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  1. Nov 26, 2014
    To be part of a saga a game needs to keep the same gameplay. For Dungeon Siege this means an Action RPG with a full customized character progressing through cross-classes melee, ranged or mage, recruiting NPCs to make a team, and of course in isometric view with its editor to make mods. But this is a casual RPG with pre-defined characters in 3rd person without editor or mods. The problem is that I don't like games of the second genera described, so I can't even play it for more than 5' without getting bored. You can understand why the "third game of this saga" worth Zero to me, right? Expand
  2. Oct 14, 2014
    The worst part of the series. Primitive console port, linear, lacking surprise. It should not have been titled Dungeon Siege. The disappointment surpassed the expectations.
  3. Sep 7, 2014
    This game exhibits the unique property of raising mixed feelings of pure enjoyment and abysmal frustration in almost equal proportions, though I think that frustration wins in the end. My opinion is explained analytically below, analyzing different aspects that I deem critical. I have awarded points based on the premise that 10 stands for an overall stellar performance in all game aspects and 0 represents a game barely playable, the essence of flagrant disrespect on behalf of the developer team to the gamers. Well, as you might have imagined by now, Dungeon Siege 3 favors both ends of the scale, averaging to a mere mediocrity.

    Plot, quests, side-quests: 8
    The main story is good enough with enough plot twists to convey an overall pleasant experience. The side-quests nonetheless are outrageously mediocre and lackluster.

    Graphics: 7
    In terms of colorations, fx and art-quality (textures and design of NPCs and heroes) are nicely done and are almost in par even with today's (2014) standards. The textures are detailed and the colors vivid, painting a picturesque world that enhances player immersion. However, the animations lack this wow-factor that would help boost the overall experience and negate part of the dreadfulness that follows. That means, for the most part, not many variations in heroes' actions, mostly static and non-interactive background (apart from only a few breakable and story-critical objects), strictly linear . animations even during intense battle scenes.

    Camera mechanics: 2
    Remember what we told about player immersion a few lines back? Well scratch that. The erratic motion of the camera-view renders the game unplayable at times and increases the possibility of an unfair death especially during critical battles with multiple foes or bosses. This not only cripples gameplay, but also increases the frustration to such levels that that one has to exit the game and retry some hours later just to avoid smashing his keyboard to pieces.

    Control mechanics: 0
    Another factor that sends the game's value to a free-fall plummet, is its poorly engineered control mechanics. The only reason I put 0 here is because I sincerely feel that the game is an awful console port and there was deliberately given no consideration for PC users, who typically use keyboard and mouse combinations and not controllers, joypads and joysticks. One can control the player via the classic WASD keys from classic action games but the caveat is that keys D, A do not strafe or move the hero sideways as one could expect rather than rotating the whole camera clockwise or counter-clockwise respectively causing nausea and disorientation to even veteran players as myself. The only viable alternative - IMHO - is control with mouse and supplementary keys for actions (spells, powers etc).
    The most horrid transgression however is the fact that due to the aforementioned crazy camera twitches and crappy key-buffering (I guess) sometimes the controls become completely unresponsive (clicking does nothing) or they produce the opposite results (you click forward and go the other way since - yay! - the camera rotated on its own 180 degrees). This of course results in your untimely and completely unfair demise.

    Menus & Dialogues & Inventory system: 2
    The painfully slow cascade of unnecessary dialogues needed to perform a single thing and the overall annoying and unintuitive inventory system put the nails on DS3's coffin. You will find yourself postponing more and more the decision to change the gear on your main character as well as her companions, since it is so difficult to find out what is really best for you. The only positive thing in that ugly bundle of mistakes is that each gear piece is automatically sorted under the correspondent item's category slot making it slightly easier to come to an informed decision. Also you can change only the active companion's gear at a time meaning that you must cycle-select manually all your companions (one at a time) to keep them up-to-date. Moreover, the bonus stat values are named in a weird innovative way (trying to throw in some innovation and differentiate from other similar games) and no hints are given as to what exactly they do or offer. Lastly, the level-up of all heroes is launched automatically after all nearby enemies have been defeated and there are really not many options there since, again, not enough context is given on what exactly every ability does and what the benefits
  4. Sep 4, 2014
    This game is shame for Dungeon siege series! Its not anymore "hack n slash" but "talk n walk" im VERY disapointes to dat... graphic maybe is better but "Playing games for grapjic is like watching porn for storyline"
  5. Aug 18, 2014
    Just read the user's 'good' reviews: all of them claim that they DIDN'T like previous DS 1 and 2... Now read the negative reviews: all of them claim that this is NOT like DS1 and 2... That says a lot of this game... Why did you use the same name to make games completely different from previous? This is a totally casual console crawler, without decent loot system, nor party based, nor toolset, nor nothing from previous games. And people who DON'T like previous DS games still having THOUSANDS of casual-pad-games to play, don't cheer the destruction of a great saga because there are NONE remotely close to DS to play instead... How much did you played this thing? 1 week? 1 month? well, I still playing Dungeon Siege 2, good games are forever, but this crap is to play once (a half in my case) and send to the trash. Expand
  6. May 8, 2014
    Proof that good graphics do not guarantee a good game.

    I don't always go for open world or sandbox games, they often don't tell their story very well. So Dungeon Siege III being mostly linear is not necessarily a minus point. One of the few things it shares with it's predecessors.

    Almost everything apart from the graphics is poor. Combat is turgid, character "ability" design and
    structure is too basic and console-y and audio is poor. Especially the mostly mediocre voice acting. Expand
  7. Jan 6, 2014
    Definitely a disgrace to his epic predecessors. Limited skills, weak story, somewhat challenging environments, few items, confusing interface. Dungeon Siege I and II are better!

    Dungeon Siege III is a offence to fans of this serie. Total waste of time.
  8. Jul 25, 2013
    Horrible controls and crappy camera angles make this game a pain to play. It might be a decent game, but I got fed up just trying to move around and see what was coming at me. You can either move by holding down 2 buttons and see about 10 feet from you, or attack by holding a different 2 buttons and hope you can hit something because that takes a third hand to work the mouse cursor to aim. It's totally retarded and frustrating. Expand
  9. Jun 12, 2013
    I like DS1 and DS2. but DS3 use new things,new Engine and i hate it. Better if DS3 have the same differents to DS2 like DS1 to DS2. First i saw the Menu,it looks epic,but than i have to choose a character. I can't change details and the charakters are so strange. I searching for a Charakter with Bow,but what Pistoles and Guns This Sucks. And the Fights are like Tekken. For me this Game called DS3 isn't a RPG. Expand
  10. Jun 4, 2013
    Now don't waste your time playing this crap as there are much better similar games to waste your time with. You already know which ones I mean, don't you? Yes: Diablo 3 and, even better (and cheaper), Torchlight 2. You have been warned
  11. May 5, 2013
    The camera is the worst I ever seen in any game over the world. It's impossible to control my character. It isn't addictive. A good job but in a wrong way...
    I expect full translation when I bought a game in my language, but dialogues are in English.
    Finally, only to mention Stream system and its family... Since I installed the game, with titanic efforts to carry out running Steam on my
    computer, it hangs my system at restart 6 in 10 times, as well as crash updating Stream system.
    Is Stream the "solution" or the "virus"?
  12. Jan 19, 2013
    Environments and graphics looks nice, everything runs smooth, no crashes etc. However the game mechanics is a bad joke, it makes DS3 feel cheap, dull voice acting and terrible cut scenes aswell.
  13. Jan 16, 2013
    This game is not even close to original DS games. There is no atmosphere, familiar to me, and there is nothing catchy, nor plot, nor gameplay. Too bad that developers want us to pay for "another sequel with better graphics".
  14. Jan 9, 2013
    I simply couldn't get past the terrible controls. A and D are used to slowly pivot your pov around while you wait, items are hard to get close enough to to pick up, combat feels extremely difficult to control due to the pov lag.... overall, I'd say this game is worth trying in demo form, just to see what it's like, but I wouldn't pay money for it.
  15. Oct 17, 2012
    This game sucks.. its not DS3 and was BS to be presented as DS3. The boss fights are retarded and it overall was a piss poor purchase. You clunk along then come to a boss that even on easy (if your a more casual gamer) you need a miracle and 10 tries to beat because noone playes multi and they are not geared toward single player.
  16. Aug 23, 2012
    The nicest thing I can say about this game is it looks pretty. The interface is obviously designed for a console and is awkward on PC. This game in no way resembles a dungeon siege game. In the first two the mythology was kinda stupid but you played the first one for the stunning graphics. The second game took on sort of a diablo 2 feel and was more of a grind but still had its moments of surreal beauty. In this game the mythology is all that is left. They took what should have been mature interesting characters (as per the cover graphics) and turned them into colorful little cartoon blobs. I'd say the biggest problem with this game is its target audience. This game should have 10-14 written in big letters on the title. It is a children's game. The gear doesn't matter so your son or daughter can play to their hearts content with whatever colorful thing catches their fancy.

