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  • Summary: Enslaved takes players on a gripping, surprise-filled journey as two dissimilar characters form an uneasy union in order to survive their way through a perilous, post-apocalyptic America. A tactical action-adventure game, Enslaved centers on the complex relationship between the two main characters and challenges players to employ a mix of combat, strategy and environment traversal. With influences and contributions from top music and film industry talent, Enslaved combines beautifully rendered graphics and captivating music with seamless animation and engrossing gameplay. Expand
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  1. Positive: 3 out of 8
  2. Negative: 0 out of 8
  1. Nov 18, 2013
    This is, essentially, this generation's Beyond Good & Evil. A charismatic, engaging and refreshingly peculiar game that's among the most beautiful of recent years.
  2. Oct 31, 2013
    You might miss optimized configuration options, but otherwise you get the complete package of this soulful action-adventure.
  3. Dec 2, 2013
    Quotation forthcoming.
  4. Nov 5, 2013
    Enslaved is as ambitious as it is flawed. Those of you who can put up with mediocre gameplay and a lack of polish will find a touching, rewarding story heightened by top-notch cast performances. Others need not apply.
  5. Nov 19, 2013
    Its gameplay style and combat mechanic were clearly designed with the console player in mind. When transferred to the PC, the entire experience is undercut.
  6. Nov 19, 2013
    Despite some stunning art direction and a rich story complete with interesting and complex characters, Enslaved fails to provide a compelling game play experience to complement its artistic and narrative strengths.
  7. Oct 27, 2013
    It’s the gameplay which remains slave to the visuals and storytelling here, in this intriguing but shallow post-apocalyptic fable.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 15
  2. Negative: 3 out of 15
  1. Oct 26, 2013
    Really liked this game, ever since it launched on Xbox 360 and PS3 i wanted this for the PC. And they delivered a complete port for the PC, haven't seen any kind of bad things for the PC version, so the porting is excellent.

    Really recommend this game for anyone who likes these types of games.
  2. Feb 2, 2014
    This is one of my favorite games ever! The story is amazing! I originally played this game on a ps3 and complained that the graphics sucked. well it appears it was the fault of the ps3 hardware! I got the PC version and its beautiful! 1080 with settings set to max! Yes, it is a port from a game that came out a few years ago. But it still looks great! I highly recommend getting this game! Expand
  3. Oct 26, 2013
    This game is in my top 5 for the last console generation (PS3/XBox360), all I could think while playing it on the consoles was "I really wish I could play this in true 1080P HD with AA and AF" and now I can. This is an amazing game and I'm gutted they aren't/can't make the sequels they planned. Great gameplay and amazing art style with a story that really makes you want to know the ending, but is not an ending you could ever imagine. Very happy this is now in my steam collect :D Expand
  4. Dec 3, 2013
    How ironic that I played this game right after Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Since both of them are very poor PC-ports and have very similar gameplay, I almost feel like I'm being punished for trying to like these games. Odyssey does profit from a better story, but the same dated mechanics plague this game and prevent me from actually recommending it. Expand
  5. Oct 28, 2013
    Well this game is almost a really good game. Almost. First off, it is a pretty bad port from console to PC; shocking I know. The controls are pretty wonky using a KB and mouse. The camera is equally as bad and confusing, re-arranging the direction you need to press on a whim, depending on the angle the game suddenly throws at you. The very first message you receive when starting the game on the PC is "Be sure not to turn the CONSOLE off while auto-save icon is active." So there ...

    The game is in the same vein as (tier II) The Prince of Persia Series. However, the gameplay is extremely linear, repetitive and predictable. There's a tech-tree is that is sub par, and you use a "buddy-system" with a NPC which is meh. You issue generic commands or have to throw her across to a bridge to drop a ladder basic stuff and usually annoying.

    On the plus side Voice acting is top-notch. Music is great. Graphics are decent for being a 2010 console port (but the shadows will drive you batty) Plot is so-so; however, again, the voice acting really, really drives the story and gets you involved. Andy Serkis, aka Gollum, plays the main character and hits it out of the park. The female lead does pretty awesome too.

    All-in-all, a fun game that is worth it for a run-though; however, after its won, a pretty forgettable one. Buy it on sale from Steam or something.
  6. Nov 2, 2013
    The combat is fun, the voice acting is really good, and the game does look great. However I find myself constantly being frustrated by a sloppy camera, insane amounts of scripted events and mini cut scenes that seem to interrupt actual game play every 2 minutes Expand
  7. Fuz
    Dec 15, 2013
    Unplayable due to the worst controls I have ever seen.
    The mouse sensitivity is all off, the camera keeps moving by its own... it's a pain to
    It's a terrible port, developers should be able to make some simple adjustments when porting to PC from console, but this game is a mess.

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