• Publisher: Kalypso
  • Release Date: Mar 13, 2012
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 309 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 43 out of 309

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  1. Sep 13, 2011
    Fast, brutal arcade shooter fun. Upgrades weapons, take down waves of mechanical monstrosities.
    Hard Rest pays homage to the old school shooter, if you liked games like Painkiller you will love this game.
    Great graphics, clever upgrade system and brutal difficulty. Only negative would be its extremely short 3-4 hour campaign.
  2. Sep 14, 2011
    Inccredible fun and great looking. A return to form for fast-paced PC shooters. Buy it so we can get more like this, developers like Flying Wild Hog are all too rare these days.
  3. Sep 13, 2011
    Just awesome! I've been playing this game non-stop since I got it on steam. Really fun, reminds me of the Doom days, even if the levels are linear. It's still a fun game with upgrades to your guns. Great PC Exclusive. Check it out!
  4. Sep 14, 2011
    - Little indie gem with visuals of AAA titles for millions $$$
    - Great cyberpunk-noir atmosphere.
    - Wonderfully built locations.
    - Incredible weapons upgrade system.
    - Fast gunplay with a bit of tactics.
    - Relentless and fun-to-kill enemies.
    - Good replay value with room for future DLCs
    - Reasonable price/value ratio.
  5. Sep 14, 2011
    Its nice to see such fluidity in the controls back into PC gaming. The fast pace hardcore is also a huge welcome. Hard reset's music queues usually send onslaughts of robots for you to dispose of.

    Robots with range missiles, bowling ball robots, or bad ass robots that resemble the one seen in Judge Dredd

    The only gripe I have is the story line which clearly wasn't its main focus, and
    its easily forgiven given the game play provided. However given I bought it for 26$, the value provided compared to allot of 60$ titles is astounding.

    I look forward to more titles from Wild Flying Hogs, they've done a fantastic job!

    Do yourself a favor and pick up the title at 30$, you'll be supporting a developer who is dedicated to your platform and focused on value for your $.
  6. Sep 17, 2011
    Absolutely beautiful graphics and solid sound. Colors contrast and stand out against the backgrounds, I try to imagine I am running around in Bladerunner. Atmosphere is dark and edgy similar to some Unreal maps from back in the day. Animations have weight and move smoothly. While not as great as Painkiller or other hardcore shooters this game is refreshing to play.
  7. Sep 17, 2011
    I never like shooters , but this game i can't take my eye's off ! It's so smooth and the visuals are just outstanding i've played it all Crysis , FarCry they don't have those visuals ! Wonderful Game !
  8. Sep 14, 2011
    Even though this is Flying Wild Hog's first game. it made a good impression on me for this company. User clean interface, full throttle action combat, Importance of enviroment usage is unique elements for this game. If youre looking for some good action and avoidance combats you gotta get this. the only bad thing in game ended too soon. I've completed in 4 hours or so. This game surely deserve some expansions. Expand
  9. Sep 18, 2011
    Great-looking-fun-to-play game. Don't believe the 4 hrs walkthrough time - it took me good 8 hours of play on normal difficulty to finish this. Yes, you die plenty, but it's a great way of dying :)
  10. Sep 22, 2011
    Imagine "Michael Bay's Blade Runner". Now imagine yourself at the controls. That's what this game is like: non-stop explosive action in a gorgeous and compelling cyberpunk game environment from start to finish. From the moment you suck your first group of 10 robots together with a gravity grenade then blow them all into the sky with an adjacent explosive barrel, or disable them with an EMP pulse and then electrocute them with the NRG Blaster, you will be in love.

    While the game is full of these adrenaline-fueled scenes of chaos (where seemingly everything in the environment can blow up and kill your enemies--or you), you will also experience moments of meditative peace as you explore the beautifully crafted city while being moved by a sublime soundtrack. When was the last time you played a game that encouraged you to find the secrets and presented you with a scoreboard at the end of each level? Hard Reset brings back mechanics like that to make a game that stands in stark contrast to the cutscene-filled "interactive movies" that modern FPS games have become.

    Add to all this a dev team that has been implementing gameplay suggestions from the community and you have a winner that should get way more attention than it has. Buy this game.
  11. Sep 22, 2011
    Excellent game. Challenging battles that make you want to upgrade weapons and replay. great environment, and generally has an addictive quality as you try to minimise the amount of times you are killed. Could do with more upgrades for replays, and being a bit longer. not very good on sli systems - patch needed.
  12. Sep 15, 2011
    This game is absolutely horrible. Imagine Doom with only two weapons, a small variety of enemies and completely linear maps. There is little in way of player decision or choice save for what you upgrade: and even that is rather meh, because all the upgrades are simply plonked onto the same two weapons and are powered by the same two ammo types. Plotwise? In truth, I wish there wasn't a plot, because what little plot there was was laughable and presented poorly. I thought the Max Payne noir-esque aesthetic interesting, but the comic art was not very well drawn, and contrasted jarringly and greatly with the in-game aesthetic, which was brighter and more colourful.

    To be fair, I found the in-game aesthetic to be rather nice. A lot of detail went into the environments of the early maps: look up and you'll see wires dangling all over the place, with massive blimps crossing the skies above said wires and neonsigns. But that was pretty much it: it just looked nice, but did little more. The game simply didn't engage the player on a level, which was a great shame because the game, as a cyberpunk FPS, had potential.

    All in all, I'll say it's a game that you should only get if you're a big fan of Doom, Unreal or other old-school shooters; and even then only when it's on discount.
  13. Sep 22, 2011
    Have you thought to yourself, "I'm getting sick and tired of these bulky space marines waddling in their corridors filled with waist-high obstacles, I sure wish someone would release an FPS with solid mechanics and an emphasis on the game play." If you have, Hard Reset is the thing you want.

    It's pretty much everything a decent PC shooter should be.
    It's not going to hold your hand. It's
    not going to play itself for you. It will challenge you, and boy is that refreshing in this endless stream of Gears of Duty: Waddling Space Marine Editions that have been rolling out non-stop for the past few years.

    Sure, there might be 2 weapons. What the negative reviews "forgot" to mention is that each weapon has 10 different fire modes. That's right, 10. Making the total amount of weapons actually well above the average. And even if it didn't, the weapon modes in Hard Reset are SO FUN to use. You have your general array of plasma guns and rail guns and shotguns, but some of the modes are very original. For example the stasis grenade, which can freeze time around the impact point. Or the Smart Gun, which fires homing balls of plasma that can penetrate through walls.