    Anyone who enjoyed the first two games and shelled out money for this got ripped off. I personally burned $30. I would be mad as hell if I payed the $60 they wanted when it first came out. I will nearly always beat a computer game I've payed for at least once. Even if it becomes tedious. Just so I feel like I got my dollars worth. This game is so bad I just couldn't.
  17. Jun 12, 2012
    I was very excited when I played the demo and then quickly very disappointed. The controls for the PC is like trying to use a potato peeler to shave your beard. They scream of reckless console port. That alone made the game feel awkward to play and would have given this game a bad score. But of course they couldn't have stopped there. Even though this game has the dungeon siege name it literally has nothing to do with the original series. Every single mechanic is different for the worst. The inventory is a pain to use, the abilities are boring, the fighting is now a boring hack and slash, the stats on the items are uninteresting and randomized, and the camera is like trying to wrestle with a crocodile. Although, the worst of all is the multiplayer. That is the sole purpose that I bought this game when it went on sale on steam. I had the bad fortune to think "What could possibly go wrong", the answer was a lot. Every person playing the game shares the same camera. I don't think you understand the gravity of that statement. EVERY PERSON IN AN -ONLINE COOP GAME- HAS TO SHARE THE SAME TINY CAMERA. It was actually impressive that they made the Coop experience WORSE than the actual game. Thanks for destroying my hopes of my favorite series coming back Obsidian Entertainment... Expand
  18. Jun 6, 2012
    Having played the predecessors, DS III was highly disappointing but I suppose its expected from a developer who never worked on the original title. I admit I may not have given this game a chance but this is what happens when your expectations have been set so high in a previous title.
  19. Jun 5, 2012
    Simply not fun. I love action RPGs, and I picked this game up for crazy cheap, but when I was on my way to the Heroes Crypt (I'm going to assume it's halfway), I realized that I was simply not having fun. I guess the combination of repetitive enemies, boring click-fest combat, bad voice acting, horrible engine optimization, and HORRENDOUS controls are enough to ruin this game. I'm all for getting my money's worth out of things, but I'm not going to force myself to play something that isn't fun out of some misguided sense of duty. Before you buy this game, play through the demo and ask yourself "is it worth it?" and then play through the demo 5 more times and ask "is it still worth it?" Expand
  20. Mar 25, 2012
    This game is terrible, but what makes it so damn tragic is that it could have been awesome. All the crucial elements are there - great graphics, talent trees, two prequels full of lore and atmosphere, and a ridiculous amount of loot - but in the end, you're just mashing the same two buttons over and over again regardless of what's on the screen. There's no strategy, no peril, and no variation - just those same two buttons. Over. And. Over. If you're looking for RPG fun, reinstall the first Dungeon Siege - but avoid this title at all costs. Expand
  21. Koo
    Mar 24, 2012
    I bought this game on Steam pre-order and was looking forward to playing it. The original Dungeon Siege (which was included with my purchase of Dungeon Siege III) was a decent game. The graphics are looking a little dated in DS1 (it was released in 2002) but the storyline was decent, the enemies and environments varied, and there are plenty of interesting weapons and items. NONE of this is true in Dungeon Siege III. The storline is sub-B Movie quality, the enemies are largely cloned, and weapons and items are the biggest letdowns. "Powerful staff" "Magic charms" etc. are the childlike names given to weapons and items in the game. No effort was given to imagination or creativity in this department. The levels themselves are similarly bad. Completely linear, just follow the track, no side explorations possible. The one upside to Dungeon Siege III are the graphics. They're spectacular. Dynamic, beautifully saturated, and candy for the eyes. Graphics, however, don't make the game fun - just easy to look at. This game is lousy, and nice graphics are no substitute for shoddy storytelling, level design, and overall gameplay. A disappointment. 4/10 Expand
  22. Jan 27, 2012
    Being a huge fan of Dungeon Siege, I was really anticipating DS3, after playing it I must say that I am disappointed to say the least, I am quite glad it was a gift and I did not waste my own money on it. On it's own, it's not a bad game, that's why I gave it a 4 and not a lower rating, but its NOT Dungeon Siege in any respect. Yet another fantastic PC game title falls victim to the onslaught of cheap inferior console development. The game is about as "linear" as a game can get, nothing like DS, or even DS2. For a console game, by any other name, it would not be all that bad, not all that good, but not bad. However it's not by any other name, it was Dungeon Siege, and if you came here looking for that series, I am sorry to say, you're not going to find it here. Expand
  23. Jan 5, 2012
    Probably the worst controls I have ever come across is a game, completely unintuitive, and you can't even remap keys. What a waste of time this game is.
  24. Dec 3, 2011
    Graphics are OK, story is average. The female char is fun to play. Single player is doable, but multiplayer at least with more than two people is unusable due to the close view. When anyone pushes the edge of the boundary the rest of the party 'may' be dragged along or the view 'may' stick. It needs to be able to have a much higher view or way of moving separately. Even in the same room where we an chat and talk we gave up trying to play this game. After the amazing legacy of multi-playability the previous versions enjoyed this was a very expensive failure. Expand
  25. Dec 3, 2011
    With a lineage of excellent gameplay, Dungeon Siege III is just a terrible game. I was expecting an experience that mimicked the enjoyable gameplay of the last two entries in this series. Instead I say a system that seemed to be developed for console gaming that absolutely failed as a PC game.

    I won't hold back, NO AUTO ATTACK!?! In the last two entries, we had auto-cast and
    multi-controls if we wanted to control more than just our character. This game is NOT a continuation of this style of gameplay. It feels like they wanted an active combat system with wonky camera controls and failed to engage the player in the enviroment. Even targeting is absolutley awful.

    This should have been simple. click an enemy, you keep attacking till that enemy is dead. Hell even continuous clicks would have been better than what I saw in this game. Click an enemy, you attack it, click a different enemy, you keep attacking the first enemy you clicked on. Hit a button for an ability? Well, sometimes it goes for the enemy you originally clicked on, sometime you just run into a wall and do nothing.

    By the way, if you want to play solo, don't pick a ranged character (all but 1 of your three choices). Rushing enemies will hit you faster than the fixed camera controls will allow you to handle. How does a game that was so good before this latestest entry become such a piece of crap? Don't even get me started on the talent tree, because modern game designers seem to think that modern game players are too stupid to handle such a complex scenario!
  26. Vio
    Nov 20, 2011
    Waste of money. I pre-ordered this piece of junk. Fired her up, realized I couldn't strafe, mouse control was terrible, camera was bad, you have to run up to stuff and press E to pick stuff up - you cant just mouse over a item on a shelf and click it! Aside from that the game is utterly linear. Really this isn't dungeon siege at all, its some other game that sucks that just bears its name...
  27. Nov 14, 2011
    insert generic console port statement. In addition to a boring storyline, the gameplay is one that I have never been a fan of. I tried this game, thinking it would be like its predecessors, but It was Dark alliance all over again. Just like Baldur's gate, this game style has killed another series. Thanks obsidian. The graphics are par I guess.
  28. Oct 20, 2011
    Not like a Dungeon Siege game should be. Its a really obvious console-port and the good old DS feeling is long gone. The gameplay is boring and character progression is not rewarding.
  29. Oct 2, 2011
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!! I cannot believe I actually had to pay money for this filth. The game gives me a head ache. It has a look and a feel that might be ok if you're 4 years old. The controls are so terrible that I had nightmares about them all night. So many good gaming principles were thrown out, only to be replaced by such clumsy and unintelligent **** that I am really wondering about the iq and mental health of everyone involved in creating this foul abomination. Playing the game feels like a task, as if you are a hamster running in a wheel never actually getting anywhere interesting. I'm not sure why this game is even supposed to be an RPG. There is no point and click, not really any normal skill tree, no character creation or development and what on god's green earth is wrong with the items? Oh yeah, and did I mention the sucky interface? The simplicity that worked so well for ds1 and ds2 has been replaced with stupidity. I would rather suck puke through a straw than play this game. Whatever you do, do not buy this game. Play the demo if you have to see for yourself but please do not reward the clowns that produced this garbage by actually buying it. Now I understand why it was half price on steam this weekend. Expand
  30. Oct 1, 2011
    It's a coneole piece of trash that should never have been released on PC. The only way I'd buy this was if it was in the bargain bin for
  31. Sep 30, 2011
    Everything about the games visuals and gameplay are fairly good. But, the one thing that really irritated me is the limited amount of character customizations. RPGs in essence are really all about creating your own hero. The premade characters that your stuck with are nice and okay, but if you really dont feel an attachment to the character your playing in a RPG so then you really start not to care about playing the game. I think the games entire concept is outdated and belongs in 2006-07. Expand
  32. Sep 8, 2011
    I had hoped this game would be good because in my opinion it's been a very bad year for games. Turns out, it isn't. To be open, I have not purchased the game. I have downloaded the demo from Steam and played that. I'd like to give the makers of this game props for providing a demo before release and making it widely available, every game company should do this. But, in this instance the demo didn't do the game any favors as it quickly displays how bad it is. You can't control the camera and the angles are very awkward, keybinds are preset (not customizable) and poorly set at that. No game today should lack a key mapping ability, regardless of console but especially on PC. Graphics were OK, but not great. Honestly didn't see any better eye candy than Dragon Age:Origins which is a couple of years old. So, I am thankful that the demo was made and released as it saved me having to wait for reviews to make a purchase decision. I sincerely hope more game studios start releasing demos because had it been good, Obsidian would have had a preorder from me. Expand
  33. Aug 28, 2011
    I will say up front that I just couldn't bring myself to play this one very much. It was basically not that fun, interesting or compelling. It didn't even strike me as connected to the original in any meaningful way. I think I put more hours into the original Dungeon Seige this week than I did the new one. That one is still mostly fun.
  34. Aug 26, 2011
    A confused and disjointed narrative attempts to deliver an incredibly bland story in this, the most disappointing rpg i've yet played.

    graphically average, disappointing sound design add to the games seeming boredom with itself.

