• Publisher: NCSOFT
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
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  1. Sep 28, 2012
    This game is simply incredible. It excels in just about every aspect. I have some problems, which I will explain near the end, but for now, the PROS:
    Game Play: The game play is very unique and in depth. Each weapon has different abilities for each class. A warrior with a sword will have different abilities than a ranger with a sword. One is able to use two different weapons, which allow
    one to pull of interesting and in depth combos. You could use an axe and horn on the ranger, allowing you to buff yourself and debuff then enemy, then switch to something like a great sword so you can charge into battle to clean up. Each race also has different racial abilities which provide a unique experience between them. As for the actual game play, it is very fast paced and exciting. For an MMO, there is plenty of action while fighting. Moving and using spells is enabled (for most spells), giving you a more exciting experience. All and all, game play is great.
    Story: Story is good. Each race has a different story and each story is unique and interesting. There really isn't much to say about this. It's a legitimate story where the feeling of urgency is imposed on you, making you aware of how important the events unraveling are.
    Art: Quite possibly the BEST looking MMO I have ever seen. The art is fantastic. Each area reflects the race said province belongs to. It could look at war-ridden and damaged, like the Charr's area, or all technical and advanced, like the Asura's area (both of which reflect the personalities and history of the races). The environments look great, the models look great, and all around everything just looks great. This game is eye-candy to its truest form.
    End Game and Loot: The end game is kind of in a weird spot, as is the loot. While there is end game and a great loot system, it doesn't really keep you as interested as does in World of Warcraft. If you are a grinding machine and just love to farm, there is a great end game for you (unlocking and creating legendary weapons). Otherwise, you might being to feel bored with what is provided. I am not considering this a con, however, because there are ways to keep yourself entertained in the end game. One could do events, earn money, engage with a guild, and much more. People tend to think that end game simply means raiding big bosses and getting the loot. In my opinion, that is not it. A good end game is an end game that keeps you entertained and happy, not one that just throws bosses and items at you until your gear lust is satisfied. CONS:
    Music: Don't get me wrong; I LOVE the new music in the game. But there's an issue. There is new music and there is reused music from the last Guild Wars games. The new music is good, but as someone who is a Guild Wars veteran, it kind of made me feel a bit sour about what was provided to me as a fan of the old game. The music is fantastic, it really is, but I've already heard it... hundreds of times... Something that is already old to me gets older. To me, it just seems lazy. PvP: Can you believe it? Guild Wars PvP is a con! But, alas, it is true. What Guild Wars 1 and it's expansions prided itself in was the PvP. That is what the game was, and still is, known for: it's incredible, in depth, and skillful PvP. However, in Guild Wars 2 the whole aspect of PvP is just lazily done and feels rather boring and unrewarding. World v World v World is fun, but it really devolves into a zerg fest as to who can get the most territory the quickest. Sure, guilds can cooperate in order to control the points, but that merely is just a more organized zerg fest that tries to get the most territory the quickest. WvWvW is fun if it's small skirmishes, but that is usually rare and generally those fights end before you even realize it. The 5v5 PvP matches aren't really zerg fests. They require more strategy and tactics. That being said, there are only four maps, all of which have the same basic principle: reach 500 points first. Each map is "kinda-sorta" different, but the general idea is still there: hold more points and get more kills, as well as attack or defend any critical events that map may have. I found myself becoming legitimately bored with the PvP very quickly.
    OVERALL: 9/10
    Fantastic game which will be sure to keep most gamers entertained. It's fun, fast paced, and enjoyable. Most people wonder this: is this game a WoW killer? Maybe not, but it's a start. I haven't had this much fun with an MMO since vanilla WoW, and that's saying a lot. This game truly stands out above all other MMOs that are out there.
  2. Sep 2, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is the most fun I've ever had playing an MMO, and I may end up deciding it's the most fun I've ever had with any video game.

    To provide some context, I've played Ultima Online, Wow, the original Guild Wars, and SWTOR. For a variety of reasons, none of them kept my interest for too long. GW1 showed promise but didn't feel like the full-fledged MMO I was looking for.

    GW2 came along. It retains all of the best parts of GW1 (the environments, emphasis on skills, etc.) and improves on everything the original got wrong. GW2 is fully persistent, has improved crafting, improved presentation, improved questing (i.e. "dynamic events"), open-world PvP ("WvW"), and still doesn't have a subscription fee. This is a big point for someone like me with a job that demands long hours and a six-month-old. I play when I have time, and if I don't have time, I don't have to worry about "wasting" $15 per month. Also, the level of polish is extraordinary. You may say that many of the features listed above aren't new, and that's true. But they all work so well that they still feel refreshing.

    There are other little things that really increase my enjoyment in game. These include being able to deposit collectibles into the bank from anywhere in the world, fast travel, and getting experience rewards for just about everything. It's hard to imagine playing an MMO without these features after having experienced them.

    Perhaps my favorite improvement is the combat. Gone are the days of staring at my skill bar and going through rotations. Just as ArenaNet intended, I find myself actually watching the fight, using skills on the fly as appropriate, dodging, and focusing on positioning. It may not seem like much, but considering that a big part of any MMO is combat, these improvements make the game much more fun than the other MMOs I've played.

    Is there any room for improvement? Of course, The trading post was down for a while (but is up now), and there have been a few bugs to work out, but: (a) that's to be expected with any MMO launch; and (b) it hasn't detracted from my enjoyment of the game. Simply put, I've had an absolute blast every second I've spent in GW2.

    One final thing I want to say is about the reviewers who are complaining about bans and giving the game a zero. THIS IS A GOOD THING. 99.9% of people who play the game will never have to worry about being banned because they won't pick racist character names or intentionally exploit bugs, thereby ruining the economy for others. And make no mistake, the people who were banned were intentionally exploiting things. ArenaNet stated that the only people who were permanently banned were exploiting the same bug hundreds of times, and the bug itself was that rare gear was priced at 1/1000th of its normal price. If you bought something hundreds of times at 1/1000th of its normal price, you knew what you were doing and have no excuse. For the rest of us, we should be thrilled that ArenaNet is sticking to their guns and preserving the integrity of the game for the non-exploiters at the expense of a few 0's on Metacritic.

    Bottom line: if you have even a passing interest in MMOs, get this game. And if you don't, watch a couple videos and read some more reviews, and if you're at all interested, get the game. Without a subscription fee, GW2 is a relatively low-risk purchase with a ton of upside.
  3. Aug 31, 2012
    This game deserves a perfect score, in my opinion. The game is structured to be a fun experience and not a chore that might reward you in the end. The "fun" element has been missing from mmo's for a while now. The elements of this game that make it fun are the immersive story, fantastic combat, constant rewards, ect. No other game has made your character's combat and story as personal as Guild wars 2 has. There might be a few problems here and there but they are so small and nit-picky that they aren't even worth mentioning. The game has a theme of teamwork and that(including previously mentioned points) makes the game new and refreshing. In the end, this game deserves its perfect score for being what video games should be....fun! Expand
  4. Aug 31, 2012
    This game is everything it was hyped up to be. It is a gorgeous and lush fantasy world, with tons of exploration to be had. Dynamic events/heart events allow for a very smooth and unique grind (it doesnt seem like a grind, because what you do changes the world around you). This is not a game that you want to rush to max level in. Take your time, explore, have fun.

    You know what's great?
    You dont have to level if you dont want to!! You can head straight to max level pvp if that is what you enjoy! Or, you could do WvWvW and level while doing pvp. This is what you are headed for if you buy this game (personal experience):
    I was looking for a Point of Interest on the map which was located behind a waterfall in an underground cavern. I ended up traveling to the wrong of the creek by accident and went into a different cavern. While there i met a random person on an overflow server, and we found ourselves scaling and platforming down about 300 feet. We kill the misc. monsters and continued another 200 yards through the cavern and popped out at the other end of the map. There, we snagged some strawberries from the pasture and nabbed a view point that had us looking out over the vast ocean.

    My favorite thing however about this game is the Mass Effect style personal story.

    Gorgeous looking game in every aspect.
    Script writing is bar none in any MMO and rivals that of strict RPG's
    Combat is 60% skill based, 40% gear (good balance) in pve, and 100% skill based in pvp
    15 hour long WvWvW battles
    Dynamic events
  5. Aug 31, 2012
    This is the best mmo right now. Don't listen the negative review they are just a bunch of kids who lost there friends on wow and cant afford the game right now. Best graphic ever best map exploration ever best fighting style ever.
  6. Nov 29, 2012
    8/10 from me. I'll start with the good. The content is overwhelming. You may say there isn't content, then I don't know what game you have been playing. Everything from WvW, to PvE, to sPvP is simply fun. I even enjoy crafting, something I never really enjoyed doing in a game. The graphics are phenomenal. I'm playing on a low spec computer and still enjoy the beauty. That is another point, I'm on a low end computer. The game plays decent on it, I'm happy about that. I really enjoy the big "group dynamic events" where 100+ people show up to take down a baddie. That is always a blast to enjoy. I'm also a World versus World versus World (WvW) nut. I enjoy fighting alongside 100+ people taking a keep or a castle while getting barraged with arrows and oil. That is fun. I enjoy it. The classes are all fun to play. And the races are equally amazing. The personal story is very well done as well. Granted, I think after a certain point it starts coming together at the end so it is the same, but that makes sense. The story of an MMO has to have the same ending point. It is very well done. My only concerns are the following. The Culling issue in WvW and the PvE side are just bad. If I am fighting people, how come I can't see them, but they can see me while I'm getting hit? This is especially bad in WvW where you do find quite a few people at the same time. Another are the bugs. The bugs are endless. Just when one gets fixed, another one pops up. It took me a month to get one map completed because of a bug where the skill point didn't show up. Kind of hard to complete content that way. Another is the "endgame". The whole game was supposed to be end game. But instead we have people "farming and grinding" gear which is the total opposite of what the game was marketed to be. There isn't any reward for going back and assisting new characters or doing lower level content. If there was some sort of reward for going back to a different map, even it is was farming, perhaps the population would spread out again. Kind of pointless to see a 30 man zerg just farming events in the end game areas. If that was what the PvE ends up being, I'll stick to my WvW. The Class balance is out of whack. Seems to be that if you want to dominate, go Mesmer or Thief. The other classes don't even matter is seems like. Re-balancing needs to be done for the classes.

    All in all, the game is very well done. The best part, if you get frustrated or bored, you can always come back when new content comes out. That's always the best part, no worries about a subscription fee. If those small issues get fixed, and slightly more content for the little guy in WvW, it'll be a 10. Till then, a 8/10 it is.
  7. Aug 31, 2012
    I'm a bit of an mmo fanatic, I tend to try out (if not purchase) nearly every major mmo release. I'm a long-time WoW player (I started on day one of release and only very recently stopped playing regularly), and I've also made my way through FFXI, Rift, SWTOR, Warhammer, FFXIV, The Secret World, Tera, and a number of others. For years I found myself returning to WoW because other games, while ambitious, frequently fell down in one area or another and failed to really capture my attention. Often the graphics lacked any real art style, or the questing was repetitive or the story lacked distinction. Guild Wars 2 finally seems to have gotten it right. Unlike many games I don't get the impression that they were trying to make the next wow-killer. Rather they seemed focused on just making the most engaging game they could and it really shows. The art and graphics are beautiful and atmospheric, I often enter a new area and find myself screeching to a halt to stop and appreciate the environment. The story, while unfamiliar to me (I didn't really play GW1) seems well crafted and the personal storyline is drawing me in to this new world and making me care about characters that aren't Thrall or Jaina. I recently received a msg in my game mail in response to a completed quest that was so charming that I haven't wanted to delete it and frequently my guildmates and I are sharing snippets of npc conversation that we overhear as we travel this online world.
    As for gameplay, I'll admit that initially part of me was doubtful about doing away with the holy trinity of tank, dps and healer. But removing these set roles seems to make everyone have to focus on working together, an interesting and at times difficult challenge but it's proving to be rewarding. Being able to change up abilities by swapping weapons really helps keep combat fresh and interesting and the combo system encourages you yet again to learn how to play well with others and then rewards you substantially for doing so.
    Above all I love the questing system, I feel like my job is to go off and explore and find adventure rather than to follow a trail of breadcrumbs and perform a list of chores and that's why I play games, so I can be a big damn hero. GW2 has definitely won me over.
  8. Aug 31, 2012
    An excellent breath of fresh air in the field of MMO's: While not ground breakingly different from the standard formula it does more than enough to keep both MMO veterans, and new comers alike entertained for hours on end.
  9. Aug 31, 2012
    Too many people giving this game an undeserved zero. While the worse elements of this game could be rated as low as a 7.5, the best elements could easily be given a perfect 10. Having scrutinized this game over anything and everything, my rating would range from 8.5 to 9.5, with my consistent rating at 9.25. My advice for anyone reading user reviews, ignore anyone who put down a zero. Read what people wrote who gave this game anywhere from a 6 to a 9, as their reviews aren't driven off some immature emotional outcry. Also, if you are still unsure about this game, wait a while. Watch videos, read reviews, read about the classes and gameplay. If you are still on the fence, don't buy it, or play it at a friends house. Just don't buy it and rate it a zero for no real reason, as no game really deserves a 0 unless it flat out does not work. Expand
  10. Aug 31, 2012
    I'm choosing to rate this game a 10 not because I think it is a perfect game, but rather because it is the most fun playing an MMORPG I have ever had. The game does a good job of retaining what makes MMO's great while innovating and finding new and creative ways to deliver content to players. Rather than the standard actionbar keypressing combat, we instead have a system that allows for dodging and one can use all of their abilities while moving. Instead of a traditional party system with tank, healer, and DPS (where really most people only want to do damage) we have abolished the trinity system and have replaced it with damage dealing classes and support classes, all fun player options that makes grouping up for dungeons easy and fun. Instead of the traditional questing structure of heading to a hub, picking up a huge bundle of quests, completing them all, and returning them, progressing through an environment in this game involves doing a combination of different events including exploration and platforming challenges as well as dynamic events and Guild Wars 2's answer to quests, reknown hearts. The game also takes a unique approach to PVE with the absolutely massive boss battles and invasions one can take up arms against as they wander throughout the world in the form of dynamic events. The game's PvP content is also innovative, including an awesome server-vs-server-vs-server option where three servers duke it out. These battles can get absolutely massive - even classic "Huge" battlefields in MMOs like old school Alterac Valley from WoW or Warhammer's massive battlegrounds don't compare. Then there are the small details - the little things that improve the game even more. The personal story is a nice touch to add some context to the game, the graphics and sound design are beautiful, being de-leveled upon entering lower level zones to be able to complete the content without feeling too powerful makes group play easy and allows you to play whatever you want whenever you want, having the ability to immediately deposit the items you collect for crafting into a tab of the bank from anywhere in the world is genius, and having an overflow server that prevents players from having to sit in a que just to play the game are all little strokes of awesome that make this game great.