    The game is an absolute blast, and if you used to enjoy games like Unreal (or Unreal Tournament for that matter) or Quake, you most surely will enjoy Hard Reset.

    PS. Do take note that I didn't even praise the graphics as that's not what makes this game stand out, but they are absolutely stellar. You'll be hard pressed to find a game that looks better.
  14. Sep 19, 2011
    the incompetence in reviewing this game and the way in which gamers approach this are mindboggling to me. excuse me but did ANYONE throw away modern warfare after running through the single player campaign on easy after 5 hours or so?!
    it is simply moronic to say a game is short that is designed with a) exploration and b) multiple playthroughs in mind! if you don't want to explore and
    don't want to try to upgrade your weapons and don't want to finish it in "ex game" mode - that's YOUR issue, not the game's. if you don't like it... fine. don't play the game. but it pisses me off to no end that these things (summed up as replayability) are barely even mentioned anywhere. everywhere, it's the same dumb "it's short".
    don't let that fool you and consider that these morons are often comparing hard reset to full price games! (i would also recommend reading the thread "4 hours my @ss, no way!" in the steam forum...)

    aside from the fact that the length is perfectly fine for the price, the only things i would criticize about it is that the graphics are "just" good but nothing groundbreaking (which many comments made it sound like), that there is no quick save and the cut scenes feel pretty chaotic at times. i respect innovative story telling but it just feels like a bit sluggish writing to me. the look and atmosphere of them is great though.
    between that and the fun gameplay and the insane amount of upgrades (again - if you only run through it once, you probably won't even see all weapons!), this is a must have for any old school shooter (as in: quake, unreal, duke nukem 3d) fan!
  15. Sep 17, 2011
    A rather mediocre game that seems to be given more leniency than is usual simply because it's PC exclusive. There isn't a lot to see here, really. It definitely harkens back to the FPShooters of the past, but not entirely. Its gameplay is as simple and repetitive as the old shooters, but the level design is definitely modern in that it's mostly linear and scripted - essentially the worst of both worlds for me. This definitely isn't the boost of adrenaline the FPS genre needs (which is how a few people I've met have described it) but at this point I don't know what is. Runnin' and gunnin' has never made for great gameplay, at least for me. Expand
  16. Sep 23, 2011
    This game delivers not only the most pretty picture of all shooters at the moment ( I personally was impressed way more than with Crysis 2 or any other FPS), but much more - this is true old school spinal shooter. This is the Quake 2011. And I looove this.

    The only small unimportant annoyances I didn't like were lack of quicksaving (able to be implemented through console bindings
    anyway, and even I'd say not required, as checkpoints are set quite smart not to enrage be after death) and ugly comic strips delivering indistinct story script.

    This team will go far, I believe. Buy game, support the, and we will get another id.
  17. Sep 22, 2011
    When they said, that this game is going to be like old-school fps, I thought it's some cheap buzz, but they succeed. It's fun, and fast-paced game. There is TEN guns, with few types of ammo. Campaign is rather short, about 7h, but it's really enjoyable.
    And the best in this game is really good graphics, I hope more developers make pc exclusives, because playing some horrible looking games
    on FHD just burn my eyes.
    Sound effects should be tweaked, but if don't mind few glitches it's ok.
  18. Sep 19, 2011
    Its pretty, fast-paced and fun as hell. Hard Reset is an inexpensive indie video game made by people who love old shooters. Its deceptive because the game looks and feels so good that you think that you're in a full-blown main stream video game but hopefully anyone with a brain will realize that anything that is lacking in this game is because there really wasn't a big corporate budget to back it. Look up the company that made the game, Flying Wild Hog and you'll see that they've never made anything else. As soon as people started talking about this game I dove right into looking up information about it and when I found out that it was made by developers pretty much on their free time I knew the game wasn't going to be Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I've never had so much fun on a brand-new $30 PC game. Don't let some of these knuckle draggers bring you down, its good mindless fun, just don't go in expecting Call of Duty, its a 30 dollar video game. Expand
  19. Sep 27, 2011
    A gorgeous looking, amazingly fun, fast and addictive game, it's a must-have for any fans of the Painkiller series. The only downside is it's quite short.
  20. Dec 13, 2011
    Imo, when an indie dev needs to make compromises, the first things that need to go are voice acting, music, & high-end graphics. The one area that should not be compromised is gameplay, and thats where this game fails for me. I mean super meatboy looked like ass, but the game play was clever and fun, the reverse is true here.

    The controls get flaky when action heats up, terrible
    lighting (I'm a military grade security cyborg, but I cant work a flashlight so I have to stumble around in the dark???), dumbass invisible walls EVERYWHERE, dumbass gates that remain locked only to stop the game from being 20 minutes long, check points only (ugg) that force you to repeatedly play boring sections, poor weapon upgrade paths that if you choose 'wrong' make it impossible to kill every boss, very limited number of types of enemies...

    The game could have been really really good, you know Blade Runner meets Terminator. But the huge number of compromises that were made because of budget restrictions or whatever to the gameplay render the game dull and frustrating. Maybe they could have spent less on music, actors, and graphics and a little more on gameplay dev. Nonetheless, I'm glad an indie shooter PC only game was released in 2011 and I'm glad I could support them with my $15. Bring on the new and improved Hard Reset II!
  21. Sep 16, 2011
    It's a fun but short FPS. The story is a little underdeveloped and the levels a little too linear. The comics however were interesting and I liked the environments, there is a lot of detail. Overall it's a quick and amusing game, not great but not bad for the money.
  22. Sep 13, 2011
    We all love painkiller. This is NOT painkiller. Mid-level outdated visuals (besides very colorful and flashing and sparkling and damn I can't see sh** and it's fun), some silly script in comics, ridiculous length (not so ridiculous price though), only two guns - one shoot lead and other shoot sparks (not so original, eh?). Where's the REAL old-school BFG? Where's the arsenal of fun toys to kill bad guys with? Not to mention strange map-design - tunnels of invisible walls, lack of physics (and I mean it) and all this first-timers failures. Game is fun while it lasts (5 hours, or maybe 8 if you wanna beat it two times). and then... Go play Painkiller. Expand
  23. Sep 27, 2011
    This game came from another dimension.

