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  1. Jan 1, 2013
    A great game with eye for precision, many possibilities and a great story. Stealth is pretty easy but that doesn't really bother me. Playing non-lethal might get a little boring because you are 'forbidden' to do cool stuff like drop assassinations, and limit yourself to boring chocking and tranq darts. The game really stands out in it's sense of detail, every character in the hub area has different dialogue for every mission, and that dialogue reacts to your decisions. A real gamers' game. Expand
  2. Mar 5, 2013
    I can't see anything fascinating in this game, The story is probably the dumbest part, It's about a man repeating a cycle of betrayals, having a one huge journey full of obstacles and kills and assassinations just to put a 10 YO kid on the throne, clearly absurd, and don't tell me it's about a man trying to get his honor back, we never really understands how he got his absolution.. And the graphics clearly suck, not that they are cartoon-ish but clearly the level of details is low, And the game-play get quite boring after a while, I didn't enjoy this game at all. Expand
  3. Sep 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Now,many people have touched upon the good elements of this game,so I won't go into any detail with those. The stealth and action elements,your abilities, all of them are well designed. I would also like to point out that this is one of the few games that makes first person platforming enjoyable for me. Textures may be a bit low res,but the visual design is very good. But that's not why I'm writing this review.The reason for that is massive flaw in this game,which prevents me from rating it at 10/10, and so far I haven't seen many reviewers touch upon it. "Dishonored" tracks your "chaos" as you complete your missions.Now,as I started playing I was not exactly sure how this worked,but I had heard from friends,that the less people you kill,the better the ending will be.And that's what I did.I have not killed a single assassination a target,except for Lady Boyle and in the end I still get the sh*tty,depressing f*ck you ending.So I looked up this chaos system on the game';s wiki and guess what. It doesn't matter that much if you've chosen to neutralize your target in a non-lethal fashion,it's all about how many guards you kill.Okay,that has got to be the most retarded idea in the history of mankind.First of all,the city is in complete chaos.There are killer rats,infected people that have gone insane and gang members that attack anyone on sight.People would know If I killed,for example,the high overseer,but how in the name of f*ck would they know how many guards I killed how.It makes no sense.Secondly,if you want to follow this path you're pretty much screwed.It says in the wiki,that you need to kill less than 20% of the guards in the are if you want to have low chaos,and beleive me,that's easier said than done.I never started any major massacres or something,just killed guards that were directly in my way and nearly impossible to sneak by.Now there is a way knock your enemies unconcious,but it's a pain in the a**.The first way to do it is to sneak up on them and strangle them,but that takes like five seconds and makes it very easy for you to be detected doing so.There wasn't bullsh*t like this in "Deus Ex:Human Revolution",hell there it was actually more quiet to perform a non lethal takedown.The second way is to use sleeping darts,but those are not that common,so you are forced to spend your money on them and to save them for enemies,which are hard to get behind.This whole system is flawed beyond belief.They could have atleast given you some kind of neutral ending,but no,if you want the good ening,you either have to be very patient or play the game on easy.This really,really spoiled the experience for me. Expand
  4. Jan 3, 2013
    What a superb game. Storyline is pretty good and the graphics aren't too bad either. But the main feature I liked was all the stealthiness of it. Really good. I completed in probably 7/8 hours which I think is quite good. Got nothing else to say about it, other than, it is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.
  5. Jan 3, 2013
    Absolutely adored this game, quite frankly! It's a wonderful world and there is a ton of lore/backstory to this title; it's obvious that Arkane put a long of effort into this game. The characters are hit and miss, but the ones that I did like, I liked a lot. The combat is quite challenging enjoyable, but could use some work; I found myself simply not being able to hit someone, just get kicked back and repeat. But as for the powers, from blinking to possessing people to summoning up hoards of rats, they were really enjoyable and I found them very useful throughout the entire story. As for the length of the story, it's true, it does feel kind of short. It felt like the game kind of ended before it even climaxed, and I feel they could have vastly expanded on it. However, that being said, it did still take me 12 hours to beat the game, but that was also doing all the side questing and exploring. Anyone who does not do so are setting themselves up for an extremely short ride, some saying that going for only the main objectives took them 5 hours to beat the game; but that is their own fault, quite frankly. Arkane have built a beautiful game and a magnificent world, and I'd highly urge anyone to not let this game pass them by. Here's to a Dishonored 2! Expand
  6. Jan 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. To be quite honest, I wasn't really expecting much from a port game, but i was quite surprised after seeing this game through to its core. Despite being a port game it was actually quite fun and it was most definitely a whole new experience for me. Firstly, what I liked the most about this game is that it wasn't just a stealth/action game their was also a huge element of puzzle-solving in it as well. The puzzle's are not easy which I like because I hate it when games give you the answer so the puzzles are not just fun, but also challenging. The game itself is also challenging just like its puzzles which I love as well because you barely see games nowadays that make you think critically about your next move. Secondly, the graphics were pretty decent even for a port, the only thing the game needed personally was a texture adjustment and everything would've been excellent. The story-line in the game was somewhat disappointing because you don't know really much about the dishonored universe even though you read books throughout the game telling about the isles near Dunwall City. Despite that issue though the main story-line and the plot was pretty decent for a beginning of a series which I hope Arkane Studios does. The environment of the game was extremely unique, but sadly original. The game's environment looked like to me a mixture of both Assassin's Creed 2's and Half-Life 2 therefore it kind of made me feel too familiar and made me feel like I was playing a hybrid game with both Assassin's Creed and Half-Life 2 elements in it. Overall it was a decent game but I found one major yet troubling flaw that might affect on a gamer's performance. The problem was that all the keys were in very awkward places like the blocking key for example was ALT and when you want to select a power or a second weapon u have to push down your middle-mouse button. Despite the the key layout, the game is quite decent but I would only recommend this game to gamers between the ranges of intermediate and expert due to its critical thinking and the annoying key layout if you are that type of gamer that doesn't change the keys Expand
  7. Jan 18, 2013
    Story:A good story for a stealth game and has its twist and turns.
    Gameplay: If bioshock and skyrim are mixed Dishonored is the result.
    Sound: Stunning voice work by Susan Sarandon,Chloë Grace Moretz,and Billy Lush give the a artistic feel and the kill sounds are awesome
    Graphics: great artwork by Viktor Antonov and its just stunning
    Verdict: 9/10
  8. Jan 26, 2013
    I like this game a lot because of his setting and his particular gameplay, but I can't say it is flawless. First of all, the plot isn't so deep and some stages seem to be quite forced. Secondly, I found that the game seldom give the player a way to pull him out of a dangerous situation, even though he played safe and stealthy.
    Aside from all the criticisms, I can't but promote this game
    because of the hope he gave to the next generetion of videogames: you needn't be part of a big saga in order to be good, you only have to be original and well-made. Expand
  9. Jul 2, 2013
    I had previously written a rather middling review for Dishonored, giving it a '6' and calling it barebones with potential. However, since that point, I have come to realize that it is truly one of the most important and artistically driven games in the current state of the industry. Thus, I have returned to revoke my previous statement in exchange for a more positive, enlightened view on the game.
    To begin, I would like to state that while Dishonored's core story is still, in my opinion, lacking, its lore and ambiguous backstory is absolutely fascinating, and the setting is rich in history and intrigue. Learning about Dunwall isn't as easy as picking up audio diaries or listening to conversations- you will really need to piece things together and listen to the Heart to build your own impression of what this place truly represents. The main plot remains uninteresting and somewhat half-hearted, but at least enough to keep you going along with each of your little stealthy capers.
    The gameplay- oh, the glorious, glorious gameplay. Dishonored provides so many different organic choices to how you approach its levels that you feel the only way you can do the developers justice is to replay it as many times as possible. Whether it be crawling beneath tables, gunning your way through rooms, or climbing to the highest vantage point, Arkane's gem plays almost unlike any other game this generation. Your actions are performed swiftly and accurately, and for once first-person platforming is executed very well. Violent players will find a number of delightful tools to their exposure, while hardcore stealth veterans will really delve into its Thief-esque non-lethal side.
    Of course, the non-lethal portion of the game is still rather bare in features- I stand by the ideas of being able to shoot sleep darts through keyholes and the ability to tackle enemies in order to knock them out, as well as shadow-based visibility and water arrows. Other sneak-based spells would be highly-appreciated, but it becomes clear the further you play that Arkane clearly intended you to discover stealthy options available with otherwise-violent powers. But even as it stands, I've come to really enjoy the option of knocking out my enemies one by one, stacking them all up in a high perch with the knowledge that they'll all eventually wake up and look around at one another, feeling awkward and terrified.
    Dishonored's visual and level design are also excellent. It does indeed take time to appreciate all of the nuances, but they are there, and you will be happily awarded for relishing in them. The game does an excellent job of providing you with an environment that's a blast to explore but never dives into confusing, labyrinth territories, such as many adventure games with frequent loading screens. Its hub-like areas really help the overall package, as its easy to get the lay of the land and work out your strategies from there. Plenty of nooks and crannies can be exploited for the treasure-hunters out there, which really adds to the game's borderline love-letter degree of inspiration taken from Thief.
    Voice acting is middling to top notch, with Piero being absolutely maddening to listen to, but deep, engaging characters such as Lord Pendleton having real, tangible soul. The sound effects are high-quality work, especially the change in the pitch of sounds when transitioning from Blink or Stop Time. Two major complaints that I originally had with the game do persist, however: the ending is very sudden and unsatisfying, and the lack of a New Game Plus feature is insult to injury. In a game that focuses on collecting upgrades and powers, it seems odd that this was not a no-brainer for Arkane. The already high replay value could have been made limitless if they had continued to stack the levels of bone charms and spells. Of course, these are two of only a handful of blemishes on an otherwise sparkling game. Dishonored should be recognized and praised for being one of the few truly niche games around, aiming for the audience it knows is interested in its concepts and polishing all of those concepts to a fine sheen. Hopefully, for the sequel, Arkane will up the intrigue, go open-world, and further increase the arsenal of powers, weapons, and sneaking moves at your hands.
  10. Jan 27, 2013
    Oh my Dishonored, what a great game. I think it's safe to say that this game surprised us all and probably the most unique game we got from 2012. Loved the level design and game play with the added bonus of choosing your own game playing style. This was worth every penny and look forward to seeing more from this franchise.
  11. Feb 4, 2013
    Completed the game and enjoyed most of it. Its totally up to the player how he wants to complete the game. Playing e.g. bad (killing guards and innocents) will result in rat plagues and other stuff :X The graphic is not thaaat good but the game has its own style. The leveldesign and atmosphere is very good. Some powers are overpowered or not useful. There are more ways to kill rather to make your enemies unconscious(STRG all the time ^^). But still i liked the game. Expand
  12. Mar 4, 2013
    Dishonored is a great game. While not perfect (I don't think there ever is a perfect game) it comes close. It clearly draws its inspiration from Thief. It also has a little of Deus Ex, System Shock and Bioshock in it. If you like any of these games, especially Thief...Buy this game!!!
    You play as Corvo, Protector of the Empress of Dunwall. You are framed for murder and are out to set
    things right. There is more to the plot but I do not want to spoil it for you.
    The game is broken down into a series of missions aka Thief style. At the end of each mission you will see a detailed score of your actions. Once you start a mission, there are many ways you can go about it. Even though the mission area is not really open world, it feels like it. You can be stealthy or go in Rambo style. It is up to you. The combat is fun and I really enjoyed experimenting with the powers. There are many ways to kill or incapacitate a person. The only downside for me are the ending cutscenes. After such a great ride with all the wonderful missions, I felt that the ending is bit rushed. It is a very short ending cutscene and I wished it were more fleshed out. Overall I love this game and I really am looking forward to a sequel!!!
  13. Feb 10, 2013
    Look, I want to love this game. I really really do. The effort to create a believable and enchanting world is evident, and the attention to detail is everywhere you turn, but there are some basic elements that just destroy the experience for me so much so that I registered for Metacritic after years of using it just to write this review. The context of this review is that I finished the game once quite soon after release, immediately deleted it from my hard drive, and then attempted to give it a second go from scratch this week.

