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  • Summary: Delve into a fantasy world beyond your wildest dreams in Etherlords II: Second Age, a turn-based strategy adventure where four races vie for control of the world in dynamic one-on-one fights. Combat is based on the premise of a fantasy card game, in which you must select cards from your deck and each time a card is used, a new round is introduced and new spells become available to you. [Strategy First] Collapse
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  1. With crisp graphics and addictive turn-based gameplay, Etherlords II is an unexpectedly strong adventure/RPG/strategy title. [Dec 2003, p.92]
  2. Sound effects and music are well done as is the extra environmental samples that play during combat and as you travel around the map.
  3. A perfect example of what happens when the core of the game overweighs the plot, and quickly takes over it in importance.
  4. 75
    It has all of the trappings of a bad RPG: extremely linear gameplay, over-the-top voice acting, frustrating camera angles, and a ho-hum storyline. What saves it, and what ultimately makes it a fun game to play, is the terrific combat model combined with stellar graphics.
  5. Etherlords II, on the one hand, benefits from having an excellent combat mechanism lying within the game. Unfortunately it takes a nose-dive because the game that surrounds it isn’t worth a toss.
  6. You have to sort of force yourself to play in the beginning. Putting in that time pays off in the end, though, much like some of those art-house flicks that go from head scratcher to heartstring tugger in just a couple of hours.
  7. The premise of Etherlords II can be diluted down to a simple card game concept; one person plays their cards and then the other until somebody wins. By nature, it is a repetitive game and I think the game designers overestimated the fun factor.

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  1. Feb 13, 2014
    This is a collectible cards game a la Magic the Gathering identical to its predecessor but for a new campaign. Graphics and animations are gorgeous. The different races have unique identity and capacities, allowing for different strategies for each of them. The combat system is solid and quite fun. However the campaign is a complete let down and has no re-playability value. You earn new cards and experice through combat, but the mobs become very hard almost immediately. Mobs do not spawn back, so earning the necessary experience to advance in the (non existent) plot is quite hard.
    A game worth playing once - to discover its mechanisms and for its beauty.
    I advise you to buy it on steam for a couple $$.