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  1. Dec 2, 2012
    Looks and feels like a indie game bought it at a very low price, couldn't even be bothered to finish it. Such boring frustrating simplistic game play why did they bother making this at all?
  2. Jul 31, 2014
    I see lots of hate for Dungeon Siege 3 here, but paradoxically, this is much more interesting than the first two click-fest Diablo clones that bored me quite a lot in their days. Interesting characters, important decisions in branching dialog lines, maybe way too traditional, but well-formed story. The problem is with the game mechanics that have been too consolized, which is fixable with a good controller, but even then, in this day and age, this kind of battle mechanics just isn't good enough anymore with complex and responsive fighting mechanics in gems like Dark Souls, this feels really subpar, add very chaotic inventory system, overall not very intuitive UI and you got a serious problem. Another problem I see is in the choice of the title, this game has basically nothing to do with previous ones and it only adds to the hate from the fans of previous Dungeon Sieges, newcomers won't like to get into it either as they didn't play previous chapters, all would be much better if this was completely new title and new IP. But in the end, mainly thanks to the story, my final impression were still quite positive. 6/10 Expand
  3. Mar 3, 2012
    Obsidian puts the RPG in Action RPG, however navigating your way through the world of Ehb in this iteration is a tad cumbersome. A fiddly interface, uninspired level design and ridiculously hard battles holds the game back.
  4. Jun 24, 2011
    THE GOOD: Switching stances to execute different attacks is a good idea. The graphics, while not being outstanding, are well polished. The sound design is pretty good. THE BAD: Boring loot table, a leveling system that is not engaging at all. THE UGLY: The controls are horrible on the PC, but that wouldn't be so bad if we could remap key bindings. But we can't. What the hell?

    Side Rant:
    One of the fun things about dungeon crawlers is finding cool loot, not only items that do cool things but look cool. I can barely tell that I'm wearing different armor or weapons, and I have a suspicion that most of the armor models are identical. Look at Torchlight as a good example of loot done well. Expand
  5. Jun 21, 2011
    Ok, it's a different developer. The GFX are passable, the game doesn't crash for me and you do kill lots of things by clicking on them.
    There, that's the good stuff. The bad stuff. Maaaaan.

    1) Poor control options. Mouse is set up (and noner configurable) to the exact opposite of every other action RPG I have ever played (Titan Quest, WoW, Sacred, Diablo and all their sequels). A 360
    controller works ok, but this is a PC game...geddit?
    2) Companion AI is TERRIBLE. If you play with a strategy in mind.. Tank, Heal, DPS whatever, then prepared for your AI companion to be hopeless. Pick a DPS/paper armour like Katerina, and expect to have to gain aggro with every mob you meet while you heavily armoured "tank" sidekick wanders around like an idiot on the periphery. If you play "Cecil" (the Tank character) then it's just about bearable, for any other class it takes whatever tiny little window of tactics this game had left and flushed them straight down the toilet.
    3) Multi-player. Go online and watch every one wanting to host and no-one wanting to join. Why? because you only progress in the game if you are the host! Obsidian? Seriously? in a game whose core attraction is constant progression, where levelling and improving is the very core gameplay mechanic of the genre....did you really think this was a smart move?

    As a WoW player I had little interest in MP gaming with DS3 anyway. The dull "button mash" single player mechanic is a ruiner for me.

    And don't get me on the horrible GUI, lack of inventory control, minimal character customization and mouse hunting during gameplay (very precise clicks are required to do real hardcore stuff the game)

    If the game had a decent one player mode OR a decent multiplayer mode I could have given it a 4 or 5 as a basic "button masher" for kiddies. But as it messes both of those up and lumbers them with a counter intuitive interface, then 2/10 is all I can offer. And I'm trying to remember why it deserves the second of those.
  6. Jun 7, 2013
    Having never played the previous two Dungeon Siege games, I thought I’d give this one a go anyway and overall I must admit it impressed me. It starts off feeling a bit mediocre the levels are literally a straight line, the character control is strange, and you don’t have any abilities or companions in order to pull off good combat strategies. However, after the first hour or so the game really starts to pick up and only gets better and better from then on.