    Out-dated graphics
    A misleading sense of free-will
    Little replay value With respect to the stylised intention of the game, the graphics are terribly outdated. While the visual style is imaginative and alternately colourful and cold where necessary, at its core it looks like I'm playing TF2 the textures are flat and lacking true detail, and the environments are often low-res. As stated, I understand that the intention is to create a more stylised, hand-drawn-style look, but you can do that and include detail at the same time. On a similar note, the character animations are ass the rigid and programmed nature of the facial and body movements take me out of the world and leave me feeling like I'm watching a game made before mo-cap existed.

    The game gives you a choice of play-style and then punishes you for doing anything other than stealth ease of progression, achievements, and a positive conclusion to the story all hinge on you taking a stealthy tact. Corvo is fast, deft with a sword, and, for the most part, outfitted for combat you're given grenades, a pistol, and the ability to perform sweet counter-attacks and surprise assaults. HOWEVER, if you choose to utilise these weapons you're forced to deal with attacks from many enemies, a 'negative' outcome at the end of the story, and less achievements. I understand that there are real-world repercussions for being so brazen, but why give me the choice if you're going structure the game in such a way that the only real reward comes from one way of playing?

    Finally, and in my mind, most heinously, is the fact that you can't replay earlier missions with the powers you've unlocked later you're forever stuck with the powers you had the first time you played the level, and are effectively, always handicapped. By the end of the game, Corvo is a super-soldier, and I don't see how you can overlook the fact that the single greatest part of RPG-style character building is reaching a point where you can cut through the enemies like warm butter. To allow me to craft my own super-soldier, to become familiar and efficient with him, and then shackle me to a certain diminishing skill level as I replay old missions just feels like a you'.

    There are positive elements, to be sure a beautifully realised world, intelligent enemies, exciting combat, and lovely sound design among others, but I feel that I can't rate it any higher than 6 because it accurately reflects my disappointment at the fundamental boundaries that the designers have imposed on the player.
  14. Apr 9, 2013
    various methods of transmission and styles secrets it's all there in the game, but a little secret, the plot is weak, some failures of scripts, I passed the game without killing anyone, but did not get an achievement. And for stealth enemies are blunt and would like more ways to eliminate, the kind of 3 persons, more supernatural possibilities.
  15. Feb 16, 2013
    This game has all the best features of bio shock and assassins creed. my only wish was if the campaign had a better ending and maybe a more interactive story
  16. May 4, 2013
    one of the best games ever!!!!!! this is just a perfect game. everything in this game is done great. the story is great. you really care for the characters and you do want to get your revenge. the gameplay is amazing. its hard to describe the greatness of the gameplay. the gameplay is really unique. the good thing about the gameplay is that you can play how you want. you can be sneaky, but if you want you can also kill everyone face to face. there are also multiple ways to do everything. there are a lot of paths to get to your objective. there also a lot of ways to do your objectives. the powers in the game are really fun and useful. the sidequests in the game are really fun and cool and its a blast to do them.
    the game looks amazing. from a technical perspective it isnt impresive but the art style is so good that it makes up for it. the city where the game happens is called dunwall, and its amazing. there wasnt a game location as good as this since bioshock. dunwall is amazing and beatiful, and it has a lot of detail put into it.
    this is maybe the best game ever!!!!!!! if you cal yourself a gamer you should definetly try it!!!!!!!
  17. Aug 7, 2013
    Let me start off by saying that Dishonored is a masterpiece among all the lame & bore 12 hour RPG first person games in 2012.

    The graphics in this game is 'OK'. If you have played BioShock Infinite, it is definitely noticeable that there is a small graphical boost with the UE3 that Dishonored also uses. But not much. People who are too obsessed with in-game graphics, this might not be a
    game for you.

    The plot of the entire story is well landed out. But what I didn't liked about it is during the cut scenes, the protagonist is muted during the entire story. Whereas in Infinite, Booker talks almost all the time in the game.

    The stealth mechanics of Dishonored is somewhat bland and definitely needs more variety of skills powers. The game also does reward the player for completing different puzzles in order to obtain the hidden runes bone charms. Aside from these two relatively negative points of the game, the game is perfect.

    Lastly, for the price, this game definitely worth 10 bucks during its peak sale discount of 66% on Steam, big steal. Even for 30 bucks, it is still worth getting. Knife of Dunwall is superb, and is kind of the only DLC that is worth. Runes, money can be obtained through using a Cheat Engine. So the extra coins from the Void Walker's arsenal is useless. Dunwall City Trials isn't fun either.

