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  1. Apr 16, 2011
    Nothing on the first one. The first was a sweet game- great graphics, fun story- a really enjoyable game.

    This one? Very repetitive. Clear a camp, come back later and it's inhabited by the same people again...
  2. Dec 3, 2012
    An island for me to do lots of funny or crazy things thats one of what i need.Although it may takes a feel of bore as time passes by.Seek for diamonds or just sit into a car to drive casualy,complete quests of two opposite forces-a good game.
  3. Feb 21, 2013
    Great graphics although a bit buggy especially with the directx 10 mode selected. The muted washed-out color tones sets a kind of depressing mood, probably what the developers wanted. But the graphics is the end of the good points.

    The AI sucks big time. The enemy has x-ray vision making any kind of stealth play impossible. You spend time sneaking up on your target then kill him with a
    silenced weapon or your machete but be ready for instant mayhem. Everyone knows what you did and where you are. Run for your life. Shoot someone from a distance and the enemy knows exactly where you are. The enemy can see through dense foliage, walls and rocks. Run for your life. You can watch an enemy look and fire in the opposite direction from you but you will still get hit. It's quite hilarious!

    Forget about a story line, there isn't one. You just go on missions and kill everyone you see, or run for your life.There are no other options. Try to kill the Jackal? No way. It's a bogus story ploy. Try to help your friends that you've collected through the game. No way. The developers have higher goals for you. Be careful they have a political agenda.

    Very disappointing game. Not looking forward to another silly Far Cry X.
  4. Nov 4, 2012
    Bought it after seeing some positive videos on the tube. I regretted it. The graphics are absolutely stunning but the game per se is terrible. Far Cry 2 is basically a terrific map with a terrible game spawning sporadically.
  5. Mar 3, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game severely lacks interesting game-play. The protagonist must travel hundreds of miles chased by pea brained, buggy AI that will hunt you down no matter where you run to. How is this realistic? To make matters worse, you encounter hundreds of the same monotonous check-points that vary only in the number of tires and fences that are commonly found around one.. On top of that, you have an incurable malaria that serves as a really a poor plot device. Finding a cure for malaria should not drive the STORY! The story should be driven by fun game-play and interesting missions. The mission narrative doesn't really push the envelope either as it centers too much on petty clan warfare and local rivalry. The developers attempted to change the names of the clans and characters to break the monotony, but the characters continually bring about the same plot elements I describe above-petty rivalries, etc.. Even the equipment is a letdown. Vehicles blow up too easily and weapons constantly jam. The only thing that really kept me going a 1/3 of the way through the game was the possibility of acquiring better weapons. Unfortunately, the mechanics of wealth acquisition don't favor even a moderately fast ascension to power. Acquiring wealth is slow, painful, and disheartening. The primary currency for barter are diamonds that are scattered across the whole god-forsaken territory that you must trek across ever so painfully. If you ever manage to complete the miserable story-line, Ubisoft should award you with a small prize. Believe me, you deserve it for all of the torture you will assuredly have to endure. The only reason why I gave this abomination of a game a 1 is because it serves as a good benchmark for video-cards. My recommendation to those who wish to avert a deplorable gaming experience is to avoid playing Far Cry 2 altogether. In fact, the game itself, if you bought a physical copy, should be reserved for use as a coaster for soft drinks. Alternatively, the dvd-rom can be used in a futurist art project. Better yet, go use it to play frisbee with your dog in a park. If by the unluckiest of chances, you bought a digital copy, you will undoubtedly be dismayed at having wasted however many dollars you spent on this treasure that, by it's digital nature, precludes it's more appropriate uses described above. If this is the case for you, let me just a dedicate a moment of silence to you. Expand
  6. Oct 29, 2012
    I like first Far Cry. But this game- piece of **** Good Graphics- that` s all what this game can propose to you. Stupid mission, stupid respawn, boring safari and idiotic story.
  7. Sep 28, 2010
    Crap indeed.Dont waste your money in this.It doesnt worth to be played.It destroyes FAR CRY soul the one from the original far cry which is by the way much better.3
  8. Oct 11, 2010
    Stay FAR FAR FAR away from the PC version of this game, not even at a discount price on steam will you feel like you got your moneys worth. The controls are horrible and make the game unplayable and that's just the tip of this iceberg. Even if we look past the bugs of this horrible port, the game you see is merely "decent" but nothing like the original. This is a sequel in name only.
  9. Jun 14, 2012
    This game bored me to tears so badly that I had to quit. Virtually every aspect of this game is broken, overly done, or underdone. The realism they try to implement means that you can die from a 5 foot fall, your weapons never work, and because it's Africa everything has to be ugly and bland as sin. Far cry instincts beats this game so miserably it was a wasted release for ubisoft. Furthermore, my CD key is repetedly refused for the online, despite attempting all fixes possible. This game is therefore unfinished and worthless. Expand
  10. May 8, 2012
    Boring. Repetitive, Ridiculous respawns. Waste of time. The negative reviews sum it up. The game is a "far cry" from being even remotely related to the first game. Steam needs to start giving refunds for piles of waste.
  11. Dec 2, 2012
    First off, I'm not reviewing this as a sequel to Far Cry. It's made by different people with a different aim, so there really isn't much point comparing them. The game is a First person shooter set in an African environment, where you must work to bring down an arms dealer who is supplying arms to sides in local conflicts, causing death and misery, Boo! You play a mercenary who will bring down this criminal, by going to the conflict zone and shooting dead hundreds upon hundreds of people with arms he buys with blood diamonds. Yay you! Anyway, how does it look? Ok. Nothing really spectacular or worth mentioning, it is there, it functions but is tends to get rather bland with the colours sometimes, but I won't hold it against it. So graphics get a good mark from me, except for the fire which looks very 2D. Now, the gameplay itself. Let's start with the combat, as it is a shooter after all. All the weapons feel and look good for the most part. Some seem similar, but most manage to feel like different guns. Shame that there is a God awful degradation system in effect. Most weapons you get from enemies seem to have seen better centuries and will jam constantly or just outright explode. Never when the enemy has them, it only happens to you. You need to buy new weapons from arms dealers (these ones are nice weapon sellers apparently) to actually get one that works like it's supposed to. So the weapon degradation is annoying and poorly but stops short at being game ruining. What doesn't stop short however, is the AI. It is so rubbish. Enemies aren't good at taking cover, or more often than not just randomly walk in the open towards you. They can't shoot straight, can't think of approaching you from any angle apart from the direct one, and just in general are rubbish. This makes all the action scenes seem rather pointless and undermining. I'm supposed to be fearing for my life in fire fights, not just sitting near a rock shooting people as they trundle towards me or act like jack-in-the-boxes. When your shooter actually fails at the combat section, it isn't a good sign. To get around the map you have access to some trusty cars. Well, I say trusty, they tend to break down a lot, which is fixed by a few seconds of twiddling in the engine, which isn't making me feel like I'm fixing it or I have to take care of it, it's just a hassle that no one would notice if it wasn't there. The actual gameplay itself is really bad. Get mission from some person, drive there, kill people, come back and get paid in diamonds (Good thing you are here to help stop this guy who is causing all this conflict!) Getting to your location, normally miles away, involves driving through camps filled with constantly respawning enemies. Once you cleared everyone from the camp you can literally just walk about a hundred meters away and then everyone there has respawned. If it was a sandbox you could just go round them, but no, the natural corridors force you through them, again, and again, and again. Every time you want to go somewhere you have to have yet another pointless and repetitive (and boring) fight. There are no friendly forces who can take over the place even, Despite working for one of the sides in this war they tell you that "Our boys won't recognise you", which should be read as "We didn't want to program a reputation system in". This is one of the games worst offenders, the totally painful firefights it forces you into again and again against the mediocre AI. Another big weakness is the voice acting. I will say without doubt that it is the worst voice acting I have ever heard in a game. I'm including games like Deep Fear in that. This game is worse. At least in others they try. This game the voice actors sound like they have been dragged from some office, sedated, lobotomised and then told that if they show any emotion or, indeed, talent, they will be killed. I have yet to hear a line spoken as if it was a human doing it. Microsoft Sam is a better voice talent than these people. So in the end, we have a open world shooter that isn't open world and isn't a very good shooter. For a game with a good budget behind it which promised lots it has delivered us a repetitive and poorly done shooter that fails at being good at shooting Expand
  12. Aug 14, 2012
    This game is truly a far cry from the first one. Everything you loved about the first game is gone here. The only thing this has in common with the other is the glider. That's it. If you're looking to recapture the experience of Far Cry 1 be prepared for massive disappointment.
    Let's start with the good: the graphics. This is the only decent thing about this game. The environments looks
    nice all around but even this quickly loses its appeal after while since there's not much to look at. It's mostly sparse landscapes. It looks nice but also boring. The character model's faces are also lacking in detail. Now the bad: everything else. The audio in this game is poorly done. The weapons sound cheap and unconvincing. The vehicles have this little hum when driving. The characters' voices can be hard to hear sometimes and they usually talk pretty fast. There is no depth or range to the sound. I can't tell if someone is talking 5 feet away or 50 feet away. There are no options to individually adjust voice or sound effect volumes. Music can't be adjusted either. You can only turn it on or off. The AI in this game is atrocious. They will usually try to flank you but it's pointless since they all have eagle eye vision and auto-aim and can hit you from a mile away with no problem. Sometimes the AI will get stuck and they'll be facing another direction when you're right in front of them. The AI automatically senses when you get into a vehicle and starts firing at you so if you can't see where that enemy has run off to just get into a car and they'll start shooting at you. The gameplay is the worst part. It's just awful. EVERYONE will shoot you on sight. It doesn't matter which faction you do missions for. Their guys won't help you since you're "undercover". The enemies take an excessive amount of damage. You have to shoot them so many times to kill them. The turret in this game is crap. It's severely underpowered and actually takes longer to kill the enemies than your own weapons do unless they're right in your face. Seriously. If you try and stay at a distance to take out the guardposts with a turret it will take forever to kill them while they will have no problem shooting you. 75% of the game is you driving around from point A to point B and it's usually from one end of the map to the other. Then there are the guardposts with the respawning enemies. This is undoubtedly the most annoying part of the game. If you kill the enemies and then go a certain distance and then return to that guardpost the enemies all respawn even if you killed them 2 minutes ago. There's no point in wasting time using stealth or trying to be clever since they just respawn and you have to kill them again on your way back. They make it so it's impossible to go around most of these checkpoints. You can't just blow past them in a vehicle either because they will get in their vehicle and chase you and they will ALWAYS catch up to you because the game cheats. I've tested this and they get this turbo speed boost to catch you. You have no choice but to stop and shoot them. There's also constant vehicle patrols all over the place. They'll either shoot you if there's a guy on the turret or tail and ram you forever until you stop and kill them.