    There are three FPS games which shaped the whole genre. After Half-Life FPS games started adding dialogues. Almost every FPS after Stalker had RPG elements. And finally Call of Duty made FPS more casual. Now, imagine the world where these three games were never made. Hard Reset was made in this world. It denies all the cliches and instead gives you
    a good, old-school FPS, allowing you to carry around tons of weapons (technically, there's only two, but they both have five different modes) and fight giant bosses. In short, if you're kinda person who spent hours killing monsters in the original Doom and now is waiting to enjoy Serious Sam 3, this game is definitely "must have" for you. Expand
  24. Oct 3, 2011
    This is a boring mindless repetitive shooter with a story that it meaningless to the game and you can even skip it. You shoot machines. They are alien and bad and come in waves at you. Shooting at the machines can be fun at times especially that the graphics are quite nice and game is well optimized. It will probably run with no problems even on older pc. But the locations are over utilized. You just find yourself spending too much time in the one location. Gave up at 5 as I find myself just wanting to finish the game and forget about it. There are some many better games out there. Go get something better. Spend your precious time with a better game. Expand
  25. Jan 3, 2012
    Surprisingly good game. Good choice of weapons and system for acquiring more health/ammo was somewhat unique and worth checking out. Not much of a plot line and very hard to follow. However, this is an excellent shooter with plenty of challenging enemies. Give this one a try. It's a good value for the price.
  26. Sep 22, 2011
    The two weapon models are upgradable and interchange between many weapon types, beautiful aesthetics of a grubby cyber punk environment with a PC optimised engine and a cheaper selling price make Hard Reset a must buy, and Flying Wild Hog a must support if we want more.

    The campaign is quite short, but very satisfying for it's price, HR is an enjoyable, challenging, throwback to old style
    shooters, without the useless frills of modern FPS's. Expand
  27. Sep 28, 2011
    Great shooter. Basically its not a game for everyone, as I believe, but if you are looking for old school shooter here is one of the best. Game as overall is very nicely done - great physics, graphics, weapons and aggressive AI. Everyone is complaining about story but... Well I haven't mind it during my 1st playthrought, but after that I just wanted to dig a little, and understand its meaning - and its also quite nice - small additional flavor to overall experience.

    But most of all this game is all about having fun. Gameplay just feel right, its all very intense except for some moments when you can take the breath an immerse yourself with this futuristic vision. Also it looks like devs will be supporting it for a while - as least I hope to get some additional content soon.
  28. Oct 8, 2011
    Epic PC-only FPS! Puts Rage and Deus Ex to shame. No crappy console port compares to the qulity of this project developed by a small company. Flying Wild Hog, you, guys, rule!
  29. Oct 11, 2011
    This is an excellent old school shooter . It's fast, brutal, good looking and hard like the old days. It's incredible how critic don't know **** about games. What the heck were people waiting, your Call Of ****ty game? This a shooter from the old times and it delivers exactly that. Keep up the good work Flying Wild Hog
  30. Sep 29, 2011
    Great graphics and cyber-punk atmosphere, gorgeous old style shooter in a brand new look. Little short but fun. What surely is missing is a big sign after the final boss: "TO BE CONTINUED". Looking forward to see the next episode/dlc or HR2 :)
  31. Jan 12, 2012
    good graphics, good sounds. nice light effects. the music is a pain in the arse. its not my kind of game, just monotonous enemy spam without any sense á la serious sam. there are not even many different kinds of enemies. basically the game consists of spraying with your gun and unlocking doors. it might be fun for a few minutes, but then i got tired of it. very sad cause the detailed level design looks promising.

    its for sure overpriced and not a must have.
  32. Jan 6, 2012
    I really wanted to enjoy Hard Reset, but unfortunately it's desire to constantly jam you in confined locations with crappy, underpowered weapons and scads of unavoidable, dead-shot enemies make it nearly impossible to have fun with. Personally, I play games for fun. If you're one of those basement-dwelling douchebags who thinks playing games with punishing difficulty is some kind of achievement in life, maybe Hard Reset is your cup of tea. For everyone else who prefers to have fun while they game, look elsewhere. Expand
  33. Sep 18, 2011
    I hoped for a great game. I played the demo, it was pretty decent. But what about the full product? .. It's mediocre at best. Offcourse, it's arcade shooter fun. But it has so many annoying flaws. First of all - the story. It's totally dumb. You can skip the cutscenes as fast as the game loads and jump into action without knowing or caring about the story. It just does not matter, it's rubbish. Graphics are cool, right. But there's only one landscape to watch - cyberpunkish city. You'll get tired of it very soon. Guns are fine and the idea of modules/modifications is pretty cool. But you cant really use the full potential of that idea... the modules switch kinda slowly. All your hopes for a fast pacing shooter and using all your arsenal at the proper moment... it all ends, when you're stuck in a corner with enemies all around you, trying to change your gun from rocket launcher to shotgun... and ending in blowing up yourself up... And guns are not the only problem. Even your character seems slow, unable to avoid most of the attacks. Strafing, jumping - it does not matter. You'll end up getting shot/sliced/rammed... Comparing this game to glorious Painkiller is a bit off. That's not Painkiller. It's not trying to be.
    It has its good moments - believe me, killing waves of robots and finding a way to use environment against them ... is fun! But overall the game is good at pissing you off. And the game ends before it starts - 4h of gameplay? ... Developers promise to patch the game and some dlc are in the making. Maybe then i will try to replay the campaign... But for now? Just 6/10.
  34. Jan 3, 2012
    Hard Reset looks great. It's packed with bad guys and a diverse set of weapons for you to use on them. The levels are challenging and bad guys swarm from multiple directions. There's a story somewhere in the game but it seemed half baked and wasn't compelling. The final boss battle is a handful...but after that...the game just stops. The story never wraps up. While you'll have a bunch of weapons to use, there is no cover system in this game. Don't plan on crouching behind crates for protection. At best, you can sidestep oncoming bad guys.