    No real customization of your characters appearance and an unrewarding multiplayer system which seems to insist that you you ignore it completely for it's almost
    equally un-rewarding single player.

    It's just bad, even for an obviously console focused rpg ported poorly across. Skip this, buy it's predecessors which I enjoyed far more then this when given it free for pre-purachasing this tremendous waste of time.
  35. Aug 19, 2011
    Surely the graphics is something way outside the Dungeon siege's standards, but goddamn both the story and the camera are a total disgrace, plus i cant even modify my character?What the hell! this is an RPG and not some random adventure game! I hope for teh next diablo 3
  36. Aug 17, 2011
    This garbage makes me actually want to play DA2. The controls in this game are pretty mediocre, I understand that it's ported from console, but come on they could have just used the standard over the top rpg controls... It gets even worse in coop with a shared screen betalween all party members, I honestly fail to see the logic behind that move. The gameplay was actually alright, even kind of fun on certain fights... although the game got progressively easier, I played on the highest difficulty and the only time I died was to a miniboss that you encounter about 30 minutes into the game. Unfortunately everything else was terrible, it had horrible voice acting, you honestly could have taken 5 people off the streets and they could have done a better job. Granted they didn't have much to work with as the story and writing is absolute garbage. They tried to make some kind of Mass Effect dialogue wheel, but there's pretty much 1 choice in the game that will probably have a minute effect on the expansion or dlcs. Sadly this game would have been better if they just removed all the dialogue and plot and just stuck a massive arrow over your characters head which directed you through the game. I'm not fond of giving red scores to games with a budget, but this crap legitimately deserved it, it would suck even if it was from some unknown indie developer. Expand
  37. Aug 11, 2011
    This game is simply garbage. Boring, with poor action elements and simplified to the point where you get like 2 options to choose when "customizing" your hero. The graphics is OK, but everywhere you feel that it was made for consoles and was ported without any tweaking. textures are low resolution, everything is blurred and such. And you get these colour palette designed for 5 year old kids, with rainbows and unicorns. Hello Kitty comparing to DS3 feels like a gloomy show. Characters you can play with are totally lame and even looking at them makes you sick. And when the start talking... OMG! Also I hate those console like dialog menus, with very few conversation options. Probably because they didn't want those 5yo kids to get confused.

    You don;t believe me? Go to STEAM and download demo. If after playing it you will be willing to pay for this piece of crap more than 5 bucks, I'll be amazed and simply shocked.
  38. Jul 31, 2011
    Sight of multiplay is too bad.I feel bad in that.
    And this is not dungeon siege siries.How terrible game this is.
    I'll never not buy Square Enix PC game.
  39. Jul 30, 2011
    This 'game' does not the deserve the title 'Dungeon Siege'. Period. This sequel strips you clean of any freedom you used to have. It lacks free traveling, it lacks character customization, it lacks item customization, it lacks an original story line, and it lacks (the will) to replay the campaign again. The worst is you have to play in a camera setting that will frustrate you in matter of seconds. If you only care about graphics, then this is a game you're welcome to experience. Expand
  40. Jul 30, 2011
    Upon playing the demo, I was first dazzled by the polished characters, from the spells to the scenery, cut-scene style conversations with standard-made-famous Bioware conversation options, and the ability to play the game with little to no interface lag on the highest settings (a topic that has been disappointingly absent in a lot of games as of late).

    This is where I decided to buy DS3,
    and where the dazzle ended. After those very good aspects of the game, you are left with some glaring technical issues and a bag full of disappointment.

    The forums are full to the brim with technical issues which have not been addressed and it is left to the users to finagle a cure to their computer's affliction with the game.

    Probably my biggest annoyance with the game was three things:

    1) Only four characters, with no customization options at all. I personally love playing magic user type characters, but I simply cannot "get into it" when my character is an overweight, 60 year old which has the appearance of a crazy homeless man.

    2) From what I have read (which is part of the problem), your armor changes in sets; therefore, you will not see a change in your character's model until you reach the next set. To me this screams laziness. The developers took a half-assed route on this issue. I was satisfied with the diverse stats on items, but I want to feel heroic, and I cannot feel heroic if I do not look heroic. My 60 year old crazy homeless man does not look heroic wearing his standard shirt model from level one. (I mentioned having to read about this, because even fifteen levels into the game and I still have not seen a model change)

    3) Spells and abilities. Need I say more? Each character in DS3 boasts a whopping nine (9) spells/abilities, three (3) of which are purely defensive. This leaves you with six (6) for the purpose of offense. Now lets take Anjali for example. She is a half magic, half melee user. As I said before, I signed up for the magic part, so I have an aversion to using her melee side. This leaves me which three (3) whole spells in which to obliterate my enemies and save the world. Are we heroic, or what? I think I could get past the very small number of spell/ability options, if there was a lot of customization to go along with them. Instead we are left with each spell having two (2) paths in which to "master" the spell, some of which are mostly undesirable.

    Needless to say, my Anjali character is content to heroically save the world using nothing but her basic attack and dodging, as using her spells is mostly just a "meh.. I guess I could use the aoe", instead of it being strategically necessary to use the right spell at the right time.

    Sadly, after all this typing, I haven't even mentioned the technical issues in detail. I won't go too far into it, but I will say that after two days of playing the game, it suddenly began to cause my computer to shut off. No blue screen, no application failure. Simply shut off. After tweaking the graphical settings, the game runs fine, however it negates part of what I mentioned liking about the game.

    Definitely, definitely not worth the $50 price tag.
  41. Jul 23, 2011
    This game was an utter disappointing. I remember when dungeon siege 2 came out and it was really good but always in the shadow of Diablo. But it had it's unique aspects to it which made it interesting and fun to play. This game is unacceptable, the controls are horrible. The way they have their inventory set up makes it look like something that came out of a horror movie and items disappear after one use. This game deserves a "-10" due to its lack of diversity and terrifying controls. Very, Very disappointed. Expand
  42. Jul 22, 2011
    The graphics aren't too bad, and the game feels fairly polished and smooth, but with a very dull story and shallow combat mechanics it fails to keep you entertained. The camera is also excruciating to use and will ruin the game for many.
  43. Jul 21, 2011
    This game is so horrible, i just had to register to write this "review". i am a die-hard dungeonsiege 1 and 2 fan, i spent half of my university time playing these games with friends. and of course i bought DS3 without playing the demo or reading/waiting for reviews, after all, it's DUNGEON SIEGE and must be good, right? riiiight?

    well sadly the controls (even after patch) and the
    camera movements (why do you limit us to two zoom modes omfg ?????) are horribly bad, the dumbed-down xp/leveling system is a joke...
    me and my friends didn't even start playtesting the coop mode, but reading other reviews give us a good hint we would just get more upset at this huge pile of frustration.

    if we wanted to buy a CONSOLE GAME we would buy a console. this was a real waste of money and i whish i wouldn't have bought the steam version, then at least i could have second-hand sold it.