    One of the best RPG I've ever played. Hope Arkane and Bethesda keeps up the good work and land in a Dishonored 2 asap!

    (Seriously, if you have high hopes for EVERY SINGLE video game, you shouldn't be playing them at all. That being said, I never trust any critics but myself, by trying out the game)
  18. Apr 21, 2013
    This is a fun game where you can be sneaky and do stealth things like looking through key holes and killing white people. There is lots of replay value and you can find money to upgrade your stuff. This is a really fun game, I like it a lot.
  19. Apr 20, 2013
    I love this game, just can't not live without playing this to end. Its just best sneak game ever. I'm hoping they make dishonored 2 and more maps and bigger ones. This is what you call an awesome game,
  20. Feb 27, 2013
    This game is the perfect mix from the best games of the past years. I like the design, the action is fluid, never a dull moment, even if you choose to sneak around. I think the Outsider-part of the game should have been more detailed, but nevertheless, the main plot is enjoyable, the missions are creative. The world itself is quite a clische, some f*cked up Fable-Fallout-Batman combo. Everything is dark, and gloomy, everyone is desperate, you are a lone wolf, thirsting for revenge/justice, with only a handful of people to "watch your back" (bloody basterds). I liked the figurine of the princess... no, not in that way... perverts. She is the only thin ray of light that the player can grasp, you feel like you have to protect this girl, both physically and mentaly. The other stable character is your ferryman, I just simply liked that guy, simple and righteous.
    The powers are quite useless, the only good powers are Blink and the Dark Sight, maybe Whirlwind, but I think that just because I like to have mass destructive powers in my palm... aaaaanyway, I think this is a decent game, with many flaws, but overall enjoyable, even for 2 playthroughs.
  21. Mar 17, 2013
    I found t his game to be very boring, could not even get myself to finish it, but I guess it is about taste, since so many people like it.
    If you do not like playing stealthy, then this game is not for you. What I do not like in this game is that you do not need to sneak, you can just rush forward and kill everyone, there is no need for stealth at all, the problem is that the game is
    only fun playing it the way it is intended to play. Expand
  22. Mar 6, 2013
    Overall an awesome game that has this slight Half Life 2 feel to it because it has these huge walls blocking your way just like in HL2 and sometimes you can hear sounds in the background that sound very similar to some of the background sounds in HL2.
    Graphics are pretty and nice to look at. Environments are very detailed and just look amazing. There are plenty of places to explore and
    there are some little side quests you can do. Game mechanics mostly feel solid but teleporting does not want to work every time the way you want it to work. Sword fighting can be bit frustraiting because enemys tend to block your hits quite well and there are some enemys who become immune to your sword for a few seconds when they block.
    It is very easy to sneak around. AI seems to be blind in some cases and they don't see you when your above their heads.
    Story was good but nothing amazing
    Well... It would of been nicer if it had slightly bigger world and you had more freedom like you have in GTA or Assassins Creed but overall it was a nice experience and definitely one of the best games of 2012.
  23. Mar 8, 2013
    As to be expected, the good or stealth play through is pretty boring. I like it because it is my playstyle. The bad or kill all enemies play style is much more enjoyable. There are vastly more animations for killing people than choking them from behind. I like the style of the game. It averages at 50fps on my i5 and HD 5770 graphics card.
  24. Mar 9, 2013
    Dishonored is the perfect mix between old games and new games. The game is presented with some old gameplay stiles. The first one which we can see is Thief's stealth system based on sounds and on darkness. The second is surely the "Bioshock Superpowers" that the main character has. The third one is a city very similar to City 17 (Half Life 2), in facts the city has been designed by Antonov, Half Life's designer. If we consider main quest's length, we could see that is very short, but the levels could be repeated a lot of times, using different action methods and changing the difficult. The main character, Corvo Attano, is muted like Gordon Freeman and Mario due the developers who would to made silent character to have a better representation of themselves in the game. The other character, anyway, Emily, is very important for the game and for Corvo, in facts the two people will be united by an affection link, and this relationship will be very visible and moving. So, Dishonored is one of the best game I ever play, considered I played other big games like Bioshock, Deus Ex, Thief, Half Life and a lot of Elder Scrolls. If you love this games too, so you should absolutely try Dishonored. Expand
  25. Mar 12, 2013
    A very well put together game with an amazing aesthetic and setting. Gameplay was well devised with multiple ways to approach each objective. The game world is linear and mission based but this is a good thing and whilst the plot (or more specifically the characters) could have used some more fleshing out it was suitable and compelling. The principle issues I had with the game was a somewhat arbitrary right and wrong system under the hood. The game has wonderful non lethal options which are still suitably dark and punishing (awesome) but it could have used more nuance. Other than that some AI issues and some niggling questions left unanswered at the end of the game were my only criticisms. Expand
  26. Aug 6, 2013
    Dishonored is amazing game that has amazing elements of other games that i really love super powers like bioshock stealth mechanics like thief and great combat system somehow like assassin's creed giving you the ultimate game with interesting story and great replay ability as it has multiple endings i could easily say it is one of the best games of 2012
  27. Mar 14, 2013
    The game feels fresh and creative, but after one playthrough the replay value doesn't come around. The ending, at least the one I got, was abrupt and unrewarding. If you can play through very quickly as I did, you don't notice the repetition involved in achieving your objectives. I couldn't make it 2 hours through my second playthrough to get a different ending. Noting the achievements for not killing anyone or getting noticed, your player mechanics immediately go to waste. The swordplay is so intense and fun to use, but you feel chastised for using it due to certain story endings and passed-up achievements. I have the feeling they spent a bit too much on PR, and not enough on focus groups. It's worth a playthrough or two, but I wish I hadn't spent my hard-earned $60 on this one. Get it on steam sale, but other than that borrow it from a friend. Expand
  28. Mar 16, 2013
    Dishonored is a game not about stealth or action, but about freedom. Freedom to choose your own way to get things done, whenever it's sneaking into a building or fighting your way through. Freedom to explore the level or to run through it. Freedom to kill people or beat the game without harming anyone at all.

    Dishonored was developed by a mixed team of game developers, whose previews
    works included Half-Life 2 and BioShock. From Half-Life 2 Dishonored has it's level design, there's is a HL2 equivalent to literally every location from Dishonored's city, Dunwall. BioShock gave Dishonored some of it's game mechanics, as well as the graphics design.

    I'd give Dishonored 9 out of 10. It's a really really good game, but nothing historical like BioShock, Deus Ex or Half-Life. It is a combination of many great game ideas, but nothing really innovative, that's why not 10/10.
  29. Nov 29, 2013
    Although I like this game a lot. It feels very unpolished. There is a lot of screen tearing and the textures look terrible. This was made in 2012, and looked outdated even when it was released. The game is very rewarding in its stealth mechanics, yet it seems rushed. I cant explain it but everything graphically and gameplay wise seem unfinished. Even with these problems I have fun with this game and it deserves multiple playthroughs. Its absolutely worth your time, and a sequel is well deserved as fixing this games issues in another installment of the series will make it perfect. Collapse Expand
  30. Mar 22, 2013
    A great game,maybe is a successor of great series of Thief.The gameplay is awesome and action thrills you anytime.Stealth and run is a great combination.
  31. Mar 23, 2013
    Dishonored's stunning visuals immersed me into It's interesting locations, and It's great gameplay is extremely fun. For the stealth gamers out there, they'll love Dishonored. There's a lot of options how to kill an enemy stealthy, and that's why this game is amazing. Sure, playing sneaky in this game is more recommendable, but If you like to fight enemies while detected, Dishonored doesn't disappoint. Read the full review here: Expand
  32. Jul 2, 2013
    Its interesting how over time, gamers forgot about true stealth game mechanics, challenges and rewards it brings for effort player makes in moving unseen, lurking in shadows and taking enemies with a tactician mind instead of mindlessly going around and laying waste to deaf and blind AI that this game has. Dishonored is made to let players choose to either slaughter all enemies or going with simple sneaking/teleporting and choking everyone around. Though it sounds like the player has a lot of choices, the developers did a poor job combining them. The maps seems big and free to explore but when you start exploring them you will soon hit the unreachable wall even if you have powers like double jump or teleportation (blink). There are a few safes with "riddles" you need to solve to get them open, but the riddles are like 2+2=?, and you get the answer from 5 different sources on the map so its just for show. Are we too stupid to solve anything more interesting?