    It was fun but once you finish, you won't be back for seconds.
  35. Jan 12, 2012
    Good graphics and atmosphere. Great shooter, better than most of FPSs in these years, but I wouldn't say that it is 100 % oldschool. The thing i most hated during my playthrough was that after you entered an area, the exit behind you got blocked, so the game was presented to you just by running through closed arenas. The second thing was that there were invisible barriers everywhere. The game was open, but still, very linear. No autoheal was the main reason i bought this game and it showed how the cover system is absolutely not needed for a good FPS. But great gameplay made me to forget about these things and i enjoyed the game extremely. Very simple story, but who cares? This game is about shooting and its a thing this game's good at. Could have been done better, but still : a very good game. Expand
  36. nop
    Apr 17, 2012
    Bad design. Too much of it. While this game is occasionally fun, it can't compare with classic shooters, like Quake. On the quality of game design it can only be compared with Daikatana or Chasm: the Rift. Graphics engine is ok, but there is too much cheating, one object has shadow, object next to it doesn't. Some things look like they were made for 90's game. Lighting feels wrong. Weapon system sucks, because effects of some weapons seem to be duplicated, and you frequently need two button presses to select one you need, can easily die while doing it. Some weapons, like smart gun, are too cheap, and there is no fun in using them.
    Dumb story. Irritating in it's stupidity and pointlessness.
    Still, I finished this game and would give it a 6 or 7, because it still made me remember some good games of old, better than this one. But points are deducted for their shameless self promotion tactics. Using classic writers and games to promote this mediocrity? Writing dozens of fake reviews and up voting them? You deserve to burn in hell for that.
    And in case someone wants to play a much better fast-paced 4-hour game with cyborgs, transforming weapon, lots explosions and huge robot bosses, try Vanquish.
  37. Aug 31, 2012
    Hard Reset has great graphics, great musical score and an excellent cyberpunk setting, the surroundings have a strange kind of beauty to them despite the dystopian setting. The story isn't anything to write home about, doesn't make any sense and has some very low-budget voice-acting but since it's all about shooting robots, it doesn't really matter any way. The player is equipped with two firearms, one energy-based and one projectile-based, and these can be upgraded at terminals that are placed throughout the game's maps. The player can also upgrade other statistics related to the avatar's health and shield and unlock new abilities. Health is regained by picking up health-boosts and shield regenerates automatically. Oddly enough, the shield doesn't block all damage and you will loose health even if your shield is up to full strength. Why the developer didn't just call it "armour" is beyond me. Unfortunately, this game is marred by seriously bad design decisions that eventually made me give up on the game. First of all; the developer has a habbit of blocking the way behind you and then throwing wave after wave of enemies at you. It doesn't just do this once but most, if not all, battles begin and end in the same spot, namely with your back to the wall spamming your area-of-effect weapons at kamikaze robots until they stop. There are some interesting enemies like the one that charges you but once you figure out how to deal with him, he's not much of a challenge. Most of the time you'll die due to a lack of health rather than tactical ingenuity on the AI's side. The other problem is when you upgrade your character and choose the wrong types of upgrades, it will make the game very difficult later on as you'll at some point discover that you're lacking the right type of weapon for the job. It also isn't always clear what an upgrade does and you might find an effect to not be worth the hard-fought point but that's just too bad because the game doesn't allow you to respecify your character, forcing you to not only walk around with a less-than-optimal load-out but also barring the player from experimenting. Weapon switching is rather slow for such a fast-paced shooter and the way you switch between weapons and their mods is confusing in the middle of a difficult fight. Not to mention the designer's decision to not include a savegame system but instead rely on checkpoints, often forcing you to replay sections of the game just to get back to the part where you died. All in all, Hard Reset does some things right but it gets the fundamentals all wrong, resulting in a shooter that's more frustrating than fun, especially on higher difficulties. Expand
  38. Jul 17, 2012
    Good old-scool hardcore shooter. I enjoyed it for 8 hours.
    Story isn't too cool, but interesting. Shooting robots is funny. Especially shooting big boses. When i say big i mean 15 meters hight spider or 30 meters hight big guy.
    Graphic is pretty good. Enjoyed game on hight graphic settings,
    Sound is awesome too.
  39. Sep 26, 2011
    Everything is mediocre about this game. The graphics are mediocre, the sound is mediocre and the gameplay is below-mediocre. It's a linear shooter. You got a gun. You shoot things. Very simple, really. Sure, you can upgrade your gun and everything, but that doesn't change the fact that you're just running from point A to point B, destroying this and that. The story is also kinda non-existent.

    It's priced at 30$, wait for it to be priced at 15$ or less.
  40. Oct 27, 2011
    $30, no multiplayer, 4 hours long, terrible mechanics, linear as **** maps, no story what so ever.

