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  • Summary: (Also known as "Colin McRae: DiRT 2" in the UK/EU) DiRT 2 takes racing games to a new level with thrilling new race types, striking locations, big event atmosphere, and a peerless line-up of super-charged speed machines, each selected to deliver spectacular, fast-paced racing. Taking players on an exhilarating World Tour, DiRT 2 delivers over 100 stunning events, including aggressive, multi-vehicle races and intense solo challenges, set in the most diverse and demanding real-world environments. From the muddy tracks of the Malaysian rainforest to spectator-packed stadiums in London and Los Angeles, racers compete in contemporary off-road race disciplines covering Rallycross, Trailblazer, Raid, Landrush, and Rally. Embracing the culture and new heroes of modern off-road racing, DiRT 2 features an exciting line-up of the best new rally drivers - including the multi medal-winning Subaru Rally Team USA driver Ken Block alongside Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra, and Tanner Faust, who help players build their racing career. [Codemasters] Expand
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  1. With stunning visuals and a racing model so finely-judged Codies has done it again. An oil-stained masterpiece. [Jan 2010, p.82]
  2. Colin McRae: DiRT 2 is a pretty good mixture between a complex simulation and an action-based racer thanks to its compelling presentation.
  3. As we already fell in love with the console-versions, it's no surprise that the Windows Live version managed to get us just as excited, if not even a bit more. That's mainly because of the PC-versions improved graphics, that, especially in slow motion and when using DX11, are simply going to blow your mind.
  4. An outstanding achievement in non-sim driving. [Issue #27, p.46]
  5. So, McRae-tagged it may be, but DiRT 2 isn't really a rally game. It has thrown off the stern shackles of the sport it theoretically represents, determined instead to turn racing into one giant party--and everyone's invited. [Jan 2010, p.82]
  6. What a great obituary for Colin McRae. If you ever need to show someone how today’s game can look like, get Dirt 2. It’s a joy for the eyes and it’s a great racing game, full of action, with great presentation and easy to get into. A few more tracks would have been nice, though. But playing over network alone is worth buying the game.
  7. A worthy successor to DiRT, although it doesn’t have enough fuel to become an instant hit.

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  1. Mar 8, 2013
    It is a really amazing game. It is released in 2009, but is better looking than most racing games released recently (I mean after 2011). As a kind of simulating game, it is hard to master the control, but you can feel the excitement even though you can't play really well, and once you really master and beat your opponent, you are like the happiest man on earth ^_^ To some extent, it is more exciting than those pursuiting racing games. The reward and career system is also very fascinating. To earn more money, you need to get better result in the race, and eventually unlock many new events. There is multi-player mode, but very few people are playing online, so single-player mode is more entertaining if you want to buy it now. Expand
  2. Dec 2, 2010
    ADRENALINE RUSHED! Driving manual, braking at the corner, pulling the e-brake, downshifting for the front end to whip back straight, this game is FUN. Codemasters got everything right. The game plays well, the UI is great, menus as well, but the physics are outstanding. If you like racing GET THIS GAME. Expand
  3. Jun 2, 2011
    I was never a fan of simulation racers (I prefer Arcade) until I played DiRT2. The interface and world look beautiful, and the game is challenging and fun. The ability to roll back time after making a mistake in a race is super cool. I'd highly recommend playing with an analog controller or some kind (I use an Xbox360 controller on PC), since you need precise analog controls to maintain control. Expand
  4. Nov 10, 2013
    I looked over the comment and I saw that other complain that is too easy,just change the difficulty to Savage or higher,from that point the adrenaline and joy are coming like a storm especially at Domination Race.
    About game-play It's very attractive in my opinion,you really feel that you take part of a rally world tour.
    Graphics The graphics are very good and detailed,even though the game doesn't requires a very powerful PC.
    Sound Astonishing! The songs are very well picked-up,after an intense race a rock song comes in and gives you a boost of joy,that's my experience so far.
    Overall It's a very good game with top physics,sound,cars,graphic etc. The only inconvenient is that the game can be boring sometimes.
  5. Jul 23, 2012
    What a great game this is. Its major achievements lay in the presentation, difficulty variation which can be changed per event and encourages you to play on harder difficulty, instant replay/flashback feature, DirectX 11 graphics and a good soundtrack. The game is appealing to anyone who is even slightly interested in racing games. This game has variety in both single player and multiplayer, so there is something for everyone. It's so well presented and simple to get into. The vehicle tuning is simple, and because there's no upgrading or driver assists it's fair for everyone. In multiplayer ranked matches there is no tuning and regardless of cars you've unlocked you will always be able to compete. Driver level for both multiplayer and single player is endless, and the side objectives/challenges mean that regardless of your skill level you will always have fun and rank up. My only criticism of this game is the extremely sensitive, twitchy handling of cars, which is made worse if you don't have an Xbox 360 controller because accelerating, braking and steering are either on or off. Luckily even unsuported controllers like the Logitech Dual Action work without a problem in this game, and steering with analog sticks works properly. The game is of decent length, has good achievements (as it's on Games for Windows - LIVE) and a nice variety of events to keep things interesting. The tone of the game is much more towards the arcade-style, casual end of the driving spectrum, but having played the game a lot on Xbox 360 I can say that there is definitely scope for hardcore racing if you're doing time trials trying to set a fastest lap or something. Multiplayer is well-balanced, and you can race against ghosts if you don't like being bashed which is great and takes out the frustration of most other racing games. Overall DiRT 2 is a solid game and is even better on PC due to the gorgeous graphics which are still impressive even in 2012. The only real downside are the controls which can be awkward without a steering wheel or Xbox 360 controller. As a whole, DiRT 2 is a game which is easily recommendable to anyone who doesn't hate racing games due to its simplicity, slick presentation and accomodating difficulty. Expand
  6. Nov 4, 2011
    Graphics: The graphics are just perfect, the tracks and the cars are beautiful. You need a good graphics card for this one. (10) Sound: The soundtrack (this is very subjective and depends on tastes) is brilliant, and, if your tastes are like mine, you'll be searching the internet for the full soundtrack in a couple of hours of gameplay. The crowd noises, engines, etc are good, each car has its distinctive sound. (9) Gameplay: I bought my XBOX 360 controller for PC specially for this game, and I don't regret it. The controls are smooth with a gamepad, and with a little practice, your car responds exactly as you'd expect. About flashbacks... I'm not a fan of flashbacks, it feels like you don't pay for your mistakes (in games like F1 flashbacks should be a crime), but the chances of crashing in the jungle or similar difficult stages are quite high if you aren't careful, so it's not that bad. Loading times are correct and spiced with several stats. (8) Fun and replayability: The game's main flaw. There's a shortage of stages to play in, and most of them are reverse versions of others, some races are just higher difficulty versions of previous ones, and the interesting Gate Crasher and Domination game modes almost disappear when you move to the Pro races. There are no classic, stage-based rally races, and, in the end, you'll feel like "meh" and probably won't complete the 100 available races. It's impossible to play with a friend in split-screen, you only have Online mode when it comes to multiplayer. To sum it up, repetitive and dumbed down. (4) Expand
  7. Mar 6, 2011
    One simple game option was omitted in this game. Proper volume management. This stupid idiotic game does not allow you to completely mute the sound of the game. For someone like me who's running ventrilo and watching streaming videos on my other monitor while I play it's a definite turn-off. Expand

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