    The gameplay is extremely repetitive. All you do is drive around the map performing missions by killing someone or blowing something up. That's it. Ubisoft did this exact same thing with Assassin's Creed. Go from point A to point B, kill someone, rinse and repeat. It's obvious they do not know how to make a fun game and I don't have much hope for Far Cry 3. Then they threw in various gameplay elements like weapons jamming, fixing cars, and you having malaria and needing to constantly take medicine, to try and make it realistic but all it does is annoy you. If you pick up an enemy's weapon it will be in a degraded state. Very quickly the weapon will jam and you have to press reload to fix it. But when the enemy uses their gun it never jams on them. Only you. How is that realistic? So the only point is to piss you off. If your car gets shot up it will start smoking and you will have to fix it. The animation consists of you turning a bolt with a wrench. Yes that's how it gets fixed. Just like in real life. The malaria thing is dumb and adds nothing to the game except to irritate you. Try having a malaria attack while your gun jams on you and your car is smoking while a bunch of auto-aiming enemies are around you. See how fun that is.

    The game suffers from numerous glitches. I had an enemy floating in the air and then dropping and dying and alerting his friends.There are audio problems like no sound or subtitles when answering the phone. The game will crash periodically. The gameplay is repetitive and annoying. It's not even an average game. It's a below average mess. Save your money. It's a huge letdown.
  13. Aug 28, 2012
    Picked it up on the cheap during Steam's summer sale. Heard some good things about it, it was cheap, I like nonlinear open-world type games. And Far Cry 2 has the distinction of being the third time I have ever experience buyer's remorse. This... I don't know how to explain it... I guess the best I can come up with is it plays more like a demonstration of a physics/graphics engine than an actual game. Pretty graphics, some nice gameplay mechanics, but it has two major problems that pretty much ruin it for me.

    The first is the story. Which is to say there practically isn't a story. I only played about 4 hours before I dropped it, so it might get better later, but at the point I got to it was just a series of talk to person, go to other side of world, clear camp, rinse and repeat. If you want any kind of story details, you have to pause it and look at your journal. I'm usually alright with that kind of thing, but it just feels really unfulfilling in relation to most other games I've played that have that have journal-type-things.

    The second major issue I have is the gameplay. I can look past an absent story if the game is fun to play, I mean I've put over 100 hours in to Team Fortress 2 and I'm not even a big multiplayer type of guy. As I mentioned though, I've only played 4 hours so maybe it gets better, I don't know. But like I mentioned in the story section, every mission plays the same. Talk to guy, go to other side of world, clear camp. It's BEYOND repetitive. Really, the main reason I haven't played past 4 hours is because I got so sick of the gameplay.

    Really, everything else in the game to me is minor, those two alone ruined it for me and I'm probably never going to pick up this game again. But, like I said, go it on the cheap so no major damage done.
  14. Oct 1, 2012
    This is Worst Game I have ever played...made me sick in real time ...Complete Nonsense...At least Game Makers should know,what he is trying user to grab...what we are doing in this game...what to do why to do and ultimately what's aim? ...Iam deleting this game in middle...even i dont know how many missions i have
  15. Nov 19, 2012
    The original Far Cry is one of my favorite game of all time. Its name is filled with honor. Because you know at the time the game was made they used top-notch graphics, and the story and gameplay was just explosive. How ever, Far Cry 2 was the most disappointing game ever. If you die, you will spawn to far away for your destination. You have to take malaria pills every so often. People always knows who you are, even if you're just driving a car, enemies will spot you and shot at you. The game is just to flawed and it never ends. Crytek, why did you sell Far Cry? Worst mistake they ever made. Expand
  16. Nov 29, 2012
    You play a couple of missions types repeatedly through out the whole game. You have to travel massive distances to do it. It's boring. The graphics were the only selling point in the game. I loved FarCry. I couldn't finish the game I was so bored. I usually finish every game I buy. I was one of those fools that bought it full price. Harsh lesson learnt.
  17. Feb 1, 2013
    Not worth it! I purchased it on a special offer at just $9.99 so I figured I didn't have much to lose. I had already played Far Cry 3 and liked so thought I would give the previous version a chance but it is TERRIBLE. Hard to follow the mapmarkers, the fast travel is horrible and even though I am on EASY level, it's just very hard to achieve your missions. I can't believe the difference between Far Cry 2 and 3. The 3rd installment is very good. But don't waste your time on this one. I can see why user score is 5.6 Expand
  18. Jun 16, 2013
    This game typifies everything that can go wrong with an open-world, sandbox-style game. It's a big, beautiful world to explore and most of what you do in it means absolutely nothing.

    Getting from mission to mission is about as fun as the Park 'n Ride experience of commuting to the airport. Except, however, that in the case of air travel you might just be going someplace fun. In FC2,
    you're going to the next repetitive mission the writers painfully crafted on spare napkins while waiting for their order to come up at In-n-out. This is lazy, mass-produced content that rivals the story-telling depth of PONG.

    You may enjoy Far Cry 2 if you enjoy these other things:

    1) Standing in line at Disneyland as opposed to the ride itself
    2) The subtleties of watching paint dry
    3) Chatting with DMV Employees
    4) Waiting for Uranium to decay
    5) The uniqueness of IKEA furniture
  19. Jul 30, 2013
    Just repetitive. A complete disappointment. Huge open world, with nothing in it worth exploring. Generic world, generic enemies (which respawn after what feels like 30 seconds). Graphis etc. may be good, but the game offers no introduction, no interesting characters, no storyline. Somehow even the core mechanics, the shooting, didn't appeal to me, and the rather not so smart AI does not improve the gaming experience. Expand
  20. Nov 12, 2013
    Incredibly dull and repetetive. Instead of feeling like you're looking forward to a fight every time the same land rover appears with the same troops in yet again all you think is, "damn, I'm going to waste ammo and damage my weapon and get nothing for it". Add to this that every mission seems to send you to the 4 corners of the map and you have a recipe for disaster. I feel as though the developers are punishing you for having the temerity to play this game. Expand
  21. May 4, 2013
    This is probably the most repetitive and flawed FPS I've every played. The story itself is pretty good and the environment is wonderful but everything else is horrible, horrible done. The design flaws are some of the worst I've ever had to contend with and has completely turned me off of this series.

    The game advertises secondary quests and factions but they have absolutely no impact
    on the main game. The best way to play this game is to just do the main quest. While there are 2 factions everybody hates you all the time so working for a faction impacts only who gives you the mission. Each time you walk out the door they remind you they hate you. What is the use of having factions if everybody is your enemy. The game has many design flaws that probably sounded good on paper but were horrible in practice.

    Let's start with the guard posts scattered throughout the maps. As you clean them out the map marks them as cleared and a counter lets you know how you're doing. Unfortunately if you go a little ways away and come back they are completely repopulated. Other than changing the icon on a map clearing out the posts serves no purpose whatsoever. I got to the point where I just ran through the post and only stopped if I had to.

    The game requires that you micromanage your character. Guns jam, you have to take medicine periodically, cars break down and if you get low on health you have to use first aid or bleed to death. This all adds up to more focus on the character than combat. This game is most definitely a FPS because stealth just doesn't work here. As soon as you shoot anyone everyone knows where you're at and their accuracy is astonishing. I had 1 person shooting me with a pistol at long range, across a ravine, throw a wood wall and still kept hitting me.

    Back to the health system. When your health gets really low you have to bandage or your die. No problem except the animation takes about 5 seconds and cannot be interrupted (except by enemy fire). And oh by the way the enemies can continue to attack. So if you're swarmed (which you often are by the end of the game) then you have no chance to recover so you reload. That's bad. Here's probably the most idiotic thing I've ever seen in a game it quick saves just before you start the long, uninterruptible animation. That means you get quick saves of the game just before you either get lucky and survive or you die. Whoever thought that was a good idea should never design a game again.

    There are so many enemies running around in cars that you end up fighting more people getting to a mission (because the fast travel system isn't that fast) than in the mission itself. Even worse is that cars tend to not make any noise until they start shooting at you and if they are too close you cannot shoot back without getting out of the car.

    Overall this game was not fun to play. I ran through most of the map just to get to a mission, stopping only when I had to. During the missions I went straight to the goal because nothing else had any impact anyway. Even the ending of the game where you had a choice to make had absolutely no impact on the ending. I cannot possible recommend this game to anyone other than a hard core FPS person who has nothing else to play. I remember when this game came out they advertised "realistic fire". Yes the fire looks awesome but if all I really wanted was to watch real fire I'd become a fireman. Clearly this game was sold based upon its name more than its design.
  22. Nov 15, 2012
    i love this game!its so amazing i don't have enough words to describe it.
    the graphics are very cool and unique, the shooting is amazing and i especially like the blood after you shoot and the sound of it .there are alot of amazing maps in the game and some only for sniper that are very good also.there are alot classes to choose from and the gameplay is amazing in multiplayer .
    singleplayer is less fun its the same concept over and over again but its still isn't bad.the only bad thing in it is the multiplayer bugs but you can live with it.
    i cant wait for far cry 3!
  23. Jan 13, 2013
    Cool graphics and nice gameplay, tends to get a bit boring though. You basically do the same thing over and over again, and the story doesn't really go anywhere.
  24. May 23, 2013
    The only redeeming quality in this game is the graphics.

    The enemy AI is terrible but, they just stand there shooting, all you have to do is snipe them all out easily because they don't take cover or move about much. Somehow they manage to hit you from long distances while you're on the move inside a vehicle, rubbish.

    The vehicles all feel the same, even in GTA3 a very old game now
    they managed to make you feel like you were driving different vehicles. Then, there's a hang glider, lol, pointless, no fun, gimmick.

