, great cinematics...
    I've been playing beta all along and now I'm so glad to roam Sanctuary again.
    See you in Hell!
  51. May 17, 2012
    Firstly - I love the game, it's modern, has an epic story line, looks awesome and is just brilliant. I don't like that you have to be connected all the time but I understand the reasoning.
    Secondly - to all the people complaining that it is not Diablo 2 (or 1) get over yourselves, times change. Otherwise go back to playing FPS with only a keyboard, trade in your iPhone for a Nokia 3310
    and delete your twitter/facebook accounts. Expand
  52. May 17, 2012
    I love how everyone is hating on the skill system. The skill system has so much more depth than diablo 2's skill system that it's scary. In diablo 2 you basically power leveld your character till you got the spell that your character was made for. Like a blizzard sorc, a meteor sorc, a hammer paladin or a frenzy barb. When you get that spell all you do is spam it. That's all you do for the rest of the **** game till you make a new character because you become bored as **** Trust me, i know. I was also pretty disappointed by the fact that you can't distribute attributes. But really... It's not the reason to give the game 0 / 10. You have to take all things in consideration when reviewing the game. All the people complaining about the auction hause. The **** internet was a huge auction house for diablo 2. All the people who had the best items bought them online and that's a **** fact that you wont take in consideration. I played this game with three of my friends and we couldn't stop. It was that awesome to see all the epic skills and combinations you could make. World PvP just make hardcore people rage. Seriously, i can't even count how many times i got killed by some **** idiot when i was baal running in hardcore. I have lost so many high leveld character to all the ****s who buy the best items and just kill people. To the ones who miss the stuff i mentioned from diablo 2. You are riding on nostalgia. You are not even thinking about how ****ed up that was. Expand
  53. May 17, 2012
    People should learn from me:
    Don't get hyped up by the company trying to sell their games, and don't forget to actually read a preview or 2. All these people here complaining about less customization etc: Diablo II is still playable, goodbye.

    I didn't let myself get hyped up after having played Diablo II a lot, because I knew it was going to be a different game, more catered towards the
    casual player in terms of UIcustomization whilst still catering towards the hardcore players in terms of higher difficulties. What I've found is this: I've never had this much fun hacking 'n slashing! The vibe is good, although different from its prequels. The graphics are nice and especially fluid and I can't put enough emphasis on how important it is to actually have fun slashing things in a ARPGHAck 'n Slash. Physics improve the feeling you're actually hitting stuff and the combat animations are great. Even though the game is very linear (Diablo 2 was too guys, you're overhyping an old game to divine levels) at least there's still a lot of randomization and hard difficulties to play through. If the ''hardcore fans'' didn't hype this game up so much, or this game was called ''Kill da Monstas'' they would've LOVED it. Everyone saying ''I can't use weapons only spells wtfbbq?'' didn't even take the time to properly check out the UI, because you can make a battle mage if you so desire. The complaints about DRM: I feel ya, kind of. Diablo (all of them) are much more fun when played co-op. Fact that you don't have any social abilities doesn't give you the right to call this a single-player game. It says it requires internet on the box! All these facts where already known, yet the whiners STILL buy it? That's just hating right there. Go play torchlight 2, you won't be missed.

    Conclusion: If you like lots of actions, co-op gameplay, are a loot whore and love to bash brains in in many different ways (with a nice story to boot) get this game! If you want Diablo II with a 3D makeover, stay clear of this game.
  54. May 17, 2012
    This is SOOO BAD.... just delete....Absurd how badly blizzard screwed this up. There isn't even an offline mode. What kind of Diablo doesn't have offline gameplay? Other than this the game itself is very fun and plays smoothly, even on my macbook air.
  55. May 17, 2012
    Diablo 3 it's self is a fantastic game. It brings back many of the old, most love, elements of the previous game while trying to not just copy and paste the previous game. The game does not deserve the low ratings based on Blizzards failing to properly prepare the American servers at launch, the company deserves them. Yes the DRM is an "always online" model, but most players will be playing online similar to Diablo 2 and the realms. It is a huge mistake not to include an offline mode and that, in my humble opinion, is the sole bad mark against this game and the reason for a 9/10 and not a 10/10.

    I could very easily complain about other aspects of the game not living up to my hopes for it, but we all have to realize it never was going to. So taking the game as it is, for better or worse, it is highly enjoyable with an amazing story line, crisp clean hack and slash game play at a break neck pace. You can't please everyone and sadly 90% of the bad reviews are 100% unjustified. The game is not the issue, Blizzard and the idiots who didn't properly prepare are the ones who deserve the bad rating. DRM or not, have a little patience and you will get more then your money's wroth out of the game.
  56. May 17, 2012
    This is a great game, but it also changes the feel of the Diablo series and I'm not writing about the graphics here, but the way the story is presented (well, I liked it more in Diablo II). As for the game mechanics everything's fine, the battles are more dynamic, more flashy, but it feels like old Diablo (despite the healing orbs and cooldown times for health potions the gameplay seems kind of balanced the same way Diablo II was). The normal difficulty could be beaten by a child, I'm looking forward to see it on higher difficulties.
    It's obvious that Blizzard also plays other aRPGs than Diablo, we can see the goblin with treasures (like in Dungeon Siege, correct me if I'm wrong) and some solutions from other games. I liked the way they showed tribute for some other games (e.g. Legacy of Kain - the quest name "Legacy of Cain" and monster called "Raziel). Overall, the gameplay is very good, but sometimes you cannot see what is happening on the screen, it's so fast. 8/10 seems a fair score, hope they'll do an expansion pack and it will go even higher.
  57. May 17, 2012
    I've seen so many 'reviews' on here that are giving the game 0 out of 10 because they can't log in... I even saw one that said "If I can't play the game I can't review it" whilst giving it a score of 0! Now that is ridiculous.

    The unfair damnation of Diablo 3 is coming from the undesirable online-only system and server errors which have marred its launch, but the ACTUAL GAME is very good.
    Very good indeed. Don't get me wrong, I'm against the DRM thing and the server issues are pretty inexcusable, but they don't justify giving the game 0 out of 10, that's just silly.

    It's a Diablo game, it looks, sounds and feels like Diablo and it has a great level of polish. Is it a step backward from Diablo 2? Yes. Is the story kind of linear and bland? I guess so. Does it deserve all the pointless hatred it's receiving? Absolutely not! Don't let all this anger and bile put you off buying Diablo 3, I'm extremely glad I bought it and it's the most fun I've had with a game this year. Highly recommended, especially with a friend or two.
  58. May 17, 2012
    This game is great. Everything about it is a complete improvement over Diablo 2. This game is far more balanced than Diablo 2 ever was. Plus, the difficulty is fun as HELL. Normal mode is a walk in the park, but once you get to Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno, the game really starts to kick your ass. The story is nothing radical or great, but it is a clear continuation of the Diablo 1 and 2 story, and that's all I'll say about the story.
    The graphical style, cinematics, and armor and weapon designs are all far better than Diablo 2's (in my opinion), and the only complain I have is that servers can be laggy even when you're playing alone. Hopefully Blizzard will fix this in time.
  59. May 17, 2012
    First of all, I am amazed at how many people are giving this game a 0 because they can't connect.
    How the hell can you expect to be taken seriously by the companies that make these games if you act like a moron who rates the game so low even if you didn't even play 5 minutes of it?
    Or how the hell can you state that this game can be finished in 3 hours? I have currently about 6 hours of
    game-time and I just finished Act 1 - just goes to show how ignorant people really are.