    To begin with, the player gets a choice to play the game with one of the 4 characters. It might seem like a step back considering there’s no character creation feature, but these 4 characters really do cover all of the main archetypes we have Lucas, who is a paladin-like tank, Anjali, who is pretty much a pyromancer through and through, Katarina, who is a thief-like ranged fighter, and Reinhart, who is a scholar utilising all sorts of arcane sorceries. One of the impressive features of this game is that once you’ve chosen your character, the other 3 characters will become your companions during the game after certain story points. You can only have one companion at a time, but once you have them in your ‘party’ so to speak, you can swap between them at any time outside of combat.

    Throughout the game you will level up and learn new abilities. There are only 9 abilities per character, but each of those can then be improved via the use of skills, which mold the said abilities in either of two possible directions. For example Lucas’ shield pummel ability can be given more damage or more chance to knock down the opponents, and so on. And finally, each character also has talents that can be levelled up. These are more like passive abilities, which cause your character to have higher attack, or better defence, or to simply gain more chances of healing upon damaging the enemies, and so on. What’s even better is that as you go through the game, you are choosing skills and talents not only for your character, but also for your companions, making their fighting style more suitable to your liking.

    Apart from levelling up and gaining abilities, other standard RPG elements are present too, such as inventory management and having to optimize your gear and that of your companions as you travel through various areas and face various opponents. Although it can be fun finding cool equipment and making your character use it, the whole inventory management can feel like a bit of a drag during the times when your inventory gets full and you need to discard useless items, because we all know, in the world of RPGs, hoarding is one of our favourite hobbies.

    The game mostly plays in an isometric perspective, similar to games like Diablo and Titan Quest. The combat mechanics are generally good, although the battles can seem to fluctuate between too easy and too hard at times, since the game doesn’t really feature any potions or other healing items. Any healing you get is either from your abilities or from the orbs that the enemies drop upon getting killed. So in essence, the more aggressive you are in battle, the better are your chances of staying alive, or at least that’s how I found it when playing the game as Lucas. This in turn gives forth some rather challenging boss battles, as you will find yourself fighting for your own survival.

    Perhaps what I liked the most about Dungeon Siege III is how well it executes the concept of making your own choices and decisions, and having to experience what happens as a result. A lot of those tend to occur during the dialogues, which take the player to an over-the-shoulder view and add to the immersion. There are plenty of decisions thrown at you throughout the game some small, others big. The ending itself pretty much includes the outcomes of every decision you’ve made in the game, which should make the player curious as to what would happen had they made other choices.

    Overall the game feels fun and engaging. Lots of control is given over your character’s skills, as well as the skills of your party. Additionally, good voice acting and the presence of moral choices make it more than just your typical hack and slash sword and sorcery RPG.
  7. Aug 26, 2011
    A confused and disjointed narrative attempts to deliver an incredibly bland story in this, the most disappointing rpg i've yet played.

    graphically average, disappointing sound design add to the games seeming boredom with itself.

    No real customization of your characters appearance and an unrewarding multiplayer system which seems to insist that you you ignore it completely for it's almost
    equally un-rewarding single player.

