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  • Summary: Girl with a Heart of is an interactive narrative that progresses as Raven converses with the inhabitants of her multi-level city. During these conversations, the player is confronted with choices that influence other characters' reactions and determine the flow of the story. The "correct" choices are not always straightforward; decisions that seem good can actually be detrimental and players must use rationality and logic to succeed. The unfolding narrative is accompanied by stylized graphics that depict a world where darkness, not light, is the primary life source. Expand
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  1. Dec 27, 2011
    However its production values are very low, this game did impress me with an emotional story and tough moral choices it forced me to make. [January 2012, p.73]
  2. Nov 28, 2011
    Girl With A Heart Of is a decent first game that, sadly, has a number of flaws preventing it from achieving greatness.
  3. Jan 10, 2012
    For those wishing to concentrate solely on a story you have some influence over, the experience may prove worthwhile during the few hours it takes to complete the first time through (with diminishing returns on each replay). For those seeking a playable challenge to go with the tale, however, there isn't a whole lot here to get your blood pumping.
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  1. Feb 19, 2012
    I had a fantastic time with this game which only had a few flaws that prevented it from being a superb game. First and foremost, this game is not for anyone who 'only enjoys shooters' or 'can't handle games with graphics that aren't completely up to date'. The game itself is full of many choices, most of which are meaningful. The combat was interesting, but under used. It should of not been put it in at all or been used more. The ending of the game was very disappointing, as it was just a paragraph long. This might make the choices seem gimmicky, but really, they effected me emotionally. Although this game is lacking for a game, it really played with my emotions and made me happy, sad, curious, and more. I recommend this game for anyone who is looking for an interactive and different experience. Expand
  2. Dec 29, 2011
    The heart of this game is role-reversal. You play on the dark side vs the light, people who you think you can trust you can't, etc. Like most small development teams this game suffers from ambitious concept and poor execution. The graphics are serviceable and the plot engaging enough that I played it though to the end. Yet the interesting character customization has no impact on game play so you spend time doing stuff that frankly doesn't advance the story. You go through an extensive training session to learn magic and skills and then there are only three battles in the entire game! I got this game for free so I can't complain on the cost. But honestly, even for free there are better things to do with one's time. Expand
  3. May 28, 2013
    I'll start with the Pros:
    Quality art
    Interesting underlying story, if you can get past the preachy dialogue
    Sound was decent.
    story-changing choice mechanics
    The art, while high-quality for a small-team indie game, is bizarre. The game plays on light/dark, and instead of representing it normally, the different types are drawn in a strange photoshop-inverse style. Really didn't like it, and it was distractingly ugly in cutscenes.
    Dialogue: The dialogue was really pretentious. Often it felt like the author was trying to preach to the player instead of telling a story. Conversations felt like notes out of a textbook instead of dialogue.
    Combat: Combat is underused and really boring. Why include it at all?
    Text: Some of the worst text in a game of this kind I've ever seen. Purple on black, odd placement, hard to read.

    I really enjoy these types of games usually, but this one fell flat to me. I left feeling underwhelmed and kinda angry due to the preachy dialogue. Some of the endings were interesting, but they really should hire a new writer for the next game they do.