    The missions are all very similar, drive 10 minutes to go kill someone, blow a truck or deliver some documents. I think the developers have done it on purpose, how come the mission is always on the other end of the map, it makes you spend 90% of the driving. If the driving part was fun it wouldn't be so bad, but it's not, it doesn't even feel like driving, it feels like walking really fast with shaky camera, I think it's because the vehicles have only two velocities, you're stopped or moving, they forgot the acceleration part of driving.

    Not sure if I consider the random missions a story, it makes little sense.
  25. Jul 21, 2013
    Too much driving. Too much scavenging. Combat is very repetitive. Enemies spawn back way too quickly. And where is the story? Played 8 hours so far and I am sick and tired of it.
  26. Feb 2, 2014
    Most overrated FPS ever, makes COD franchise look good. FC1 was great, FC3 was good, FC2 simply falls flat on its face.
    It has Great graphics, the African landscape was great but devoid of any fauna(bye bye realism) The shooting mechanic is mediocre but the stupid AI completely ruined it all. As for the Open World, here is a piece of advice to developers. Open World games are fun only
    when it is fun to explore. The map is horrendous, the vehicles are crap and break down with 3 shots (fck authenticity) with arcade like physics(maybe to please casual gamers) and the first person driving is horrendous with your dashboard and your FAIL-ATTEMPT-TO-BE-UNIQUE map taking up 75% of your view. And those irritating checkpoints...made doing side quest a hell.
    Here is a scenerio. You travel to one edge of the map for a quest, to reach there you have to kill all the baddies in the checkpoints again, like 3-4 of them..around 10 mins travel time. Quest tells you to go to a place which takes 20 mins to reach, and again go through those checkposts killing all those respawned enemies. If you spend 20 hrs on this game, 15 hrs will be spent traveling and re-killing everything you killed few moments ago.
    And plz lets not go into the "malaria" system. ughhh..
    I uninstalled it after 5 hours of play, just to get my money's worth(in vain) cuz it was simply unplayable..
  27. Aug 17, 2010
    Everyone seems to be made of armor and stealthing is impossible at times. This would be fun if it had a working coop, but otherwise it's just too bland. So bland you can't even describe how bland and boring it is. This game falls under the "Could not finish because it was painful" list.
  28. Sep 29, 2010
    Far Cry 2 is an absolute disappointment to anyone and everyone. The entire game is tedious at best driving for 80% of the game only stopping to kill the odd generic henchmen with bad A.I, It has nothing to do with the original game at all. Ubisoft simply made this game to milk money from fans of the original game. This games not worth bothering with, save your money.
  29. Nov 28, 2010
    I tried hard to like this game. Very rarely do I not complete a game unless it is boring or repetitive. Unfortunately this game is both.

    The game makes you travel between locations to achieve a mission update. So you will pass by checkpoints and strongholds numerous times in order to get to certain target zones. Here lies the problem...

    The way enemies respawn is distance based,
    not time-based- thus it is totally unrealistic, annoying, and multiplies the difficulty of the game. For example: you will approach many checkpoints in the game during your travels. You will see the enemies goofing off, tying their shoelaces or smoking a cig which apparently gives you the initial element of surprise. You attack the checkpoint, killing the first guy and INSTANTLY after that, the remaining enemies make the experience as difficult as they can for you. You take some damage, but kill every last enemy in the place with your machine gun. You just torched the cp with Molotov's and blew the place up with grenades. Now, if you leave the area and turn the corner, then suddenly realize you are heading the wrong direction and need to turn back... guess what? The enemies have come back to life. Even more unrealistic, they will be goofing off again, tying their shoelaces and smoking a cig. There will be no sign of your previous battle anywhere. You will have to fight them all over again in order to continue. How realistic is that? Respawns will occur and there is no limit. So if you take the same path from your mission giver, to the target zone, and back- you will engage every CP and roaming patrol along your path at least twice. They will be the same exact enemies again and again, tedious and boring. I've tried the stealth approach as well, by crouching and slowly advancing through bushes and stuff. It is so boring and sometimes a sniper starts shooting at you from hundreds of yards away so you take damage anyway. Some areas cannot be passed by using stealth, so you are forced to attack or take tons of damage.

    It seems everything I did was absolutely useless and has no effect in the world. I almost got though act 1 in this game. But after killing the same guys in the same checkpoints 2, 3 times for each mission it became very mundane. It would not have been difficult to implement at least a 24-hour respawn timer but the developer didn't. I still remember how confused I was after completing the first mission. I had just wiped out an entire camp enemies about 8 guys, fought them tooth and nail for about 3, 4 minutes. I went back to the mission giver and completed the mission. I get the next target zone for my next mission, and realize after looking at the map, that the area I had just cleared was one of two potential paths to take even though it was a slightly longer distance. Since I had killed everyone earlier, I thought it wouldn't be a problem to take that path since it was safe. I didn't even get 10 feet into the camp before I was shredded by a hail of gunfire. Game over. That was my first impression of the game and it still is.
  30. Dec 3, 2012
    A title that unfortunely had a bit of a wild tango dance during the development face, not knowing whether it wants to be dumbed down for the masses or stay true to difficulty and we end up with this horibly spread-out hybrid between an MMORPG with infinite enemy spawns and an single-player RPG shooter. It's not realistic, It's not immersive and It certainly does not posess a quality enemy AI. Stay away from this one unless you can try it before purchase. Expand
  31. Jan 1, 2011
    I would tend to agree with the professional reviewers rather than the users on this one - Far Cry 2 is an immersive, graphically excellent, and reasonably realistic game. It's extremely atmospheric, and the unusual setting - an unnamed war-torn African nation - gives it a unqiue feel.

    It's clear from many of the other user reviews here that people expect certain things from a first-person
    shooter, and Far Cry 2 isn't ticking those boxes. Personally, I am not a big fan of linear gameplay, preferring open, 'sandbox' games like the GTA series, so to me Far Cry 2 is a breath of fresh air. Being able to move around at your own pace, in a very realistic world (in terms of audio/graphics, at least), and come up with your own tactics rather than having to follow a set path makes this a lot of fun.

    I've dropped 1 point because of the instantly-respawning enemies (as mentioned in many other reviews) and because if you cause trouble, run away, and come back, everyone seems to have forgotten about you, which is weird. The story is a little weak, but honestly, who really wants 20-minute-long cut scenes? In short, this beautiful and open-ended game doesn't stick to the conventions of FPSes, and that makes it something unique.
  32. Jul 15, 2011
    I wanted to like this game i really did, Everything about it is great, except the part where you drive... and drive... and drive... it just gets reeeallly tiresome after a while, getting quests, not feeling like your making progress and driving 10Km across the map to shoot a few guys. Also, it feels like you are in the same place the entire time, not much change to the environment besides swampy - desert - jungly. Expand
  33. Sep 1, 2011
    Its hard for a game to come by around me and get a 0 as I always look for the positive things in video games. Far Cry 2 is just... unacceptable. The first problem is the name. Do not be fooled, this is NOT Far Cry AT ALL. Far Cry 1 was Crytek's baby; a first person shooter centered around one guy who had his normal research out in the sea turn to **** when a group of mercenaries inhabiting a nearby island blow up his boat. The premise was simple; a man wearing a bright red Hawaiian shirt is trying to escape, but finds out the secrets about the mutated creatures. The game featured an open environment for players to take different approaches in order to progress through each level. And with it, level design that actually created atmosphere, developed certain characters, manipulated the environment around you, the works. Far Cry 2 has none of that. Replace Jack Carver with a mute that has a Malaria and is out to find a weapons dealer. Mutants? What mutants? Character? Lol what character? It's sad because when starting the game you do have a set of different people to choose from, each with their own unique bio. But all that really means is that while playing, the your character's arms will be different. Any character you don't choose becomes an AI friend you can assign to help you out during combat later on. However, which ever one you choose will be mute and have malaria, even when the AI versions have voice actors and are perfectly healthy. What is the POINT? I'm trying to play a game, not manage a god damn illness. This game is just a simplistic shooter that hides itself under layers of complex illusions. The only bit of story and atmospheric build up is right in the beginning when you learn about rising tensions between two African factions that could cause a war any moment thanks to your cab driver. Then you get into town, your malaria bugs you and then you are given an introduction to our baddie. Then a war erupts in the town. After that... well there are no more civilians and not one friendly face. Instead, every single person you see is a member of one of the 2 factions. Which leads me to my biggest complaint: The missions. You can accept missions from both factions, but surprise surprise, you have no allies depending on the faction you are doing a job for. And its not a case of them cutting you some slack later on and saying, "Our boys won't do harm to you." No. Its every **** time. It really feels like Ubisoft was too lazy to code any friendly AI apart from the one "friend" you can select. Biggest complaint #2: Getting to your objectives. Far Cry 2 has no level design, and instead we get free roaming. What does that really mean? Drive from one area of the map to another. Although every inch of Africa can be explored, your vehicle obviously can't travel over a mountain or through trees. So you're stuck on the roads. But here's the worst part: EVERY BODY DESPISES YOU. At any given point while driving, you see a vehicle on the road, don't assume its a civilian. The only people that are driving are members of the 2 factions, and the minute they see you they will floor the gas and open fire on you. Why? Who cares! It wastes the player's time and gives them the sense the game is longer than what it really is right! This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that EVERYONE IS FASTER THAN YOU. That's right, you can't outrun them. While you're locked to a cruising speed, enemies in a damn flat bed truck can drive faster than you. So its really 1-2 minutes of driving, 3-4 minutes trying to save yourself from being killed and searching for a new vehicle. Wash, rinse, repeat. And it traps you into thinking check points are safe where you can pull up and show ID to the people. But no, checkpoints = 6 men stationed there are ready to kick your ass. And while you may have cleared that checkpoint or area full of enemies, guess what? They respawn back there again. Its padding, and its obvious. The worst part... the level design, or should I say the lack there of. Every mission in the game is just driving to a certain location, killing a bunch of randomly placed NPCs and then driving on back (while still being shot at by cars and checkpoints). That's it, nothing more. Far Cry 2 does offer side objectives you can accomplish in order to unlock new weapons and stuff of that sort.... but let me give you a little run down of the gun merchant side quest. Every merchant will offer a new weapon if you can stop this convoy that's transporting guns. Ok, sounds cool, some actual mission design perhaps? But no. Instead, you get a line of 3 trucks that just drive around IN A GOD DAMN CIRCLE ENDLESSLY UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY STOP IT. This game is so basic, its disgusting. The graphics are the only decent thing about this game, and some cool aesthetics such as over 100 different animations for fixing yourself from bleeding out on the last segment of your health bar. Shallow, do not buy. Expand
  34. May 24, 2011
    The atmosphere and environments are impressive, but what really sinks the game is the shooting. What's the most important aspect of any FPS? Having combat that's fun and innovative. The biggest flaw is the shooting itself. It feels off and clunky. I know the game is going for realism, but it doesn't come off well. I enjoyed playing it for a few hours but soon grew bored. If you like the game, more power to you. It just isn't my cup of tea. Expand
  35. Apr 28, 2011
    Finally, an open world shooter where everyone wants to kill you and not the other way round. At first this game did indeed seem to be a bit boring, but after about five hours of game play I really got stuck into it. Sure, it doesn't cater for all markets, but if you want a serious, realistic FPS this is the game to buy. Maybe there could have been a bit more interactivity with the map and a few more side missions as well although I must give the Map Designers a big round of applause, I have lived in Africa for 9 years now and this game truly brings out the rugged, harsh, dangerous yet beautiful landscape that is, Africa. Expand
  36. Mar 18, 2014
    The issue with Far Cry 2 is that it's marketed incorrectly. They sell it as a shooter and so people think they should run around and engage enemies whenever they see them. If you try to do that in Far Cry 2, you'll die - first in the game, then of boredom.