    To top it all off, unlike other MMO's once one purchases this game there are no subscription fees whatsoever, and the cash shop in no way is pay for power. It's an incredible value that I would be willing to pay 15 dollars a month for if it were subscription-based.

    This is the most fun I've had playing an MMO in ages, and I think a lot of people share my opinion as I can see by the high user score (especially for an MMO, SWTOR and WoW expansions usually get yellow and red user scores) not to mention a really nice critic score thus far. I can't wait to see what will be happening to this wonderful game in the future.
  11. Aug 31, 2012
    why some many 10 ?i got screwed buying that game for the wrong review.....i stoped playing wow 2 years ago and wow is still way better than gw2......the pve questing is soo boring ,i tried wvw my server is dominating like 80%.... the only thing i did in wvw is exploring ,isn't supose to be pvp ?
  12. Aug 31, 2012
    I finally figured out an analogy for why this game deserves it's critical acclaim rating, it's the iPhone of MMO's and ArenaNet is it's Apple Inc. The basic idea of most of the mechanics here in Guild Wars 2 have been done by previous games, but the incredible care and polish ArenaNet has spent the past 5 years making this game truly make it "magical".

    Even ArenaNet's perceived heavy
    hand on exploiters and the amount of work they put into fostering a strong community around the game has a bit of Apple like strong arming on maintaining UI quality in developer apps. Where ArenaNet far surpasses the Apple comparison is the full openness ArenaNet shows in speaking with it's community directly, from developer to gamer directly on sites like Reddit.

    I'm currently level 33 and I didn't even notice getting here, which is a great compliment to ArenaNet's work making Guild Wars 2 an immersive and smooth experience.

    While this game is definitely not a sandbox, in many ways it feels like they've created an entire world on their own. In some ways Guild Wars 2 is even it's own alternative, if you get tired of PvE, you can jump into the massive and amazing WvWvW battles, or it's well designed structured PvP.

    If you didn't like Guild Wars 1, this game is NOT Guild Wars 1, and if you did like Guild Wars 1, then play this game because it's like Team Fortress 2, Assassin's Creed, and hosts of other gameplay elements rolled in with the spirit of Guild Wars 1's gameplay goals.

    If your new to MMO's, give it a shot, it's a one time payment and it's a definitely not your Dad's MMO.
  13. Aug 31, 2012
    I started Guild Wars 2 a skeptic. It looked like WoW, controlled like WoW, and follows the same basic structure that revolutionized the genre, but grew stale (for me) over the years. Comparisons to WoW are definitely fair, but somehow Guild Wars 2 makes everything fresh and fun again. The ability to instantly teleport to any waypoint you have visited is incredible. The action packed combat feels like more then a numbers game. You don't just stand next to your foe exchanging blows and cycling skills. Rather, you jump and dodge, switching weapons on the fly. Colossal world bosses inhabit even the starting zones, and I love the jumping puzzles (essentially platforming segments) that inhabit hidden caves and lead to treasure. The way that higher level characters get downleveled in lower zones in brilliant. It makes it fun to run around with friends that are higher/lower level then you. When you face a boss, you both get to contribute (instead of a max level character one shotting it for you). So yes, I give this a 10. I wanted to be disappointed by this one, but I'm having a blast so far. Expand
  14. Oct 9, 2013
    A year ago i rated it 9.
    It was willing to bring some fresh air in the mmorpg panorama, no trinity, no gear grind, do whatever you like and obtain whatever you want.
    Well now this is only a fable that someone used to tell. They took their own manifesto and how-different-is-our-mmorpg-from-the-others and flush it into the wc.
    The ascended tier and living story brought more and more farm
    and grind every 2 weeks. This is not the game it was supposed to be. Expand
  15. Sep 1, 2012
    It is questionable as to whether GW2 got rid of the dreadful grinding concept of the MMOs. ( I find myself repeating the same things over and over to fill up a heart) What isn't doubtful though is the brilliant and exciting cover-up of such mundane norm of the mmo convention. I may have been repeating the same things, but was NEVER bored. The more-realistic combat system, gorgeous atmosphere, uniquely orchestrated sounds, never-the-same dynamic events were all happening simultaneously while I was satisfyingly watching my quest bar go up. (interesting note, they don't just say kill 10 bazingas and the numbers show up, but an abstract progress to how far you have "assisted" the frog people) So in a sense, they did kill the grinding system because players won't notice it that well, and even if they do, they won't care because the experience was so good. All in all, Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic of its genre, very innovative, and has taken a first big step to a mmo revolution. In the future, people will ask you, " do you WoW, or GW2?" Expand
  16. Oct 29, 2012
    I reviewed this game previously a 10 after playing since headstart. After this time I am rereviewing and have come to the conclusion this prince of a game has more warts than a frog in a swamp. The main game is fine except for 2 core mechanics that have been exploited. Instanced nodes and a game wide Trading Post. Goldsellers have hacked into the game and botted in the form of what I refer to as the Naked Ranger Conga Line. All nodes can be harvested by each player or bot with impunity. A line of 5 ormore bots hits all the best areas before legit players can have a shot. They tag mobs and take drops and then all these basic mats glut the Trading Post. You would think this would bottom the price to nothing, but the forums cried for and got a barrier keeping the price from dropping below a sell price to an NPC vendor. They said that would keep new players from getting cheated on the Post. Instead it allows a set ROI for all the goldsellers and the armchair Economy experts in the forums never noticed. They are more bent on calling anyone expressing the desire for a free market chance a power mad moneygrubber. So this version of Trading post keeps the goldsellers in business while choking the playablity out of the TP. After spending time trying to handle this within the forums and being accused of
    trying to gain an unfair advantage by players and having mods and John Smith "you guys got this thread handled" of ANET shout me down as trying to make a ton of money i give up handling this on the inside. The top tier items cost 400g .... who is trying to make a ton of money? almost RMAH-like. The goldsellers illegal influx of money generated from a stable ROI on basic mats has sent gems values up and gold from gems down. Example - I bought one character slot with in-game gold for under 3g shortly after the game got the TP up. Fair and nice...... that same slot would take over 8g now. Crafting is worhtless and a money sink ... like its needed.. with only xp having any value. I can farm mats and gain equal exp and more money. anyone who is looking for an enjoyable market experience with free enterprise and the ability to succeed or fail on your own... run fast and far the other direction. This is not your game. The game environment is good. The dyanmic events, POI, heart quests etc ... are wonderful. thats the 6 ... the rest is a zero. sorry to say any who thought GUILD WARS 2 was the no sub solution and successorto WoW will be disappointed. It's only slightly better in the quest and loses by a landslide in the rest... damn shame too. I had high hopes.
  17. Sep 1, 2012
    GW2 is not a "WoW" killer because "WoW" is already been killed by blizzard maybe 3-4 years ago. First thing i experienced was that you don't spend time talking to NPC in order to receive a quest which i believe is a great way of making mmo-rpg fun because you already consume time walking around the world clueless. However i'm gonna make it easy for those that are debating to try a new MMO by stating few key points on why you should get GW2. Of course i might have missed few things but i only wrote on what interested the most. Everyone is different and experience differently (not everyone is gonna like GW2).

    +If you are sick of WoW, then you should try GW2. +If you don't like talking to NPC's then you should get GW2. +If you love "zergfest questing," then you should get GW2 (i actually like zergfest, not sure what people are complaining about).
    +Better graphics than WoW (anything is)?
    +No rush on leveling
    +Free to play
    +No more debating on healers/dps/tanks
    +Easy questing overall
    -Getting use to a new MMO (especially after playing WoW for 4 years).
    -Walking/moving dynamics feels a little weird and camera view (maybe it's just me).
    -Not user-friendly for those that are new to GW2.
  18. Sep 1, 2012
    Starting with the good, this is a fantastic MMO. The combat is a big improvement on the standard button mash and stand still that a lot of MMOs have established. The world is gorgeous, you actually have lots of motivation to explore instead of grinding the same spot. Leveling is easy, so if you want to hit end-game you can do so. Even then, you don't need to hit end-game to enjoy the PvP and WvW because you are scaled up. Overall, awesome experience for the first few days playing with friends. Also, the launch was great. I logged in the second servers became available at 9 pm PST and enjoyed hours of play. A few things were down, like trading and mail, but compared to some other big launches (Diablo 3) at least I could play immediately.

    The bad - I haven't been able to play for three days. Won't get into details but in short I changed my password because of recent hacks and now I can't log in. Support is being swarmed with users having similar login issues, so as a relatively young company not used to dealing with this much traffic don't expect much help beyond a confirmation for a while. Not saying they are a trash company - I'm saying that if you haven't bought this game yet, do yourself a favour and wait a few weeks. By then support will be working, there won't be in-game problems like mail system and trading being down, and you can fully enjoy the game from day 1 of purchase.
  19. Sep 1, 2012
    Game feels fairly uninspired. Not the revaluation in gameplay I was lead to believe from vocal fans and game promotions. Controls feel sluggish and you're still pressing your number keys on cool down. Just like World of Warcraft and Everquest did before it. Astheticly pleasing, but dialogue feels clunky and the voice acting can be cringe inducing. Lastly, lots of trouble even logging in also. 4 days out from release as well. That's something that I think even the maligned Diablo 3 launch fixed fairly quickly by comparison. Expand
  20. Sep 1, 2012
    Many of tje negative reviews here are personal issues, rather than true reviews of the game. Sad really. If you review at least say you do not like the graphics or mechanics, something objective. Anyhow, Guild Wars 2 in my humble opinion is simply awesome. Easily worth $60 investment and perhaps even some cash shop appearance items. Who can resist a few cool or cute minis following you around. The best part of the cash shop is that there are no items in it that are needed t play play the game to its fullest. Its simply cosmetic or convenient. I think the look in the world is awesome. I've caught myself just looking around in awe more than once. Coming out of one particular shore town I walked out on to the beachand rounding rock cropping there on the water line, I looked up to see in the distances across the water a huge floating rock island with a castle on it. Mega awesome moment. The graphics are not state of the art, using older tech, but the way Anet uses that tech is stunning. And optimized for even slightly older machines. I use 5i intel with Nvidia 460GTX average fps is in the 60s. Do not listen to the griefers or the haters. Buy this game and enjoy the sovial aspect of the game. Play at your own speed. A++ Expand
  21. Sep 12, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is fun. However...
    If you rush to max level (PvE only) thinking that's where the "fun" starts, then you may hate this game.
    There is no rush, there is no endgame. There is no monthly fee.
    The game is like Skyrim, by that I mean the journey is the fun, not the ending.
    Or it's like a good book. What? I will try to explain. The best books can't be opened to the last chapter
    and enjoyed. It's the journey and the experience to get to the end that is entertaining. Same with GW2.

    Play it, don't rush and enjoy the journey, not the ending.

    Don't like to read? OK
    Do you like to have sex? It's not the squirt at the end that makes it fun, it's getting there and everything in between that's the fun. The squirt is just the ending.
    PvP is flat out fun. No uber gear to pwn nubs. All are equal. It's all how you play.

    There are issues but what massive mmo does not have those.
    Anet is working to fix the issues and doing a fine job so far (15 days from launch and there is a patch every day)

    For a flat fee and a game that can entertain for years, this is one bad ass game!
  22. Sep 1, 2012
    Graphics: The game is beautiful. The art design is somewhere between stylized and realistic. The worlds are rich, vibrant and full of colour. Each area seems to feel alive and full of character. If you have the PC to handle it, max out those settings, this is an exceptionally good looking game. 8/10

    Sound: The music is engaging, and really fits the world. It never feels annoying or gets
    in the way, it just quietly hums along in the background, and adds character to the areas. Spells sound powerful, and swords sound sharp. It works very nicely. 9/10.

    Story: The voice acting is touch and go. Some of the voices are brilliant, making the character feel like it has personality, however most of the time, it is poorly delivered. The personal story is a nice touch, and it does feel like this is my characters story, however I never get a sense of weight on the enemies. Some of the characters make me truly hate them for all the right reasons, others make me hate them because they are bland and annoying, or just poorly fleshed out. I have yet to feel that the world is truly in peril from the dragons, hopefully that will change further in the game, for now though, story is meh. 5/10

    Combat: The combat system is fast and active. It is fun and works well. Each class only has access to 10 skills at any one time, and while this allows for a lot of variety in builds, however as you're only using a few skills at any one time with the remainder being situational, it ends up feeling repetitive, I guess it is meant to fit in with the fast paced nature combat that they were going for, but it falls kind of flat. No skills require you to remain static while casting them, and keeping on the move is important to stay alive. Targeting can be a pain as the game seems to want you to focus on the nearest enemy, even if you have locked on to someone, it will sometimes switch. 7/10.

    Crafting: I love crafting in games, it's one of my favorite things to do. The crafting system in Guild Wars 2 is excellent! You have to gather raw materials such as wood and scraps of cloth, refine them into usable items, like wooden planks and spools of string, then use the refined ingredients to make items. It makes sense, and it's fun. You also get experience from it! I cannot fault the crafting, so 10/10.

    Bugs: During my time with the game, I personally have not experienced any issues, however this is not the case for all. My Girlfriend gets random crashes with no real indication as to why. It appears that the game is not as optimized as it should be, as we both run fairly spec heavy machines, hers being more powerful than mine, which makes even less sense as to why she is having problems and I am not. Nothing that has happened was game breaking though. 8/10.

    Questing: The game really shines here. It feels like you are in control of where you want your adventure to take you, not the game holding your hand. It is fun to just say "Hey, what's over there?" and go. There is always something happening, and something to discover. Exploration is rewarding, and events are placed perfectly. The game guides you through interesting terrain and landmarks, rather than just saying "Go here, do this".

