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  1. Jan 16, 2013
    Absolutely it's the 2012 game of the year. Only few things sin the game. It has an super involving non-cliche story mixed with one of the best graphics ever. It has so many things to explore, weapons to unlock, basically everything that a game have to have. We also cannot forget about the super charismatic characters like the great Vaas. If you think that it's over, it comes with an intense co-op and multiplayer campaign that can be so longer that the main campaign. This is one of the must-have games before die. Expand
  2. Jan 16, 2013
    I loved the sense of weight and inertia that is conveyed in first person in Far Cry 3. It feels very similar to battlefield 3 in the physicality of your character. And so I had a great impression of this game in the first 5 hours, and might have given it a 10. Unfortunately, the missions that follow the main plot line fall into a rote, scripted manner, and most of the time put a blaring timer on top of the screen, breaking all the amazing illusions created by the game world. One thing people may gloss over - the writing and characters are, at times, offensively bad. I think I speak for many when I say that overused stereotypes of the "white man saving the indigenous people" trope is obvious and tired. And seriously, **** Vaas. Try harder Ubisoft, seriously. (Quoting Alice in Wonderland throughout was another misguided creative attempt, I felt.) There is a lack of creativity with the entire setting and modern day milieu, and it doesn't interfere entirely with main feel of the game, but it does stifle what could have been. Still definitely worth playing. Expand
  3. Jan 14, 2013
    There are two adjectives to sum up the overall experience of playing Far Cry 3: beautifully boring. Far Cry 3 is a lovely game to look at whilst playing, mostly. However it's performance suffers immensely due to the demanding graphics. I have other games in my inventory that look just as good as Far Cry 3 yet they yield a much more enjoyable performance from my desktop PC. This game is demanding on system specs and playing with full graphic settings requires a system that would likely be overkill even for the infamously demanding game titled ArmA. The game play is lousy. I have played many shooters and the worst one I have played to date is Kane & Lynch, the reason for bringing up that title is because Far Cry 3 feels like the horrendous shooter that Kane & Lynch turned out to be. When I buy a video game I always play it at its highest difficulty setting. Difficult does not exist in Far Cry 3. I finished the game, playing a few hours a day, in under a week. I like a challenging shooter that requires tact and finesse. Far Cry 3 is a lousy shooter. It is too easy to aim and noticed several times that my aim doesn't need to be true in order to get that head shot kill. Throughout the entire game I felt as if I were playing a shooter with a Nerf gun. The warring experience never felt legit or realistic and most of the time it feels like a cartoon. Furthermore the game is far too easy to play and even worse is that the AI is always predictable and boring and never provide any challenge. Don't even get me started with the mechanics of the AI! If you make some commotion near an enemy camp, even whilst well hidden from a vantage point, the AI always comes looking for you towards your general vicinity. They don't span out and scour the entire area around the camp to find you, they come directly to where you are hiding but even though they come straight for you they are often easily repelled and after five minutes the enemy camp is free and friendly AI start to spawn instantly. Do this over and over and over again. The aspect of freeing the island of enemy camps feels like a chore and the job quickly becomes boring and increasingly non-challenging. The story is the saddest part of Far Cry 3. Did a grade 6 student write this during his free time? Far Cry 3's storyline is absolutely appalling and lame. The cut scenes are impossible to skip which is incredibly frustrating because the story is weak and the voices are poorly acted, also the cut scenes are often way too lengthy. This game feels like a movie. If I want to watch scripted scenes I will watch a movie. I play video games for the challenging aspect that the game should provide. Far Cry 3 however provides no challenge with its game play. It is a mediocre shooter at best with clumsy controls that are not user friendly for the keyboard/mouse players. All this garbage and nonsense is all wrapped up in the beautiful scenery which efficiently camouflages the game's flaws. If you like a pretty video game. Go ahead. Far Cry 3 is for you. If you're a true gamer looking for a challenge, stay well away from Far Cry 3. This is one game that will be collecting dust on my shelf along with all the other games with poor re playability. Expand
  4. Jan 14, 2013
    Most over rated game of 2012. The story is by far the best part of this game no doubt. Vas is what makes this game I mean the dude is on the cover. Lets face it though once you finish him off there is nothing left to do. You grind through a story that has become less interesting although not yet bad. And once you take the forts on the island there is nothing left to do. The game gives a good 20 hours tops of gameplay and the multiplayer is well done. However the game itself is empty and the plot is filled with holes and cliche copy paste story lines from movies. Expand
  5. Jan 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What can be said about this game that has not already been said? It has pleasant graphics and allows you the ability to explore a world. Doing side quests are actually beneficial, such as activating radio towers to unlock weapons for free. Also the atmosphere in the game is great.

    Unfortunately, the flaws are glaring. Looting seems to be affected by placement often. Good luck skinning that animal as it slowly rolls downhill. Special takedowns seem to be random at times. While the game offers rewards for being stealthy, it often seems the rewards are a pittance. A little extra experience for being silent, great. Perhaps the main reason to bother with stealth is you will likely die if you do not.

    The plot overall is good with interesting twists. Some predictable, some unexpected. The development of relationships with jason and other characters is quite poor. In fact, it's atrocious. The biographies lend some help, but there is still quite the gap between wanting to save your friends and then wanting to kill them all after you just ran around the island risking your life to find your little brother.

    Even worse are the endings. Maybe the same group of people are writing the endings to big franchise games lately. If so, they should be fired with extreme prejudice. While the endings in this game aren't nearly as bad as say mass effect 3, they are still slipshod at best. If you choose to save your friends, citra goes on about loving you and ends up dead. Then you get a monologue about jason realising he has become a monster but knowing he is something better. Nothing from your friends. Nothing from Liza, the woman you had up until recently cared significantly for.

    If you choose to stay with citra, your friends die, including your little brother who you just risked your life over several times (and even lost a finger) to save. It gets better. Then you have sex with her and she kills you out of "love." I'll admit my culture and world view may be different, but I don't invoke "love" as a reason I kill someone.

    The bottom line from me is this game offers some good things but is largely hindered by its own story plot. I found myself indifferent to the menu. Overall, I found myself asking questions that had no answers.
  6. Jan 14, 2013
    After 14 hours of gameplay i have to say that this is the most over hyped game of the year 2012. At first it may seem that there are lots of things you can do in the game but in the end its just collecting materials to weapon slots, ammunition pouches etc. When you actually manage to get all upgrades to your items hunting loses its purpose completely. Enemy AI is ridiculous and they often make themselves visible out in the open fields and like that. I feel FarCry3 could have been done way better but now it just stays as mediocre FPS game. Expand
  7. Jan 13, 2013
    I really don't know why everybody giving this game highest scores. This game for sure have potential to be 10. But too much in this game is made wrong or bugged. First, game is too easy and missions.. Well, stupid. Go there, kill 10 people. So, after going to site there is literally 3 minutes of work to get mission done. Further, story is that linear that if you have mission and you etc. see tv tower near you get killed to "fail mission" if you want to reveal map when around. So , potential is here. Few minor updates and this game would be pure 10!!! Expand
  8. Jan 13, 2013
    Far Cry 3 is an amazing game; gripping story, pretty graphics and a beautifully designed world combined with a great hunting and crafting system make it, in my eyes, the best game of 2012.
    The AI is fairly good despite other peoples complaints and the healing system I feel has improved over FC2's, as with almost everything people didn't like about Far Cry 2.
    To be honest anybody giving
    Far Cry 3 below a 710 is looking for reasons to hate it because of ether a bad experience with Far Cry 2 or they just plain do not like games. Expand
  9. Jan 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After playing far cry 2, I knew this game was going to be a big hit title once it hit the shelves in the gaming market.. Once I started playing the first missions of the game on the path of the warrior I was already enjoying the game almost instantly, The story line was excellent with the right balance of suspense and action that it made me feel like I was in a virtual novel which makes games like far cry 3 have that special effect on gamers to make them feel like their really their learning about the plot and the characters that are involved in that plot. The environment was lush and gorgeous that it seemed almost flawless without any mistakes whatsoever. Secondly, I love how the developers put in the skill system that can give your character many edges against the many enemies that you encounter in the environment in the game. The guns in the game fitted perfectly in the game because after all they seem the type of guns you will actually see being sold in the black market and in the hands in the pirates and the mercenaries that you will encounter throughout the game. There was no problem with the voice acting in the game therefore I have no problems there in that category.Co-op mode was something I was disappointed in the slightest to me its fun to play when you and your friends are having a gaming get-together. Overall it was a beautifully made game, but you know what they say.... their is no such thing as a game getting a perfect score. While playing the game I have encountered some few minor bug annoying problems with the game. First i would like to point out that aiming was very clunky if not shaking which really got me mildly irritated, Therefore i would recommend to lower some of the mouse sensitivity settings to the point where you think that problem never occurs with you while you are shooting. Secondly, i also found it hard to perform some of the certain take downs and also learning them. This problem i believe happens because the button key combos are not just all cramped together but also it had to be quickly executed before you lose the option of the certain take down that you want to perform. Last but not least, it made me extremely disappointed that Vaas gets killed first he should have been Hoyt because after all he was the one who killed Jason's brother Grant during the intro of the game and nearly killed Ollie, liza, Daisy, and Riley. One would think that Vaas would be the major antagonist in the story after all he is the first and major villian you meet at the beginning of the game, plus he is on the games cover which kinda makes you think he is the main bad guy. personally, Hoyt was nothing more than a minor character throughout half the story's plot even though he was sh*t disturber for pretty much all the island. Despite those minor issues I've seen in this game, it is an awesome game and it must a must-buy and should be in any gamer's collection of games. Expand
  10. Jan 12, 2013
    This game feels and runs like a console port, oh, because it is one.