    It's a realistic, stealth based shooter and that's how it should be treated. Imagine that you're actually running around in Africa
    trying to survive and you'll do better. You avoid combat unless you need not to or have a great advantage, if you are discovered by a multitude of enemies, you wreak havoc and run for your life. You infiltrate during the night, not the daytime. You don't drive around on the road near checkpoints in a country at war. You kill without mercy and you get better at it as the game goes on. Not through XP and levels, but just by improving. That's an amazing experience in itself.

    If you think carefully, stealth around a bit and plan your approach, there's literally no game ever made that'll reward you like this one will. You can choose to go in hard with granades and LMGs, or snipe from a hill top or sneak up close and take them down one at a time (or not take them down and just do what you came for). You'll pull off amazing infiltrations and assassinations, you'll experience an enemy truly scared of you and you play a story that transcends any attempted in a shooter before. Based on Conrad's great novel "The Heart of Darkness" (like Apocalypse Now is), you'll get an interesting and raw approach to Africa and the wars that ravage the continent. This game actually has something to say and it knows how to say it. It is, however, not a sandbox, casual fun shooter and it was a mistake to market it as such.

    A word of advice, put the game on top difficulty. The AI seems broken on the lower ones and the game doesn't become too hard on the hardest one. Just as long as you remember that if you're outnumbered five to one and they know where you are, you're not going to win. At least not always.
  37. Jun 10, 2011
    Love this game, I know that its got a lot of bad thing(like character voices, not so good scenario, and some times get boring). But still its awesome/ Very big and beautiful world, excellent made guns, finding diamond. It makes game so cool.
  38. Aug 11, 2011
    Im certain that my taste in games would be highly respected by my peers if any of them were gamers so hark my words. you get out what you put in to this game.
    I put off playing this game for a while because of the reasons stated in the low scoring reviews but then I remembered, actually, I prefer making my own conclusions.
    get blazed, relax, difficulty to hardcore, tactically plan your
    approach to combat and suck in the vibe.
    To all those people rating this low... I can understand why.
    However, when you get older and your tastes start maturing you'll start to appreciate this game.
    You are probably looking for that stunning girl with amazing personality and deep conversation, with a cracking body and a good sense of humour. Far Cry 2 is more like a 45 year old woman, past her prime but still attractive, and delivers where it really matters... the bedroom.
    I have no idea where im going with this analogy....
    ..oh yeah.
    The latter is definitely much more of a challenge to get involved with but once you crack it and those stilletoes are diggin into your back and shes calling you a piece of dirt... you will be way more satisfied.
  39. Sep 3, 2011
    It may be called FarCry 2 but it really has no connection to the story as far as I could tell. Just a name that would get it more sales but that doesn't make it bad. Quite the opposite! It's a huge non-linear game based in Africa where you, one of eight other characters is sent undercover to kill Jackel, someone arming both sides of a civil war there! It's very enjoyable and has the usual shooter elements that were done amazingly as the FarCry series has always done. The animations, physics, graphics and everything else is brilliant and looks almost real... That is if you get past the vehicles. They're fun to drive but two things make them to unbelievable. One, being that the break down waaay to easily and the second reason being that their physics is way off. Hitting a bush with a car in real life doesn't make the car completely stop and raise the back wheels into the air, a wall would do that! Other than the vehicle physics and strength this game is amazing and anyone who loves open world or shooters should defiantly take a look at this! Expand
  40. Sep 17, 2011
    It seems reviewers played another game than mine. Despite of fantastic grphics and open worlds, here's nothing deserves for higher rating. Innumerable enemy spawns and the same quests (main and side) ruined everything what make prodecessor very good game.
  41. May 5, 2012
    Erm, why has this got a user score of 5.6? The console version is terrible compared to PC. On consoles it's running at 720, 30 FPS and on lower graphics and FoV. Not to mention the hideous controls, which are unresponsive and make movement more awkward than any other game. Hence why on multiplayer there is practically auto-aim rather than aim assist. On PC however, the framerates are smooth, graphics are better in every way due to DX10 support controls are better... I guess it's because PC gamers compare it to Crysis and the first Far Cry whereas those console kids haven't seen the good stuff. Whilst it's true that this is notthing like the first game, I think that it makes it better because it shows there's been some work done and it isn't just copy and paste. The actual gameplay experience is more similar than you might think, but you couldn't tell it's a Far Cry game without the title. Regardless, it's still a fantastic game, with my only criticism being the lack of players in ranked matches on multiplayer. Expand
  42. Sep 26, 2011
    I was disappointed with farcry 2, more than impressed by it. The graphics and physics in the world are admirable. It looks and feels very realistic. The virtually completely open world style is unique but fails during the implementation. The story is a bit interesting and realistic feeling but your character has absolutely no personality, or choices within the world, such that i cannot imagine how it changes with the character selected beyond the pair of shoes that you view during the game. The checkpoints re-spawn quickly once you pass them so you fight the same battles over and over, and over. The story sends you randomly all over the world and several times to the same locations with fully re-spawned enemies, so there is a LOT of repetition. Five stars, for an overall ok game, a plus one for an acceptable field of view that made it playable for me. Expand
  43. Dec 7, 2012
    I love the setting and mood of this game, not to mention the lack of a HUD which increases immersion. Combat is very fun, with capable AI opponents that turn psychotic in vehicles. There is nothing like shooting a flare pistol at someone in the dark and lighting them and the surroundings on fire. Missions do get repetitive, but the incredible landscape and enjoyable combat compensate for everything else. I came back to this game after playing a bit of Far Cry 3. Expand
  44. Mar 26, 2013
    the graphics are really nice but the game is extremely boring.
    the game is repetitive, the enemies respawn constantly and are extremely stupid.
    It has a plot,


    + graphics
  45. Mar 10, 2012
    I only just recently got into Far Cry 2. Previously, I had played the first one, and enjoyed it greatly. When I noticed that a second one had come out, I decided I had to try it out. My first impressions, before even playing it, were slightly low, seeing that the game was not released by CryTek, but instead, Ubisoft (not a huge fan of them.) However, Giving it a try, I was met with a new experience on this game. It ran great on my computer, a lower-end machine (running Intel HD Graphics) with a close to 35 FPS and only had issues with slightly lengthy loading periods. I was amazed by how the atmosphere of the game was. The landscape portrayed many elements of the African area it takes place in, from deserts, to forests, to grasslands and everything in between. Even more amazing to me was the implicated weather system and realistic natural elements, such as being able to burn vegetation, and the sun moving relative to the time of day (in game time.) What sold me most on this score of 10 was the fact that all this was done, and so much was fit into the game, without me having to close processes to free up memory. This game is one of the few games I would give a 10 to, and it deserves it. I will be looking forward to Far Cry 3, and hope that it amazes me once again. Expand
  46. Jan 18, 2013
    I don't mind repetition if what I'm repeating is enjoyable, though constantly having enemies spawn in the outposts I just cleared, having enemy trucks charging at me every 30 seconds and having lackluster side activities outside the main storyline is not my idea of fun. I admit I had my good moments with Far Cry 2, but the flaws that seem to lurk around every corner definitely overshadow the positives of this game. Expand
  47. Jun 6, 2012
    1 Point for being original another for creatively controlling fire effects...but that's it. This game is mind numbingly boring. Second the "it's open ended" is complete garbage. If I take the left street to work, instead of the right, I'm still going to work. Furthermore the choices you make have ZERO impact on the extremely linear story. It doesn't matter if you save all of Africa, have a trash can full of blood diamonds to share, or improved your "friendship" with someone to 99999, NONE OF IT MATTERS. The story writers should be ashamed! Finally, the mechanics are extremely poor. The same truck will come the same way every time. For some reason the armies build the same shacks back you JUST blew up 10 seconds ago if you venture to far out. This becomes EXTREMELY annoying as it's simply a grind of killing meaningless people. I have no clue how this game received an 85 rating. I doubt very seriously that the game reviewers actually finished the game. I did. And both endings sucked. 4.99 for this game is a rip off. Save your money. Expand
  48. May 21, 2012
    well... it maybe true its repetitive, but open world, and nice graphic is priceless. i like the way we roam the big world, doing things we want to try... and it is not really that boring, if you are the types of person who like it. But, i believe FarCry3 would be the best because it really have soul in its character (i saw the trailer and it was amazing).
  49. Jun 6, 2012
    This game is a shame for the name Far Cry! The first (and only) Far Cry was a brilliant masterpiece with excellent graphics, very long and really amazing campaign, great level design, everything just perfect!
    It was a revoltuion to the PC game market.
    That's pretty much everything that FarCry 2 does not have. It doesn't continue Jack Carvers story, the envirenment is in a **** desert,
    graphics are quite nice, but there is NO story at all. All you do is move from control point A to control point B and kill some dudes on the way, when you are done with the mission and drive the same way back home, the dudes you killed have respawned and you got to fight them again! I AM NOT F**KING KIDDING! This makes you mad. Don't waste a cent on this game! Expand
  50. May 21, 2012
    Awesome game with cool story and graphics, the cinematics are great i love this game the IA are very worked and the concept of this game is interresent (sorry for my english i am french)
  51. Jun 26, 2012
    Really brilliant! Awesome! The gameplay and the AI are just perfect to the entertainment of the gamer. I liked so much, but I only think that sometimes the game is too difficult, and complex to novice players.
  52. Mar 3, 2013
    This game is amazing. The whole country is detailed and beautiful, the guns are realistic and the AI is pro. The country is amazing because of the realistic graphics and details are put in everywhere. The guns are realistic because if you steal guns from bodies, they may not work and can jam and such, so unlike most FPS games, you will find yourself buying new guns when you already have a used model of the same gun. Finally, the AI is pro because of how they respond to anything, if there is only a few of them and you are running away, they will let you go, if there is like 7 of them they will pursue you and do everything possible to kill you, including drive you off the road or smash their car into yours. They will also use flanking maneuvers and split up. If thats not enough, the whole game is free roam and theres a whole bunch of NPC "buddies" that have different storys and can help you. This is a great game Collapse Expand
  53. Jul 17, 2012
    this game has good graphics visual, but sometimes that's not all that importa.é very repetitive, and go kill somebody and then people are there again, you lose a lot of time to walk hundreds of kilometers, and on arrival the target is to do the same thing as the other vezes.estou desapontado.desculpem errors, but I'm Portuguese
  54. Sep 25, 2012
    Gráficamente de alta calidad, con físicas (especialmente la acción del fuego y viento) realmente bien logradas. Esto tal vez sea lo único bueno del juego, porque ofrece un guión pobre, adornado con misiones repetitivas: ir desde las facciones a puntos retirados a disparar y/o sabotear; no vale táctica alguna porque siempre resultaremos refrescándonos a tiros con los mercenarios del lugar. Excesivo "respawning", pues en cuestión de minutos, luego de atacar un lugar, podemos pasar por allí nuevamente y observar que nada había pasado.