    It's just bad, even for an obviously console focused rpg ported poorly across. Skip this, buy it's predecessors which I enjoyed far more then this when given it free for pre-purachasing this tremendous waste of time.
  8. Mar 25, 2013
    Dungeon Siege III is a great game with top down 3rd person hack and slash action. Visuals are well done and really has a darker richer look to it than say, Torchlight. The Story was decent enough to have me interested and keep going but ended in a somewhat disappointing fashion. Although, the presentation was great, using a storybook type of slideshow telling of the choices I had made throughout the game. It would be great if I had more than one companion to follow me around but i guess its better than no one. The Game really is more geared towards using a controller to play as opposed to keyboard and mouse. Overall, it was a great game along with the DLC Treasures of the Sun. Expand
  9. Jul 1, 2011
    Bland, forgettable, generic: this is DS3. Ironically, on paper DS3 sounds good: nice combat, nice graphics, lots of loot, and a story with choices. In reality, the combat is clunky. Worst PC controls EVAR, no joke. The loot and inventory system is tedious. The story is hilarious in how seriously it takes itself...too bad nobody else takes it seriously. But at least the graphics are nice, hah. Truth is Diablo 2, Titan's Quest, and Torchlight all do everything better. DS3 is just a throw-away game. A real shame could have been something special. Expand
  10. Oct 10, 2011
    if this game is not dungeon siege, it's actually OK. Despite the awkward control on PC, I found it actually quite enjoyable to play through. The story is well done and the closure which gives you a summary for the choices made in the game is satisfying. The combat is a standard hack & slash plus more actions oriented elements. Most RPG elements have been significantly reduced in scope, at least when compared to first two dungeon siege games. There are really only a small handful of active skills to select and a very limited variety in items/drops. while the game is fun in its own unique way, the simplistic nature of the game warrants it only in a mediocre title. Expand
  11. Sep 30, 2011
    Everything about the games visuals and gameplay are fairly good. But, the one thing that really irritated me is the limited amount of character customizations. RPGs in essence are really all about creating your own hero. The premade characters that your stuck with are nice and okay, but if you really dont feel an attachment to the character your playing in a RPG so then you really start not to care about playing the game. I think the games entire concept is outdated and belongs in 2006-07. Expand
  12. Jul 20, 2013
    This is the first Dungeon Siege game that I have played and I really did enjoy it. The story, graphics, fighting, and character customization were all well done. Unfortunately, for everything this game does right, you will only remember it for what it did wrong... the camera. This is hands down the most frustrating thing you will encounter outside of a few annoyingly difficult bosses. The camera angles tend to be almost directly overhead and always seem to rotate around to the worst viewpoint possible. Maybe the camera is only a co-op issue, but be warned. Expand
  13. Sep 16, 2011
    I played the demo and that was enough. Honestly, the story didn't seem bad and the graphics looked nice. The downside has been said before: this is a console port. An OBVIOUS port. It's as if they didn't change anything for the PC. The result is an interface that is poor. And not just the fighting controls which are horrible but the rest of the interface is buried under too many clicks. This is not the first RPG ever done by Obsidian but it sure feels like it; I don't know what they were thinking. It's sad because I actually wanted to like this game. But I won't be buying it. Expand
  14. Jul 19, 2011
    Sad it had to end this way Dungeon Siege. Such a shame the long awaited Dungeon Siege 3 was developed by another company into some stupid ass simple console RPG. After the many hours I spent playing Dungeon Siege 1 and 2, this game is extremely disappointing. But, we all saw it coming with a company like Obsidian plus console release. Oh well, RIP Dungeon Siege.
  15. Nov 8, 2011
    Ive loved the dungeon siege series. The top view hack n slash with obsene amounts of loot flying all over the screen is pretty fun. The reason i give Dungeon Siege 3 a 6 is well, hmm. This game isnt really at all like DS 2 or 1 the combat i found was quite slow and kinda awkward. I found the camera was far to zoomed in and you didnt really get a full view of your surroundings. The voice overs were ok, the game length was ok, the characters were ok... nothing really special here, just a run of the mill adventure game with nothing really else to it. Im trying to think of something profound that makes this game special but theres really nothing... : / its about worth paying 15-20 bucks for, thats it *shrug* Expand
  16. Nov 20, 2012
    I'm disappointed in the low scores so many people are giving this game. I enjoyed this game a lot more than Dragon Age 2, and almost as much as Origins. The world is vivid, and the storyline, while not being super creative, is interesting enough to keep me engaged all the way through. This game kept me at my computer way too much until such time as I finished it. Addictive, immersive and enjoyable all the way through. Expand
  17. Jun 5, 2012
    Simply not fun. I love action RPGs, and I picked this game up for crazy cheap, but when I was on my way to the Heroes Crypt (I'm going to assume it's halfway), I realized that I was simply not having fun. I guess the combination of repetitive enemies, boring click-fest combat, bad voice acting, horrible engine optimization, and HORRENDOUS controls are enough to ruin this game. I'm all for getting my money's worth out of things, but I'm not going to force myself to play something that isn't fun out of some misguided sense of duty. Before you buy this game, play through the demo and ask yourself "is it worth it?" and then play through the demo 5 more times and ask "is it still worth it?" Expand
  18. Aug 23, 2012
    The nicest thing I can say about this game is it looks pretty. The interface is obviously designed for a console and is awkward on PC. This game in no way resembles a dungeon siege game. In the first two the mythology was kinda stupid but you played the first one for the stunning graphics. The second game took on sort of a diablo 2 feel and was more of a grind but still had its moments of surreal beauty. In this game the mythology is all that is left. They took what should have been mature interesting characters (as per the cover graphics) and turned them into colorful little cartoon blobs. I'd say the biggest problem with this game is its target audience. This game should have 10-14 written in big letters on the title. It is a children's game. The gear doesn't matter so your son or daughter can play to their hearts content with whatever colorful thing catches their fancy.