    Every effort for player exploring the map, in hope of finding treasure that no one else of his friends found or looking for secrets that may be well hidden in those maps with multiple paths, is completely destroyed once you gain the power Night Vision (Level 2). Now this isn't the only game with "Eagle vision" overpowered "magical" view, as we all probably know that. The bad thing about those powers is that it ruins every need of player thinking for himself and spying on enemies from cover and learning their movement in order to work out a tactic for bringing them down without getting spotted. However this isn't the only problem we can see here. The AI is almost totally blind and deaf, making the game excellent for children to play, but the veteran gamers will be left completely without a challenge. You can jump behind them they will not hear you. You can drop bottles and objects 2 meters beside them and they wont hear it. You can run 10m in front of them they will not see you. Leaning from 1m from a corner in front of them, still they cant see you... There are many more unrealistic situations like these. Having set difficulty on Very Hard this is unforgivable. Another thing is that Corvo goes on almost every mission in broad daylight. The enemies react as if it isn't day but some foggy dark night. Blowing candles is just for show as the ambient lights are like 10 times more powerful then the actual light candle is emitting. This proves the so called "stealth" is made "just to be there" and doesn't have any touch with real situations, breaking any immersion you thought it had, especially for first person view. Very annoying thing is that enemies sometimes respawn after reloading a save and happen to mysteriously die and you won't get achievement at the end of the map you cleared by choking everyone. That much for stealth mechanics.

    The combat itself isn't anything special. The developer Arkane Studios which made Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, the game with best and most realistic combat system i've seen, could have done much better job. If you liked this combat you probably didn't play Dark Messiah, so i suggest you try it out.

    You can use any power at your disposal to destroy an army of enemies, battle with your only sword you have during entire game and just bash left click or block on right click, some sword crossing that you always win and that's it. Yes that's right you don't get any new weapon from the beginning to the end. Gathering coins is a waste of time, since i had everything possible upgraded by the 50% of the game. In the end still had about 15000 unspent coins i didn't had what to use on.

    The story is ok and the lore is interesting to read, there's not much to tell there. Multiple choices across whole campaign and the effects they have on the ending is always welcome. Ambient sounds are very good, as are the details of the areas.

    All in all, the game is enjoyable enough to finish even if you are hardcore player like me who notices all these things badly done. Anyway don't take any review for granted, take the game and try it yourself.
  33. Mar 24, 2013
    Dishonored; doesn’t really dishonor fans at all (SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?) I guess at this point, telling you it’s great is a waste of time; I’m pretty sure you bought it regardless of what people have said about it, but at least with this particular Bethesda title, the game is actually worth playing through.

    I don’t care what anyone says about Fallout and Elder Scrolls, those games are
    terrible; a game can be massive and open without being poorly crafted as a whole with convoluted quests, whilst not going on for a millennium pretending there’s more to it than the intro quest. This is more down to the game being crafted by Arkane Studios though, a company that honestly cares about bringing great stories to the water cooler; rather than ones where you fell through the floor and completed the game by default.

    I honestly don’t appreciate pretense in the players of common video game series, especially when they play the same series over and over and think that the same swill should be game of the year while new and innovative titles get pushed to one side. In that sense I hope Dishonored is a stepping stone back into a genre that isn’t rinsing and repeating. It’s still part of the swill, but it takes a big enough step away to be its own ‘thing’ for players.

    It’s like Assassins Creed if Assassins Creed didn’t suck and drag on too long and didn’t staple stupid cameo’s and mini games in that extended play. I guess what I’m really saying (when I stop attacking over paid franchises) is that a game can be great for what it is without trying to last a long time; I honestly think if a company is trying to make the game longer than it has to be just to stop a player saying “THIS IS TOO SHORT” then they’re making the wrong choices.

    I don’t like Dishonored for the multiple outcomes to events, even though it’s cool, and that’s because the endings aren’t as multiple by comparison. I like Dishonored because it does what it has to in the stealth department without being all like “GO ON A FETCH QUEST TO GATHER INFO BEFORE PLAYING THE GOOD PART” or “DEFEND THE PORT FOR A WHILE” or “HI I’M IN THE HISTORY BOOKS AND DO STUPID THINGS”; the game simply is a game with a good narrative and game play which does what I expect, and the end isn’t constantly pushed back, yet doesn’t rob from the experience when I finally make it there.

    Next time you play a game, ask yourself if the experience is really dragging out to last, or whether every part of the game really feels well justified in it’s being there. A game’s length means nothing; the real deciding factor is what the entire product brings to the table, after all, you wouldn’t replay a 100 hour story of the same old stuff, but you can relive and enjoy a greatly paced game, much like how you can re-watch a great movie over and over.
  34. Mar 26, 2013
    This is a good game but not an excellent game.
    I ve played for couple of hours then i stoppped.
    Dont know why video games magazine (french) said it was the game of the decade.
    Its not in my point of view.
    If you dont have any other game to play with, u wil have pleasure but not as some bestsellers (Fallout 3, Skyrim,Bioshock Infinite)
  35. Dec 24, 2013
    This is one of the best games of 2012. Simple incredible, almost perfect. Plot gripped me from the very beginning. Amazing combat and especially stealth system. Try hardest difficulty with no kill anyone. Also try to gather all coins in the game it was very hard and very entertaining!
    The only thing that saddened me is the ending feel quite empty and does not explain anything. Anyways,
    the game is great, I am waiting for DH2 Expand
  36. Apr 5, 2013
    This is by far one of the best titles I have played this year, although it did have its downsides which is why I give it a 7/10. Dishonored serves as something 'different' for once, and its gameplay type can only really be compared with games such as Bioshock, but even that series is very different. It was nice to play a game where the storyline wasn't typical, and with the magical powers aspect of the game, it made it feel like your character, Corvo, was special compared to those around him. I found much of the game, despite its cartoon style similar to Borderlands, very eery and creepy too. The sound effects often scared the hell out of me and made me quickly check over my shoulder, and the constant solo experience makes you play the game with full attention at all times. Lastly, the ending was very nice, and I particularly liked the style of it (although I won't go into any detail for obvious spoiler reasons).

    Now for the negatives...

    The game was very linear. Although it had many collectibles such as runes, bone charms, ammo and paintings, it was a very small world. I often found that searching for collectibles was too easy with the beating heart utility you're given which tells you where all runes and bone charms are. It was also very obvious which paths you were supposed to take to reach your destination, and although you were given a choice between going through sewers, fighting off each enemy or using the rooftops, the level of choice didn't seem overly great. Dishonored was also a very short game considering the price I paid for it. There's no real replay-ability with this game, and without multiplayer too. I felt like the game should have been £15 instead of £25+ at the time for what it's worth. One thing to note however is that I rushed this game, not collecting all the items that I could of, and pretty much just running into combat rather than stealth every time. The last negative was the auto-save feature. I have read online about this and many people agree. The auto-save wasn't the best, and you often found that when you reloaded a checkpoint after dying your were put back to a spot you were on about 10 minutes ago, and it took ages for you to get back to where you actually died. You have to manually save your game after every situation you go through in order to avoid this.

    Overall a great game, just needs a lot of tweaking if they make a sequel.
  37. May 16, 2013
    Great stealth and atmosphere. The best part of this game is the open-ended level design. This combined with your awesome abilities, makes it super fun to traverse the environments and figure out how to stealthily take down your targets. You don't have to be stealthy, but the draw of this game is its stealth. Sure you can go "guns" blazing, but it def wouldn't be very fun. With that said, if you don't like stealth, you wouldn't like this game because you're pretty much forced to play stealth. Otherwise, it's not as fun. Expand
  38. Mar 31, 2013
    Fun game that posed a challenge in the stealth department, sure while easier to outright kill the enemies it does change the city around you as you progress and just have to say screw them rat hoards! But great game, great mechanics and wonderful story bring out a fantastic experience playing this game.
  39. Apr 2, 2013
    I played this game after finishing Bioshock Infinite, and it was quite a step down. The weapons and special abilities aren't as much fun and the gameworld doesn't compare. I had expected a lot more from Bethesda, the company that brought us great games like Skyrim and Fallout. I found the controls to be unintuitive at best and maddeningly wonky at worst. CTL isn't crouch, E isn't the USE key, and remapping the keyboard isn't a very good solution either.