    Imagine a **** modern version of Doom or other classic shooters. For a game that wanted to try and bring back classic FPS gameplay they sure bog themselves down in terrible modern tropes.
  41. Feb 9, 2012
    This is quite easily the greatest FPS I have ever played.. It's also by and large the best looking game you will see. It puts any other AAA FPS to shame because of the fact that it is made exclusively with PC technology in mind.. It is not created to play well on crappy antiquated console technology that is 5 years behind the PC. The mechanics and gameplay harken back to classic fast paced, actioned packed FPS games of the past when the industry wasn't coddling the masses. If you want a challenge, if you want something beautiful and if you want gameplay like you've never experienced before this is your game. Graphics: 10/10
  42. Mar 7, 2012
    I really enjoyed Hard Reset--a first person shooter that employs similar tactics to old school DOOM-style run and gun games, complete with secret areas for finding extra loot. The destructible environment is better than Hydrophobia, but doesn't quite match the caliber of a game like Red Faction: Armageddon. Hard Reset offers a half-decent story, sharp graphics, plus a great mix of different weapons and upgrades. On the downside there isn't a large variety of enemies so you end up killing the same machines repeatedly, and the length can be considered short, although I thought it was reasonable. Overall, the game feels very polished--one I would certainly play again on a higher difficulty. Collapse
  43. Nov 4, 2011
    To summarize, I loved the short demo and bought the game upon release. Unfortunately what I got was just a longer tech demo. This game just does not feel involving nor does it have enough variety in it to be called a full reelase. Many things are right - challenging and fast old-school combat, boss fights, pretty graphics and fluid engine. But many things are wrong - too many invisible walls in unexpected places, failed weapon selection system, checkpoint saving system, weapons despite upgrade are limited to perhaps choice useful in combat with other just being a demo, overall very short game and lack of variety in either enemies or environment. I wish developers great luck and REALLY hope to see a full-scale release from them. As for now, my cravings for good old school shooting will have to continue to be filled by good old Painkiller and Doom 3. Expand
  44. Mar 10, 2012
    This is my personal favorite 'arcade shooter', -- to elaborate on what that means; A game that is primarily like quake 1 or serious sam. Shoot waves of enemies, hit switches, complete game. There is a story in this game, however it is throw away and disjointed. The gameplay however, feels fantastic. Far more than the even more recent serious sam 3. The setting is superb, and the visuals are breathtaking and cutting edge to say the least. The visuals/world and physics add this incredible layer of chaos and the pumping techno music, and pumping techno lighting make the game feel like a cyberpunk rave. If you are sensitive to flashing bold lights and electronic music. Don't play this, you will have a seizure. If you are not - and this kind of thing gives you a buzz - it might be the best game of this type for you as well. It even has an rpg-like upgrade system, and a reason to explore the world attached to it - in the form of glowing orange collectibles that act as 'xp' or 'currency' for upgrades. The biggest downfall is the repetition of the enemies. Best played in short spurts. Expand
  45. Sep 24, 2011
    I wanted to like this game. A PC exclusive steampunk FPS with promises of sandbox levels full of exploration and lots of secrets? Hell yes! Unfortunately it fails to deliver in almost all categories. I expected much more from the graphics. My 3-year-old PC played the game smoothly on ultra settings. I miss the days when "Ultra" or "Max" settings would bring a 1-year-old PC to its knees. Music is decent but repetitive. Voice acting is bad and in many cases cringe-worthy. Story, while not terribly important in an FPS is boring. Levels are linear and repetitive. Secrets are too easy to find. Combat is relatively fun at least, and there is a good variety weapons since each of the two guns has 5 unique modes. Finally, I don't like the fact that the first patch straight up decreased the difficulty. There was absolutely no reason for that. If you're an FPS fan, it might be worth picking up on sale since it's cheap to begin with, but the game had so much more potential. Expand
  46. Oct 17, 2011
    Who cares about plots, this game is fun! It has a great engine and I liked the shooting design and figuring out secrets. A bit short, but it's fun to replay on a harder difficulty, which helps make up for it.
  47. Jan 22, 2012
    This is how more games should be made! The graphics are amazing, there's tons of explosions and fast-paced action, cool, robotic enemies, secrets, and I love the fact that I can upgrade my weapons. Also, the boss fights are epic and challenging, and the fact that your health does not regenerate makes it more challenging. Don't pay any attention to the negative reviews. This game is worth every penny! The only thing I didn't like was the ending, otherwise it would have been a perfect game. :) Expand
  48. Oct 16, 2011
    Wow, what a nice sleeper game! Awesome graphics and cyberpunk and Blade Runner atmosphere, very optimized and polished engine and gameplay. Old school brutal FPS with variety of original guns. Could be little longer and little less linear, but still awesome fun!
  49. Sep 17, 2011
    the game is pretty but it sucks. It controls like an old doom game, two weapons and the sounds are so unrealistic this game should have bean on a phone.
  50. Nov 2, 2011
    The graphics are amazing, the maps are fun and fast-paced, the gameplay holds the values of old-school FPS while innovating, in brief, it rocks. One downside is the length of the game, too short.
  51. Oct 12, 2011
    Hard Reset starts out with nice ideas, and then completely fails to live up to them. When I first heard about the game, I was expecting something similar to DOOM, complete with the cleverly designed levels that characterized the first and second entries in that series. Instead, this game is basically Serious Sam, right down to the 'run at you and explode' enemies. Only that doesn't work well with the relatively gritty aesthetic of Hard Reset compared to the haphazard and off the wall entertainment of the Serious Sam games. And even compared to the straightforward running and gunning of Serious Sam, I would say Hard Reset's levels are still underwhelming. Objectives are nothing more than excuses to guide you from point to point, killing the same enemies over and over again along the way, and secrets are almost always obvious. As I just mentioned, the enemy variety is sorely lacking and, other than having to dodge the ones that charge at you, none of them force you to change your play style. I think that the weapon upgrade system is great in concept, it makes the idea that your character is carrying around a bunch of weapons make a little bit more sense, and allows player choice rather than developer choice in terms of which weapons come next. Unfortunately, none of the weapons are overly worth playing with. I used the machine gun that you start out with almost exclusively for the entire game, occasionally throwing in mines as well. Hard Reset isn't a bad game, but it's not a wonderful one either, even taking into account the $30 price tag. It's full of unfulfilled promises and the ending comes out of nowhere and doesn't really resolve the game's minimal plot. Expand
  52. Mar 30, 2012
    A fun shooter with solid gameplay. It feels old-school like Quake or UT, but upgraded with some very good-looking modern graphics and a few original twists. Why old-school? There are several secret places on each map (Duke Nukem 3D), the weapons are futuristic (UT), you run around faster than in many new shooters and you often have to move around a lot to evade a horde of robots with circular saws closing in on you. I think the main weakness of this game is not how short it is, but how poorly the story is presented. The comics seem cool, but they don't clearly communicate what the heck is going on. So when I reached the end of the game, I had no idea it was the end because the story left a lot of loose ends and I still didn't really understand what was going on. Another dumb quirk in this game is that your character feels very large and can't crouch. That would be okay except that the game has a lot of fences that are raised 4 feet off the ground (so you could get through IF ONLY you could crouch), and nooks that any normal person could fit through, but you can't because your body is so frickin' big. Kudos to the devs for providing an FOV control (unlike many other games, I won't have to dock this one for prohibiting peripheral vision), and for working well in Stereoscopic 3D. And as many others have mentioned, there are really lots of weapons (2 times 10) although it's hard to earn enough XP to acquire all of them. Expand
  53. Dec 14, 2011
    Absolutely not worth to buy neither to play. I haven't seen any more awfully executed mess of a game than this. It might be fun for a few minutes, but once you've seen past the facades a big WTF overcomes you.
  54. Nov 8, 2011
    Fast, Brutal, Massive Hordes of Enemies? This game is for anyone who played Quake, Painkiller, or Serious Same. Minus the bunny hopping, this is a modern adaptation of the same game-play elements. People tent to knock it because it is short, this isn't really a problem if you play on the hardest difficulty as you will spend hours looking for all of the nano so you can upgrade fast enough to survive all of the fights. The engine reminds me of Unreal Engine 3 minus the high amount of Vaseline on everything. The Cyberpunk atmosphere reminds me of Blade Runner. Neon Signs everywhere, amazing lighting. Most recent patch added a survival mode with 2 locations. Please support Indie Developers who make great games like this, they are too rare these days. I'm really looking forward to more DLC or another game by this developer. The lack of Multiplayer, Game length, and the strange and somewhat forgettable story are the only downsides, but honestly, if you are looking for a fast paced shooter and not some gun porn, story is probably a low priority. To be honest, I'm slightly glad the developer spent time on a Singleplayer game, it added to the quality of both the coding, and the actual game-play rather then them focusing on something that would probably feel tacked on. They should try in their next game. Definitely a Flying Wild Hog fan.

