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  • Summary: In Emergency Fire Response, experience what life is really like for firefighters. Control an entire team of firefighters and their various support vehicles! As captain of your station, train up your team, teach them the basics of the profession and how to manage in emergencies, develop their resistance to stress... and most importantly, get your team through their missions successfully! The spread of the fire, poisonous fumes, the number of people in danger, their location... all this has to be taken into account upon arrival at the scene. If you think your guys can't handle it, call for backup from the specialists who will be able to handle the most difficult and deadly situations. [DreamCatcher] Expand
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  1. It's a nice diversion from the run-of-the-mill military strategy games, and it's different enough that casual fans of strategy games might be lured into the glory of being a firefighter.
  2. 84
    The attention to realism adds another dimension to the experience, but the game is hampered by underwhelming unit control and lack of a minimap for organizing your plan of attack.
  3. What the game lacks in AI, balance, and vehicle control it more than makes up for with sheer originality, realistic fire, complex missions, and a level of authenticity only achieved through the collaboration with an international fire consultant.
  4. There is enough variety to the missions that the game will keep you challenged to the end. If you're looking for a change of pace from your typical strategy game, give Emergency Fire Response a look.
  5. A fairly simple fire-fighting simulation that manages to capture much of the thrill, energy, and suspense often associated with the profession.
  6. I can honestly say that I have a little more respect for the people who do this kind of thing everyday after playing Emergency Fire Response, and great job to Dreamcatcher in making a fun RTS game that captures excitement and enjoyment based on real life people.
  7. For fans of fires or fans of just wasting away time staring into a dark monitor, EFR will be your "Game of the Year". For other video gamers with at least a half-mind, look elsewhere for your fire controlling needs.

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