    Overall, it's certainly not the worst game of the year, I just expected more from Bethesda. I really wanted to like it.
  40. Apr 1, 2013
    this game is good, its so easy and short though, over hyped and not worth the £30 I shelled out for it when its £20 or less I do advise people to get it, I planned to replay it after completing it in less than 12 hours but so far have preferred to play games with more replay value. I want a game that's at least 30hours of entertainment... Interesting and I wasn't bored while I played it but I expected more. Expand
  41. May 21, 2013
    Overall, a good game. while the storyline was not always original, the setting and gameplay environment was unique. The game was rather short but it compensated with replayability. I liked that there were different possible gameplay styles which led to different endings. I also liked the open world. i didn't like the repetitiveness of the AI after a while their same conversations was rather annoying. Considering the game was meant to give the player freedom in determining the course of play, i was hoping for more options and felt the game fell short in meeting this objective.

    It was nowhere near as good as other Bethesda releases. I was hoping it would be similar to Fallout but doesn't come close. Nevertheless, i did enjoy playing it.
  42. Apr 3, 2013
    Great game i love it well worth the money, the only problem i found with the game is the lack of weapon variety for stealth play and the fact that is your go for a stealth no-lethal playthrough the weapons thin to a total of 1 weapon only
  43. Apr 7, 2013
    This game is amazing! Those who like stealth games will sure love this game. Great Graphics, Great story, everything in this game is perfect!

    Great job Arkane Studios!!! 10!
  44. Apr 10, 2013
    I never completed my first play through, because I tried to just kill everyone in my way, and it got kinda boring. However, I decided to give it a try, going stealth mode. I killed a grand total of 7 people through the game, and it was amazing. I was on the edge of my seat the entire game, sneaking, knocking people out, running down unmarked side quests, and trying to find the best way to move about each level. The mechanics are great, but what really got me was the story, when the game ended, I felt like I just finished a great book, like a tiny piece of me had ended with the game. I know that sound ridiculous and exaggerated, but this really is the most captivating game I've ever played. It really isn't for everyone, but if it is your type of game, or you are just curious, you won't be disappointed. Expand
  45. Apr 10, 2013
    Jogo muito bom, me rendeu ótimas e várias horas de jogatina sempre muito intensas e em varias vezes cria aquela tensão que te prende ao jogo, te causa "raiva" e te faz querer vingança(no jogo claro)!

    Recomendo jogar em consoles ou com joystick porque não achei muito legal a conversão feita pro PC, o jogo foi feito pra jogar em controle na minha opinião...
  46. Apr 13, 2013
    Great game. Somewhat original and well done compared to most games these days. Definitely one of the best games of 2012 if not the best. Graphics are okish but the game play is a lot of fun. Being able to beat the game 100% stealth mode or straight up go on and kill everyone is very nice. Story is alright, nothing special really but game play makes up for it.
  47. Apr 15, 2013
    For a game with such disappointingly mediocre voice acting, I was otherwise surprised at the depth and level of immersion this game brought to the table. The stealth is some of the most solid I have ever experienced in a game, however, the moral choice aspect can eliminate most of the challenge to the game game should one wish to overtly kill everything. This path is not without its perks though, as the combinations of powers available can produce some very interesting and "creative" ways of eliminating enemies. Having never played any of the Thief series, I cannot compare the two, yet Dishonored goes down in my books as my favorite stealth game to date. The Blink is a little overpowered, but all in all the game seems sort of balanced. Personally, I would have liked a harder difficulty setting, and some co-operative multiplayer would have been nice. But all in all, Dishonored succeeds in many fields such as AI, level & world design, and plot, and these are areas that many stealth games struggle to flesh out enough.
    Bravo, Arkane Studios.
  48. Apr 18, 2013
    Normally would give it 7, giving it 9 to balance all the stupid 0 and 1 reviews (and also to prove that user review system is terrible).

    - Very cool setting. Elements of steampunk, modern technology and architecture, strange magic and mythos combine into something quite interesting. I wanted to learn more about that place.
    - Stylized graphics. I'm sick to death of
    "uber-realistic" games. The graphics paint the picture very well and don't distract. It was also free of any visual glitches or any visible lag in my playthough, and my PC is not really top of the line.
    - Gameplay is satisfying. I tried to complete missions with minimum bloodshed and I had fun. The levels are big, but not big enough to get lost without a map. In fact, traversing Dunwall trying to reach the target was definitely my favorite part.

    - "Assassinations" are lackluster. I mentioned that getting to the target was a lot of fun unfortunately actually removing the target was not so much. You can't construct elaborate plots like in Hitman games to make it look like accidents. Once you reach the target, it's usually alone and can be killed quite easily with any of the tools you have no puzzles there. And if you wanted to go bloodless way, your options were even less. You would usually get one quest with specific objective that can only be accomplished one way to reach the "bloodless" solution.
    - Too short. I finished my first playthough with low chaos, while getting most of the runes in slightly less than 9 hours. I mean, 9 hours is fine for a game like Call of Duty, where it's basically 9 hours of non-stop action, but for stealth game, where most of the time is spent timing and sneaking, it's way too short.
    - Too easy. One of the first magic powers you get, Blink, is insanely powerful and makes levels trivial. Even worse that it doesn't use any mana (unless you use it in rapid succession), making normal movement pretty much pointless. Roofs, for the most part are absolutely safe, and guards rarely look up. Possession and Time Stop are fun to use, but also end up making the game even easier.

    I realize that this is assassin game, but it is much more similar in gameplay to Thief rather than to Hitman/Assassin's Creed. So I'd compare it with Thief. Don't get me wrong, Dishonored is a very fun game, I enjoyed playing it a lot, but I think it would have been so much better if it borrowed a few more elements from Thief namely 1) extra objectives on higher difficulties 2) more focus on stealth and problem solving rather than fancy magic tricks.

    Summon rats spell symbolizes basically what was wrong with Dishonored. It is the spell most often mentioned in the reviews and also the most useless in the entire game.
  49. Aug 4, 2013
    Dishonored is a good game... GOOD not GREAT as many point it out to be.
    - Great atmosphere
    - Enjoyable Combat
    - Good Graphics
    - Great Skills
    - Extremely short (about 4-6 hours)
    - Short Selection of Weapons
    - Bad Story
  50. May 16, 2013
    It's a fantastic game for stealth fans, me being one of them liked this adventure very much! The artistic design is purely outstanding, nice variety of ways to reach your objective, great replay value! But the story isn't very original good old vengeance! And it gets repetitive! Overall great game!
  51. Apr 26, 2013
    I was totally hooked on this game. The world and characters are so enticing. I can't wait for the DLCs. I hope this is a birth of a franchise. Oh I finished the game with low chaos.
  52. Apr 28, 2013
    One of the best games of all time in my opinion. And the game doesn't needs "Crysis-like" graphics and level design to deliver, a brutal, merciless, engaging adventure, in a chaotic city, dying at the hands of corrupt governants, and deadly diseases. Also, this game has an amazing artwork, probably one of the best, to ever show up in a game, definitely an underrated game. 10/10 Has a Huge Replay value, and the game world will react differently to your (Corvo) actions, and play-style. Totally worth it, the ending gave me "goosebumps", Corvo, even though, he does not actually speaks in game, is a very likeable character, the same applies to all others, who you will constantly meet, throughout your adventures, and miss them a lot, when, they are gone. Expand
  53. May 1, 2013
    A truly great game (though a little shorter than I'd have liked).

    As far as stealth goes I agree that blink "breaks" the stealth mechanic a bit but not to the extent that it breaks the game.

    The graphics are pretty good, I never encountered any bugs, the story was pretty good (apart from the outsider... he always felt cheesy), the powers were all pretty cool/useful, and the choices
    you made in both power upgrades and the game actually affected the world around you.

    I do wish there were more upgrade levels to the powers though.

    I've heard people complain about the "tedious" gameplay but that is essentially what a stealth game is. Some people complain that "blink, choke/kill, hide body and repeat" is boring however that is not how you have to play the game. If you want to 100% every level in terms of collectibles and gold then yeah you will be doing a lot of that... however a big of the game for me was finding ways to interfere with the world around you as little as possible.

