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  1. Mar 6, 2011
    I thoroughly enjoyed Dead Money. The unique thing about Dead Money is that it isn't a endgame bonus like other DLC content is for other games, but is more like a really long additional quest thrown in the middle of the game your already playing. The game recommends you not playing until level 20, but I started at 19 and I really don't see a problem besides having lower overall health starting anywhere in the late teens. Okay to make this short, the problem with this is yes there is a bit of trail and error and saving will be at all time high for this overall experience. You have to make your way through the trap infested villa area which is outside of the casino the Sierra Madre to assemble your group of 3 shady partners to get inside the likewise unsafe casino. There is really only two types of bad guys, the Ghost People and the Holograms (there are radroaches but they are just normal). You could suggest that the 3rd bad guy is the Sierra Madre itself much like Rapture was in Bioshock. This DLC will start you out with almost nothing but a holorifle (an energy weapon that starts out pretty weak but after much improvement becomes a decently strong weapon) makes you take a fresh approach to the game. I've beat the regular Fallout New Vegas prior to this DLC and never once felt unprepared and vulnerable. This DLC will give you that feeling, a bit of fear of dying. A lot of creepy moments and new and interesting weapons, new weapon/food recipes and lot of loosely connected substories to the main game make this worth the 10 bucks. There are some similarities to this DLC and bioshock. Vending machines, the story of the creator Sinclair (i.e. Ryan) and the ghost people are vaguely similar to Big Daddys. Even if you don't like the DLC it is worth it if this is your first play through the regular game just for the weapon you get at the end of the game and the possibility of treasure making you rich. Expand
  2. Feb 27, 2011
    I was a huge fan of the Fallout New Vegas game but this DLC pack is truly a work or garbage. The constant trial and error of trying to perform the same task over and over again until you get it done in the specific order the game wants is extremely frustrating. I am not sure that this DLC pack is worth the money as there is about 5 hours of content here at best. This DLC pack is a definite thumbs down. Expand
  3. Jun 15, 2011
    10. For one reason. It is very, very, highly, highly unique. The story is very unique, the take on the story, the game play. All of it. But just because it's very unique doesn't necessarily mean it's "that" fun. On the fun scale out of ten, I give it more of a 6. But I give this game a 10 simply because it had many unique aspects. The radios linked to your collar that can blow you up. The hologram people. The interesting cool weapons. The environment. The poisonous gas in the air. The story. Etc. I played this mostly to explore, and even more than that for the story. The story is interesting and draws one in, but the game play to go through the story is semi painful at times. Ex. The collar on your neck (The entire DLC) is linked to radios that if you get near them cause your collar to beep, you have to back away or "blow the radio up" (if you can) before you do. It makes it hard to go anywhere, so it was annoying, but at the same time it was very unique. All the weapons were amazing, and they were fun to use, especially to bring back to the Mojave, but the people in the DLC were about 1 people, Ghost People, and that was all, boring right? The reason this gets a 10 is for its interesting well designed take on this story, and it's perks and weapons, rather, not game play. Expand
  4. Apr 3, 2011
    I really liked it, great involving story and characters. It's true navigating the first half is very difficult though due to a rather rubbish map and houses all looking the same. But the other features easily outweigh this. You get some great gear to leave with, and bizarrely it's own currency you can continue to use in Fallout New Vegas in the entrance to the DLC (You can't go back to the Sierra Madre though which I think is a bit silly). Overall it was great roll on the next three! Expand
  5. Feb 27, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While Dead Money features both a well written storyline and interesting set of characters, it is dragged down by a few serious design flaws. The problem isn't that the gameplay is slower paced, it's that the means of making it so end up being extremely tedious as the game goes on. The first problem is in the design of the Villa, which has almost no variance in architecture and makes up over half of the DLC. Areas look so similar that it doesn't even feel like you're exploring, instead it's like running around a hedge maze. The second problem is with the speakers mechanic, where you have to either run past the speakers or destroy them to avoid death. The problem with this is that you have no idea whether or not the speakers in a particular section are meant to be destroyed or ran past. This inevitably means that in most speaker sections, you have to run around looking for the speaker to see whether or not it is destroyable. But because the time you have before death is very short, it's almost guaranteed that you will die by that time if you don't know exactly where the speaker is, resulting in an endless string of quicksave-quickloads for all the speaker sections, which are present throughout the entire DLC.

