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  1. Oct 2, 2010
    This game was my introduction to MMOs and as many I came to it simply because I was a fan of the series. I have to say I do not regret getting it and playing it for nearly 4 years. I made many friends and had so many great nights and moments. This game is a "hardcore" MMO done right.
  2. Mar 1, 2011
    With the advent of Abyssea, as well as experience being roughly doubled in non-Abyssean areas, experience points flow like spice and it no longer takes months to get a job to the level cap, it could be done in mere weeks. A lot of the past complaints seen in people's reviews have been fixed. Monsters do not immediately attack after spawning, instead having several seconds of "summoning sickness" where they will not attack, giving you time to get away. No, the graphics are not as shiny as other MMOs. Yes, there is a sharp learning curve when it comes to the game. It doesn't matter, because FFXI is for a breed of relentless gamer that will pursue everything they can.

    ... and just because the level cap is higher and more people get there faster doesn't mean the game is easier. Level 90 people STILL fail at Dynamis, die at the hands of certain Notorious Monsters, or just plain get whomped on for overestimating themselves.

    It's taken some time, but all those changes we wanted? We're getting - and it took long enough.
  3. Aug 29, 2010
    The Final Fantasy XI is SUCK... I downloding for Steam.. but i did pay for it... Its cost me $9.99 to Downloding Final Fantasy XI. Then After that.. I created my username on Final Fantasy XI.. Its need my Card to payment.. Oh man.. Its wasting my money to playing this game.. and Its not Free Online.. Oh man. I want my money back for Final Fantasy XI.. Its wasting my money........... **** THIS Final Fantasy XI........................................... Expand
  4. Aug 7, 2011
    One of the best mmorpg i played (and i played a lot of them).
    The graphics are old now (a game launched in 2001)... and a game that not everyone will like...
    But the variety of gameplays are one of the most wide there was in a mmorpg (fishing, gardening, craft, fights, chocobo races,...ect....ect...). Many gameplay ideas was very creative/original when it was launched... and some are still

    I see 2 major points that could be very negative for some players : - It's a strongly team oriented mmorpg. At some level it become nearly impossible to play solo.
    - you can't move freely in the world. Some areas are composed in majority of corridors (external areas i mean)... you can't fall from a hill or a bridge...ect...ect...

    There will be plenty more things to say on this game... but to conclude and resume, i'll say :
    FFXI is a definitly not Mainstream mmorpg.
    It seem logic to me that most players will love it... or hate it
  5. Dec 29, 2011
    The entire game is held back by its console heritage. It's far too grindy. Only hardcore fans of JRPGs can find this garbage fun. If my friend hadn't bought it for me, I wouldn't have even tried it. Thankfully he had another friend that wanted the account because after 16 hours I couldn't bring myself to double click the launcher.
  6. May 3, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I tried this game upon recommendation from a friend

    I have played lots of MMO's and my friend literally waxed lyrical on how good this game was so when the game became available for 9.99 on steam for the game with all the expansions i bit the bullet and bought it. After going through the ridiculously over complicated system of signing up for a account i logged into the game made a character (warrior class) and tried to get into the game. The first disappointment for me was the overcomplicated and terribly unfriendly User Interface.I bought the game without a instruction booklet from steam so imagine my dismay at the lack of a in game help search!!!! There is a help desk to contact customer services but no in game help searchable database ? The whole menu system didnt make any sort of sense to me or flow at all. The very fact you seem to have to use a keyboard for everything didn't help me to bond with the game......The graphics were terribly blocky (even after maxing the settings) i did do a search in google and made some registry tweaks to make it run on a wide-screen resolution which helped a lot (but should a user have to do this to make a game work ?). Levelling in game seems to take a age which isnt a bad thing and but after fighting one monster / foe you need to rest for 2 to 3 un-needed waste of minutes meditating to gain your health back to be able to attack again. I have tried to like this game for my friends sake but maybe the fact i have been spoilt by other MMO's or just the fact that i have given up due to sheer frustration , has left me with a bitter taste towards this game and the time and money i have wasted on it. I would recommend this game for die hard fans of the final fantasy genre only.
  7. Nov 13, 2011
    game did not age well.. boring and a huge time sink.. Other players have been playing for years and so it is hard to find people who want to group with a new player.. the fact that the game still requires a monthly subscription and looks like it comes from the 90s lead to the low score.