    Podemos resumir el juego como de disparar y nada más.
  55. Oct 16, 2012
    Wow, this game is realy nice, the graphic are magic and the story is amazing. This a game for player that like fallout or RPG game. This is fantastic and the third is coming soon :)
  56. Nov 13, 2012
    Certainly not a game for everyone, this game challenges your imagination. While it does feel like a bunch of land with very few missions, you create your own fun. Use your sniper and go big game hunting, find every diamond briefcase, etc....There are almost no limits in this game. Plus, this game has some of the best gunplay i've ever seen . 31 weapons (with DLC) and i've tried them all. Like all, and use all except for about 5. Sure, some of the missions are repetitive, but most shooters have this mechanic of "go here and shoot." This game allows you to approach the objective from literally any angle, with any plan of attack, making each battle feel fresh. Expand
  57. May 1, 2014
    Brilliant game. No fancy schmancy crafting. No lame RPG crap. No HUD. No hand holding. No Jason Brody. FC2 is the essence of immersive gaming. Clean, beautiful, realistic.
  58. Jan 12, 2013
    This game has very nice graphics. You actually feel like you are in Africa. The combat in this game is decent except for the infinite enemy ''check points" they are really just "shoot to death on spot" points. One of the best things in this game is the realistic fires that can spread and behave like a real fire would. I'm pretty sure the game had a story when I first started playing but I'm not sure now. The missions are just "go here shoot these guys". This game also has a really good map editor though sadly multiplayer is almost abandoned. Expand
  59. Apr 27, 2013
    Far Cry 2 does not deserve a 5.6. It deserves an 8.7 IMO, because this game is amazing and was way ahead of its time. The fire spreads, which means that if you need to retreat, use molotovs, flame throwers, or the flare gun and create a fire boundary to keep your enemies at bay. Also, enemies are extremely realistic. If you surprise them they jump back, if they're on the ground they moan and scream, if they need help they call their friend's names. The driving is just what it should be. Vehicles steer nicely and are easy to drive. The vehicles are what a poor African country would have (old cars, buggies with a place for gunners, heavy assault trucks, ammo trucks, ATV's, and rare jeeps). The towns may not be what you expect; they have no civilians and look extremely poor. The missions are good and the game really creates a sense of "you're in it for the money, nothing else." This is a great game, and I hope you get it! Expand
  60. Mar 18, 2013
    Seemed like it was going to be good. Graphics, sound all impressive. Story kind of cool. But the more you play, the more repetitive this game gets. The problem is that it takes SO long to get from point A to point B. Checkpoints you've cleared become populated quickly so you end up battling practically every inch of the way if you want to get anywhere. It's a fatal flaw because you end up not really wanting to travel anywhere because of the tedium involved.

    The only game left more unfinished by my friends might be Dead Island, which is a zombie version of this game. Great graphics, great acting, great audio, good gameplay, but it just becomes totally tedious to play. I understand the 5.6 10 user score, but the 85 100 critic score just reminds me why, like movie reviewers, professional critics all suck and should be summarily ignored.

    Not that it has anything to do with playability of the merits of this game, but I'd like to understand why this game was even called "Far Cry". It's about as close in plot and story to Far Cry 1 as Bioshock is to Quake 4. LOL...
  61. Sep 9, 2013
    Far Cry 2 is a flawed gem: a blood diamond in the rough, if you will. It's repetitive, frustrating and outright illogical in its design at times, and yet it manages to still be a good game: a solid game even.
    It's different to the first Far Cry in a lot of ways, and more punishing than FC3 so it falls into its own niche in the series.
    Graphically, it's one of the best of 2008. The jungle
    environments are lush and the lighting effects are gorgeous. It's gritty and realistic but done better than the majority of brown and bloom shooters.
    Gunplay is tight and brutal and rewards sneaking up on enemies. Having a friend/companion with you makes it all the more fun, and it can get really
    There is an emphasis on exploration and while it is rewarding and fun to find new locations your primary means of transport is a jeep. This would be fine if the driving mechanics weren't so awful.
    The survival elements are well designed and for the most part well implemented. There are also elements that make no sense, an example being guard outposts simply respawning their guards ridiculously quickly. A better way to do handle this could have involved new guards driving out the outpost from bases and replacing the old one: even if this happened in real-time it would take longer than vanilla FC2's magically respawning guards.
    All in all Far Cry 2 is nowhere near perfect but gets criticized a lot harder than I believe it should and I definitely recommend trying it out, especially if you played 3 and wanted something harder.
  62. Mar 27, 2013
    Nice game,graphic(i dont care)good weapon store GOOD story,there is a outpost or house must be captured and got a home helping people got medicine its nice to helping people and i almost like it is Hunting Diamond that was i like it Far Cry 2 NICE GAME EVER
  63. ERB
    Jul 29, 2013
    Why does users hate this I mean It is an enjoyable game and very addicting as well.
  64. Jun 2, 2014
    There is nothing wrong with this game EXCEPT for the bullet-sponge enemies; this I can definitely attest to. Far Cry 2 is tough as nails but if you actually have a backbone then you should be willing to accept the challenge. The hyper-realism in this game really works and the self-op elements such as looking for medicine, fixing your car, repairing your weapons add an amount of tension that is truly hard to come by. The environment is eerily barren with the exception of some wildebeest and about 6000 mercenaries. Fire mechanics are something special and the combination of a rapidly spreading fire and a gunfight with twenty mercs never gets old. If you want a really brutal experience that doesn't resort to cheap arcade tricks then give this a try, but this should be required reading for all FPS fans. Expand
  65. Dec 8, 2013
    This is a really fun, really good game. Let's the the AI out of the way first. It's very impressive, the way they react to your every move. If you stumble upon a small outpost of like 5-7 enemies, they might not give chase if you take off right away, but if you charge into a stronghold like outpost, with something like 20 guys, they'll hop into cars and chase you until they kill you, or you manage to shake them off. The graphics for this game are pretty, and I'm never disappointed with the graphics, I'm just not always in awe, which is okay. The NPC "buddies" system is really cool. If you save a guy from a outpost, in free roam or mission, he will them become your 'buddy". This is cool already, but get this: One time I was running on foot, with little health and no syringes. Suddenly I get brought down from a accurate enemy shot, and then I think i'm dead. After a short black screen, the game comes back to one of my NPC buddies helping me up, and handing me a weapon. Then me and him get into an epic firefight against the remaining 8 enemies. We actually won, but the realistic manner in which the enemy attacked was marvelous. I was amazed how a few of them left to run through the foliage to get a better shooting position on our exposed flanks, while the percentage of the enemies stayed and continued to engage us head-on. My NPC buddy was also very helpful in combat, and he actually killed a couple more guys than I did. The whole firefight lasted something like 10 mins, and to this day was one of the most epic non-scripted video game firefights I've been in. Expand
  66. Mar 31, 2014
    aint that good, aint that bad. just loved the free roam thingy and environment. car seems to have too precise handling though (really!? offroad driving is better than onroad? unrealistic but acceptable). the game is too lonely, it is like you vs whole africa. buddies dont help that much, very minimum appearance in fighting. its always me that had to watch out for their asses. storyline? ok i guess. combined with my imaginations (like im a special forces commando, parachuting out in the middle of africa to do top tier missions, or kick everyone's asses, dicks, and everything nice!) the storyline progress is not exciting but not enough to overbored me, still boring though. i dunno if you guys noticed but most automatic weapons have crappy sound effect. like ak47, i shot just and only one bullet, but the sound effect indicates two shots, HUD display indicates one shot. i thing its just looping around. i also love being stealth, cause its so easy as the enemy didnt finish their preschool (maybe AI is scripted "do not shoot the player if he is ducking in grass, even if you can see them clearly, cause he is taking a **** in that case they do finish preschool but the script maker didnt went at all). good idea on enemy outposts, but after 30 minute, it is getting very annoying. anyways, still playing it though cause newer games are also crappier than ever. thanks A LOT ubisoft.