    The multiplayer in this game is peer-to-peer, expect host swapping frequently and lots of latency. Also there's no server browser of evidence of any changes to improve multiplayer in the near future. There's probably not enough people playing the multiplayer for them to even want to support it.
  11. Jan 11, 2013
    Remember when Half Life came out and blew everything away.... well that's Far Cry 3 but it's the year 2012. If you ever played Far Cry 1 or 2 then you will quickly realize that the developers took all the best parts and put it into Far Cry 3 plus more. 10 stars. Game of the year.
  12. Jan 11, 2013
    I usually hate FPS games, especially singel FPS games but this one just bought me. The graphics are excellent for time beeing. The gameplay is amazing! has many features and things that change overtime. day/night cycle and hunting is also incredible. There were some parts that I think they could take out of the game. No game is perfect, but this gets my 9.0 score and a new user in metacritic just to rate this game.
    good job!
  13. Jan 10, 2013
    The best part of far cry 3 is the singleplayer. The island is huge and pretty. The wildlife is done great and the "survival" aspects of the game is great fun. There is a lot quests to keep you busy but the quests that is not part of the main campaign is not very varied and will therefor get quite repetitive pretty fast. You can however for the most time decide how you approach your goal which is a nice feature. The main campaign of the game is surprisingly varied and the story have a lot of good moments and memorable characters. The story do however also have some weak spots with some really silly plot turns. The gunplay and action isn't the best that i have seen but that do not have a huge impact on the game since the gameplay is as varied as it is. The singleplayer do however have some minor problems. Radiotowers and enemey bases get old really fast. terrible boss-battles, quicktime events, strange enemy back-up and annoying heavy soldiers is a couple of examples. The multiplayer part of the game is alright. The co-op is a lot more actions oriented than the singleplayer which kind of sucks since that wasn't the best part of the game. The normal multiplayer is bland but ok. I would say that the game is overall quite impressive and that the singleplayer is enough for me to recommend this game to everyone with an interest in the genre. Expand
  14. Jan 10, 2013
    Farcry 3 was mildly addicting. Way better than farcry2 which was drab and boring. Crafting is simplistic and not all that great. The AI was probably the worst part of this game since they are just plain stupid. Graphics are nice, open world can be fun to explore until you control all the camps.. then it gets boring. stealth in the game is piss poor simply crouching in the grass conceals you from enemies which is kind of **** The animals out in the world are kind of neat, they attack enemies and you :). Vaas is probably the most entertaining character in the whole game, guy is just out right funny. The story of farcry 3 is decent but the gunplay is where this game really shines. The game is good length if you do all the missions/ side missions capture all the points you can put in some serious game time in. This is a must play IMO. Expand
  15. Jan 10, 2013
    + Open world + Graphic + Gameplay + Multi language - No ambient sound settings, environment sound nearly mute. - No info about the many graphic options, the eye hurting pixel storm LOD switch is "Geometry" - No Loot and Hideout re-spawn. A isle full of peoples, nobody use a empty box, a empty hideout or bunker. This problem have 99% of all games inc. Skyrim. Only Oblivion has made it.
    - No endless routine side missions. A isle full of peoples, nobody has a job for you after 3 weeks. Another 99% of all games problem.
    - Forgotten Art of grass. In FC2 grass up to the horizon with wind play, in FC3 the grass spawns around your feet.
  16. Jan 10, 2013
    BUY THIS GAME NOW. This game is absolutely amazing, I usually go in-depth and try give people a clear picture of a game when I review it but all I can say is this: This is basically Skyrim set on a tropical island in the present day real world with guns, amazing graphics, fascinating characters, a brilliant story and SUPER FUN side-missions, not to mention the great driving mechanics and freakin' sharks. If you're a videogamer you have to experience Far Cry 3 Expand
  17. Jan 10, 2013
    Excellent game, a lot of attention was paid to detail. It's a very immersive experience, singleplayer is fun and you can spend hours exploring the island. Let alone completing story missions, hunting, crafting. Multiplayer was found to be pretty enjoyable as well. Could use some more maps however (and people!)
  18. Jan 9, 2013
    This is an overall well designed game with a couple annoying quirks. The graphics and presentation as you probably know by know was exceptionally done. The introduction into the game a la the first meeting with the first antagonist was very exciting, mainly due to the great voice acting. Throughout the game the main character talks, adding to the immersion sort of like Left 4 Dead 2 characters who mention something about the environment to push you forward in the right direction. However Phone calls can be annoying sometimes. Another issue is the crafting. Why was this necessary? It irked me that I had to go around finding animals just so I could carry more money or hold a reasonable amount of weapons. Not to mention the menus were very awkward to navigate. The story however was intense for the beginning of the game, but dropped off near the end. All in all I would recommend you play this game, if you are not the kind to flame over minor blemishes in an overall fantastic game. Expand
  19. Jan 8, 2013
    Game of the Year 2012. Far Cry 3 strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity with a terrific plot that'll keep you glued to the end. As a shooter, I must say that the "weapons" look and feel amazing and in this area at least the game seems to take some inspiration from the original Call of Duty: Black Ops (a very good thing). Just amazing. The only complaint I have is that I don't care of the cast of characters the protagonist must save - I wouldn't care to know them in the real world. I'm not sure if Ubisoft created these characters as an inside joke or if they really believe they're likeable. A small mar on an otherwise impressive achievement that does more to move the FPS genre forward than any other game this year. Highly recommended. Expand
  20. Jan 8, 2013
    I absolutely love this game it great visually and has an interesting story. It never seems repetitive, it overall is just a bucket load of fun and I think if you haven't played this yet then you are missing out on something really special.
  21. Jan 8, 2013
    I have very mixed feelings about this game. Yes its a great shooter with excellent mechanics, interesting scenarios, a very rich and well developed world, there's really no game engine or mechanics related complaints from me. I think that the story, while easy to criticize, was fairly non intrusive and provided some guidance to the progression of the game; this is not an rpg, don't expect an rpg. However at the end of this game, I felt absolutely nothing but disappointed. For a game world of this magnitude, you end up going through only a tiny fraction of it and very seldom in any sort of truly engaging way. There are very few moments of immersion or tension, very few moments of excitement; don't get me wrong, when the sh*t hits the fan in this game it becomes very entertaining and surprising, but the problem is that this just doesn't happen often enough. 80% of the game is spent doing little rpg-element activities or simply travelling... the real guilty parties here are not any of the programmers but rather the directors and designers who just didn't make even remotely adequate use of what their development team handed to them. To give you an example; as part of the huge map, there are WWII era bunker installations all over the place, moldy and ruined and full of atmosphere; and the best way that the designers could come up with to make use of these is to put "letters" in them and tell the player to look for the letters and read them... seriously. That's just a tragic loss of potential and its one of many. Expand
  22. Jan 7, 2013
    For me, this is the GOTY. I have played Far Cry 1 and 2, and i'm really glad to see they combined the best out of those 2, and put it together.
    First of all, the world is amazing! it really gives you this skyrim feeling. i'm not saying it's better than skyrim of course ;)
    you get alot of weapens, bow, rocket launcher, assault rifles, flame thrower etc.
    you can swim, drive, fly. it's
    amazing :)
    really love it, you will nog regret it!
  23. Jan 6, 2013
    Very solid 8 pushing into a 9. The world is amazing... nay, incredible... no scratch that, phenomenal! Such a beautifully polished looking game will drop your jaw the moment you step foot on the island. The story is engaging, and interesting, which is rare for an RPG nontheless a shooter! You immediately feel in danger when you explore the wilderness, as death is always close. The emotions the game evokes goes a long way to create a lasting experience.

    From a shooter perspective, the gun play has its strengths and weaknesses. The weapons look beautiful, and sound equally so, but to those accustomed to more realistic games, be prepared to take an arcade style back seat. There is an added element of stealth, surprise, and AI hunting dynamic that make gunfights fresh and infinitely creative.

    From an RPG perspective, the leveling system does afford some very useful extra skills that give very distinct advantages on the battlefield. The crafting system is really only a matter of collecting items and clicking a button, so don't expect much there.

    Far Cry 3 set their bar incredibly high, and it feels as if they hit almost all the marks. What you will quickly find after a few hours of game play is that once the surface polish wears off, you see a fairly repetitive game play. It is a large open world, and might give the impression that it wants you to treat it as a sandbox exploring as you see fit, but this is where it falls a little short. Progression in the game is much of the same old, same old, with a couple twists and turns: go to pirate area, clear radio tower, clear the related outpost, do a bounty or hunter quest, collect items, and rinse and repeat just a little more east of here.

    The first 10 hours of gameplay lends a truly eye-opening, grand experience. And when the grind sets in shortly after, you can break the monotony by choosing different weapon load outs of variety and challenge. The beauty of this game alone would be enough to get me back to play it every once in awhile, a great buy.
  24. Jan 6, 2013
    Fantastic game, I loved and and still am playing through it's content but i am sufficiently through it to say thats it's been one of the best games this year, Only losing out to the walking dead for game of the year!
  25. Jan 6, 2013
    For me this is game of the year for sure. After disappointing games like Diablo 3 and Mass Effect 3 i did not expected much from Far Cry 3. The bigger surprise was when i started playing this game. Really great sand box experience with great combat system and many side quests. Single player got also really interesting story with great characters and pretty good endings (both of em). And that´s not all, there is also a multiplayer with Co-op. Expand
  26. Jan 6, 2013
    If you have to view Far Cry 3 critically, it's biggest fault is the main character and the fact that the story just isn't very good. It's a decent game though, but things never seem to come together. Not to mention, FC3 has some of the worst boss battles in games to date.