    The events that happen do get repetitive after a while, so it looses marks here, but otherwise it is a brilliant system. 9/10

    Multiplayer: I really hope this is just new game blues but MAN is it hard to group up with your friends. If one of you is in an overflow server, it can be near impossible to join together. That aside, the rest of it is fine. Players come together naturally due to the design of quests. You're rarely playing alone, and it is nice. 7/10 (Only due to the friends issue)

    So, all up, this is a wonderful game. It's beautiful, gives a sense of adventure, and is all around fun. It's really let down by the story and voice acting, though neither of those are necessary for enjoying the game. Overall score: 8/10
  23. Sep 2, 2012
    First off, this game is nothing like the first. Each have their own qualities and differences. The world is beautiful and there are decently sized zones which I wish were less rectangular and maybe a bit larger, but no game is perfect. Then there are the classes. As someone who loves combat and strategy in a combination, the engineer is dominant in both categories. And the best part is that the engineer neither feels underpowered or static in its abilities. It takes factors from games like TERA such as real time dodging and weapon size making a factor on how much is required to back up to dodge. Also there is nothing more badass then being a mesmer with a floating two handed sword that shoots magic. There are tons of ways to mix up your class depending on what you can use, like an engineer can use a unique pistol and shield combination, hunters using guns and throwing weapons at the same time, and so on. As stated by others, this game has a strange dynamic questing system, as in there are no quests, but rather areas for completing various tasks for a final quest-like reward. This makes the game not a back and forth rinse and repeat game, but lets you explore the world without constantly checking the quest log where to go. If there was any way to describe this game shortly I would say it's a game that takes the good qualities out of other MMO's and combines them in a new and interesting way, as well as adding new elements on top. It's the correct way an MMO should be made. Expand
  24. Sep 2, 2012
    A game based completely on having FUN. FUN! Dynamic PvE events, an awesome exploration system, incredible artwork that saturates the game and a great dev/community relationship. Guild Wars 2 is an awesome MMO for those who hate grinding and just want to have fun.
  25. Sep 2, 2012
    -Combat in general is slow and there's even input delay. This is a big issue when this is pretty much what you'd be doing most of the time.

    -Server load issues. Overflow is a big one when trying to party.

    -Bad voice overs and dialogue lines.

    -PvE questing areas, open quests, dungeons, finding vistas and whatnot are just in extreme boring.

    Not my game at least.
  26. Sep 2, 2012
    Huge disappointment, completely over-hyped...
    World graphics are only slightly better then WoW and the quest system is a complete ripoff from Warhammer, just like Rift. WvW also reminds me much of warhammer open world PvP, the pvp could be great but has a big chance of ending up completely **** like warhammer did.
    The jumping puzzles were difficult and fun but nothing new having just
    played SWToR.
    The engine was a HUGE disappointment, the game has a far view distance and lot's of character polys, NONE of which makes the game run very well, the input delays completely killed the experience for me, without without v-sync it was horrible!
    The most exciting part of GW2 was the weapon/ability system and i had completely discovered all my weapons and abilities by level 8, taking a quick glance of the unlockable abilities and traits did not boost my excitement one single bit!
    WoWHammer2 was just another theme park clone with slightly exciting pvp, the ONLY great thing about it is the little polished lore there was, a chance for some fun WvW PvP and the fact that's it's F2P.
    For that, I give it a 4/10.
  27. Apr 5, 2014
    When I initially played Guild Wars 2 I enjoyed the graphics and game play because it was something new. Sadly though I quickly got bored and stopped playing when I hit level 50. The world itself is massive and there are many quests, but it gets repetitive after a while and kind of stale in general. I know though that opinions on MMO's don't mean much because some people like them and some people don't. I am starting to get the feeling that MMO's aren't for me, or maybe they need to release something innovative instead of the same thing over and over. Expand
  28. Sep 2, 2012
    Dynamic events
    Dynamic events are an in game realization of In Media Res (see Wikipedia). They are events (tied to a local) whose initiation and progression triggers automatically. The player can shape the outcome, but the event will progress whether players participate or not. This helps establishes the context of what you are doing through action rather than cut scenes or quest text.
    I say helps because you still get quest text telling you what the objectives are and there is still a progress bar that advances as you complete quest objectives.
    This has some plusses and minuses. On the plus side the world feels more alive and active, there are several possible outcomes for each stage of an event, and at least until the event recycles (anywhere from 10 min to perhaps a couple of weeks for rare triggers), it gives a sense of having impacted the world (although this feeling is pretty dang ephemeral for the events with short re-trigger timers (which understandably is most of them). On the negative, until you acclimate to the system, players used to quest hub mechanics are going to feel a bit lost. You also lose a sense of connection to the characters in the world. Yes they send you a happy e-mail and you can buy karma gear from them, but the mechanic honestly doesn
  29. ZDB
    Sep 2, 2012
    Despite a few flaws at launch, this game is the new gold standard for MMORPGs. I've been playing MMORPGs since Ultima Online and no game has provided the amount of entertainment that Guild Wars 2 has in the brief time that I've played it. Some games might have done certain elements better; WoW has better dungeons, SWToR had a better story, but those games were seriously lacking outside of their strengths. Guild Wars 2 has the total package: fun PvE with epic world bosses, PvP that is well balanced and addicting, and a story that draws you in and immerses you in the lore of the world. Oh and did I mention it looks fantastic? Expand
  30. Apr 22, 2013
    One of the best value for money games I've ever played. No monthly subscription means it's an MMO which you can choose when to play and you're not forced to log-in every single day. Live team were clever enough to spend the first few months fixing bugs and polishing existing content, along with adding a few new pieces. The only real downside I can say is that I need MORE of it. Expansions please! 10/10 Expand
  31. Sep 2, 2012
    I think the average user score is quite fair. There are obviously some people who may not like the game, Blizzard fanboi's aside. The days of tough, complex MMO's are long gone to make way for the 10 year old gamer generation. The lack of End Game will probably affect this game sooner or later, while PvP is fun the imbalance really affects it and constant battles just outside our world's spawn area have really ruined the experience for me. After a few hours of WvW I really haven't seen any of the mechanics apart from spamming each other in the middle of nowhere. Unless there is some balance in place PvP at the moment really minds me of the old Tarren Mill vs Southshore days of WoW.

    PvE is fun but getting locked in to 4 skills per weapon is starting to become old already and I'm not even very high level. Traits etc might break this up but it doesn't really seem to be enough. Instead of swapping weapons it would be good if you could just use both weapon skill sets on the fly to make it a little less monotonous.

    F2P is a good feature especially on a high a end title but I'm sure content will be released quite quickly that we will need to fork out cash for and buying gems etc is already looking quite tempting.

    Will it stand up against Mists of Pandaria or the test of time? We will see.
  32. Sep 2, 2012
    The game is amazing. One of my biggest concern with most games is combat. I've played ToR, Aion, and Rift. One of the things i hated about most of those games was the combat. especially ToR. Some abilities would have the animation take priority over the effect, so you would basically use and "instant cast" stun but it's animation would take 2 seconds! To some this isn't really a big deal but to me it's pretty game breaking especially in PvP. One of the major reasons I kept going back to WoW was because of the combat, it just flows way better than any of those games. Guild Wars 2 combat isn't as great in terms of flow but the way its structured is really good. You run around with 2 weapon sets (1 for elementalists but you get 4 elements to swap through instead) and you swap them around during combat. You can really customize your play style by having a burst combination in set and a tanky combo in the other or w/e you like. The pvp in this game is also amazing. The sPvP is really putting an emphasis on skill rather than gear as everyone has equivalent gear. World vs. World vs. World pvp is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE think of like 4 or 5 Tol' Borads put together. Although you can only zone into one of the four areas it is still pretty big area. Combat and more specifically PvP are an important part for me playing an MMO and this game has great combat and great PvP. If you're like me and enjoy these aspects of the game I really do recommend this game. I mean even Arena Net are hosting their own tournaments for this game and have high hopes of it becoming an eSport. Expand
  33. Sep 2, 2012
    First MMORPG I've truly enjoyed since oldschool Star Wars Galaxies. Tyria is utterly gorgeous, and yet it's not the kind of resource hog you find in games like Age of Conan - the setpieces are absolute art, and everything is very efficiently rendered. The gameplay itself is a breath of fresh air. Everything feels fluid and natural - for once I can explore areas at my leisure, go follow my friends around and just enjoy the game world without worrying about quest "chore" lists. I'm just getting into pvp, but so far it seems like it'll be fun and challenging, and not entirely dependant on gear. Another amazing aspect of this game is that it's free to play after purchasing the box. You're probably thinking, "Oh, well that means it'll be full of flashy, obnoxious cash shop buttons and pay-to-win gear." I'm extremely pleased to inform you of the contrary. The in-game gem store is not only subtle and polite, but it is filled with legitimately interesting cosmetic and convenience-providing items that in no-way harm the balance of the game.

    The only downsides I can think of so far are related to the growing pains that any newly-released MMORPG is guaranteed to experience, but even those aren't that bad compared to other launches in my recent memory. Almost every "issue" GW2 is currently facing is related to the extreme burden placed on their network by the million + people enjoying the game. Over the week, secondary game features such as the trade post and mail system have been sporadically unavailable, but it's clear that they are making great progress in getting those services back up. If you're burnt out from the tedium and grind of linear themepark MMOs, take it from me: you should definitely check out Guild Wars 2.
  34. Nov 19, 2012
    So now we are 3 months into the game and after I gave a very favourable review I'm going to have to take it all back. It seems Arenanet are now turning this game into WoW 2.0 insofar as there will now be a gear treadmill which goes completely against their manifesto which they set out whilst developing the game.

    This was a good game until Arenanet started lying to it's customers.
    Shame on you Anet, I thought better of you. Expand
  35. Sep 3, 2012
    I've been playing MMO's since 2000, when I started playing Ultima Online. That was the best game I've ever played, until Guild Wars 2 came out. The same non-leveling feeling is here, different from other MMO's. You don't need to be strong to be in PVP areas, and even if you are high level, you can still go for lower level zones and still get some good rewards there. This is a game totally different from any other game I've ever playing, motivating me to continue playing it. I'll wait to see how is the high end content being managed, and how the currency will be. For example, in WoW (which I've played for 4 years) nowadays gold means nothing, as anyone has 10k to spare. I totally hate those behaviours, and if that also happens to GW2, I'll be really, really sad. Expand
  36. Sep 3, 2012
    This Is The Best MMO So Far ! I usually never write reviews but this game deserves it. I played WOW from the beginning and this game actually made me stop playing WOW. SWTOR failed to do that and I thought I would never see a MMO that would change that, but it did. I know it has some problems but I'm sure they will get them fixed in the coming updates. The one thing I really don't like is the ingame store and the biggest grip I have with that is the extra bag slots you have to purchase and crafting bag slots for every new character I'm really against that or they should change it so karma points will buy bag slots. As for the rest of the items in the store there no big deal since leveling in this game is best so far it doesn't feel like it drags so you don't feel the need to purchase store XP boosts. And I like how it slows down gold farmers since you can use your gems to buy gold. I Like that idea. That would be my biggest grip with the game. But the this game has awesome gameplay you really have to try it to see how it puts to shame all the other MMOs. And one guy who reviewed this game said that he doesn't like the way you have to unlock skills. He is wrong WOW does that this too once you get to a certain level you have to buy more skills with gold. But this game uses skill points to buy more skills and it seems you can buy more skills even after you level capped but don't worry there is a limit to the skills you can get. But once you get them all it's like getting more ways to play the game. I Have to say this even with the store flaw this game. This is the Best MMO to date ! The reason I didn't give it a 10 is because nothing is perfect. Sorry for the spelling mistakes and grammar issues But I'm Limited on time I have to leave Town on a trip. All the users reviews that are low are most likely WOW fan boys and you tell by they way they compare this game to WOW. Expand
  37. Sep 3, 2012
    This game has been the most fun I have had in any game period, thats all its about is fun not about lame elitist and gear grind garbage its all about pure fun if you dont like it simply stay away.
  38. Dec 6, 2012
    This game just suits me perfectly, being an MMO with a beautiful, hand-crafted world containing enjoyable PvE for smaller groups and the lack of a gear treadmill. SPvP is easy to jump into having all the necessary equipment at one's disposal, and WvWvW always interests me.
  39. Sep 3, 2012
    So when I started the game, I was impressed by the voice acting and the polish of the graphics. I was also impressed with the amount of character classes i could choose between. I was also impressed with the idea of being able to customize my character's story line by choices made before the game began. Once the first 5 hours of game play was completed I was then let down by a tedious quest sytem, repetitive random events and ptiful PVP system. Im just going to get this out of the way right away, I come from the old school of everquest, Asheron's call, Ultima online ect... and am really only interested in pvp but i can apreciate a deep story driven PVE system like The Old Republic Online. In the old days you had an active choice to make at the beginning. Do I join a PVP server or a PVE server, This game gives you no option witch worried me right away. As I am going through playing multiple classes and multiple levels feeling real lonely because the quest system does not encourage teaming up, instead if you happen to be in the same area as another player,guess what, you are a team, and once the event is over you all disperse, never exchanging names or talking at all because well, what the point? Ok so I kept on going, deciding to join the pvp system at lvl 20 just so I knew what I was doing with the character before I joined. I expected a dynamic PVP experience. Instead all i got was a chaotic combat system and yet another linear experience. Go here to defend this, Run here to defend that, with no clear and defined rolls to play in the battle.The PVP was just like the rest of the game, Linear and lonely. Overall i cannot give the game the lowest score because it has pretty looking skills and spells with clean graphics that cover up a hollow role playing experience. in short, good graphics, linear and repetitive PVE experience, and pathetic and totaly seperate from the game PVP sytem. Not exactly what i was expecting, but when its free to play, how good can it be? as a side note, what the hell happened to open world PVP servers where anything goes? I miss those days. Expand
  40. Sep 3, 2012
    I think we already know a lot about GW2 so I'm only going to focus on somethings that might be confusing for people. [--A--] Game launches are unusually the peak performance you expect for a game (Take this into account for many negative reviews). [--B--] The combat system is neither stale nor overly hard. You can't expect to play this like other MMOs (I know some have said it's overly complicated, and others have said it's a re-hash of other games, but in all honesty I have not seen this kind of flexibility in other MMOs. You can kite and hide and sliver your opponent down. Or you can play smart and blind your opponent, interrupt major attacks and not even move. I've done it both ways. People just aren't giving this game a unique opportunity like they should.) [--C--] ANet is awesome. Somehow I think too many people have left out the love and care that this company has for their game. At one point during the launch week, they shut down their store. Now before you consider this a flaw, think about it this way: They said it was to stop current customers from experiencing lag. This store is also their (so to speak) business model. They don't have a subscription, they try to make money off the initial purchase but also from their in-game store. And they shut it down. For customers to experience less lag from the few customers who were buying too much from them. And the content isn't hard for them to add. In one Beta Weekend Event they created something solely for that weekend that took up many players the whole weekend and it only took ANet 3 hours to install it. From "idea" to "working game copy". It just can't be stressed that ANet wants you to play a game and enjoy the art that they've worked very hard on. I find it hard to critique them when what they aimed to do.... they did very well. Expand
  41. Sep 3, 2012
    This is the MMO that we all have been waiting for all this years, the best word we can use to describe this game is fun, thats it, its simple as that, the game is FUN in every way possible, the gameplay is awesome, you can move freely in the battlefield, there is plenty of content to do and there is a little of everything to everyone, give it a shot and you will definetely not stop playing it!
  42. Sep 4, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is literally the best MMO I have played since World of Warcraft VANILLA. From the graphics to the combat, to the amazing questing system; this game delivers on all fronts. Anyone that rates this game negative is a real life loser or a fanboy hater.
  43. Sep 4, 2012
    I felt compelled to register for metacritic just to write this review. Guild Wars 2 is a game that any PC gamer who enjoys RPGs, MMORPGs, MMOs, Action Adventure, just about any genre, could enjoy. The world is massive - and by far the most interactive I have seen in my 20+ years of gaming. I am thoroughly impressed with the job that ArenaNET has done. You owe it to yourself to play this game (a nice PC is recommended!). Expand
  44. Sep 4, 2012
    The low level zones are polished the higher level zones are buggy at best. Some of the dynamic events don't work at all. The Dungeons on story mode Leave a lot to be desired unless you like to corpse-run your dungeons. AC is ludicrous. Our guild ran CM on explorable last night way over leveled and side-kicked to level, and we only managed to get 2 bosses downed. At the staggering cost of about 30-50 silver makes them not worth your time at the moment. And not fun at all! For 5 tokens a boss towards gear that is under level. Arenanet what are you thinking here? I realize there are pressing issues Ie. trading post and hacking. You better rethink balance in this game fairly soon. Especially for those of us that want to pve as well as wvw. Overall the potential for a fantastic game remains high. I am skeptical that it will be addressed in a timely manner though. Apparently Arenanet does not want much feedback either. No forums. Posting daily updates to the wiki.? No in game option for feedback.
    Now crafting: What a joke! (not a funny joke) This is one of the worst crafting systems I have seen in an mmo. It's so convoluted. I typically enjoy crafting too. So between the lack of balance for pve a poor crafting system and Arenanets total lack of Input/feedback the best I can do is a 5, and I think thats optimistic at the moment. I'm also tired of seeing you fanboys fawning over clearly broken un-balanced systems. Have you kids made it out of the starter zones yet?
  45. Sep 4, 2012
    Do not buy this game if you are looking for a deep MMO to play long term, that certainly is not what this game is. This game is a decent game for about a month of PvE play. The dynamic events are not dynamic at all, there is absolutely no end game content at all. You can get all the best gear in about a day or two of level 80 play, and after that there is nothing more the strive for. There is no carrot and nothing to progress. The game play is shallow at best. In PvP all your abilities feel like they are lagged, however this is by design as Arenanet wants you to be able to Dodge roll away from attacks so they put a delay on nearly every ability, which ends up making the combat feel slow and laggy. If you are looking for a quality long term MMO, then definitely stick with World of Warcraft, your money is far better spent there. Expand
  46. Sep 4, 2012
    I have to say, it's been a very long time since I've found so much enjoyment in a game. A long time since I got so much for my money. A long time since I can say I've truly enjoyed almost every aspect of a game. And that game is GW2. The game does have its flaws, but they're nothing major.