    *Dont even think about criticising my imaginations, I WENT PRESCHOOL!!!!!
  67. Nov 28, 2013
    [x] No prone, lean left or right. The quickiest way to get a bullet out of your own arm is to shoot at the meat hole again with a handgun since this game is all (gamespot) loony-arcade any way. The sniper rifle is all arcade, you don't want to compare this to other games like STALKER and Crysis. It has something new like changing the time of the day to play (setting the clock to sleep).
    [x] New: burning bushes keep spreading bigger through the wild grass areas preventing bots getting closer to you (too bad it didn't burn down the whole forrest).
    [x] New: obscene surgical wound fixing scenes, too bad they didn't reload your human arm like a double barrel shotgun snap it (human arm) open and loading 2 short chunk of bones (buckshot/shells) into 2 hollow meat holes in the angle-opened human arm (Manga animations).
    [x] Buggy iron sight: Can't shoot at a target when the iron sight is not blocked by a tree, so player has to stand up from crouching before he can shoot at the bot.
    [x] This is modern day Quake 3 Arena or UT. Half of this game is arcade.
    [x] As for the guard posts (check points), you can drive off-road to skip past most of them, that needs expert off-road racing skills, reading the map like crazy as you speed past tightly between trees and rocks. Most players didn't like this game due to the need of advanced PC gamer skills. Bots has the ability of tracking your trails, they will find your hiding place if you don't get inside a vehicle and speed off.
    [x] Very few bots just repawn and went dumb in place and has no ineraction/repsonse to the present of the player, just went straight up to his face and tuck a grenade in his mouth!
    [x] You got shot: To view the health level, press the reload key for your gun. As the health bar are auto-hid once nothing happens. Pressing the reload ammo key bring up the HUD for ammo counts and health level.
    I think there are 8 smaller bars in the health bar. If a burst of shots hitted you and it only cost 1 bar, but it removed 2 bars in the health bar before it “regen” 1 bar back so it has 6 bars left at first, then back to 7 bars as long as you takes cover and avoid getting shot. In another word, actual damage is 10%, but it take away 20% right away, then soon “refund” the 10% overcharged!
    Some shots only graves your skins, those shots are usually far distanced shots (near misses), your health bar dropped a little bit before it recharge back to the fullest as long as you takes cover & avoid getting hit more.
  68. Sep 5, 2011
    Although I was hesitant about getting this because of the mixed reviews and Africa not sounding so appealing, Far Cry 2 is surprisingly an okay game. What makes the game worth playing is simply the stunning environments. The developers smoothly mixed together lush jungles, grasslands, and some deserts that make trekking through FC2 endlessly fun. Another thing that never gets old is setting the world on fire, which creates interesting gameplay tactics and challenges. I also found the driving and especially the boating to be very enjoyable, particularly when combined with the fun of hunting down the diamond caches (ignoring the silliness of people leaving diamonds lying in briefcases around the world and you being the only one that can find them). The combat is also pretty good, although I tended to favor the mounted weapons a bit too much. But why wouldn't you? The mounted 50cal and grenade launcher (with unlimited ammo) are the most badass weapons in the game. One thing I didn't care much for was the weapon loadout system, which forces weapons into three types, of which you can only have one of each. I felt like this shut me out from being able to use some weapon loadouts like a sniper rifle plus an assault rifle. Another thing I didn't like was the oft-maligned instant respawning of enemies at checkpoints, which was really bothersome at first when your weapons are fairly weak and you don't have many syringes. Later on, the respawning is only a slight nuisance, however. The worst thing about this game is the story, or the nonexistence of a story. It doesn't make any sense ever. You're asked to do some rather vile things to people with little justification while neither of the two factions seem to care whether you've screwed them over in the past. Likewise, no one you encounter out in the world is friendly, no matter if you've helped their faction in the past. But if you like adventuring through the wild with frequent shootouts, Far Cry 2 is a good choice. Expand
  69. Dec 2, 2012
    Average at best. Some great immersion with the UI, stealth, freedom of environment. But the storyline, driving and endless respawning enemies were a drag.
  70. Aug 26, 2012
    not a far cry game. i dont think any game in the far cry series will ever have that same place as farcry.
    but as for a game, its not too bad. it looks georgeous, sound georgeous and plays well.
    there is also a deep story line, but you tend to just skim over the top of it. there are so many names you can never get attached, and you character is so faceless.

    as a game to go round
    explore, blow up an annoyingliny never ending supply of checkpoints, its not to bad, but for a game with story and depth. nope. Expand
  71. Dec 1, 2011
    I've tried several times to get into this game, but the experience never kept my interest long enough to finish it. The gunfights are fun, but the story and the continuous need to drive to distant locations made it a complete snoozer.
  72. Jan 6, 2011
    Shooting and traveling is great fun, but the plot is **** It was about 10 hours fun to me. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut ac leo erat. Suspendisse lacinia nisl eu magna aliquet interdum. In tempor vehicula nisi quis facilisis.
  73. Jul 25, 2011
    This game is very repetitive and boring. It is a demo of fire physics and gpu card testing. You will feel like a new man after uninstalling this one, its THAT bad.
  74. Feb 13, 2011
    While most of Far Cry 2's negative points (repetitive gameplay, long / boring travel times) do exist, they don't damn the game outright. Not as good as Crysis, but still holds its own. The economy is simple, almost no NPC world, but the fights are fun, hello? Who doesn't like using their multi-tool to extract bullets from their leg while fixing their broken shotgun by pounding on it? The situations and dialogue are probably not that realistic, but the paranoid style of it is great, rather unique. The reason I like Far Cry 2 as a gamer is because it carries ideals that are notably absent from most multi-platform releases; an interesting variation on level structure and environment for what is essentially a CoD-ish shooter. Definitely NOT Crysis, not crafted as skillfully (the levels never reach the level of scope as the more focused chapter-based approach of Crysis does), but is nevertheless much larger - and although some areas are boxy, other areas (e.g. lake in 1st half) have a great, natural presentation when you come across them. The environment doesn't feel as random as F:NV or Oblivion, most of it feels deliberately constructed. I think with a few basic changes, more incentive to run around the levels (see: GTA, Fallout, etc), the Far Cry 2 template could go from "cool / intriguing" to "really fun to play". At times the game is gorgeous, not as technically varied as Crysis, but that sun-blasted hard-shadowed plastic look really kills it in the dense jungles and muddy river canyons. Expand
  75. Mar 25, 2011
    It's an alright game. The story line is somewhat repetitive and the jobs are somewhat boring and repetitive as-well but the story line is generally good. The system where they have the partners or buddies that help you in the game is also good, since they can die if they come to help you or they can just die almost anywhere even if you aren't there. The AI is somewhat bad and almost everywhere you go, theres bad-guys. You almost never see any team mates unless it is a story mission. Anyways, the graphics are good, the story is good, theres even wildlife that you can run over and poach (not that I like to poach or hit them with a moving vehicle). I say this game is a renter or a cheap buy, it can generally get boring. The multiplayer is kind of bad too. Theres too many bad things about the multiplayer, I wont even speak of it much. Expand
  76. Sep 6, 2011
    What's terrible is that this game would actually be good: If they allowed it to be modded. There were a lot of stupid design decisions, but the engine is great, the production values are high and the world layout & map aren't too bad. Allowing things to be tuned like unrealistic spawns, strange object behavior, poor weapon and damage modeling and to extending the duration of bullet wound decals last would have made this a hit. Fallout games come riddled with issues, but after 3 months in the wild mods make them outshine everything else. Expand
  77. Mar 26, 2011
    I truly am mixed on the case of Far Cry 2. On one hand, it introduces a lot of game mechanics, all of which work and aren't pointless. This include the buddy system, gun jamming, sectored health regeneration, sickness, safe houses etc. The gun play is good, and the AI is better than most. On the other hand, driving through the jungle and stopping to deal with another guard post gets repetitive. The missions and stories are presented in confusing ways, and don't make much sense. I kept doing missions for opposing factions, and they didn't seem to care. At one point a buddy offered me a way to complete a mission that was exactly what my quest giver told me not to do. Doing it my buddy's way imposed no penalty. To this day there is a game breaking glitch at the 27% mark, one of which I got. A main mission giver simply never appears, so I stopped playing. The game has an amazing atmosphere and game play with competent mechanics that make sense, but it is bogged down by bad development choices and repetitiveness. Expand
  78. May 4, 2011
    this game was not as good as the first far cry but does lend a decent sequel to the original crytek far cry. what makes the game boring is the long walks, missions, but there are parts of game that make it fun. i never finished the single player but i did host a dedicated server (the first to show everyone how to config server and host a game actually). i had one of the most played maps played more than any other map because the map maker was truly easy to use and i took the best objects and made a small run and gun map that was a lot of fun to play. multiplayer is worth the purchase of this game however the campaign is not as exciting as fc1 Expand
  79. Jun 12, 2011
    The best way to describe this game is as a big missed opportunity that could've been amazing but only turned out "okay". The exploration of the big open world mixed with good FPS mechanics is fun for a while but about 40% through the game you unlock a second "world" and realize you're going to do the same things once again through the next 60% in an annoying similar location. Other than repetitiveness, the next big issue for me is the enemies instantly respawning when you're out of view. It's annoying to drive by, clear out an outpost, come back by the same outpost a few minutes after completing the objective and having to clear it out again.

    The game does do things right however to warrant a purchase for $25 at the most. For one, the gunplay and shooting mechanics are top notch and killing is very satisfying. Second, there are loads of guns from shotguns to sniper rifles to crossbows with exploding arrows. It makes the game feel less repetitive and more fun to mix up your approach to combat whether it be a stealthy sniper or a rambo style where you charge in a base guns ablaze. I say give it a buy if you can find it for around $25 or less because unless you REALLY love the game's combat and can stand doing the same thing over and over, you probably won't be finishing the singleplayer.
  80. Nov 20, 2011
    A beautiful savanna, but something is missing .
    Even a few years after it release, I still use this game as a graphic benchmark. The savanna, the trees, the fire and the physics are great. To bad the did not spend a little bit more money on some good righter s . The story and voice acting's are not engaging enough to bother caring. It boils down to, drive to one side of the map, shout
    any one on site, then move on...
    There are some innovative game-play mechanics, like guns that will jam in the middle of a firefight or burning environments.
    This game had a lot of potential , unfortunately not enough effort was put into the little things like story and characters. also, were are all the civilians?
  81. Sep 3, 2014
    Unpopular opinon: I like Far Cry 2 more than Far Cry 3. The cons first: - Super repetitious gameplay. Once you clear an outpost, it stays clear until you enter a safe house and save your game, then it repopulates with guards. This wouldn't be as annoying if you didn't spend as much time driving as you did. - You spend too much time driving around. - Outpost guards chase you 100% of the time if you don't painstakingly clear them out first.
    - The game's story is the same no matter which character you pick.
    - Malaria is pointless and only services the Heart of Darkness subtext.
    - The world is empty. No civilians, virtually no wildlife.
    - There is little reason to explore.
    - Side quests feel like filler.