    Overall it's a shame that these problems exist because as mentioned, the storyline is actually pretty good. But the gameplay leading up to those parts just feels like a chore.
  6. Apr 9, 2011
    Great DLC. I had no issues with the difficulty curve, played it through the first time on hardcore, no problems. If you're used to storming around without any caution I imagine you'd die a lot. I'm more of a stealth player and explorer. I doubt I'm that extraordinary a player (!) so to those complaining about difficulty I'd have to say, L2P. I'm not a huge fan of puzzles and am impatient that way, but had no issues with them in Dead Money. It's challenging, tense, atmospheric, with a great story and the most interesting NPC's I've met in Bethesda's Fallout so far. Definite thumbs up. Expand
  7. Mar 10, 2011
    I heard a lot of comments on this DLC which made me skeptical. When I played I felt like I was in a world like BioShock. You are dumped on the steps of the Sierra Modre which is a Casino hotel and I guess a residential community? Didn't make a whole lot of sense to me nether. Any how there is a great amount of loot as well as a new casino to gamble (which pays out in Pre-War Money) to break the bank. If you are looking for more Fallout look no further. Expand
  8. May 23, 2011
    Quite frustrating but entertaining as well.
    Got to admit, i was expecting something a little bit better.
    Still, i think it's well worth the $10 buck.
    I must have played it for over 7 hours.
  9. May 18, 2011
    Dead Money is different from the general open-ended style of New Vegas. It's more linear and cramped (understandable considering the setting), and there isn't much exploration. It also encourages much more cautious play - there are traps and toxic clouds everywhere - meaning you can't just run around and one-shot everything like you do in the original game. Most of the enemies in this DLC only die from dismemberment, obviously making them much more difficult to kill. I found myself often needing to shoot off their heads as they lie on the floor from 'dying' the first time. There are also holographic enemies that cannot be killed and must be avoided by sneaking by their narrow field of vision (think Metal Gear Solid). It feels very much like a zombie survival-horror type game, and is a nice change of pace from New Vegas. The characters and very interesting - more so than most of the ones in New Vegas. Voice acting is of very high quality. The story is also captivating (and depressing), and alone is worth the $10 to experience. Dead Money's gameplay is a good change of pace, though it may get tedious for some players. It is definitely worth a purchase if you're a Fallout fan and want more story. Expand
  10. Aug 6, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What shocked me about Dead Money was how thoroughly Buddhist it was. The theme throughout is how stupid and self-destructive it is to become obsessed -- with gold, or revenge, or control, or anything. Every one of the characters suffers from a crippling obsession, and you can liberate all but one of them.

    The nightkin God is suffering from a split personality and an obsession with controlling his carnal self, Dog (making Dog a cutter was a stroke of genius -- psychologically perfect). Christine is obsessed with revenge for a long-ago broken heart, an obsession that leads her into traps again and again. Dean Domino is obsessed with humiliating some one two hundred years dead for reasons that were petty then and are utterly meaningless now. And Father Elijah, of course, is obsessed with the power that control of the Sierra Madre will give him to "wipe the slate clean," kill everyone else and rule over an empty world. I didn't mind the map design. This is the world of Desire, after all, and the ruin, the traps, and the poison red mist all seem appropriate. And I'm a bit puzzled by the remarks that everything looked alike -- the whole area was thematically similar, as should have been no surprise, but never absolutely identical. It was unpleasant and claustrophobic because it had to be.

    The speakers might have been placed better. There are a few points where the easiest way to get essential information is to engage in a series of "exploratory deaths," and that's always a bad thing in a video game. However, some of the most infernally frustrating parts are the result of not noticing some detail; you have to be very observant. If you keep your eyes peeled, you'll even be able to find the emitters for many of the holograms, and when they are destroyed the hologram disappears.

    And at the very end, you come to the vault and its golden stash -- packed in 35 lb. ingots. Without exploiting glitches, you are going to get away with at most three or four of these, since if you're overloaded you won't make it out. One humorous and ironic sidelight is the obsession many players have show for trying to take every bar of gold, no matter how they have to bend the rules to do it. In a game centered on obsession, at the end there's that proof that the player him/herself is obsessed as well.

