• Publisher: NCSOFT
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
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  1. Apr 4, 2014
    Although good, very overrated. If you're looking for the next big MMO, this wont be it. It's a simple distraction which will last you about 200 hours max, which aren't always that fun. It is good value per money if you only account for the play time, although it is quite boring sometimes and if you want good value for your money that you will actually enjoy, just buy a single-player RPG. It's overrated, since it's buy-to-play and doesn't require a 15 dollar-per-month subscription, although chances are, you're not going to play past that month anyways. Expand
  2. Sep 6, 2013
    I’ve played a lot of MMO’s in my time as they are the main type of game genre I play. I got Guild Wars 2 upon launch just over a year ago now and I still play it today. The game for me in short is a master peace as it still has that wow factor for me even now. It really mixes up a lot of the old fashion MMO formulas and improves on them. Combat is fun and engaging, questing is interesting making you always wanting to do one more thing before logging off. PVP is fun and has a great changing player community. Visually maybe not the best looking MMO but defiantly in the top 3 as its art style is absolutely beautiful. The game is also updated approximately every 20 days with new content, this is a good thing but some may not like it. Updating every 20 days brings some new things to do keeping the game feeling fresh but they are not large patches like other MMO updates. This to some may feel that the changes are not enough however for me I enjoy it. I rather have small changing addressing issues and adding new contact faster then waiting for months for an update to add big content or fix issues.

    The community is friendly and I’ve never had an issue finding or meeting new people to do stuff with, defiantly one of the best mmo communities out there. Guild Wars 2 is a buy it once with no monthly fees to pay after, however there are alternatives to support the game through micro transactions. Before you think it’s a pay to win I’m here to tell you it’s not, the items found in the store are visual changes or convenience items and are not required to buy. The music is fantastic and Jeremy Soule really does a great job of capturing the lore of the game and adding to the atmosphere. The controls are great and I love the way the abilities are done. You have 10 abilities you can have equipped plus the option to swap weapons on the fly witch will change you abilities, however it goes way deeper then that. Each class can you almost use every weapon in the game giving you assess to a wide range of abilities. Further you can dual wield but not only the same weapon, for example as a thief I may have a dagger equipped in my main hand with a pistol in my off hand. I know it may sound confusing but once you play it, it just makes sense and its easy making it very difficult to go back to a mmo that is so strait and narrow with weapons. Combat is very fun and you have the ability to roll/dodge out of the way in real time to incoming attacks so it make combat more engaging no more standing there just watching animations of state only based combat play out. Crafting is fun and well organized as in your bank, each item has a place and a category making it easy to find things you have or items you need to get. Once you have the items crafting is fast and easy no more sitting though long animations doing nothing just craft it and you done.

    In closing Guild Wars 2 ranks for me either 1st or 2nd as far as my favorite mmo’s of all time. It’s a great mmo an industry changer in my eyes that will not be for everyone however if your looking for a fun innovative new look at mmo’s it’s only been a year since release get in on it now and enjoy.
  3. Sep 14, 2013
    Best MMO of 2012 for me. This game's worth downloading. I have really enjoyed the gameplay of this game. The graphical details in this game is above any other MMO. I love all those powerstyles. Those power effects are well programmed. There's almost no glitches. The game runs smoothly. It clearly deserves a rating of 10.
  4. Sep 17, 2013
    This game is one of the most beautiful I have played, includes such features as armor recoloring anywhere for FREE, tho some dyes have to be found or purchased.

    Leveling is not a chore, you just run around having fun and gain levels without any real grind, the leveling isn't fast its just FUN!

    The only reason i don't give this game 9/10 is that i couldn't find anything to keep me
    playing, it didn't have an addiction for me, i still play it on occasion just to walk around and enjoy the beautiful world. Expand
  5. Sep 28, 2013
    After experiencing an MMO like guild wars 2, the thought of playing a game with backtracking fetch quests makes me shudder. The innovation in this game is like no other. Even though some MMOs such as DCUO eliminate backtracking it still has fetch quests and a ruptured community. In gw2 the graphics are stunning. The community is very pleasant due to the dynamic events system in the game which require you to cooperate with other players instead of camping there and waiting for someone to kill it and loot its chest. It also paves the way for new MMOs as previous MMOs have either a pay-to-win or a monthly subscription fee, GW2 however doesnt need either of those. In game purchases are mostly for aesthetics and you only need to make one payment to play the game as long as you'd like. Expand
  6. Oct 21, 2013
    This is a refreshing additon to the MMORPG genre. The devlopers have chaned almost everything since GW1 and have changed several of their design goals since launch, however, it is still a wonderful game. It has its goods and bads just like any other.
    Grinding for basic end game gear is minimal, but the option is there for a small bonus if you are addicted tot he farming aspect of MMOs.
    The WvW is fun and a unique experience, I would recommend finding a guild or leveling in PvE before trying it though, that way you don't die due to being outgeared.
    The combat is fun and dodging is refreshing. It is something you wish you could do in every other MMO but usually can't. The right click camera is a little weird, but there is an overlay that can change that if you are into Tera-like targeting. All in all, this game is fun, not perfect, but definitely not as terrible as some people say. Best MMO in a while,
  7. Oct 29, 2013
    Warning: Long Reading
    Guild Wars 2 is a well thought out MMORPG. The game is a "Buy once, no monthly fees". The engine of the game is really good and its community is even better. The game encourages players to take change and be nice to other players. Players don't need to be in a group to do stuff together as all players will get their own reward. Also, you know how most MMOs have you
    being super overpowered if you're in low level areas? In Guild Wars 2, you are sort of still powerful, however, you are a lot more equal to other players in that area, to prevent annoying players coming around and stealing a kill before you can even hit them. The choice of weapons on your character always changes, example would be wielding a Greatsword, you would get certain skills, then you change to a Sword or Staff, you get a completely different skill sent making very few players the same. The game also allows you to choose traits, which are like special skill points in other MMOs, not to mention you can choose many other "utility" skills. The World vs World system is very good too and the PvP is amazing. The crafting in the game is extremely unique though kind of boring to watch. As you create and item, you speed up the crafting depending on how many you craft. Example would be Iron Ingots, 1 taking about 10 seconds, and once you hit 10 Ingots, it's almost instant, making crafting fast and easy. You then got the PvE style of the game. You have not quests, but instead "events". Events are worldly problems in the game where you can choose to partake in it and get rewards, or even skip it. No matter what happens, almost every event affects the area around you, such as Centaurs have taken a town and now attacking another, or players/NPCs have started an assault on a boss or a camp or town or whatever. The game even has Dungeons where you have to do the Story first, then you can do the Exploration version of it. Making dungeons twice as fun, along with different paths you can take with it. What makes Guild Wars 2 even more fun is the fact you can have your very own story, making players not having the same stories as other player, though it can happen. Other players can also join your story (if they are the required level) if you're in a party with them. There is really nothing you can't do in Guild Wars 2, besides wearing armor that is either higher or lower than what you can wear, or wield certain weapons. The money of the game is also great, with a patch a month or 2 ago, you share money with all of your characters, and certain Dungeon rewards and Karma (Another Currency). You can even trade in Gold for Gems, which is the Real World Money currency of Guild Wars 2, making it an alternative source than actually going and buy about 2000 Gems for $20 or so. Expand
  8. Nov 9, 2013
    This game might seem hard and not as fun when you are starting out. But what game doesnt do that. once you get in a guild and start getting really involved with your guild and WvW it becomes the most time consuming addictive game ever.
  9. Nov 9, 2013
    I've never been into MMOs but this one compelled me because it had a very appealing pay once, play forever model, which any game should have. It didn't turn out to be as great as I thought it would be though, it's still fun and entertaining to play once in a while with a bunch of friends, but there are a couple problems that I'm going to explain.
    First of all, the world is absolutely
    MASSIVE, it's just that, there isn't that much to do in it, pretty much every quest is the same generic "kill 5 rats and feed my cows!", the skill challenges are the same thing, fight this one guy, get a skill point and you're done. Another problem which I find huge is how utterly annoying the wildlife is. Say you want just relax and take in the scenery, while peacefully walking through the mountains, no can do sir. There are literally tens of mobs on your screen at ANY given moment and EVERYWHERE, even some towns are infested with mobs. The worst thing is that these mobs are extremely aggressive and attack on sight, which makes getting anywhere a real pain. I'm trying to walk to a quest objective, not fight a thousand wolves for two hours for god's sake!