    On with the review:
    If Diablo II for its time was groundbreaking, Diablo III for its time is a breath of fresh air in the pool of mediocre ARPGs.

    First of all, the gameplay is quite nice, and it brings enough new things to the table for me to like it.
    Of course Diablo II had a nice gameplay, but seriously - would you rather play puzzle in your inventory? Would you rather spend valuable inventory slots for scrolls of identify and town portal? Those things bothered me a lot in D2.
    Also, the attribute point system is pretty good - let's face it, in D2 99% of us just placed the points EXACTLY the same. How is that any different from having the game place them for you? Nitpicking on something like this really means you are stupid.
    The story is kind of easy to predict, and it just serves as a backbone to the game itself.
    The music is also very nice, I really like the "And the heavens shall tremble" piece and many others.
    I honestly think that the game is worthwhile, even if you are a casual or hardcore Diablo player. It has many interesting mechanics and has certainly evolved compared to Diablo 2.

    As a side note, I experienced connection problems on D-Day - but IMO when you don't even play the game then come and rate the game low, it means you are stupid. No, you're not interesting, no you will not get the game for free. Plain stupid.

  60. May 17, 2012
    Having played all three Diablos i have to say that this is my favorite for sure. The character customization is there, as you can customize all your skills to your play style. The thought put into this games storyline, characters, and balance is awesome and obvious. I don't have to tell you the graphics and sound are amazing. I look forward to the harder modes and the upgraded boss mechanics. Only downside that i agree with the haters on is having to log into a server. No internet makes the game unplayable. That is unfortunate. Much Love For Diablo 3!! Noobs need to Learn their history before judgeing this game. Its really that damned good. Expand
  61. May 17, 2012
    When you say that Diablo 2's graphics looks the same as Diablo 3's?... Either you need to get your eyes check or you need to quit crying that you could not login to the servers on launch. All these negative reviews are completely ridiculous. I read some and it gets boring reading about how you impatient f***ks can't wait to play the game. I waited 2 days to get this game, because i didn't reserve a collectors edition. If anybody should be raging its me not having the damn game at launch and not being able to play with all my friends. So quit your damn crying. Anyway aside from the trolling idiots, the game lives up to the hype. The graphics are really nice, animations are awesome, and it is a huge upgrade from Diablo 2. Everything looks nice and finely crisp. Game play is really fun and it gets even more fun when the difficulty is turned up a notch especially when you are playing with friends. Everything is balanced and really the only disappointed is not being able to pvp yet but thats fine. Plus if this is supposedly "WoW inspired clone" I'd much rather play this than pay $15 a month to fight with pandas...just saying. Anyway like said this game does live up to the hype and is really fun to play. Overall I'm happy that i got my copy of the collectors edition, and the negative reviews are just plain unnecessary and childish. Expand
  62. May 18, 2012
    All you drama queens that have given this game a zero have clearly not played it past level 20. I'll admit, I originally gave it an average score due to the fact that while they seemed to get a lot of things right, the performance of the engine and dumbing down of the skill system seemed to be a problem. Well I was wrong about both, and so are you guys. Blizzard has nailed the Diablo experience and it is only getting better. For those of you considering whether to buy, just recognize that the haters are playing this game right now as we speak. Expand
  63. May 17, 2012
    To say that the game is bad just because that there are some problems with the login servers is just hilarious. This game is epic and then some, easy to get in to, hard to quit playing and a storyline that blows you away.
    The People that are writing bad reviews are just blowing of steam. Ofc there is always room for improvement, there is, as of yet, no game that is flawless. It would have
    been nice to be able to customize a few things, and I'm not taken with the ide of a AH with real money (but we cant review that, as its not online yet), but overall its still a mind blowing game. Expand
  64. May 17, 2012
    For everyone reading this review, everyone that is whining and crying about how the new style gameplay is horrible, blah blah, no attribute points, etc, there is a reason why its called Diablo 3, and not Diablo 2. Its because its a newer revamped version. Don't like it? Cry about it somewhere else. Don't taint the name of Blizzard just because you can't get on the servers to play the game, and especially don't taint the name of Blizzard because you don't like how they make their games. That's like saying, "Hey man! Can I have some of your milk?" to your best mate, then throwing the milk back in your best mates face saying, "Dude, that tastes like Sh*t"

    I will admit, the only thing that has slightly unimpressed me so far in this game has been the server unavailability, but that's not forever; in fact, its already cleared up, with some short maintenance breaks inbetween. Good things come to those who wait, and I am sure Blizzard will continue to deliver.

    Game-play wise, this game delivers the full hack-and-slash experience that people love, and the classes and amazing. From what I've seen, the "Witch Doctor" class is a must-play if you have a quirky sense of humor. Nothing more funny than watching exploding toads kill minions.

    There a plenty of side quests, and the game is very re-playable. About the removal of attribute points and skill points;
    The newer system is a lot cleaner, a lot more easily accessible, and you don't get that moment in battle going "**** **** **** wheres my (insert skill name here)!?!?!111!?one!" moments.
    There are still a lot of skills to utilise and customize between, and they all have their different uses.

    Playing fairly casual for a die-hard diablo fan, I've hit level 40 on a Demon Hunter, and like I said, have been impressed by the game so far. I've already said to my mates that I am looking forward to the sequel, Keep doing what you do Blizzard, and don't let these whinge bags bring you down.

    Also, as a last note; millions of people have bought this game. Yes, we are all annoyed about server instability, but in case you haven't seen, only 1674 (as of the time that I am posting this review)people have come to meta-critic to badmouth and rant about the game. These are probably the people that wanted something to whine about in the first place, or just aren't getting laid enough! Guess what the other millions of people are doing? Playing the game they bought, and having a smashing time.

    Thumbs up Blizzard.
  65. May 17, 2012
    Very close to perfection! Other than some minor launch issues, Blizzard has once again built the best Action RPG on the market. Gorgeous graphics, improved/simplified play mechanics (no more potion spamming), a simpler/better skill/runes system, and amazing voice acting and plot throughout. Appears to have 30-40 hours of solid gameplay to get through the single player acts and side quests. Much more if you play all the classes, play hard core, or play through all the difficulty levels. Loot system is amazing so people will be playing for years to get "one more drop". Great to see an auction house included! Expand
  66. May 17, 2012
    I'm kind of amazed at all the people who gave it zero just because of a server issue on the first day of release. I doubt any of those people will come back and revise their score after they've beaten act 4 and are bragging to their friends about their 1337 gear. This game is as addicting as the first two in the series. People who claim that there is no character customization are simply incorrect. You are able to customize your character's abilities by simply checking a box in the options screen. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Simply put, if you enjoyed Diablo I and II, you'll love this game. The procedurally-generated levels are gorgeous, the combat is challenging, and after the rather linear feel of the first few quests, the game opens up quite a bit. The only reason I'm giving it a 9 instead of a ten is that you have to get quite far into the game for most of these options to open up, so people who have only played for 30 minutes will naturally feel restricted. One could say that Blizzard has overloaded the endgame to the point where new players might feel neglected. Probably the most disturbing feature of the game is the online-only play. Expand
  67. May 17, 2012
    I'm majorly surprised at all the negative reviews. This game has to be hands down the most fun I've had in Diablo for a long time. Let's take a look at some of the things this game has similar to the second;

    -Characters: You'll see many reappearances of your favorite Diablo Lore characters in this game.

