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  • Summary: From the developers of the award-winning Europa Universalis I and II and Hearts of Iron, comes the all-new Europa Universalis Crown of the North. Crown of the North takes place in the years between 1275 and 1340 in a time where nobility and the church held all the power and Sweden was about to launch into its only civil war. Play as Norway, Sweden or Denmark and plot to change the historical legacy of a region seldom explored. [Strategy First] Expand
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  1. It will definitely provide many hours of addictive fun and entertainment, and getting both EU II and Crown of the North for one purchase price is well worth it. RTS fans that are action buffs may not be as hip on the politics side of the game.
  2. 82
    The gameplay is extremely fast paced, and while difficult to master at times, it does make for an extremely captivating experience.
  3. It's quick, simpler and more fluid game play.
  4. This single campaign just isn’t worth 30 bucks. It would make for a fantastic mod, or even an official mini add-on for Paradox to shill online for a few bucks a download, but it isn’t enough to be the centerpiece of a full-fledged, standalone expansion.
  5. 65
    CotN isn't a bad game so much as it is a bland one, lacking distinguishing features.
  6. A vastly simplified game, and while some of the changes are for the better, as a stand-alone game, it doesn't offer enough challenge or variety.
  7. A port of a three-year old Swedish game called "Svea Rike III," a lighter precursor to the original "Europa Univsersalis" with weaker AI, sparse strategic options, and an unfriendly hotkey-heavy interface. [Dec 2003, p.95]

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