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  1. Positive: 26 out of 34
  2. Negative: 0 out of 34
  1. The unique setting, brilliant AI and palpable atmosphere, make Far Cry 2 a quintessential PC gaming experience. [Dec 2008, p.63]
  2. 100
    Far Cry 2 has its annoying quirks, no doubt. But they can be solved via patch – the quality of fights, atmosphere, graphics and gameplay still reaches a very high level.
  3. I'm unable to go back to straight and simple first-person shooters. Far Cry 2 hasn’t just exceeded my expectations, it’s blown them away. [Holiday 2008, p.58]
  4. By adopting a laissez faire attitude to player discretion, Ubisoft has crafted a brilliant follow-up.
  5. After playing Far Cry 2, I'm simply unable to go back to straight and simple first-person shooters. This game has executed my expectations. [Nov 2008, p.62]
  6. Far Cry 2 is not a game for everybody, neither is it perfect. It requires time, patience and dedication; some will be frustrated with the long car trips - avoidable - while others will struggle with the excessive freedom. Nevertheless the little objections that can be made disappear compared to its virtues. This video game is technically impeccable, it offers a very interesting multiplayer mode, and is equipped with a campaign that should appear in the dictionary under the words intensity and immersion.
  7. Sumptuously realised, stuffed with action and pushed along by an engaging plot. Far Cry 2 is how shooters should be made. [Dec 2008, p.86]
  8. A remarkable array of physical effects that weren’t just pretty but actually relevant to the gameplay itself, stunning graphics and a story written also by the player instead of the developer alone: Far Cry 2 truly did impress me. Only the constant respawning of outposts had me grinding my teeth.
  9. Far Cry 2 is phenomenal fun and brings new meaning to the term open world. It has surpassed my expectations and without a doubt Ubisoft Montreal have taken an uncut diamond and worked it into a nearly flawless gem.
  10. Nothing but brilliant. But we're already looking to the future. Our minds are already spinning at what Ubisoft Montreal might come up with for the inevitable "Far Cry 3."
  11. Unusual in that a first person shooter shows you the fictitious African country where real crimes against the civil population are fought in the name of profit. An intense experience in all aspects. [Nov 2008]
  12. It’s a shame that more wasn’t done with the story, as the shallow characters and lack of moral depth sits in stark contrast to the hard work spent on some of the most impressive game technology we’ve ever seen.
  13. There's nothing like it around, and even with its flaws, it's a game you certainly grow to love. [Dec 2008, p.56]
  14. 89
    More importantly, it has nowhere near as many bugs as something like "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl," a title that bears many similarities. Add to the roughly 25 hour single-player campaign a remarkably easy-to-use map creation tool and a full multiplayer suite, and you've got one of the most complete overall gaming packages of the year, as well as one of the most ambitious.
  15. Far Cry 2 is far from perfect, but the gorgeous African landscapes and thrilling gun-fights make up for the annoying enemy camps with their constantly spawning occupants. Ubisoft delivers an immersive First-Person-Shooter, which is easily on a level with Call of Duty 4.
  16. Since the game is fairly open-ended as to how you play it and which side you choose, you could easily play this game all the way through a few times before you ever started feeling tired of it.
  17. The action is high-quality, free-roaming stuff, and the game earns major points for its smart way of dealing with getting shot up, patched up, and bailed out. The story does keep you on a leash and your objectives tend to repeat without too much variation, but if you enjoy this line of work, Far Cry 2's dangerous African landscape is a great place to be a merc.
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  1. RichardH
    Jun 9, 2009
    WARNING: Tedium ahead. The first iteration of Far Cry was, while not necessarily perfect, a solid first person shooter. It's big, beautiful world let you approach the varied missions using a variety of tactics making it challenging and giving a sense of achievement. After I played this extremely beautiful game for about 15 hours (I tried so hard to like it), I was very disappointed and felt frustrated that the majority of my actions in the world made little or no difference. For example, I laughed hard when I annihilated one of the infinite-random-henchman-emplacements drove around the next corner and thought, "I wonder how long 'til the henchmen return?" So I turned around and went back only to find the infinite-random-henchman-emplacement teaming with life again. Not a corpse, nor blood stain in sight (Realism, anyone?)! This was my experience when I drove to a mission, when I drove away from a mission, and when I just wanted to drive around looking at the scenery. I laughed at the utterly pathetic plight of my avatar. I agree with Samuel W. This is a disgraceful sequel to a worthy first person shooter. Tetris has what some may not even call graphics and is repetitive yet challenging and extremely fun to play. Far Cry 2 is the most beautiful, repetitive, and mind-numbingly tedious game I have ever played. Poor form. Go play Crysis, the true sequel to Far Cry, and leave this third rate third world game well alone. Full Review »
  2. DavidP
    Feb 3, 2009
    The graphics are lovely and immersive (if your system is beefy enough) and I enjoy having the freedom to go anywhere at any time. However, the game's storyline is somewhere between nonsensical and nonexistent, none of the characters have much depth, the voice acting is mediocre at best, the missions are repetitive, and there are some problems with the control scheme. Some points to consider: (1) Perhaps what throws away the game's immersive qualities more than anything else is that even though you're supposedly a "no-name scumbag", the game clearly revolves around you. Ostensibly you are just some guy caught in a civil war between two sides (UFLL and APR), but in fact the supposed two sides are indistinguishable (you can't tell if you are fighting UFLL or APR guys), there are no front lines, and you almost never see AIs fighting each other. Instead, they only fight you. The war does has two sides: you (and occasionally one of your "buddies") against nearly everyone in the entire country. (2) Ostensibly you're in the country to kill the "Jackal" guy who keeps the war going, but for some reason you reach this goal by killing hundreds of random people that have nothing to do with your supposed objective. (3) The control scheme has issues. For example if you want to run for cover, you are only allowed to run straight forward (strafing disables running) and if you are reloading, the game forces you to finish reloading before you can run or switch weapons. (4) The bus stations that take you long distances have no staff. No ticket agent, no bus drivers, riding the bus is free, it's perfectly safe, and it gets you to your destination much faster than driving. Make sense? (5) Virtually everyone in the country is male and heavily armed. There are virtually no civilians. (6) There are magic boxes all over the map. Put your gun in a magic box and pull the same gun out of another box 20 miles away. Or how about the gun shop (which is normally unstaffed) where you buy the guns on a computer and the guns you bought magically appear in a warehouse next door. Make sense? The problem is that while the graphics are highly immersive, the gameplay mechanics are absurd enough to pull you out of the immersion. Full Review »
  3. Apr 16, 2011
    Nothing on the first one. The first was a sweet game- great graphics, fun story- a really enjoyable game.

    This one? Very repetitive. Clear
    a camp, come back later and it's inhabited by the same people again... Full Review »