    Overall a great game.
  54. Mar 16, 2014
    Just finished playing GOTY edition of the game and it was great, I don't have much to complain about. You can try either a stealth or more hands on approach (lethal or non-lethal) and it works both ways. The game leaves it up to you to find many creative ways of neutralizing enemies and it affects how it all ends. Story is nothing new really just your typically save the day lazy story that you find everywhere but it works I suppose. The 2 story DLC's are also very good. Expand
  55. Jul 15, 2013
    Brilliant game! But do yourself a favor and play on hard.... The game is very easy and it is too easy to just kill anyone who opposes you. The visuals may not be the best but they are very artistic and suit the game!
  56. May 9, 2013
    A good game by Bethesda. I never know it would actually be worth the money. The assassin style overall is great, but i was frustrated sometimes at how easily it can be to detect somebody and the fact that if you want the best ending, you can kill anyone with the awesome assassinating animations and weapons there are.
  57. Dec 6, 2013
    For Dishonored if you run through the area stabbing everyone you see you are playing the game entirely wrong Dishonored is a game that wants you to take your time instead of running in through the front entrance of a building you can choose to go in stealthily in some levels of the game there are almost 10 different ways of going in for example you can use possession on an animal (or human) and sneak in through an air duct or you can use teleportation to climb the building itself.

    Dishonored also holds a trait on how skilful you are at holding the urge to kill someone who is really annoying your way through you can basically go through the whole game without killing a single person doing this can produce a better outcome at the end of the game.

    Dishonored itself is different because instead of awarding you for killing people and completing the game it gives you consequences, its a smart system that will change how you will think the next time you will play.

    Dishonored is a masterpiece and will keep you occupied for well over 50 hours.
  58. May 21, 2013
    Il grande mistero del giornalismo specializzato, grande da coinvolgere quasi tutte le testate a tutte le latitudini. Un gioco di assoluta evanescenza che si becca uno score del 9.2. Un mistero cosi profondo che metto in dubbio il mio senso critico, quasi colpevolizzandomi di non aver saputo apprezzare questo "capolavoro conclamato e osannato, ma poi ragiono sulla cosa... Storia scritta sulla carta igienica, giocabilità varia, con varianti fini a se stesse, grafica in stile ma brutto, o quantomeno poco originale, e finale da canna del gas. Mi fermo qui in osservanza alla vecchia saggezza popolare Mai troppe parole alla mediocrità. Expand
  59. Oct 1, 2013
    Dishonored is the best stealth-game available. It also have a very cool steam-punk setting and nice rpg-elements.The story is ok, but the missions the story provide a backdrop for are excellent.
  60. Jun 10, 2013
    Dishonored fills the niche of what could be considered a sandbox stealth game. Very few game series try to fill this niche. It is hard for a company to make this kind of game right. The studio making this game knew what they were doing, but whoever was in charge of releasing the game did not. Dishored has a extremely atmospheric and rich game world, that is not easily forgotten. While playing the game, you are allowed to read many of the small notes and books that have been placed around the game world. These stories immerse you in the game world and make the world seem believable. On top of this, you can hide in the dark shadows and listen to the conversations of the characters in the world, each giving a small back story and even opening up more to the plot. Every level in the world has been carefully handcrafted to feel real and allow for the player to finish it however they please. The game however is marred by short length and repetitive game play. The game itself can be considered a cross between Bioshock (Plasmids) and Thief (The game world and sneaking) both extremely good games. Dishonored however, falters in its application of the game mechanics taken from these two. In Bioshock, you were given many different plasmids that could be upgraded to do multiple things. In Dishonored, an upgrade to one of your skills usually only results in it being "better," such as only teleporting farther or seeing more. Bioshock also had multiple weapons that could be picked up in the world, such as revolver, shotgun, machine gun etc. In Dishonored, you are limited to your sword and pistol, dulling the game. Along with this fault, Dishonored is not at all difficult or long. On my speed run going guns blazing, it only took me a few hours to see it through. In conclusion, the game is by no means bad. If you want the most out of your game, pick the game up on sale and play it through on the hardest difficulty, on a pacifist run, taking in as much of the game world as you possibly can. If the studio had more time to develop more levels and more game play mechanics, the game would be much higher rated for me. Expand
  61. Jun 5, 2013
    This game is in no way "shallow, tedious, or boring," gimmedatsammich. I dont know what Bethesda did to get you so butt hurt and upset, but dont take it out on this game. QQ elsewhere.
  62. Jul 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I quite enjoyed this game with stealth movement is the favourable way to move through game.
    Pros: Numerous powers and upgrades to weapons
    - Story of loyalty, betrayal, tenacity and commitment
    - Great gameplay layout of cities
    - I would buy game although when on sale
    Cons: Linear games with many buildings out of bounds
    - Short game unless you play slowly to improve stealth

    This game would be amazing with larger, open field and additional collectible items.
  63. Nov 25, 2013
    Lots of fun but doesn't quite reach its potential. Game movement and fighting are fun, but too easy. One power (the rats power) basically makes all other offensive options unnecessary. Graphics are fine for gen 3 consoles but looking very 2008 on the PC. Story is passable.
  64. Jun 18, 2013
    Options, you have surprising amount of them on your way through levels and that makes the gameplay really refreshing and standing out of modern linear games. Cool mechanics like teleportation and possession are helping the most in that regard. Cool chaos mechanic changes the ending and the state of the world you are in. (if you kill more people there will be more guards, more dead people, more plague, more abominations). Original character design. Very nice game. Expand
  65. Jun 21, 2013
    Despite being painfully easy even on the hardest difficulty the story is one of the greatest uses of player emotion, and really shows the modern gaming industry just how to do first person, although not necessarily stealth as it is just so easy.
  66. Dec 7, 2013
    Dishonored is one of the most thrilling games I have ever played. There are different ways to complete the game. Stealth, assassinating, or both. Dishonored is my game of the year.
  67. Jul 5, 2013
    this game is one of the greatest assassins games i have ever played. with super natural abilities and fun stealth gameplay, this dark first person stealthy assassins game is a blast. i had lots of joy playing this game. the game has a interesting setting and story, which makes the game even more engaging. i do recommend this game.
  68. Sep 27, 2013
    I don't know what to say.
    Great story, they perfected it.
    The whole stealth mode is awesome and the weapons you have are epic.
    You will need skill to pass this game on normal or hard.
  69. Oct 12, 2013
    I really enjoyed the game at all, i played it like three times in all the levels for check out what was different and of course the DLCs were so cool the whole story is just incredible...hope we'll get another DLC like the last one.
  70. Aug 13, 2013
    This is a good game with good combat that works well.The game looks nice and you can see the effort that went into designing it i would recommend this to someone to play butt the game would probably not be right for everybody.
  71. Nov 17, 2013
    This game is a lot of fun. It has a lot of elements similar to Thief. So if you like that series you will like this. The most unique and engaging part of the game for me is the ability to take multiple paths to the same objective. It gives the feeling of freedom, which for stealth is absolutely key. The story is also a nice twist on usual boring game narratives. I enjoyed this game a lot. There were a few times where I got frustrated while trying to do some badass steath attack that turned me off for a day or two, but I always came back. A game well worth playing. Expand
  72. Jul 31, 2013
    Very good game with nearly flawless game mechanics. Dishonored is a fun stealth action game with great art design and decent storyline. The areas are rather small, the missions linear, but this is compensated by the fact that you can take varying approaches on how to fulfil the tasks ahead. Maybe a bit too short, and a bit too easy on normal difficulty. In terms of content it is okay, but could contain a few missions and gameplay hours more. The graphics unfortunately are not that great on PC, especially some of the textures are rather low quality. Still a recommendable game though. Expand
  73. Aug 6, 2013
    I well and truly loved Dishonored. Of all on the games I have played over the past few years it is one of only and handful which has managed to distance itself from the crowds and shine about them. The world of Dunwall is immerse and alive, every character from the lowliest guardsman, to the lord regent himself, appears as an individual with his or her own personality. Like a Victorian oil painting come to life, Dishonored's unique graphics blend the brackish and the bright into a chiaroscuro world that silhouettes both the best and worst in mankind. While the game's main story is very average, the choices it gives you throughout allow the player to breathe life and detail into an otherwise unimpressive narrative. Yet what really stands out in the world of Dunwall is just that, Dunwall. The city, and universe as a whole, combine a creative setting with enough information to allow the player to truly believe in the universe they are playing in. Combat feels visceral, if a bit simplistic and the gadgets and powers all have unique effects which synergize to create a strong range of options for every encounter. While stealth imposes restrictions upon these its role within the story and the satisfying feeling of completing a level both undetected and without kills more than make up for it. There are a few minor bugs which can frustrate (particularly when playing on hard/hardest) but the game runs very smoothly and is a true pleasure to immerse yourself in. Expand
  74. Aug 14, 2013
    This game is FANTASTIC! great gameplay story but the graphics are a little too outdated but you can pick this game up at gamestop for about 29.99$ which is not that bad.
  75. Aug 21, 2013
    Dishonored all in all is a well built game. At first it seems like it would be more fun to go through the game killing with all your fun little killing tools but when you try to go through the game without killing anyone or being detected it suddenly becomes more challenging and more fun. The stealth works well, so does the combat. There are plenty of side routes and options to take. The story's a bit predictable but it's not the worst I've seen.

