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  1. A fairly average shooter that doesn't really add much to its prequel. Vast but standard plot and sub-standard gameplay make for an interesting distraction but a generally uninspiring title.
  2. Without a gripping story line you're more likely to come back to this every once in a while when you feel like a quick zip around in a magnificent flying machine. Worthy of a look if you own a joystick or have played this type of game with your trusty mouse.
  3. A solid title, but there is too much repetition, both in that this is so similar to the original and in that the missions can see similar. What was very good in 2002 is only average in 2004.
  4. Many of the problems that marred the original game rear their ugly heads again, and new ones also pop up, making it hard to enjoy Wind Warriors' strengths.
  5. If you enjoyed the original Echelon, you will no doubt get enjoyment out of this sequel. However, there is not much here that is innovative or that really deepens the gameplay from the original. With little story, mundane missions, and significant control deficiencies, Echelon: Wind Warriors has little to attract new players.
  6. Entertaining futuristic aerial action, and a good value at the price. [May 2004, p.66]
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  1. Nov 16, 2013
    simple shooter but then you play it a bit more, from time to time you want to play it again very simple not bad, not good, but prety intrestin for qiuck time killing Full Review »