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  1. PC Gamer
    Nov 26, 2012
    Weird restrictions aside, this is a funny, unique, and charming way to kill some time, even if only in small amounts. [Jan 2013, p.69]
  2. PC Master (Greece)
    Feb 6, 2013
    We loved the humorous mood, the direct nature of each level (that would end in five minutes, maximum) and the fact that we didn’t have to grind for experience, as is the case with nearly all RPGs. It’s a game you play while relaxing and sipping on the day’s cup of tea/coffee. [December 2012]
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  1. Oct 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy is a remake of the XBLA remake of the PSP game. Ultimately it's an extremely well done game, excluding a major issue which we'll get to in a moment. Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy is a RPG with other genres inside to bring a refreshing twist to the other parts of the Retro Mode.

    The game has two graphics settings, the Neo Cartoon mode or the Retro Mode, personally I prefer Retro in look and in the fact that Neo Cartoon Mode's versions of Evil Lord 30, Princess 30 and Knight 30 are all single stage RPGs with slightly altered rules to Hero 30, much like in the XBLA version it stems from. The modes are as follows, Hero 30 which is the main RPG mode of the game in which you save the world multiple times from multiple evil lords in 30 seconds a piece thanks to the help of the Time Goddess, who can rewind time for a fee that grows with each use, she also reduces your grinding at the price of becoming level 1 after each evil lord defeat. This mode as of writing has a serious glitch in one particular mission in which to get to an Evil Lord, you need a giant bomb to destroy the rock in front of him, but no matter how much you use it, the bomb does not activate. Other than that, this mode is a great RPG with multiple paths to take and many titles and equipment to earn. The other three modes are of different gameplay altogether in Retro Mode and each need to be completed to unlock Hero 300, the grand finale of the game and Hero 3, the super hard 3 second RPG. Evil Lord 30 plays like a somewhat simple RTS in which you must summon 3 different types of monsters to destroy whatever the game requires you to in 30 seconds. The story of this mode is that the Beautiful Evil Lord from Hero 30 wishes to find Noire (The resident main villain) and force him to turn his girlfriend back to normal. This mode makes use of a "Mana Ring" which slowly charges to determine the strength of the monster you summoned and can be upgraded with the money you collect in each level. In this mode, the Time Goddess appears once more, allowing you to give up all the money accumulated through the level to reset the clock. The battles in this game are akin to a Rock, Paper, Scissors style in which certain types of monsters are best against certain enemies, As multiple types of enemies begin to appear in levels it becomes about managing which monsters you should summon and how many of them to summon. It's a fun mode to play, albeit shorter than Hero 30. Princess 30 is a kind of shoot-em-up in the sense that as the Princess, you will be shooting everything with your crossbow as you race to the objective and back. The story this time is that the King is sick and in dire need of a cure, thus with her loyal army of knights, and her father's crossbow, the Princess ventures out to find a cure and make it back to the castle before her 30 second curfew is over. The gameplay is simple, you need to dash from one end of the level to the other and back again, being able to fire at monsters in four directions, the Time Goddess this time sets up red carpets that restore time as you move across them, sucking money from your pocket. This mode can get frantic at times, as destroying enemies isn't as simple as one would expect. The stronger ones can usually take whole barrages of arrows before going down, but then again your main objective isn't to fight them, it's to reach the objective and back. Some of the missions you can undertake will give you things like new dresses and upgrades for your crossbow. Ultimately another fun, short mode which can easily become frantic as you race against the clock.

    The final mode before Hero 300 is Knight 30, a game in which you must protect a sage for 30 seconds so he can cast a spell to destroy all the monsters in each level. The story is that the Time Goddess is dead, a sage brings you, a knight back to life to protect him as he ventures to try and awaken the hero from Hero 30 from his long sleep of which he requested at the end of Hero 30. Your main ways to do this is to use the items around you to keep the monsters back as well as move the sage away from monsters if it gets too hectic. The sage can only take a few hits before dying but you are immortal...sort of. Ultimately when you cannot find anything to use against the monsters, you can also ram into them, costing you HP or cling to them, which will decrease your stamina but hold the monster back for a little while. If you happen to die, you need to walk your ghost to the sage, who will resurrect you from the dead, then you can go back to ramming into enemies. You can also set up traps which at the cost of what your max HP and stamina for the level will be can be made before it. The level up system allows you to upgrade them as well as take less time less time to make them. It's another fun, short mode that mixes things up.
    It's $10 on Steam, go pick it up.
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  2. Jan 19, 2013
    Half Minute Hero is an old-school RPG with one twist: you have to win in 30 seconds. You can pay the incredibly frugal Time Goddess to resetHalf Minute Hero is an old-school RPG with one twist: you have to win in 30 seconds. You can pay the incredibly frugal Time Goddess to reset the clock, but you can't do it forever. The result is a fast-paced game that cuts out the fluff and has you figuring out how to best spend your last precious seconds. The story is simple and very goofy, but effectively told. The music and graphics are both very good. Controls are bad, though... this game was ported from consoles poorly. You basically need a controller for some modes (not Hero, thankfully).

    The game comes with six modes, but Hero 30 is the big draw: the rest pale in comparison. Evil Lord 30 and Princess 30 are fun distractions and don't take long. Knight 30 was okay once I figured it out. Hero 300 is the big climax, and gives you a big payoff for playing the other modes. Hero 3 is infuriating. I didn't try the multiplayer.

    Anyone who has enjoyed 8- or 16-bit RPGs needs to pick up this game. Other RPG and puzzle game fans will probably enjoy it as well. It's definitely worth the money.
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  3. Jan 7, 2013
    Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy is a really interesting JRPG which first released in PSP and then to XBLA.The game hasHalf-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy is a really interesting JRPG which first released in PSP and then to XBLA.The game has six modes( Hero 30,Evil Lord 30, Princess 30,Knight 30,Hero 300 and Hero 3)and two graphic settings(Neo cartoon and Retro).In Neo cartoon mode the problem is that you can play only a simple stage of Evil lord 30,Princess 3 and Knight 30 an the worst about this is that when you close the and reopen it you have to the change again the graphic settings back to retro.The game as far i have played it dont suffers from any other problems and its really a good game.9/10 Full Review »