    My verdict: A flawed and highly overrated shooter, with moments of sheer brilliance. This is the pinnacle of average gaming
  27. Jan 5, 2013
    At first Far Cry 3 seems like another hold-your-hand, 'consolized' PC shooter with the open world aspect thrown in. As you progress further all of this is removed which allows the game to thrive. I usually care very little for storys in games but this is an exception. I found myself completely engrossed into the events that took place and the characters, the game is able to synchronize you with the character you play as (Jason Brody). You share his reactions, emotions and feelings, it's that well done. Given this you can overlook the minor Skyrim-esque glitches and issues. Best game of 2012. Expand
  28. Jan 5, 2013
    Good graphics, sounds and excellent visuals. The story and the settings is innovative, even though the storyline itself is quite weak. To make a long story short: This is a GREAT improvement since FC2. However the game is slighly poorly optimized and there is lack of graphic settings for the PC version to make it even higher. Unfortunately, the game suffers when Singleplayer is done. The MP menu's is a mess and seems to be directly ported from the console version. There is no dedicated servers so you'll have to waitin a lobby and experience more unstable gameplay. Multiplayer is also far to dumbed down with features such as enemies on the minimap, killcam, and xray-vision - even though you CAN deactivate all this to your own preference, doing so will ironically, make you end up playing -UNRANKED-, which mean that you cannot gain any XP - at all. All in all, FC3 is by far the best game in the series, but unfortunately its shortcoming makes the experience drop for me and it does not feel like it gives the PC a fair piece of the cake. Expand
  29. Jan 2, 2013
    I have decided to write a review now that I have completed the story. Reviews made from a few hours of the game are not accurate! First, I'd like to praise the graphics. It seems a little hit and miss, but most people, myself included, experience no problems. I was able to run the game on very high setting, and the visuals were breathtaking. The character models, animations, and voice acting was excellent. However, the voice acting for side missions seemed low-fi though. Onto content, the gameplay was enjoyable. I played on the highest difficulty because, as people have made blatantly apparent, the AI can look directly at you then forget about you the next second. However, the difficulty always forced me to remain creative and alert on missions. After multiple failures due to poor strategy, the succor of success was sweet. While the choices for assault never reached the complexity of games like Deus Ex: HR or Crysis 2, the game never left me disappointed when it came to combat. The saving grace here is the story. On the superficial level, the story looks pedantic and cliche. However, with a little critical thought, a complicated and deep struggle reveals itself. The dialogue of the main characters was amazing. The surreal sequences were breathtaking. After the end of the game I was left sad and conflicted as I tried to rationalize the web Ubisoft strung. Don't play this game if you're looking for difficulty, multiplayer, or skyrim-esque roleplaying. Play this game for the high quality singleplayer sequence. As a side note addressing the concerns over boring missions: the many non-essential missions are pretty short and unexciting. But the game still lies in the excellent main missions. I wish they would have added some relevant missions like in Deus Ex: HR.

    Bottom line: Get the game.
  30. Jan 2, 2013
    Far Cry 2 was far from a perfect game, but I
  31. Jan 1, 2013
    Far Cry 3 is an amazing game. The graphics are incredible, and if you're capable of running this maxed you're in for a treat. I found my finger hovering over the screenshot button most of the game. The storyline is very, very dark, and, minus the mystical tattoo silliness, will remind anyone who's read it of Heart of Darkness. Vaas is incredibly compelling, and steals every scene he's in. Gameplay is likewise excellent, and how you approach things is largely up to you. Sneak around, be stealthy, set up traps, or go in guns blazing and burn everything down. I do have a few minor issues, and one major one which prevent me from giving it a 10 though. Hunting is fun for a while, but once you've crafted everything (which is pretty much a necessity, you will want to do it ASAP) there's no reason to continue, and loot interaction, especially looting bodies, is awkward. The major issue I have, however, is with the quick buttons. There are only 4, and 2 should be used for your camera and rock throwing, meaning that out of the dozen or so crafted items you can make only 2 are easily available at a time. It's a PC game, there's NO reason for the limited console control scheme. Despite the questionable controls, I still found Far Cry 3 to be one of the best games I've played this year. Expand
  32. Jan 1, 2013
    I have never written a review before, but I figured I should give a couple words for this game:

    This game is getting criticism about being too easy and not being original and things like that, and I agree that it can be very easy and pretty repetitive at times, but in the end, this game is FUN. A huge sandbox, free to explore. Hunting is fun, taking outposts is fun, all the missions are
    fun. It is not a perfect game, no, but it definitely deserves the 10 I'm giving it because of the amount of fun that I am still currently having with it. Anybody wondering if it's worth their money, the answer is yes. It's a great time all around and will certainly not disappoint. Expand
  33. Jan 1, 2013
    Excellent. The game has a pretty good storyline , Great graphics and immersing gameplay. UBisoft really outdid themselves with this one and Its a must have
  34. Jan 1, 2013
    I'm not gonna lie. Far Cry 3 was probably the most fun I've had with any releases of this year so far. But that's mainly because there wasn't that much else that quite reached it's level in terms of both content and execution. But does that really make it a good game?
    Well....yes. It is good, however people now a days seem to make out everything that is above mediocre to be the greatest
    thing ever, which it really isn't.

    I'd say one of it's biggest problems is that it's just all in all not really challenging. I played the game on the hardest difficulty level and even then the enemies aren't much of a thread, especially once you upgrade your health. The healing mechanic is also just broken. You can heal yourself whenever you want and how many times you want, even during combat.. Not to mention that there's also healing syringes that heal you even faster.

    The game's also rather grindy. I like the fact that you have to hunt animals to craft new pouches etc, but it would have been more enjoyable if you'd start hunting naturally and not having to go to specific places to find a specific animal in order to craft or upgrade something.
    Far Cry 3 also suffers from what I like to call "Overkill syndrome". Meaning that the beginning is actually the most challenging part of the game, but as you unlock more things, the game becomes progressively easier. So it's exactly the opposite of how a game should progress.

    The world it self is pretty empty. The only main attractions are liberating outposts and some side quests that rarely differ. (Kill that guy with a knife, hunt down that animal with a bow).
    Honestly, liberating the outposts is pretty much the best part of the game because it's just simply the most sandbox-y.

    I was also rather disappointed by the story. It's so well acted! Vaas (the guy on the cover) is such a great character...but he only gets like 5 minutes of screenplay...and he's only there for like half of the game.
    I think the main problem here is that the characters are just so weakly established. I really didn't care for most of them, even though they had such great performances.
    The ending's also pretty weak. It just pulls a "Choose your ending cutscene" kind of ending.

    The multiplayer and CO-OP aren't really noteworthy either. CO-OP is just tagged on mission based **** No exploration, just stand inside of a base and kill incoming enemies.
    As for the competitive Multiplayer, I certainly had more fun with that than co-op, but I don't see it lasting for very long. Though I really liked how they took familiar game modes and put some new mechanics into them. They even added in a new game mode called firestorm which is certainly worth checking out.
    However it suffers from what most multiplayer components suffer from now a days. Having to level up and unlock new gear is tedious and really senseless in a game like this. You can't level up in custom and private matches. And the biggest killer: Match-making only. Why? Because it never **** works. I rarely get into a game that doesn't have at least 2 host immigrations.
    The map editor is certainly a lot of fun to mess around with. However nobody really plays on custom maps because as stated: No leveling in custom matches.

    All in all if someone asked me if they should buy the game at full price...sure, go ahead. There's certainly a lot of fun to be had. It's just not as perfect as most people make it out to be.
    if you're only interested in single player anyway, I'd say wait for the price to drop.
  35. Jan 1, 2013
    I wasn't a fan of the previous Far Cry games. No idea why, they just didn't gel with me. FC3 however has me hooked from the start. I'm really enjoying the story telling and the realism of the cut scenes. The combat is smooth, graphically is a work of art. Sadly, I can't run it at max settings, but even on a mix of medium and high ... WOW! I enjoy the hunting missions prowling in the undergrowth and there's a real sense of tension. The vehicles are varied and have weight, the sound is excellent, the score itself blends nicely and for me, the greatest achievement is the immersion. I feel like I'm on an island when I play. I want to explore and find the caves and old camp sites. I struggle to see why people are rating this so low??? Even at it's worst, it NEVER deserves less than a 7. It's a very enjoyable game and Ubisoft have done themselves proud. Grab it on Steam now as it's on sale (31/12/2012). UPDATE: I had to change my score from a 9 to a 10. I have been playing FC3 non stop for 3 days and the bug will not die down. I'm constantly thinking about the game and what to do next. I've bought a lot of games this year and FC3 surpasses all of them. There is so much to do and it's all fun. The racing is good, the hunting (animal), the bounty hunting, looking for loot, swimming, etc. I cannot find a single fault with this game. It stands out like a beam of light this year. People have compared this to Skyrim (with guns). While Skyrim has more depth (I played that for 150 hours) FC3 is the more 'fun' game. EASILY the best game this year and one of the best I've played ever to be honest. Expand
  36. Dec 31, 2012
    Okay this game is amazing probably in my top 10 this year. The visuals are great the game play great even the characters are great.This a game i would have even bought on release.
  37. Dec 31, 2012
    A good open RPG/shooter game. Far Cry 3 really puts 'rail shooters' such as Call of Duty to shame, actually allowing players to choose how they're going to achieve their goal - are you going to sneak in, or go in with all guns blazing? It's down to the player's style of attack.

    The story behind Far Cry 3 can seem unclear, but if you search around you can find-out how you ended up on the
    island - adding depth and further emotion behind the story. Upon completing the campaign you'll be left with your mouth open, asking for more.

    There are only a few things that I can say against Far Cry 3, some of the side missions are either tediously slow and boring, I mean it's Far Cry 3, not Off-road Delivery Company Simulator. Some of the missions are almost impossible to complete on hard, but I guess that's my fault for looking for a challenge.