    The endings vary, of course, but the only philosophically satisfying one is that in which all three of your companions reach at least a temporary peace with their own demons. Dog/God is the only one who attains something close to enlightenment, in which the two halves of his personality realize that they are the same after all and the wall between them, the struggle, is nothing but an illusion. That's one of the more moving passages I've seen in a video game. Christine doesn't quite get that far, but she stays in the Sierra Madre as its caretaker, free of her obsession if not entirely understanding it. Dean Domino remains the same thief and cheat that he always was, but even he "felt sad for a moment, and had no idea why." And Father Elijah gets his gold -- locked inside the vault to die slowly in the company of that which he thought was most necessary to him. Some will always refuse to be saved.

    The ending slideshow is very moving, with all the characters joining in the message, "It's not getting there that's the problem. It's letting go." But that isn't quite the last word Dead Money has for the player. There is one last sad farewell from the recorded voice of Vera Keyes, the woman for whom the Sierra Madre was built, putting into words what the player undoubtedly suspects, that the journey was his/her own obsession and it was taken in pursuit of goals that were already within the player's reach before he or she set off for the Sierra Madre. It's not a pleasant DLC to play (thank goodness you get back into the open air with Honest Hearts, and receive a massive dose of groaner humor with Old World Blues), but it's a very good one
  11. Apr 30, 2013
    I didn't really care for this DLC. The enemies are boring and the environment is boring as well. You don't have many decisions to make and when you do choose, you don't really feel like you did something (whether it be good or bad) like you did in the core game.
  12. May 21, 2012
    Good Plot and such really means little when you have terrible gameplay.

    This whole DLC was centered around dying and reloading to learn where things are. The DLC was glitched and I ended up being unable to complete the whole thing because of a single glitch in the middle that didn't allow me to see the ending. I decided this DLC wasn't good enough to play again for the ending and was glad
    that I saved before playing through this. Expand
  13. Jul 25, 2011
    There ought to be a special level in hell for game designers who kill you with things you can't kill back. In dead money you will die mostly by radio signals, a red vapor, and holograms. NONE of which you can kill back. The whole game feels like they purposely chose the most frustrating bits of Fallout and built a game around them. Like when you're trying to navigate on its useless "local" maps through areas which are confusingly split up into multiple loading areas. In Dead Money THAT'S ALL YOU DO. It's just one big rat maze you have to negotiate over and over. When you finally do get out of the rat maze (following what's got to be the most lengthy backtracking segment in gaming history), dying by red gas and radio signals is replaced by dying by unkillable holograms...and more radio signals. The game is frustrating right up until the very last segment which is so frustrating I finally gave up and watched the ending on youtube. I don't know who at Bethesda came up with this, but they need to never design a game again. Expand
  14. Oct 2, 2011
    I was hugley dissapoitned, the story was realy good, and i mean, pretty damn good, but the game falls with lack of npc's to fight, everything just feels so dead. I thought its major dissapointment was the pointless running around in an enviroment that feels so similar everywhere you go, i didnt feel any emotion for the game despite the characters, all in all i was realy dissapointed in this, the dlc add ons felt realy pointless such as the weapons and the armor is basicaly a joke but realy i am more confused in the point of how this game effects the mojave. Expand
  15. Nov 4, 2011
    Dark, depressing, challenging and rewarding. This DLC really stands for what RPG is for. Building a great atmosphere through thrilling environment, mind boggling characters and a motivated villain. This is not your easy casualized fun you've grown used to in today's games. This is a thrill ride through the creative minds of Obsidian Entertainment that somehow managed to deliver a whole RPG gaming experience in a single DLC. Dead Money will have your heart beating faster, will turn you into a careful master of micro managing and above all, will teach you when's the time to just let go. Expand
  16. Mar 3, 2012
    Hit and miss. It does some interesting things badly. It removes what makes the original game so liberating and mixes in some new styles that don't work - however are refreshing. It's frustrating, yet kind of cool. Again, it's worth getting all the dlc for this game. This is ultimately a weak link - however it's worth playing.
  17. May 22, 2011
    Survival horror meets Fallout. A fantastic ensemble cast, a perfect film-noir heist setup and a myriad tiny goodies make this one of the best pieces of Fallout DLC ever made. Don't be put off by "professional reviews" or idiotic comments about "The collar being annoying". Dead Money had me scampering for junk food, looking constantly over my shoulder for Ghosts and triumphing at every hidden stash I found. A whole-hearted 9. Expand
  18. Jan 8, 2012
    In my opinion, it was the best DLC. Fresh environment, very exciting, and you weren't on a wild goose chase for fancy gear the whole time. It kept me on my toes for its duration. On top of the quality of the expansion, it's possible to become rich upon completion if you have the correct perks or are very patient. The downside is not being able to return to the location.
  19. Jul 22, 2011
    I'm at ends with this DLC, on one hand the story is excellent and the characters are great but the environment totally bummed me out, things get better as you progress however, and luckily you're not surrounded by identical houses and poison gas clouds the entire way through.
  20. Sep 11, 2011
    I'm so disapointed.
    I've expected something else - not a game like a Hitman or Thief series. There's few frustration things: - you got only one way to finish all quests (sometimes two ways - but only differents are in dialog mode - not in your actions). So whatever you do, you have to do it in the way that designers of the dlc want you. You don have any invention. - speakers, signals,
    cloud, holograms - it all makes you repeat and repeat all the time the same moves. EG. you need to go from point A to B. In normal game you go, watching around, sometime seesing. Not in Dead Money. When you make few steps further than the game wants you to make you heard beepieng, and in a few second explosion. So you do it one more time - more carrefully - watching for speakers. And you find it (or not). If not, you do it again. And again. And again. Untill you find out what makes beep, and what trigger explosion. And it looks quite like a Hitman. But its not a Hitman - its Fallout.

