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  • Summary: DuckTales Remastered has seen the development team take the levels and layout from the original 1989 release as a foundation before expanding upon them to significantly enhance the gameplay experience but where this update truly impresses is its graphics and sound. All of the visuals from the 8-bit game have been beautifully re-created as hand-drawn and animated sprites, across a backdrop of luscious, re-envisioned level backgrounds. Furthermore, original Disney Character Voices talent, including some from the cartoon TV series, bring in-game characters to life with charm and wit, while the classic melodies of the original soundtrack are given a modern twist. Expand
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  1. Aug 12, 2013
    Ducktales Remastered is a nostalgia trip from start to end, frustrating, life-taking warts and all.
  2. Aug 12, 2013
    It comes packing a few twists, some better than others. Refreshed boss fights are a nice touch, but Remastered’s confounding emphasis on its story is disruptive and annoying, even if it comes packing some great voice acting.
  3. Aug 26, 2013
    I can’t see many people who grew up only knowing what a virtual gun is accepting the shortness and difficulty curve of DuckTales Remastered.
  4. Aug 27, 2013
    Duck Tales Remastered is a little gem churned out by Capcom and WayForward.
  5. Aug 13, 2013
    More rehashed than remastered, your childhood might be better served holding onto old memories rather than making new ones.
  6. Aug 28, 2013
    A pleasant trip down memory lane, but not the one you absolutely need to take. [CD-Action 10/2013, p.66]
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 26
  2. Negative: 2 out of 26
  1. Aug 14, 2013
    Rating this game lower than a 10... is absolutely unacceptable. This game is way better than the classic and legendary NES version with a storyline to boot. The voice acting is spot on. The gameplay is fast and fluid. The graphics are beautiful and the game itself is a legendary series. Maybe this will encourage Capcom to make a Duck Tales 3 you know without any dlc lol!) BUY THIS GAME! 10/10!! Expand
  2. Dec 30, 2013
    Wonderful remake. Sometimes I play old goodie NES games on my computer using emulator. Nostalgia But this game with improved graphics and improved interface, while keeping almost the same difficulty is great! I hope for more such remakes in future! Expand
  3. Aug 15, 2013
    Duuuucks)) Thx Capcom. Good game, good work!

    Waiting for darkwing duck, cheap and dale, TNMT and other legendary hits of NES!!

    Graphics and animation! The must have.

  4. Dec 23, 2013
    I had my eye on DuckTales Remastered for awhile now, since I loved the NES game so much. Well it was on sale this week so I decided to pick it up and I don't regret it.

    It's a great nostalgic throw back to a franchise many of us 80's and 90's children grew up with. The music has been remastered wonderfully and I haven't had any problems with the controls. It's great that they managed to get (most?) of the voice actors back, that only make's it that much more special.

    The stages are mostly left the same, with minor changes to make it more action packed or interesting, I haven't had a problem with the stages, in my opinion it simply makes the whole experience more "refreshing".

    A complaint that seemed common with people was that the cut scenes cut away from the game and while agree that sometimes there's a little bit TOO much banter interrupting game-play, it really hasn't been a deal breaker for me and some of the major cut-scenes explaining the story and situation has been nice since the original NES game didn't really do too well of a job explaining anything, not that as kids we needed it, ha ha.

    To be perfectly honest, the only major grip I have is the art. The character sprites are wonderfully done, except the artists seem to neglect minor touches to the game, such as having the character's mouths move when they talk. The biggest issue I have though is that the sprites look wonderful, as if they were hand drawn and then everything else is a stagnant, ugly, pastel colored 3D rendered. The two styles class horribly and the artists who were doing the background and foreground work didn't even bother to have proper perspective when considering the sprites. In the introduction stage, doors, chairs and other background objects look to be 10 times bigger then character sprites and it's just lame and off-putting.

    Does that ruin the game for me? No, not really, but it is a little off-putting and really made me wish they would have just went that extra mile for attention to details. All in all, I'd pick it up, especially if it's on sale.
  5. Aug 17, 2013
    Capcom made a fantastic NES game off a license they probably had no idea what to do with 24 years ago. Wayforward has taken that game, fleshed out levels that desperately needed fleshing, and repackaged not only as an excellent homage to the original but to the cartoon as well. Graphics are vibrant, the music is fantastic, and the controls are tight. The story that is crafted around the insanity of the original game's structure hits all the right chords of a DuckTales cartoon with fantastic writing and voice acting, and every cut scene can be skipped with two button presses for those who aren't interested.
    In short anyone who is a fan of 2D action platformers should be checking out DuckTales.
  6. Sep 30, 2013
    So, I went into Ducktales Remastered expecting a refreshing and fun revival of the old Ducktales games (1 and 2), and that's what it essentially was, despite a few little annoyances. The graphics look nice, and the game controls and works fine, as did Ducktales, although I do have two little more problems. Firstly, they could have added more worthwhile content, for example, the minecart sections are pretty cool at first, but they don't really add much, and the redone bosses actively detract from the game. My second little problem is that sometimes the hitboxes seem a teensy bit off. The game's pretty good though, if you're interested in it, it's probably worth buying it. Expand
  7. Aug 14, 2013
    I loved the game back in the day on NES and I can still play 8bit version perfectly. This one has partially broken controls pogo isn't as responsive as it used to be. I won't even start on cinematic they are good for the first time nice novelty but after a while they are really tiring. I hate making this game "go there, grab something go elsewhere" back on NES when I wanted to skip through the levels I just did now it is unnecessary monotonous item fetching. Expand

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