    -Art: The art style looks and feels like Diablo. Who could forget the Life Orb after
    playing D2?

    -Classes: A lot of the classes, while named differently, feel like advanced and fleshed out versions of the D2 classes. Witch Doctor; Necromancer. Barbarian (Same). Wizard; Sorceress. Monk; Paladin/Assassin Mix. Demon Hunter; Amazon/Assassin Mix.

    Ok, so what are the differences?

    -In-Depth Character Customization; Thousands of ways to build your toon with a forgiving system that doesn't lock you into a skill path. You can easily change your build out of combat with no penalties besides a small cooldown on the changed skill slot. Not to mention this new customization allows for gear optimization, allowing you to specialize certain ways for a bigger bang.

    Also, this seems trivial, but I love the fact I can dye my armors or use a vanishing dye to remove ugly pieces. Plenty of dyes to find and millions of pieces of gear to customize with.

    -Auction House; This is a very contested area in a review. Let me start by saying I disagree with the Real-Life Currency option and you won't find me doing it. With that said, the Virtual Currency (Gold) Auction House is incredibly useful. I've found magnificent gear for really low prices that have ubertized my toons, while also being able to sell old/found gear for a good amount.

    I think people need to take a chance to actually utilize the Auction House, because it is a really neat feature that can be extremely beneficial to your builds and toons.

    -Combat: Exciting, thrilling, and fast paced. Exactly what I expect out of Diablo. You no longer rely on health potions and instead rely on skill and Health Orbs that are strategically dropped by enemies throughout a fight. The new resources that each class has (Mana, Arcane Power, Spirit, Fury, and Hatred/Discipline) help to keep classes unique. While there are less skills to learn in this game, the Rune system allows you to deeply customize your character's abilities. No two toons should ever have the same build, simply because the Rune system adds a huge amount of depth to what your character can do.

    -Story: Beautifully told story, filled with TONS (and I mean TONZ) of voice acting for those who hate reading. The CGI cutscenes are nothing less than breathtaking, exactly what I expect out of Blizzard. My only complaints here is that the story is fairly linear without many choices involved, but all the Diablo games are like this so this may be a good thing if you liked the linear style the three games have always had. Definitely some interesting plot twists, and surprisingly the voice acting isn't cheesy.

    If you're a Diablo fan, this game shouldn't disappoint. If you're an action RPG fan, this game definitely won't disappoint. If anything, they've turned Diablo into a pseudo-MMO with much more depth involved.

    Also, on another note, the servers are a little bit unstable as of now, but it's been patched constantly. I expect all the kinks to be worked out within the next week or so. The online play isn't discouraging in the least bit, and encourages teamplay (which is a whole other level of chaos and fun!)

    If anything, this game is at least worth a try. Not a 10/10 perfect game, but an incredibly fun one never the less.
  68. May 17, 2012
    what's wrong with all of you ? u guys gave 0 for this great RPG game. First off, I need to point out the launch was really bad, it took me over 2 hours to login. But if let the launch and connection aside, the game itself could easily deserve 8/10 if not more . The only thing that holds me back to give a 10/10 is the quest system, the storyline is great but the quest system make the game so rush, not a lot of side quest and the rewards are basically exp and gold. However, the hack - slash gameplay is hella fun and addicting, graphic and effects are great as well as the sound effect. It's more customization than people might think since the level points are removed. At first, I was like " damn, no more customization" but after finishing Normal in diablo 3, I think there are a lot of customization. For what I noticed, the customization's now based on items. Items now will upgrade any skill you want to upgrade, and increase any stats u want to increase.
    The online gaming could be inconvenient, but makes the game more addicting and fair since you can compete with other and nobody can use hack or cheat .
  69. May 17, 2012
    I feel compelled to review Diablo 3 not for the public but because of the public. For those giving this game a bad score for the necessary internet connection and launch bugs shame on you. Although I also don't agree with needing a constant internet connection this isn't the first game to do it and one of the biggest reasons to add this requirement is for any game now a days is because of piracy. Is it the best way to handle it? No. If your going to be mad about something like that be mad at the people who steal games. The people that think the game is worth playing but don't want to pay for it. As for the launch bugs, they will get fixed, calm down.

    Now, on to the real reason I'm defending the game. People keep saying its watered down and to "casual." To those people I say, wait till you unlock the other difficulty modes. I am also reading a lot of post about people being unhappy with character development. I think they did a great job. From what I gather people are pretty butt hurt about not being able to pick stats when you level. But I ask why, why do you want to do that so much? Blizzard took a step back and actually analyzed how people were playing their games. Just like in WoW if you didn't put talent point in certain skills, or in Diablo's case, stats, then you were essentially playing the class wrong. They instead said, and this is true with Diablo too, if they are always going to put their point into these stats lets find another way that people can customize their characters the way they want to without them feeling inferior to someone else playing the same class. That's where the introduction to these new skill types shine. For example my brother and myself are both playing Monk. We are both piling on the dexterity from items, because in order to do any type of good damage we need it. Which points back to why anyone wants "customize" their own stats, just let them do it. We all know where your going to put them anyway. Instead, where we get to customize is with our abilities, runes, and passive abilities. We play the character completely different yet were both feel just as powerfully and we enjoy playing the game in our own ways. I've tried his skills build and i hate it, and the same can be said when he tried how I play my monk. The game is deep, the art is gorgeous and a amazing example of why not every game needs "next gen" graphics. For everyone hating on the game for the mandatory internet connection and the launch bugs. I understand, I've said my share of comment about it, but grow up. Scores of Zero are childish.
  70. May 17, 2012
    I signed up for metacritic just so I could balance out some of these negative reviews. I think they're completely unjustified. I think it's an awesome game. I think they took some of the best of D2 and improved on it well. If you wanted just D2 with better graphics then I think you misunderstand how the video game industry works. Try Kickstarter or something. I can understand the complaints about server problems. I was quite disappointed in that and the inconvenience associated with the online only aspect deserves some lost points in the rating. But giving the game a zero for it is like throwing away good food because your waiter was rude.
    As for the complaints about customizability, even in my gaming heyday, in the era of D1 and D2, I didn't have the time to experiment with every possible customization. I thought that collecting runes and gems and set items was so tedious and time-consuming, I'm glad they simplified it a bit. Now for some of the things I like.
    I like the graphics. I adjusted the settings so that it runs really smoothly and the graphics are still beautiful and what I would have expected.
    I like that you can dye bits of armor to change your character's appearance. Simple thing but it shows they still understand that customization is important.
    Fun and simple gameplay. I don't need it to be the most challenging I do every day. And higher difficulties and hardcore characters still allow for more intensity for those who want it.
    I like the achievements. It's kinda par for the course with games these days but I think it adds something good to the game.
    I like not having to carry around mana or scrolls.
    These are just a few of the unique features that I love about D3. I think it's a great game. And I'll say it again, if you're disappointed that D3 isn't just D2 with better graphics, I think your expectations are unrealistic and it's no wonder you're disappointed.
    It's a great game with some minor flaws. Period.
  71. May 17, 2012
    Graphically acceptable - for more experienced fans of the francise it's probably a little bland. The always on line DRM a pain in the preverbial if you know what I mean. The simplified mechanics will appeal to the less experienced and casual gamers, and the younger element of plays who do not rememer the heritage of the Diablo brand
  72. May 17, 2012
    Awesome! I love the modifications in Diablo 3 over D2 and D1. Forget stamina, attribute points and skill trees, and get right down to bashing evil's head in! :) Drops are better as well. I can't really understand people's negative comments regarding these changes, but hey... to each their own.