    Anyone who enjoyed the first two games and shelled out money for this got ripped off. I personally burned $30. I would be mad as hell if I payed the $60 they wanted when it first came out. I will nearly always beat a computer game I've payed for at least once. Even if it becomes tedious. Just so I feel like I got my dollars worth. This game is so bad I just couldn't.
  19. Jul 5, 2013
    Very underrated game in this genre. Sure it's multiplayer sucks with its restrictions, but as a single player game I found this game to be far more interesting than the likes of Diablo 3. I'm writing this review a long time after the game's release and I bought it on day one. You can easily find this game on the web for a ridiculously low price and it's worth more than every penny. The expansion was well planned out too. If you are a fan of ARPG games you owe it to yourself to at least give the single player a go. Expand
  20. Oct 17, 2012
    This game sucks.. its not DS3 and was BS to be presented as DS3. The boss fights are retarded and it overall was a piss poor purchase. You clunk along then come to a boss that even on easy (if your a more casual gamer) you need a miracle and 10 tries to beat because noone playes multi and they are not geared toward single player.
  21. Jan 19, 2013
    Environments and graphics looks nice, everything runs smooth, no crashes etc. However the game mechanics is a bad joke, it makes DS3 feel cheap, dull voice acting and terrible cut scenes aswell.
  22. Jun 6, 2012
    Having played the predecessors, DS III was highly disappointing but I suppose its expected from a developer who never worked on the original title. I admit I may not have given this game a chance but this is what happens when your expectations have been set so high in a previous title.
  23. Sep 8, 2011
    I had hoped this game would be good because in my opinion it's been a very bad year for games. Turns out, it isn't. To be open, I have not purchased the game. I have downloaded the demo from Steam and played that. I'd like to give the makers of this game props for providing a demo before release and making it widely available, every game company should do this. But, in this instance the demo didn't do the game any favors as it quickly displays how bad it is. You can't control the camera and the angles are very awkward, keybinds are preset (not customizable) and poorly set at that. No game today should lack a key mapping ability, regardless of console but especially on PC. Graphics were OK, but not great. Honestly didn't see any better eye candy than Dragon Age:Origins which is a couple of years old. So, I am thankful that the demo was made and released as it saved me having to wait for reviews to make a purchase decision. I sincerely hope more game studios start releasing demos because had it been good, Obsidian would have had a preorder from me. Expand
  24. Koo
    Mar 24, 2012
    I bought this game on Steam pre-order and was looking forward to playing it. The original Dungeon Siege (which was included with my purchase of Dungeon Siege III) was a decent game. The graphics are looking a little dated in DS1 (it was released in 2002) but the storyline was decent, the enemies and environments varied, and there are plenty of interesting weapons and items. NONE of this is true in Dungeon Siege III. The storline is sub-B Movie quality, the enemies are largely cloned, and weapons and items are the biggest letdowns. "Powerful staff" "Magic charms" etc. are the childlike names given to weapons and items in the game. No effort was given to imagination or creativity in this department. The levels themselves are similarly bad. Completely linear, just follow the track, no side explorations possible. The one upside to Dungeon Siege III are the graphics. They're spectacular. Dynamic, beautifully saturated, and candy for the eyes. Graphics, however, don't make the game fun - just easy to look at. This game is lousy, and nice graphics are no substitute for shoddy storytelling, level design, and overall gameplay. A disappointment. 4/10 Expand
  25. Jul 16, 2013
    I loved DS3. However I can see the problems people have had. Please let me lay those fears aside though.

