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  • Summary: Final Fantasy makes its way to the PC as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 26
  2. Negative: 13 out of 26
  1. We can't recommend that you spend $50, and then $12.99 a month after the first 30 days, on a title that has as many flaws as FFXIV does. But we can recommend that you keep an eye on the news to see how this game evolves.
  2. Final Fantasy XIV has a great potential, but it needs to evolve.
  3. Dec 19, 2010
    With some obvious flaws that render the game difficult to play at best, Final Fantasy XIV will benefit from some updates in the near future. It's not bad by any means, but it's tough to recommend until the glaring issues have been dealt with.
  4. 49
    Final Fantasy XIV offers the potential but for now, it's lacking in too many areas to recommend.
  5. 40
    MMORPG with great potential is sunken by fatal bugs and errors – first comes a catastrophic interface followed by the absence of player-to-player communication. [Issue#199]
  6. Dec 19, 2010
    It is woefully inferior in every important way to almost every MMO ever released - let alone recently.
  7. It's a travesty to release an already mediocre game before ironing out all the kinks in its broken interface and having enough content to keep it interesting. It honestly feels like the PC version is just the beta test for next year's PS3 version.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 50 out of 170
  1. Sep 30, 2010
    This game is AMAZING! The graphics are stunning, Character creation is light years ahead of FFXI, and gameplay is amazing! The most amazing aspect of this game is the crafing and harvesting. While I have always been a crafter in MMORPGs, the crafting system in FFXIV is far more engaging than any other MMO that I have played. Even the harvesting is addicting, which is refreshing. I have been looking forward to this game for years and I am NOT disappointed! Expand
  2. Nov 19, 2010
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really don't understand where all the bad ratings are coming from considering this game is a brand new mmo. All mmo's have problems upon the first release. This is not you're normal mmo. It is not WoW, Warhammer, Aion or even FFXI for that matter. It is not meant to be compared to any of these either. FFXIV is breaching new ideas and styles of play for it's version of the game. It is revolutionary. All these small problems, that don't make the game unplayable, are set to be fixed by the end of 2010. I personally love the game so far. It's graphics are impeccable, the style of leveling is unique and the feel of the game is it's own. It's potential is breaking through with every patch and it can only get better. I have played every mmo ever made, so my opions are not bias. If you are looking for one of the first new mmo's post WoW to take control of the mmo fan base, this is it. Just give the developers time to work out the kinks. For those reading reviews and want to know more about the UI, it is set to be patched Nov 25 2010. Expand
  3. Oct 17, 2010
    Graphisms are absolutly Amazing !!!! Craft system is very deep, hard and interconnected. Leves are a good way to group and meet people from everywhere in the world. Traductions are very good, animations wonderfull. Only things that are not good are : UI and target system. But it will be fixed very soon with next patchs. So, i don't worry about the future of FF XIV ! Expand
  4. Oct 15, 2010
    Pros: -Excellent Graphics -Excellent Music -The design of the class system is new and original Cons: -Unbearable laggy interface -Boring guildleves (Main storyline is good however)
    -Too much walking, incredibly inconvenient
    -Market system is a joke
    -Crafting is insanely complex and hard (No recipe lists, level 5 items need level 20 materials, etc.)
    -No bosses, no real endgame content
  5. Oct 13, 2010
    3 points por graphics,-1 point because resources optimization doesn't exist in this game.The rest is very poor.The worst numeric final fantasy.Compared with other mmorpg,ffivx is boring,frustrating,and very expensive,and doesn't have any innovations.What a waste of time. Expand
  6. Nov 2, 2010
    Pretty awful game. Yikes. I can't believe anyone is giving this a good review. SE must be putting some interns to work! I could go on about the glaring faults, including the retainer system, the copy-pasted dungeon crawler like terrain, the UI lag (oh my GOD the lag), the lack of content at every level, the ridiculous skill point system, the grinding, the broken party mechanics, etc., etc., etc. I could go on and on and on. The bottom line though, and the reason why people aren't going to play this game without serious improvements (if there's even enough left to salvage) is that FFXIV isn't fun. At all. Many people, including myself, bought this game because of the Final Fantasy name, and I have a feeling that we won't be making the same mistake again. Expand
  7. Aug 31, 2013
    This game should be called "Log In Simulator: An Error Reborn" because if you can even get the character list to populate and if you can even create a character, when you try to log in, you get an error on your screen preventing you from logging in because the servers are full. What did Square Enix do to remedy this issue? They limited the server population and logins so the people that are already in-game can play without a server crash, which wouldn't happen in the first place if they had prepared for it. When you actually get in game it's pretty good, but the hardest quest in the entire game is logging in. Expand

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