    Pros: Painkiller style Fast paced single player

    Cons: No/Difficult Bunny-hopping No Multiplayer Graphics : 10/10
    Sound: 10/10
    Game-play 9/10
    Story 9/10

    Overall 9/10
  55. Nov 11, 2011
    A realy fun FPS game with fun to find secret areas, upgrade system is a nice touch but i would have liked more kinds of enemies. Thanks to the game being dark it actualy managed to get me scared a few times.
  56. Nov 13, 2011
    This is basically Quake 2011. And I really like it because it's first game like this since...i don't even know! All the other ones are call of $hitty ripoffs that makes true PC veterans cry. This game brings the genre back to its roots. No infinite health, no infinite ammo, carry as much as you damn well please, explore the areas to gain edge against enemies, and most importantly - have some ACTION instead of cowering behind a box every 3 seconds because you got hit and your screen is flashing red. I don't understand why people are complaining about relatively short SP campaign - this game has tons of secrets into it, thus great replayability value. And remember - skilled player is able to finish basically any old school FPS in matter of minutes. Even very long ones like Half Life - record speedrun is just above half an hour. Try to do this with extremely scripted modern games that won't let you progress until script finishes (and there's one every 3 steps) Expand
  57. Apr 4, 2012
    I thought Hard Reset was a fun game and i've played a ton of shooters. I played through it multiple times, beat it on Insane difficulty. But there were still many flaws with it. The enemies were very repititive, making the levels (which are decently long) boring. The campaign is short (About 7 hours completion time the first time through on Normal difficulty). The bosses were awesome-ly huge. Some of the most jaw dropping bosses i've seen since Shadow of the Colossus or the end boss of Jak 3. The weapons aren't balanced, some will be far more effective to use and others are seemingly worthless. They claim that the action is "fast paced" but your movment speed (especially strafing and the VERY short sprint) are quite slow for an arcade shooter. I have a higher-end PC and my framerate still chugged at times when the enemies got close or explosions were a plenty. Now, my 2 biggest problems with the game: 1) Enemies can damage you through walls. You can sit inside a shipping crate and missiles will hit the outside top of the crate and you will take damage from it. In once of the boss battles you hide behind statues while the boss shoots missiles at you, you can take damage from rockets hitting the opposite side of the statue. There is one part of the game where you ride a glass elevator and you can get inside while enemies are chasing you. I successfully go inside with the door closed and those enemies were able to melee attack me but i was unable to shoot them as they were on the other side of the wall. 2) The story. It was **** I played through 10 times and i can still only tell you the very basics of the story. The main problem with it was not that it wasn't a decent story, it was the way it was presented. Instead of making real cutscenes with their awesome graphics the devs put their hearts into, they made a **** comic. Really? A **** comic? It was god awful. Bottom line is Hard Reset has a lot going for it and can show a lot of promise in the future if the devs fix the issues of the first. Expand
  58. Dec 2, 2011
    I've seen this game compared to Serious Sam, but for me it's a lot deeper than SS. The weapons are pretty diverse, and the game puts you in plenty of unique situations where you really need to think about your tactics and what weaponry to use, and that a furious pace. The graphics are wonderful, especially the weapon effects and the results on your enemies. Great fun!
  59. Dec 4, 2011
    Very fast paced fps with a decent storyline. I played the demo and was very stoked to buy the full version, but the promises made by the demo fall short for a number of reasons:
    1) As mentioned by metalhead980, the campaign is not much longer then the demo;
    2) The storyline should have been played out more. The demo promised much more cutscenes, but like a lot of movie trailers, all the
    best shots are shown in such a way as to be BETTER than the movie itself;
    3) It's fast-paced because playability is VERY simplified; you have barely any jump clearance, a limited sprint and no crouch feature, something rarely omitted from any fps.
    Don't get me wrong, the game itself is very kick-ass and I still replay it from time to time. It just doesn't live up to the hype of the demo, which by itself is almost as kick-ass. And I totally love the cyberpunk genre immersion, which could be better with more interaction with civilians and some NPCs, as there are none. The only targets are rampaging robots. So I give it a 9.
  60. Mar 22, 2012
    This game is fun and plays differently depending on what weapons you chose to upgrade. There are 2 main types of weapons: Standard: shorgun, machine gun, rocket launcher, mine, etc Energy based: railgun, plasma ball gun, electric bomb thrower, etc Each weapon has 3 upgrades that give extra effects or even new posibilities. Like the railgun being able to use X ray vision and easily hit targets behind objects. Or homing electric balls, etc

    The interface with doors and upgrade terminal is cleverly using the PC mouse. If your pointer is close to the terminal screen it changes to a small pointer and you can click the button to open the door.

    The level design has destructable surroundings, that could help you defeat enemies.

    The enemies are not limited to a few, but the boss fights are nice! They are huge!

    Between the levels there is an animated video telling the story in between. Interesting way of drawing.

    This game stands out in the whole list of doom clones. Certainly entertaining.
  61. Dec 29, 2011
    Upgrades, actions, explosions, what you can expect from a modern action game. Story is illustrated by comic transitions, which I find to be quite artistic. However, the major downfall is that the story is not prominent enough. It does not stand out.

    While the game has great, simple upgrade mechanics, which is similar to what you would find in casual and Flash games, the game suffers from
    uneven difficulty. I mean, the lower enemies and cannon fodders can be easily dispatched with shotguns while standing still, but when the bigger enemies come, they come charging as pairs, drive you into a corner and kill you instantly with no means of escape.

