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  1. Dec 4, 2011
    Maybe just spend your four bucks on the soundtrack, and go play Tyrian. [Christmas 2011, p.69]
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  1. Mar 5, 2013
    In the 18th century, the rapid progress of humanity was slowly leading to destruction. With the Philosopher's stones, also known as Matrix, Alchemy advanced considerably, bringing a new era to the world.

    This progress however, had a cost. These matrices were found in the Spring of Yord, in a place known as What Pholith. With the destruction caused in What Pholith, the Demon Army (my adaptation: p) attacked with full force.

    People have learned to control the arrays in an attempt to contain the demons. These were called Masters of the Matrix. But even they were not able to contain them. To stop the most powerful demon, known as Gundemonium an Artificial Matrix was created. His name was Elixirel.

    That's when things desandaram Elixirel was captured by Gundemonium and rebelled against humanity. The foundation Rosenkreuz, took action to stop the demons and put an end to it.

    The year was 1785, the beginning of the Mission Gundemonium.

    The game is a shooter horizontal progression, like Gradius or R-Type, but it belongs to a genre that many know but few can (or dares) face, the infamous Bullet Hell.

    "But lettuce, which is the Bullet Hell?" You may ask. The translation of the term is "Hell Bullets (or projectiles) and defines the amount of games where the enemy fire is immense, a sea. Games of the genre are well known Ikaruga (Dreamcast Gamecube Live Arcade), Mushihime-sama (PS2) and Touhou (PC). When we see each running, you realize the amount of bullets and wonder how you will escape (Ikaruga has a way, but it's another case), but has a very simple way and exemplified in this image:

    The area with the black circle around the heart is called Hit Box, and if it is reached, your character (or ship) lost in a lifetime. I put the red dots (safadamente the paint) exemplify places where the bullet hits, not absolutely nothing happens. That said, you must have mastery of your hitbox to advance in a bullet hell (or have a pact with Satan, but that story is for another day) life.

    At first, the game has two characters (the second being customizable). One is the default (you can not switch weapons) and second, you can change weapons on the customization. I will explain how game systems work, as Phases, Onsalaughts, Demonic Shifts and Mana Pumps.

    The Phases of difficulty are changes that occur during the game, as you progress without taking damage, the Phase increases from 1 to 11 (depending on the difficulty chosen, there are lower limits), interfering with the amount of bullets fired by enemies. When you take damage, or get an extra life when he reached the maximum Phase one is subtracted.

    The Onsalaughts bonus scores are acquired kill x amount of enemies at a time. And for what cause, motive, reason or circumstance I am explaining this simple system? Simply because it gives achievements on Steam PSN.

    The Demonic Shifts are a system of Risk Reward Interestingly, the cost of his Mana, 1 Life and increasing difficulty, a high score is given, and you can use Rapid Shot Gun Eryth's not super hot. If used properly, ensures at least two Achievements.

    The system allows Mana perform some techniques that help to escape the sea of ​​bullets and or deter some enemies. And the pumps are the basics of the shooter: use sparingly when needed. What can ward off many people, is the apotheosis of the game difficulty, even on lower difficulty.

    Graphically the game is fluid, for those who like technical data, it runs at 60 frames per second, ensuring a frantic pace to the shootings. Combine this with the visual anime and beautiful scenery.

    Can not forget the mesmerizing patterns of fire, which are the spectacle of the game, to see who out because to who's playing, is something almost desperate.

    Sonically, it is quite nice too. The game has two tracks, the original 2003, and a remix available on the game's release on Steam, created by one of the responsible for the track Dance Dance Revolution. Nothing that mark, but are great compositions that marry well with the visa in the game.

    Finally, I do not know if they would recommend the purchase of the game, because I really liked it, but people who do not enjoy games VERY difficult, tend to become discouraged.
  2. Oct 9, 2013
    What defines this game is the type of game it actually is; a side scrolling shooter that tests your ability to avoid enemy attacks and destroy them in the process. If that simply isn't your type of game; then don't bother criticizing the gameplay. What comes with this type of game is a ton of dying, a ton of raging, a ton of learning, and eventually a ton of reward. That being finally beating the game. While there are some faults on key assignments not familiar to the average PC Gamer and other parts of gameplay, if you do a bit of research you can easily find out how to bind the keys to whatever you will, and learn what the other game features do. Examples being how the lives system works and the interface. But in the end, if you know how to move and shoot, the game holds true to it's genre and was a ton of fun for to play and finally beat. Not to mention an awesome soundtrack+ Expand
  3. Jun 30, 2012
    Gundemonium Recollection is a side-scrolling shooter, and is the first in the Gundemonium trilogy. I have really tried to understand this game, but the game refuses to let me know what's going on. No tutorial, no explanation of what's going on, no explanation of the buttons, moves or attacks. Obviously, the basic shooting action is easy enough to grasp, but without understanding how the bombs and special attacks work, you can't really succeed at the game. Don't play this game without a game pad. The controls are hideous on keyboard.

    Shooter fans that are looking for a challenge and are willing to research this game to figure it out may enjoy it. Also, if you don't mind just blindly shooting at things and dying a bunch, you may be able to forgive this game's flaws. For most people, however, I'd recommend passing this one up, unless you can find it for under a dollar.
  4. Dec 13, 2012
    This was almost fun until the last boss/stage. 7+ forms and my bombs heal her? Thanks Japan. I really hate modern shmups. Same garbage I played 10/15/20 years ago except stupidly hard and not in arcades anymore. Expand