    I grew up with final fantasy and have played many mmos and this is by far one of the overall weakest
    mmos still running.. does not deliver a good value in terms of time or money spent. Expand
  8. Nov 14, 2011
    Let me preface this review by saying that I was warned about this game by a friend, and decided to take the plunge anyway, because it was on sale. I am writing this review in an attempt to prevent you from wasting your time and money the way that I have. I have been playing video games since 1984, but Square-Enix has achieved something with this game that no other developer I have seen has been able to achieve. They made this game impossible to log in to. I guess that's easy money for them, less update money and what not. First you download the game, easy so far. Then you are informed you must make a play online account. After a maze of button clicking and applications, you achieve that. Then they inform you that you must transfer your Play online account to a Square-Enix account. After an even lengthier search and application process, you achieve that. Then you are told that you need to obtain a content ID, but not told how do do that. After hours of searching and doing general searches on Google, I was able to create a Click to buy account, after more application process. The parent company for Click to Buy is based in EU, so my credit card account was frozen at this point. A call to the credit card company unfroze my card, and after more work, I was able to confirm my account. I then attempted to log onto the game again, and was still told that I had no "content ID". At this time I re-entered all of my game codes and double checked all of my accounts, all of which appear to be in order. When a third attempt to log onto the game came out with the same results, I contacted "customer service" (yes, I put that in quotations for a reason) and have been waiting for about the last 24 hours for a response. I also forgot to mention that my wife was hoping to play as well, but Click to Buy won't allow her to create an account unless she has a credit card under her own name, so even if I figure this out, I would probably have to get a second credit card under her name, so she can set up her own account. I have spent somewhere around 12 hours, over the last 72 hours, involved with this process, and appear to be no closer to resolving the issues. Meanwhile, my 30 day free period, that comes with the game purchase, is being used up and I still haven't even made it to character creation. If you have any love for your own sanity, avoid this game the same way you'd avoid a cracked out transient hooker with obvious STD's. Believe me, the only way that this game would be worth your while, is if they paid you for all the time and irritation you're going to experience trying to get it to run! My friend tells me that this is only the beginning, and that after you start playing, you'll wish it never had started working. Long story short, play WoW, you can be up and running in the time it takes to load up and create a character, and you won't need therapy afterward so that you can re-enter society without screaming obscenities at passersby, because of the pent up tension and aggravation! Expand
  9. Jan 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The purpose of this review is to shed a little light as to what a new player will face if they ever decide to join the FFXI community. Take note that this user review is currently up-to-date with post Abyssea, current main endgame, events.

    First of all, this game is NOT new player friendly. Alot of times new players will be happily grinding their way to level 10 then it gets epic boring grinding. I don't know how new players are suppose to know this but, the current trend is to join a fields of valor tome burn party. On the good side, at least these tome burn parties are way faster than the conventional experience grind parties.

    So lets say that a new player flags his party request icon, post a little party request "/seacom", search comment. message and gets a private message to join an tome burn party at x location. Well chances are, that new players will have no idea where its at. Unlike other MMO's the maps of FFXI are not player friendly at all. The NPC's, non-playable characters, do not give directions to locations, nor is there any conventional game implementation to direct players to a certain area, you know like a big arrow that hovers your head pointing you to go there. The best way to get to an area that you have no idea is at is to either, explore the entire world or ask around and hope that you find a player that speaks English and is willing to show you.

    Another major deterrent that runs wild in FFXI is progression. This covers a wide area of things from mission progression to level cap increases and quest. When it comes to mission progression such as Chains of Promethia, Rise of Zilart, Treasures of ?? Whitegate, etc. new players will find it extremely difficult to find members willing to rerun those missions because they yield very little rewards and some take very long to complete. I would also like to mention that because FFXI has a very low new player join rate, there aren't that many people who would be likely to join. The same idea goes for level cap quest, these quest increase your level cap from 50-55-60-65-70-75-80-85-90-95-99. Personally I think that some level cap quest are just unnecessarily long and some of them require you to either have good gear.

