Generally favorable reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 32
  2. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. The best adventure game we've played in recent years, and an instant classic.
  2. In short, Monkey Island has amazing production value, great graphics, good comedy, and a compelling story.
  3. 100
    Hilarious, perfectly paced, and just the right amount of difficulty. Very few puzzles are total stumpers.
  4. This comic farce will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter and provide hours of enjoyment, a healthy dose of good-natured, unadulterated fun, and more monkeys than every other game combined.
  5. This is what an adventure game should be: easy to look at, great puzzles and sound, simple interaction, humour, solid writing and the power to transport the player somewhere else for some fun.
  6. I haven’t laughed so much, nor have I had so much fun playing a game in ages.
  7. Monkey Island is still the best place to play.
  8. Despite the sometimes-baffling challenges (which, in all honesty, are pretty typical to the genre), EMI delivers exactly what the Monkey Island name promises-a lighthearted, entertaining, and well-written swashbuckling adventure game.
  9. As with most adventure games, it's startlingly linear, but don't you dare let that rob you of the experience; this is a game that should be bought, played and cherished.
  10. Simply the greatest point-and-click adventure game to date, whilst it may seam a little strange at time hang on there you will be rewarded in the end.
  11. An incredibly amusing experience from start to finish, die-hard fans of Monkey Island shouldn't let the game's new look scare them away; when it comes to heart, this is the same old Guybrush.
  12. EMI's combination of great graphics, hilarious story and solid gameplay is a tough one to beat. If you like adventure games this one's a no-brainer.
  13. Some ill-chosen puzzles, a fatigued conclusion -- no matter, really. You'll be smiling too much to give it much notice. This is nothing less than perfectly perfected perfection. If you like monkeys, anyway.
  14. Get past the dead genre and you'll laugh until your brain bleeds.
  15. The colors are much lighter and cheerful than in "Grim Fandango."
  16. It is the best adventure game for years, it has a sly, well-plotted purpose and it points the way to the 3D adventures of the future. Don't fear the monkeys: embrace them.
  17. 87
    While the glitches are definitely frustrating, and the polish is lacking at times, overall this is a welcome return to the eeps and oops of your childhood.
  18. The humor is droll but affecting, and the game play so well laid out that this program has to be considered a worthy sequel to its predecessor.
  19. The gameplay is fun but can get a little tough and/or complex in certain places but hey, that's what the Internet and walkthroughs are for.
  20. Definitely not the best of the bunch, but still a welcome return to a classic series. [Feb 2001, p.85]
  21. 85
    The biggest change Escape from Monkey Island has undergone is its change to 3D. Far from ruining the game, as many fans feared, this makes EMI the best-looking Monkey Island title yet.
  22. A terrifically funny, beautiful and great sounding game. A few bugs may mar the experience at points, but they don't hamper the fun.
  23. Players who're new to the Monkey Island series may get the sense while playing the game that they're watching a bunch of old friends regale each other with old in-jokes; it's easy to feel as if you're being left out of the fun if you don't catch the references.
  24. The lack of mouse support is both shocking and somewhat unforgivable... (yet) EMI will provide hours of intelligent and silly gameplay.
  25. Although not the high point of the Monkey Island series, EMI earns an overall score of 80 as a worthy addition to the adventure game genre.
  26. The voice acting in this game is probably the most widely competent you'll ever come across in a recent computer game.
  27. A quality adventure game even though the restyling of the old locations on Mêlée Island and Monkey Island is a bit of a mixed bag. The ending is long, satisfying and almost as disturbingly weird.
  28. Some of the puzzles were just a little too peculiar and, if you even manage to figure them out, may leave you thinking “How was I supposed to figure THAT out?”
  29. Though many Monkey Island fans will disagree I found this to be the least humorous and immersive of the series and it falls short of the overall quality of "Grim Fandango."
  30. 60
    The real problem here is the shoulder-saggingly illogical puzzles. If you're a Monkey Island fan this is a bitter disappointment and if you're not you'll wonder what on earth all the fuss is about.
  31. EMI is not a bad game but it will never join its brethren in the panoply of gods of the genre. I for one would like to see LucasArts get out of the sequel to sequel to sequel business altogether and focus solely on new ideas.
  32. EFMI brings nothing new to the table. It will not attract a new generation of gamers and was made for the hardcore adventure gamer who enjoyed the previous episodes.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 67 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. May 23, 2013
    This game would be a good adventure if it hadn't the "Monkey Island" name on the box. Good adventure game, BAAAAD Monkey Island sequel (it's the 4th installment). Full Review »