    One last thing that I'd like to criticize is the lore of the game, I'm just not feeling it, it's pretty shallow and with all the barbie dolls and Halloween pumpkins frankly quite unbelievable. And the last thing I almost forgot to mention, daily events. What's the point of these? Kill thirty bunnies? Twenty-five underwater creatures? Collect twenty pieces of wood? Why would I wanna do that? Why force people to grind? Well whatever, it's not a mandatory thing to do, just completely pointless in my opinion.

    Other than that the game is fairly solid and can provide countless hours of fun if you have friends to play with, for solo action I would recommend a classic single-player RPG backed by a strong story and quality lore. I'm not going to review the PvP element, it's solid, don't really care about it, look elsewhere for that.
  10. Dec 8, 2013
    Fantastic visual look and music. A great atmosphere and feel as you are introduced to the game. Quests well done. The overall setup with the pvp and public events add a level of dynamics that are missing from some other MMOs today. I've been in the midst of trying many different games the past 6 months and this one was one of the best.
  11. Dec 2, 2013
    A great game, well deserved of the 10 points. It has gone through many changes since it first was launched and it is now more entriguing than ever before. Check it out.
  12. Dec 5, 2013
    This is by far the most fun MMORPG I've played to date. I kept myself busy and entertained for months, and since there is no subscription fee, I'll be back to play again when I get the MMO bug again. Dungeon Crawlers are my favorite genre, so maybe I'm just expecting too much out of an item system and the overall story presentation, but I feel like there was more to be expected from the game on these aspects. Don't get me wrong, the lore for the world and the various weapon and armor skins were amazing, but the voice acting counterbalanced the interesting lore, and the lack of interesting items left the item hunt feeling a bit lackluster. Those problems being taken into consideration, and I still give it a 7/10. Expand
  13. Dec 11, 2013
    Just a fantastic MMO,with all new features of the modern MMOs.
    Gameplay one of the best of that kind of games.
    Music, the OST binds with the scenes very well,and its adaptive too
  14. Dec 18, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 is gorgeous, very fun to play and definitely very different to the plethora of other MMO's out there. It is undoubtedly among the best. You are able to jump as well as swim, leading to very interesting ideas such as jumping puzzles and huge explorable underwater areas.

    The cons:

    Skill simplicity and lack of customisation. This is especially apparent after having played
    the original guild wars. Having your skillset predetermined by what weapon you are holding feels very restrictive, and ultimately you tire of always using the same skills. I understand that this was done to reduce complexity, but instead there should be a larger set of skills predetermined by your weapon, from within which you select what skills you would like to use. There doesn't have to be many, just enough to give you the freedom to choose your own play style.

    Players who play more have access to better gear. This was not the case in the original guild wars, which rewarded extensive gameplay instead with better looking gear, rather than with superior stats.

    The lack of skill customisation leads to PvP feeling somewhat restricted. You will immediately know most of the skills that your enemy is about to use against you based on their profession and weapon chioce.
  15. Jan 9, 2014
    This game is still awesome with great graphics and great game play. The intuitive interface is still one of the best. The constant expansions, upgrades, updates etc... keep this game interesting. The satisfying feeling of discovering new areas and new things keeps coming all the time. After one year one notices the growth of the game to maturity. So with the rate te growth is going now, imagine what the game will be offering next year. Awesomeness I think all over again. The style of the graphics is catching and sucks one into the world of Guild Wars 2. Expand
  16. Jan 21, 2014
    Absolutely incredible. I'm not an MMO guy at all, really. I played WoW, Aion, ERA, The Secret World, SWTOR, all of the cheesy stuff put out by the P2W item mall companies, and this game had something the others did not. It was different. Very different in its presentation. It was gorgeous like TERA, but the
    combat was a little more challenging because you couldn't dodge as much as you
    wanted. It finally did away with standards set by WoW. There were more options in ways to level, it let newbies PvP as soon as they wanted, and best of all every class could play any role in their own unique ways. That sort of This game is the only reason I do not hate every MMO. Literally, this degree of flexibility is unprecedented in the genre, except maybe by SWG, though I never got to play it.

    Being a relatively shy player, getting into a party was a pain in the average MMO, and it was a requirement to progress most of the time since dungeons/raiding is a staple in many if not all MMOs. Which is sad, because the alternative staple is to grind away at generic quests. TERA said its quests would be different, the devs lied. GW2 said it'd be different and they delivered. Sure you could kill stuff most of the time to do quests, but you had other avenues to progress through your quests. The alternate ways to complete quests were often reasonable and creative. Anyway, I digressed, but the dynamic party system is fantastic and puts an end to the kill-stealing of mobs by other players in some of the genre's other games.

    The game may be a little P2W, but it is only technically so. You can convert the item mall and in-game currency between each other, allowing paying players to buy in-game items with essentially purchase gold. It's likely a glaring issue to many players, but it doesn't affect PvP or World vs World vs World in meaningful ways, and it doesn't affect the small-scale PvP at all as it uses its own special set of gear in place of your normal gear. In World vs World vs World stats aren't as noticeable because everyone is level 80 while there. Bought gear gives an advantage, but in the midst of 50+ vs 50+ battle, these advantages play a negligible role, which shows when you look at the WvWvW leaderboards. They are usually very close.

    I think sour players dislike the game for the wrong reasons. Maybe it's because it isn't a clone of GW? Or WoW? I think they are a minority. I think most people dislike this game because they saw currency conversion and looked no further before quitting/brushing the game off. Maybe they didn't like how they didn't have 100+ skills littering their screen to distract them from the game's beauty. Or how you could join as many guilds as you wanted, but could only represent one at a time. There's also the 'level grind' that doesn't exist. I level fast. I went up twenty levels in a day with WvWvW. The XP rewards scale.

    The only downside to this game is the currency conversion. Yes I know I shrugged at it earlier, but for people who gauge success by level(which hardly applies to GW2 outside of gear aesthetic), it can be lame. You can use gems to get gold to get crafting materials, and use the crafting system to max a character and a buy a set of max gear. As far as player interaction goes, this matters very little, as explained earlier.

    Kudos to Arena Net/NCSoft for having the courage to take risks and execute them well. May they carry this innovative philosophy on to other games they produce.
  17. Mar 4, 2014
    Best MMORPG so far. The best things in the game that count in score : graphics, background, personal story, living story and dynamic events. Teleportation points, vista, skill points, most jumping puzzles are good choices. We have 8 different class with some special bar per class Dungeons in scenario mode are relatively nice but need a certain level (80) and looking for group interface which existed lately. Dungeons in explorer mode is mush difficult and buggy. We can't do all 33 paths. We have also fractals with different levels. More accessible then dungeons at low level between 1 and 10. But after a certain level around 15 it is very difficult.

    Pve is far better then pvp. pvp is unbalanced in general, maps smaller then pve and often the same and mush more lag. Their is 2 kinds of pvp : WvW and structured. WvW and structured pvp contributes like pve to the duration of the games. They are complementary. WvW is nice because you have to take castle, garrison, tour, camp in a raid group using siege weapons. Structured pvp is nice because we need to take control of places and need some group tactic. Structured pvp is disappointing because we don't have nice skins affordable for characters.

    We have also a lot of activities for players how are bored from fighting.