    The good:
    + The weapons are diverse and fun to use.
    + Gun play is very fun.
    + The world is super detailed and the graphics have held up really well.
    + Dylan's mod and graphics enhancement mods add to these strengths.

    With so few positives, why do I like this game more than Far Cry 3? Like Far Cary 3, 2's story is very much a descent into madness. The Heart of Darkness overtones beat you over the head, yet the journey into madness is much more subtle. There are no hallucinogenic mushroom sequences and no schizophrenic QTE boss encounters or combat with a giant lava beast here. Only a man with malaria alone in a hostile (if empty) wilderness trying not to die. The realism mods that exist for this game improve combat and make many of the repetitive gameplay elements more endurable. I've had a lot of fun replaying this game with Dylan's mod for the added challenge. Stealth is also more viable with this mod whereas before it was basically broken.
  82. Jun 2, 2011
    I bought this game on steam for $5 on a sale, after reading the reviews and hearing about the game I thought wow this is a steal this game looks/seems great! I read the negative and positive reviews but shrugged off the negative because EVERY game has some bad reviews right? Well upon starting the game I was blown away! It was awesome, some specifics (spoiler) like fixing cars, jumping into the gunner seat of a car, and seeing a gun shop with unlock able weapons??? Sounds like a win to me! So I played the game, decided to do some weapon unlocks first as I wanted some bad ass stuff. So I did it, go to this point and destroy the convoy, check! went back and got my just reward. Went to another weapon dealer and took his quest to unlock different weapons.... go to this point and destroy the convoy... ok the guns are enticing enough to do it so I did. Did a main mish quest to try to liven up the game, go here and INSERT ONE(destroy, capture, free from captivity) this objective and get paid. So I did it and the first few were fun but then they ask you to do THE SAME THING, OVER AND OVER. Different places, different "objectives", you do the same thing. Ok so to sum up the rant: The main quests are very redundant, the gun quests (only way to unlock guns) are all EXACTLY THE SAME THING, not even a different story. Basically every single quest you take from any source anywhere in this game goes like this: take quest, drive 10 mins stopping every 2 or 3 mins to wipe out a "guard post" complete mish. Take next mish. That system right there is problem number 1. Number 2 is another HUGE gameplay problem, as seen in some of the other negative posts (RichardH goes into more detail) The guards at a guard post are INFINITE. You kill them, drive away and instantly there are the same number back! Its not even fun to kill them its just **** annoying, seriously! So OK its not bad enough that I have to drive across the stupid map to do a mish that would be just as "fulfilling" if it was half the distance but I have to stop to clear out the same guard posts on the same road I came down 5 mins ago! And ANOTHER thing, there is no fast travel, you can take a bus that takes you to 1 of 4 places on the outskirts of a map but you have to board the bus at one of those 4 stops so it doesn't help at all. And EVERY, AND I MEAN EVERY mission is on the opposite end of the map. Another thing I was dissapointed in this game was there is nothing to be done to the guns once you get them. There are A FEW guns that have things like a silencer, but you cant choose what you want to put on what or anything its all pre-done and you have 0 options, idk about you but I like options. Now small problems that are VERY frustrating: when you try to revive a friend you have to feel him up first and it takes a solid 10 seconds to revive someone when ultimately you do nothing more than stick him with a needle, seriously if your in the middle of a fight you cant revive anyone because you get shot up. It should take a second or two at most. Also on the same subject when someone comes to revive you, say you accidentally kill yourself (I did it jumping off a bridge into what I thought was deep water to get a chest) the team mate still has the same animation as doing it under fire and it takes FOREVER. Long story short, Im sorry guys as much promise as this game has I couldn't recommend it to anyone, Im not even happy with it for the $5 i wasted on it. Its too redundant, too fake (infinite enemy etc), too slow, and frankly boring. Idk how this game is a sequel if the first one is anything like this im not sure how they grossed enough to make this. The only reason it gets a 3 is because of the unique things it brings to the table (however annoying then get within the hour). Expand
  83. Jun 6, 2012
    The alleged 'no invisible walls' aspect of this game is entirely untrue, they cleverly disguise these walls as areas where your character starts to suffer from heat stroke and malaria and will continue to do so until you turn back. The gameplay, at first, is insanely fun and the idea that you can kill whoever - including key characters - is awesome - however, this isn't really the case. In some areas you can't use weapons, thus making it impossible to kill certain key characters. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, it just sort of takes from what was originally promised. Really this is a fun game, but it gets super repetitive. The free roam aspect is great with the type of shooter it is, but there's no real variety in what sort of enemies you can fight and it almost seems like the game is purely kill or be killed. If you wander the deserts but run into a car that drives by, they're always enemies, and if you're spotted they'll want to kill you. Expand
  84. Jan 7, 2012
    Far Cry 2 is a very mixed bag. On the one hand, the game gives you a stunningly re-created African locale to roam around in and cause general havoc. There's lots of weapons to play with and the missions are open enough that you can approach them anyway you want. Now, on the other hand, the game features some simply bizarre design choices. For instance, the majority of the game is spent driving around from one objective to the other. Even if you're the most patient person in the world, the amount of driving is going to really grind on you eventually. Furthermore, the enemy variety in the game is basically non-existent, you're going to face the same AK toting enemies over and over for the entire play-through. Also, the enemies themselves possess amazing accuracy and self-awareness, to the point that simply breathing in their direction means that every one of them in the nearby radius will instantly know your position.

    Far Cry isn't a bad game, it's quite fun in short stints. But it's just let down by the aforementioned AI problems and broken stealth game-play. With a bit of polish,developed story, improved fast travel system and some more variety in missions, it could have been great fun. As it stands, it's just "fun".
  85. Jun 29, 2011
    The graphics are beautiful, but that alone can't compensate all the flaws this game has. The missions are boring and repetitive, you'll spend an awful lot of time driving around to reach your goal which is also boring. While driving around you'll also encounter scout posts where you'll be attacked, and the worst is that the enemies respawn there every mission, which makes for a frustrating experience.The AI is horrible. they don't take cover or try to flank, the only thing they do is walk straight towards you while shooting at you. The stealth mechanic is broken as once an enemy catches a glance of you all enemies will immediately know the EXACT spot where you are and will continue to follow you around until either you or they are dead. The story is dull and virtually non-existant. The characters are all one-dimensional and the voice acting is atrocious; all characters talk extremely fast and sound emotionless.
    Don't believe the hype and stay away from this game, it truly was a chore to play.
  86. Jul 8, 2011
    Good gameplay with disappointing story content. Yes, thatâ
  87. May 12, 2013
    Far cry is a series of games where each game has almost nothing to do with any of the others in the series.

    The original game was a highly linear FPS with an odd cheesy storyline that was basically a very weird version of Half-Life with absolutely terrible AI.

    Far Cry 2 takes place in a random "African" nation where you go around trying to find malaria pills and try to get to the
    bottom of some conspiracy or another.

    In place of the linear nature of Far Cry 1, FC2 throws you into a large world where you basically have free reign to go wherever you want, which is a welcome change.

    Positives: Visually great, the graphics are nice.
    Nice open world to explore.
    gunplay is pretty fun.

    Negatives: Guns have condition, and they have the reliability of an original M16 rifle in the deep jungle, usually, you can only put through a couple hundred rounds before most guns are basically completely useless.
    Respawning enemies, they respawn every couple minutes, meaning you MUST fight whenever you want to go anywhere at all.
    Mostly pointless story.
    90% of the guns you have are left-handed

    In general, its a "meh" game that will keep you entertained for a while, though its not nearly as satisfying to play compared to the 3rd game in the series.
  88. Sep 26, 2011
    First: Don't be misled by the title, this game has absolutely nothing to do with the previous games. Anyway. While the graphics of Far Cry 2 are good for a 2008 game, the game itself is not. The main story, you killing "The Jackal", is driven by about 14 missions. It takes about 2 - 3 minutes to finish the main part of each mission (meaning: killing everybody in a compound and/or destroying some item)...but each mission is accompanied by driving sequences that take about 5 minutes each. (Driving to the mission objective and driving back to the faction houses) That means you're mostly just driving around being attacked all the time by some guys of each faction. (I finished the game on normal difficulty on my first playthrough in about 4 and a half hours.) It's just repetitive and boring...also, every camp you clear is full of the same people again two minutes later. So don't bother.

    Stay away from this game if you can. :)
  89. Sep 22, 2011
    No prone option, seems pretty weird. Crysis had a prone position, and that game had you as an elite Delta Force guy in an uber nanosuit with a magical armor shield, as opposed to being a malaria patient wearing a hawaiian shirt.

    This game runs **** awesome. I have to turn everything to Low to make Crysis playable, whereas here I can run pretty much everything on medium with 2x AA with
    silky smooth framerates. Definitely impressed, and while it doesn't quite look as amazing as Crysis, it's still pretty good. Think COD4 quality, or a notch above. Of course, COD4 didn't portray 50 square miles of terrain.

    I was kinda disappointed by the weapon selection, just judging by the upgrade menu. Hopefully more guns'll get added to the list throughout the campaign, otherwise the selection isn't very impressive at all.

    Another thing I noticed is that to use the weapon sights, you have to hold down the right mouse button, it doesn't work as a toggle like in other games. A little miffed by that at first, but you do get used to it. Not a gamebreaker.

    Does anyone else feel the mouse sensitivity for the game menus is way too low? Just a minor nitpick of mine.

