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  • Summary: Fritz Chess 8, written by Frans Morsch, is identical to the one that fascinated the world in the man vs Machine duel against the human world champion. Millions of chess fans watched the games live on the Internet - the match ended in a 4:4 tie. "Deep Fritz is stronger than Deep Blue," said world champion Vladimir Kramnik, who had carefully studied the program. But don't be afraid, Fritz is not just a chess playing monster. It is a friendly chess partner for beginners and amateurs. It will teach you to play chess from scratch, and can automatically adjust its playing strength to suit your needs. It will warn you when you go wrong in a game, giving you hints on how to play better. [Excalibur Publishing] Expand
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  1. If you’re into chess you’re into Fritz Chess 8 but even if you’re only a casual chess player or perhaps someone who hasn’t played in a long time I think you may be pleasantly surprised at just how much there is to be gotten out of this program.
  2. To those who are just beginning, and in need of a strong tutorial, I recommend "Chessmaster." But for the advanced player, Fritz 8 Deluxeis far superior. Fritz contains stronger engines and a deeper database. For those students learning opening books, or looking for move analysis, it is ideal.
  3. It is tailored to you - based on your input and actual play. Of course you can play above your actual ranking if you wish, but if you let it operate honestly, it will keep you at a comfortable level with subtle, incremental challenge as you progress. It really, really thinks.
  4. Though visually the game is not exciting and navigation may hold you up a bit in the beginning, Fritz 8 Deluxe is everything a chess lover could want. You may never need to buy another chess program.
  5. It's a supreme reproduction of the original strategy game, very easy to use and well worth the asking price for anyone interested in chess.
  6. 80
    As a chess tool Fritz definitely has the edge but its presentation keeps it from being fully appreciated by all but the most persistent, attentive players.
  7. The game is chess, and at chess Fritz is good. It’s most everything else that I wasn’t happy about.

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  1. AlesZ.
    Feb 7, 2005
    The best chess engine on the market.