    The combat is a little less 'actiony' than TERA but I welcome the change as I felt TERA was a
    little too 'all over the place' and chaotic. GW2 finds a nice balance between TERAs combat and WoWs combat. All classes heal themselves, can survive if you play them well and can be good at dealing damage. I have yet to see a situation where I went 'damn, I need an _____'. If I die, it's cause I failed to dodge, stood in AoE or ignored my heal.

    Questing is a combination of Dynamic Events (events which happen in the world around you and often tell the story of a zone (centaur attacks, portals to the netherworld, ongoing struggle against dragon minions etc)) and Renown Hearts ('standard quests' marked by large hearts where you have several ways to help out locals, Renown Hearts generally tell the story of the people who live in their zone/their daily lives). Together, these make the game unique and interesting. I also have to say that it really rewards exploration and getting lost in the world.

    Each race feels truly unique (and in 4/5 cases, unique to the genre itself) and classes all feel different (I love how a Warrior uses a Longbow differently than a Ranger). Some people are complaining that your first 5 skills are determined by your weapon, but I rather enjoy the concept of having a certain fighting style with a weapon versus it simply being a stat stick. I do however wish there were slightly more options within a weapon, just incase I didn;t like 1 out of 5 greatsword skills or wanted to change things up.

    Perhaps the biggest current complaint is the supposed 'lack of endgame' but that's, in truth, almost a non-issue. If you take your time enjoying the game as you go, taking time to explore and craft and perhaps even jump into some World vs World vs World or structured PvP, you won't have to worry about any sort of grind and the game will feel plenty full. Pair that with 12 dungeons JUST for level 80 and a total of 32 dungeons in the game AS WELL AS continuing support from ANet in the way of added Dynamic Events and possibly even more dungeons or regions ASIDE from planned Expansions, and the game has a ton of stuff to do now, with more on the way.
  47. Sep 5, 2012
    Hi all. I'm writing this review because i feel like there are too many "personal" reviews (you know, the 10 or 0 score ones...) and i'd like to write the most objectively i can. I also know that one should play for some months before talking about a game, but i feel like this review can help those wondering whether to buy the game or not. There have been a lot of hype (not from me) around this game, mainly because of its "revolutionary" features. I honestly admit that there are some innovations, but the question is: are those innovations good? Let's talk about the combat system. You have 5 attack skills based on your equipped weapon/s, 1 healing skill chosen from a pool of 3, 3 so called "utility" skills and an elite one. You just can't customize your weapon skills: this means that every ranger wielding a greatsword will have the same 5 skills. Quite a constrain, in my opinion. The fact that almost no skill uses a resource (i.e. mana) makes the fights usually boring, since you will spam your skills when off from cooldown. The roll lets you evade an attack, but it is rare that a couple of rolls actually make the difference between a won and a lost fight; moreover, rolling is pretty much useless against both weaker enemies (you can take all of their hits) and champion-like foes (evade a couple of attacks, but when out endurance bar you're doomed). The "dynamic events" are just server-open quests, spawning every now and then and always requesting you to collect stuff - kill things. When a lot of fighting is involved it is common to have swarms of players overwhelming enemies just by numbers, not by skill. Even boss fights may become pretty boring, and you may feel useless since your efforts can be like a drop of water in an ocean. It should be mentioned that you will likely be unable to challenge yourself by trying and completing an event with only your 4 or 5 friends because everyone in the area will come and fight. Environments are well made and fascinating, with highly different locations and architectures. The graphics are acceptable although character customization is not so high (i.e. male human faces look pretty much the same). I was expecting a highly addictive and well made pve, but i'm sorry to say that my expectations were a little too high. If you don't play your personal story, the pve gets boring really fast. I'm sure that the devs expected this to happen, in fact they have added the gathering system, the point of interest / vistas "completion run", the daily / monthly achievements, etc. to break from the fight-move on-fight-move on-event-move on scheme. I'm not talking about pvp since i think it is too early on and still there are people not actually knowing what to do to play at a good level. All in all, pve wise (and please note that this is not like gw1, where pvp was predominant), Guild Wars 2 should be given a 7 or 7.5 but i'm lowering my score to 6 - 6.5 because i feel that all the innovations we should have seen in the game were either fake or simply unnecessary. Too much hype for a game that is actually good, but absolutely not a revolutionary one nor a mmorpg champion like WoW is. Expand
  48. Rok
    Sep 5, 2012
    Others have already said it, even officially on reviewing websites, and I was one of the first to say it: yes, the long-awaited "WoW killer" is here! This doesn't mean that Blizzard will pack up and leave, but it means that WoW's near-monopoly, after 8 long years, is long gone now, thanks to Guild Wars 2.

    This does [not] come from a Guild Wars or ArenaNet fanboy; on the contrary, I'm a
    WoW veteran who played WoW from day 1 EU release, and fell in love with WoW about 7 or 8 years ago, almost as much as I fell in love with Guild Wars 2 today! Believe me...if anyone can remember their excitement and love for WoW during the first week of release, hold that feeling and thought, and do know that GW2 can give you the same feeling [today]! If you let it.

    Guild Wars 2 puts all the sins of WoW through the years in the trash can of gaming history: all the fighting, spite, ill-will, frustration, anger and hatred among players, fighting over the most trivial of things, like a metal ore node, or an epic drop...all that greed and spiteful competition that Blizzard bred in our hearts, turing WoW's community into one of the worst gaming communities around, with so many jerks and anti-social people moving around...even Blizzard's guild leadership policies today breed the worst feelings and can take away years of hard work and effort from a guild master if something happens in real life and they need to spend a prolonged period of time away from the game...that guild master can return to the game to find their guild simply gone! That's how far Blizzard has gone in creating a game that just literally breeds hatred, frustration, elitism, spiteful competition, and distrust in the hearts of its community. And frankly, I've been waiting for years now for a "WoW killer", at least personal one that can help get my social fun away from all this negativity. And that personal WoW killer is here, thanks to ArenaNet with their Guild Wars 2.

    And let me tell you, I bought Guild Wars 1 at a bargain price, just to try it, and didn't like it at all. I bought Age of Conan, and it very quickly disappointed me. I never bought Rift because, although it was definitely a solid, polished, and fun game, it just felt like I'll be back to another WoW somehow. Never tried TERA because it was obviously a grind fest. Never bought The Secret World, even though I had hope in it in the very beginning; brilliant idea and nice creative new ideas, but unfortunately all gone to waste in bad graphics and uninspired or lackluster combat mechanics and feel...it's kind of like shooting a plastic gun compared to shooting the real thing at a shooting range, you know? SWTOR was lovely in many ways; I absolutely loved that each & every quest was spoken, loved the dialogue options in it, loved the romantic and partnership story twists that you can unearth while questing, but unfortunately, the graphics were uninspired and the combat, again, felt like shooting a plastic gun. After all those tries and years, finally Guild Wars 2 came along, with beautiful, awe-inspiring graphics (at least at the high settings with a gaming PC); lovely variety of world and personal quests (although they can certainly learn more from BioWare in this department and perfect the writing and storytelling further in GW2); soothing or motivating music; impressive sound effects, some of which have even already become iconic, like "Refreshing!", which is used by GuildHead as the punchline after the website name nowadays; and the icing of the cake, absolutely awesome combat mechanics [and] visuals...I'm telling you, just walking around killing stuff, without any NPC asking me, is sooo much fun in GW2! Combat is just inspiring and awesome in Guild War 2, literally! Whatever it is you choose to be, or whichever Profession (GW2's term for "class") you choose, combat just feels solid, awesome, and good, and [looks] good. If you are a Warrior wielding a two-handed hammer, it feels the whole freakin' ground is shaking once you land that final slam on the enemy; if you are a Ranger wielding a bow, everyone around you can see and hear your rain of arrows falling on groups of enemies; if you are an Engineer or Thief, dual-wielding pistols, you feel like a cowboy from the wild west just bam-bamming enemies; if you are an Elemental, you can see and hear your enemies wailing & see them flailing madly from your fire spells as they breath their last and roll on the ground then stop forever and ...all that, in any Profession, you are dodging attacks and strafing right & left (if you want) whichever spell or attack you're pulling. Combat in GW2...is...just...awesome!

    Hey, see you in Tyria!
  49. Sep 5, 2012
    Disney on steroids or PCP great graphics ,crafting looks well done but some what tedious.Characters are great stories weak least thief was .I found it little better than WOW or most the other fantasy MMOs out there. I have been playing MMos since before Ultima Online .Its good but not up to the hype .
  50. Sep 5, 2012
    This quote from the Manifesto video doomed this game IMO:

    "... in Guild Wars 2, it's your world. It's your story. You affect things around you in a very permanent way." "You are rescuing a village, that will stay rescued." I'll come right out and say it... Naaah. Not a chance, it's the same old, same old, never ending loop of quests. They have not come up with any solution for
    personalizing an entire MMO world to the player. Their main claim to revolutionary game design was a complete fabrication. That alone heavily drops the score for me. Secondly, the event system is very, very repetitive. Just as repetitive as any other MMO to date. They change who you are fighting, what you are fetching, what you are wiping off walls, and where you are, but you are still defending, fetching, and wiping just to move on and do it all over. Lastly, the personal story is level based so you must, MUST grind out on things that have no story, or a very weak on if any, in order to get to the meat of the story in the game. Bad design, personal story must level with the character so they can always progress. That right there made me stop playing because I was not going to WOW grind to get to play and enjoyable single player experience. Oh and don't try grouping with too many people because the overload servers can't keep parties on the same servers. Overall, Guild Wars 2 Is like a bargain bin CD of a bunch of niche MMO's. 50 classic games for $60, but really nothing in it to separate it from the competition and the lack of a goal makes it hard to press on. Expand
  51. Sep 5, 2012
    First off, I haven't played every MMO out there, but I have been playing MMOs since 1999 starting with UO. The next game I spent a ton of time on was WoW since launch. I have tried many other 'next big things' that turned out to be failures within the first couple months. They either faltered due to poor launch, inexperience, or just lack of content. With Guild Wars 2, those are not concerns. ArenaNet is experienced and has plenty of content here at launch. I firmly believe this is 'the next big thing' since the juggernaut known as WoW has been around, I shall explain why. This list is in no particular order...