    Overall a good game which has been inspired by other RPGs - such as Assassin's Creed. You'll keep coming back to it for a long time.
  38. Dec 31, 2012
    Far Cry 3 is without a doubt the best single player game of the year. While the story of Jason Brody is a bit convoluted and unbelievable, this can be ignored as the story is merely a catalyst to discover the incredible environment of Rook islands, to interact with the fantastically presented characters and to enjoy the ludicrously good gunplay.
    People have said this is Skyrim with guns
    but instead of putting you in a massive open world and simply leaving you to your own devices, Far Cry 3 gives a great amount of encouragement for you to explore, hunt and gather the materials you will need to get better weapons and equipment. It also does this without boycotting you or making feel as if you have no choice in what you do which links to the main ethos of Far Cry; You play Far Cry how you want to play Far Cry. You can go in stealthily and take over outposts undetected or you can go all guns blazing and have to deal with reinforcements, you can just go straight to the story missions and do optional objectives later or you could gradually go through all the outposts and watchtowers on your way to the next story mission.
    All the characters are stellar. With the exception of Jason Brody and his friends, which may come as a surprise to you Jason being the main character with his friends being his objectives but they are all rich, dumb, stoned kids who are not that likable but in their defense they aren't nauseating either, however it is definitely interesting to see how Jason changes from the brash, dumb, self-loving kid he was into a warrior spurred on by his love for killing and thirst for revenge. All of the protagonists set backs however are redeemed in the performances of the three main antagonists: Buck, Vaas and Hoyt, all having distinct , insane personalities that produces some of the most unforgettable performances in video game history. Vaas in particular is one of the best villains ever let alone just video games thanks to the awe inspiring acting of Michael Mando.
    I haven't really delved into multiplayer that much but it is decent addition to the game if feeling slightly forced and there is co-op mode in the style of left-4-dead that is a lot of fun but there are some issues with the competitive racing elements online which brought me out of the experience.
    In short conclusion Far Cry 3 has one of the best single player open world experiences in existance supported by a decent multiplayer suite and fun if slightly flawed co-op campaign that is as fun but not as open as the single player campaign. I haven't had the chance to experiment with the powerful map editor yet because of some frame rate drawbacks but from what has been said on the internet it is one of the best creation tools out there so if you can check that out.
    Despite how it may have changed to some die hard far cry fans, Far Cry 3 is an incredible and unique experience that cannot be missed.
  39. Dec 31, 2012
    I have heard talk about how this game is like "Skyrim with guns". But I thought to myself, 'Isn't that basically just the Fallout games?' and I could tell from some gameplay videos and screenshots that wasn't quite right. After playing it for a while myself now I would have to say that it has a lot of similarities with Skyrim, but I think I would say that it is more like Red Dead Redemption/Skyrim mix. Obtaining new weapons is not that hard, and neither is the AI. Though the AI is engaging enough that I enjoy both stealth and action encounters with them. The crafting is simple, Kill these, take their skin, voila! Though some animals take some skill to kill, and they all look beautifully done, it is a fun thing to do in the spare time of the game until you have crafted all of the items. Expand
  40. Dec 30, 2012
    Having felt Far Cry 1 had poor gameplay and Far Cry 2 was tedious, I was kind of shocked to hear all the buzz about Far Cry 3 from others who were also lukewarm towards the first two games. Having played the game, it certainly deserves it. The plot is wonderful, scenery is beautiful, gameplay is organic, and acting and characters are some of the best I've ever seen. Both stealth and open combat are equally viable and well-executed. I also think it's a neat touch that Jasons character arch and skill truly bends as the player improves at the game. That said, I find there's little variety in the open world as compared to other big RPG's, and while the game is effective in showing Jason as a true bad ass by games end, the skill tree is still poorly balanced and leaves you running from two or three grunts early in the game and yawning when waves of heavies pose no threat by the end. Far Cry 3 isn't perfect, but it's worth buying if you like action RPG's or first person shooters. Expand
  41. Dec 30, 2012
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  42. Dec 30, 2012
    Rife with infuriating idiosyncrasies including goofy fall damage mechanic, terrible awful **** worst ever stealth kill mechanic which works maybe 40% of the time, and then there's the AI..... This doesn't even touch on how nauseatingly bad the story and characters are. I had absolutely 0 sympathy or desire to help the protagonist or his **** friends. This game would be been way better if you played as Vaas and had got to hunt the spoiled rich kids. And what kind of open world game doesn't let you kill whomever you please?!? Kill 3 civilians in a short period of time and the game punishes you with death. I wish I hadn't paid for this game. And Ubisoft and shove "UPlay" right back up their asses. Expand
  43. Dec 29, 2012
    I liked EVERYTHING about this game, great single player, really really fun Co-op mode (and challenging), great addictive multiplayer.

    Some of features that I found really interesting are the Forgive/Punish at the end of each multiplayer match and the Farcry 3 outpost app, you can be at your work and still make progress in the game trough your smartphone, that was a genious strategy to
    keep the players attached to the game all day. Expand
  44. Dec 29, 2012
    Very bland but fun for a while... Cons...
    While the game is fun it adds nothing new. It looks 3/4 years old and just shows how the current gen of consoles are holding back gaming. The voice acting is total ass, you're on an island near China but the locals have South African accents while the bad guys have mid Africans accents. You play as an American teen/20s showing the island how
    badass you are.
    The crafting is dull in that you just need easy to gain animal skins or plants, half the **** you can craft you don't actually need, for example, health stims... You can heal for free by pulling out bullets in your arm or wraping a bandage. Stims?... The game is easy enough that you don't even need them.
    Hunting is boring... The only animals that hold any sort of challange are bears and tigers and that is because head shots don't instant kill so you can just lob a grenade at them, failing that just run at them with a shotgun.
    The story is rather meh. As I said, you play a badass American kid trying to save his buddies. Yawn.

    It's open world.
  45. Dec 29, 2012
    Not too shabby. Good graphics and lots to do, though I find I cannot play for more than a couple hours at a time without getting frustrated or losing interest. There are badguys everywhere all the time and while I have specific goals I want to accomplish, I always end up engaged in firefights and running out of ammo before I can even get to them. The open world 1 player is pretty cool, but the co-op is too linear. There's not enough stuff or slots to carry it in (unless you go farm local fauna/flora.) You get killed after taking 3 or four bullets and restoring health is a sloppy pain. I also find I am running out of ammo too much- there needs to be more arrows laying around. The Hud/minimap and menu controls are just plain clumsy. I think I've been spoiled too much by Borderlands2. If I didn't need to listen for enemies, I would play the game listening to mp3s -the in-vehicle radio play lists are highly annoying. Also, I appreciate the value of a well-placed f-bomb, but the swearing is a little over the top and into the realm of ridiculousness like some potty-mouthed 7th graders wrote the script. With a little more polish, this title could shine instead of glowing moderately. Expand
  46. Dec 29, 2012
    This site, as the internet as a whole, became a place for trolls. No one, NO ONE would honestly gives this game less than 7, unless you have no love for shooters... And in this case you shouldn't bother playing it, isn't it? Oh, but I forgot! Of course you didn't even play it. And that's the real deal, isn't it?
    About the game: it's much better than FC2. The lack of context always stoped
    me from playing it for more than a couple of hours, Here you have a story and interesting characters. The graphics are excelent and the sound keeps you imersed.
    Weak point: boss battles. WTF these developers think? I really HATE quick time events and some minor issues. I would give it an 8, but it happens that the multiplayer is in fact great, and that's totally unexpected, at least for me.
  47. Dec 29, 2012
    Far Cry 3 is an average game at best for me, It claim it have open world element like Skyrim, which it does however it's still pretty linear best. I will make a lot of comparison with Skyrim since they both pretty similar.

    If you like me, you will like to sneak, explore, craft, kill, leveling up and story line. The sneaking in Far Cry 3 in my honest opinion is excellent, it's almost the
    same as Skyrim but maybe easier since whenever someone somewhat looking for you, the indicator will tell you the direction he/she coming from. This makes the game incredibly easier and since the sneak kill reward you more experience with knife kills, it prob the better patch choice but be warn, it will make the game easier. I pretty much cover sneak, kill and leveling up at this point, you can go blazing your way down with guns and rocket launcher but you wont get as much experience that way. The weapons in this game you can achieve easily by controlling them radio tower or purchasing them, if they can put crafting recipe to make AK that will be awesome. One experience that satisfying however when i put land mine and throw stones next to it so enemy can get blown up.

    Exploration and crafting probably one of the most important aspect in a open world game. I'm not a fan of collecting all collectibles or achievement in game or steam, I think of them as a gimmick that developer put to make the game more "interesting" or rich of "content", no offense to you guys who likes to do them. The game related exploration however is pretty dull, you can kill certain animals to get their hides or flowers to get their petals(I'm assuming) and craft them to make more extra pouch/bigger wallet, etc. This is a good idea however, after i played for an hour, i realized, i didn't even need them as i took the assassin route. You can use your "First-Aid" and upgrade them like you would do with your other skills thus making herbs/drugs pointless. The same goes with crafting pouches or wallet, if you stealth like person otherwise you do need to go out and hunt some hides to carry more stuffs.

    The story in the game have to be good for me to keep me interested, I kid you not, i play CoD MW just for the story, putting that aside, i think the story is dull, the main character is prob the most annoying character in this game, he whine about cannot use gun etc at first then when he actually use it, he is a pro at it(depends on your skill of course). I find that annoying to listen to him and the way he act like Rambo in the end is laughable. There are other main characters that need your help, including the so call army called "rakyat" rakyat is people in Indonesian by the way, how do i know that? cause i am Indonesian. Overall, the story just not interesting enough for me to keep me interested, I just wanted to rush over and finish the game.

    In conclusion, the game is ok but very limited content if you don't care about achievements/collectibles, game is easy enough as is, especially early game with stealth path, crafting drugs seems pointless and the character is just not interesting enough. In my opinion, this game not worth the full retail price, maybe wait for steam sale to get it.
  48. Dec 28, 2012
    Huge improvement on FC2 in every area so far, in my opinion. The story and characters are actually interesting this time, the island looks amazing, and the gunplay and weapon choices really have me hooked as well. The game does have some obvious flaws but because the core mechanics are so well done, they really don't take much away from the experience. Just to name some things that bothered me, most of the side quests and activities are pretty boring and feel pointless such as the supply runs. Also because enemies stop respawning when you take an outpost, if you conquer the entire island, it makes it entirely boring in the areas you've captured. However, there are a few mods out there now fix this issue either by making it so wiping an outpost doesn't bring it under your control, or being able to reset them all. WITH THOSE MODS, I would give it a 9 or 10 but I'm judging the vanilla game here. Expand
  49. Dec 28, 2012
    Simply amazing. Great storyline, everything made sense, graphics and visuals are stunning. AI can be challenging and the physics are great. Well worth the $50.
  50. Dec 27, 2012
    Far Cry 3 is absolutely amazing, the only thing preventing me from giving it a 10 was the ending and the boss encounters. Visually the game is very impressive and I loved the jungle setting. The gameplay was great and there is so much to do, by the time I had completed the story and all the extras I spent 30+ hours playing it. It's the best FPS I have played in years and I would recommend it to anybody. Expand
  51. Dec 27, 2012
    Ubisoft has once again driven a game into the abyss. The use of emulation software for the PC controls has renedered the game unplayable. In fact there are many deal-breakers. AI so poorly written that if you just watch, they will kill themselves. They do nothing. The actual game is so short it's absurd. The multiplayer is just a waste and should not have been done at all considering the wretched state of the singleplayer. Fail! Simple as that Fail..............Fail........................Fail! The only part that was good were the old maps done by Crytek oh so long ago. And then with Ubisoft's help they flash and light in and out. Box game and should have stayed that way! Expand
  52. Dec 27, 2012
    Yeah, it's, uh... it's an aggravating game. It's just the PC version I'm going to be going at, and I'm quite frankly pissed off to see that, in retrospect, I bought $50 for a game that at first looks good, is glorified and ultimately -lives up to it's potential.- It's also super **** aggravating to play stealthily trying to capture bases just to have it all crumble on you because the AI is **** I've lost so many points, thousands, over how **** this AI is. I've died too many times to count because they crap out reinforcements relentlessly. The graphics are great, the gameplay is good, but I just can't get into it. What also annoys me is how many times I'm jumped by a damn tiger, leopard or boar, even a buffalo which had been shot in the face over five times with a semi-automatic shotgun. The game is a **** joke and I'm glad I've uninstalled it. Good jesus. Expand
  53. Dec 27, 2012
    Pros: stunning visuals, great story and characters, beautiful open world to explore, very satysfying combat.
    Cons: repetitive side missions, crashed a few times.

