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  • Summary: Ever 17 is a romance game done in the style of a Japanese visual novel.
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  1. Dec 16, 2013
    Ever 17 possibly has one of the best, if not the best story ever written, in any media. The synopsis given above is as much as I can reveal about this amazing game without any forms of spoilers. However, trust me when I say this, this game will blow your mind. As you play through the first four paths, you will often reach a conclusion that is somewhat complete, but you feel that something is missing. The observant players will also start to notice many strange occurrences that will not be explained at the ending.

    Ever 17 keeps its cards very closely, and almost gives nothing away throughout the first four paths. It’s incredibly impressive how much information they hide from the player, yet are still able to stand by themselves as good enough individual stories. However, this doesn’t show by a grain of sand just how brilliant the final path is. As you step onto the final arc with confusion at the “plotholes” you dug out as you were playing the first four, the revelations, fast ingenious explanations plot twists leap out at you hard and fast and many will leave you gasping at the screen.

    The way each of the elements in a very elaborate mystery come together is insane and by the end of Ever 17, there is practically nothing unanswered or unaddressed. The plot twists are done in the same way. It’s rare nowadays to see plot twists done as well as this. The relations between the first four arcs and the final arc is so tight that even when these incredible plot twists are thrown at your face, you will not be able to say “That’s ridiculous. This is just stupid.” because they’re so closely linked to the events that you played through yourself in the first four arcs. Also, these plot twists are not only impressive for how well related they are with the story, but how many of them have real drama real, mature, understandable drama. Highly complex theories are involved in the course of playing, including parallel universes, the predestination paradox theory, the 4th dimension and the Pygmalion Effect. In fact, it’s handy to have Wikipedia open while playing through this game (especially this final arc).

    The cast in Ever 17 are extremely well done. Not a single character who has a sprite is made without an integral purpose for the plot. Again, during the first four arcs, they will seem to be typical, generic anime/manga/VN characters. Ever 17 keeps their true stories hidden until the end where the truth is let loose at you, knocking you off your seats. Again, this game is amazingly made that even though you haven’t even had a glimpse at the truth throughout the first four arcs, they are still genuinely likable and relatable characters. Of course, this in turn makes the revelations at the true end even more breathtaking.
    As hard as I tried to get the points across, this review doesn’t even come close to describing how prodigiously incredible it truly is. The visual novel community is small enough as it is, and the truly saddening fact is that out of the few people who have played this classic, hardly any of them have even gotten a tiny glimpse of cards this game holds. Just like how few people in the World can understand the Theory of Relativity, few players can truly appreciate this game. Most people lose their patience while playing through the first four arcs. Many don’t even play a second one, thinking that it’s all Ever 17 can offer. The problem is that Ever 17 is designed so well that, as previously mentioned, any of the first four arcs by themselves are still good stories. Many people just play one arc and say “That was a good ending. I can stop now. The other arcs look the same, probably won’t be much different except the girl you end up with.” Little do they know just how much they’re missing out.

    Ever 17 is an ageless masterpiece. It has already entered the realms in which its staggering brilliance cannot be fully expressed in the form of human linguistics. It is truly a work of art that only few with the utmost patience can fully come to appreciate. Will you be one of those who choose to read forth, and hear of a tale of wonderment that will surely snatch itself a place in your mind, heart and soul for the rest of your life?