    In the end 9/10. A very good use of your money.
  76. Aug 30, 2013
    Dishonored is absolutely great piece of work and I really can't understand how it's possible that someone can give this game a mark lower than 7. The only 1 thing I don't like is game's length. It's short and took me something like 15 hours. Of course we can pass the level again and again. There are many different ways we can pass this game and that's the biggest advantage.
  77. Sep 8, 2013
    I have never heard the name of the publishers as much as the more over-rated publishers out there but this game is by far the most awesomely built game of the year and it takes less disk space compared to the over-rated useless games releases this year
  78. Sep 13, 2013
    This game is knock-out, I truly enjoyed the three playthroughs; each time trying a different method to complete the game's sensational story. The latest play through I done without being seen or killing anyone, I really appreciate the depth and challenge in the game even though it has no leveling up system it feels as if you are actually Corvo the Lord Protector who has been stitched up for the murder of your protectee. I felt genuine hate from my prosecutors, I wanted to punish them. this game really makes you think about morality, do you go in and cut down the innocent plague victims and the guards 'just following orders' or do you spare them and make examples of the kingpins and dictators. the game even gives you an alternative to killing you can make them 'disappear' into the night never to be seen again. The game chaos system is a well meaning but flawed system, for example when nearing the end on my first play I had to fight my way through a map this changed the outcome of my game because i had to kill, it should have taken if you were defensive or offensive into account. The games story is well written if a tiny bit predictable at times, the major U-turn in the game made me feel a like I had been taken for a fool for the second time and made me bay for the blood of the figures behind it, this game is one of a dieing breed; it makes you think and consider your options, figure out different routes while be still thoroughly entertaining and engaging, this game is one of the few titles that will be remembered with rose tinted glasses in years.In my opinion this should be in a top for top games of the 21st century (Alongside the Mass Effect series and Elder Scrolls) Genuine must have. Expand
  79. Sep 14, 2013
    This game is pure gold. The story is amazing and the gameplay is great. The stealth is good as well. and the multiple parts and different choices give variety to the game.
  80. Sep 19, 2013
    Dishonored has a great immersive atmosphere to the player when doing anything from missions to side quests. You have a little "free time" option where you can walk around, talk to people, buy items or upgrades for Corvo. You wield two weapons at a time. A trusty blade in one hand and a weapon of your choice in the next. Summon swarms of rats upon your enemy, stealthily take them down, or sneak right past them. You have a big variety of magic uses, weapon uses, and tactics. The game features a "decide your fate" type of story so every little action you make, killing civilians, enemies, or even saving them, they may comeback later and change the story. With alternate endings anything is possible. You decide the entire game. Beware though, not everyone is a friendly as they seem. Expand
  81. Sep 19, 2013
    Since the 'sneak em up' genre rarely sees many new additions I was quite excited for the release of this game. While it's a welcome addition to the genre a new 'Thief' it is not. The story is rather predictable and the 'chaos' rating of the city is a strange way to go about implementing some sort of morality system. The player is generally overpowered even on higher difficulty settings and the range of available powers heavily favors players who want to chop their way through the game rather than relying on nonviolent methods. The atmosphere, while good does not rival that of the progenitor of the sneak em up genre 'Thief'. However there are many notes, books, and letters that flesh out the history of the world. The graphics which I don't consider to be that important are fine, but nothing to write home about given what can be done with modern graphics technology. The game contains only 10-15 hours of gameplay so I'd suggest getting it for 10-15 dollars to maximize the bang for your gaming buck. Expand
  82. Sep 23, 2013
    Although slow-going at times, Dishonored has a creative plot that keeps the player interested through pure intrigue, even in parts where the proceeding is a little ponderous. Needless to say, the graphics are beautiful (though I am a bit biased in favor of 1800s decor as it is), and the mechanics are quite fluid. As previously mentioned, the game has the potential to get boring for someone looking for a simple shoot-em-up action game, but there is a reason the game is classified as "stealth." When played with the appropriate attention span and attention to detail, this game provides a stunning positive experience. Expand
  83. Sep 24, 2013
    A very good game, with an excellent engine. The plot is interesting and convincing, the setting is unique enough to make it enjoyable and worth remembering. Gameplay is really remarkable. The only flaw is the length if the main campaign and the two DLCs were to be combine I think I'd give the whole game a strong 9, maybe 9,5.
  84. Oct 24, 2013
    Even a year on there is still a stack of replay value. Dishonored is often touted as a "spiritual successor" to Thief but in reality it's so much more. I loved the Thief games but going back to Thief after playing Dishonored is like going back to the original Wolfenstein after playing Unreal Tournament 3.

    The main campaign admittedly feels short but there's so many ways you can play
    through it without feeling stale that it more than makes up for it, and both DLC packs are top notch. Expand
  85. Oct 12, 2013
    an amazing little stealth first person stab them up with a less than par story but none the less a game you can dive right into and enjoy easily a definite recommendation from me
  86. Oct 23, 2013
    Dishonored proves to be a strong stealth game: it's one of the fewest stealth games that puts creativity to the gameplay. It is a revolution, but it doesn't perform the revolution perfectly. It offers a highly intelligent gameplay, with some limitations. Story-wise and graphics-wise isn't anything special, but all what matters is the gameplay.
    It's a welcome challenge to use the unique
    powers to eliminate enemies. It provides an unique experience, and makes you think for a creative way to kill enemies. It will also follow your taste of gameplay: either you kill hiding on the shadows, or you just go kill everyone while being detected. Combine that, with the sweet looting and with the linear, but interesting exploration, you've got a great game. And, thankfully, the game has replay value.
    But the experience isn't that special, having a slightly short campaign (it took me about 10-12 hours), and the sometimes claustrophobic nature seeming a steal from Bioshock. It's just nothing new with the imerssivness of the game.
    Dishonored is a great game. It may not realize all your wishes, but it does satisfy. (Final Score: 8.46)
  87. Oct 24, 2013
    This is a fun game. Great story line and great graphics. the DL content was even fun. there's so many ways to play this game that you'll make repeat runs thru it. I got the game and the dl content on steam for a great price. If you have a mid level gaming pc with a decent card. Go get the GOTY edition of this. you won't be disappointed..
  88. Nov 2, 2013
    Sadly, I can only join the detractors and critics of this game, and maybe also go further... I have rarely seen such a wasted opportunity, a great setting, many charming ideas, all finished in such disappointing performance, so poor and fragile. The game is flat, boring, loses in almost every point of view with the best of the actual adventure/stealth market. Playing it after finishing "Bioshock Infinite" is a sort of pain, and quite a shock...

    And this is not the worst part!

    I give 0, because in one of the first missions, a serious bug (found and reported by the community several months ago) has still not been resolved!
    I've lost 5 hours of play on it!

    I will try to get a refund, because have been years, since something of this has happen to me, and frankly I feel cheated.

    There are not other words...
  89. Feb 14, 2014
    The "chaos" system makes this game feel quite unique. I really liked to see that killing or not really affects the world, not just the ending. Also, the game has a true meele combat system, that makes swordsplaying really fun.
  90. Nov 8, 2013
    The story was boring but the gameplay was fantastic, this game forced me to give the upcoming Thief game a second thought. Also can we stop the sexist sacrifice of women for male retribution.
  91. Dec 21, 2013
    After finishing the game, I was not that much impressed with the storyline. The gameplay however, was totally different story. I love freedom in games. If you are looking for game like Hitman: Blood Money combined with Deus Ex, then this is the game for you. Everything is permitted. You have to ability to chose the location, the weapon, the person, the powers, the amount of guards and even the route towards your destination. The game watches how you play, if you play stealthily (kill little to no guards, don't blow stuff up etc.) or gun's blazing (blow everything, nothing survives etc.) the game adapts itself. If you play stealthily, the missions further on will contain less security, if you gun's blazing on the other hand, you will have to fight an entire army.