    1- This game is polished for release. There may be minor bugs here and there, but the game as a whole just works. I'm sure there will be more polish put on this with time. It can't compare to WoW here, but then again WoW has like an 8 year head start. Give it time. 2 - Depth of character: Open race and profession combinations. Anybody can be anything. The depth of how you can pick your utility skills and traits and have a real good chance of not running into anyone else with a cookie cutter build is very nice, especially since Blizzard killed off hybrids with Cataclysm and more so with Pandaria. 3 - Combat! Skills are determined by what you have in your hand more so than your profession. All buffs (boons) and debuffs (conditions) are of simple design. There is no dedicated Tank-Healer-DPS although there are some classes that excel at certain things more than others. Combat animations are done well and it seems to flow very smoothly. I am very critical on this as this is the exact thing that put me off of wanting in on The Secret World. There haven't been many MMOs to give you such an active mode of combat. Age of Conan tried and was very unbalanced between ranged and melee. Guild Wars 2 gets it right. You are able to fully Line of Sight some ones attacks or even actively dodge them!

    4- PvP at launch! This is a direct stab at Blizzard. They still haven't added it to Diablo 3 (still wouldn't make me want to play it again, heh) and WoW was going for months before it got it's first battleground. I give major props for Dynamic Level Adjustments up to level 80. There are no such things as lowbie twinks or leveling zone camping and gankfests. Racial abilities can't be used in Structured PvP also (no Human double trinket domination!)

    5- Robust crafting. This game has one of the most interesting crafting setups I've ever seen. It could use a bit more polish such as maybe showing you what you could make based upon components that you could make based upon your materials. I think there should be an option to consider your bank materials as well. I have only scratched the tip of this and am anxious to get more materials to craft more. Also, experience is gained for crafting and gathering!

    6- Dynamic questing system. You do have a main story line that gives you a clear direction on how to progress through the game, but a big chunk of your leveling will be done through dynamic quests kind of similar to Rift's rift system and Instant Adventures, but more dynamic. No forced grouping during leveling as the content adjusts to how many players are active and you automatically get heals or assists off whoever is killing the same target as you. The Dynamic Level Adjustment works opposite in PvE than PvP, if you go into a lower level zone, you get reduced to an appropriate level and rewarded as if you were higher level. It is impossible to out level the content and you also can't get a high level guy to just run you through something! Also, no looking for yellow ?s or !s on the map!!!

    7- The graphics are 2nd to none in MMOs. This is not a factor for many, but after spending thousands on PC hardware over the years, I appreciate being able to fully use it. This is the first game in years to have me taking screenshots because I am in awe of the design. A lot of MMOs don't put as much thought into design of the whole game as ArenaNet has done with just a single zone.

    8- I don't know what else to keep on about... You can join multiple guilds. You get nice rewards for 100% exploration of zones. You can 'fight for your life' instead of dying when you get downed. You can transmute gear for different looks. You can freely dye armor different colors. .... and quite a bit more than I have space or time to describe.

    Bottom line: Go get the game if you haven't already!!
  52. Sep 5, 2012
    This game restored my faith in MMOs. It's the best thing since Ultima Online.
    Not only the best theme park ever made, but one of the greatest games ever.
  53. Mar 4, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 is... a splendid game. Whilst completing the main quest line and levelling up to level 80, I realized there is yet much to do...~~~For example, I had to level up my skills to level 400, and hunt for materials and ingredients which made my time as great. I found myself in LOVE with the dungeons, and the fact that ArenaNet releases updates in a large sum, not just small miniature maintenances etc... Completing the map was incredibly fun, and finding the vistas, completing the Local Heart quests, the randomly generated events which give me something to do, and the graphics that take me in. Now I never have to run around, bored, and thinking, "What should I do next? Sigh..." Graphical content is the least of what I care about, because games really aren't all about graphics, however their story, content, and available options is really what it's about. By the way, for you ArenaNet fans out there, many of the people who have completely disliked GW2 are brainwashed people coming from Blizzard that will absolutely hate ANY MMORPG game they think might overcome WoW. Also, may I like to say many of the hated reviews here are probably coming from people who just want to compare GW2 to their favorite MMO's. No, seriously, rating Guild Wars 2 requires raw, solid reviewing, not comparing products. -Utrex Expand
  54. Sep 6, 2012
    And by the way, there is an end to the storyline in guild wars2, a mmorpg. It's like Arthas is the last boss in UBRS or something, thanks for playing now go pvp xD. seriously ?

    welcome to the MMOPG genre, role it out yourself kid.
  55. Sep 6, 2012
    This is a game for kids. Quests are so stupid, and your character seems like a body with a doolish head. No interaction needed with other players... everybody rush on "dynamics" events, you don't see anything and you do not need any skills to win the event... absolutly deplorable. World vs World is unplayable, and battlegrounds are boring. This is ver yfar from the revolution they annonced ! Maybe F2P players like it.. I really don't understand this score... Expand
  56. Sep 6, 2012
    The so-called dynamic events just repeats over and over, with no real difference in winning or failing the event, usually you are surrounded by lot of other players so you can simply press auto-attack key and go afk. Perhaps the game is good in pvp, but for the pve part it's nothing a real pve fan will play.
  57. Sep 6, 2012
    Security is absolutely the most glaring issue with the game.

    After years of learning security best practices from other game
  58. Sep 6, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 does it different but in the same skin as its competitors. In terms of setting it evolves upon GW-1, still having a storyline focused upon you the player as several political factions try to oppose the dragons and other powers that threaten the civilized races that form the loose alliance set around Lions Arch. The combat at first glance seems the same as WoW (hit button 1 to use skill 1) but once you delve into it, it is nowhere close. Each class has skills tied to weapons (skills 1-5) and then 5 that are unlocked as you earn skillpoints to unlock them, beyond this each class has unique mechanics which further sets it apart Expand
  59. Sep 6, 2012
    This game is simply amazing and deserves all the praise that it gets. It's not perfect, as I'll explain in my review, but the fact that it does everything so much better than any other MMO out there earns it a 10 in my opinion. Bugs and server issues are to be expected with a game like this, and those will get fixed. People who like to bash this game are usually people who only play MMO's like WoW and aren't capable of adapting to anything different.

    A problem I see a lot of people make is they go into low level zones and do the easy events there and just button mash or try to do "rotations" and assume the combat is dull and easy because they are able to get away with that. Try some higher level dungeons or PvP against skilled players and you will see that there are no "rotations" in this game. You have to adapt to what is going on in the fight and use your abilities wisely so you don't waste them at times when they aren't as helpful. And I saw someone mention dodging doesn't work and they still get hit? This person obviously doesn't know what they are doing because dodging works 100% of the time.

    The dynamic events DO make a difference in the world. Not all of them do, and even the ones that do make a difference don't always do it in a huge way. But the fact that some can and do make a big difference in the world easily makes this system better than the standard quest system found in most MMOs. Something to keep in mind too is that these events often trigger new events when they complete. Stick around a while and pay attention to what the NPC's are saying and doing after an event, it adds a lot of immersion to the game.

    The weakest part of Guild Wars 2 is the personal storyline. I definitely has some cheesiness to it. But again, most MMO's don't even have anything like this (except for SWTOR of course). So it's better than not having it at all.

    I see a problem with people complaining about security too, and for the most part they are right. It would have been nice if ArenaNet had implemented some type of authentication system BEFORE release. However, myself and many others have been playing without these issues. Just don't be an idiot and use the same password for every game/website you go to.
  60. Sep 16, 2012
    Before I write my review, I just want to get something out there. It is really frustrating for me to see all these bad reviews based solely on account hackings, launch hiccups, or poor customer service due to the unexpected influx of new players. These issues have nothing to do with the overall quality of the game, and will have no impact on prospective buyers in a few months time. This creates a severe imbalance in terms of user reviews, as those who encounter problems such as those I mentioned above come here to rage, while those who have a had a great customer service experience or no hackings just expect that from such a well polished, fantastic game and don't bother coming here to review. And don't get me started on people just flat-out lying on here. Yes, you can play with friends. Yes, you have more than 5 skills. I honestly think most of the people on here rating less than 6 are either being bought out by rival companies, or played the game for 30 minutes during the initial launch. Anyways, now that that's off my chest. This is the without a doubt the best MMO out there. The visuals are picturesque, and the stories are entertaining and even humorous. But when it comes to an MMO, the most important things (at least in my opinion) are combat and questing system. These areas in MMOS have sat relatively stagnant since basically forever. Gear based combat with little focus on player skill, and quest-hub based fetch/kill quests. Guildwars 2 takes huge steps towards remedying these awful aspects of MMOs. The questing system is incredible, with a great balance of the random dynamic events, exploration and renown hearts. And the combat is extremely skill based, with gear mostly being used to compliment your build. (I'm not going to go into a bunch of detail here, hopefully any potential players are interested enough to read some detailed reviews on these systems by people who can actually write)

    One of my favorite non gameplay related features is the complete lack of subscription fees. Becasue of this, Arenanet is not incentivized to make boring, grindy content to keep players busy while they drain 15$ a month out of them. This means that (no matter how sad this sounds) I'm actually excited to play this game because its fun, not because I'm being dragged through it by a carrot-on-a-stick leveling/gear treadmill.
  61. Sep 6, 2012
    This is exactly what I've been waiting for. After 7 years, I can finally say goodbye to Azeroth. If you're on the fence about this one, all I can say is go buy it now!
  62. Sep 8, 2012
    Stop for a second and just take a long, hard look at Guild Wars 2... and open your mind. The game is not infallible - no game is and a 10 is not an indicator hereof - but the game does so, so, so many things right. From encouraging people to help each other and be nice by not punishing team efforts, to its marvellous artistic vision, to its engine's sheer ingenuity and power (compare this game's engine to other MMO engines of the past half decade - it's fantastic), to it's wonderful gameplay. We have not seen anything this well crafted for a decade. With Guild Wars 2 you're watching not only one of the best games of the last decade, you are also given the opportunity to herald in a new age of gaming; one where subscription fee isn't a given, one where a cash-shop doesn't equal monetizing people shamelessly, one where fun, cooperation and team-effort is rewarded and encouraged rather than not. An age where a game's longevity is determined by its fun and enjoyment rather than grindy gear treadmills. You can support this by buying Guild Wars 2.... Or you can breathe a bit of life into a stale, stagnant and dying iteration of the genre by holing up in your comfort zone and buying MoP. The choice should be easy; GW2 is not only a better game but also comes from a company that respects corporate CSR, whereas the other comes from a company that hasn't delivered a unique IP in over 12 years, who shamelessly monetize consumers through treadmills and who's under the aegis of Activision, notorious for its lack of Corporate Social Responsibility. Expand
  63. Sep 9, 2012
    The general consensus is that GW2 gets ridiculously many things right, so I won't reiterate its great aspects. Instead, I will put into perspective some of the most common criticisms a few people seem to think justify sub-5 scores (hint: they don't). Complaint: The removal of the trinity makes the game a zerg fest. Translation: I prefer a different genre of MMO. The removal of the trinity is a tradeoff. ANet sacrificed group structure and scalability for the ability to play with anyone, anywhere, without hassle. This is a vital point of distinction from the WoW-type games, without which the game would be doomed just like SWTOR, Rift, Aion, etc. The outcome is totally a matter of taste and people who prefer the more structured ways of the trinity should play the other excellent MMO, WoW, instead. I don't like beat 'em ups but I wouldn't give one a 0 score just because it's not my cup of tea.

    Complaint: Hearts/dynamic events are just "gather 10 boar butts" questing in disguise.
    Translation: I dislike world PvE in MMOs.

    You see, there's only so many ways a character can interact with the world that scale to a persistent MMO environment. A big chunk of that is just killing and gathering. GW2's weapon-based skill bar improves this a bit by allowing a broader range of interaction with world items in hearts/events. But at the end of the day, MMOs will always be more repetitive than single player games. Which makes GW2's achievement of making world PvE fun again for the vast majority of players even more impressive.

    Complaint: The graphics suck.
    Translation: I didn't bother cranking up the graphics from the very conservative defaults.

    There's not much to say about this one. GW2's graphics are extremely scalable. On the lowest settings the game looks like vanilla WoW, on the highest it's one of the best-looking games out there. That's not to say there shouldn't be improvements to performance on the higher quality levels so more people can enjoy the game at its shiniest.

    Complaint: The voice acting sucks.
    Translation: I am not playing the English client.

    Unless you haven't noticed, game developers stopped making quality foreign localizations some 15 years ago. While this is certainly a deficiency of the product, I'd rather ANet concentrate on improving the game as a whole than make sure the clients in the lesser languages are on par with the English one. This comes from someone who isn't a native English speaker.

    Complaint: I was suspended or banned.
    Translation A: I am a notoriously unpleasant individual and should stick to single player games.

    The more guilty they are the louder they whine when a developer exercises their zero tolerance harassment policy. Feel free to check out ANet's infamous Reddit thread "Suspensions for offensive names and inappropriate behavior" for the hilarious details.

    Translation B: I (re-)use weak passwords and/or don't know how to secure my computer.

    The issue that accounts could be hijacked without the email password is inexcusable, but that doesn't change the fact that the account would have had to be hacked in the first place. Which in most cases would have resulted in a ban even without the attacker hijacking the account. It's important to understand that whoever gets his or her account hacked is not the only one suffering the consequences, but the game as a whole. That's why ANet have to be adamant with banning compromised accounts. Hey, it's the internet. Be careful out there.
  64. Sep 7, 2012
    I have been a gamer all my life and I still remember the feeling I had the first time I picked up and played WoW, the first time I went to warsong gulch and ran screaming with a flag chased by those damnable horde, walked across the bridge in stranglethorn vale...... but as games do, it got old. Vanilla wow is a dream we all had that has long since faded from memory leaving behind the beastly cash cow that is wow nowadays. This brings me to GW 2. I was skeptical to say the least. Up until a week before the head start I was not even going to buy it. But I did...... and damn it I am having a blast. I have not enjoyed a game this much in years. I can't put into words everything that makes GW2 worth ppls hard earned money and time but I can guarantee no one will buy it and feel like they didn't get their moneys worth, and 9 out of 10 will feel as I do. Arena.net have brought the magic back to mmo's. This is a must buy. And free to play? Get in there my son. Today I found a hidden doorway in the side of a mountain in the middle of nowhere, made my way through a booby trapped cave with pressure plates and the ground crumbling beneath my feet only to emerge in an underground cavern to find a ghost ship and a wicked jumping puzzle that took me 15 minutes to beat.....to finally earn an achievement and a splendid chest. In WoW if u tried to go off the beaten track like that the best you can hope for is falling through the ground to your death.... And I have not even mentioned the dungeons which are hella hard but rewarding or the World vs world vs world pvp that ate up 3 hours of my life last night as I lead my server to domination..... I could go on but I think by this stage if u are still reading u are either a fan or are going to buy the game so stop wasting your time and get playing! Expand
  65. Sep 7, 2012
    (Skip to 3rd paragraph for the actual review of the game)

    Basically this review is coming from an experienced gamer who hasn't had much experiences with mmos. Even though I'm only 19, I've been playing games since I was about 6. I've read about a few mmos here and there. People tried to get me to play World of Warcraft, and honestly it didn't look fun. (Some people will hate the comment
    I know...) Really the only mmo I ever played a lot of was Runescape. Honestly that was alright, but basically I used it as a time waster ( And a time waster it is..) because of its accessibility as a browser based game. I also tried SWTOR but only played for the first 2 weeks of my 3 month membership.

