Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil PC


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 34 out of 46
  2. Negative: 1 out of 46
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  1. The game we were all hoping Doom 3 was going to be in the first place. It just took a few more months and the help of Nerve Software to get there. The difficulty is much higher now, but with the added power of the double-barrel shotgun and the innovative uses of the grabber, plus the insanely cool artifact gameplay balances out nicely.
  2. This is what an expansion pack should be – not in terms of new weapons or monsters, but in terms of size and adventure.
  3. While it doesn't fix all of the problems Doom 3 had it's still incredibly fun and the hell powers add something new into the mix.
  4. Game Informer
    An awesome experience. [June 2005, p.135]
  5. If you liked Doom 3, then Resurrection of Evil is exactly what you've been expecting all these years. The new weapons, levels, monsters and multiplayer are attractive even for a non-hardcore Doom fan.
  6. 88
    The multiplayer has improved with the introduction of this expansion pack and I am truly amazed at how fluid this game runs even with eight players on a high speed connection.
  7. It gives DOOM 3 fans more demon-killing gameplay set in a new storyline, while adding just enough new to ward off the “been there, done that” feeling. If you enjoyed DOOM 3 you’ll be very happy with Resurrection of Evil and shouldn’t hesitate to add it to your arsenal.
  8. The story is a bit of a rehash but thankfully some of the ‘monster-in-the-closet’ stuff is fixed.
  9. It adds enough new weapons and enemies to make the expansion feel like a solid companion to the original. If Doom 3 left you wanting more, you'll find what you're looking for in Resurrection of Evil.
  10. The developers traded some atmosphere for a faster pace, and their compromises worked well. Less impressive and immersive than the original—yet much more than just a package of extra levels—this expansion doesn't disappoint.
  11. Pelit (Finland)
    Delivers more of the same Doom experience. Doom 3's ubiquitous darkness and monsters that spawn behind your back have not gone to hell where they belong. But would it be the same without them? [May. 05]
  12. It’s a worthy expansion pack to the atmospheric original. It does introduce a few new toys to play, which vary up the gameplay just a bit, but it’s also still much of the same kind of explore and shoot action you’re used to.
  13. 84
    While RoE provides much more interesting and tactically useful environments, it still doesn't quite offer the challenges we've become accustomed to with shooters like "Far Cry" and "Half-Life 2."
  14. With the focus more on action this time round the game is even better than before. It’s true that it loses its way towards the end, lapsing into same old same old territory and playing too similarly to Doom 3, but Doom fans will love it nonetheless.
  15. Resurrection of Evil really is, despite its disappointments, a “must have” title for any Doom III fan.
  16. Like its forebear, Resurrection of Evil has graphics superior to any other game around.
  17. By removing some of the arguably cheap content from the game and introducing a couple of new weapons, Resurrection of Evil could be a rebirth for id's thriller.
  18. The single player campaign is very enjoyable, and no DOOM 3 fan should leave it on the store shelves just because a few levels aren’t as good as the standard set early on in the game.
  19. The addition of the double-barreled shotgun, grabber, and artifact, the introduction of the ominous Hunter bosses, and the injection of a multiplayer capture-the-flag mode all significantly enhance the gameplay in this title.
  20. It's not offering anything revolutionary, and you could argue that it doesn't fix anything that was wrong with it last time out, but the new toys are a lot of fun, it still stands out for looking absolutely stunning and given that it lasts about as long as most full priced shooters you're getting good value for money.
  21. While the enhanced multiplayer mode and the new items such as the gravity gun add to the game nicely, RoE essentially offers the same basic gameplay seen in the original, not really expanding enough to attract new fans.
  22. 80
    With an uncharted single-player mission and a set of cool new weapons and demonic abilities, Doom 3 fans have another motherboard-melting adventure on their hands.
  23. A little shaky at the start, but if you enjoyed Doom 3 and you stick it out, you’ll find a lot of entertainment to be had.
  24. Resurrection of Evil ultimately fails on innovation but perhaps just as importantly succeeds with expansion. It’s more of the same, for better or for worse.
  25. If you didn't like DOOM 3, well, you won't like Resurrection. The Grabber is fun, but there's one in "Half Life 2." But it still looks amazing, and it's still an enormously gory, satisfying experience for those who just want to blow off some steam.