    In short: one of the best games of 2012.
  54. Dec 27, 2012
    Bonjour,,,j'étais un peu sceptique, après le deuxième épisode de la saga Far cry....qui était , il faut le dire "ennuyeux"... et puis au fur et a mesure que l'on avance, que l'on comprend le principe....c'est carrément génial....même si qq imperfections dans le game play ....c'est pour moi le meilleur jeu de l'année 2012.....aucun jeu ne m'aura captivé a ce point cette année.....les décors sublimes, l'aventure et le scénario de cette histoire vous tient coller au clavier de votre Pc pendant des la chasse au crocodile , ........dé fouille des corps un peu long ...mais , achetez le ... ce jeu le mérite nous savons tous que ce n'est pas toujours le cas.... Expand
  55. Dec 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view.
  56. Dec 26, 2012
    This game is not without it's flaws. The promises of "Skyrim with guns" were nonsense (the sidequests are nothing more than uninspired grind when compared to the breadth of subplots in Skyrim), the weapons are a little samey; you find yourself sticking with the same weapon-set throughout despite new weapons being thrown at you all of the time. Also, this game hasn't escaped the consolation effect of games lately, the GUI is giant sized and cluttered, you are constantly being notified of the main quest objective and game mechanics you worked out 30 hours ago, the engine is badly optimised (even for my aging 4870x2), the save system is fiddly and an open world game that barks at me for leaving the mission area is laughable.

    That said there is a great deal to sing the praises of for this game. From opening cutscene to the 50th hour of exploration you find yourself in a beautiful, believable world. From your clueless friends and your sadistic enemies to the pirate complaining about gonorrhea and the hired merc just trying to earn a paycheck without taking a flaming arrow to the neck. Every character seems to be well thought out.

    The combat is satisfying, challenging and engaging from long range to hand to hand. The takedowns are especially organic feeling. Where Deus Ex HR gives you the ability to takedown two foes at once at hand to hand Far Cry 3 lets you kill from below, from above, with a knife, even with your enemy's own knife/pistol/grenade. The combat is always satisfying despite the draw to pick them off from a distance with your supressed .50 calibre sniper rifle. I'm really undecided on the story and will avoid spoilers in this review. It's a tough balacing act between your protagonist's growth as a character, his own personal story and the wider impact of his actions on the world around him. The former was handled very well but I'm not so sure that the latter was as convincing. None the less the key characters are wonderfully conceived and ought to be up there amongst the most memorable of video gaming.

    It's a polished experience and a great deal of fun. It hasn't the story arc of Half Life or the open world of Skyrim but it's one of the better games of 2012.
  57. Dec 26, 2012
    Well I enjoyed the game at some points but it was extreme buggy, even on my Gtx 2gb Nvidia card which should be above average, and my 8gb ram. I had constantly some bugs on the visual effects like smoke and explosions. The boss battles just sucked, there is no clear thing that you kill a guy or a horde of his guys and then kill him, all boss fights happen like in a vision where you see daemons and crap. Well was nothing special. The graphics sucked compared to Crysis of course. Expand
  58. Dec 25, 2012
    It shouldn't come as a surprise, what with all the media coverage and the sellouts of the gaming industry claiming "enlightening gameplay" that this game is mediocre at best. I've played FC2 a lot and i see no major differences between FC3 and FC2. I mean sure, FC3 graphically stunning, colorful and it has something resembling a story, as opposed to FC2, but all those things aside it suffers from lack of ideas in more areas than one. The setting is a large and spacious rainforest/jungle with no apparent limits to movement. Sadly, this world is populated by stupid NPCs and wild animals and has practically NO variety to gameplay. The missions are pathetically simple and stupid (Kill this, kill that, go there, come back). One of the things, that this game has going for it, is the crafting system. It's a refreshment, however small, and it appeals to most of the gamers that feel betrayed by the aforementioned lack of content. The RPG elements feel a tad out of place, but find their purpose nonetheless. With those elements there's also the illusion of "progress" that plagues every game of late, but it's transparently obvious that it's a lie. I mean you're shooting guns at people from a distance and then they die. Not as often, they shoot back and then you die. It all comes down to how good you are at aiming and not dying, just like any other FPS, and that is OK. The story is cliche. People get kidnapped and it's up to you to get them back. I don't know about anyone else, but i'm getting tired of that shtick. The characters are reminiscent of those in FC2, and the voice acting can be tedious, but is ultimately satisfying. All in All, it's a good FPS for people that want freedom of movement, mindless action and colorful backgrounds, but even they will be bored after a while and go for something more fulfilling. Expand
  59. Dec 25, 2012
    I am an avid player of FPS games, but not of single player games. I haven't really sat down and enjoyed a FPS game since Half-Life, and I didn't think it would be too much different with Far Cry 3, especially after not being impressed with Far Cry 2 on the 360.

    I was wrong, though. I loved this game. The story was actually really good and the graphics are awesome. The AI are fantastic,
    and it's completely possible to beat this game with a bow and arrow. Pick it up, it's worth it for 50 dollars, and completely worth it at anything less than that. Expand
  60. Dec 25, 2012
    Another overpriced dumbed-down console shooter. About 75% of the spoken dialogue happens to be the word **** I can't imagine how I could be so dumb to pay 60$ for this idiotic piece of society-stultification. As the game market left the PC behind, it also left class and intelligence behind.
  61. Dec 25, 2012
    As always, I'm left completely baffled by the Far Cry franchise and the third installment is no exception. It's la creme de la creme when it comes to open-world shooters and I could easily lose many an hour exploring Rook Island. All of the story-related characters feel incredibly dynamic and alive and you really feel their personalities shine through. It's awesome.
  62. Dec 25, 2012
    Ubisoft has done a great job with far cry 3. I'll throw in a few cons and pros of game. Pros: 1. Awesome Environment: The Jungle comes to life in Far cry 3, The Animals, Rivers, & Few populated areas are well executed. 2. Gripping Story line: Far Cry 3 comes in with one of the best story lines of 2012. And its gets on a personal level too. Vaas (Main Antagonist) Pushes our hero to the limits . 3. FC 3 Gave us One of the Best Characters of Video Game & That is Vaas. "Definition of Insanity" 4. Open Free World: If the gameplay was not enough for you. You've got plenty of area to discover and enemies to kill. with different levels of difficulties. 5. Combat system is pretty awesome too. You built your tree skill slowly and smartly as you progress into the game. CONS: 1. The ending of the game might not be that great. as the whole experience goes with the game. Though not that bad

    2. Boss fights are a little bit let down. Boss fights are not that great. Would have worked in movie.. but not in games. 3. Couple of missions in the game were "Not Needed" actually. they game would be better off with out it. thought still fun. to play
  63. Dec 24, 2012
    What's all the hype about? Boring, Stupid A.I and yes! another broken console port. The game has been broken since release with a micro stutter that nvidia and amd users are both experiencing. My guess is, ubisoft won't even bother to fix it, why break with tradition, right ubisoft?? I quit playing half way through the first island, I couldn't take it anymore. Ubisoft continues their tradition of releasing broken games with this disaster. Aside from the broken port, it's just not fun - Bad A.I, and just a piss poor implementation of an open world game. Pass on this game, until you can get it for 5 bucks at a garage sale. Expand
  64. Dec 24, 2012
    This game is simply amazing and quite possibly one of the first games in a long time to not disappoint. The graphics are stunning, the audio is amazing, and the story is captivating. It took me about 4 1/2 days to beat it and I am thoroughly satisfied. There were some minor quirks that I didn't like about the game, normally the set and times scenes that seemed a little ridiculous, but once they were over I was not left feeling annoyed, but accomplished, so I assume that's what they were going for. I would recommend this game to anybody, which is more than I can say about all of the other worthless junk out right now. Expand
  65. Dec 24, 2012
    A thrilling adventure from start to end, Far Cry 3 is as deep as the holes you'll be exploring. Far Cry 3; like it's predecessors puts you on an island and asks you to do pretty outrageous things in an effort to save your friends, and yourself, from the pirates and kidnappers of the island. Far Cry 3 adds more to the game in the form of quests and keeps the plot moving with the introduction of a more focused story element which has NPCs popping in and out of Jason's life. There is plenty to explore, and I find that it has a nice pace to it. Each part of the map requires you to take over a Radio Tower, which reveals part of the map. This encourages you to both explore, and to spend your time in a fixed area, insuring you aren't overwhelmed such as games like Just Cause 2, where the game world is so large you lose interest. There are a great number of vehicles and weapons in Far Cry 3. You don't feel like you need to farm money, or spend a great deal of time hunting vehicles. Guns can be earned for free by simply taking over radio towers, and special; more powerful weaponry can appear by collecting the various artifacts scattered all over the island. The story is interesting, but you need to approach it with an open mind, because there's more than meets the eye, and the island is quite alive with various wildlife all over, from birds to tigers; if you're not stalking it, it's stalking you. Simply put, Far Cry 3 is entertaining and fun, and you will have lots to do and enjoy doing it. Expand
  66. Dec 24, 2012
    I think its far different from what i played before,Far Cry 2 which is stupidly fast voice actor,GOnE,awesome...i`m not really much fans of Far Cry but to tell the truth,this game is far better than old series yet,with Incredible Graphics,Good Game-Play Mechanics,Good Storylines and Big map to explored :)
    But some Bugs may starting to get you nerve like wtf i stuck when sliding down
    cliff,a not so good stealth mechanics and enemies respawn quickly,but other than that,i really enjoy this game more than boring Far Cry 2. Expand
  67. Dec 24, 2012
    FC3 is along with AC3 the biggest dissappointment in 2012 / 2013, what bothered me the most is that there is no enemy artificical intelligence at all it seems, all the missions must be played exactly as the level designer made it there is nothing individual, if you dont do things exactly as ubi wants you to do it, the mission failes, i recall that even FC2 or FC1 had a better Enemy AI, and Level Design, so FC3 looks like a downgrade to me. Sure the GFX are nice, but its no destructable environment like Crysis / BF3 has, so half of the nice GFX arent worth it to begin with. Also the looting, the treasures, the relics, and memory cards are brainless collections, Seems like Ubisoft is gameversions v.3 are worst the gaming world ever seen.
    So as summary, when you can get the game on some sale for 10 - 20 dollars its worth spending it, anything above is a waste of your / my money, cause the overall gameplay of FC3 is more compareable to some Commodore 64 / Atari games what we had like 20 years ago.
  68. Dec 23, 2012
    A thrilling adventure from start to end, Far Cry 3 is as deep as the holes you'll be exploring. Far Cry 3; like it's predecessors puts you on an island and asks you to do pretty outrageous things in an effort to save your friends, and yourself, from the pirates and kidnappers of the island.