    Overall I have not been too impressed with the mmo genre... That is until I watched some people playing the beta of this game. I started watching content about Guild Wars 2 out of pure boredom a week before release. As a gamer I tend to keep up with games that are being released. The minute I saw the game on a small iphone screen I couldn't stop thinking about it. The next thing you know I watched probably 20+ videos in that week and couldn't even touch a game I was so excited for it. I didn't even know there was a Guild Wars 1 and something about Guild Wars 2 just "mesmer"ized me (Hah Guild Wars humor). I quickly preordered it and had my friends do the same. They don't like mmos either and I told them I'd pay them back if it was bad that's how confident I was this would be a huge success.

    Then came the release day, as soon as I was able I picked up the game and began its lengthy install. I was shocked at the 4-5gig patch especially since I have a 10 gig internet cap but it didn't bother me. I just told my parents I'd cover the internet bill (Which will be huge this month). Finally it was installed. I logged into my registered account and was taken to the character creation screen. I made my first character a Human Engineer. I was extremely impressed with the detail of the character creator. It was on par with one of my favorite series, The Elder Scrolls. The opening cinematic was also just as good. I thought this is finally what I've been waiting to see, an mmo with console like features. Already I fell in love with the story and I hadn't even played. Once that cinematic ended however, I literally became absorbed into my tv screen. I played for maybe 2 hours straight and it felt like 15 minutes that's how much fun I was having. I told my brother who was also playing, why couldn't we have wasted the summer on this instead of Diablo 3. Guild Wars 2 is one of the most impressive games I've played in a long time. The world feels full, characters are alive, events occur when I'm not around, people are generally pretty respectful, the stories flow, the graphics are amazing, combat is responsive, leveling is at a nice pace, the scaling is amazing, and aside from a few launch issues and small bugs and inconveniences, this game is just fun. That is the best word I can use to describe this game, is fun. I haven't felt this addicted to a game since Fallout 3. I am impressed on what the delivers delivered to the gaming world. I hope this game earns the success it deserves. Oh and by the way my friends love it. (Phew!)

    Good luck on your adventures! and if you haven't bought it yet you're missing out! :D
  66. Sep 7, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 looked to be a very hopeful game for me, a game I thought I would be playing for a decent 6 months or more, around the same timeframe I played WoW a few years back. The way the game was advertised was very well done, they made the game looks so clean and crisp, the graphics looked amazing. What they did was professionally iced a crummy cake. The game is very deceiving at first. The diverse character creation draws you in, and you choose what your characters going to be like, before you even experience them playing the game. I played human mostly, and made a guardian and engineer. After killing a few centaurs from some random town attack, I'm called in to help fight some massive rock hand that emerged from the ground. After joining the 10 other players that are smacking the rock with their daggers and bullets, the boss dies with like 5 minutes, and then my character passed out. I'm then told to help the town out with their daily chores, watering corn, feeding cows and destroying wasp nests. Wtf? What happend to all the centaurs, why did they even attack. To be honest, I think the storyline and moral behind all this is very generic and didn't really interest me at all. The skills are very limited, and get very tedious after a while. The skill/trait system is very dry, and didn't inspire me to go further at all. The instanced city ruined the whole 'epicness' and the teleportation system isn't a very creative way of travelling. WvW consisted of attacking a gate for 15mins before it was destroyed, and showed little potential for melee clases, as they got destroyed if they ran into a 20 man pack of players, all AoEing the ground and using their root abilities to pretty much ruin melee potential. The last stand skill ruined pvp, as it always felt I had to kill the player twice, instead of a nice clean one shot. It was way too balanced as well, giving every class ability ranged and heal abilitys, there is no special "individuality" among the classes as they could all do similar things. The biggest reason I didn't continue though was the lack of potential. What was the point of hitting level 80, when you get the same benefits at any point of the game. They wanted to make the game balanced and fair, and they did. I got my money back on the game after playing the 3-day head start and a few days after that. If you've played WoW and loved it, don't play this game. This is all my opinion guys, many of you probably like the style of the game, but I guarantee you, after 6 months, this game will barely be heard of. Expand
  67. Sep 7, 2012
    What makes Guild Wars 2 superior to the other MMO's past years?
    I'ts really hard to point out just one thing which makes it superior to World of Warcraft, RIFT, Secret World and all the other MMO's out there. Yes, it's generic high-fantasy world, but it feels like there's more actual interaction with the world than in other generic-high-fantasy MMO's, the world feels like it's alive, it's
    more immerse than we've seen before in any MMO.
    The leveling system is quite neat as well. Where as other MMO's aim for individualism Guild Wars 2 puts much emphasis on word TEAMWORK. There's on individual experience from mobs, they're all shared with all the other player participating in killing, sharing is caring right? The tasks are completed by a few different ways, so you feel like you can finish a quest like you want to, you don't always have to kill trillions of mobs, you can for example pick up trash or something like that, isn't quite revolutionary, but brings a great feel of freedom to it.
    The combat mechanics is actually great, not your basic-button-smashing-and-standing-still-style of combat, you actually have to move and dodge actively and use your snares and stuns in order to survive. This is very rewarding that your individual skill might help you bring down a more powerful enemy rather than your statistics.
    The PVP has that same skill mechanic implemented, since you have to dodge and move around corners to avoid damage and do that really challenging skill requiring dance that you do on PvE as well. The World vs. World vs. World is a great thing, you fight for your own realms benefits, which is quite neat and it seems balanced enough, realms who run over other realms get moved up and those who cannot cope will be placed with weaker opponents to guarantee at least some bonuses for your realm.

    Why aren't I giving a 10 to a game that is great?
    Several technical issues I might say. A-net still has to work on stability and WvW lag-issues and trading post issues of course. In pre-launch everything worked at least good but then came the launch and the lags and everything went to full **** but now a few weeks after the launch everything seems good, minor lags and bugs still exist, but nothing too bad anymore.

    In conclusion Guild Wars 2 renews the MMO-genre enough to fight against the big mighty World of Warcraft but still keeps some basics untouched which is a must if you want to attract people to play. Watch out World of Warcraft, you got a challenger....And it's gonna kick your Panda-ass all the way through Tyria.
  68. Sep 7, 2012
    I have tried most MMOs out there over the years ever since the original Everquest. WoW, EQ2, AoC, Star Wars (both), Rift, Secret World, etc., and I always get bored before too long. For some reason when a new one comes out I think, "This will be the one!" Well it seems I have finally found the right MMO for me in Guild Wars 2. I really think this MMO fixes many of the issues that put-off newcomers to the genre. This is a very accessible, very entertaining game. The manner in which they have made grouping up seem almost effortless and completely organic, should be a future standard IMHO. There are numerous other positives I could mention, and very few negatives. Suffice it to say that if you just haven't been able to find an MMO that you can really get into, this is the right one for you. Expand
  69. Sep 7, 2012
    I like this game. Is it perfect? No. But I dare you to name a perfect game. Sure, the dynamic events was done in Rift, and sure the combat system is similar to Tera, and the quest system is similar to Warhammer, but who really cares? IMO they were done better in GW2 and that's more important. I find the graphics to be good, not the best ever, but then again, I'm not a graphics fanatic and I certainly can't believe anyone finds them to be "bad." I haven't experienced any of this "floaty" or "disconnected" game play/controls, I honestly don't get it, I find the controls and the combat to be fun. And personally, I find the smaller amount of available skills to be fun, the one thing that I came to dislike about WoW (and saw that SWTOR has done) is the insane amount of skills on action bars you would have on your interface, which just caused annoying clutter to me, almost half of your screen is buttons and menus. To me that seems less like I'm playing a game, and more like I'm monitoring equipment of some kind, almost like working. One complaint that I do have is the lame selection of Elite skills, at least on my Norn. 3 of the first available 5 are shape shifting, and 1 of the 2nd tier is shape shifting, they might be fun, but that's not really my style. And whilst perusing through the numerous negatives, I see a lot of comparison to SWTOR, and that just irritates me to no end. Quit comparing games to other games. There's a reason this game is called "Guild Wars 2" and not "Star Wars: The Old Republic," they're different games made by different people with different features, the only similarity is that they're MMOs. Expand
  70. May 1, 2014
    They'd receive a stellar rating except for one glaring problem at the moment, they are supporting the hackers and not the players.

    As we speak, there are hundreds and probably borderline thousands of accounts that have recently been hacked. To be clear, ArenaNet had a security problem towards the end of 2012 which caused thousands upon thousands of compromised accounts, which caused
    hackers to get a hold of players personal info. Fast forward to the past 2 weeks, there has been a mass breach again where the offenders obtained countless e-mails and passwords of players thus compromising a tidal wave of accounts. This has now been confirmed to be on ArenaNet's end though they won't admit it.

    Here is the problem, ArenaNet only allows 1 rollback per account even if the security problem is on their end, you basically lose all your stuff the 2nd time your hacked. So today, thousands of people (so far) have lost their stuff. Now it's up to the individual whether they want to completely start anew and possibly lose their stuff again as ArenaNet can't keep their servers secure. I'm guessing all these people will end up walking away from the game.

    This was a great game, but sadly it's gone completely down the drain and gone in favor of the hackers. My advice, do not pick up this game, at least not until they have fortified their servers somehow.
  71. Sep 7, 2012
    Absolutely astounding. There's something for everyone, even the ex-WoW veterans. PvP is truly skill-based, not about who has the better gear. World vs. Word (read: server vs. server) is a perfectly chaotic clusterf*ck, PvE is never boring with events around and dungeons on top, plus there's lots of uncharted exploration. At $60 and no monthly fee, it is a much better deal than ToR for $60 and $15 a month. Also unlike ToR it is not a bleak, repetitive game that rewards time investment over skill.

    A piece of advice for reading reviews - if they say they quit after an hour, their review simply doesn't count. You can NOT see this game in an hour. It is most akin, like it's predecessor, to Magic: the Gathering. It is a complex, nuanced, combinatorial, tactical experience that leverages your "deck building" (read: skill selecting) skills as much as your reaction time (there's collision detection and realistic, live-action dodge-rolling) and time management skills (to rez, or not to rez?).

    No need to try before you buy - it's some grade-A stuff.
  72. Sep 7, 2012
    the game is decent but... their security and user support are HORRIBLE. my friend got hacked... they have a serious flawed system where a hacker could just simply go to your account and with your password just change the email where every notification arrives without you need to accept or confirm a notification to your email, then if u try to recovery your account u cant because everything will go to the HACKERS EMAIL, how retarded they were to make that system, also the automatic recovery system is disabled so everyone including users who forgot their password have to summit tickets to account support... I'm really disapointed, they only hacked his GW2 account he has lots of games and other valuable accounts. Expand
  73. Sep 7, 2012
    This is a very enjoyable game. I have been playing MMO's for several years and i would say this is my favourite. Nice look, sound and gameplay is very active. Some hiccups to the launch but everything seems to be settling down and from my Arenanet experience gamer support is awesome. Security was a concern but new email verification has kept me from getting hacked. Come join the fun don't miss out on a new style MMO. Expand
  74. Sep 8, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is a revolution. The way how it all works together is amazing. You gain experience almost from everything you do, so you no longer need to play it for 20 000 hours to reach the best equip and to enjoy high level instances. I am playing a norn ranger and it is so much fun, with all the pets you can tame and all the skillsets you can use. Another thing is the enviroment, it is stunning. Despite the problems with the trading post I must say it is a game that really deserves the 10/10 Expand
  75. Sep 8, 2012
    For the hardcore raiders, I wouldn't suggest buying this game. At least not buying it yet. For the casual gamer who normally doesn't have time for MMO's, this game is worth every penny and then some. You won't feel the need to play everyday to keep up, and you won't feel like your getting screwed for doing so. It is a very fun game to just play and enjoy, so far (2 weeks of play), it has yet to give off the "This is becoming work" feel to me. To sum it up, when I log on to guild wars 2, I don't feel like I'm playing another mainstream MMO. This game gives off a very unique feel. I have been playing games as a hardcore gamer for over 4 years now with a friend of mine. We both bought this game being super excited about the PvP, and turned around to love just about everything there was to love about this game. Upon our first two days of playing together we kept talking to each other and asking, "Dude, what should I do?" But it wasn't a negative what should I do. This game is so overwhelming with choices when you first start off, its simply astonishing. With that in mind, me and my friend have always been in a rush to hit max level and be the first to do everything, which meant no exploring the world, and no stopping every 3 seconds to grab a crafting node. Last night we hopped on looking to progress some more and continue leveling, instead we found over selves quick traveling around the world and collecting tons of crafting nodes for xp, all the vistas, points of interest, skill challenges, and way points.

    This game has a very appealing feel to it, I highly suggest trying it out. *Note* I'd really like to give this game a 9.5 instead of a 10 since i feel it leans closer to 10. However, I choose 10 over 9,because a 9 just doesn't do this game justice.
  76. Jan 26, 2013
    If you want in-game money you have to convert the store gems into gold. They put diminishing returns on loot so you get literally nothing. This is not a game for casuals, this is a game for children just like diablo 3.
    All the class abilities are the same except with different animations. War's that can oneshot people "Bob deserves a promotion for that" Game is a joke, a very well executed scam.
  77. Sep 8, 2012
    This game is amazing, beautiful and so alive, compared to other MMORPGs out in the market right now. I've played World of Warcraft for 3 years now and it was fun, for those 3 whole years. But let me just say that when I played Guild Wars 2, it felt like I had more fun than in those 3 years of playing World of Warcraft. Some people might ask, what can this game offer that other games cannot? Well, my answer to that is "life". What ArenaNet did to the game was not only to make a game enjoyable by everyone, but also make a game with a world that feels so immersible and alive. Just yesterday, before I wrote this review, I was playing GW2 with my brother, finding and mining ores until suddenly an NPC just came up to us and asked us to help his village. And we just followed the NPC. And by the time we arrived at his village, it as overrun by centaurs. So me and my brother fought and won and it was a really satisfying experience. Another example was when the NPCs just go about their lives, talking about their past adventures and making moves no other NPCs from MMORPGs can do. But this is just a fraction of detail as to how the world is alive. You will find out more when you play the game itself.