    If it was a Hitman DLC - I would score it for 8+. But its Fallout. SOn only 4
  21. Oct 19, 2011
    Dead Money made me change the way I play, in a good way. By giving me tough enemies and only basic weapons to start I found myself playing a tense game of cat and mouse with the Ghost People, which kept me on my toes. The companions are well written and interesting, although the main plot is quite contrived. There's a bit too much back-and-forth before you enter the second phase of the DLC, but all in all it's a worthwhile purchase. Expand
  22. Nov 18, 2011
    A disappointing DLC, to say the least. I fear that the long and, dare I say it, boring storyline is repetitive and exceedingly tedious. The tense gameplay and constant sense of anticipation makes for good thrills early on, but the incessant state is definitely annoying as it continues. However, the addon was really well made with a storyline that was gripping and intriguing but, the gameplay was terrible to say the least. I think 5 is far too much based upon the gameplay but the storyline brings the average suitably close. I would not recommend this addon to anyone excluding speed-runners. Expand
  23. Dec 26, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Good...lord, first DLC...and i think bethesda tried to let everyone die for a while, SPOILERS!!! yay
    first off, you start with no gear, no stimpacks and no GUNS, you have a jumpsuit and a holorifle, (pump action energy weapon Woo!!) with about 20 rounds, then you have to run around, dodging poisonous clouds, creatures you have to cripple just to kill, and with that explosive collar around your neck...not listen to any music or you explode, starts out fun, its a new dlc hell yeah, quickly though. you lose everything, then when you have to save people...oops, you need speech and bartering skills, and honestly...who leveled that stuff, so if your not grinding out trying to boost your speech, you may never get out of there, all in all, annoying, but fun, oh...and greed is only human, but if you dont hurry up...BOOM
  24. Jan 29, 2012

    Erm... I guess at the heart of a game, it should be fun, right?

    Yeah, I guess. Well that's where Dead Money falls down. The fun. The characters are what holds this DLC up (Dean Domino in particular) but the lack of weapons, lack of NPCs, lack of different varied areas make playing through this a chore. You only carry on so you can get back to the Mojave. The story itself is sound. You go and investigate a mysterious broadcast, get knocked out by gas and wake up having to ally yourself with a mute, a laconic anti hero, and a super mutant with a split personality. The catch is that you're all fitted with bomb collars; one of you dies, you all die. Together, under the thumb of the omnipresent Father Elijah, you're tasked with robbing the Sierra Madre Casino, before he will let you go. It's possibly the best story of all New Vegas' DLC. But the gameplay is rubbish. You're constantly hopping to avoid toxic clouds, radios which set off your collar, and the admittedly creepy and well-done residents who don't want to stay dead. Avoiding the clouds and radios is fine a few times, but making it a key part of the game? No thanks. An oh boy, the locale. Dark and dreary may make it atmospheric to an extent, but the boredom of the same textures over and over outweigh this.

