Generally favorable reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 14
  2. Negative: 0 out of 14
  1. FIFA 06 is a great game for both soccer novices and enthusiastic players alike, and is a worthy investment to a soccer fan’s entertainment library.
  2. FIFA 06 is particularly unusual in that it ditches some of the series' recent innovations in favor of tried-and-tested gameplay mechanics. However, it also adds plenty of new features that help make it the most realistic and accessible (and best) FIFA game to date.
  3. Better than all previous offerings, an awesome football experience, but still not quite on a par with "Pro Evolution Soccer."
  4. The franchise is improving, but gameplay niggles keep it from taking the title. [Nov 2005, p.92]
  5. The fluid animations and in-depth gameplay will allow experienced and first time players to pick up the game and have fun.
  6. Shielding, tackling and dribbling have been boosted for better on-pitch control, while business in the boardroom looms with a more comprehensive management game and careers judged over a 15-year span.
  7. FIFA 06 does deserve a purchase but it simply doesn’t offer up anywhere near enough improvements for owners of "FIFA 2005" to part with cash this year.
  8. FIFA 06 may not be perfect, but it is perfectly playable, and is probably the best we could have hoped for. Apart from EA buying Konami. [PC Zone]
  9. Though always attempting to up the ante on their long time rival, this year’s FIFA actually seems more of a step back when compared to the 2005 iteration.
  10. AI feels way too scripted to be fun.
  11. 72
    Now more than ever if you haven't already started to look at "Pro Evo" perhaps you should, it plays much better and feels like more a game of football than FIFA 06 ever will.
  12. Hardcore soccer fans who wanted even more realism from this series will enjoy playing around with the new controls but if you’re a player who thought "FIFA 2005" wasn’t a great game might as well rent this game or stay away from it cause you won’t be missing much.
  13. On the occasions when the game flows it’s possible to produce some breathtaking football, but all too often the game slows to a crawl and it’s extremely difficult to produce anything like a constructive passing move. [Nov 2005, p.116]
  14. Oh EA what have you done; we we’re getting to enjoy FIFA once again and now this. We’re never ones to severely criticise an average game, however FIFA 06 beggars belief.
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 4
  1. PaulH.
    May 27, 2006
    So much promise and yet so little substance. That's how I would describe FIFA06. I actually like the style of gameplay, it's return to it's arcade roots is a very refreshing change from the previously over complex control systems. The presentation is excellent, as always, but again as always it's let down by the core gameplay. When are EA going to realise that gameplayers demand a little more than scripted events? Do you like realistic ball physics? Good, so do I and that's exactly why I won't be playing FIFA06 anymore. Everything in the game is scripted, from the insect-fast reactions of AI players interceptions of your cleverly selected passes and through balls to the commentators announcement that the keeper has the ball safe in his hands before it's even halfway to his goal are all clear indicators of the cheap programming practices employed by EA in preference to the real ball physics seen in Konamis far superior series. A huge let down and a massive massive dissapointment. As I said at the start of the review, so much promise but ultimately there is nothing here for the serious soccer gamer outside of the licenses and the presentation. Shame. Full Review »
  2. MattC.
    Jan 6, 2006
    An amazing improvement, I was dissapointed with this yeats Pro Evolution Soccer 5, and the gap is closing between the two franchises. Personally I prefer the gameplay on this to PES5 but I can understand how some casual gamers would be dissapointed. Managerial aspect of the game well thought out. Easy the best out there for realism! Full Review »
  3. ValentinI.
    Dec 15, 2005
    Despite the new additions to the gameplay, EA has dissappointed most of it's fans with this new release. The in-game tactics selector is probably the best addition so far, but there are too many gameplay bugs compared to its predecessor. Not once I saw a goalkeeper catch the ball and enter the goal with it without the goal being given, but I did get a goal by shooting near the post, OUTSIDE the goal (it happened only once, but I thought it wotth mentioning. The goals can be scored always from the same positions, usualy from a great distance and almost never inside the 16-meter box. Dribling is way too good even for top class players, and the list may go on... I'm buying PES from now on... Full Review »