    Another feature is the personal story. This is a very big rpg element which was introduced to GW2 and I have to say, ArenaNet did an amazing job. The personal story lets you choose from plenty of choices which will affect how your character interacts with other NPCs and how his story will be laid out. The personal story is not like SWTOR's character story. In SWTOR, it just like letting your character play a big script and the only choices you make will affect only how you interact with your companions but it is different in GW2 since the choices you make will actually affect your character, your home instance, your NPC friends and your story. For example, you are given two choices to either save your friend or the city, when you choose your friend, there be more branches added to the story, but if you choose the city, different branches will also be added. So in short, everything you choose in your Personal Story will affect everything about your story.

    The features that I gave above are only a tiny bit of the features Guild Wars 2 has to offer. IF you want to find out more. Buy the game and see for yourself :D I guarantee you will like it.

    For me, I feel that Guild Wars 2 really deserves the GOTY award, although I am not sure if MMORPGs can win GOTY awards at all.

    So to anyone who reads this. I gave Guild Wars 2 a perfect 10 because of my experience with the game and not how the game is presented, so our opinions may vary.

    So once again, buy the game and if you like it, then have fun :D
  78. Sep 8, 2012
    I was backing this game before it came out, just like I did with the first guild wars, I played beta with both games, and liked what I saw, but again, I feel the way I felt with the first one, boring, clunky, and no, there is still no better MMO then WOW, " in the fantasy mmo world". I hate what WOW has become, but yet, it destroys this game in every facet of mmo's. I see alot of people saying gw2 is better PVP, I don't think it's even close to WOW's pvp. I made an 80 in less then 1 week, wtf is that? sorry, but this game has too many flaws and shortcummings that have been explained by others. I've been wanting an mmo to replace WOW for quite sometime, this isn't it. Graphics are over-rated, pvp/pve is hugely over-rated. Professions are silly....just not my cup of tea. Still, all and all, it's a descent mmo for the casual player new to the genre, and may grow on you. Also, yeah, there's no month fee like other mmo's, but it still cost money to have internet, for me, over $60 a month, so, this game is not free to me at all, if there was an offline pve mode, or an ability to run my own dedicated server with some friends for pve, then, yeah....it's free afterwards. Good luck to arenanet, and for those who love this game, I'm happy for you, me, I'll be waiting for the next mmo, maybe elderscrolls online ha ha. Expand
  79. Dec 2, 2013
    I really don't know about this game. It is not bad MMO, but it have some really weird parts like: skill system classes could be more interesting (esp. necromancer) underwater combat is total trash, when you wonder in world you complete events you don't even participate and so on.
  80. Sep 9, 2012
    Beware my friends, this game is not what they told us it would be

    I would like to take a moment and say that i ve been playing MMO's since Ultima Online, then tried Final Fantasy which i found terrible and then some friends made me play Daoc , Dark Age of Camelot was a hell of a game for it's time. Yes Pve was pretty much non existant and even with the expansion Raids felt kinda boring
    since there wasn't any artificial intelligence with the bosses. But hey, that game was all about Pvp and yes Pvp was awsome , there were keep raids , siege situations and much more. In certain ways that game felt epic. Then wow came around and Wow was a hell of a game. Coming from a game where questing was non existant and you had to grind all your way to the max lvl and going to a game where you had a tons of quests to lvl up was a big step ahead. Yes Wow's Pvp sucked hard, Wow never delivered hero classes, siege weapons, raid honor from Thrall or other Town bosses. But it had the best Pve experience one could ever hard. Vanilla wow was an epic game and encounters like Onyxia or Ragnaros can confirm that.

    Why am i speaking of past games? Because those games were REVOLUTIONARY. One for it's pvp , the other for it's pve. Obviously both of the games after a couple of years became boring and repetitive but when they were launched they were AWESOME.

    I reached Naxxramas with my own guild on Wow and on Daoc i reached rank 6.

    Afterwards i played many mediocre games like Aion and Rift. Tbh i stopped playing Aion around 25 lvl since the game didn't have enough quests and it was all about grinding something that i actually hate nowadays. I managed to get much higher on Rift but Rift was like Wow with portals spawning everywhere, something that was also boring after a while.

    Then i tried Diablo 3 , which is not an mmorpg , but it's something time consuming much like an mmo. Diablo 3 is probably the biggest letdown in gaming history and so i was looking for something to move forward.(yes i ve played also Diablo 2 ) And then i started reading about Guild Wars 2 and how the game was unconventional and how questing was not boring and how Pvp was awsome and bla bla bla. Yes i don't expect that the producers tell me that the game sucks or that they didn't actually add anything but hey the game seemed to be something totally new and fresh. I tried to like the game but it was all in vain. Game doesn't offer anything new, graphics aren't great tbh, might be if you compare them with Wow but it's 4 years i don't play that game, Pvp seems Daoc WvW only that you have to button mash all the time useless skills that actually don't make the difference. And yes lvling up is still boring. There were a couple of quests that were kinda cool, one with the ogre transactions but the rest was always the same thing. Crafting was copy paste from all the other mmos, gathering resources same thing and the whole thing was not rewarding. The combat system is boring , it's boring since lvl 5, pressing 5 buttons without consequences is boring. Don't get me wrong running around , evading attacks is awesome but this combat system is extremely flawed. My personal opinion is that either there is a combat system like Demons/Dark Souls either the combat system has to be more elaborated. You can't have something in the middle. Either something very simple but yet difficult to master , either something very complex that needs to be executed perfectly.

    How about the world? Well since i ve not been stuck in wow for the last 4 years and since i ve tried Age of Conan, Aion and Rift i have to say that the world isn't anything fresh. It's the usual mmo world , exploring and puzzles were on Rift also but i found out that jumping games were a good idea, poorly implemented. I think that the next serious MMO in the industry will be a game which will actually allow you to move and jump in the same ways as Mario does. Otherwise it becomes boring after a while since there isn't any REAL difficult in the jumping process but the obstacles are crows or ravens or stuff like that.

    WvW pvp is bad , Zerging has ALWAYS BEEN BAD since 2003 ! And it is still bad in 2012, there is no skill in zerging and with 5 buttons and no group play Pvp is bad. Also slow movement in the pvp map is one of the worst things ever seen. 9 years ago you had Minstrels with movement buffs ...

    The worst part of the game is that thanks to their dynamic events there is no reason to socialize and meet new people through the game in order to party up and get things done. You just attack a mob with other 20 people and that's it. For all i care they can all die i ll just keep hitting.

    My conclusion is that the game is super Hyped, many people got the usual 5$ for each post and the game in a couple of months is gonna be kinda dead, not from the lack of pve but because Pvp is bad and doesn't reward players.
  81. Sep 10, 2012
    The good:

    -Environments look great. So do characters (except for humans). While graphic engine is not state of the art or anything, it is good and artists did good job with it. -Leveling proces is smooth, with no need to run to NPCs to take quests. You just get in area, have several options how to fill bar. Additionally game rewards exploring with hidden caves and bosses everywhere.
    All that adds to the feeling that you can just go into the world and explore while your character progresses automatically.

    -Removal of alot of timesinks. Instant travel to specific points spread out around maps is a great time saver unless you actually did enjoy 15 minut flights to your destination. Also little things that really help saving time. Like "sell junk" option at vendors or automaticly sending gathered materials to bank which btw. also has special slots ther for such items. I believe they now even alowed crafting without need to manualy go to bank. All of that saves you alot of headaches.

    The bad:

    -Controls lag, delay or unresponsiveness. Whatever you want to call it. You tap a key, and there seems to be 200ms delay before your character starts moving. Either there is some crappy animation acceleration system or your character literally waits for server response when moving. Either way in 2012 something like that is absolutely ridiculous and that alone kills gameplay in this game for me.
    Sometimes stuff does not work. I press button, there are no cooldowns, yet it does not register. So you naturally end up spamming keys like crazy in order for attacks to actually work.
    Additionally tons of melee skills are really castable with short half second casts or so. Now I understand that most likely why this got implemented is so you can dodge hits. But end effect of controls lantency + randomly not working key press + castable skills that should be instant + some skills that make you stand in place before you finish animation + weapon switches = most unresponsive, laggy and frustrating control scheme I have seen in the last decade.

    -I hope you like to use 3 attacks over and over. Combat is nothing more than regular action bar skills based one + manual dodge even though screaming fanboys try to tell you otherwise. Nothing wrong with such system in itself if you get proper ammount of varried skills. Well I got bad news.
    For most classes you get 2 weapon sets. That is 2x5 buttons for weapons, 5 buttons for utility skills and 4 for class skills. First slot in weapons is autoatack (yes I am not kidding) so that leaves you at best with 17 buttons out of which you will have access only to 13 at one time without weapon switching. Utility and profession (class) skills are often on long cooldowns (30-90 seconds), some are buffs,heals or passive.No big deal right, afterall you can switch to second set of weapons anytime right? Joke, 10 second cooldown on weapon switch, have fun.
    End effect of it is that you end up spamming 3 attacks and presing few other buttons once a minute because not only second set of weapon has CD but depending on class actually might suck and not be worth using. Talk about boring. There are rare classes where you do get to use a bit more buttons but that brings into the question balance of difficulty of playing a proffesion (class) and in the end, still is not enough. Fun factor of combat varries from "id rather watch paint dry" to "meh, whats for dinner".

    Additionally because there is such small ammount of buttons available you end up with laughable buff/debuff system. You don't get skills that counter specific type of debuff out of lets say 10 types. No, instead you get skills like "remove random debuff","apply random debuff","convert random debuff into random buff". You even have passive skills removing debuffs.
    On a possitive side there is combo system where passing or shooting through various aoe speels you can get some effects, which nicely add another layer to combat. Still doesn't counter the feeling of boredom though.

    -Dungeons are just abomination. You would think that in game that has no problems dealing with dynamic event where you have 30 players vs 50 mobs, dungeons should be epic with 20 weaker mobs + several stronger at once in awesomelly design halls. Well here is epic for you. You get tiny claustrophobic corridors where camera gets constantly stucked, usually 2-4 trash mobs with obscene ammount of health and you stand there hitting them forever and ever and... I fell asleep. Then you get to boss who like to spam ability or two over and over which you have to dodge.

    -Lack of trade button. Awful auction house interface. The meh:
    Music, voice acting, goofy animations depending on race, poor choice if you like "ugly" races. Cliched story and dialog. Spell sounds are meh, I don't like casters in this game at all. I don't feel the destrucrive power behind them. Dynamic events are faceroll zerg, PvP is lame.
  82. Sep 10, 2012
    PROS: $60 flat, WvW, sPvP 5v5 Tournaments, Latter parts of PvE without Heart-Quests, Dungeons, Puzzles, Top Tier Boss fights in both instanced and open world situations, Non-invasive money shop. CONS: Weak Personal Storyline during early-mid game, Early Heart-Quests, Random 16 player sPvP, Lack of more game-modes in sPvP, OVERALL: Top quality content at $60, no monthly fee. Better than anything else on the market at the moment. Expand
  83. Sep 10, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is a milestone in MMORPG history. With its dynamic quest content, it's giant world, it's wonderful artdesign, it's interesting classes and it's epic bossfights Guild Wars 2 is nothing like everything you have played before. Get ready to be blown away from this masterpiece. Five interesting and very different races, eight classes with multiple different approaches and a giant battleground with 3 whole servers fighting against each other seal the deal. Expand
  84. Sep 10, 2012
    I always wanted to get distracted in an MMO. To get lost in its world. In Guild Wars 2, I am so lost and always distracted by everyday surprises. It has everything I ever wanted in a modern MMO.
  85. Sep 10, 2012
    One of the best game ever developed.
    The secret Jumping Puzzles are just amazing, a new feature in mmorpgs that should be added everywhere.
    I've been waiting this game since 2007 and i'm very satisfied.
  86. Sep 10, 2012
    Well I need to say that this is the MMO of the year, if I compare it to WoW there is almost no grinding, you can play your own story, which is great btw. When you level, you are just "falling" in to the events/quest, so no need to go to NPC take a Q and then go to location A, and so on... Not mentioning you can complete almost all events by killing mobs or you can collect something or do various things, just brilliant.
    Jesus, you can even level by collecting materials for crafting and by crafting, I was cooking a sue and I gain level, WTF???
    PvP je great, pure action you need to take cover, jump, doge... it is totally different than the one in WoW.
    And so on, for now I just couldn't find a really bad thing in it, that's why I am giving it 10.
  87. Sep 10, 2012
    Someone please explain to me the purpose of this game. I have waited 4 years for this game to come out and it really might be the worst game I have ever played. I love MMOs but Guild Wars makes no sense, the combat is awful , the open world combat everyone talks about is just pure chaos, you just dont feel like yor actually doing anything, just one of the horde. I just run around and really dont even want to kill any mobs as the xp is awful. I really wanted to like this game but really am so confused of how this is fun at all. Expand
  88. Sep 10, 2012
    The game has very little variety. There's nothing about the PvE system that is different than any other MMO, except maybe GW2's system is rather bland. I have yet to try PvP, but from what I am hearing from others who have, it's just as boring as PvE. Anyone who gives this game a 10 or even a 9 hasn't played the game enough to discover the monotony in store for them.
  89. Sep 10, 2012
    I have to say when i first downloaded this game i had such high hopes because i was a big fan of guild wars 1 but after a week of playing its let me down bad .. first i have to say i dislike the weapon skill bar it gets soooo boring fast and i feel like rerolling another class just to change the skills, you can change weapons around for different skills but god 80 levels of the same few weapons is just not fun.
    The pve is fun at the start but is more or less the same till end game gets a little harder but you can go from level 1 - 80 without talking to another person...
    The lac of skills is just silly you find yourself running around waiting for cd's on 5 skills while spamming the same 5 weapon skills. sorry but give me 30 keybinds any day.
    Pvp is fun and i do like the battle ground system as you can just jump on in at any level ,also the WvWvW is fun but needs work all in all pvp is whats best about GW2.
  90. Sep 10, 2012
    This game is fantastic, beautiful graphics, tons of content, and a huge, immersive world. The quality of this subscription-free game shows up how laughable the subscription model is.
  91. Sep 10, 2012
    Guild wars 2 is a amazing game is it perfect? no but its close enough, yes it has bugs that need to be fixed and they are as quick as possible but coming from a former WOW player of 4 years this game feels modern it feels up to date unlike other MMO's ive played including SWTOR and rift. people worried about PVE because no raids well I can tell you take 5 people in the dungeons in EM and you will encounter many deaths. This game isn't easy as say WOW everything isn't handed to you on a silver platter. The basic mob in GW2 can kill you its a skill game and if you can't learn when to dodge your going to struggle. its no longer looking at a rotation like crazy or waiting for Deadly boss mods to call stuff out for you to move in GW2 its a team effort in dungeons 3 people cant carry the other 2 players if they just don't cut it like you can it most MMO's. people have been wanting a game with a challenge and is fun well here it is. and if you don't cut it like probably half of the 139 negative reviews don't go fussing on site sayings it a crap game because its far from it. GW2 is a beautiful game both in art and graphics with the talk of maybe allowing Direct X 11 in the future as a option will only make it more beautiful of a game. The combat is fun the traits and skills are fun and as a person with a lvl 80 Thief I can tell you their is plenty of endgame its actually almost overwhelming all the things to do at 80. Dungeons for awesome looking gear. WVWvW is a blast (and I'm not a big pvp person) and farming to get ready for the Legendary's. just to name a few but the list could go way on. Overall if your tired of outdated MMO's or new to MMO's I think you will engoy it. Expand
  92. Sep 10, 2012
    There are too many characters in my review to post it here, so please check out my review at CURSE forums. http://www.guildwars2guru.com/topic/63286-guild-wars-1-vs-guild-wars-2/