    Far Cry 3 adds more to the game in the form of quests and keeps the plot moving with the
    introduction of a more focused story element which has NPCs popping in and out of Jason's life. There is plenty to explore, and I find that it has a nice pace to it. Each part of the map requires you to take over a Radio Tower, which reveals part of the map. This encourages you to both explore, and to spend your time in a fixed area, insuring you aren't overwhelmed such as games like Just Cause 2, where the game world is so large you lose interest.

    There are a great number of vehicles and weapons in Far Cry 3. You don't feel like you need to farm money, or spend a great deal of time hunting vehicles. Guns can be earned for free by simply taking over radio towers, and special; more powerful weaponry can appear by collecting the various artifacts scattered all over the island.

    The story is interesting, but you need to approach it with an open mind, because there's more than meets the eye, and the island is quite alive with various wildlife all over, from birds to tigers; if you're not stalking it, it's stalking you.

    Simply put, Far Cry 3 is entertaining and fun, and you will have lots to do and enjoy doing it.
  69. Dec 23, 2012
    One of the best games I've played to date. Incredible and immersive plot, brilliantly fun gameplay and plenty of side-quests and bonus content with plenty of humour on the side. Any game that contains Flight Of The Valkyries and Damien Marley sequences and still goes on to top them deserves special credit for that alone.
  70. Dec 23, 2012
    Another prime example of mass produced casual garbage. That's what happens when you start producing games assembly line style. Games aren't shoes or tv's, a good game requires more than just putting pieces together in the same way that good music is made up of more than just sounds. Yes, technically music is just sounds, yet without vision and creativity that's also all it will ever be. Far Cry 3 is just a compilation of things and ideas that were copied and stolen from elsewhere thrown together, it lack's both creativity and vision and it shows at every corner. Far Cry 3 isn't an immersive masterpiece full of wonder, it's a compilation of mini games placed on the least immersive island ever conceived in video game history. It offers not even the slightest illusion of being a real place with real people. Everywhere is blinking crap and money lying around. Each 20 people village got a weapon dealer, and cars are waiting at every corner for a new owner. And the least immersive thing of them all, the blinking weapons and ammunition vendor machine! Yes, you heard me right, a weapons and ammunition vendor machine that even blinks! Holy crap! That thing beats it all, I don't believe I ever saw something more immersion breaking in a video game than this blinking vendor machine! So there we are, the least immsive island in video history and a complete lack of creativity and vision. And it gets even worse. Yes, surprisingly, it's still possible to get worse! I'm talking about Ubi and their desire to make games more accessible. For those who don't know already, accessible when it comes to game design usually means that anyone without any skill or even a working brain should be able to play it without difficulty. And that at least they managed, it's so easy and simplified that anyone not fully brain dead yet should take care not to play for prolonged periods of time or their brains might really die out of boredom. All in all, it's a prime example of mass produced casual garbage. Just what I expected from Ubi. Expand
  71. Dec 23, 2012
    This game is everything I'd hoped it wouldn't be, but expected it would be; dumbed-down, hand-holding trash, clearly designed with fans of generic console shooters and people with 2 digit IQs in mind (although the two are largely synonymous). I can't really see how anyone could justify paying $60 for this game; the main story takes about 10 hours to complete (like a number of AAA games these days), the multiplayer is very mediocre, and on the whole, there is practically no replay value. Most of the game's features that are somewhat interesting are soon revealed to be nothing more than gimmicks. Prior to playing the game, I was very excited for the hunting/crafting aspect of the game, and while it was admittedly quite fun hunting exotic animals to craft bigger and better equipment, crafting everything only takes about 2 hours. After which point, there's no need to hunt another animal ever again (unless you're a sadist), as the animal skins are practically worthless. Unsurprisingly, the various animals soon become nothing more than an annoyance. Moreover, any real difficulty that could've been associated with hunting is ruined by being able to tag animals with your camera, and track them anywhere (in real time). There are some boring Path of the Hunter side quests (go here and kill x number of a certain animal), but with the ease and rate at which experience points and money both come, there's no need to ever bother with any of them.

    Capturing bases is also quite monotonous; due to dim-witted and illogical AI, capturing a base "undetected" is incredibly easy. You'd think if an enemy found a body with a 50 calibre bullet-hole through its head, they'd raise the alarm, right? Wrong. All that happens is they enter an "alerted" state, where they begin to scour the premises for the intruder (i.e. you). Even when they're in this state, you can still kill them (with even a grenade launcher, if you so please), and so long as no-one's stared at you for 5 consecutive seconds, it's counted as capturing the base "undetected". Oh, and as if it weren't easy enough already, you can track enemies with your camera too, in real time. Ridiculous.

    These are just a few of Far Cry 3's ill-conceived design implementations. Others include: merchants deciding to give you free weapons after you climb up a radio tower (?), everything important flashing bright yellow (as if you were too stupid to determine a loot chest from a cardboard box), and being able to see the location of every "collectible" on the map (which really defeats the purpose; instead of trying to find ancient ruins and secret passages, you know exactly each of them are, and it just becomes dull travelling and fetching).

    The story is incredibly cliched, and has terrible character development; a kid who has "never shot anyone before" can fire an gun at 100% accuracy with no recoil as soon as he picks it up. There are some Alice in Wonderland quotes thrown in that are supposed to mirror the story, but end up coming off as cringe-worthy. Regardless, I'm sure they'll impress idiots and pseudo-intellectuals alike. Even towards the end of the game, I didn't care about the Rakyat at all; I often killed them as soon as they drove into my newly-captured base just so I didn't have to listen to one of them tell me to check out the bulletin board for the 20th time. Graphically, the game is nothing really special. Serious LOD discrepancies, especially with distant objects, and flickering textures and shadows make the game look very sub-par. Some objects do not even have distant levels of detail, and just dissolve in from thin air when you're a certain distance away. Bloom lighting makes everything overbright, however, the sun-glare effect is very nice. Also, the visuals during hallucinogenic drug-induced scenes are very impressive.

    After completing the main story and capturing every base, there's effectively no point in continuing to play, since no enemies remain on the island, which makes free roaming incredibly boring. There is also very little replay value, since it's incredibly easy to gain every skill, and the stealth approach is almost always preferable to going in guns blazing.

    Conclusively, I'd only recommend getting this game to someone who has a lot of money to waste, and wants to be entertained for 10 hours or so before never playing it again. There are much better open-world shooters out there, such as the GOTY Edition of Fallout 3, and GTA IV, which cost about a quarter of the price and last more than four times as long.
  72. Dec 22, 2012
    The best game I played in 2012. Great, fun, open world, crafting, good history, good graphics, good vehicles, good customization, a lot of side quest, hunting. Really recommended.
  73. Dec 22, 2012
    I have to admit, the intro and beginning blew me away. The game was pretty, the cinematics were great and the game felt free and fun BUT after 10-15 hours later i find the game virtually boring and unplayable WHY? It's downright repetitive and enemies and wildlife spawn randomly, so the triumph of clearing an area is not there as they will just respawn with time. Crafting was cool at first, but all you really need is some baggage and then you are done with it. Loot boxes are scattered randomly over the map, but loot is not worth much as you acquire guns for free as you progress anyway. Vehicles are all over the place, etc etc. Basically everything is just randomly positioned around and it's the same wherever you go. The missions are completely boring. The best thing about the game is the cutscenes and character models. Expand
  74. Dec 21, 2012
    The hunting feeling is great, but your character gets strong really fast and then completely overpower anything on the island. Bosses: Vaas was great, the rest were all stereotypical and boring. The main character doesn't behave as I would like him to also. He's scared of blood :p. He doesn't have sex with the girls. He never just hold on to one bad guy after beating him up and ask him to explain why the **** do they all work for this sickos?
    Wonderful environment otherwise. I Loved it.
  75. Dec 21, 2012
    The game is becomes boring very fast. Before you know it, all you do is clear pirate bases and activate communication towers. The only interesting parts are the main plot missions but those won't last that long.
    There is no motivation to explore, as you never get anything besides money (presuming you manage not to run around with a full wallet) and junk. You don't get anything like
    special weapons or interesting items.
    The requirement to craft bags and stuff, makes it pretty tedious. You don't need medicine at all, as they're just bonus buffs and it's not like you need health pots as you can always just duck around a corner and heal with your basic heal instead of instantly with a health pot, this is a FPS not Diablo.
    The regular enemies and allies are just clones of eachother. They literally have like a couple face variants being repeated over and over and they're all just regular humans.

