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  • Summary: Din's Curse is a single player and co-op multiplayer action RPG with 141 class combinations, infinite number of dynamically generated towns, real consequences, and a dynamic, evolving world. Din, champion of the gods, has cursed you into a second life of service because you selfishly squandered your first one while causing misfortune to those around you. To redeem yourself, you must impress Din by building a reputation for helping others. Travel the spacious western plains of Aleria and save desperate towns from the brink of annihilation. Until you're redeemed, you're doomed to wander the earth alone for all eternity. In Din's Curse, you will explore an extensive underground, slaying dangerous monsters, solving dynamic quests, dodging deadly traps, and in your spare time, plundering loot. Quell uprisings, flush out traitors, kill assassins, cure plagues, purge curses, end wars, and complete other dangerous quests or the danger WILL escalate. Not all is as it seems though, traitors will gladly stab you in the back, renegades can revolt against the town, spies can set up ambushes, and items might even curse or possess your friends. [Soldak Entertainment] Expand
Score distribution:
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  1. May 10, 2011
    It has tons of options to play around with to let the player experience the game exactly how he/she wants to. Character building is just as addictive as finding better loot.
  2. It is easy to sink hour after hour into Din's Curse and never really get bored even if the whole thing looks familiar. It's a game with easy charms in spite of its obvious flaws.
  3. With Din's Curse, players will have access to something that is familiar and fresh all at once. Having new scenarios play out each time really heightens the replay value of the title.
  4. That said, the game is fun. And refreshingly new. When every game that comes out in this genre is just the same thing over and over again, Din's Curse brings a lot of new features to the table.
  5. This game is heavily influenced by the likes of Diablo. Average graphics, random dungeons and a massive amount of items are just a few of the borrowed ideas. Nevertheless, aside from the repetitive quests, it's a fairly cool game.
  6. Din's Curse is just another Diablo clone. Ok, maybe It tries to put some innovations to the original formula but, at the end of the story, offers the some experience with some not so inspired design choices and a mediocre graphic.
  7. 65
    If you've still got a 14" monitor or are looking for something to play on your GeForce 2 equipped monster of a PC (this would probably work well on a netbook), Din's Curse is a pretty addictive way to flit away the winter hours.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 10
  2. Negative: 2 out of 10
  1. Apr 15, 2011
    Alright, in case you stopped reading about this game after reading some of its quirks from other reviews, I would give this one a chance. For those familiar with diablo 2, this game's basics will come natural however, it is probably 5 times more intense in regards to what can happen and what you are up against. Every world is different and because of that, you will almost always be surprised. It's true that there really isnt much of a story, but i cant name an action/rpg that had a story. I would say that if you like a challenge, to give it a try as it will really test you. If you dont like fast paced games, then you probably shouldnt be reading this. Expand
  2. Nov 8, 2012
    It's a really great game not meant to be played alone. If you play with a friend that's when it really shines. As good as Torchlight (the original) and better than Diablo 3 imo. Expand
  3. Jul 28, 2013
    This is one of those indie games you search for and when you finally find it your thinking "Why haven't i heard of this before?". It's a great action hack n' slash game with lots of loot, random dungeons, random quests, towns to defend/save. Just a great mix of features that makes this game a pretty intense game to play. Don't let the graphics and sound spoil the game. Indie developers like this only survive by word of mouth and these guys deserve a break after the great games they have released. Expand
  4. Sep 29, 2012
    More than just "another ARPG clone", Din's Curse is a constantly-evolving game of strategy that sees the player trapped in a tug-of-war between the dungeon and the village.

    In most games the monsters seem content to sit around in their caves, twiddling their thumbs (or other, more demonic, appendages) until some brave adventurer comes crashing in to ruin their day. In Din's Curse the dungeon FIGHTS BACK and if you're not careful the evil will come spilling out of the earth, murdering villagers and burning the town to the ground.

    Don't worry, if you fail, the god Din will give you another chance to prove yourself, in a brand new village, each time bringing a fresh new set of challenges and rewards.

    With literally hundreds of different spell and skill builds possible, a hybrid-class feature that I wish was incorporated in every other game, a constant supply of enemies to slash and loot to... well, loot, Din's Curse is a truly innovative game that pushes the genre forward.
  5. Oct 6, 2011
    Din's Curse is purely a hack n' slash at it's very core. What separates this hack n' slash from other more mainstreams, is one the Depths of Peril universe and two the randomization of levels. The combination of skill tree's to create unique classes is not new to the RPG/Action scene. It's quite the standard, Soldak entertainment understood this, their group could see what drives the hack n slash market. They've put out two very enjoyable products in Din's Curse and Din's Curse Demon War. The gameplay is simplistic, it's not anything new. Animations are well done, given the built from scratch engine. The game will run on most systems, even older ones. Music is soft, it doesn't overshadow the worldly elements. The story is very simple and lacks any sort of development, but that's not a driving force and honestly shouldn't matter in this style of game. I'm giving it a 7/10, I would recommend playing this one and the expansion. Check out Depth's of Peril too, solid games, by a intelligent gaming company. Expand
  6. Aug 26, 2012
    Take Diablo 2, remove the storyline, make the character types and skill trees less interesting, and finally make it neverending with a decent sliding scale of mobs/character level and this is what you get. It has the customary moreishness of most decent hack 'n' slash titles but it's lacking soul. If you like your hack and slash to have very little brain involvement and lots of action then you will love this game and come back to it over and over. If you prefer something just a little more cerebral then look elsewhere. Expand
  7. Mar 15, 2011
    A Diablo-like "slash everything in your way" game. PC Gamer is quoted as saying "anything can happen", but apparently they are talking about random event generation, not anything particularly interesting in a storyline. I didn't come close to dying the first time all the way through a "city". On the second city apparently I waited a few seconds too long, and by the time I got to the surface, almost everyone had died, including people I needed for quests. There is no restoring a previous game, so whatever spot I'd got myself into was unrecoverable. I removed the game from my computer. There's nothing here that hasn't been done better and a long time ago. Does it seem that there's an inverse correlation between License Key length and game quality? Somebody back in the marketing department has an inflated idea of what they've accomplished? Expand

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