    uninstalled now, and i hope i find a way to remove it from my games library. VERY disappointed ex-fan!
  44. Jul 21, 2011
    A disappointing, frustrating return to the DS franchise will leave you crying in your gilded gauntlets. This is yet another example of an outstanding PC genre bastardised in order to fit the square peg in the console round hole. Before you label me a console basher I have an XBox and its a great machine for certain genres, but this is not one of them. Single player frustrations include appaling camera angles with no free zoom levels, you have 2 levels of zoom, too close and whhooaaaa!! to close. Overegging of the graphical effects create an level of utter confusion at times that left me unable to find my mouse pointer. Cut scenes are too many, too long and embarrasingly poor graphically. The story is short circa 7-8 hours, being bulked out by hinting at replaying it 4 times using each hero....err no thanks! Also this is the "A-Team" of games where none of the boss characters actually die.....oh political correctness gone mad! Initially controls were non mappable but thankfully that has been fixed. Pets are gone, no more donkey or wolf to help you, nurture and advance. No more chests to store your loot and even the transmute spell has been dumbed down in order to cater for 3 year olds. No health potions and weapons, armor and other goodies are far less exciting and frequent. Multiplayer wise its a total washout for me. Remember the glorious freedom you used to have to split off and nip back to town to flog stuff, buy potions, have a pee, make a cuppa? GONE. The game featured the tag line "Together We are Stronger" basically the get out for the fact you can't free roam anymore. Its a huge disappointment for me, there's no sense of freedom and you cant even get offscreen for respite if you're low on health, you're just stuck in this restricted frame of "un-zoom-outedness" Add to this the fact that you can just join the game at level 30 with a new character, get pimped up to level 30 and complete the game 20 mins later and wheres the sense of achievement gone? Character development is firmly in the bin. I could go on for another 500 words nitpicking at this game but I think its had enough of my time already. Move on! Thanks Microsoft/Square Enix for crushing the life from an old friend and leaving him dieing in the gutter. Expand
  45. Jul 19, 2011
    Sad it had to end this way Dungeon Siege. Such a shame the long awaited Dungeon Siege 3 was developed by another company into some stupid ass simple console RPG. After the many hours I spent playing Dungeon Siege 1 and 2, this game is extremely disappointing. But, we all saw it coming with a company like Obsidian plus console release. Oh well, RIP Dungeon Siege.
  46. Jul 19, 2011
    Thank god for Steam who released a demo version for this game. Tried it and got disgusted with it. DS III is really an insult to the DS series. I strongly recommend potential buyers to try out the demo version before landing it.
  47. Jul 18, 2011
    I created an account JUST to warn about this game. At the time of writing this, I am at the last fight of the game. My save game clock tells me that I've been playing it for 9 hours and 22 seconds. Everyone else who's rated it poorly has said enough about it--it's a pretty damn awful game. If you're at all interested in this game, I would highly suggest that you wait until it's in the bargain bin. $7.50-$10 would be a fair price for this franchise slayer. Expand
  48. Jul 16, 2011
    I wish developers would stop regurgitating the RPG "formula". This game lacks in all areas that count. The truth is, players already have their favorite RPGs. The only way you can love this game is you're a relatively new gamer to the genre and it's your first experience. If you've every played an RPG before, you've played this one and your former experience was probably better.

    As if
    the table above doesnâ Expand
  49. Jul 12, 2011
    It truly feels as if I plugged an XBox DVD of a terrible RPG game into my computer and miraculously got it to run. I can't believe I spend 50 dollars on such an utter failure to this "series". I was an enormous fan of DS1 & 2, this game has zero resemblance to those titles. The controls garbage; storyline garbage; camera garbage; the graphics we're ok; everything else was terrible. Only positives were an easy co-op connection experience (thanks Steam), although you are handcuffed to your co-op partner, there's absolutely no freedom. There's no use in explaining any more shortcomings. Don't buy it, don't even pirate it, it's a waste of your bandwidth. Expand
  50. Jul 10, 2011
    If they wanted to make castlevania meets the witcher, that's all fine and good but DON"T call it Dungeon Siege III. The practice of hijacking franchise names to rob and mislead the fans of good quality earlier PC titles has just got to stop. This is a mediocre at best, totally linear console game dressed up like a good old fashion PC loot crawler. Why they couldn't just stick the damn established formula, or just come up with a new name for whatever this is, is totally beyond me. Don't' believe the hype, It's NOT a sequel. Expand
  51. Jul 10, 2011
    Intended specifically for those who ask: "WHY ALL THE NEGATIVITY?"

    This game is a spit in the eye of fans of all kinds. Literally. Let me explain:

    DS1 was a great game: you literally started out as a farmer who went bashing heads with his/her pitchfork/hoe/whatever crude tool. On your way you met tons of other characters who you could recruit into your party as peers, thus making it
    essentially a squad-oriented action RPG game, with characters improving their skills and attributes by actually using them, mostly in combat. The combat was semi-automatic, with the player issuing orders as to what enemies to attack, who to move back for healing, what group formation to assume, etc. It was like an action-oriented baldur's gate in 3D (with incredible graphics for that time), with a simple, linear story and a varied, albeit linear world with non-respawning mobs, with a reasonable replayability value.

    DS2 set the game in a different place in the same world, took what made DS1 great and made it even better: improved graphics, added talent trees, better group and pet management and controls, adding diablo2-style waypoints, character-specific sidequests, respawning mobs (again, diablo2-style) and incredibly fun LAN multiplayer that was stained only by horrible internet connection problems via GameSpy. It also had great replayability by offering additional difficulty modes (like Diablo-esque "normal-nightmare-hell"), each additional difficulty mode adding 1 more character slot to your party. YAY!

    DS3? The only thing it has in common with those two is a few names here and there. - Groups gone.
    - Pets gone.
    - Combat has changed from "passive tactical realtime group control" to a "active single-character battle with the controls".
    - Completely redesigned and horribly stunted controls for PC with no f***ing customization option!
    - Character creation/progression completely redesigned and horribly simplified.
    - Completely linear and very NARROW world. DS1+2 relied on linearity for progression and the world itself was vast and varied.
    - Pathetic itemization.
    - Multiplayer is ridiculously laughable.
    - Industrial-age Britain? Gremlins?! ROBOTS?!!
    +- An average story.
    - An average story/background combining elements from DS1 lore with unrelated DS2 lore, adding immolated women, Gremlins and ROBOTS for f***'s sake.
    + The humour was mostly okay.
    + Better graphics.

    It if hadn't been named "Dungeon Siege", I could have easily seen it as a game with a 6-7 score. The graphics are good, voice acting was okay (why are there so many people with strange - read "Slavic" - accents in this game?) the humour often made me laugh, I don't mind the style of the cutscenes, and there are bits and pieces of the game that I really liked and enjoyed. Yes, it could have been longer, the controls better, etc. That didn't bother me all that much. Well, it did bother me but it wouldn't have, if I hadn't been constantly reminded of the fact that it's supposed to be a "Dungeon Siege" game. The horribly cobbled together lore, the characters constantly referencing names and/or places from the previous games simply gave me no pause. This game is NOT a successor of DS1+2 in any way, shape or even form.

    And that's why it's a spit in the eye of fans.
  52. Jul 9, 2011
    Truly this is an awful game. Much worse than first and second installment of the title. The character creation and development is very limited and superficial in comparison toprevious games. We just get premade characters and do not have the freedom to develop them as we please, but we simply must follow the straightforward paths made by game designers.Graphic is unequal - some aspects like outdoor environment looks good, but animations and indoors looks poor, story is as uninteresting as it goes, camera and controls work awkwardly, all battles are just bland boring buttonsmashing. Avoid! Expand
  53. Jul 7, 2011
    I bought this game thinking it would be fun multi-player, even after I tried the demo, which was stupid. The multi-player portion of the game is awful, for PC anyway. The whole game is awful, I logged in about an hour trying to play multi-player with a buddy and haven't loaded it up since, bye bye $50.
  54. Jul 6, 2011
    Having been a fan of the DS series, I could not wait to lay my hands on 3 when it came out. Oh how I wish I came here to read the reviews first, but typically, sequels, even bad sequels, do not deviate from the game too much. That has not been the case with DS3...the old adage of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" comes to mind. This game first and foremost is a console game...why they even bothered to package it for the PC is beyond me. I agree with other comments that if this were not being labeled as a DS game, it probably would have gotten better reviews. Although a solid game in and of itself, it should never have gotten the DS title. The only reason I even gave it a 3 was because it entertained my son for 2 days during our move, and was a good babysitter. But I bought the game for us to play coop and sadly, the replay value just is not there... Expand
  55. Jul 3, 2011
    for the 6 people who rated it 10/10 , come on now... that is absurd.
    there is noway this game is a perfect 10 for 10, even if you do like it the graphics alone perfect?
    game of the year? that is also crazy talk
  56. Jul 1, 2011
    This game had beautiful graphics to it but that is honestly about the extent of it. The game was VERY short for the price tag that the company was asking for it. I would ask around 19.99 for this game and that is being generous. It had a somewhat ok story line that ended all to quickly unlike the past dungeon sieges that kept you playing for hours. The transitions of the story were HORRIBLE as if no imagination what so ever but to simply draw out a picture of something and post words to it. This game can be gone through in less than one day without breaks easily. The controls were absolutely horrible!!!! I did not get used to the controls up until almost the end of the game. For someone looking to blow some money for NOTHING it is great. For someone looking for a really great hard core game you can enjoy for many hours, It is NOT for you. They have seriously let me along with I am sure many others down that truly expected something better from the dungeon siege series. Expand
  57. Jun 27, 2011
    If you played DS1 or 2 and think this is going to be like that DONT! This game blows and I mean in the worst possible ways. Here are a few pros and cons. Pros: Graphics are acceptable. Cons: 1. no auto save. you have to run to the light cones to save and you get 40 slots. 2. no potions. 3 you and one other member in parties. no more 5 man team as in DS1 or 2. 4 Totally liniar and i mean it.
    5 you have to click the E key to pic up or interact with ANYTHING other than gold.
    6. NO keyboard binding customization options
    7. POOR to non exsistent character development.
    8. POOR storyline.
    9 POOR voice acting and cut scenes. like my character will be facing away looking at the sky from the npc hes supposed to be talking to.