  26. PC Gamer
    Even though Resurrection of Evil might be something of a one-trick cacodemon, I still got creeped out all over again. [June 2005, p.54]
  27. Unfortunately we don't get any creative new monsters but, we do get a new multiplayer mode in Capture the Flag.
  28. If you were enamoured with Doom 3, and especially if you have a group of like-minded friends, you might be willing to bite the expense.
  29. Computer Gaming World
    More monsters to kill and guns to shoot them with. You were expecting, maybe, a love story? [Aug 2005, p.72]
  30. This might go some way to appease those who thought the original game was too repetitive, but we suspect it’s probably too little, too late. As for everyone else, ROE follows the exact same formula and therefore doesn't disappoint.
  31. Doom 3 fans should definitely check this one out if they're craving for more Doom gameplay seasoned with whatever id though was neat in "Half-Life 2."
  32. Of course, it's still a bit of fun - silly, mechanical and repetitive perhaps, but fun nonetheless. There's enough ultra-violence here to entertain the young and forgetful, and the new weapons, if not a revelation, do improve the game. [PC Zone]
  33. While it may not exactly win hearts and minds back from "Half Life 2" or "Thief," Resurrection of Evil is a fine aperitif for the Marine who's still got some rounds left in his pistol and gas in the chainsaw.
  34. If you liked Doom 3, then you’ll love the expansion pack. However, if you felt the game got a bit old and hated the flashlight/gun game play mechanism, there’s nothing new here to win you over.
  35. 70
    A love-it-AND-hate-it title. The presentation and story aren't quite as elaborate as "DOOM 3," and things bog down a little in the second half, but the new weapons and gadgets provide a nice boost to the core gameplay.
  36. The new monsters are not as interesting as the original ones, and even though they’re still frightening, they just don’t fill the void left by DOOM 3.
  37. An average release – fun enough to be worth playing through, yet not sufficient to dance over – but as I said, your own mileage will vary depending on how much you truly loved the original game.
  38. Computer Games Magazine
    It's roughly 12 - 15 hours of play time (on veteran difficulty) easily trumps most expansions, but as in "Doom 3", something just feels missing. Maybe it's the hell. [July 2005, p.54]
  39. PC Format
    It's as repetitive and automatic as running in with the shotgun was in Doom 3. This joke isn't funny any more. [June 2005, p.90]
  40. If you’re a big fan - and I know there are more than a few of you out there - you'll be pleased with the expanded multiplayer and few but notable additions. Just don't expect nearly as big of a trip this time around.
  41. 65
    Whereas the original Doom 3 featured dense, serpentine level designs that played every bit as much of a starring role in exerting dread and ambience, the environments here lack a sense of coherency, even while it tries to hit you over the head with its own exoticism.
  42. 65
    Aside from the stunningly bad end-game sequence which really needs to be seen to be believed, there's just not much here to recommend.
  43. A double-barreled shotgun, a gravity gun…oops, I mean grabber, Hell Time and slight variations on demons are fun in Doom 3 but not a good enough reason to buy the expansion pack.
  44. 60
    The new weapons are nice, although it lacks any real innovation when it comes to level design.
  45. Staying alive is definitely more challenging the second time around, but the game still feels extremely linear and simply lacks much surprise.
  46. netjak
    Resurrection of Evil even failed to match the atmosphere of the previous title and is little more than eye-candy without any flavor. Do yourself a favor and pass on this one.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 124 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 42
  2. Negative: 22 out of 42
  1. DuV
    Jan 5, 2009
    I feel the story and atmosphere which Doom 3 was all about, lacking, but having parts with time limits ,(air or toxic suite ticking down), I feel the story and atmosphere which Doom 3 was all about, lacking, but having parts with time limits ,(air or toxic suite ticking down), makes you really appriciate the new "time stop" artifact, as it's what gets you through those moments of 10hp left and in deep dodo. Obviously, to get these experiences, you need to play at Veteran difficulty, else I reckon it'd be just a bore! So, not bad, not great, scary enough when played on the right difficulty, I just arrived at Delta labs to be teleported to hell, looking forward to the change of scenery! Full Review »
  2. AnsonG.
    Aug 1, 2006
    In future ID company can best serve their versatility by never doing anything like this again.
  3. Nov 26, 2013
    Letdown. Simply too short for the full price, introducing us the double barreled shotgun in the third installment. Now where they aiming HL2Letdown. Simply too short for the full price, introducing us the double barreled shotgun in the third installment. Now where they aiming HL2 with the Grabber? I cant tell. But if they did, they destroyed theyr own chemistry. It felt uninspired and slapped quickly together for the bucks... Full Review »