Firefall - Verticality Gameplay Trailer

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Description: Check out a Firefall gameplay trailer featuring jetpacks, gliders, and vertical exploration.

Comments (16)

  • jesslee099  

    To Infinity and beyond!

  • CarbineMess  

    is now a friggin' expert in glidin', boo-yeah!

  • reygatdula11  

    I'd hate to think of it if the game had no Jetpacks, it's such a main characteristic of the game that the mechanics depend so much on this.

  • bastibastimau  

    I'm sold, because jet packs. That rocketeer film did a good number on my feels from way back.

  • l00kintoomiize  

    No need for ships, the jetpacks make the whole difference with other's excellent!

  • NippleTuck  

    Even in games I'm afraid of heights!

  • Humonculous  

    Flying in this game using the jetpack takes a serious getting used to, but it's okay.

  • ChampionChupa  

    used to be that I kept getting owned by air superiority in Tribes and flying vehicle modes in UT, but not anymore - I'm at my best with Firefall and flying

  • T1g3rbl00dz  

    Not too fond of the Jetpacks but that video is dope

  • 5p33d5t3rNow  

    Vertical freedom = ace game in my book

  • EclecticSkyDirt  

    that's what I love about this game. Jetpacks.

  • CuddlyOwlBear  

    The Tribes-like vertical fighting does it for me. Nostalgic and overall a fun component (your'e not limited to the ground).

  • alexdsams  

    fun jumps, bungee pew pew aliends

  • kacyperry  

    woot space jump packs, reminds me of Warhammers

  • Berhodes  

    lol Vertical leap is amazing !

  • lawlessray  

    looking awesome, futuristic lazorrrss vs aliensss