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  1. Sep 15, 2011
    The game itself is very fun. Unfortunately, the companies poor handling of its user-base ruins the experience entirely.

    I played the game for a week and a half, and tried to participate in one of their special events. I was unabel to complete the event and claim my prize however because the required items would repeatedly vanish from my inventory each day without warning, were obtained
    ONLY by a daily repeatable quest, and 10 were required. Changing "channels" which grants an experience bonus for specific dungeons or logging out would remove the items from my inventory. Some items have an expiration date, but these items listed no date. They simply vanished. Even trying to stay logged in and avoid changing channels was not an option - the required item still vanished after 24hrs. Since according to everyone I spoke to this was abnormal, no online guides mentioned any disappearance of the items, and plenty of other peopel were walking about town with the reward, I filed a support ticket.

    On the support ticket page you can see its status which even goes so far as to indicate whether or not any staff member has read it yet. It was up for a week without being read, let alone responded to. The event ended. Even if someone from support answers the ticket now it will be to inform me the event is over with.

    There are no in game ways to contact a GM that I can find.

    Its really a shame, this is a very good game. Especially for one driven by micro transactions. And surprisingly you can have a lot of fun without resorting to the cash shop/item mall part of the design. 1 minor annoyance is that you aren't warned up front that PvP will be a requirement rather than an option. While you aren't outright forced to PvP you need points from it to buy gear in game, and to upgrade your class. Without participating in PvP your character will be disadvantaged stat wise. You can gain these points even if you lose, but who wants to grind out 400 losses if you aren't good at and don't like the PvP aspect of the game, not to mention the laughs you'll get at your crappy win/loss record that from what I can tell can't be hidden.

    I'm not really into PvP but still would have given this game a 9 out of 10 if Nexon were better at taking care of their customers. They really soured the game for me. Bugs like that should be found before launch, and support should have replied within 48 hours.

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  1. May 29, 2012
    Overall, Nexon has developed, in my opinion, a very successful game in Dungeon Fighter Online. While it's not a traditional take on the MMORPG, and more of an MMO-ARPG, allowing players a massive array of choices all throughout the game, from class, to specialization, even having a specific type of gear to change appearance, only adds to the unique feel of each character within the world.
  2. Mar 9, 2011
    Despite the dated formula of this title, Dungeon Fighter Online stands out thanks to its excellent two-dimensional graphics and its rich and distinguishing gameplay.
  3. Though not as slick or elegant as the classics it emulates, Dungeon Fighter Online is absolutely worth downloading, even if you only drop in for half an hour a day. The game’s cash shop items are certainly useful, but you’ll never have to spend a penny on DFO. Call a friend, smash some goblins, unlock new 2D fighting skills.