    We can have up to 5 guilds per account. Not limited members. 10 levels of responsibility. Guild craft and missions. Need to represents a guild to chat with every member

    Game play : 8/10, graphics : 8/10, back ground : 8/10, lifetime : 8/10, sound : 8/10, community : 7/10, world : 8/10,

    personal story : 8/10, dynamic events : 8/10, living story : 7/10, normal pve : 8/10, jumping puzzles : 7/10,

    vistas : 7/10, teleportation points : 7/10, remarkable sites : 7/10, skill points : 6,5/10,
    yellow hearts : 5/10, achievements : 7/10

    fractals : 6/10, mini-dungeons (Vexa Lab, etc...) : 6/10, dungeons in scenario mode : 6/10, dungeons in exploration mode : 5/10,

    edge of the mists (WvW) : 7/10, wars of the mists (WvW) : 6/10, heart of the mists (structured pvp) : 6/10, activities : 5-6/10

    craft : 7/10, trade (auction house) : 7/10, character customization : 6/10,

    races : 7/10, classes : 7/10, mini-pets : 7/10, pets (ranger) : 7/10

    skills : 6/10, attributes : 6/10, fights : 5/10,

    titles : 5/10, guilds : 5/10,

    swim : 7/10, jump : 6/10, dive : 6/10, climb : 6/10, dodge : 6/10
  18. Feb 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Better than TOR, The Secret World, and TERA, all things considered.
    I've been purchasing every major MMO release this year and have left extremely disappointed each time. I would log in, see "kill X and Y", do the standard number mashing combat that you find in every MMO, and end up unsubscribing. I did try to give these games my all and see if I could break past the tedium, but I could not.
  19. Feb 23, 2014
    This game is as a welcomed change from all the other MMORPGs on the market. It's not like LOTRO where you have to pay for any kind of additional content (you can buy cosmetics as stuff like that, but that won't give you an advantage over other players). It will completely change your view on all MMORPGS and they bring out new content every two weeks which is amazing since you don't pay a monthly subscription.
    Overall it's a great game where you get an unbelievable amount of content for your money.
  20. Feb 24, 2014
    Очень хорошая игра, если вам надоели бесконечные квесты варкрафта, незаурядное вырезание пяти тысяч монстров в л2 - это ира для вас. Отличная графика, хорошая физика, интересная история у каждой расы, осады в режиме пвп, открытые ворлд боссы, тысячи рандомных событий в мире и многое другое. 9 из 10. Поставил бы десятку, но для меня шалит пинг на Eu регионе, ну и нет ру-локалицазии :)
  21. EMG
    Feb 25, 2014
    By far the best MMO I have ever have the joy of playing, Guild Wars 2 never fails to impress whether your fighting a world boss, going on a raid with 50 or so other players, exploring the vast detailed polished world of Tyria or even the very well made and addicting WVW/PVP game play which adds the competitive play to GW2. All in all the game feels smooth and easy to get used to while also taking skill and patience in other areas of the game at later levels. The constant monthly living world updates also leave more to do after the end game or reaching the final level. 10/10 Expand
  22. May 5, 2014
    This game wins in that I didn't find it frustrating to play most of the time. However, I was greatly let down by it's character story and it's rather Meh PvP.

    That being said, I don't regret a minute I played in this game. Very solid game.
  23. Jun 18, 2014
    The game is amazing, everything thats been said abot how it is different and fresh is true. There is but one major disadvantage. Two years after the release and there are still tons of bugs. And they keep piling up with every patch. The more I play it the more bugs I find and people seem to be used to them. Honestly the amound is kinda ridiculous. As for fixing them that just takes ages...
  24. Jun 10, 2014
    Hello i got around 3k hours of game time in gw2 and i pretty much played the **** out of it ^^ , and the first thing i got to say is that for a game you buy once without a sub this is the best investment i had in my 10+ years of playing mmos.
    Now i wont say this game is perfect , if it was i would still be playing in it , it has a barriar on the pve content which u get to pretty fast if
    u invest many hours in pve and the goals in pve after that aint to fun , farming for gold / skins . They also got the living story which was pretty much a fail so far altough i sure they did learn alot from it and season 2 will must likely be better.
    Now about the PvP , sadly WvW supports heavly on zerging around in one big group a thing they really need to work on and the structured pvp well i not much of a pvp person but i think they did improve it alot in the past years.
    The last thing is the gem store since the game has to make cash some how it turned to its virtual shop and thats pretty much the reason why season 1 pve content was pretty lame and evolved around new skins ( actully i can somehow compare it to diablo 3 auction house ^^ ) but Anet did say they dont want to have the gear grind of other mmo's... well ill just leave it as it is ^^.
    Anyhow now into a more optimistic approch ^^ i did spend alot of time in this game and thats because i played with friends and well i just loved the gameplay in this game , the classes feel pretty much uniqe and while playing with friends and swaping around the classes i could play pve content over and over again without getting bored for quite a long time.
    So in conclusion this game has its flaws but u cant have all in a game u pay for only once, but overall this game very much worth the one time buy investment.
  25. Jul 16, 2014
    This is a game a really wanted to like and I did give it a good six months. It has beautiful character models, an fun combat system, a non-gear based pvp system, and dynamic content (DC). The latter, DC, is what really got my attention, and is, in fact, what the publisher hyped about the game.

    Other things are interesting too, from the little (account wide banks and currency) to the
    big, especially the hub-free questing.

    Yet, somehow, for me, the whole is much less than the sum of its parts. I did enjoy maxing out a few characters and exploring the world. But after all, it just seemed a bit stale. The DC is quite weak in the end, much less interesting to me than RIFT's DC. The questing gets tedious and, quest-granting method aside, is still the same old kill-this/fetch that.

    Maybe they fixed this in the last few months but when I left, many folks were doing a very dull zone boss spawn loop in the starting zones collecting goodies. It was quick, it was efficient, and it was terribly boring. It's also a travesty of dynamic content: yes you had to wait for a boss to spawn but they spawned in the exact same order. No variation in timing or bosses.

    Pre-launch they promised that your actions would affect the world. If those in zone don't stop the bandits poisoning the water supply, it remains poisoned. Trouble is, while sometimes it does get poisoned, it doesn't really have any effect and more typically, if an event fails, you just immediately go to the next "fix it" step in the chain, essentially getting a slightly longer version of the quest.

    PVP was fun for a while and I think the cosmetic gear only rewards is interesting but A) why couldn't I wear this gear as town-wear so I could show it off outside of PVP and B) after level 30 or so, there was 50 or more levels of grind before there was any more gear I was interested in.

    In the end, I just got bored with it. I do sometimes pine for those gorgeous character models and sexy gear but when I pop on again after the publisher sends me their latest hook, I feel the same distaste for the game that I felt for WoW after playing it for three years solid. I just can't face the tedium. There's too little to hold my attention.