    If you ever reach Abyssea, most of your time will be spent joining pick-up-groups (PUG) for seals and +2 items, for gear upgrade. The rest of your time you either spend leveling a new job or sitting around in Port Jenuo reading other people's shouts. I would recommend doing some Chains of Promethia so you can have access to Dynamis, the old endgame. Only thing worthly in Dynamis is a few pieces of gear, dynamis currency which is used towards relic items, and forgotten currencly which is used for +2 relic armor.
  10. Jul 9, 2012
    In my humble opinion, this MMORPG is the best in its genre...the finest ever released. The story line is extraordinarily engaging, the character controls are right on target, and the player community is exceptional. My major problems with other titles in this MMO genre are the clumsy controls that demand rapid button mash techniques...the cheesy and highly contrived art direction...and the unsatisfying lore that lies just beneath the glossy surface of monotonous gameplay. This game shines in these areas, and also provides a player experience that allows for truly symbiotic relationships between party members...where timing and skill do factor in as necessary components and result in a truly rewarding MMO experience. The genre might have grown a bit past its prime...but if you are truly looking for the "best of the bunch", pick this title up and try it out. There is nothing wrong with playing a tried and true classic, especially if it is FF11! Expand
  11. Aug 13, 2012
    wasted alot of my life on this game but not alot alot! like some of the virgins on this game. The people on this game really ruined the game for me. they where such low life losers but other then that the game was good when it was out DONT EVER BUY IT NOW!
  12. Nov 13, 2012
    I have played FFXI in the past off and on for 3 years. 70 Beastmaster 70 Blue mage and something else that escapes me but its unimportant. I think that its almost a crime for this to be sold on steam for $20.00. This game is outdated in almost every way. Additionally The shots in the steam screenshot will more than likely never be seen by anyone new to this game as I suspect the content is max level which takes months to be able to get near it and more months to actually do all of the other stuff you will have needed to finish to get there. I rate this game with a low score only because it may prevent someone today from wasting money. This game was decent when it came out and for a few years after but now most everyone has been playing for years and will be unlikely / unwilling to help you catch up as it is literally years of content. There is a HUGE learning curve and after a certain point you need a party or at least a few key people playing certain classes for anything and everything. Including level caps that require quest/boss encounter to continue leveling every ten levels after a point. This game is immensely time consuming but also very reward when you do complete something minor. Speaking of classes while there are a ton of classes you are pretty much pigeonholed into something /nin or /sam etc because thats the only way people will party with you. Oh you havent unlocked those jobs yet? sorry another few weeks of play for you. This game is memorably punishing as well. The horrible noise it makes when you delevel away hours of work in two deaths is unforgettable. I had many a grand time playing this game back a few years ago but that is where this game should stay... in the past. It launched on PS2 for goodness sake. Expand
  13. Nov 13, 2012
    The game FFXI was the first mmo I had played, since then I have played many others like Tera, Diablo 3, WOW, GW2, Forsaken world, and many others but none ever quite match up to FFXI. i played for 5 years and i want to play again. totally awesome and unforgettable game.
  14. Nov 14, 2014
    I stopped playing when Abyssea came out, not my cup of tea. I've since returned and am really enjoying the quality of life improvements. You can now use "Trust Npc's" and your adventure buddy to make a party of five that exceeds the quality of any casual party I've been in. As a solo player with these npc's I can fight Incredibly Tough mobs and get proper xp. If you have or make even one human friend you can have a full party. I also appreciate the ease of travel now with the ability to teleport among home point crystals and survival guides including the past and bcnm zones. I even have a warp ring now that never runs out of charges so I don't have to sub /blm or beg for a warp2. I've turned my level 60 AF gear into level 109 reforged gear and I can solo a campaign battle with it on (the entire enemy force). Trusts work in campaign also, btw. I have yet to try Adoulin content, but even without it I am pleased. Come back and play during the free time and/or get the package discount they're offering. I wish more MMO's genuinely cared about their product. If you're new, come to Carbuncle server and I'll party with / help you. I'm a big ugly galka named Larodar. Expand
  15. Mar 23, 2013
    One of the best MMOs I've played in my life. It's the one game that I've consistently enjoyed over the years. The game's only problem, though personally I don't consider it to be a problem, is it is a bit grindy. The community however is one of the best I've ever seen in my lifetime of playing tons of MMOs and for an MMO, the community makes the game.
  16. Sep 24, 2013
    I had expected this game very much. Because this game is series of Final Fantasy (FF) that is a very popular and famous video game. And I really like Final Fantasy series. But, my hope was betrayed when I played FF 11. FF 11 is very tedious and dull. And the story of FF 11 is also very thin. This game has neither excitement nor impression that ever has FF series.