    Thank you!
  93. Sep 10, 2012
    I have never written a metacritic review before, but I needed to make an account to review this game. I was incredibly excited for this game, but it simply has some issues that cannot be ignored. It IS well polished, and the team is constantly patching any bugs. Trading post glitches are pretty much gone. The problem with the game is not serves or bugs for me, but in the fundamental game play.

    It was a novel idea to get rid of defined roles like tanks and healers, but ultimately, I feel it was a poor decision. The professions play far too similarly to one another. The destruction of "roles" means that everyone has a heal, everyone does some damage, everyone has some debuffs. And even ignoring the similarities between professions, the skill choices WITHIN a profession are lackluster with the weapons you pick defining over half of your skills that DO NOT CHANGE THE WHOLE GAME! So most of the skills you enjoy at level 1 or 2 are probably the same 5 you'll be using up until level 80. At least in games like WoW you can look forward to gaining new cool skills all the way as you level up. Because your skills are the same, combat becomes quite repetitive VERY quickly. The talent tree is a nice addition, but it simply isn't very deep. Just very small benefits, nothing substantial that you really can't wait for.

    Also the loot drops are not as quite as enjoyable or rewarding as they are in WoW. There ARE more useable types of loot and more magic item drops; HOWEVER, they are all very, very generic. There is a Greatsword of Precision, a Greatsword of Might, a Greatsword of "such-and-such-a-stat". There are very few weapon and armor models, the weapons/armor are all generically named, and the only difference are a few points in what attribute is affected. There need to be more "boss-type" special loots. Not like dungeons, but just elite type named mobs that drop some nice named, custom, non-generic weapons and armor. These are very very few and far between in this game. Therefore getting loot is just not exciting or pleasurable.

    I have played this game quite a bit. I've really really TRIED to like it, because, after all, I spent $60 on it. But each time I play, I find myself getting bored and forcing myself to keep playing just because I don't want to feel like I wasted my money. But I can honestly say that I wish I would have had my $60 right now, and wouldn't really the miss the game.
  94. Dec 22, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is incredible. I was a huge fan of the first Guild Wars and this game definitely lived up to the hype for me. The world is vast, beautiful, and extremely detailed. The graphics are rich and vibrant. The quests, events, and puzzles are fantastic and very unique. The branching personal story lines are all very engaging, and the PvP is addicting as crack. I love these people that are saying that this is "just an average Rift clone." How is it in any way a Rift clone? Because it has public events? Guild Wars 2 took a successful concept and refined it, fleshed it out more, and made it their own. It's called innovation. They are not copying Rift, they are simply taking a page out of Rift's book and expanding upon it. That's how things make progress. I would also like to mention that several of the issues that people were complaining about and thus gave this game a "0" are all fixed. Guild Wars 2 is the most preeminent MMO to be released in a long time. Do yourself a favor and pick it up. Expand
  95. Sep 10, 2012
    GW2 is an amazing game. I think it have features for lots of kind of players. Casual players can walk over an astonishing world carefully created, play structured PvP (with exactly the same character as a hardcore player), etc. Hardcore players can play Dungeons (story and explorable mode), play World vs World, re-roll PvE with different Personal Stories, collect weapons and armors skins, get some titles... One nice thing is that you get xp on almost everything you do (crafting, killing, quests, world exploration). Of course GW2 doesn't have years of polishing, but it had a truly amazing start. If that's not enough: it has zero fee!!! Expand
  96. Sep 10, 2012
    Why is this game getting such high reviews? It takes a few hours but under the shiney wrapper tha flaws come quick and they are huge.
    -Abilities are bland.
    -Character development is non-existent.
    -Combat invovles mashing same 4 to 5 buttons - you unlock a few more but I already mention the abilities are terrible - so you'll just mash 4 of the available 8.
    -Gear is bland and generic-
    little variety - if you see someone of the same class odds are pretty high he's rocking same stuff you have. Lots of dyes but the underlying gear all looks the same.
    -Crafting is pointless - you'll find the same gear - so nothing you craft is of any value on the auction.
    -Local events are pointless Zerg fests mashin gthose 4 butons and wondering what if anything you did.
    -NPC voices are poorly done and repetative.
    -About as much depth as an episode of iCarly.

    -SO I paid my $60 - leveled to 30 - uninstalled the game and took a long shower to wash off the dirty feeling from playing it. You have been warned.
  97. Sep 11, 2012
    As a Guild Wars fan, it truly breaks my heart to be forced to give such an amazing MMO's sequel such a poor overall score, but Guild Wars 2 might have well been made by a completely different developer as it totally missed the mark on what made its predecessor a great game.

    While Guild Wars 2 brags about its "player unique stories" (or however they phrased it), the plot totally misses
    the mark cinematically and writing wise. In Guild Wars, the story was paced quite well with only one or two minor side quests that needed completing before you got to the next mission area. Missions also contained bonus side quests that if completed could bring in oodles of xp, which is always a good thing. Unfortunately, Guild Wars 2 breaks one of writings biggest no-nos in that it butchers the pacing of the story with so much filler (grinding) that by the time you level up the three or four required levels to do the next mission, the momentum of the story has already been lost. At the same time, the story fails to deliver a memorable villain in the likes of Shiro Tagachi or Varesh Ossa. With my character at level 30 and well into the "story", I have yet to come across a villain I either cared about or thought of as memorable. At the same time, the horrible cinematics pale in comparison to their Guild Wars predecessors, going from an actual cutscene to nothing but "talking heads".

    Then you have the lack of instancing and henchmen/heros. Two of the best things that ever happened to an MMO. Gone now are the days that you can enjoy the world and the story in solitude without having to worry about fifty other people doing the same quest. Henchmen/Heroes were also an awesome part of Guild Wars, albeit slightly flawed intellectually. As one who was looking forward to improved AI and a removal of gold/item stealing, I was greatly dismayed when they announced their horrific new "Dynamic Level Adjustment", one of the worst features of an MMO since pay to win stores and player driven economies (I'm looking at you Final Fantasy).

    Another huge caveat is the lack of questing. Sure this game has "events" and "group quests" that will appear at "random" around the different zones, but with so few per area, and with them and story missions offering little xp, not only will you find yourself stuck in the same area till you are ready to blow your brains out, but that you'll be grinding the same quests over and over and OVER before you can enjoy the actual point of Guild Wars, the story.

    Finally we get to the terrible skill system and lack of armor. If Guild Wars suffered from anything, it was a massive lack in armor variants. Guild Wars 2 compounds this by having even fewer armors. And while Guild Wars offered the great benefits of dual classing and more skills than one could possibly fathom, Guild Wars 2's system is like the difference between pre and post searing Ascalon. There's no comparison.

    In the end, Guild Wars 2's biggest flaw was to sell out on everything that made it great trying to cater to 'main stream MMOers' and in doing so, completely failed to hit the target in almost every way.

    End Score 1/10

    +1 Graphics

    -3 points for lack of instancing
    -2 points for removal of henchmen/heroes
    -2 points for dynamic level adjustment
    -2 point for lack of normal quests and poor story implementation
    -1 for story missions not being repeatable, lack of armor variants
  98. Sep 11, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 was hyped as a revolutionary breath of fresh air in the MMO genre, so what did we get? Let's take a look.

    Gameplay mechanics: combat was a big disappointment, with fixed weapon skills creating some of the most shallow combat mechanics I've ever seen. My Guardian deals with every enemy in the game in the same way: 4, 2, 3, 1-1-1. It gets dull after 3,000th enemy. Events and
    champion fights turn into a huge zergfest where the much-vaunted inter-player combo system gets lost amidst a hail of skill FX and isn't required anyway. +Power/+Precision/+Critical Damage (PPCD) items are the only thing of any importance, since you take so much damage from enemies (sometimes up to 75% of your max HP in a single hit from some standard enemies) that any pretense of boosting your defence is a joke. As a result, PPCD equipment costs 10x as much as other equipment on the trading system (which is thankfully now up). However, balance issues are to be expected on a new MMO release and so I'll give ArenaNet some leeway on this.

    Crafting is done better than in most MMOs, with little things like speeding up crafting of large numbers of items and the deposit all collectibles being welcome additions to a feature that can be a painful experience in other MMOs. The amount of EXP that can be gleaned from crafting, however, is in my opinion far too high and I reckon I got at least 1/3 of my levels from crafting (Lv.80 max, so 25-ish levels).

    Story: since this game is a true persistent-world MMO, the story takes a back seat, unlike the original Guild Wars where instancing (whatever you thought about it) did allow for an unusually good story-driven experience in PvE. Guild Wars 2 lacks the suspense and intrigue of the original story, since you know who the big bad is right from the start, and plays out largely forgettably and predictably. Discussion and cutscenes have been relegated to little conversations on a background, which is disappointing, lacking the cinematic story-driven experience of Guild Wars. My advice: do not play GW2 for the story.

    World PvE: The Renown Heart system and Dynamic Events were pedalled as the best thing since sliced bread by both ArenaNet's marketing division and various professional reviewers. Obviously these people had not done their research, as Warhammer Online had done this sort of public quest system back in 2008, to quite considerable success. GW2 lifted it, divided it, and gave us Renown Hearts, which are fetch/kill quests under any other name, but they work okay; and dynamic events, which can be fun but often suffer through having either too many players (zerg) or too few (impossible to complete). The Vistas and Skill Point Challenges are a nice touch, but the whole game feels very meta as a result and it ruins immersion somewhat.

    PvP: I have personally found PvP to be a mixed bag in this game. sPvP with teams of randomly assigned players going up against each other is quite fun and requires some degree of tactical skill. Lobbing trebuchets at your guildmates (who happened to be assigned to other team) is great fun. The WvW unfortunately is not so good at the moment as, like the major PvE events, it degenerates into a monstrous zergfest where the server with the most players (usually the French in my case) online always controls everything and everyone else gets diddly-squat. ANet needs to balance this, perhaps by limiting the number of players on each battlefield to an amount equal to that of the smallest actively represented server, but we shall see.

    Graphics: this game is beautiful, boasting the highest graphical fidelity I have ever seen in an MMO, and it is impressive. On the other hand, the game's engine optimisation and netcode are poor at the moment to say the least, but hopefully there will be some patches that address my 3 frames per second in a zerg against a champion boss. With regards to the art style, some people will like the new, more vibrant art style, while others (especially some fans of the original Guild Wars) will lament the move to a world that is more like WoW in both colour and feel, including the cheesiness of the NPCs.

    Music/SFX: The music is almost entirely ripped from the first Guild Wars, so it's a bit of a cop-out frankly. Otherwise sound effects are solid, but unspectacular. There really is not much more to say about it.

    Verdict: ArenaNet took everything that was great about Guild Wars...and threw it into a fire. Instead, they made a WoW clone and stole WAR's public quest/event system as its driver. In fairness, the aspects that have been borrowed are well implemented. But there is nothing innovative about Guild Wars 2. Shallow combat and lack of high-end content mean you will probably drop this game after a couple of months. If ANet can get balance updates and new content in my opinion may improve, but right now this game is a rough diamond at best.
  99. Sep 12, 2012
    I'm in Love with this game, specially using my eyefinity setup also its pay to play n such amazing graphics at every zone,what else can i ask for ? :]
  100. Sep 12, 2012
    Overall a great game! I made a YouTube video on it's gameplay and what's so great about it. Make sure to check it out.

Universal acclaim - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. 90
    GW2 has made a powerful impact on the MMO scene, confirming years of expectations. Stunning presentation and revolutionary design guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, it’s not flawless, nor complete. The beautiful vistas, the massive PvP element, the rich leveling experience- those can offer hours of gameplay, but the endgame is desperately seeking for enrichment. [November 2012]
  2. Jan 2, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 surpasses the original in every aspect, from its massive and atmospheric world to its addictive and engrossing gameplay.
  3. Nov 28, 2012
    After spending fifty hours with GW2, I have a lot of praise for ArenaNet's work and the way it changes up some of the typical trappings of the MMO. And yet, I find myself thinking less and less about it each day. It's not a declaration against the product, mind you, but simply a fact that this game still is very much an MMO, and your enjoyment will directly relate to how much you enjoy the genre. For many who were hoping for a clean break from MMO design philosophy, Guild Wars 2 will probably come across as a slight disappointment. It pushes the genre slightly forward, however, and could lead to even further development in the future.