    I can understand, however, people's frustration with the server and performance woes, but you
    can assume these will be fixed in the very near future. Expand
  73. May 17, 2012
    Despite my night (three, actually) of condemning Blizzard with a slew of profanities, I have waited until a nice full day or two of play to actually provide a review. While the server errors are certainly noteworthy, I have not let it affect the review of Diablo III itself. If anything, the server issues, bugs and delays are a harsh reflection of Blizzard's lack of foresight and wisdom regarding its preparation for a massive game such as this; this is especially poignant, given their experience with World of Warcraft and, more recently, Starcraft II.

    All that being said, please consider the following: the GAME of Diablo III is nothing short of great. Initially, upon playing the beta, I thought Blizzard was tossing the customization that I loved from D2 out the window. This is not the case. Rather, the customization has been reallocated through different mechanisms, namely skill Runes and gems. My other concern was how brutally easy Normal mode felt as the Demon Hunter (the class I chose for the Beta). Granted, Normal mode is somewhat easy early on and through its entirety, but it soon becomes clear that Normal is like the training grounds, preparation for once you hit Nightmare mode. Also, being as a play a Wizard now... the enemies hurt me.

    Despite the ease in Normal mode, Diablo III nevertheless provides both a competent and enjoyable variety of enemy types: from the Vortex subtypes who, after a short moment of deciding they hate fighting you from a distance abruptly teleport you, against your will, in front of them; whereas the Jailers decide "screw this cat and mouse game" and hold you stationary in a prism of red light; and then there are the Wallers who literally create walls of earth to trap you in their path of destruction. I should add that, as a Wizard, I REALLY dislike the Wallers.

    I want to redirect my jumbled rant to the Skills section. Those of us who remember Diablo II fondly also remember that utilizing builds was all about two skills and spamming potions to beat the game. The best builds, which became the only type of builds played for most people in the golden years of Diablo, emphasized two skills utilized through very specific archetypes. This is not the case in Diablo III. The game creator himself emphasized the focus on creating a massive amount of viable builds in comparison to a narrow field of optimal builds. Whereas in Diablo II we could only equip two skills at once, D3 allows us to use up to six at once. Because of this, there is a myriad of possible play-styles waiting to be uncovered. Furthermore, the option to select skill runes (there are several per skill) develops a sense of variety, both graphically and tactically. This ranges from splitting my Magic Missile into three in order to hit more enemies for less damage to altering my powerful arcane orb ( a slow moving projectile that explodes for heavy damage) into four small orbs that surround me and detonate when an enemy closes the gap between us.

    Expanding further on my point of customization, I wanted to address stat point allocation. This is a concept that fans of Diablo II will remember and, as you can see from the massive number of negative reviews, lament no longer having in D3. The stats themselves are still there but, more importantly, are improved upon so that we can all have an understanding as to what they do. Some people seem to think that the lack of point allocation means Blizzard abandoned customization. This is not true. Rather, stat modification is now heavily equipment reliant. For example: two magical helmets drop as loot. Helmet A will provide me +11 Dexterity but has less raw armor value than Helmet B. Helmet B actually has a few more points of raw armor but, rather than adding dexterity, it adds +9 Intelligence. As a Wizard, I have a few things to consider, regarding how I want to play. Despite the lower armor value of Helmet A, the +11 Dexterity increases my dodge capability, actually improving my defense over Helmet B. Helmet B, however, forgoes that increase of defense by boosting my Intelligence which, for a Wizard, will increase my damage output.

    Taking such choices into consideration and weighing in my skills/rune selections easily creates a variety of viable builds. If I wanted to play a more defense Wizard build, I will pick skills such as Diamond Skin with a rune to increase the damage it absorbs, Arcane Orb with a rune that makes four smaller ones surround me to blow up on close proximity attackers, Mirror Image to make it harder to find me and Energy Tornado as my primary attack. By that same token, I could forgo my defensive tactics somewhat and play more of a "burn everything down" attacker by choosing Disintegrate, Fire Hydra, Explosive Rune and using Slow Time as my only real escape/utility spell.

    Diablo III takes a decade of gaming education and uses it to rework a wonderful franchise, which can be seen if you take the time to explore its nuances.
  74. May 17, 2012
    Diablo 3. A classic case of anticipation meets nerd rage. You paint this beautiful picture in your head of what this game should be, and when it isn't the crimson canvas of your own twisted mind, the game is a failure to you. Congratulations, you are now that nerd who sees a movie and claims, "The book was so much better". Q: Is the game perfect? A: No
    Q: Did the launch have issues? A:
    Can't respond at this time (Error 37)
    Q: Am I enjoying it? A: Hell yes

    The critics who are complaining about the inability to play the game, need to take a second to think about their constant cries for attention. Diablo 3 was this supposed masterpiece that millions couldn't wait to enjoy. We all sat down at our computers, ordered an appetizer of caffeinated drinks with a side dish of an all nighter, and waited for the main course to arrive. However, we were left wondering if the kitchen ever got our order. But who's to blame?

    Certainly it isn't the cook's fault that they couldn't get us our order. It was the middleman who needs to take the blame. The waiter screwed up. Plain and simple. We can make sure to fill out our restaurant card with a 1 star for service. Then, we're left with the food section of the card (which we never got to taste). How can we rate that if we didn't taste it? You can't. So stop trolling.

    When one actually plays the game, they will find much of what they're looking for in a Diablo 2 sequel. Hack and slash gameplay- Check
    Tons of Loot- Check
    Addicting gameplay- Check

    They will also find things they weren't expecting (Killer cut scenes, dynamic gameplay, etc.)