    This DLC very nearly falls completely flat on its face. Only the characters are the saving grace.

  25. Jun 8, 2012
    This DLC was probably the most tedious of the four for Fallout: New Vegas. The environments are dark and dank, and hazards are everywhere. It's generally quite easy to die, and most enemies can only be killed by decapitation or dismemberment. Some are completely immune to direct attack, but can be "removed" by other means. The redeeming factor is that you get a couple of nice modifiable weapons and decent armor to take back with you to the Mojave. Expand
  26. May 20, 2012
    Dead Money is probably the most frustrating game or DLC that I've ever played. The fact that it's a DLC may make it more frustrating since you can't get back to the main part of FNV until you're done with Dead Money.

    What makes this so frustrating? Where to start? First things first: Dead Money plays differently than the rest of FNV. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it must be
    noted. Now, when you enter the Sierra Madre Villa (the area outside the Sierra Madre casino) you are stripped of all your weapons and equipment (excluding quest items--keep that in mind). This is almost always a bad idea, but Dead Money handles it as well as possible, giving you the new rules of the game right upfront. The rules: you have a slave collar around your neck and it will explode it you get too close to any speaker. They'll beep first, so there's some warning. Also, the are clouds of poisonous gas all around and they'll kill you dead. There are also "ghost people": people in dark biohazardesque suits that WON'T STAY DEAD!! (Well, unless you blow off a limb). Sounds cool right? WHY SO FRUSTRATING? 1) the villa is all very similar in architecture and so difficult to find your way around in. 2) There are traps everywhere. Everywhere! 3) The gas clouds: deadly, impossible to see through and just a general hinderance. Add in the fact that beartraps are often located in the impossible to see through, but killing-you-as-you-disarm-the-trap gas, and controllers will fly. 4) Most important. Speakers. Are. Terrible. They are everywhere and clustered together. So you'll walk out of range of one speaker only to be a step from being in the range of another. Or they overlap completely. And they are often impossible to see. Add all these together and you'll want to get this over with as quickly as possible.

    Some other gripes: Ghost people are a unique enemy. Well until you almost immediately get a perk that keeps them from coming back from the dead.
    You're required to get three companions so you can break in to casino but that's just filler. They don't really do anything to help you break in. At least not anything on screen. So you're hopes of pulling an Ocean's Eleven FNV-style are left unfulfilled. Instead you're just fetching companions.

    The pros:
    There is seriously good loot. The holorifle is awesome. So is the gun you can take from the main baddie. Or if you're willing to leave that gun, you can steal up to 389,943 caps worth of stuff. Also the casino deals in pre-war money so if you max out your winnings you'll have another 100,000 caps worth of loot.

    If you don't care about that, then there isn't a lot to recommend here. Most reviewers seem to have liked the characters and story, and while they were good, they weren't speculator.

    All told, then, only loot nuts and completionists should bother with this and only then if they are willing to deal with the frustration of it all.
  27. Mar 13, 2014
    Weak contrived story, weak characters who are given no chance to develop, and very irksome in parts. After I got half way through I just wanted to get the hell out of there. If you like quicksaving every 2 minutes and essentially travelling through a maze painfully slowly, where a wrong turn means an unavoidable death, then this is the game for you. Poor design and a poor DLC.
  28. May 30, 2014
    Incredible story and setting, with some really fun characters and a great concept driving it. The ending is particularly special in the way it wraps itself up. Very nicely done.
  29. Jul 28, 2013
    Dead Money is the worst piece of DLC I've ever played for any game in regards to stability. There should not be three different gamebreaking bugs in consecutive order for any large piece of content. It's a shame, as the actual content isn't that just keeps breaking the game, leaving me either unable to continue without reloading to avoid a bug or without decimating the .exe file and crashing it. The buildup is also incredibly drawn out, far too long for my taste. Overall this is one of the worst DLC packs I've ever had the displeasure of playing, but it does have its moments. Expand
  30. Jan 21, 2013
    This DLC made me rage harder than any game has in a long time. Not due to glitches or bugs, but from just BEING HARD! It is tedious and challenging and at times rage inducing. But that just makes finishing it so much more rewarding.
  31. Aug 5, 2012
    I didn't really like this dlc. Lasting around 5-6 hours, I found the environments later to be repetitive and the quests required you to backtrack a lot which made the gameplay rather tedious. I also felt that this dlc was very stealth oriented as some of the enemies you can't even fight back. Luckily I had a decent sneak skill so this wasn't too much of an issue, but I can imagine how frustrating the holograms would be for players who didn't invest in sneak a lot. Story is good at least and the characters are somewhat interesting. Still by the time I finished Dead Money I still felt it was kinda disappointing. Expand
  32. Aug 16, 2013
    Dead Money is actually not a bad DLC. The atmosphere is especially well done. It is close to a survival horror in terms of feeling, that there is only one way out and that way is filled with traps and other dangers.