    And much much more......short version...DONT BUY THIS! Wait for Torchlight 2 in JULY and that might gets us through to D3 :)
  58. Jun 25, 2011
    There are 2 problems with this game: 1) it's called "dungeon siege 3" and 2) the keyboard/mouse and camera controls are awful. It's really designed to be played with a game pad on a console, and it loses a lot of the fun elements of the first 2 games such as running a large party, finding exciting loot and tweaking out your character as you level, and the UI for managing your character and inventory and shopping is much more awkward. Taken for what it is its a fun console hack and slash, but they really changed too much of the formula that made the previous 2 games fun for me. Expand
  59. MGT
    Jun 25, 2011
    This game is totally AWful - The grapics are about the only good thing there is to this game. You can read my full review here:
  60. Jun 25, 2011
    Terrifying, and not in the "the graphics are pretty amazing" way although they are at a level acceptable by todays standards. The game unfortunately falls short in all other areas. The storyline is predictable, cut scenes look horrible. The fighting engine is completely useless on PC (which stinks of a straight console port), the platform where the game originated and found its roots.
  61. Jun 24, 2011
    THE GOOD: Switching stances to execute different attacks is a good idea. The graphics, while not being outstanding, are well polished. The sound design is pretty good. THE BAD: Boring loot table, a leveling system that is not engaging at all. THE UGLY: The controls are horrible on the PC, but that wouldn't be so bad if we could remap key bindings. But we can't. What the hell?

    Side Rant:
    One of the fun things about dungeon crawlers is finding cool loot, not only items that do cool things but look cool. I can barely tell that I'm wearing different armor or weapons, and I have a suspicion that most of the armor models are identical. Look at Torchlight as a good example of loot done well. Expand
  62. Jun 24, 2011
    OMG I cant believe I purchased this piece of worthless crap and gave obsidian my hard earned $50.00. What are game companies doing? do they NOT even test their junk before putting it on the market? i tried (operative word here) to play this game on the pc. There is no main map, so u have to follow the minimap in the upper corner of the screen which of course only shows you a couple of paces ahead of your location. The game is ugly, clunky, and just flat out does not make any navigational sense, and there is no key binding (what?) Please people, for the love of humanity ... if you haven't purchased this game DON'T! not for the pc anyway. Obsidian ... I want my money back and after this I will NEVER buy your games again. Expand
  63. Jun 24, 2011
    Not only the game has next to nothing in common with Dungeon Siege I and II, but it's just plain bad action RPG. Lame graphics and animations, horrible character development and equipment (no item sets in ARPG, what a joke), and game's interface is a nightmare. Overall, it's yet another pathetic attempt to use famous brand for selling an utter garbage to the players.
  64. Jun 24, 2011
    I see several reviews stating that the game has potential...potential is something that the demo should show. The game itself should deliver. If you based your vote on "potential" on a final product and not what it delivers, please don't have children as that kind of stupidity is bad for the rest of the planet. You wouldn't rate a steak dinner that was horrible a "10" if "the beef had potential." The controls are horrible and Obsidian knew this. They knew before the game was supposed to launch and deliberately disabled the key binding ability because there was a bug in it. So instead of fixing the problem, they rushed an unfinished product out the door to get it out on time. The only positive from buying this game is its one less company I have to consider for a quality product. I played it for about an hour after I bought it through Steam. I already uninstalled it. Nice waste of $50! Expand
  65. Jun 24, 2011
    This game is horrible. The PC controls are obviously not meant for human players and I really wish game devs would focus more on their human customer base and not the martian ones. No, I won't use a gamepad on a computer. I'm not used to play on a gamepad and any game would have to be damn good to make me start using one.

    This game is NOT a Dungeon Siege. The prequels were nice but I
    couldn't play this one for more than 30 minutes. It's really that bad. Nothing more than a rushed, lazy game made to squeeze some dough from the fools, like me, who bought it.

    Don't waste your money on it. Although I buy alot of games, I haven't played anything so horrible in the last year.
  66. Jun 23, 2011
    Oh man, I am so dissapointed...If I wanted to play The Witcher...I would have bought the F&^$ Witcher. To the people that keep saying, "I dunno why they are giving bad reviews," hmmm well that is probably because you never played the first two. Two huge upsets for me this year Duke and DS3...I really hope that HOMM6 does not change their formula for their release. However...they KILLED on the graphics kudos to that, but Shame shame for changing the DS formula that EVERYONE wanted. Expand
  67. Jun 23, 2011
    Very disappointed from Square Enix again. You have to choose a class, gone are the days of developing your player based on how you play. You have to play a canned player. Graphics are on par for consoles, controls like a console. Narrow maps. You will enjoy this if you like canned player, click and kill, gamepad games.
  68. Jun 23, 2011
    I will never fool myself in to buying another dungeon seige game. Dont get me wrong the first was amazing. Its was open and I enjoyed exploring and killing everything I could find, and the sheer amount of armor and weapons was endless, plus the player mods just kept adding more. And the ratings for the game reflected that.
    2 comes along and everything is on rails, you still have all
    room to play but the feeling of size and worldliness was gone. And I even remember the rates for it!! they were bad, no one likes it compared to the first.
    Now 3 comes along and im thinking to myself this game should be epic, the company had to have realized that 1 was their money maker, its what people loved and wanted more of, and of course any company picking up this title to continue the series would realize also that what they needed was just 1 revamped, alittle for graphics, more lands to explore, even a more complex character building. What I ended up with though is an even bigger railed game. WTF! Listen if your first was a success, and the second an utter failure you dont continue to build on the second you fools!
  69. Jun 23, 2011
    While Dungeon Siege III looks beautiful, it is nearly impossible to play on the PC. Keyboard+mouse controls are terrible, aggravated by the fact that there is no way to remap the keys to even try to fix things. Additionally, the camera views are terrible. With the two long ranged characters, you will spend many boss fights simply running around clicking since the camera is never pointing at anything useful. Often, you can't zoom out far enough to even see what you are attacking. Finally, compared to pass Dungeon Siege titles, this game has been ridiculously dumbed-down, with each character getting only 9 abilities total. I can only assume that game companies have decided that we have become too dumb to deal with any amount of complexity in the character builds. Verdict for me: definitely don't buy. This is the first game in a long time that I feel I wasted my money on. Expand
  70. Jun 23, 2011
    Pure rubbish, it is so much like Fable - the look, the feel, the similar combat styles, the green experience orbs etc. The developers tried to combine a top down view with fable combat. The reason why no one has done this before is because they know IT DOESN'T WORK! The combat feels clunky and the controls aren't great at all. I'm a lefty and as far as the demo tells, there is no way to change your controls at all. And yeah the graphics are nice but the characters are damn plain and near emotionless. I entered a village in the demo and most of the npc villagers were just standing around doing f*** all, not even trying to act like real people. The leveling up system feels unessesarily complicated and the loot, I swear that all of the loot is the same! I expected to be able to pick up the guns and swords from slain enemies but you cant! You're locked into the class that you pick. And from what the demo has shown, you have no control over your companion/s whatsoever. I also couldnt find a way to heal my character. As far as i could tell there were no health potions or anything (if there is then the game didnt tell me), and so i just kept runnning into massive amounts of foes button mashing everywhere. But because combat is so bad and fast, you have no time to use tactics and so i found myself killed over ten times during the demo ending boss fight. Now because it was the demo i just kept respawning where i died, but it had me thinking "Well how the hell am i suppposed to do this fight properly in the real game?". Overall this is just ridiculous. I expected to be able to click on an enemy to attack him, but instead i have to rotate in his general direction and constantly click without aiming (not helped by the terrible lock on system). A top down view with this combat DOES NOT WORK! Its no fun and the loot feels boring. Nothing like its previous games. Expand
  71. Jun 22, 2011
    Ok lets start here. If your expecting a Dungeon Siege game with this 3rd installment. Your not gonna get it with this title. What made DS 1&2 does not make it into 3. However so far of what I have played on it it seems to be a fairly solid RPG with really good graphics. Now back to what's not in the game if you were expecting DS3 to at least be somewhat like DS 1&2 1) Death - Don't die it's game over and back to last save point. 2) Save Points - They are in set area's you can not save and exit the game where ever you want. 3) Skills - You no longer can just use w/e weapon you want and build your character from their. The Hero you pick as your starting character will determine what abilities and gear you will be using. 4) Large groups - Nope not here. Party size is limited to 2 characters. 5) DS2 was fairly linear in terms of where you went especially compared to DS1. However that's nothing compared to how straight DS3 is. One of my most beloved aspects of DS1 was the world, and picking different ways to travel to various locations. 6) Controls are way different in this versus the others. 7) No potions. All in all it's not a bad game or rpg however I do dislike them using the Dungeon Siege name to sell their title. As pretty much everything that made Dungeon Siege what it is. Is not in DS3. This game is ridiculously short for an RPG even doing all the side quests. Not worth 50-60$ Maybe 10-15$ for it's horrid controls, bad camera action, and with how short it is Expand
  72. Jun 22, 2011
    I guess I can start by reiterating what so many others have said here and that this game might have scored better had it not called itself Dungeon Siege III. Having played both of the previous DS games, I bought this one sight unseen. My mistake, I know. Controls are bad, co-op shares a common screen (even when playing on different systems) and game play is nothing like the first two. Using the name of a known series to push a completely different game just strikes me wrong. Will patches bring up the playability? I hope so, but I have my doubts. Expand
  73. Jun 22, 2011
    I don't think I can write all in depth, fair review but from the amount of game that I could stomach I realised it is a p.o.s that looks and feels nothing more than a mod that is mad by amateur guys! Obsidian gtg!!!! They consistently produce mediocre or even worse titles but seriously, by now I thought they would clean up their act. Horrible game, doesn't deserve a cent!
  74. Jun 22, 2011
    Graphics are alright, nothing mind blowing, but alright. This is the only thing this game has going for it. It doesn't follow it's predecessors gameplay wise at all. The controls are horid on the PC. Without a gamepad I would go as far as saying it is unplayable. That they have the audacity to call it a co-op game appalls me. It is just a side kick system that gives you no real reason to play with other people. Bottem line, it is not what it is advertised as. Expand
  75. Jun 22, 2011
    Worst dungeon siege game I have ever played. both 1 and 2 are way better. In this game the camera is frustrating the combat is boring its just a bad game period.
  76. Jun 22, 2011
    I'm not sure why they even bothered porting this to the PC. It has all the limitations of the console with none of the advantages of the PC. No choice, no customization, TERRIBLE camera positioning and control. It barely avoids completely linear progression. Completely unforgivable. Yet another franchise destroyed by the console business model.
  77. Jun 22, 2011
    This game has nothing to elevate it above average and to top it all off the control scheme is terrible. The customization is very limited. You only get 9 usable abilities for a character. The loot you find barely changes your character's appearance at all which is basically a bad design decision and flat out laziness in a loot based game. And a playthrough is about 8 hours long.