    Anyway, game is boring and bland.
  76. Dec 21, 2012
    I like the way the game was set up, but I find it saddening that I can only play the game on a pc, and I believe that this game should also be for macs.
  77. Dec 20, 2012
    Not perfect, but if you can ignore the idiotic over-arching plot there's some great dialog and characters. The gunplay is the tightest and most satisfying I can recall in any game and the world is gorgeous. It outdoes Just Cause 2 as a "just run around and enjoy" game, and that's saying something.
  78. Dec 20, 2012
    The first 2 hours I played this game I thought it could be pretty good. I wanted to be able to carry more items, so I decided to start it by crafting some bags. As it turns out, I only needed to kill 4 of each animal to craft everything, so animals become useless pretty early. While I was doing that, every 2 minutes or so, a pop up shows up in the upper left corner reminding me of the quest I could be doing. Its like the game believes I forgot what I should do instead of letting me play it however I want to. Trying to ignore that, I proceed by climbing some radio towers to unlock the map. After climbing 4 towers, I have a free light machine gun, sniper rifle, flamethrower waiting for me at every item shop. Also, I can heal myself whenever I want.
    The enemy pirates (all dressed in red so you dont confuse them with the good guys, which wear blue) dont stand a chance. Having played 2 and a half, maybe 3 hours of the game, I dont see why I should keep playing. I already have way too strong weapons, crafted everything I needed (Im lacking some hunter path items or something, but I have enough capacity as it is) and the unlockable skills dont look very interesting. I mean, why would I care for reloading 25% faster when the game is really easy as it it? I dont know, the idea of being a survivor in a dangerous island had potential, but for me it is ruined by having huge weapons from the start, ammo and money everywhere, the ability to heal to full health by cracking my thumb, useless wild life, lame AI (they dont spot you unless you let them see you for 10 seconds or so, and if you block their line of sight before that, its like nothing happened.), boring characters and repetitive gameplay. I wanted to like this, maybe try again with the survivor idea?
  79. Dec 20, 2012
    A game, that with a little bit more time and care, could have been a masterpiece. The game was eye-candy in the highest settings, the storyline was gripping and the character development of the protagonist was excellent. However the AI lacked, the game becomes lacklustre and cumbersome after the completion of the story line and I found that the unlocking of weapons / equipment was far too easy.
  80. Dec 20, 2012
    I'm a big fan of games and I play a lot of them. I ONLY play multiplayer games but on this game I played only the story mode. This game was fantastic and amazing. Extremely good graphics. Everything was so realistic that I could jump into the screen and play as the main character. WAY BETTER graphics from Battlefield 3. It is one of the best games on pc of all years. I finished the story on two days 'cuz I was playing 8-10 hours per day.
    The only thing you'll need to enjoy this game on the fullest is a really good pc!!
    If you have the pc and the money I suggest you to run to the shop and buy it immediately and start playing.
    Thank me later!! :)
  81. Dax
    Dec 20, 2012
    I played this game for 2/3 days, just running and shooting and base-jumping. I like the story and graphics. It's one big awesome action movie adventure.
    The game play is also very good for a shooter. I do think it is a shame that they made this game so easy. I play every game on the hardest settings, because the game will last longer and gives you all it has got. Even though I played it
    on the hardest difficulty, it was too easy. Another thing I do not like it that the game stops and gives you nothing to shoot any more. I completed all the assignments and then the game is just a big world with good guys.. so you start killing the good guys after a while.

    After all: It is worth you money, it is worth your time and when I upgrade my computer, the game will be even more awesome, because the graphics are absolutely gorgeous.
  82. Dec 20, 2012
    Great game give me almost everythingI want in a sandbox adventure. The history are very well written, the scenariosare beautiful and dinamics, chase animals are great, the gunfight its solid, only the stealth are not perfect, but ok. The games could be better, of course, but for me, in 2012, is the best FPS over the year
  83. Dec 19, 2012
    Well, I loved Far Cry 1 and enjoyed Far Cry 2. I found Far Cry 3 to be a mixed bag. I agree with many of the comments that think Far Cry is trying to be COD & Uncharted (staged scenes and interactive style quick time really sucks!). Then you add the glowing items on the map and you feel that your hand is being held walking through the game. On the PC the menu's are inconsistent in function and for some reason things like the the scroll wheel only work on certain menus. The driving is horrible and like being on ice depending upon the vehicle. On the positive the shooting is tight, the bow is a blast and hard to master unless you use the red dot attachment. The overall voice acting is good, but Jason can get annoying. You also don't have any alternative actions on the main quest (there will be times where you just think if I did this now - it would be done - instead you get to go off on side quests to get back to where you were). Overall the game is OK, but the series is definitely going in the wrong direction (mass market)! Fortunately I got this game free with my new 7970 (the saving grace). Expand
  84. Dec 19, 2012
    Almost a perfect score, denied for a few issues that may or may not get fixed in time. Basically the game is a great all rounder... solo is fantastic, co-op is fun, and the multi is good fun too.... the problems are basically that it uses p2p game matching rather than dedicated hosting... so the main multiplayer mode is pretty much dire state due to people hosting with crap pings and low bandwidth etc. The second annoyance is custom maps made with the editor cant use ai npcs and animals or even vehicles for anything else but solo challenges, need to have them unlocked for all modes ASAP. While these are big problems it's not enough to call this a bad game, it's great. Expand
  85. Dec 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Positives:
    - Open worldish with a strong story line (trying not to inject reality here but I will say that the older brother Grant should be the Main Character and Jason should have died) that is, of course, told in a linear fashion
    - Decent gun play and a large variety of weapons, tactics, etc.
    - Good stealth mechanics
    - Decent graphics
    - Great voice acting (Vaas will go down as one of the all-time great villains in video games)
    - Doable platforming that is not horribly frustrating but is still a challenge
    - Well written
    - Great soundtrack and very immersive use of sound throughout the game

    Negatives - - The AI will sometimes just go plain stupid on you
    - A few glitches in terrain and other areas that cause you to restart a checkpoint
    - Occasional rendering bugs, for example, there are times when you look like you have a headshot but are really hitting the rock in front of you

    All in all this an almost great game and well worth the price.
  86. Dec 18, 2012
    This game has so much potential... but its dragged down by so much unecessary crap. Gather quests? Really? Am I playing Farcry, or WoW? Climb these radio towers to open your map... Guess someone was playing Assassin's Creed at the time they came up with that idea? In trying to fix the broken stealth from FC2, they made it so easy there is no challenge. Enemy's are incredibly stupid. The body drag mechanic could use some work, really, I can't pick up and drag a body from the ground, only after I kill them with a take down? Weapons... 1 attachment... wonder what kind of red dot they are using that blocks out extended mags. It could have been such a good game... but it turned out just to be mediocre. It just feels like there's something missing.... it's a hollow and shallow experience. That being said, it's not the worst game ever either. Expand
  87. Dec 18, 2012
    I will agree with some in saying that this game does need some patching. That is not to say that this is a bad game by any means. I have dropped almost 70 hours in this game and I have only had it a little more than a week. I wanted to love Farcry 2, but there were too many things that nit-picked me enough to really coming off hating that game. The re spawning enemies at checkpoints, the malaria dynamic, the weapon degradation, and lack of a good fast travel and map system to name a few. They did fix those issues in FC 3. The shooting feels solid, although I will agree with some that, initially at least, the protagonist is just too good of a shot. This game feels like the game Farcry 2 should have been. The story is great, voice acting is great. The story missions are interesting and varied enough to keep you playing. The boss fights all boil down to quick time events but the narrative surrounding them in interesting enough for it not really to be a negative. My biggest complaint is the UI. Very consolish which is very common with ports. The game often has you double clicking through menus to do things, which makes it especially annoying when crafting items, it can get very cumbersome after awhile and is not very intuitive. You will not spend a ton of time with the menus so while annoying it is minor in the grand scheme of things. There were also several points when you see enemies spawn into the environment. The HUD feels very cluttered, Ubisoft already acknowledged they are working on a patch for that. I did experience some animation glitches here and there, but nothing game breaking. There are a few bugs to nit-pick but nothing game breaking and that cannot be fixed with a patch or two.

    Nvidia released Beta drivers 310.70 which added a much needed SLI profile, my performance damn near doubled so if you are running SLI this update is a must. Graphically the game is impressive, very bright and vibrant, which offers up a great contrast to the violence going on around you. Waterfalls do not look quite right, Skyrim did a better job in that regard. Not much else to say everything works as intended and looks great. The game features two different endings which are worth playing through to get both. Aside from that there are A LOT of collectibles to get and a lot of things to explore. There is just a lot of content outside of multi-player which is a rarity in this genre. I did get my money's worth out of this title. This time around Ubisoft remembered that in an open world game, we want to do more than just murder tons of dudes, which was also a big drawback from FC 2. FC 3 is one of the best shooters I have played all year and is definitely worth your time and money. I would like to do a more in depth analysis, but that would mean spoilers so I will leave it here.
  88. Dec 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game does one thing well: illustrates the corruption in the next generation of so-called game reviewers- the ones who grew up doing this instead of being accomplished in other things who reviewed games on the side. Considering how bad farcry 2 was and how 3 simply expanded upon this 'badness,' I was amazed to read what was a lucy in the sky with diamonds series of reviews of this game.
    Plot unengaging & full of racial stereotypes (from great white hunter to evil black men thugs/pirates, but amusingly all the mercenaries are whitish) where the open world rules only apply to running around skinning animals and finding trinkets. Each actual mission to progress the story line, if you look at level design forces you to play it linearly. I guess someone had read King Solomon's mines and decided to rip off the idea of, 'Africa will not let me die,' concept and apply it to the great white hype that is Jason Brody. The rapid transition from worthless vacation yuppie to immediately perfectly aiming skills, deftly dispatching island warriors is implausible - even if the fear of boring the target audience pushes the game in this direction. The scenes of love making are not love making, it is rape. You are being raped by Citra while intoxicated on magic juice- this in itself should raise red flags.
    The butchery nonsensically of animals is pitiful and teaches only wastefulness to the young gamer- and it gives no real knowledge of how much work is involved in crafting items from animal hide- at least simply bring it to a native to do it for you...
    There should have been a stricter age restriction on this game for language, sex, nudity wanton violence, grey characters with no real sense of good or evil, simply self-serving motivations. Self regulation is not this industry's strong suit, but if you hand over to young minded people the ability to ambivalently murder villagers, the Rakyat (useless savages) and the pirates/mercenaries and then glorify the concept of revenge and celebrate tattooing your body parts as a sign of culture- then you have made your target audience dumber and even more morally ambiguous.

    The ending, if you choose to save your friends, has a lie for a statement - again self serving- Jason Brody is given a blank check for all the evil he has done by justifying it by saying he is still good inside- allegory...

    There is one saving grace- you can build up your character without even doing a single mission, then fly through the whole game- just go rescue all outposts, radio towers, do those side missions quickly, then run around with a flamethrower, grenade launcher, lmg and smg. You will be unstoppable.