    The upgrade system is funded by a kind of non-currency that accumulates into upgrade points, similar to how you earn experience and gain a level. This game suffers from another pit that it tries too hard to hide those "exp" pickups in extremely hard-to-reach places, staggering the game by minutes each time it happens. It also rewards player wrongly: being an action game, players should be more substantially rewarded by killing enemies faster, more brutally, or many at a time, etc. However, it rewards pickup scroungers like I said earlier too much.
  62. Apr 15, 2012
    Ok I just finished this game after 16 hours of gameplay on the normal difficulty. It wasn't too bad of a game. Pretty much what I expected after playing the demo. The visuals are great. It's a very colorful game. The action for the most part if fast paced though can get repetitive after awhile. There are 2 major bosses that take a while to beat. There are 2 major bad points in the game. 1 the storyline sucks. Doesn't make much sense and I found myself just daydreaming why the story was being told between levels. 2 the ending leaves a lot to be desired.

    All in all a decent game and for what I paid $5 on steam it was a nice stop in between more advanced games like Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3.
  63. Mar 22, 2012
    Hard Reset is basically Serious Sam in an awesome cyberpunk sci-fi setting. The setting feels like it's placed in some brutal radical parallel universe of the movie Blade Runner.
    If you think that dying should be part of a game, you will love the challenging gameplay. No quick saves, only checkpoints like the dude once said "Even my grandmother could beat the game if she saved as much as
    you do.".
    The game is full of annoying stupid enemies who will attack you in crowds and will make you yell at your computer and the bosses are unfair and will crush you dozens of times.
    If you love "old school" shooters with a challenging difficult, you will love Hard Reset also.
  64. Jul 2, 2012
    Hard Reset takes a futuristic throwback to brainless, unforgiving shooters of the 90's and blends it with some modern paradigms to give us a polished, enjoyable action-fest!

    I especially enjoyed the visually spectacular graphics, specifically its detailed environments, bright, colourful effects, discernible enemies and plenty of explosions! Throw in some fast-paced music and bassy
    sound effects and explosions, and you get a very visceral and satisfying FPS.

    Being an indie game, I was surprised to enjoy such a smooth and beautiful engine. Some of the modern paradigms worked really well, including the leveling system coupled with nostalgic secret-hunting. Find more secrets, and you're rewarded with better weapons and skills via the leveling system! The only drawback was the checkpoint save system was too restrictive, inhibiting the player from "messing around", and the interface can be laggy, especially when one wants to switch weapons or jump. It took me 7.4 hours to beat Hard Reset on Hard Mode, and was excited that I can replay the campaign to max out my level with an "Ex" mode!

    Overall, I loved the experience, and really liked the game's design, but felt that it could've been perfect with a smoother interface and less restrict save system.
  65. May 6, 2012
    It's a good FPS with decent gameplay and nice graphics, and good ideas like the weapon / stuff upgrade system. 6 hours to finish it (normal difficulty) can seems a bit fast, but as levels / enemies tends to be a a little repetitive it is enough.
  66. Sep 24, 2011
    "Meh". That is honestly the one word that I can use to describe this game. The visuals are pretty nice, the guns sound cool, but it honestly just screams mediocrity. There are only a few types of enemies, all of which are easily taken down by the incredibly powerful RPG that you can unlock about 1/3rd of the way through the game (meaning about 2 hours in. It's really very short) that also doubles as a sniper rifle with a single upgrade. The game is very boxy and linear, even though it flat out says "You don't always have to take the obvious path", since there usually is only one path.

    People often say this game is brutally difficult, but on Normal it was incredibly easy. So keep that in mind if you want a challenge.

    And now, my biggest problem: The story. I don't know what they were thinking. It's like they made the game, decided that they needed a story after all, and then wrote it up over a coffee break. They leave practically everything unexplained, and the game just suddenly ends. Big boss battle that has nothing to do with the overarching "story", and then the credits roll with absolutely no conclusion at all.

    Honestly, play this if you're really very bored. Other wise, let it pass.
  67. Jan 6, 2013
    I had Hard Reset installed for the longest time, but never got around to playing it until now, which is a shame. It's a blisteringly fast shooter that rewards both reflexes and strategy, and the graphics and level design are impressive for a semi-independant studio. There is a story in there somewhere and while I couldn't tell you the finer points, it reminds me of Blade Runner and I enjoyed the way it's presented. The only criticism I have is that switching between weapons is a little annoying, as sometimes you have to press the swap key several times to get to the weapon you want to use. Expand
  68. Dec 26, 2011
    I had great fun with this game, it reminds me of older shooters I used to play when I was younger, and even when I take off the nostalgia goggles itâ
  69. May 15, 2012
    Very nice graphics. However, the graphics do not set the atmosphere: no enemy contrast, bad level design, impossible Normal mode - i could not pass through a mission in normal mode, the difficulty is really unbalanced.
  70. Apr 27, 2012
    I bought the Extended Edition (retail) and loved it. Nearly all the problems I had with the demo were gone or adjusted. The game also received a significant length boost in the version I played. All in all I had tons of fun. The graphics are AMAZING as well as incredibly optimized...the UI, the controls, the options and the music are all top notch. Flying Wild Hog has managed to do what a lot of AAA studios failed. This is a true old school PC shooter. I would recommend getting the retail Extended edition though (same price), as for the time being the extra levels have retail exclusivity and are not available on steam. Expand
  71. Jan 25, 2012
    This is a very satisfying and highly enjoyable shooter and it is highly recommended.

