• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Nov 1, 2012
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 208 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 50 out of 208

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  1. May 21, 2013
    Who ever reads this you have to understand two things about me. 1: I have spent, many many many meticulous hours on this game and all of the other football managers. In fact clocking up 1000's of hours on each FM series. 2: I am a qualified football coach, with a FA coaching level 2. From what experience I have managing football, I have to say that this game is the closest thing you'll get to managing a team. Yes, there are a few things that need slightly improving but I believe that this game is the closest footballing experience you can ever possibly have without doing the real thing. The game is absolutely endless, the vastness and depth that they add to every year is beyond anything I've ever seen in gaming or indeed simulation. The game wont win awards for graphics or sound or game play, but it will win awards for being an absolutely incredible experience. Play this game, no matter who you are your interest and knowledge of football will increase because of it and you'll see football in general in a different light. You just know that this series will keep getting better and better. 10/10 from me. Expand
  2. Aug 31, 2013
    The best manager I've ever played a game. I can only write about good things that are good for innovation. Classes can bind to the machine off. I look forward to the next part.
  3. Feb 13, 2013
    I blew 232 hours on this bad boy after about a month and a half. If I can spend that much time absorbed in a game, it has to be top quality, it is. One thing, you need to go to various fan sites to download decent skins, logos, faces, and various misc stuff to make it look good. Out of the box, it's not ready.
  4. Mar 7, 2013
    This game humbled me. The sheer depth to this game is truly remarkable. From managing a league down to choosing which foot a player should use or not use. Seriously. The devs managed to capture every single aspect to managing a football team. Yet, the actual matches are fast and fun and aren't burdened by all the management details. Just an all-around fun game. If you have any interest in football or want to learn plus have fun, this is your game. Expand
  5. Jan 25, 2013
    I don't see how anyone who really loves football can give this anything less than a 10. The hours I've spent on this are countless and I still go back for more. Sure it has the occasional annoying AI issues but you can overlook that...sometimes players in RL do stupid things too. The UI Is not as good I'll say that much but with skins being made for it by users you can tweak the game and its database giving it more of a person touch. Stupidly addictive and a lot of fun. Expand
  6. Mar 14, 2013
    Very complex, yet very addictive single player. You can manage in almost every league on the world, from Premiership to Sudan Premier League. Find best youngsters and develop them to make them successors of current generation. Prepare to be mad a lot when your top striker will get injured on training, or you'll lose a goal in 94th minute of playoff game, but be overjoyed when it'll be your team scoring winner in stoppage time, or when you'll be drawn to weakest group in Champions League. Multiplayer adds way more emotions when human players play against each other. Expand
  7. Dec 13, 2013
    Brilliant simply Brilliant... This game may have been the single reason that i failed my GCSE Business studies. I took me a good 8 months to get bored with this game. this game had me fall inlove with the franchise and i look back at it as the most addictive game i have ever played.
  8. Nov 11, 2012
    After a long time playing F.I.F.A. and PES i found the most good Football game that ever be made.
    This Game has everything you want as an Football Fan.
    I give it an 10 ^_^
  9. Nov 4, 2012
    Great game with a better simulation. Great interface, large database. There new mode: Classic mode is terrific. I lost track in spending so much time in maintaining the team, therefore I was hesitating to buy FM2013.
  10. May 20, 2013
    football manager 2013 is awesome the best yet dont now what people are hating on this game for wake up if u dont like dont play it simples it piss me of when people slag of a game ill like to see u do better
  11. Jul 16, 2013
    This is not as easy as previous parts,here we've got huge problems with the tactics.
    Even playing RM or PSG,MC it will be difficult to achieve your goals without primary tactic
    I used to play for Fiorentina,every single season I had to add something new in formation or i change the tactic at all.
    And FINANCE. Is that corruption in that game?money always waste from my budget(no debts,no
    transfer points). And it wasn't only Fiorentina's career
    But still it is a good game,I am a fan of it from FM 08, each year it gets more and more difficult.
  12. Nov 4, 2012
    I bought this game wondering how they could improve an already stellar experience, but they managed it. The AI of the players when watching the 3D match engine for me is the best improvment. It really feels like a proper game of football.
    Adding the FM Classic mode, whilst I prefer the standard game, is a nice addition to the series. Not everyone has the time or patience to play the full
    game, so a scaled down version will suit a lot of people. I would like to add aswell that the "micro transactions" only apply to this mode. People moaning about this need to realise that the main game is NOT affected by this addition. I personally don't see this an an issue, it's not hard to find a downloadable data editor which many people use anyway so if people want to cheat, then they will. Micro transactions are the future of gaming whether we like them or not, so it doesn't surprise or bother me that they're included. The simple thing to do if you don't like the idea of paying them is...Not to pay them. Simple. Expand
  13. Jul 11, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Football Manager 2011+12 was really easy.. 2013 is more challenging, and really improved, 10/10,
    My most played game on steam.

    The new training system is great and easy to work with.
    The gameplay is wonderful.
    The sound.. meh, they could make the fans more realistic (example: Lords of Football) but it's okay..
    The graphics are really improved from FM12.

    Fantastic game, 10 out of 10.
  14. Aug 19, 2013
    great upgrades in comparison with FM12 nice gameplay excellent 3D match engine transfers are more realistic .I saw some really infair critics that they ruin FM13 metascore.... dont buy it if you dont know how to play people

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. 82
    Developer SI has delivered the best manager in several aspects of gameplay, introducing new elements, while simultaneously reinstating some classic, loved features from the past. [December 2012]
  2. Jan 27, 2013
    The depth and scope of Football Manager 2013 are impressive. I only wish that the developers hadn't taken the 2-in-1 approach where they bundled a traditional version that is in need of polish, with a simplified Football Manager Classic aimed solely at new players. Pleasing old fans while bringing in fresh blood is a very risky balancing act. Sports Interactive should think about where to focus their efforts.
  3. Jan 24, 2013
    When you strip away the fluff of the career mode it's one of the deepest, most addictive games around. [Feb 2013, p.67]