    The components of the
    stories called "Mission" or "Quest" are very troublesome and monotonous chores. For example, some of those collect items that enemies drop. But enemies rarely drop them. So, players must continue to fight same enemies in a same place. It is very dull.

    Level of player is hard to rise around after player reaches to level 10. Because experience points that player can get decline little by little. So player feel it tedious. First of all, the battle system of this game is long and monotonous. Additionally, experiment points we can get are small. Therefore it must be a pain.

    Cities and fields are very wide unnecessarily. Dungeons are complicated unnecessarily too. Additionally, moving speed of player is very slow.

    Player is forced to do some time-consuming chores. For instance, player must write how to unite items very much. If player avoids it, Player must suffer from money, items, and his own weakness.

    In now, A.D. 2013, Final Fantasy 11 is thinly populated. So this game cannot work as MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game).

    This game has many malfunctions. For example, at a certain mission, player is said that "Get an item that a bat drops". Player cannot get any detailed information. But, there are many kinds of bat in this game. Player can get the item when player killed only a specified kind of bat. Furthermore, the kind of bat appears only at night. Thus, so many players cannot get the item. This game has many faults like it.
  17. Sep 7, 2013
    Oh my Final Fantasy XI what can I say, it is the first MMO I truly fell in love with. As all my reviews with MMO’s start out the same as I’ve been playing MMO most all my life and they are my favorite type of game to play. As this review is being done on 9/7/2013 that’s how I’ll be looking at the game as it stands now. I’m still currently subscribed to FFXi and really have no plains of unsubscribing even with FFRR out now. I’ve been playing since the game was first released on PS2 and took a year or two off around 2005 because of a move. The game itself is really in a category of its own when it comes to MMO’s there is really nothing else quite like it out there. It still has a decent community and it’s one of the strong points of the game, people are extremely friendly and helpful. The game will defiantly require you to search the internet A LOT, this is a true adventure that will not hold your hand and tell you where to go. The game itself is much different then is was a few years ago due to game tweaks and changes done by SE in an attempt to appeal to a larger audience. However even with the leveling difficulty dialed back a little this is still a very hardcore mmo make no mistake about it. Game maps are just maps and don’t have any kind of way point system even when doing quests or missions. Quest/mission logs are simple in comparison to today’s MMO quest tracking. Combat is stats based, but I find the animations and combat very enjoyable. Graphically the game looks good for being over 10 years old now, but get the pc version it’s by far the best. Let me be honest I’m very biased when it comes to this game; like I said before it’s the first MMO I really fell in love with. With that being said it defiantly will only appeal to a select audience due to the nature of the game. I find it very enjoyable and rewarding when I complete something in the game due to the high challenge of the game. I’ve also made some great friend through FFXI that I still play with today. In closing is a 10 out of 10 for me any day of the week and I’ll most likely hold a memorial service in it’s honor is SE ever shuts it down. My best advise to anyone joining is be social, ask questions any of the severs have a great hardcore friendly community willing to help new people out. If your not social this is not the game for you as missions and quest require parties. Expand
  18. Jan 26, 2014
    Best MMO RPG in existence to date. unfortunately the population has become low due to how old the game is i believe it should become FTP.

    It far exceeds ffxiv in every single aspect accept for Graphics.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 25
  1. It has more good points than bad though, at the least it will tide you over until the next generation of MMORPGs hits the streets and at best you will have fun for months, even years to come.
  2. 80
    Things are only going to get better as they add new content, so you can expect to see this game living a long and healthy life.
  3. 83
    The most beautiful MMORPG currently available. Its environments are second to none, and the character models are elegant and, frankly, a pleasure to behold. The world also feels more alive than any other.