    The fact remains that you're left with an outstanding game, with hours and hours of slot machine looting, demon killing, and rare but needed bathroom breaks. So grab a couple of beers this weekend, and do what any great game will allow you to do. Have fun.
  75. May 17, 2012
    Same old gameplay minus the boring / useless parts (like the useless skill builds and char stats). Godly graphics and audio. The servers are back to normal right now and it will probably only get better.
  76. May 17, 2012
    Ok, I will admit I only played Diablo 2 a limited amount, and am far less hardcore about PC gaming then most. Yes the game has become far more streamlined, yes there were issues at launch. Those who are disappointed, I get it, but instead of giving it a zero which it clearly does not deserve, give it an appropriate score for an underwhelming sequel but a capable standalone game. somewhere between a 5-7 depending on how much haterade you had that day. It's an enjoyable game that isn't perfect and is plagued by corporate greed for sure. New players are going to be incredibly turned off by the 3.8 gamer review score. Rather then throwing a hissy fit for the developers not giving what you expected, appreciate it for what it is, a fun, engaging, if rather strait forward, hack and slash with some customizability with an interesting story. Not to mention it has the wonderful ability to be updated and changed. If you're unhappy, rant about it with a purpose so maybe some things will be changed. Expand
  77. May 18, 2012
    How many stupid reviews out there! The DRM is not a problem we live in 2012 not 1992 or even 2002. And on release, of course the servers will be overcrowded. On day 2 I had no problems at all. Get over it whiners! After 10 years of waiting I'm so happy, the graphics (as with D2 same complaints then) it's not over the top or ground breaking, but it is still very nice and the atmosphere is so addictive with elements referring to D1 and D2. I actually like that my actions decides how my attributes are distributed and then I can shift between my skills which is a great feature. It is well balanced and easy to control and master. The great thing about graphics is that we all see the same area so nobody gets an advantage. Only complaint is that I see lag from time to time even in single player which is frustrating. Expand
  78. May 18, 2012
    Absolutely love the game. The at-launch issues were far less than I have come to expect with game launches of this scale, by far. Aside from some issues g in during the earliest hours of the launch, I've had zero issues with the game, in over 30 hours of play across 3 characters. The story was predictable, but Diablo was always more about the gameplay, loot drop and lore than main storyline. The 5 classes are all great to play, the crafting system adds to the already awesome loot drop system and creates another major gold-sink I always fled diablo needed. I've found that the complaints that others have had about the game are largely unreasonable, and often born of expectations that will never be met by any game. The always on DRM doesn't bother me, really. D3 is, and I believe should be, a social game. Gold selling is going to happen whether Blizzard supports it or not, only this way it's safe and controlled. If you look at D3 as a free to play MMO, with the RMAH being the "premium" paid content, which ultimately is what it comes down to, 99.9% of people's complaints about th game fall through entirely. Honestly, D3 has thus far exceeded my expectations, and I expected this to be one of only two games this year to matter to me. Expand
  79. May 18, 2012
    As a sequel, the smartest thing would be to compare to Diablo 2, as fans are expecting D3 to provide a better game overall than D2, so this review will focus on comparing the differences between these 2 games.

    1. Character customisation: D2: Talent points and attribute points were assigned by players to their character.
    D3: Talent points are replaced by runes, and attribute points are
    spread automatically (not really mattering in the long run)
    Who wins? Diablo 3. Because in D2, the stats that were put by players were enough strength to wear an item, and the rest would get dumped in vitality. The mechanic was annoying, and the new attribute system takes care of that hassle. 2. Story
    D3 does not fail to deliver storywise. Where D2 revolved around the character, D3 revolves around the important figures of the world, with drama between all of them, and the Character as the mediator for world issues.

    3. Gameplay.
    Difficulty levels make a difference. In D2, a champion mob even on the highest difficulty setting would be just xp or gems/runes/magic items. In D3, a champion mob on a higher difficulty means dying most of the time.
    The bosses feel like a challenge, and no longer just an itemcheck. You need to think about the spells you bring in to the fight, and you need to have tactics.

    4. Art
    Cinematics and music is just superb, and this is already common for blizzard games. It is good to know that they invest in good quality cinematics and good ambient sound.
    Voice acting on the other hand was not of the highest quality, killing some of the immersion.

    5. Auction house:
    As items are not bind on equip/pickup, item value will decrease very fast. As far as gold action house goes, this will allow players to have access to items they wanted without the necessary grinding. As far as real money auction house goes, it is simply a way to make a passive income as a company, after the game has been launched, and prevent illegal gold selling. This is common business logic in today's market, that we as gamers have shaped. Certain products gained profit over this method and will continue to, so obviously every other game will have this feature. My opinion is we should not judge the game based on this, but rather the company.

    6. The Always-Online-DRM
    This is something no gamer agrees with. Although this may sound like an excuse, there is a reason behind it, and it is linked to the above point. Duping was a major issue in Diablo 2, and if the developers wanted to make a stable auction house, and especially a real money auction house, every item drop, stat, and inventory needs to have server side checking. This is why single player is online. So a user cannot simply hack items into his inventory so that he could earn a profit. This is understandable.
    What is not understandable on the other hand, is the fact that on a European server, with a 100 MBit connection, a user would have 300 ms lag(from Europe). Think about hardcore mode death due to lag for a second. 300 ms is a lot.
  80. May 18, 2012
    I'm all for constructive criticism, but some of you are just plain bashing this game due to some unforeseen technical difficulties and changes. Change is good, I love the way the new game is, so you can't customize your stats, so what. That makes the hunt for gear that much more fun. The graphics is awesome, sound is amazing I feel nostalgic every time I here the different sounds and effects. The whole playing a single player game online is a bit of a disappointment, but I understand why it has been implemented. Then on to Cutscenes superb cinematic, Blizzard is known for this. Great game. Expand
  81. May 18, 2012
    The game is just pure fun to play. It has improved a lot over D2 while keeping true to the hack-n-slash-n-loot original and the overall quality is Bliz typical. It becomes actually less repetitive as you level up with new abilities, runes etc. People (me included) were not happy with the server issues of day1 but this does not have anything to do with the game in the long run.
  82. May 18, 2012
    At first it was Diablo 1. If was a turnover in the market because of it. Huge ideas came to life, everyone was impressed because they didn't know what to expect. Diablo 2 - the game that every person knows. Diablo 2 represents and idea perfected for it's years. It was so fun because it was different. But years started to pass, people got obsessed with the game. When Blizzard announced that that they are working on Diablo 3 great expectation from the fans started to build up like this : if one was an instant classic, two the best of the best, the tree has to be better. After 5 years people expected that in the moment they will open the game they will be blown away. It is wrong to think that. There is nothing in universe that will blow away after it is anticipated for 12 years.

    Because of this they started to judge the game from the missing feelings of greatness and they closed they eyes to see what the game really is.

    Diablo 3 is perfect.

    You always got a feeling of moving through a concept art.
    The story is great, pump at the right moment a new line to keep you in the hell illusion.
    Everything is perfectly match - the stats, the weapons etc.

    The skills know are great because low level skills still get used in high levels.
    The skills are now changeable and one more thing - are exactly what a human can handle with a two click mouse

    The stats, personally i don't care about putting stats point on my own, eventually you will all agree because if you start to look at Diablo 2 - all great characters have about the same build ups in stats.

    The online thing. Well it is the future even if you don't like it. And the reason you don't like it is because probably you have an expensive internet connection or a bad one. Another thing, the online only is great because your game is up to date instant and because you're connected with others. I don't get the hype about the online because everyone who complains about it does it online : here or on Facebook.