    One primary complaint was, when the game was first released the controls were not re-mappable. Meaning you could not change which keys do what. That did make control awkward and it was unfair for left handed players. However the controls are now re-mappable. Community backlash got
    the developers to make an update patch which makes it so.

    Anyway pressing on. When I first played the demo, I was shocked how different it was from the first two games. Then replaying the demo a few times I slowly grew to love it, (and I was increasingly attracted by the graphics). I looked forward to the day I bought the game. One aspect that stood out, was movement is by keys, rather than clicking on the map like previous DS. Combat in DS3 is click once per strike, whereas before in DS you could make it auto-fire. (There is no archer character by the way, and instead a shooter and all characters weapon sets are pre-determined.)

    When you play then, you will need to do this:
    For PC mouse and keyboard, you can re-configure the control keys. I have put 'A' and 'D' to straife/move left and right. I use the 'hold middle mouse', for camera rotate. (Someone, I read mapped that to RMB.) Of course you can use the 'mouse to the edge of screen' for camera rotate, like DS1+2. I found control very good once quiclky adjusted.

    The second major complaint folk have is that the game 'checkpoints' spoil it. Let me put again put fears quickly aside over this:
    The save beacons are not checkpoints. Use each save beacon repeatedly to save your game as often as you like. You receive a health to maximum when you do too. Also you can overwrite saved games in the save window, so you don't accumulate to many. Sometimes though it might be an idea not to overwrite.

    I would also say explore everything. Furthermore I have found treasure chests I missed, by going back to have another look round where I was before. Revisiting old areas very often makes you bump into new enemies put there for you. These all add up in your XP so you can level up more, before moving on in the game. Plus by defeating more baddies, you get more gold and items so there's a chance of getting better kit.

    DS3 on release had control problems, but I have however mentioned all the ways I can to maximise your fun. I explore slowly as I thought I would. I meander about because the scenery is gorgeous. The countryside parts, paths in woods I mean, are exciting and the first village is quaint and beautiful. The story is good and quickly got fully involving and exciting. There are no downfalls, the game is charming, and other positive reviewers confer with how DS3 is. Furthermore, it's twenty-five hours plus game-play, which contradicts the claims of twelve hours set out by some.

