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  • Summary: FIFA 09 on PC has been customized and designed exclusively for the platform. The gameplay engine features year-on-year improvements, delivering the detail demanded by football fans. FIFA 09 also features new customizable mouse and keyboard controls that deliver deeper, more intuitive command over your squad for more fluid football action. Now utilize the mouse as a point-and-click tool to send teammates on runs, make pin-point accurate passes, and blast powerful shots on target. Plus, you have the tools to draw up trick moves using the mouse or perform one of 32 skill moves in your arsenal, including new scoop turns, rainbow flicks, heel-to-heel knocks and ball rolls just like Ronaldinho. More than 17 customizable actions in all enable you to design the game to suit your style of play. FIFA 09 on PC now features new, leading-edge visuals that deliver graphics that exploits the power of hi-spec gaming PCs, as requested by PC gamers. Star players are featured in photorealistic quality with remodeled likenesses that show off skin tones and muscles in greater detail for ultra-realistic action. FIFA 09 also features customizable widgets that can now integrated into the menu system to connect you to the FIFA community and real-world football so you stay connected while playing. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. More realistic and a better atmosphere than ever – definitely the best FIFA-game up to date.
  2. A truly spectacular soccer title with exceptional player animations, ball handling and gameplay to boot. The AI will provide a significant challenge, but the implementation of one of the most advanced and complete online modes will mean that this game will truly last you a long time.
  3. What a comeback! Finally the FIFA series has overcome its form crisis and is celebrating modern football (soccer) again, both graphically and gameplay wise. Not everything is new, but most things look better. Pro Evolution Soccer may be the better simulation, but the fast action of FIFA 09 is just as much fun. EA Sports is back in the top league.
  4. The PC version has clearly improved over the previous editions, but still lacks the luxury of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.
  5. It's the best iteration in many years, and certainly the most sophisticated. Even if the newfangled mouse control mode isn't to your liking, you'll find that the game has been strengthened at its core and raised to a new level of quality. [Oct 2008]
  6. A good performance from EA, with FIFA playing a fine game of footy. [Issue#13, p.58]
  7. Where it all falls down is in the core game. The reality is that this is more or less the same FIFA we've had for the last couple of years. While all of PC FIFA's console brethren have married and moved into nice engines, our favourite platform is left with the gaming equivalent of a washed out, beaten up trailer. [Christmas 2008, p.81]

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  1. Aug 4, 2013
    Krenulo se u pravcu nove grafike, novi izgled igrača, nova animacija pri prekršaju i to je to......................................................... Expand

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