    From my point of view Blizzard did a great job about the game, it is just plain fun and has a lot of parts that will change the market again.
    Blizzard did delivered a superb game, a Diablo game for this decade.
    My only complain is that I had to wait 12 years for the third part.
  83. May 18, 2012
    Foreword. For some reason this game has a low meta, whether that's the work of some anonymous party or not is up to rumor, speculation, and the realm of possibility. I know one thing, loads of folks are buttmad and denying themselves one of the best gaming experiences of the past couple years. (It can't dwarf Portal 2, but it tried and was done by BLIZZARD.) I had negative if any expectations coming into Diablo III. That being said, Blizzard actually made a game that's very good for once in a long while. Chris Metzen and the dev team really poured their hearts into this game. The DRM was an obstacle for many people, but for me wasn't much of an issue. There were hiccups and all, but really the quality of the game makes up for that. That being said, time to get into an actual review by an actual Blizzard critic, Activision hater, et al. Diablo III's best experienced elements will now be outlined and then reviewed.A.Streamlining, what was done right for the gameplay style.a.The character streamlining adds to gameplay in my opinion, because in previous Diablo games, the skill system really just felt like a mess, even for the time. People who liked it probably had never really experienced a deep rpg. Diablo III's skill system gives you constant upgrades, probably about a thousand ways you can roll a character skillwise and has room to let you have fun in any capacity. b.Diablo 2 wasn't really an RPG, it was a hack and slash, and anyone who says differently obviously has no concept of real RPGs (a la isometric, et al.) Diablo III did you a favor and kept leveling, just in a way that would make it so that you wouldn't die to skeletons or eight hundred demons whilst attempting to level up.c.Town portals and identify scrolls are "free" and included into your character. Normally one would say that this is a shortcut, but when ransacking bookcases and such if you look closely you will see that those scrolls fall out. B.Art style, consistency, cutscene quality, storytelling, score.a.All of the above elements are of an exceptional quality, especially the cutscenes; the act one cutscene was one of the best I have ever seen honestly. It was an experience, now Diablo III in this regard is more of an experience than anything. I wouldn't say that it had a lot of early game depth, or ridiculous bugs, especially broken classes etc. The game is consistent in that you are powerful, but you are still weak; you are learning to be stronger and gaining experience as a veteran. You always feel like you're powerful, no matter what class you play you will feel like you're the best. Beyond the first act the cutscenes remain hopeful yet dark, inspiring you to keep going; to finish what you started. Diablo III is well fleshed out in lore, a lot has happened in twenty years and much has changed in Tristram and other places, the Horadrim are a focus for awhile, those of you that paid attention in D2. Companions and vendors all have their own stories and conversations, equipment and chatter.
    Diablo III is a well scored game, as are many Blizzard endeavors. However a lot is to be desired, it doesn't have an iconic score as did previous Diablo games. Some would argue that this is an improvement because if you're like me, you're done act 1 about eighteen times or more across D1 and D2. C.DIDO (Drop in drop out) optimizations, the removal of ninja looting entirely.a. Drop ins on your game are much more livable now in Diablo III, no longer can one speedrun your dungeon, killing the act boss and excluding you. Absconding with all of your loot. No, you get prompts for bosses. This change is welcome to people like me who tend to get lost, even with automap it's hard to find things sometimes.b. Loot is now instanced on your character. All players receive individual loot, the most brilliant gameplay change I've ever experienced. The previous systems were nightmares, whether a shouting match, or a ninja and log. I guarantee nobody will steal your legendaries, okay pal? D.Account wide achievements, vendor progress, and stash. a.Three things to spend your gold on to account for the up in magical item drop and usability, the blacksmith, the jeweler, and your stash. (Might I add that the jeweler is voiced by the wonderful James Hong. The work that went into all of this seemingly simple idea had to be very difficult. Please don't underestimate how long that probably took. A risk that pays off well, and Blizzard taking risks post 2007 is something I never thought I would see.E.Lastly and most importantly, the gameplay. a.Constantly satisfying gameplay with the potential for great depth and some of the greatest mechanics seen since Deus Ex leaves Diablo III as a strong contender for game of the year from one of the companies owned by one of the worst companies in America IMO (unofficially) . You should buy this game, nuff said. Plus all of your friends are playing it, if you have friends that is.
  84. May 18, 2012
    So the cool thing about not World of Warcraft 3 is that it follows nicely in the direction of not World of Warcraft 2. I'm not an avid fan on the Diablo series and I only know the vague plot of Diablo 2 however Blizzard have learnt from their story telling mistakes and made the plot of Diablo 3 easy to follow, not in your face obvious and given a medium to learn about what happen in
    past games (grant it you have to seek out said medium). Diablo 3â Expand
  85. May 18, 2012
    Dianlo 3 is actually turned out to be a fun game to play with some friends. Needless to say the game focuses on the coop experience. The mechanics are nice, the gameplay is fun and the story is also quite decent. So yes you should definetly pick this game up, if you are interested in some good old coop fun.
    So that is all i gotta say? Nope.
    So there have been some Statements here which are
    just blitantly dumb. So I will pick up some of these to actually prove them wrong:

    Statement 1: The game is casual, therefore it is bad.
    Answer: Ok so the game is pretty much easy to access. Well so why would you say it is bad? Tetris is on e of the most casual Games out there and everyone loved it! I do not see any problem with a game being easy accessible and still being a good game.

    Statement 2: No character Customization.
    Answer: Totally wrong. Everyone is just whining about the fact that Blizzard decided to not go with the Skilltree system. Runes which can be attached to your Skills can actually change the way your skills work and therefore provide a wide range of playing styles. I found myself not knowing what combinations to choose, because there were to fricking many! By the way: Everyone who was deeply in love with the Skilltree system Diablo 2 offered should take of their Retro-goggles. Actually 70% of the Skills were either useless or not involved in any build. It was the most efficient to just skill down one path in order to dish out as many damage as possible. Synergy was all that counted.

    Statement 3: Diablo 3 is Pay2Win.
    Answer: Oh.. my... God. Would anyone please tell how the hell you can win a game that is focused around cooperative gameplay?! All that the RMAH is actually trying to prevent is that People will sell Items via ebay for high prices. That was by the way the case with Diablo 2 (you could buy runes and hellfire torches online). And the PvP System is just there on demand of the community. And what other solution is there, then to make an arena-mode where you can fight against each other. Open Wolrd PvP does not work with a hack n slay game!

    Statement 3: Diablo 3 has bad Voice-acting.
    Answer: Nope. I must admit there are plenty of weird accents in this game but it s not that bad.