    However, the problem of this DLC is that without a walkthrough, going through this DLC is very frustrating especially in the last maze. Dead Money is something that I would
    recommend doing with a walkthrough on the first play through; I don't usually recommend that.

    I wonder if designing a new skill (search awareness) that highlights traps and speakers is a good idea; because while it becomes less frustrating, it also reduces the sense of victory after completing the last maze.
  33. Aug 8, 2012
    I can understand the criticism, however, i don't share it.

    Dead Money starts off fairly typical, but the environment affecting your health the whole time (in hardcore mode!), the limited resources, the difficult enemies, they all add up to a haunting experience.

    Some very nice voice acting (as usual!) and a lot of opportunities to unlock different sorts of conversations with the
    main characters helps a lot to immerse you in the dark atmosphere of Sierra Madre.

    I agree, sometimes it's difficult, and you can't exactly say it's long, but i've got a full 8 hours fun out of it, with a lot of frustration too (which imho is needed, with small doses...)

    What's more, you can get it for cheap now, and what with Steam Summer Sale, and normal sales, you can really make a bargain out of it!!
  34. Nov 1, 2012
    I played it on hardcore, on hard and, at least at the beginning, it was not a cake walk by any means. You're naked bar some grease monkey suit and a collar and you just have to compulsively scavenge fountains for some casino tokens to buy food and whatnot. Granted later on that feeling of having to be on your toes and go against "ghosts" and hostile environment that literally eats you alive with next to bare hands, wanes quite dramatically, mainly because of the too much med packs and stuff you pick up along the way. But still it can be quite challenging. Also some unique features compared to vanilla and other dlcs make things more interesting: find holotransmitter to kill immortal holograms, dissmember ghosts or they rise again, find and destroy speakers before your head pops off and the like. Npcs are also miles more memorable then, say "honest hearts" had and couple of them are old acquaitances from "old world blues" and BoS questline and have some interesting revelations about them. Overall: Good: Interesting mechanics, npcs and gear, difficulty (at first), decent story and lore about your companions. Bad: Difficulty (halfway through it just turns from hard to easy), lack of enemies (you got ghosts, holos and that's it), dissapointing main baddie (he threatens you, then he's almost apologizing, then he's explaining everything like a teacher, then he threatens again, makes no sense), lame last fight (psst... Bethesda... gre-nades. Ok? Sitting behind the boxes and finishing fight in full health, when he has turrets on his side is not my idea of "great" fight. It's lame is what that was.) Expand
  35. Sep 14, 2014
    Worst DLC of my LIFE.

    First, the DLC is very linear and very frustrating. When i buy a fallout DLC, i expect a "open world experience" not a linear with only one way to do the things and without variety of enemies and scenarios. You can't use the most of favorite fallout weapons such as AMR and minigun. You can't make any decision. You can't turn back if you don't like the DLC.

    i FINALLY make the last quest "Heist of the Centuries", a stupid bug don' let me back to wasteland. The elevator simple wont't take me to Villa's Fountain and take me to Vera's suite turning IMPOSSIBLE complete this terrible DLC. Compared with another DLC such as Guns Arsenal who put in game, a lot of things like Explosive .50 ammo, new weapons and accessories, Dead money is waste of time and waste of money. Expand
  36. Jul 9, 2014
    Pros: Unlike in 'Old world blues' you actually get ammo, stimpaks and other basic stuff pretty nicely. The enemies (although generic and boring) are also better balanced and it doesn't take gazillion shots just to kill one.