    It's just
    a mindless and poor game. Do yourself a favor and play Titan Quest or Torchlight instead while you wait for Diablo 3. Expand
  78. Jun 22, 2011
    I had high expectations but frankly they were squased within 5 minutes. I can live with the linear gameplay and only being able to choose pre created chars. I can live with a so so interface and some less then inspired voice acting. I CAN NOT live with the **** camera ever they have put into this game . The first little boss fight (which happens after 5 minutes orso) made me kill the boss while I couldnt even see him, you get it he was off-screen. Combine the bad camera with some very awkward controls and you are bound to quite within minutes. I prevailed and played on, but after an hour I just gave up. The story didnt capture me like DS1 once did, playing DS3 feels like a chore and it cant even come close to games like Diablo or Torchlight or even Space Siege....what a let down. Expand
  79. Jun 22, 2011
    I'm at a loss to start. The manual is devoid of important information. The abilities screen is not intuative. Abilities aren't clearly sorted. The should be sorted based on the stance name, not 1, 2 or 3 in a left to right fashion, the way people read... I think this game would be much more enjoyable as a melee character. For some reason I choose the hunter... as a hunter you cannot aim. Instead you have to look in the general direction and fire away. The computer AI chooses your target for you. You find yourself shooting the furtherest mob instead of the one pounding on you. This leads to substancial frustration, especially in boss fights like "the dapper gent", where you have to target mobs and structures. For some reason, you have to USE the e key to pick up drops. A complete nuisance to the game that serves no purpose as your inventory doesn't seem to have any limit restrictions. The loot in this game is horrible. I can't stress that enough, there's little varibility to it, you'll collect 6 or 7 of the same weapon over and over again. You can vender it for coin. The venders do offer a few pieces that look good, but there's a problem. The vendors don't distunguish between what your character can and cannot use. You can buy an awesome looking chest peice but never be able to equip it, because it wasn't intended for your class. The save game function is all console game... you have to find the location and save the game. If frustration is a lot of fun to you, then this game delivers 100%. If you want to have RPG fun, then pick up Witcher 2 or Dragon Age / Dragon Age 2, those games are much more rewarding for the same or cheaper price tag. Expand
  80. Jun 22, 2011
    This game has nothing to do with DS series. Only good thing about the game is the gameplay graphics. Dialog and cinematic graphics are horrible. Voice acting is bad and story is not engaging at all, feel free to skip through all the dialogs, you won't miss a thing. Party is limited to 2 characters and there are only 4 characters to choose from. Combat is boring and repetitive, there are almost no side quests and the quests you do are always conveniently put on your path making this game the most linear RPG I've ever played. Also RPG elements like character development are almost non-existent, as there are more levels than options so you'll eventually pickup everything your choice is limited to the order you take them. I didn't try multiplayer that aspect might be fun but otherwise I'd skip this game. Expand
  81. Jun 22, 2011
    This game missed its goal for me. After a few minutes of playing and clunking around the screen, I figured out that the saying still goes : If it's not meant for PC alone, don't touch it! Even on a PS3 I wouldn't bother with it, bland and regular at best all around. Sad example of how publicity hypes a product for its appearance,not its content.
  82. Jun 22, 2011
    This is only a dungeon siege game by name. Repetitive combat, boring story and rigid game overall. Ds1 and 2 were great games. Ds3 is not fantastic, not great or good. Its plain boring, not worth your money! Its a shame the DS name is getting dragged through the mud. I will go and play dungeon siege 2 now and dream of DS4 hoping it will be great..
  83. Jun 22, 2011
    I've been a fan of the Dungeon Siege series since it came out way back then. I've been anticipation DS 3 for the longest of times, I was just psyched to return to this universe. And then the demo came out. And I've never been so disappointed in a game until this. The controls are so damned utterly abysmal that it makes the rest of the game impossible to enjoy or approach objectively. Is the story great? Possibly, but who the hell cares if you're struggling to get your character around because of the **** un-remappable control scheme. This is the poster child for consolization. A menu based inventory! For a series that is one of the greatest in the Diablo-like genre! If you left click on an enemy, you swing right then and there. You don't walk up to the enemy, then swing, because that would make sense, and apparently something that makes sense just doesn't fly at Obsidian. Need another example? You can auto-loot gold, but you can't auto-loot items. More? You can't hover on a library to see if it has a book, you need to walk to it to see if something pops up. And then you can't click on it, you have to press E. And then there's no new game+, skills are **** there's no party system worth speaking of, etc... To add insult to injury, the game developers PROMISED that it wouldn't be a cheap console port. I mean look at these quotes []: 1) "The Obsidian staffer told Eurogamer that the PC version of Dungeon Siege III will not be a straight-up console port." 2) "There are certain things that are more PC-centric" he said. "The input and the controls lean more towards the PC." 3) â Expand
  84. Jun 21, 2011
    This is horrible! Save your money if you expect anything like dungeon siege 1 or even 2 it's not even close. This game should be called something else on it's own because it has no resemblance of the other dungeon siege games. I am not sure why games are heading this direction lately with the all flash and spazz and no depth, no interesting story, no replayablity, lack of customization. Not related but Dragon age 2 was the same disappointment, it seems games are becoming streamlined for the quick buck and to screw the gamers that have experienced quality games and expecting quality with what they pay for. I would be willing to pay 2 to 3 times what a normal game would be if it was really a quality fantastic, replayable, in depth game where I wouldn't spend more than 5$ on this trash. Wait for this to hit the bargain bins. Expand
  85. Jun 21, 2011
    DS 1 and 2 were great games. Enjoy both of them. DS3 is a totally different game. If your looking for DS1&2 this isnt what your looking for. The game companys must be paying people to write good reviews. Because its awful in comparison. If you like DS 1&2 dont buy this game. If your new to RPGs, you might like this. Its just for you casual gamer.
  86. Jun 21, 2011
    I feel mislead! The box promised a PC version of Dungeon Siege 3 and instead I got a console port (terrible controls, mystifying camera view, and randomly spaced save game spots) of an RPG Lite (very lite!) game. I even checked reviews before I got it but then realized they were for the Xbox 360 version and NOT the PC version. PRO: good graphics, ok story, and no bugs on my system
    controls & camera are so bad the game play is not fun. No in-game save without going to specified spots. Not a PC RPG (i.e. Dungeon Siege 1 or 2) but rather just a console button masher with RPG graphics. I am so disappointed as this could have been fun with more focus on the PC platform. Expand
  87. Jun 21, 2011
    There's an old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Dungeon Siege 1 was brilliant in that it was a simple hack and slash game, with tons of loot in an open world (as in it didn't feel cramped and completely linear). Character customization was through the roof. Game play could last for days, weeks, months... hell I still play it from time to time. I won't ramble on with it, but moving on to the sequels, it seems that they keep changing and adding new ideas which completely broke away from what the original was all about.