    Statement 4: It looks like WoW , therefore it' s bad.
    Answer: Ok so some of the Hud elemnts are looking similiar to WoW and the chat-system is almost the same as in WoW (which is btw an evolved form of the Warcraft 3 Battlenet chat system). But actually I do not see any point there why exactly that makes Diablo 3 a bad game. WoW is not a bad game either. Actually it is a pretty good game, and the only bad thing there is to it, is that you have to pay a monthly fee. The game itself does almost anything right when it comes to MMORPG standards. And the Art-style completly differs from the one that has been used on WoW. So to end it here Diablo 3 is a damn good game that defies hack n saly mechanics. And if you look close you will notice that over 80% of the negative Reviews were posted on March 15th. So they are more people raging about the fact, that the log-in-servers were crushed by too many log ins at 12:01 than people who are actually reviewing the game.
  86. May 18, 2012
    Having a blast. Yes its more or less the same dingeon crawler as diablo II. Love that they got rid of the point systems and replaced it with runes and variety of passive skills, everyone casn sue combinations they want.

    Fun coopeartive game and addictive
  87. May 18, 2012
    I was one of the fans that got the game for release. I was there ready to login right at Midnight on launch day in Europe. I went through all the same login issues as everyone else and was upset by it. That said these issues are temporary and like every Blizzard game we have come to know and love issues are dealt with; even 9 years after a game was released in some cases. That said, let us move on and review the game for what it is and not what it isn't.

    Diablo is a hack'n slash RPG and as far as this genre goes Diablo 3 delivers better than any other game in it's genre by a LARGE margin. It is highly addictive with co-op mode more readily available and anti-cheat countermeasures already in place (unlike Diablo 2 for those that recall how awful multiplayer was at times due to hackers).

    Some have complained about the lack of options and customization but I found just the right amount with it getting deeper as the game continues through ability customization and gear. Stat improvement is indeed automatic but through gear you can decide weather you want to be a glass cannon or be able to take some hits later in the game (think nightmare, hell and inferno difficulties).

    I am mainly posting this review as the voices of those that HATE the game seem to be very loud right now while those that love it are busy playing it because it is that addictive - any game that can keep you playing for 6 hours straight and want to keep going is definitely a good game (either that or it administers digital drugs to you or something).

    The only thing that keeps me rating this game a 10/10 is that it true that there is nothing 'revolutionary' about this game. Diablo 3 is what was promised, maybe a little more even, definitely not less. Some fans are displeased with the outcome and while I respect their opinion I would say they are the 'loud minority' and I expect the overall User Score to go up drastically as more players 'come up for air' to take the time and submit a review.
  88. May 18, 2012
    Good heavens Metacritic reviewers are a whiney bunch. "The launch didn't go flawlessly!" "The servers were down!"

    Ugh. Here's the skinny on the game itself, not my whining and crying and giving it a zero because I couldn't log in instantly upon launch. Did you love Diablo and Diablo II? Big surprise, you'll love Diablo III. Chopping and slaughtering my way through enemies with my friends
    is a blast, and better still, we don't have to fight over loot because of the genius individualized loot in multiplayer. Better still, if you get something nice for a barbarian, yet you are playing a witch doctor, just toss it over to the barb in your group. Better chances for everyone to get loot they like the more people are playing.

    The classes each have a fun unique feel with their different sources of magic/power. The rune system is a little disappointing because everyone has access to the same set, however, I find myself switching around and trying new combinations all the time against different groups of foes and depending on whether I am solo or grouped. I know that PvP will add a whole new element to the runes as well.

    Knocking a point off for not having PvP on launch, but that just gives me time to get through the first difficulty and get on to the real loot so I can crush my enemies more effectively. Don't listen to the whiners. Diablo III is a good-looking and addictive sequel that is a ton of fun to play.
  89. May 18, 2012
    don't listen to the people giving it a low score the game is excellent just as good as diablo 2 yes there is less customization yes they simplified it but it is still an amazing game that deserves full attention the story is better in my opinion because there is simply more mystery to it its a lot more fun even though you might not be able to create the character you wanted it is still an awesome game 9/10 Expand
  90. May 18, 2012
    Guess what? I had connection issues. Big deal. I got the play the game for a solid 4 hours before it hit, and I'lI say this: As an ardent diablo player, I am not disapointed. Immensely fun, GREAT graphics when run at highest settings, and huge replay value. Story could be a bit better, but im satisfied with the amount of voice acting. Every single reveiw I've seen conradicts the game I have played, which makes me wonder who actually played it and who is just raging. Expand
  91. May 18, 2012
    I am trying to make this as far of a review as possible. I completely disagree with the common theme of giving a zero due to connection errors. If this continues for a month then yes Blizzard should refund or do something to appease the mob. The reason I am not going to Bomb blizzard for this is because the last diablo game had a loyal fan base for over 10 years. In a month hopefully no one remembers this first week. Are we not the same group that demanded Blizzard release it? I took a day off from work and I completely agree that the error 37 is inexcusable. Especially after they had 250,000 users testing it for a month and at least another Million that would have loved to get a BETA invite. I have heard rumors of people beating Normal in 6 hours. Personally I think this is false. I could be led to believe 10 for skilled gamers trying to beat the record. Fortunately there are 5 classes, 4 of which I find very enjoyably diverse. So on normal difficulty you are looking at a min 40 hours. Then there is level capping all these players and three other difficulties, not to mention Hardcore mode for the mentally ill. So all in all I think you are look at a minimum of 200 hours of play and potentially much higher. I personally love the switchable abilities. I think at the harder difficulties people are going to have to be very skilled playing different skill sets based on the situational to get through. Yeah Normal was a cake walk; but thatâ Expand
  92. May 18, 2012
    To those looking for an honest review for those not looking for trolling or rageposts:
    Is it perfect? No. The skill system is a little too reminiscent of Guild Wars for my tastes, some of the voice acting is questionable, and there are still a few bugs. But despite all that, the game is super-fun, and very addicting. I haven't lost this much sleep over a game since...well, since Diablo II.
    The story picks up right where DII left off and is enjoyable enough, and the action is unquestionably the best hack-and-slash on the market. People saying it isn't a worthy sequel either haven't played enough of it, or are looking back a little too fondly at Diablo 1 and 2...this is a better game in every respect than both of its predecessors.