    All and all, It was a satisfying game and very recommendable.
  92. Nov 17, 2013
    Awesome game, probably the best stealth game ever.
    Really hope they make Dishonored 2.
    The only thing I didn't like was how short it was, I finished the game in like 3 days, non-detection and non-lethal.
  93. Jan 6, 2014
    People will most likely to hate me for giving it a score of a simple 7, seeing how many rated the game from 9 to 10, but Dishonored did not meet my expectations.
    The gameplay is fun, and the story is full of potential that in my opinion is not used.
    Cut-scenes are mostly boring and the plot is only seen at the start of the game and through the rest of it, it's implied.
    I love the
    super-natural touch in the game and the optional objectives, but I just keep feeling like something big is missing.
    As a stealth action game it's working and not missing much.
    However after getting used to the game and playing it for about 3 hours I enjoyed it quite more.
    Also I love the graphics style, it's like a 3D oil painting.
    There's too little about the main protagonist all the information you get is his job and how he got, wait for it.... ~DISHONORED~. And usually it's no problem. but only when throughout playing the story you discover more and more, and here it feels like I'm a puppet in every mission.
    And being the puppet that you are, you can't do much else so you keep doing the same thing over and over again It's quite boring.

    The game is fun, but it's missing a thrill.
  94. Dec 3, 2013
    This is just one of the best single player games i have ever played its still a port for the pc but its really well done and it doesnt feel like it the story is really good and i like the fact that some characters reaction and the ending change depending on how you play the game, (i must say all endings are great) and the game play its really good cause you can go on a killing rampage or play like a ghost and they both feel really natural, playing this game i felt 10x more like an assassin than in any of the assassins creed games. 10/10 really recommended. Expand
  95. Dec 6, 2013
    Sadly, Dishonored feels like nothing but wasted opportunity to me. This is totally personified by the upgrade system or lack there of.

    This upgrade system leads into the next issue I have which is the "collectibles" aren't exactly optional, these come in the form of "Runes" and "Bone Charms" Runes being a currency for your upgrades, bone charms allowing you minor upgrades, these so
    called collectibles are completely negated when you are given a utility known as the heart. This points out any one of these collectibles in the area no matter your proximity. I'll bet the designers who had to hide those collectibles were pissed when the gadget designers added the heart...

    The story is average although there's a twist you'll see a mile and a half away. Character development in this story is minimum which I've come to expect from most triple A games. You'll know who the main baddie's going to be before the word dastardly can slip through your lips.

    Gameplay has the usual stealth/stab-em up gameplay, get behind an enemy stab them. Dishonored DOES try to mix this up but falls at the first hurdle and knocks out it's teeth as it add's powers.(gifted by a mysterious being known as "The Outsider" who stirs some intrigue but then doesn't amount to anything but a narration/exposition vessel) These powers seem to completely break the stealthy pacing there should be in stealth games as the first power you're given allows you to warp up behind any enemy and stab them. A lot of the upgrades seem to be fairly useless as well, the only ones you really need is the aforementioned "Blink" warp spell, and the "Possession" spell which is self explanatory really. It allows you to possess an animal and at level two a human.

    The level design is strange as it tries to trick you into thinking that the level is larger than it actually is by giving you multiple routes, which are the usual stealth game cliches of vents, front door, rooftops.

    The game also decides to throw in a morality system which will completely up the way you play, making you load up a save because you accidentally killed someone and that might make you get the bad ending. This in turn ruins the gameplay feel that I think Arkane were going for, the type of gameplay that can jump from stealth to combat in an instant, this is definitely the case with some of the items and upgrades such as spring razors and clockwork grenades, as well as the "Blend time" spell which allows you to slow down or entirely stop time at the cost of a lot of mana. This morality system is also thrown in with "Special actions" which aren't so special at all really as they don't seem to affect the outcome of the ending, a character will mention it to you once right after you've done it and it will never haunt you again.

    Finally, the pacing of the game is what really kills it for me, as like many games at the moment, it sends you back to a hub area at the end of each mission to buy upgrades and items, this felt completely unneeded as there is actually some stores in the mission areas that can't upgrade anything.(Blatantly so you'll have to wait to go back the hub) I feel this may be to drag out run-time as it clocks in at a rather short 10-12 hours (WITH most collectibles as I began to rush near the end as I was getting bored.)

    Dishonored gains a 6/10 for me as it can clearly be seen the devs were trying, and under the stress of a new IP they could have possibly been rushed a bit. I feel if a sequel is made all issues will be ironed out and the devs might even try to innovate instead of play it safe.
  96. Dec 13, 2013
    This is the best game I have played to date. This is the best stealth-action game available today and I would recommend it to everyone! You can play however you want, if you want to run through the level and kill every single person you see, you can do it. If you want to sneak around and not let a single person know you were ever there, you can do it. And if you want to take your time to walk around, look at the beautiful detail in the game, you can do that too. This is a must play game for all gamers. Expand
  97. Mar 2, 2014
    I love this game.

    I've played through it 3 times in full, and plan to play all the DLC as well. The world it's in, the experience of choosing revenge or rising above, the variety of fun "toys" with which to take down all adds up to a great game.

    I own both the pc and the ps3 version (well I gave the ps3 to a friend, but wanted to play it again and got the pc version) and
    I'd say the pc is slightly (but only slightly) inferior to to ps3. I almost always prefer games on pc, but in this case, I've noticed the gameplay is ever so slightly less smooth.

    Rare for me, if you have both a pc and a ps3, buy the ps3 version...but if no ps3, don't hesitate for a second to buy it on pc. It's a wonderful game.
  98. Feb 21, 2014
    Great game. Super fun and challenging to play if you choose the complete stealth route. Not a whole lot of story but I mainly gravitated toward the game play. Lots of fun!
  99. Dec 26, 2013
    Dishonored is a fantastic stealth action game that can best be called a delicious fusion of Thief, Deus Ex, and BioShock. The stealth, movement, and combat mechanics are all satisfying enough to keep any gamer's attention, and the choice to kill or not kill any given foe makes for a surprising degree of replayability your choices have real effects on the world, in ways that would probably never occur to you.

    I have at the present moment spent 67 hours on the game and its two story DLC (The Knife of Dunwall & The Brigmore Witches). I've even gone to the trouble of playing through all of them twice to collect all the achievements. The main story campaign took me less than 15 hours my first playthrough and it's more than possible to complete the game in 10 hours or less if you really rush. However, the game has a deep world and backstory and is not meant for speedruns if take your time, search out the secrets, read the books scattered about, and listen to the goons you stalk before filling their headholes with steel, you'll discover a deep, rich, and unique world unlike anything in games today.

    Gameplay is what a game lives or dies on, and Dishonored's is rock solid. Whether you want to sneak around unseen and undetected or charge in guns blazing and kill everyone in your path, Dishonored lets you carry out your assigned missions your way, without glitches, crashes, or bugs.

    In addition to the excellent mechanics (on which all games live or die), Dishonored offers luxurious art (though tbqh, I feel the City 17 parallels are a little too striking), a satisfying storyline, widely varied missions, and top-flight voice acting. The music is mostly unremarkable, but since the game (quite reasonably) forces it to take a backseat to environmental and other sound effects, it's to be expected.
  100. Dec 29, 2013
    Always low on ammo so frustrating! Environments and surroundings seems a bit dull and boring, but apart from that, great storyline! smooth controls, interesting skills, definitely worth a try.

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  1. 90
    We can draw comparisons with other titles all day, but everything is based on something. Dishonored remains a unique gem in a beautiful, yet chaotic world, with flawless gameplay. [December 2012]
  2. Nov 9, 2012
    Dishonored rarely challenges the players, but it doesn't take them for fools, either, so that's an achievement compared to other games in the genre. Just don't expect strokes of genius like the Shalebridge Cradle level from Thief: Deadly Shadows.
  3. 100
    Dishonored injects new life into stealth actions and their sophisticated worlds. Awesome work in every detail. [Nov 2012]