    Most of the gamers I know are the same way- fun for a while but easy to move on to something else. So if you can get it cheap, I think you can expect a few months of play out of it but don't be surprised if it does not hold your long term interest.
  26. Aug 10, 2014
    First of, this game has an amazing potential with it's innovative action-based combat system and awesome PvE. From the moment you create your character you get to know the main mechanics of the game and of your class. The classes give you big variety and a lot to choose from.
    From level 1 to 80 the game is amazing, lots of exploration, a nice way of telling you the plot and making your
    character progress through that plot. The exp rate is high making it a smooth expirience and not focusing a lot on repetitive grinding quests. The new dynamic events are pretty good however could be better. You can easily reach lvl cap (80) in about a month and from that moment on the game just goes downhill.
    After you hit lvl cap the game turns into a gigantic grind fest, with everything in the game consisting of mindlessly zerging around certain zones and that's it. The PvE after reaching lvl 80 is all that, there is no character progression everything you do is grind grind and grind for a hope of better skins, you have no objectives nor rewards for doing better or poorly at certain situations. There are a few dungeons (about 5) in the entire game, which are pretty decent but that get pretty repetitive and boring after a while with no enemy mechanics other than: "Dodge or Die/Get Knocked Back into a Hole".
    The game population has been decreasing a LOT with the bad decisions and back feedback of the devs that seem to let everyone confused. Dubious the development paths being taken day after day, the developers seem to ignore most of the requests on the forums and just do their own thing.
    The PVP and WvW is a mess (even tho it's still probably the best PvP MMORPG game), with certain classes just being dominant in every aspect and other classes just being completly irrelevant since day 1 of this game.
    The lack of patches to focus on balancing classes just lead to classes such as Warrior being dominant both in PvE and PvP with no one to ever representing any kind of challenge to them and other classes (eg Ranger) being so weak that it doesn't justify having any of them in any part of the game.
    The lack of holy trinity (Healer, Tank, DPSer) instead of leading to everyone feel useful just leads to everyone feeling useless and easily replacable and just leads to not justifying any build other than full-DPS.
    Overall the game represents no challenge at any point, badly balanced (leading to a bad WvW / sPvP expirience), with little to no-content being added and dubious development paths being taken over and over again.
    If you are looking for maybe a month or so of content, go ahead, otherwise you will be very quickly hit in the face by boring and monotonous events.
  27. Feb 20, 2013
    Guild Wars 2... I have such mixed feelings about his game. I will start with the PROs I will say it is a good game. It is high quality and it very detailed and adventurous. I love the world, the artwork and most of all the character creator. The character creator is possibly one of the best I have used and I had a lot of fun (In the beginning) playing this game. I waited a good long few months so i soak up what this game is all about from the gameplay and 'is it fun?' perspective. But, after the things I have encountered... though high quality, the game seems to be unfinished. I will explain. CONs First thing that annoyed me unlike other MMOs, is there are certain things that must come as standard in every MMO. By these I mean, trading with other players, mounts and a well designed and easy to use Auction House. This game lacks all of those. No trading option still puzzles me, but the auction house feels unpolished since it was first created, the text is choppy and the filters are terrible, ontop of that, the way the auction house is set up makes is EASY for other players and gold farmers/seller to exploit and drive up the currency market. Mounts, I understand Arenanets solution to no mount is to create instant teleport points. Yea, that is convenient, but personally I like buying/earning mounts in a game. I also love galloping through the environments. But, (I may be speculating) That taking the mounts out of the game frees up time and money creating the animations, skins, programming ect, making this a cooperate decision and not a game one. Next is the combat system and skill system. No trainers, no weapon learning, no nothing. Around level 30 you will unlock all you skill slots and spell you will use for the rest of the game exspereince. You will only have 5 weapon spells (5 more for underwater) and 6 buffs/cooldowns. That is it. i personally could not bare with using the same 5 or so spells over and over till lvl 80. The combat is just not fun. The weapon skills and spells are so limited. I feel brain dead though right now. This maybe the worst review I have written, but I feel I touched on the things that greatly disappointed me about this game. So to sum things up. PROS: No monthly fee, Excellent Character creator, Amazing world and environments, refreshing questing and story concept, good graphics and animations, and finally fun exploration and puzzle mechanics. CONS: NO mounts, NO player to player trading, Poor (But tolerable) Auction House and currency system, Limited spells and abilities, no tank/dps/healer concept (Which makes boss fights nothing but freelancing spell spamming chaos with no team work.), and a boring and repetitive combat system. Expand
  28. Jul 13, 2014
    Not the groundbreaking, revolutionary game we were promised, but great nonetheless. This game combines the best features from other games, and adds its own flavour, making it even better. It's not as good as its claiming to be, but one of the best choices right now anyway. It does at times tend to feel like a singleplayer RPG though, so find a group to play with and you should be fine.
  29. Aug 31, 2014
    The more I play this game the less I like it. i am primarily PVP orientated. Every class has been balanced damage/healing/tanking so that it can fill any role. Healing is grossly underpowered and DPS is king. Stuns and snares override any ability to fight and it becomes who can cc the best. World PVP is subject to the numbers of players on each side. If side A has more players it has a distinct advantage over Side B. If you are on a side that is losing, people become discouraged and log out making it almost impossible for the losing side to take control again. There are always stories of the small group that turns the tide with strategy, but, these events are relatively uncommon.

    Scenario PVP is brutal, fighting is often over in a matter of a few seconds, usually a combination of cc and deathblow.

    PVE is bland and droll, amusing at first, boring on repeat. Dungeons are the same.

    Decent gear is easily obtained, legendary gear gives trivial advantages and just looks neat.

    I loved Warhammer Online before they ruined it with horrible patches. This game is not recommended for a PVP player.
  30. Jan 15, 2013
    GW2 is great for casual players. It does feel like WoW at times... a lot of the time imo. Nothing new here, and really low difficulty. I would never pay a subscription for this game, but fortunately there isn't one. This is the key imo. Since it's a one time purchase, this game is well worth it. It's a huge rpg. That's the way i think of it. leveling is a solo-fest, and the community is so-so. But for a one time purchase fee, you will get far more content than any single player rpg out there, so you can't really complain. It seems real tactical teamwork, and cohesive communities (FFXI and EQ for example) are a thing of the past in the MMO world, which begs the question, why are we playing these games online. Sometimes i think games like this (GW2, WoW, SWTOR etc) could be easily be single player games with instanced co-op, like Demon's/Dark Souls. Like i said, at least this one is free. I give it an 8/10 Expand
  31. Apr 7, 2013
    While the visuals are beautiful and the world is big the forcibly attempt of trying to revolutionize the RPG genre is not fun. Taking away the holy trinity is a good idea but brings other problems. The most important issue however is the enforced auto-scaling of your level depending on the area you are. The game takes away any sense of power in the bigger style and the dungeons feel ill balanced until you are maximum level. before that they are a stressful annoying chore. Expand
  32. Jun 9, 2014
    This game should have two reviews, one pre-megaserver and one post it.
    The pre-megaserver game was great. It had servers with their own communities and faces that you will most likely recognize. It also bolster the World V World population by how easy it is for guilds to recruit.
    Each server/world has their own pride, much like a nation. And it was very easy to organize guild events.

    With the advent of the megaserver, everything I mentioned above were destroyed.
    Everyone now pve in one server which feels very bad to me because it's like helping your enemies in WvW get items/gold which they will use against you in WvW. What a stupid concept. Before this patch you know at least that most of the people you're helping on events were your own server pop with a few guests, now it's just mostly strangers. It's like taking a road trip, but instead of going with friends you pickup unknown peeps.------------------------------

    Now, the only people that would like gw2 is newbies who didn't know about the pre-patch gw2. It's like Anet deliberately culled the veteran population of gw2 so they could appease the casual newbie players(newbies who will realize later on that there is now no meaningful endgame content). ------------------------

    I don't know what anet is thinking. Besides, vets are the ones most likely to spend real money in the gem store. The only money they'll get from casual/newbie players are the game initial purchase. If it is their plan to gain short term money instead of guaranteed long term then it's probably an indicator that gw2 won't last much longer, and they're trying to get as much money before bailing out.---------------------------