    Don't be afraid to try this game. Just be prepared for a modern take.
    (Remember it was a long time coming from DS2, when dungeon type games were different. Once you adjust, and very quickly get comfortable with the controls, it looks just like a modern Dungeon Siege.)
  26. Mar 11, 2012
    Seriously, all the hate? I loved DS II (cmon, the scope was epic) and know for sure this game isn¨t anything like it, but to give it anything below five is not objective. It NEVER crashes, period; skill usage and combat are smooth and all the mechanics function perfectly; music is decent and both the voice acting and graphic well above average. Of course, it helps if you realise straight away that it IS a console action game, and all the drawbacks are there: you need some time to adapt to the controls, and they never feel natural to a PC gamer; there is no pause button, and no potions - you need to dodge and block. I absolutely disagree on the customization issue: there is a VERY good chance to customize your character through gear stats, allowing you to focus on crits, overall damage, special stats, or survivability. Depending on theis, your preferred set of skills alter as well. However, abilities and type of gear are fixed to a character class (so that only warrior may use swords, and no other class may learn warrior's abilities - unlike classic Dungeon Siege). Overall, It's a decent console-ported action dungeon crawler. The gameplay has nothing to do with the "previous" DS games, so be warned. Also, the length is somewhat an issue - even with two playthroughs, it didn't take me longer than 20 hours. Expand
  27. Jul 9, 2011
    Truly this is an awful game. Much worse than first and second installment of the title. The character creation and development is very limited and superficial in comparison toprevious games. We just get premade characters and do not have the freedom to develop them as we please, but we simply must follow the straightforward paths made by game designers.Graphic is unequal - some aspects like outdoor environment looks good, but animations and indoors looks poor, story is as uninteresting as it goes, camera and controls work awkwardly, all battles are just bland boring buttonsmashing. Avoid! Expand
  28. Jun 27, 2011
    Dungeon Seige 3 shares little in common with the previous 2 games in the series other than it's name and the fact that there are some dungeons that need sieging. This game is more of a hack and slash action game like Gauntlet Legends or Legends of Norrath. I'm finding the single player story enjoyable since I happen to own a PC gamepad. The Keyboard and Mouse controls are aweful and it seems like no one bothered to playtest how they worked. The online mode is terrible, with a top down shared camera that clutters the screen so much I often lose track of where my character is. The other downside is that you can't take your character into another person's game to earn loot and exp for yourself, playing online has you joining another person's story and you assuming control of one of the NPC players they have recruited, (and hope they choose some good skills). Expand
  29. Aug 19, 2011
    This is a game that was worth pre-ordering for the added bonus of the first two games in the series. Looking back at those, I personally believe this game is an improvement, as they've finally added a little RPG elements to the hack and slash carnage. However, I don't believe this game is a major enough improvement for today's capabilities. All in all, it's the kind of game that's quite fun to play once through and never touch again. Expand
  30. Mar 26, 2012
    If you played the demo, you probably thought the same thing I did: this is looking like a pretty forgettable game. Honestly, the first hour or two really is I think, especially when you look at the price tag associated with this game. I was able to get this game and the two prequels for $9.99 on a Steam sale, so I was content to give it another shot. I think the biggest issue with this game is that it fails to grip you in those first 15 minutes. If you stick around longer than that, then maybe you've gotten to the first town. At around the 30 minute mark you should be walking up to your first dungeon, and consequently the first real challenge the game offers. It was right about there that I really began to enjoy the gameplay. Also, gamepad controls for this are much more superior than the PC controls imo. It just translates better. I think the media's review of the game at around a 70 average would have been fair, IF they hadn't released the game at full new game price. Honestly, I don't see the value there for it. Had they started off at $29.99, I think that would had gone over much better for the rest of us. As it stands, there's some good value here at a decent sale price of $19.99 if you are in the mood for a psudo-Diablo style RPG. If you can snag it for less, and you've enjoyed games of this genre before, I recommend picking this one up for sure. I'm giving it an 8/10 since I am thoroughly enjoying it now that I've got momentum going with it, but since this game has been voted down so bad by the user score I've decided to bump it up to 10/10 to influence the ranking a bit; I don't think it deserves less than 6. Anyway, snag this on sale at the next opportunity you can! Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 37
  2. Negative: 1 out of 37
  1. Oct 26, 2011
    One of the biggest differences in this game is that you exert a lot of control over your main character.
  2. Aug 30, 2011
    Ultimately, Dungeon Siege III is an easy-to-play popcorn journey into the classic action-RPG genre, hitting every checkbox. There is little innovation here, but it offers plenty of examples of how good design and development practices can make a derivative game enjoyable - and how a pretty severely console-designed game can be adjusted to feel largely right on a PC.
  3. 80
    Don't be discouraged by the slow and dumb beginning of the game – you'll be rewarded by many hours of fun. Strong story and cooperative multiplayer are more than worth your attention. [Issue#207]