    AI: the game designers need to go back and review far cry 1, fear 1, half life 1, system shock 2- and start from scratch- far cry 3, with its 'open world' characters (there are only like, 5 models of natives, 3 of pirates, and so on- yay open world, surrounded by a group of the same faces forever) seems to be thwarted by the most inconvenient of obstacles- walls. A wall and you and the enemy is stopped cold. Either they pull cover right in front of you, get stuck inside a building, or run out in the open firing randomly at you on the hardest difficulty and this is to be assumed great game play...
  89. Dec 18, 2012
    It's a game which i was waiting almost year to play. And i'm not disappointed. Far Cry has incredible graphic and addictive storyline. Playing it i can feel exotic climate like in FC1. Unfortunately it ends too quick.
  90. Dec 18, 2012
    The best adventure game in my opinion. I think there's a little bit of everything. I am playing all kinds of games, but this one...i must admit this is my favorite adventure game ever. I probably don't recommend it to young people. By the way, the story line is just awesome and the graphics are GREAT. 10//10
  91. Dec 17, 2012
    This game was an absolute pleasure to play through; the gameplay was fluid and the skirmish style gameplay of the jungle/brush fighting brings innovation to standard cover based shooters. It makes a change fighting from bush to bush rather than from chest high sandbags to chest high concrete blocks. The only thing i will say is that the ending is a little abrupt. Judging by the map you feel that it's safe to assume that reaching the second island equates to the half way mark in the game, but you'd be wrong. I completed the game before even finding out whether the second island out posts were even capturable; the map hints suggest that they are as they are presented the same on the map as the capturable outposts on the first island, despite the fact that the ingame dialogue suggests you avoid them at all costs. Suddenly all notion of the sandbox leaves the game and all those cool toys you get unlocked and are happy to use only seem to come into play for 3-4 more missions even though they're nothing particularly out of this world; so all the neat gadget-attatchments you were happy to discover and utilise also, for these new weapons, barely enter the game at all; unless you unlock every radio tower before playing through the story (which is impractical).

    Enjoy the first island while you can and play through at your own pace. Don't be OCD and capture every out post you can at the start as you'll rob youself of interesting "random encounters" like guerilla jungle fights (which also earn you money on the side if you help the rebels win).

    The crafting is also implemented at a decent level of sophistication. Skyrim was renowned for its unnecasserily tedious power levelling of skill perks and the herb list was extensive, but this game consists of 3 types that produce combat, hunting and healing abilities, the different herbs for each type are only aesthetical. Making it more practical for the casual gamer to bother with. Crafting gear is a little more laborious, different gear (wallets, loot sacks, weapon holsters) requires different animal pelts which appear to be arbitrary (2 goat skins make a tier 3 weapon holster and are available in a tier 1 area whilst a tier 2 loot sack requires a tier 4 animal pelt), but does give a general sense of progression by stalling you from having deep money/loot reservoirs and all weapon slots a fifth of the way through the game.

    Summary: The characters are interesting and unique, the narrative is relavent to first world activities if not a little predictable plot wise (afghanistan and fictional terrorist attacks on NY are so over rated). The guns offer actual noticable difference in play style and stealth is a legitimate option to even the happy gunners (there's nothing stopping you from stealth killing half the men at an outpost then spraying the others with machinegun fire from the sniper nest you just cleared). But as i said, once you hit the second island and do a couple errands you'll suddenly find yourself at the final mission thinking you still had to liberate the island and get to use your new fanciful gear only half of which you unlocked for free because you avoided radio towers on the second island blocked by restricted zones.

    I completed the story, liberated the first island, unlocked all the radio towers and did all the *important side missions (hunting/assasinations/medical drop offs) in 12 hours of gameplay. *doing certain side missions unlocks features helpful in the main story arc, such as the final version of all craftable gear or unlocking skills from the skill tree. But there was probably a good 40% more to explore and do. The relics can be largely ignored. They don't unlock gear like in GTA, the radio towers do that. But you'll want to get the radio towers anyway so you're not running blind the entire game so unlocking free gear feels like more of a side affect of not wanting to get lost and being sensible enough to unlock visibility of the map.
  92. Dec 17, 2012
    After finishing the game I can say, it was enough entertaining to keep me playing but I cant say I was enjoying it. Sometimes it was extremely frustrating, especially when trying to capture outposts through stealth and godlike sight of guards, who spotted me in bushes, 200 yards far in the middle of the night even though I was using bow or silenced rifle. What I want to say during the game I have experienced few wonderful (few hunting quests, shooting and combat dynamics,..) but plethora of dull, boring, repetitive or annoying moments. Technically the game is also very ambivalent, on one hand you will see beautiful sceneries of an almost photorealistic quality, few yards away you ll hit a disgusting texture of ps1 era. I think this game needed few months of polishing and complete redesign of stealth mechanics and quests. Also change of environment wouldnt harm. During the game I was remembering almost 3 years old Just Cause 2 which looks much more stunning due to its environment complexity (deserts, snow, jungle, cities,...). In Far Cry 3 you have only jungle... In my opinion eurogamer review couldnt be more wrong this time.. Expand
  93. Dec 16, 2012
    This is basically the same game as Far Cry 2 except that you now have the ability to craft items such has rucksacks, holsters, and ammo packs. The graphics are great! The game play is entertaining enough for me. If you didn't like FC2, then don't waste your time. Some of the quests are repetitive, but I haven't seen much originality in FPS in several years now.
  94. Dec 16, 2012
    It is best game on this year! Multiplayer is not bad, but co-op is amazing!!!!!! I recommended this game for all... bl-bla-bla/ just say one: must have!!!
  95. Dec 16, 2012
    Far Cry 3 is absolutely outstanding. I am extremely picky about shooting mechanics, storyline and agency and FC3 excels at all of these.

    Story: Don't let the frat boys in the trailer disuade you, the game acknowledges how obnoxious they (and you) are, and uses it as a baseline to show you how far you've come by the end. The characters are interesting, the voice acting superb, and
    even subtle body language cues comes through in the game's animations.

    Combat: This a high damage game, and all opponents can be eliminated by a headshot (as long as you're using a powerful enough weapon). The stealth is extremely satisfying with good behavior by AIs that provides unexpected results and allows enough control for attempting difficult maneuvers.

    Environment; Aside from a few objects dissolving into view the game looked fantastic. It ran at a great frame rate with all settings on "high" on a 2011 iMac. Subtle effects would occasionally steal the show - I found myself catching rays of sunshine filtering through the trees and suspending my fight to simply marvel at them.

    Long story short: I know what I'm getting my friends for Christmas this winter.
  96. Dec 16, 2012
    Graphics - There hasn't been a world this beautifully crafted in quite some time. Story - interesting if genre trope heavy outing. Tries to tackle some weighty topics but never quite hits the right notes (no empathy for most of the characters). Game-play - great FPS' mechanics, nice variety of weapons and initially a wonderful range of things to do. As with all games though, they do wear thin after many hours of play. Overall - I haven't been sucked into a game world this much since Skyrim, so that should be praise enough. Buy It. Expand
  97. Dec 16, 2012
    After the disappointing Far Cry 2 I wasn't expecting much from this game. The developers got much right and made a game that is challenging and fun. I like that once you take an outpost it isn't repopulated by enemy units in 5 minutes like in FC2. I also like the explosive tip arrows - made me feel like Rambo. Things to improve - I hate cutscenes where control is taken away. I also want a quicksave option - I hate the checkpoint system. Also, there isn't anything left to do once you take over all of the enemy bases - I wish they had made an option where enemy units try to retake their bases and you have the option to defend them against onslaught of enemy - if you can't defend the base the enemy takes it back and you have to retake it. Looks good, physics are good, story and skills are cool and fun. All in all I really enjoyed the game, co-op is fun too. Expand
  98. Dec 16, 2012
    Ambitious but rubbish. The opening sequence of this game was so tight, captivating, well scripted and visually impressive that you think you're in for a perfect game and after that it turned to a milquetoast shooter that is easily forgettable. graphically this game is pretty impressive. the island the flora and fauna are equally impressive, but the game play is so repetitive and simplistic. for instance once you get a silenced sniper rifle the game becomes whack-a-mole. Find and elevated position (and there always is an elevated position) snipe from a distance and look at a bunch of disoriented ants run around because you shot the alarms to disable it. the skills are mostly useless. this game lacks depth, it tried to do everything but never developed itself.. the biggest issue that i have with this game is that it COULD have been so good. more weapons, more connections with the locals so you care about the island you're saving. better crafting, for weapons armor etc. also the vehicle controls are horrible. The AI is laughable, they go to the same places as their dead comrades and you just blast them again. i will say that the comments of the main character as you go along are refreshing, there are times when you do something awesome in a game and the character is silent, when you wish they understood the gravity of what just happened. overall not worth the price, and mostly just frustrating for what it could have been, and the moments of brilliance are not enough to carry this title. Expand
  99. Dec 16, 2012
    Horrible over-hyped trash! I simply cannot belive the high ratings it got from serious reviewers like PC Gamer, Gamespy, IGN, etc. Have they all gone mad? Far Cry 1 was sooo cool, Far Cry 2 had a great setting, cool guns and fun missions but ultimatetely fell flat due to the stupid checkpoint respawn system. And now Far Cry 3: 1) One hour to get it started 2) only playable if you disable the utter unneccessary uplay 3) worse graphics than FC1 (from 2004!) 4) most annoying UI sever een in a major release 5) boring missions 6) even more boring side-missions 7) laughable AI 8) idiotic design decisions like getting free weapons for climbing radio towers - WTF? 9) unskippable video sequences 10) appalling driving mechanics 11) no quick-saves during missions and 12) BUGS BUGS BUGS!!

    Ubisoft used to be one of my favourite publishers but now I hate them so much that I will never ever buy a game from them again.
  100. Dec 15, 2012
    I can't explain how much I fell in love with this game. I played it from start to finish with no breaks in between. The story line while basic, makes you have true emotions towards the characters in the game. While the game suffers from a some minors bugs, the game is near perfect. I will definitely be buying Far Cry 4!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 42 out of 43
  2. Negative: 0 out of 43
  1. 89
    Far Cry 3 is a classic shooter at its core, but there are various RPG mechanics, skills and upgrades under the hood. It’s a fabulous playing ground and one can but marvel at the wondrous ways the various elements interact with each other. [January 2013]
  2. Jan 29, 2013
    Exhilarating, colorful, mindless – that's Far Cry 3 in three words.
  3. Jan 24, 2013
    Tighter and more accessible than Far Cry 2, the third outing is a master class in open world shooting. [Feb 2013, p.59]