    To those complaining: It's 2012, not 1998. Games are going to require internet connection and logins, get used to it. Also, the Auction House is there to *stop* illegal item/gold trade, by providing competition and regulation. Blizzard has done a really good job anticipating the needs of the community in this aspect...think about how much of Diablo II was ruined by hacked and duped items and people buying items for cash from shady websites that stole people's credit cards and passwords. By putting a safe, legal way to trade items in the game, they are preventing an unfair pay-to-win environment, not creating one.
  93. May 18, 2012
    I hate the fact there are so many people giving this great game unfair scores, so I decided to get my own write up in here. I preordered the game without playing the beta and almost second guessed my decision based on the bad things I was hearing about the game before release from the beta testers. Thankfully I didn't cancel my order because after 15 hours of playing the game, I absolutely love it and I feel like its the best in the series.
    - Always online aspect of the game is something that naturally bothered me the first day because I couldn't play. And what normal person wouldn't be annoyed, even angry that they couldn't play a game that you waited so long for. But the server issues are stabilizing and the game is probably about 95% playable now, maybe even 100%. I for one absolutely love the always online feature of this game. And I can understand if I never played the game with friends and only did single player for every game I played, then I might be hating on the always online. But for me, the fact that I can always find my friends on 2.0, whether they are on WoW, Sc2, or D3, is awesome. But to be honest, I never played Diablo 2 offline because I always felt that the game was better online. I mean what game isn't better when its played with other people? Diablo 3 almost seems like from the ground up it was designed to be an online game, that could be played solo. Much like MMOs today, solo quest until your max level, then start doing group stuff (on a side note, I think that is the major problem with MMOs today). The difficult scales to the number of characters in the game, which makes playing with friends and the game much more fun. Next always online capability, NO MORE HACKING, thank God. Diablo 2, even closed was completely ruined by hacking. Now that a lot of the game is handled server side, especially loot, it seems, at least for now that Diablo 3 at the very least will be very, very difficult to hack. I like that. Actually, I like that a lot. If you got this game for single player only, I think you are missing one of the core functions of this game.
    - Story is decent and picks up more in the later acts than before. I keep reading about so and so beat normal mode, mind you did not same game, in 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 hours. I am currently sitting at 15 hours played and I just reached Act 3, but I did what any good RPG and fan of the series did, I explored! And back to the always online feature, if I saw a friend that behind in levels or needed some help, I jumped into their game and helped them. So I haven't just got one, rushed through and finished it. Also, for anyone downrating this game because you rushed through normal and go to the story and are complaining that it is too short, you obviously do not know the point of the Diablo-series, higher difficulty settings! The next difficulties offer better loot, better crafting, and the best part of it all, more challenge. So if you are rushing through to get to those things, awesome, but don't complain about a game being too short when just playing normal mode was never how the game was supposed to be played. I hated the skill system in this game and I mean hated it. I felt like Blizzard was choosing my skills for me and making the leveling up system in D3 be completely automated... until I got to the later levels. Now its another feature that I am enjoying of the game, and not because its pretty much chooses for you, but because of the arsenal of abilities I have to use to kill stuff. For anyone that played Diablo 2, due to synergies, you basically had 2-3 attacks you used and that was it. And in elective mode, I have more freedom over the skills that I use in my bars and I dunno maybe most people aren't using elective mode and that's they don't like it, or maybe they haven't figured out how to change out skills. But this game already has infinitely more skills and ways to play your character than Diablo 2 ever did. So for that I commend Blizzard for making the game they way they did. So, in short, the skill system looks shallow at first, but as you get later into the game and start trying out different combos and different strategies with skills, you start to see how they visioned their skills system.

    Finally, graphics, yes technically they are not that impressive, especially if you are only looking at polygons and textures. But to be fair to Blizzard, the graphics were expected, at least from me. I have played every single Blizzard released and each of them were never known for their modern graphics. But the game is delightfully dark, morbid and disgusting, thanks in part to the new graphics, and of course the art direction. And once again, Blizzard excels in the art direction. I mean there are some really grotesque things going on, especially once you get into the dungeons. I love the game and I feel like it deserves praise and definitely worth every penny.
  94. May 18, 2012
    This game is a lot of fun. I am not normally into games like these, or really most co-op games like this (borderlands is my other example), but so far, I am really enjoying myself. The graphics are up to par with WoW and the story is thoughtful and interesting. It is very straight forward, with no character customization outside of gender and class, and the class abilities are more based on play style rather than WoW's ability to give you dozens of abilities for a wide array of play options. That being said, someone looking for a hardcore game like the older Diablo or vanilla WoW should more so veer away from this title, however, those more casual and looking for a fun game to play with friends or even just a challenging world to explore at your leisure, will find endless hours of life-sucking fun. I give this game a 9 out of 10, being that it has proven to me that a co-op loot-grabbing game can be just as fun as anything else when put together in a way that cuts down the elitists and allows casual players to enjoy without feeling like lesser gamers. My only gripe is probably the graphics being sub-par to most games in this era, outside of Blizzard's famous CGI cut scenes, which would make anyone interested in a movie of anything Blizzard makes full of hope. Very enjoyable, with minor cosmetic short-comings. (And for those of you pulling a CoD on reviews for this game, try to review it as Diablo 3 and not say things like, "This game isn't Diablo 2 and I hate it!". The story is a sequel to the D2, and that is what sequel means, not that it is an exact copy.) Expand
  95. May 18, 2012
    I've waited for this game for a while, and I really like it. Graphics are great and the story is pretty "meh", thought that doesn't really matter because it's all about the click-click-click anyway. Also, thanks to Blizzard for making their games so damn scalable. By that, I mean it works on my 5 year old iMac, smooth as hell. Great!

    And so what about the DRM. Everyone has the internet
    these days, so it's not really a pain in the ass. Remember playing Diablo 2 and getting killed by hackers all the time? Well, that won't happen as easily now that all of our characters and items are stored on the Blizzard servers. Get over it, I say. If you're into it, it's a good game. Play it and have fun. Expand
  96. May 18, 2012
    I don't know why people are hating all over this game. I played it with a friend through all 4 Acts and we loved it. The story line is intriguing, fun to play, and shocking. The game plays great, had good graphics and animations, and has a user-friendly interface. It also sounds great, from severing limbs to chatting with Uncle Deckard. I think people are just upset with the fact that the server weren't functioning correctly on launch day, and many people had "Diablo Fever" and called in sick to play all day. You can't really give the game a **** review cause it had one flaw. Get over it guys, it's a great game and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good RPG experience. Expand
  97. May 18, 2012
    Bit short, but good. Never had any lag or connection issues. The only Blizzard game I've played was D2 as a kid, but you whiners and **** obviously don't know how the gaming industry works: DRM - Welcome to 2012. No serious online game is gonna let you have a free offline mode, too much piracy/duping. 10 years from now, this will be the unquestioned norm. It pretty much already is. Few hours of downtime - You've got the next 10 years to play, people

    Can't set attributes - Welcome to 2012. The mainstream gamer doesn't want stats/attributes that can't be changed if they mess up their build. Which MMO made in recent years doesn't have resets? A lot have done away with stats entirely. Same trend follows here. Graphics - Could be darker, but how gritty can you make an isometric 3D game? It's easy with 2D sprites in D1 and D2. If they were to do it for D3, it would take too much texturing and only run well on good computers. Blizzard wants casuals with crappy computers to play. I'd rather have big community rather than a group of elitists.

    Real money store - They want money, sure. But it would've happened legit or not. How do you support a free online game for this many people without monthly subscription or an item shop? You guys gonna donate? Game's not perfect, but the complaints above aren't even relevant.
  98. May 18, 2012
    =Pluses= +Has all the Diablo-y goodness that D2 and D1 had +Skills and runes change your character qualitatively +Somewhat more strategic than other Diablo games +Character classes are varied and mostly new +Decently balanced +Just as long as D2 =Pluses and Minuses= +-No skill point distribution +-No locking down your skill choices +-No offline play =Minuses= -Skill categories are somewhat arbitrary
    -Act 2 is almost a verbatim copy of D2's Act 2
    -Act 1 is similar to D1
  99. May 19, 2012
    Alright, so Blizzard is really dedicated to fixing the latency issue, as the server is functioning greatly now. I changed my rating from 2 to 9. The game itself is great, I think I don't need to explain much because others have nailed it perfectly. I'm absolutely satisfied with this game.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]