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  • Summary: (Also known as "GTA IV") What does the American Dream mean today? For Niko Belic, fresh off the boat from Europe. It's the hope he can escape his past. For his cousin, Roman, it is the vision that together they can find fortune in Liberty City, gateway to the land of opportunity. As they slip into debt and are dragged into a criminal underworld by a series of shysters, thieves and sociopaths, they discover that the reality is very different from the dream in a city that worships money and status, and is heaven for those who have them an a living nightmare for those who don't. The PC version features an "expanded" multiplayer mode. [Rockstar Games] Expand
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  1. If you've been waiting for the ultimate version of GTA 4, then this is it, providing you can put up with a fair amount of hassle to get the game running well and all the services you need to sign up to in order to play the game in the first place.
  2. Grand Theft Auto IV means the matureness for Rockstar, abandoning -though not completely- all its insane humor and arcade action, this chapter of Niko Bellic captures the essence of the american society with black humor, great narrative and the characteristic 'sandbox' gameplay that the franchise has featured all this years. For the PC version all stays the same: only the great technical optimization, the original video-editor and the 32 players online modes are present as news. But, when you leave a masterpiece exactly the same, its a right move.
  3. Impressively bumped-up visuals, more multiplayer carnage and a well-built video editor; this is the ultimate version of 2008's premier sandbox game. If you've got the specs to run it.
  4. Even though GTA IV is enormously hardware-hungry, it remains one of the prime examples for a console-game that only got better by releasing it for the PC. [Issue#17]
  5. A genuinely ground-breaking blockbuster in videogame history. There were moments playing GTA IV that I thought back to my initial experiences with games, and realised exactly how far we've come. There's never been anything quite like GTA IV in the world. That there makes me genuinely happy to be a gamer.
  6. It's basically a remake of GTA 3 with a bigger budget, a new cast of characters and solid storytelling. And it's still incredibly captivating.
  7. Overall, I’m simply disappointed with Rockstar when it comes to Grand Theft Auto IV. PC gamers already get shafted with the slow GTA releases compared to the consoles. To have all the bugs at launch that it did makes me wonder what happened during the testing period. It’s also missing a lot of great features that were included in San Andreas.

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Score distribution:
  1. EyjoK.
    May 18, 2010
    Best game ever! Clueless punks giving this game a 0 when they should jsut play it on console then. For real PC gamers that understand the hardware and know how to configure their systems this game is a 10 all the way. I have been playing it since it came out and i will probably still be playing it after 3 years or so when GTA 5 comes out. The DLC pack even finally came out for PC so i hopefully will be experianceing Liberty City again. This game is a technological marvel on all accounts so OFCOURSE you will need a PC capable of running it. This is not the same game as on the consoles! The PC version looks MUCH better even on low settings( i play all high with everything MAXED OUT at HD resolutions) and the CPU power needed is immense. At least a quad is required as this game is higly multithreaded and a decent GPU (video memory is important). My only complain is the lack of Multi-GPU scaling but maybe with a better cpu the scaling would be better. Maybe a x64 bit version of the game could help boost things but perhaps it would just double the memory requirement. Anyways thank you ROCKSTAR for bringing GTA4 to the PC and doing it so that its much much better then the console version. Expand
  2. Oct 31, 2014
    best game ever . all gta games are the best series . i played those games 2 or 3 times over with all DLC, and I still can play them again and again, because the story in those games is so great . waiting for GTA V PC !!! Expand
  3. MikeN.
    Dec 30, 2008
    With Core2 Duo (3 Ghz Wolfdale), 2 gb and Geforce 8500 the game is generally playable, though the framerate can drop to a stutter once in a while. There also appears to be a memory leak that requires a reboot every so often. The two background processes are annoying. Other than that, it is standard GTA fare, with superb cutscenes, lots and lots of interesting characters and a superbly designed model of New York City. The missions are solid, if somewhat unoriginal. We've seen this game before, but it still offers far more gameplay and story than anything else you can buy. Expand
  4. Oct 6, 2013
    Grand Theft Auto is Grand Theft Auto. It's a game where you get to steal any car you want, murder any person you want and get away with it scot-free (well almost, unless you're caught in the act but the cops are pretty incompetent). It's every misogynist's fantasy and it does it very well. However, the game is pretty dated now so you're probably better off with newer and far superior fare such as Mafia II or Sleeping Dogs, if you're into this sort of thing. Expand
  5. SergeyRubin
    Dec 6, 2008
    Game is quite ok...

    If you don't count amount of useless, not needed stuff you have to install (Microsoft Live, Rockstar Social Club
    <--WTF?, DRM Securom), awefull performance on top end PC, bugs and other signs of awesome console port. Great job Rockstar.

    Good to see that your earned millions helped to make such a wondefull game.

    Too bad I can't get my money back and wait for proper release.

    And too bad times, when picking folder where to install game was only thing required from user during installation, are gone.
  6. TuureO
    Dec 18, 2008
    This game doesn't deserve anybody's money. I had to download 5 different applications, register to many clubs before even being able to play it, and after that i still got a error message. Then when i started the game, and changed the resolution and refresh rate (1600x1200, 85 Hz) The screen went black saying "Sync out of range", so clearly, my screen can't handle that much of refresh rate, but the thing is, i couldn't not change them back since all I could see was black. Absolutely ridiculous. After few weeks when not getting any useful help from rockstar, i had to think of something. Then, i thought maybe i should take few screenshots of the menu, and it worked. The screen was black, but i could take screenshots of it. This way i was able to navigate through the menu with sounds and pictures. The game itself is great, buggy and heavier than crysis, but after that much of trouble, it doesn't matter how good the game is. 2/10. Expand
  7. May 25, 2014
    A Rockstar tem uma falta de respeito muito grande pelos PC Gamers... este jogo é pesado demais... e até hoje em dia, nem todos os PC's rodam esse jogo!! Você terá que desembolsar R$ 2.000 (US$ 2.000) pra rodar no máximo!! Expand

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