    Dungeon Siege 3 is a monstrosity if compared to its predecessors. This is a completely unrelated game with its own mechanics and should not bear the name of Dungeon Siege. The Dungeon Siege series was a PC exclusive game, till now and this shows the full force of it. This was blatantly made for the console with the PC as a mere afterthought.

    Character Customization:
    There is none. Zero. Nada. Zip. You have four characters to choose from and they are all pre-made and stuck in their specific field. Want a warrior that can shoot spells or used ranged weaponry? Nope, sorry. You cannot change your characters name, you cannot customize your characters appearance, you cannot change how your character plays. The only thing that CAN be customized is talents as you level. Even though by the end of the game, you will have ALL of the talents for your specific class, throwing decisions and builds out the window.

    One of the key aspects of this game was cooperative multiplayer. Here's how it works. One player creates a game and can set it to Offline (default), Private, or Public. With Private, you can invite friends to join or Public random people can join in. The player that created the game can keep any loot or xp they acquire throughout the game. Any players that joined, choose a pre-made character to "help" the main character (eg the person that created the game). Secondary characters do NOT keep ANYTHING from their multiplayer session. All players must remain on screen at all times or you cannot move anywhere. If a player tries to run away, the camera will skew to such a degree so that you are always facing the other players and will hit an invisible wall. Does this sound fun? Absolutely not. Massive restriction here.

    This was the worst of it I think. I mentioned the camera in multiplayer above. On top of that, it's restricted to a near top/down view, hindering view distance and visibility. I felt like I was stuck in a resolution of 800x600 while in multiplayer. Single player camera seems to play out differently, and I did not have much of an issue with it besides the control interface. Movement is solely with the ASWD keys (no point in click found in the previous titles). There is NO keyboard customization in this game. NONE. What game does NOT allow keyboard configurations?!

    This game makes use of Steamworks as its DRM of choice. While I have no issue with it, as I make extensive use of Steam, others may. If you do not want to be forced into using Steam, do NOT buy this game (although I wouldn't recommend this game regardless).

    Stay far and clear of this title. If I could get a refund for this, I would do it in a heartbeat. Game completion time is less then 15 hours, not worth the price tag. Re-playability is none.
  88. Jun 21, 2011
    When I buy a PC game, I expect a PC game ... not a console game with the letters P and C slapped on it. If I want to play a game for a console, I'll buy a console- they're completely different gaming mechanisms.

    I've been looking forward to this game since it was announced; I pre-ordered it as soon as it was available on Amazon, based solely upon the continuation of the Dungeon Siege
    franchise; Dungeon Siege 1 is in my list of top-ten favorite computer games.

    I'm disappointed that this appears to be yet another game that builds its fanbase upon PC users, then panders to the lowest common denominator of consoles.

    I don't want to play a console game on my PC. If I did, I'd buy a CONSOLE. I don't want to have checkpoints; I don't want to have to play with a controller. I DO NOT HAVE A CONSOLE IN FRONT OF ME; I HAVE A PC.

    I'm tired of my game experience being limited to what an aging console is capable of accomplishing.

    I went into this game with an open mind, hoping I'd enjoy the experience. This did not happen. I spent the weekend playing through DS1 in anticipation. I can choose from ... four characters. I can't even pick a name. I can't customize them. I can't even tell what they are. My friend and I lasted 15 minutes in multiplayer before I shut the game off because I had motion sickness to the point I felt like vomiting. It's bad enough that both characters have to be on screen at the same time (On a PC?!) But when the other player moves, it moves MY camera. Even when I'm trying to stand still and maneuver close enough to something that I can use the freakin' "action key," the screen is swaying and churning like a boat at sea.

    The viewing angle is already exceedingly awkward. Even at my native resolution of 1920x1080, when zoomed out as far as possible, I felt like I was playing on an 800x600 screen.

    Save points? Again- I AM NOT ON A CONSOLE. I have an ENTIRE 500GB hard drive for nothing but games. Save away! I don't mind!

    The game automatically activates your microphone if you have one plugged in.

    The music sounds like bad early German ambient electronica at the beginning of the game. So much so, that I'm not sure it was even playing correctly, as it mostly sounded like a collection of random beeps and feedback. I ended up turning it off 30 seconds into the game.

    I'm done with pre-orders before reviews are out. I'm tired of console ports that fail to live up to the PC's capabilities; I'm equally tired of reviewers glibly accepting this without calling game companies to task.

    And why is the game so ... French? I'm in the Kingdom of Ehb, yet everyone sounds like they spent the month in Paris. This is NOT Dungeon Siege. This is not even a PC game.

    And why do I need a Steam connection to play at home on my LAN?

    Thank you, Square Enix and Obsidian. I will not pre-order games ever again; I'm tired of being burnt by crap like this.
  89. Jun 21, 2011
    From the very start of the game I hated it, the developers should be ashamed, no custom character creation, and its pretty much the xbox version you are playing, with different keys assigned for controls, they didnt even bother to change the button icons, they are all still the colored ABXY buttons on the 360 controller, this game had potential all they had to do was smooth out the controls, and character customization and change a few icons and the gameplay a bit and it could have easily been a 6... but the developers cheated the PC community, and for that they should be ashamed, I want my money back! DO NOT BUY! Expand
  90. Jun 21, 2011
    To be honest. I could give it 6 or 7, IF it's not called "Dungeon Siege 3" and misleading people about the "Dungeon Crawler Game". As a "Hack&Slash" "Action-RPG", it has decent Gameplay. But it has NOTHING to do with "Dungeon Crawler" ; it Lacked EVERY SINGLE Element to be a Dungeon Crawler Game. It lacked the variant of loots ; totally pointless to do Online Co-op with others ; and ultimately, it has NO replayability expect you want start with a new character ; Not to mention, WITHOUT skipping Cutscenes, it still has only 12~15 Hours Gameplay. Which is not accessable as a Full Price ARPG in my opinion. Even the D&D Daggerdale ; a Buggy & Bored Dungeon Crawler Game, can do better on it's length, and that's not a full price game. Too Bad this game called "Dungeon Siege 3" with "Dungeon Crawler" advertised that doesn't exist in game, just because their miserable Marketing. Expand
  91. Jun 21, 2011
    terrible game and how PC gamer is sucking up saying the visuals are unmatched among dungeon crawlers is ignorant. compared to the previous two titles it deserves nothing of the franchise. controls are terrible, the flames look awful in the opening dungeon--it has none of the character or environment that gave the first dungeon siege its charm and replayability. I could rant for hours about this bad game but I think you get the drift Expand
  92. Jun 21, 2011
    For a series known for their RPG, there really isn't much RPG'ing going on. The story is bland. I mean, really really bland. When you have a linear storyline, games such as Diablo or even the Witcher series, make sure the script isn't written by some 6th grader between lunch breaks. Dungeon Siege III's storyline makes me feel like I'm being treated like a 12 year old.

    customization isn't there. You get a selection of pre-defined roles but the customization to make you feel like this is YOUR character, isn't there. For a linear storyline, the quests are supposed to be challenging, with various ways of doing it but reaching the same goal. For a non-linear storyline, your decisions affect your next decision and in turn have consequences.

    I'm not sure exactly what Dungeon Siege 3's storyline is supposed to be. It's just bad.

    The graphic which I'm sure looks great on TV for a console, looks outdated and to be honest, trashy on a high end PC.

    The acting and voice acting of NPC's? Oh please. I think I'd have more fun watching Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars.