    This is why I'm leary of Wildstar too. The same publisher(NCSoft) in gw2 manages wildstar. It's easy for me to think that what changed the gw2 into a megaserver is a financial decision(so they would incur less bandwidth). And I have a nagging suspicion that NCsoft has a hand in that. If that's the case then what would NCsoft do in wildstar that changes game mechanics so much like the gw2 megablunder.
    I gave a 5(average) for the review because it is now just one of the one world generic mmo out there.
  33. Feb 23, 2013
    The game tries hard and gets a lot right. And it gets a lot wrong. On the bright side there's the distinct lack of quest NPCs, but rather quest areas marked on the map that you just need to reach in order to be on the quest. Then again all these are the same. Kill waves of attackers, gather stuff off the ground, maybe even... do something else (no, not even remotely often enough). There's no reason to really care about that. Wander around the map hoping for events to pop up until you have gained enough experience to progress to the next map. Sure, there are VISTAS! Which serve no purpose, as they did in Assassin's Creed. Geez, there's a whole world around this point! Nope, no reason to care. There are a lot of fun things too, like the whole cattle launcher affair, but they're fun once only. Otherwise it's a grind and then some more grind. And tedious exploration for the sake of map completion achievements. As for the Multiplayer and Role-Playing parts... This is pretty much an anti-social MMORPG. You can resurrect others and you can work for a common goal if you are at the same event, but you don't even remotely care about others' classes or builds or whatever. This is especially bad in dungeons. You literally have no reason to bother with tactics just mash everything you have and maybe some combos will happen maybe, or maybe not, or whatever and you know, being a tank is not a good thing it's actually not a thing at all and rogues make the best tanks due to jumping around and I'm not even motivated to find flaws in this because it's BORING AND STUPID. Also you have 30-40 skills to unlock, out of which a whopping 5 (yes, FIVE) are available for use at any time and you pretty much don't even need anything beyond the five you actually like because if you want situational skill A you can't just use it anytime unless you unequip the always useful skill B beforehand. The personal story is good, somewhat personal and influenced by your character creation choices, but... After you're done with the first arc of it you are forcefully sent on an amazingly stupid and overwhelmingly boring and hugely pointless task of getting to know more of one of the lesser races of the world. WHY? WHY ON EARTH WOULD THE DESIGNERS THINK YOU WOULD EVER WANT TO DO THAT?! Oh, and as for the 8.0 user score can't help but notice the amazing amount of 10 points reviews published on 28/8/12 (the day after launch, no less). Expand
  34. Nov 7, 2014
    Stealth implementation in this game is bad. It’s not about thief, or mesmer or any class, but about stealth. I played all classes, you can try and see for yourself too. We won’t agree ever on everything, some people just like it as it is, and unless you played other games too, and have somehting to compare, can really understand how fun can be, when your opponent can counter whatever you do.
    Can someone who uses stealth be killed, defeated? Sure. You need to learn what to do and what not, but that’s true always.
    Can any class and build defeat any class and build? Certainly will be more difficult to do it on some or next to impossible on other (even if network latency, lag, player skill and so on is ignored).
    Then what’s wrong with stealth? “Learn and adapt, and stop crying” – true… just do that, but some will end with a bitter taste after these fights, and no fun at all. That’s the problem – games meant to be fun. For some, it is, no matter what, they like it. Let those who don’t like to tell you why we lose players…
    I despise stealth and I feel shame, guilt and I know I almost cheated, whenever on my thief I decide to use stealth, to get away from a fight that vent badly, or just recover and try again. Since that can be done endlessly, most of the time, unless you are not skilled enough. I know that rarely, if ever, my opponent enjoyed that fight. It all comes down to your personality: if you can be proud and taunt after such fights, then stealth is for you. That’s you, have fun. Play with those who feel like this.
    The others will post things like the OP, will play other games, or like me, will prefer to play on other class, and ignore thieves – I fight back if attacked, but don’t care to chase them and don’t care to kill them – they are just like other negatives in this game, such as lag when occurs – you have to endure these and find something else to do. Can stealth be changed, so it’s use or playing against won’t “kill” the fun in some of us? Can everything be improved? Can we listen to each other and try to find solutions together? I hope so. Very much.
  35. Sep 12, 2014
    Awesome MMO with Gorgeous art work worth every cent, the only thing that bother's me about the game is lack of pvp content and laggy World vs World. The content they add is always just dungeons which is a bore for me i'm a PvP fan all the way. They mix up the way you quest which is nice instead of pick up here return here its just go to area kill and completed.The fighting mechanics are the best of any MMO I have played and I have played a lot unlike wow you don't fall asleep doing low lvl dungeons. The cash shop is also pretty sweet you can buy everything with in game gold so you dont half to waste a penny if you love the game and play enough.

    Worth $50
  36. May 21, 2013
    Though i did not play Guild Wars 1, i was excited about Guild Wars 2 when i saw it, there are ups and downs in this game but you can overcome it if you are willing to go the length, you can't just expect everything to be falling out from the sky, and for those who got banned for exploiting in the game i am sorry for your loss, good luck to those still playing!
  37. Feb 2, 2013
    Guildwars 2 is a decent game, is supported well but the game is pretty overhyped. The game is also arguable "pay2win"(Even though people might disagree with it).
  38. Feb 12, 2013
    Sure, GW2 was a fun game for a while, I enjoyed it, but after playing World of Warcraft for years before this, despite wanting to, I couldn't quite get into it and I stopped playing after reaching only level 16.
  39. Jul 29, 2013
    My story with this game was probably typical. I gave into the marketing hype and bought it as soon as the Mac version came out. Then 2 weeks of fun. I loved this game. It was just better than WoW in many respects. So many nice features which fixed mistakes in WoW. This "constant end-game" mode is great. And you don't have to run to the auction house. And the interesting weapons-depending abilities system. Etc etc. Until I went into the first instance. It was like a bad Dead Mines run in WoW (i mean, during the vanilla WoW). The boss kept running at me (I was the mage and surely specced as a glass cannon, WoW-style). Everyone was dying. The tank couldn't keep the aggro. Some guys were telling me there is no aggro. I have to kite the boss. Ok, I went to the forums and found out, that the PvE is different here. Namely, it's like a bad noobish run in WoW. I was so frustrated I quit that very day. 4 months later I came back for 2 days to give this game another chance (since I paid for the CD anyway and there is no subscribtion) but alas, the fun was gone. I just didn't remember the spells anymore and didn't care about the zone progression etc. So, I still have it on my laptop, installed, with a shortcut on the desktop, but i never play it. I suppose, just like everybody else.
    A few other things I didn't like from the start were: the Asura characters (which I naturally took as a mage) are so ugly that I forced myself into playing them, yet there was emotional detachment compared to what I had to the gnome mage in WoW. Artists, you did really a bad job there! Whoever drew those Asura models deserves to be fired. Also, the storyline of the game was not fun. Was your goal to annoy all the mage players? What's the point of introducing an ugly class (but not a funny ugly, like undead in WoW)? In WoW, I had this immersion, the attachment to the world. Even though I didn't read every quest, it still was a very personal world to me. In GW 2 the world is very mechanical. I only read the quests in the first 1-2 zones, but after that it was just grinding.
    Since I don't play this game, I regret buying it. Also, a good lesson to NEVER buy a game without trying a demo (but those guys didn't offer a demo, how clever of them). They give a refund now, but just too much time has passed and I don't qualify.
    All in all, I feel like I was cheated by their marketing campaign. 2 weeks of playing are not worth 60 dollars. And surely I won't every buy anything from this developer.
  40. Jan 10, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 does a lot of things right and is an enjoyable game However, there are already other big games like RuneScape which has got it 99% right, so in conclusion forget Guild Wars 2 and play RuneScape.
  41. Jan 21, 2013
    I find it hard to review GW2 since the only other mmo's i've played are aq worlds(aka the worst mmo there is) and runescape which has graphic worse than an n64. That being said, i coudnt find a ton of enjoyment in guild wars 2. The classes were interesting and alot of the game is simply beautiful, but rip it down to its core its still an MMo. I found the system of just telling you everything u need to do at the beggining of the area nice, but still i've never like fetch quests as doing the same thing 200000 times has never interested me. I cant recomend the PVP though. Dear god i played it for 10 mins where we wated and decided to breach a walll. we finaly do and what happens? ANOTHER WALL. Ugh it got so boring i just decided to stay on the PVE and work with that. After a week i was about to log on and i ask myself am i have fun? the answer was no. No, this is not fun and there are better games to play, even if there off line. In conclusion if u like mmo's you will enjoy this, but if not it most likly wont be the big converter or "wow killer" people thought it could be Expand
  42. Oct 21, 2014
    This game has some very annoying gameplay issues. You can't jump whilst running against an object. Targetting is horrid, how many times does pressing the "select closest target" button select the furthest/irrelevant target? Really? That's irritating. Many surfaces seem to be made of detergent coated glass and you're trying to run across it with tinfoil shoes, sliding all over the damned place. Maybe in an ice-level of a platform game, it doesn't work here. Take a note from skyrim. The camera A.I., autozooms plus it allows any & every object in your environment to come between you/your view & the camera making it impossible to see without manual adjustment. These things alone give me a headache, considering how much time you'll have to play to achieve anything - it's unacceptable which brings me to the biggest flaw.