    So far, it seems pretty easy, and I'm playing it on Hardcore. Maybe this is why they didn't feel a prone position was necessary? A bullet will take from 10-15% of my health. Hardly a Tom Clancy feel, so don't expect that. Infamous is another notch above, so you'll maybe want to try that for a bigger challenge. *shrug*

    I've already talked about the weapon selection, but here's a bit more detail. There's 4 weapon slots, one for your machete, one for a primary weapon, one for a secondary weapon, and one for a special weapon. A primary weapon counts as shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, and a grenade launcher. A secondary weapon counts as pistols, or machine pistols. A special weapon would be a machine gun, rocket launcher, or flame thrower. This seems alright, but is actually quite problematic with its restrictions. Because of the slots, no sane player will ever use a shotgun, since it counts as a primary and thus would take over the slot for rifles or sniper rifles, which are far more useful on the wide open African savannah. This is in contrast with Crysis, in which the best combo was often a sniper rifle coupled with a shotgun. In FC2, this combo is impossible, and thus the grenade launcher and shotguns must be neglected, which is a shame. Speaking of the lack of variety compared to a Rainbow Six game, there're only 3 shotguns, 3 assault rifles, a submachine gun, a grenade launcher, and 3 sniper rifles to choose from for the primary slot.

    Another annoyance is the fact that throughout the landscape are various checkpoints manned by enemies. Clearing these checkpoints are pretty easy, but the problem is that they are quickly remanned as soon as you leave the area. With all the various traveling you must do in the game, it quickly becomes tedious reclearing the same checkpoints over and over again.

    So far, I've been having fun sniping everything in sight. Though many tempting sniping spots are unfortunately out of reach due to the terrain being too steep to climb.

    Oh yea... I did notice something really cool while playing earlier today. I'd sniped some guy in the chest but it wasn't a fatal shot so he staggered and fell down. A little later he got up to a crouch and a second enemy ran over and gave him a piggyback ride. No, I'm not kidding. Just thought that was pretty damn awesome.
  90. Jul 31, 2012
    On paper, Far Cry 2 looks like everything I would ask for in such as game: making FC into a proper open-world game and taking advantage of the engine. I'm not against the first game's linear progression, except that Jack Carver for me was completely unlike-able. Anyway, my first impressions of Far Cry 2 were quite good; the graphics are very well-done, the action is intense and the dialogue is well-written. That's just about all the main positives there are. Although the action is entralling and often tactical, the journey between them is arduous and turns into a commute between every mission which quickly turns into grinding. The missions themselves aren't very varied and are just a series of variations of blow up stuff, kill stuff, buy stuff and blow up other stuff. Story is almost entirely non-existent; not even a bare-bones story to give a sense of progression; just a series of disjointed missions interspersed with well-written dialogue. Enemies will also respawn literally minutes after you clear them out from a base, making it feel like a pest-control business rather than an actual conflict. So in short, Far Cry 2 has a lot of potential and succeeds in some areas, but it's just too repetitive and lacking in story to really prove its worth in the long run; wait for a Steam sale before buying it. Expand
  91. Jun 15, 2012
    This game is pretty good, the guns and upgrades are cool, the missions are pretty repedative except it takes way to many bullets to take someone down, like 7 shots it seems unless its a headshot...pretty sure someone being shot twice would put them to their knees, anyways whatever i like a challenge and the game isnt hard even with this issue on normal. The reason i give this game an 7 is because of what i just said and the driving. I like driving games, i like driving in real life, its just that the amount of driving in this game is way to much to reach your objectives...its not like GTA where driving is implimented in a reasonable way, in this game your almost nodding off to sleep at the comp because its so much and theres really nothing there to hold your interest except the occasional outpost with guys you have already killed going through the outpost a hundred times... i bought this game off Steam for 2.50 yes 2 dollars and 50 cents, on a sale, so was it worth it? hell yes! a good game, just to much downtime with the excessive driving. Expand
  92. Dec 21, 2011
    While this game is excellent on a number of fronts, it is unnecessarily unpleasant on others. The malaria, as a gimmick, just doesn't add to the enjoyment of the game and as a game mechanic, it's nothing more than a flimsy excuse for chasing down power-ups. The most unpleasant thing is that it turns everything into a timed quest. Timed quests are ok, if used sparingly and where a time element makes sense, but the constant stress of time running out for something completely irrelevant to your goals is a poor substitute for properly orchestrated suspense. But worst of all, it scuttles the one thing that makes this game stand out for the crowd: the joy of free exploration. You just can't enjoy that with this idiotic gimmick hanging over your head. A patch that does away with the ball and chain of malaria would turn this game from a frustrating curiosity to a memorable classic. Another unpleasant element is the way vehicles are driven. It's just not fun. It's clunky, erratic, and distracting. If it weren't for the vast distances you have to travel in this game, I'd prefer to run. Expand
  93. Sep 1, 2012
    The gunplay is golden, the graphics are amazing, the story and dialogue are horrible, the respawn times...infuriating. I still play this game once in a while because the combat is so well done and satisfying that i can't seem to get enough of it. Unfortunately i have a hard time completeing the game since i have to pass by the same respawning guards time and time again. Both "factions" look the same and there is basically no distinction at all between them. It's a very well done game, but a few key flaws prevent it from being a gem. Expand
  94. Nov 17, 2011
    Far Cry 2 problem is missions that repeat it selves and map that it more like labyrinth than actually free map. Stealth system is very bad or there isn't it at all. Plot is pretty vague. Lastly even though Jack Carver was not very memorable, dozen mute characters aren't even that.
  95. Dec 14, 2011
    What a disappointment. It's just another boring, repetitive, overrated and overpriced game. I still wonder why they called this game Far Cry 2, as it has very little similarities to the first one. Every mission you take you have to go to the other side of the map driving a stinky old jeep on a dull landscape, and enemies at the checkpoints respawn every time you pass those points, and takes forever to kill. It also means that it will take a lot of time just getting from point A to B in order to attempt to start a mission. If I wanted more open-world I would play the GTA series or even Crysis for that matter. If I wanted to drive I would play the DIRT series.
    It takes many many headshots to kill an enemy, and you cannot rely on large caliber weapons because somehow in this game shooting several rounds of 7.62x39mm into someone's face is not enough to kill him.
    0.5 for Graphics (round up to 1), 0 for everything else. I am thoroughly disappointed.
  96. Dec 30, 2011
    This would have got much higher marks from me if 2 things would have been changed: 1. the most annoying thing i found was having to jump out of the car every 20 seconds to kill a random vehicle or take out a checkpoint. 2. not having to do the friend mission every time to get the bonus.
  97. Jan 13, 2012
    i do not know if this game is a (expensive) test or they just wanted to throw something with no content to ruin their image,great graphics,great sound,story?what story? i give it a 5 for not having decency to at least try to deepen you into it,and the trucks missions?jesus,just by talking about that i give it a 4
  98. Dec 5, 2012
    Let's start off with the multiplayer-aspect. The guns all feel the same. What I mean by that is that it feels as if they've all got the same recoil and there doesnt seem to be any bulletdrop. You learn that one recoil and then you can adjust your aim to it no matter if you're using the heavy mg or a pistol. Other than that all the maps are basicly the same. There's like a hotzone in the middle and you can run around it - there it is. When a match is over and you're the best player on the winning team you can decide to either punish or spare the best player in the opposing team. That's about the only cool thing with the multiplayer-part. I'd sum it up as a **** clone of Call of duty-multiplayer - and im not even a call of duty fanboy. The single player was pretty fun when I started. The story was compelling enough for me to get interested in the antagonist and the main character (yourself) but once you got out of that first "zone" it all got worse. I thought that the survival-aspect seemed cool in trailers. But that was because I expected that the main character would have to collect eatable plants, hunt animals etc in order to survive. But nope. That's all part of some weird and huge unlock-system. You can make a backpack out of 2 X meat from animal Y. That animal is marked on your minimap so there's no way that you can miss it. The same goes for all the plants. Just look at your minimap and all you need to do is go there. It's an open world but since EVERYTHING is marked on the map it feels as if everything is already explored. You already know where everything is so there's close to no exploring. Sure, you can climb up a radiotower and the hotspots will become even more apparent to you (they actually show you how the place looks from an angle, instead of just the marked spot).

    And if that wasnt enough the AI is beyond stupid. You can throw rocks to distract the AI, you've got an infinite amount of rocks and you can do it a billion times. Each time the AI goes "WHAT WAS THAT?!", each time just as surprised as the previous time you did it. Their reactiontimes also seem to be really slow. They aim at you and after about 5 seconds they start shooting. I guess this is some setting that would help console-players to kill their enemies fast enough but on a PC it's incredibly easy to get the kill before they actually start shooting.

    Eventually the story just spins into a cliché and I totally lost interest. Stopped playing after about two hours of playtime. I doubt I will play it again. The co-op was repetative and easy (on the hardest difficulty). The co-op is not like single player. You're on a rail on one specific "mission" at a time. It's not even a story, you go get a bomb, place it and then you go to spot X. Mission complete and you go back to the lobby. All in all a really crappy game. It gets 2 because the voiceacting was better than average.
  99. Apr 6, 2012
    First few hours are a great fun. Vast world that you can do almost anything you want to do it with possibilities of many story lines. Good graphics too. But after 2 hours I realized that the game was extremely repetitive, enemies re-spawned very quickly. 3 hours later, it was one of the most tedious games I played.
  100. Aug 11, 2014
    Just an unforgettable open world FPS game. Amazing African landscapes graphics. The shooting is realistic, as well as fire and explosions. The ability of driving vehicles and boats. You can use them to escape if you wish, but they are vulnerable against bullets and rockets. The repairing is ridiculous but I can close my eyes on that one. The scenario is a bit repetitive but not boring. Far Cry 2 is an amazing video game that worth to be played more than once. Expand

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 34
  1. Combat is thrilling – each weapon packing a solid, vicious blast; movement suggesting heft and momentum. [Dec 2008, p.80]
  2. By adopting a laissez faire attitude to player discretion, Ubisoft has crafted a brilliant follow-up.
  3. 89
    More importantly, it has nowhere near as many bugs as something like "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl," a title that bears many similarities. Add to the roughly 25 hour single-player campaign a remarkably easy-to-use map creation tool and a full multiplayer suite, and you've got one of the most complete overall gaming packages of the year, as well as one of the most ambitious.