    All in all this is a terrible game coming from such a great series. I had such expectations and I was just floored with sadness that I actually spend $50 bucks on this piece of trash.
  93. Jun 21, 2011
    Oh dear... I should have looked at the warning signs before I brought it for full price. Released on the console and PC at the same time and Squire Enix being involved being the biggest ones. Firstly the controls aren't configurable thank you so much consoles for that so the change stances button which is Q and your first power which is 1 are right next to each other. You will be pressing both of those keys a lot and I keep pressing the wrong one again and again. The controls in general feel clunky and not fluid at all not helping of course by the camera. As the one ranged character you get I found myself firing off the screen at where I hoped the enemy was because I just couldn't zoom out enough to see. The atmosphere just isn't there for me compared to the first two games which was the one thing I hoped they would move over. This is just trading off of the name with some mention of lore now and again to try and link them to rest of the series. I am just hoping we get to a tipping point soon where us customers just have enough of bad games with bad game play that are made just to make money rather then for the love of it. Give us back the fun and we will actually want to pay for it. Expand
  94. Jun 21, 2011
    The controls are inexcusably bad on PC. With games like Diablo, Torchlight and TQ around to demonstrate an easy, functioning industry standard, that's inexcusable. The game is also short with no replayability on harder difficulties to further advance a character, another aRPG standard that was left completely out. Lack of the ability to play and develop your own character in co-op multiplayer on other people's games is another failure. Overall, while the story isn't bad and the game looks pretty, there are major glaring flaws that even Torchlight at 1/5 the cost managed to do right. The obvious focus on the console gaming market hamstrung the game and the resulting awkward, incomplete aRPG is a short, frustrating experience that does a great disservice to both its predecessors and the genre in general. Expand
  95. Jun 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game's suxx! How could they screw up oh-so simple loot-game formula oh-so bad in so many ways?! Lets count how many screw ups are there, shall we?
    1 For a loot game there is no customization of your equipment, i mean if you pick Katarina is rifles and guns to the game's end. You can't pick up knife, sword or some kick ass hummer... NOOOO! it's guns and riffles all da way. That's suxx.
    2 There's no option in developin' your character - you can't play the game with the same character choice and end up with two different chars in the end - you'll take all skills available eventually and they power ups is hardly notecable. it's the same with Passive skills. Level up is boring and that's suxx.
    3 Fight's are boring! With Katarina i'ts pretty much just button mashing. THere were times, where i dont even see where tha hell i am shooting, and i didn't care either cause enemies were dyin'. There were times when i was thinking that game is just playin' with itself and doesen't need me and that's suxx.
    4 There was no boss fight until the very end. There was bosses, but they hardly challengin' even on hardest settings available and they are just bigger versions of normal enemy or same as normal enemy with aura-like circles arround them. That's just lazy and unimaginative and that's suxx.
    5 For a loot game you have no clue WTF the item does. There are lot of characteristics that i dont get. whats Doom, whats Momentum, whats Block, whats Warding? there's no help with this, there's no characterization.I still don't get it and i finished this POS. Having Characteristics unknown in a loot-game is suxx
    6 Skills are pathetic and unconvenient. You'll have skills for each weapon. 3. Why not all 6 with all weapons? that's just buffles me. F.e. Katarina has skill - summon wolf, that she could do, only when she equips 2 guns. hmmm...whyyyyy? skill's themselves are pathetic. i finished the game with the same skill i have in the beginning and that's just sad... and suxx.
    7 plot. It's stupid, i'ts unimaginative, it's flat, it's predictable... in a loot-game, whatever right? Right. F.e. who cared about plot in Torchlight, Diablo 2, Titan quest? No one. At least not me. Why is it an issue here? Because it's All. Over. The. PLACE. It's annoying! You can take two steps without someone startin' talkin' to you. It's EVERYWHERE and even if you skip it it's still ANNOYING! and suxx.
    8 THey tryin' to rip off better games like ME and DAO. I'am huge bioware fan and for me thoose elements looked cheap, half-done, and bad executed. THey are tryin' to convince you, that choices you make will form a sequel's world. I don't buy it! There's going to be no sequel to THIS game. Pathetic ripoffs of better games is usually BAD idea and it's suxx!
    9 Cut-scenes... 99 cents worth moving pictures. It's like a slap in the face! You can't get more cheaper than those! Remember how cool it's been with cut-scenes in Diablo2? There was even extra disc with only those! That was AWESOME. But not here. Not in this game. This game is suxx!
    10 Voice acting suxx and make no mistake about it, which makes plot issues even more insufferable!
    11 there is no world map in this one! WHY? Why would you do such a thing, obsidian? It's just suxx
    12 Game length is only 6 hours! 6!!! I was readin' comments, where people say it was 12.. Are you retarded or something? I've completed ALL the quests, waste about an hour in ice dungeon, cause got i've got lost in the damned thing. Still it was 6 hours. Short-length games are suxx.
    All in all it's just hard to recommend this game to anyone. At this price you can get torchlight, both Deathspanks and Titan quest and EACH OF THEM is far more enjoyable than this flick. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!
  96. Jun 21, 2011
    Ok, it's a different developer. The GFX are passable, the game doesn't crash for me and you do kill lots of things by clicking on them.
    There, that's the good stuff. The bad stuff. Maaaaan.

    1) Poor control options. Mouse is set up (and noner configurable) to the exact opposite of every other action RPG I have ever played (Titan Quest, WoW, Sacred, Diablo and all their sequels). A 360
    controller works ok, but this is a PC game...geddit?
    2) Companion AI is TERRIBLE. If you play with a strategy in mind.. Tank, Heal, DPS whatever, then prepared for your AI companion to be hopeless. Pick a DPS/paper armour like Katerina, and expect to have to gain aggro with every mob you meet while you heavily armoured "tank" sidekick wanders around like an idiot on the periphery. If you play "Cecil" (the Tank character) then it's just about bearable, for any other class it takes whatever tiny little window of tactics this game had left and flushed them straight down the toilet.
    3) Multi-player. Go online and watch every one wanting to host and no-one wanting to join. Why? because you only progress in the game if you are the host! Obsidian? Seriously? in a game whose core attraction is constant progression, where levelling and improving is the very core gameplay mechanic of the genre....did you really think this was a smart move?

    As a WoW player I had little interest in MP gaming with DS3 anyway. The dull "button mash" single player mechanic is a ruiner for me.

    And don't get me on the horrible GUI, lack of inventory control, minimal character customization and mouse hunting during gameplay (very precise clicks are required to do real hardcore stuff the game)

    If the game had a decent one player mode OR a decent multiplayer mode I could have given it a 4 or 5 as a basic "button masher" for kiddies. But as it messes both of those up and lumbers them with a counter intuitive interface, then 2/10 is all I can offer. And I'm trying to remember why it deserves the second of those.
  97. Jun 21, 2011
    I can't remember the last time I felt such *loathing* for a game. DS3 has absolutely no relation to DS1 and DS2: the use of the "Dungeon Siege" name is fraudulent. Controls, camera and voice acting are all cringe-makingly bad. The game looks, feels and sounds like a cheap XBLA knock-off of Torch. The critics responsible for the reviews to the left should be horse-whipped. I can't get my money back but I can at least get my hard drive space back. Expand
  98. Jun 21, 2011
    For anyone hoping for a true Dungeon Siege sequel, turn around now and walk away. This game is definitely not it. The DS series has, up to this point, been characterized by almost infinite character customization and fun storylines that don't take themselves to seriously (I want my goblin flamethrower!), with great multiplayer and simple click-fest combat. This game has none of that. The graphics are decent, not great. That's about the only really good thing I can say. The controls are horrible, character customization is for all intents and purposes nonexistent, combat controls are iffy at best. The storyline is old. Multiplayer doesn't really let you bring your own character into a game. Oh, and speaking of multiplayer, if you needed proof that this is just a bad port of a mediocre console game, when you try to find a multiplayer game, the prompt for Player 2 to press Start to join is still there. Using the Xbox Start icon. REALLY OBSIDIAN? Expand
  99. Jun 21, 2011
    Not sure what game the people on the left column are playing, but it must not be dungeon siege 3. The best thing I can say about this game is that it's pretty, which is why it gets a 3. Voice acting is **** storyline is poorly delivered, boring and very skippable, controls are clunky at best and the multiplayer is really frustrating. With better controls and thought out multiplayer this could be a decent game to tool around in with your friends. I don't really see why anyone would want to single player this though Expand
  100. Jun 21, 2011
    Terrifying, and not in the "the graphics are pretty amazing" way although they are at a level acceptable by todays standards. The game unfortunately falls short in all other areas. The storyline is predictable, cut scenes look horrible. The fighting engine is completely useless on PC (which stinks of a straight console port), the platform where the game originated and found its roots. Most importantly something I look for in RPG's is the build.. but.. NO CHARACTER MODIFICATION!? PATHETIC SKILL TREES and NO SET BONUS'S ON ITEMS!? COME ON! Highly disappointing that falls short in a number of areas. My main regret with this title beyond the title itself is buying it on Steam, chances of a refund, slim to none. Collapse
  101. Jun 21, 2011
    Terrifying, and not in the "the graphics are pretty amazing" way although they are at a level acceptable by todays standards. The game unfortunately falls short in all other areas. The storyline is predictable, cut scenes look horrible. The fighting engine is completely useless on PC (which stinks of a straight console port), the platform where the game originated and found its roots. Most importantly something I look for in RPG's is the build.. but.. NO CHARACTER MODIFICATION!? PATHETIC SKILL TREES and NO SET BONUS'S ON ITEMS!? COME ON! Highly disappointing that falls short in a number of areas. My main regret with this title beyond the title itself is buying it on Steam, chances of a refund, slim to none. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 37
  2. Negative: 1 out of 37
  1. Oct 26, 2011
    One of the biggest differences in this game is that you exert a lot of control over your main character.
  2. Aug 30, 2011
    Ultimately, Dungeon Siege III is an easy-to-play popcorn journey into the classic action-RPG genre, hitting every checkbox. There is little innovation here, but it offers plenty of examples of how good design and development practices can make a derivative game enjoyable - and how a pretty severely console-designed game can be adjusted to feel largely right on a PC.
  3. 80
    Don't be discouraged by the slow and dumb beginning of the game – you'll be rewarded by many hours of fun. Strong story and cooperative multiplayer are more than worth your attention. [Issue#207]