    GRIND...................... Which anet seem to be increasing with each new patch, loot is harder to find and it is crappier.

    Also PVP (eotm) is unbalanced. One team may be 20 times the size of the other two combined and participation becomes very undesirable. Very undesirable.
  43. Feb 17, 2013
    Overall, its not a bad game... However it does feel like it was rushed. The biggest issue may be that people feel a little confused with where to go. In a way I like the heart system, but then you don't have to talk to anyone and that alone can make the world feel kind of hollow. This can be solved by just going up to the Heart giver and asking him whats up, but you don't have to to activate the tasks and what not. Some people really hate the new weapon skill system, but I'm fine with it. I understand that balancing all those skills in GW1 must of been a nightmare but one part of me still misses all those build possibilities... ESPECIALLY with Mesmers. I feel the game kind of favors soloing a bit too much, but its not entirely a bad thing either.

    My main concern is with NCSoft however. I feel like its been rushed out by them, and apparently they have been involved in nearly eradicating all Asian related things (Tengus not included... kinda). Rumors about how they wanted Anet to remove the Canthan District and a possibility of never having a return trip to Cantha is... odd. I really hope NCSoft does not block Anet from doing this as a possible expansion set, and that Anet can start pumping more life into this game. It's not bad really, but it feels... Well, incomplete. My hope is that this goes the way of the old GW and that an expansion will breathe more life into it.
  44. Feb 19, 2013
    As a long time disillusioned WoW player I was looking forward to Guild Wars 2 as a new MMO to play. I prepurchased the game and began playing immediately in August. I enjoyed the game at first and liked that it tried to do a lot of things differently, although my friends didn't share my opinion. However I quickly became bored and within a month I was no longer logging on at all. The game is not terrible by any means, but I can now safely say it is a rather lackluster MMO:

    Successful Mechanics:

    - Everything is rewarded with experience really simple and great idea to reduce the grind and give people motivation to try everything

    - Very nice sense of exploration with beautiful Zones and vistas

    - A social approach to quests dynamic events leveling in GW2 is not nearly as boring as standard MMOs and it can be fun to group up with other people constantly Skills being tied to weapons is an interesting and innovative idea

    - Gorgeous Graphics Poor Mechanics:

    - PvP is a horribly-designed, horribly balanced zerg fast. This is by far my biggest gripe with the game, as I was a hardcore PvP/arena player in WoW. WvW is just a huge zerg fest with little to no strategy, and the "battlegrounds" are boring and stale.

    - The combat and controls in the game just don't feel smooth. WoW players will know what I mean.

    - The "downed" mechanic is silly in PvP and adds a tedious element to killing enemies.

    - Every class has basically the same set of skills with slight differences (for example, damage, heal, escape, CC, etc). At first the classes look different but really the differences are quite small as everyone can do a little bit of everything and you can see how similar a 99% of the skills are. The story side of the game is very cheesy and boring
  45. Apr 30, 2013
    I will keep this short and snappy for you guys. This game is good fast paced, beautiful environment, characters look amazing and so do weapons and armor, Dungeons amazing, PVP & PVE are my fav in a game absolutely amazing. However there is a couple of things for me which are important in a game which for me guild wars 2 ruined for me. First and most important the skills system is awful basically when you get a weapon you level it up and only 5 skills are available thats it thats your skill system right there basically kill 4 monsters and you hit max level for your weapon which for me sucks what happend to choosing skills. This is extremely important in this type of game and if it aint right it ruins gameplay. Also lastly the crafting system is not very good in my opinion but thats just me others do enjoy the crafting and others do enjoy the gameplay however the end game content sucks at the moment which I know everybody gets pissed off about so because of the skill system and crafting and end game only a 6 for me as they are really important in a MMO Expand
  46. Aug 15, 2014
    Such a beautiful wonderful game. really funny and interesting concept. but there is something awful about this game (which cause me rage quit) its PvP. Pvp is as stupid as **** its not funny or entertaining. PvP in guild wars 2 is pain the ass. and i just left gw2 behind because this pvp. otherwise what a awesome game. thank you arenanet. i hope i can see guild wars 3 in the future.
  47. Jun 30, 2013
    Too simple, but better than wow. There could be a lot more to do though...pvp is too accessible and there seem to be very little rewards since they completely removed the gearing and skill allotment features. I understand that the gear grind of other MMO's like wow is ridiculous (and this is better), but there should be some unlockables and other stuff to work towards. I actually miss the system from GW 1 to be honest. If they put those classes and skill systems into this game would have been better. But all in all this is a good game- not better than the first but still as good and different enough to not be a rehash. I quit WoW a while ago and settled on Skyrim as my temporary "mmo" (the npc's in skyrim are more entertaining and engaging than most players on WoW). This game has brought me back online. Expand
  48. Jun 16, 2013
    ArenaNet promised a masterpiece and they did deliver it. It is, unlike the other common known MMOs, unique in its own way, the only thing that disappointed me a little bit is that it gets boring after a while. Unless you are a active PvP or WvW player.
  49. Nov 24, 2014
    Quick, fast-paced and semi-fun. GW2 was a slight change of pace for the MMO scene. In honesty however, it couldn't manage to find myself spending much time with this game. Despite its relevant fun and semi interest, it quickly dried up and just became another MMO incapable of maintaining a flailing interest. Playable, not replayable.
  50. Jun 19, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Лучшая РПГ ММО на данный момент. Бесплатные обновления и никакого заплатил и победил. Спасибо Аренанет Expand
  51. Sep 27, 2014
    Probably the most creative mmorpg at the moment.It's obvious that GW2 is tried to make a different mmorpg than the others.Combat system ,levelling system(you can level up by just crafting),events,story,graphics,exploring,PVE,dynamic content and No subscribtion everything is just great and well prepared.
  52. Sep 27, 2013
    I have played Guild Wars 2 since the day after it was released. I played the original as well. Pros are fast leveling, craftable items (weapons, armor, food) interesting dungeons, lots of metaevents, lots of dynamic events particularly with regard to the "living world".

    For me, Guild Wars 2 falls short due to the silliness of gated crafting materials (i.e. even if you have the materials
    and the skill you can only craft/harvest one of these every 24 hours), gear treadmill seems to be the way that the game is keeping people playing, the daily "to do list" of things that are worthless and eat up your time to get a reward that you can only get through doing our little daily and monthly "to do lists" (i.e. kill x number of champions, harvest 30 items, kill 5 veterans, participate in 2 group events, and 25 underwater kills for a daily chore list example). By the time you get all of your daily crafting, rotate through the metaevents to get your bonus chest for each, and then finish your daily chores its already been 3 hours that you could have been in a dungeon, doing guild missions, or just about anything else. I had to quit the time sink to live in RL with my SO and RL Friends.

    TLDR: GW2 is a modified to do list.
  53. Jul 30, 2014
    Beautiful and incredibly extensive world, which despite it's gigantic size doesn't lose the touch for details. I generally don't like MMO's and this is essentially still an MMO with many of it's annoyances, but for some reason GW2 seemed much more sympathetic than the rest. Tyria is an amazing world to explore with many gorgeous vistas and I enjoyed my time spent in there. I loved the character creation and all the differences in the branching story lines and different races, lots of replayability here. After capping the experience levels on 80 it lost the momentum for me and I was finishing the story for the sake of finishing it more than anything, but it still entertained me in a good way for hundreds of hours and that's an achievement that many other games can only dream of. 8/10 Expand
  54. Nov 5, 2014
    Guild Wars 2 was on a good way when it was released. The developers did many things right and all it would have taken was a little fixing to make the game the milestone of MMOs they wanted it to be. Graphics are nice. Controls are the best of any MMO, the combat is super fluid and feels great. The story is pretty dull and the way the NPCs act feels childish and unrealistic, but that is the world of Guild Wars and the story is still better than in most other MMOs (and Twilight), so I can't really fault the game for that. The game has great world vs world battles between the servers that draw in many players. Most things were good and the ones that weren't could have easily been fixed.