    Cons: Pretty much everything else. Level design is boring, dialog is boring, lots of pointless running around and all your equipment is taken away (stuff you get is
    very basic). To add to the fun, you have exploding collar on you neck which explodes every time you fail to destroy or avoid transmitters placed everywhere (which often are more or less hidden). Basically lots of repetition and loading save games. So much fun!

    If you want to try the DLCs I would recommend the 'Old world blues', which is easily the best (read: least bad) one. If you like it, then maybe try the other ones.
  37. Jul 19, 2014
    For this DLC 0/10 is even too much. My rate for this game is somewhere below 0. I feel to have wasted my time on this, and seriously. Let's begin saying, the whole DLC is based on the idea die-reload-retry. Untill you don't understand the right combination of action, you'll be stuck in that loop. And that is not only the WORSE way of making progress, but is also the most frustrating one.

    At the base level you have an explosive collar that will explode you head if you take the wrong path.
    Added to that, there are the enemies, that deal serious amount of damage, but even worse they can't die.
    Yes, because if you don't destroy, at least one, of their limb, they'll just go knok-out for a while.
    Even further there are the holographic enemies, that are unbelievably overpowered and can't be killed.
    Added with the chronic lack of ammo, all this stuff make the most powerful concentrated of frustratingness.

    Even if at the end you find 300'000k of caps, all the pain in it make them worthless.
  38. Dec 1, 2013
    First of all, this is one of the best DLCS that I ever played, there is something BIOSHOCK STYLE on this particular one. NOW, To all that are and ranting about this DLC being too hard and being too difficult, the only thing I know is that YOUR FAULT that we're getting games dumber easier nowadays.

    You guys should go back to your ANIMES where everything is colorful and pervert. I think
    the atmosphere and sense of danger and expectation we can find on DEAD MONEY IS something that I've just found on BIOSHOCK 1. This DLC is really something. Despite of being a little bit LINEAR is very dark and immersive. Expand
  39. Aug 31, 2014
    Good: - Strips you of all equipment (refreshing twist) - Interesting story and characters. Bad: - Gameplay pacing is horrible. Speakers, poison fog, mazes, keys, and bear traps slow your progression to a snail pace. The dlc needs to be rebalanced to speed up the pacing a bit. Explanation: The stories are very intriguing as always in the New Vegas world. You will find little notes and voice recordings here and there that cement you into the world.

    However, the story progression gets incredibly bogged down by the horrible new obstacles introduced in Dead Money. Every new mechanic introduced in Dead Money primarily slows the gameplay down. For example, there are radios sprinkled throughout that restrict you from going into a particular region. It feels like playing Monopoly but making a rule that you have to divide every dice roll by 2. The gameplay mechanics don't add more excitement - instead they add more frustration and boredom.

    If you're on the fence about spending money on this, I would say "no".
  40. Aug 3, 2014
    The first New Vegas DLC I played and it started pretty good. Original idea, new characters and overall the entire story and writing are a really of high quality. As for the fun factor, that's not as awesome and even gets into the frustrating territory in some places, but it's still a good try for a Fallout survival horror, worth playing and memorable unique experience. 7/10
  41. Jul 7, 2014
    Did not enjoy this DLC at all. Quests are tedious and boring. The level design was not creative in the slightest (consisting of maze-like roads, and enemies/hazards that could kill you and you couldn't fight back) The only reason that this got one point is that the dialogue was well written in some cases.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Jun 26, 2011
    For ten dollars, I had enough content to enjoy myself and certainly liked it more than some of the other Fallout related DLC I have completed in the past.
  2. Mar 31, 2011
    Really, though, it's the characters, not to mention their well done dialog, and story resolution that make the DLC something any fan of the main game should experience.
  3. Mar 21, 2011
    Chris Avellone and his team at Obsidian are great storytellers. They managed to create a thrilling and captivating experience that will make you remember why you once loved Planescape: Torment. [Apr 2011, p.95]