    Two years later, the game is a mess. Anet are cashing out, milking the players for their money. They are so desperate to make players buy stuff from the ingame store, there are even many gameplay changes to promote buying items for money. There are a lot of ways to increase your storage and they make sure you need to do just that. Where you needed 20 of a collectible item before, you now need 200, so storage requirements grow tenfold. Yes, you can get along without buying the upgrades or you can use ingame gold to buy them, but it's way too much effort and at this point not having any of the upgrades really has a negative impact on the game.

    The other critical flaw is the ingame economy. Inflation for gems, the currency that lets you exchange real money for ingame money and is used to buy items from the store, often rises by as much as 10% per month. That means players who were there from the beginning and invested in gems can easily afford anything they could ever want, while new players are completely screwed, because of the increasing prices. While the upgrades from the store took a few hours to farm in the beginning, it now takes days or even weeks and it's impossible to catch up to players who have been there since the beginning - unless you spend money.

    While they did all this, they completely failed to adress other important problems the game has and even when they try, it seems like they're just making it worse. World vs world for example has seen some patches to balance the servers, but all the patches just give servers with more players an even bigger advantage, which leads to players all joining a few zerg servers and abandoning servers with a lower population.
    There have been great suggestions from the community, too, but they have been ignored. Anet seems to only ever listen to the community when they see a way to increase their bottom line.

    tldr: Game was completely screwed by Anet's greed and inability to fix the problems.
  55. Jun 4, 2014
    Pretty fun game, especially with friends to play it (like all MMO's duh..)
    Imo for now the best MMO around especially considered price/content level and quantity.
    Found the story entertaining, but for a deep understanding you need to know the lore of the first game too.
    The world is new and keeps evolving, the quality of the updated wasn't top notch at first, but it's steadily growing
    as the game get "experience".
    Not a game for gear grinders nor people that want a set "goal", you play gw2 because you like the lore, the roleplay, having fun with friends and helping others.
    It still need many improvements like for pvp modes and maps (they're starting with them recently), update's structure and some more feature wich were announced at launch yet had to be took down for fixing and polishing (some of them just returned recently) .
    This game deserves an 8 or 9 imo, yet i'm giving it 10 for the potential that is shows and that it's gradually being expressed and for the nice community that manage it (sometimes they're too kind, especially with bosses etc but it have it's hard content too)
    If you wish to buy it, do so when there's some discount...the price is pretty honest and it's permanent..i mean, you might just wanna buy it for later of play it for a while and then return, the game will always be there for you :D
    Moreover season 2 of the living story is about to start, it seems promising and fun...let's hope for the best :)
  56. May 19, 2014
    Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic Improvement from the first ''Guild Wars'', Its better then TOR, World of Warcraft and TERA, Lord of the rings online and more, they've made a brilliant decision on the games Gameplay and duel-wielding is personally my favorite thing to do, the duel-wielding feels brilliantly done, and the graphics are truly beautiful and stunningly detailed, but the bad thing about this game is the ''PVP'' - It normally takes hours just to get into a game which is a big problem, personally I don't go to play any ''PVP'', but that's mainly because I gave it up as waiting too long is annoyingly silly... Expand
  57. May 1, 2014
    Beautifull setting, playing guild wars 2 was one of the best things i've ever played, it goes further than WoW or any other big MMORpg, first of all the price is accesible to anyone without monthly subscription, the gold - Gems market is a beautifull idea, and also the game has no restriction whatsoever it's been one of the best MMORpg without a doubt
  58. Jun 4, 2014
    The game is amazingly beautiful and HUGE. There is so much to explore and play through. Well worth the money, especially when you find it on sale. There is stuff for both the hardcore and casual gamers.
  59. Jul 8, 2014
    Very beautiful game.
    Wonderful areas, great story and a very interesting mass pvp.
    Seeing the latest MMOs like TESO or Wildstar, it's still the best on the market.
  60. Jul 11, 2014
    The best game ever created. After logging about 700 hours into the game, I decided that it was time to create a metacritic account and write my review. The game play is fantastic and has had me hooked for 2 years now. I personally love the graphics and the cartoony-ish feel of the game, although I know a lot of people don't. The community is amazing. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, and I love talking to my fellow players. Same goes for the staff. I've only had one problem with the game (which was my fault) and they addressed it and took care of it immediately for me. The map is great as well. Tyria is very large and beautiful, with much to explore and many different events to take part in, such as fighting dragons. I'll admit that the story can be lacking at times, but I still found it very enjoyable. And it's not a big deal, since there is still so much more to do in the game. I know people that play countless hours every day and still haven't even started the campaign yet. PvP is also great, it's a simple "capture the points and kill each other mode" which I have found to be very enjoyable. And the best part about this game: It is constantly being updated. Every two weeks Arenanet comes out with a massive amount of free content that keeps me coming back every day. Overall, this game is incredible, and I would recommend it to anybody and everybody. Expand
  61. Jul 26, 2014
    Wow. This game is something else it really is. I hate all bulky cartoonish WOW looking games and this game proves that a great game can look as good as its controls and feels as a great experience that you never want it to end. I have loof the Final Fantasy series, I have played all American titles from 1 to 14 but the mmos are very disappointing, I tried to love them as much as the single player games but its just not the same. I wish they could of succeed in convincing me but they suck. Guild Wars 2 is everything I wish Final fantasy 11 & 14 could of been and it does truly take it to another different Tier from its predecessor, guess what no monthly dues, even better worth every dime. Total hours played 200 Expand
  62. Jul 30, 2014
    This mmo like many others was a gem in its beginnings and overtime depreciated into something less. Even so for a buy once play forever game the story and exploration alone are worth it even if most the zones are rectangles.

    Like the original guild wars progressing through the story is the high point of the game; with exploration as a cherry on top. Like the original guild wars the end
    game is limited. The original guild wars definitely had worthy end game content. The end game in guild wars 2 is an abomination of desolation. It wasn't always that way but that is what it evolved into.

    Where guild wars 2 diverted from the original guild wars formula was the introduction of purple text gear. This changed the game from one where you mixed and matched your wardrobe of orange text gear gained from crafting, dungeons, and events with your skill sets on your character class to tailor stats and skills to whatever you feel like running on a given day: From this to a stat grind for the sole sake of grinding stats to gain coveted purple text items to sanctify your character with a stat advantage and no more.

    The introduction of WvW levels added more grind for the sake of leveling siege weapons. This in turn made WvW itself a grind rather than a grand strategy operation where farming WvW levels 'made' WvW relevant. But the siege weapons your are grinding to level are press 1 release 1 static turrets that are boring to operate. There isn't much dynamism to siege weapon operation and you can't aim and calibrate said siege weapon and put an npc on it then run into the fray sword swinging and you never could.

    Dungeons are the birth and monstrosity of filth, crap, and fire. No healing class or even healing sub class means that healing is supplemented by down state rez chains which themselves function as healing. Fortunately most dungeons weren't mandatory and presently it may also be the case that no dungeons are mandatory so if you want to run a dungeon or a raid you can do so in the umpteen other mmos.

    The arena pvp was pretty bad the last time I played for a lengthy period of time mostly due to reprobate players. There was a good game here or there. This has been addressed to some degree with private arenas for the reprobates to conglomerate into so they don't degrade public arenas. My personal focus was on WvW however since it was unique to GW2 and arena combat is pretty standard.

    Overall GW2 is one of the best mmos. It could have been better with expansions, new classes, new class skills and class skill lines, reformed WvW to a higher degree than erasing lakes and outcroppings that never should have existed to being with. But it seems the story of present mmos is one of fixing the negativity that never should have been rather than adding positivity in the form of the things mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph. Even so GW2 is an excellent time sink; one of the best time sink/money mmos ever and at the end of the day that is what you look for in an mmo.
  63. Aug 5, 2014
    Awesome game, everything is great until you will do everything. Endgame almost isn't existing. Stopped playing this regularly year ago after 1500 hours and completing all my tasks - get nice looking armor, legendary weapon and all achievements from pve. PvP as for me is boring, only edge of the mists give some fun but how long you can do one and the same thing over and over. There was no new content, maps and all that could force me to play more this game for long time. Lately Arena Net started to release updates regularly with more interesting story and permanent content to pve what brought me back to game. To play this you only need to pay for game and believe me, this is worth it. No subscription, not using gem shop will not make you looser. Just some skins and other things that no one really needs. There is a lot of content to do. If you care about content to price value go ahead and play this. As new player you will be overwhelmed by content Expand
  64. Aug 16, 2014
    This game can't even be called Guild Wars, forget the second class awesomeness, this game comes with TONS of limitations for example you only have that spells for that weapon and you cannot change them, you can only change 3 or 4 spells.
    Also it comes with no late game which is really bad for a mmo.
  65. Sep 1, 2014
    this is the best mmorpg game i have ever played and it does not make it worse that you just have to pay for it once and never again. if you like mmorpg games you will probably like this one! it's by no means perfect but way better than anything else!
  66. Sep 9, 2014
    I love MMORPGs and especially PVP. However after leveling several characters to max level, and trying the PVP on this game...I cannot say I had one second of fun at all. It was completely boring. There was no sense of accomplishment. How this game is rated over a 3 is completely baffling. I simply cannot name one redeeming value.
  67. Sep 17, 2014
    Probably the best fantasy MMORPG at the moment. Very robust, well designed and bug free. Full of events and dynamic content. Frequent free content expansions. Great community. Lots and lots of end game content.

    I miss being able to select skills freely. The system where you have a fixed set of skills depending on what weapon you wield is boring imho. But you have other ways to create a
    "build", and even if the game is designed to suit casual players, it is also possible to spend a lot of time perfecting your gear, skills and strategy if you want.

    The economy is just like any standard MMO. It is mostly NPC based, and crafting is pretty useless. All good gear comes from grinding boss mobs, dungeons, events or the mystic forge.

    A really good feature for casual players is the level equalization. The level difference between you and your friends does not matter very much. You can still play together and get roughly the same challenge and rewards fitting your respective levels.
  68. Nov 15, 2014
    I have a little over 1000 hours into GW2 and I really enjoy it.
    The only real complaint I have is with the devs.
    The game just isn't growing the way it really should.
    They've added 2, maybe 3, new PvE areas and a new World vs World vs World area since release.
    They've added a lot of cosmetic items and items to craft, but I wouldn't call that something that all players could enjoy.

    Wheres the new dungeons, the new classes, the new PvP maps??
    The combat for PvP is great, its mostly based on your timing so its fairly rewarding and doesn't stale too easily...Except you play the same handful of maps.
    PvE combat isn't too good, the first few hundred hours are exciting, but then the flare goes away and it becomes a bit boring. You run dungeons for gold, but there is little to no challenge anymore. Open world content is equally easy. There are ways to challenge yourself, like soloing a dungeon , but its not really supported. No achievements from it, no loot bonus, much slower than a full group which is easy to find.

    Given the cost, I would encourage everyone to atleast try GW2. The cheaper heroic version is good enough. the extra $20 for the deluxe edition has very little impact on your gameplay.
  69. Nov 6, 2014
    Amazing game. Outstanding game. Just a shame that PvP is trash and WvW gets boring after about a month. Dungeons are no challenge and too easy to farm. Gear is way too easy to obtain (yes including legendary). After level 80 the game slows down and creating another character is the most boring thing on the face of the earth. Not to mention the story is a big big let down towards the end with small rewards and underwhelming plot. The living story was supposed to bring it back to life but that failed too and just felt like an extremely dragging way to coax players back which didn't work as I know my old guild has gone from 300 members to around 190 mid living story and gone to Archeage or a different MMO. It really is a let down and I expected to play it for more than I did.800-900 hours so not just a newbie with no experience. In comparison I have played Archeage for 375 hours since head start, so that is nearly half the game play in a quarter of the time and I haven't even started to craft, farm or gear up correctly. 110% a good game for the first character and first 500-600 hours but after that you're best of setting it down in a corner to let it gather dust.

    P.s. The boss fights are **** terrible and the only good part about this game that I couldn't fault it the art style and the fact that it isn't pay to play.
  70. Nov 24, 2014
    Overall one of the more solid MMO's i have played. positives: 1) good graphics 2) fluid combat. 3) events are fun 4) plenty of end game content 5) up front cost then f2p...and f2p to the extent that all the people who poor massive amounts of money into the game don't have a massive advantage over those that don't. 6) free update content. i don't have to pay for my expansions they are just provided (though the expansions should not be compared to WoW).


    1) it is an MMO and it doesn't shy away from grinding, but in ways this is inherent to all MMO's

    2) the story is blah. though i should say the personal story/main story in blah. the living/seasons story is much better though still not extraordinary, i have to remind myself though that this is an MMO.
  71. Aug 10, 2014
    First of, this game has an amazing potential with it's innovative action-based combat system and awesome PvE. From the moment you create your character you get to know the main mechanics of the game and of your class. The classes give you big variety and a lot to choose from.
    From level 1 to 80 the game is amazing, lots of exploration, a nice way of telling you the plot and making your
    character progress through that plot. The exp rate is high making it a smooth expirience and not focusing a lot on repetitive grinding quests. The new dynamic events are pretty good however could be better. You can easily reach lvl cap (80) in about a month and from that moment on the game just goes downhill.
    After you hit lvl cap the game turns into a gigantic grind fest, with everything in the game consisting of mindlessly zerging around certain zones and that's it. The PvE after reaching lvl 80 is all that, there is no character progression everything you do is grind grind and grind for a hope of better skins, you have no objectives nor rewards for doing better or poorly at certain situations. There are a few dungeons (about 5) in the entire game, which are pretty decent but that get pretty repetitive and boring after a while with no enemy mechanics other than: "Dodge or Die/Get Knocked Back into a Hole".
    The game population has been decreasing a LOT with the bad decisions and back feedback of the devs that seem to let everyone confused. Dubious the development paths being taken day after day, the developers seem to ignore most of the requests on the forums and just do their own thing.
    The PVP and WvW is a mess (even tho it's still probably the best PvP MMORPG game), with certain classes just being dominant in every aspect and other classes just being completly irrelevant since day 1 of this game.
    The lack of patches to focus on balancing classes just lead to classes such as Warrior being dominant both in PvE and PvP with no one to ever representing any kind of challenge to them and other classes (eg Ranger) being so weak that it doesn't justify having any of them in any part of the game.
    The lack of holy trinity (Healer, Tank, DPSer) instead of leading to everyone feel useful just leads to everyone feeling useless and easily replacable and just leads to not justifying any build other than full-DPS.
    Overall the game represents no challenge at any point, badly balanced (leading to a bad WvW / sPvP expirience), with little to no-content being added and dubious development paths being taken over and over again.
    If you are looking for maybe a month or so of content, go ahead, otherwise you will be very quickly hit in the face by boring and monotonous events.

Universal acclaim - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. 90
    GW2 has made a powerful impact on the MMO scene, confirming years of expectations. Stunning presentation and revolutionary design guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, it’s not flawless, nor complete. The beautiful vistas, the massive PvP element, the rich leveling experience- those can offer hours of gameplay, but the endgame is desperately seeking for enrichment. [November 2012]
  2. Jan 2, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 surpasses the original in every aspect, from its massive and atmospheric world to its addictive and engrossing gameplay.
  3. Nov 28, 2012
    After spending fifty hours with GW2, I have a lot of praise for ArenaNet's work and the way it changes up some of the typical trappings of the MMO. And yet, I find myself thinking less and less about it each day. It's not a declaration against the product, mind you, but simply a fact that this game still is very much an MMO, and your enjoyment will directly relate to how much you enjoy the genre. For many who were hoping for a clean break from MMO design philosophy, Guild Wars 2 will probably come across as a slight disappointment. It pushes the genre slightly forward, however, and could lead to even further development in the future.