    If you like shooters and the story, plot & characters are not that important to you & if you are a fan of an excellent weapons, clever upgrade system, excellent shooting mechanics & very good graphics with plenty of enemies & ammo this an excellent choice.
  72. Apr 19, 2012
    The game is linear but still fun to play, the monsters are a bit repetitive but as the game is indie I think it needs a bigger score. Very arcade reminds you of great days of serius sam games.
  73. Jul 18, 2012
    The level design is superb but the gameplay sucks because you know immediately that in some spot you have to fight and the stupid developers like to shut the way you where coming from and don't let you retreat....they using this dumb technique many times.....to annoy us! I never had this problem in other ego-shooter games before! This is a real pain in the arse if you are playing it in insane mode you will die many time because of this **** Expand
  74. Oct 30, 2012
    OMG, this game has no story and is so boring. Every environment looks exactly the same, and even though you are going through a city exterminating robots, you never see any other people.
  75. Oct 4, 2011
    An average circle-strafer fps. The best thing Hard Reset has going for it is that it makes us appreciate how far fps's have come since the mid to late 90's when this type of game play was common place. The game play is fun for a little while but quickly grows tiresome with no variety and little challenge. It must have seemed like a good idea to the developers to dredge up this simple archaic game play to try and capitalize on the current vocal pc minority decrying anything and everything new and cash in on their angst-ridden faux nostalgia. Expand
  76. Dec 6, 2013
    Boring repetitive beta full of bugs. This is not old-school, it is just an unfinished beta. It is extremely short: not the 4 hours I have read elsewhere, but just 4 minutes. The rest of the 4 hours are infinite repetitions of the same boring unfinished graphics demo.
  77. Jan 13, 2013
    Hard Reset is a fast-paced indie shooter with beautiful visuals and an interesting cyberpunk setting. Perhaps what was most impressive about the game was the fact that the presentation was so top-notch and attention to detail so good that it didn't even feel like an indie game. As probably everyone admits here, even the negative reviews, the visual aesthetics are really stunning (even on low graphics settings) and the environments are atmospheric. The gameplay is quite straight-forward. You go round from area to area, fighting off groups of robots, and then upgrading to new weapons and facing a bigger challenge. Although this may seem repetitive, I personally have had a lot of fun, because there was a very decent variety between the different weapons. You have two types: the ballistics type and the energy type. Each one had 5 different weapons you could acquire through upgrading, so that's 10 weapons in total really, plus each weapon had two different firing modes, so in a way you have up to 20 different ways to kill the enemies. And it's not like all the weapons are similar. In fact each and every weapon could be useful in certain situations. I personally found myself using every single one of them at some point. And the fighting itself was a little more engaging than what you might expect. There were a lot of destructible and explosive objects in the environment, so using environmental kills is highly encouraged throughout pretty much the entire game, which was a really nice touch, because many games of this style tend to suffer from the lack of this feature. The boss fights were pretty challenging too. In fact the whole game was challenging, and I notice a lot of negative reviews here criticised the game for being too hard. But that's what the Easy mode is for. If anyone wants a casual experience, they should play on Easy, and if they want a challenge, then they should try higher difficulties. As for story, yeah, maybe it wasn't anything too special, but it did add some spice to the game, and the comic-book style cutscenes in between the missions were a really nice addition in my opinion. Admittedly the game isn't very long. It took me about 7 hours to complete the original game plus the Exile DLC, but this is pretty standard for single player FPS games, plus the game was fun enough and I am sure I will be back to it again in the future, especially that there are plenty of Steam achievements to get. And speaking of DLC, I thought it was really decent that the DLC was actually free and comes together with the original game at no extra charge. Now this shows that the developers are really passionate about delivering a good, satisfying game to the fans and not for dishing out extra cash. Expand
  78. Oct 30, 2011
    Hard Reset is a pretty good game. You had better be ready for a game that does tax your graphics card. The graphics are great, and the sound. The game is a pretty good fps, although I would wait until it goes down in price for a quick grab from Steam. It is a relatively "dark" themed story, which seems to be the norm? these days? I have to be honest and say that I have seen much better fps's out there, so just wait for a sale and you won't be disillusioned. Expand
  79. Oct 4, 2011
    I had read a lot about hard reset before buying it. It had no DRM and it was supposed to be a call back to the older FPS games. I played the demoa head of time and loved it. The graphics were great, the guns seem powerful, and the gameplay controls were responsive. Then i hit the real snag in my review.

    I'm a casual gamer (i play all kinds of games, but not for hours on end anymore), and
    have a lot of interruptions in life. Hard reset has no way to do your own manual save points. This forced me to re-do many many parts of the game over and over again because I couldn't sit down long enough to get to the next checkpoint. On top of that, the game won't save the upgrade credits you find along the way if you do happen to die or have to close down the game between plays and you didn't hit a way point. Without the upgrade credits, you can't upgrade your weapons. This forced me to try to remember all of the upgrade locations and frustrated me even more when/if i died. This completely soured my game experience. A simple manual save option would have greatly improved my rating of this game and should they ever add it in a patch, my review will be revised. Expand
  80. Oct 3, 2012
    Juego impresionante grandes gráficos y con una jugabilidad a la vieja escuela, a un precio módico de 20 dolares, lastima de la durabilidad pero aun así no es un pretexto para no hacerte con el.. recomiendo 100% este juego..
  81. Dec 23, 2011
    Painkiller meets Blade runner. Huge boss fights and arcade shooter, pretty much like Bulletstorm only not at the same quality of development. Game length is short with 3-4hrs. Overall the game is a :/
  82. May 20, 2012
    Hard Reset is a decent game, the balance isn't perfect, but you have to give these guys credit for at least throwing some interesting ideas out there. The upgrade system is implemented quite well, there are some tough choices to be made, and what upgrade paths you choose will ultimately affect how difficult the final boss will be to bring down.
  83. Oct 18, 2013
    I liked the comic book style story presentation. This game is so much more fun than any Pain Killer. This game is even more better in EX mode. That allows you to continue building up all that you have unlocked in a previous playthrough. All the weapons and gear level up and have add-ons. Awesome frantic fast paced shooter with amazing eye candy effects.
  84. Jan 3, 2013
    Short campaign with no multiplayer, no replay value, and a nonsensical (poorly translated?) story that ends abruptly. I really wanted to like this but at only 6 hours long the only remarkable thing about it are the graphics and weapon customization. The environments have plenty of interaction but most of the game involves you backpedaling through corridors and tunnels. Linearity and frustratingly uneven difficulty makes this game hard to recommend. Expand
  85. Nov 28, 2013
    As many have said before, this is definitely a return to the old-school fast-paced throwing waves of enemies at your face types of FPS games. No puzzles, no random other crap. Just moving through levels, checking off objectives, and shooting enemy robots for a good chunk of the time. Weapons (and the upgrade system for them) are pretty cool and the whole ambiance/atmosphere is pulled off well. Graphics are fairly good too with some neat effects. Some decent variety in enemies.

    Absolutely linear plot (that was meh... in my opinion) with a passable disgruntled badass main character. The UI never quite felt right to me but honestly didn't really care much since this was a rather fun game and you spend more time shooting than looking at the UI elements. Though not exactly my favorite type of game, I'd say it was worth the few hours I spent doing the campaign.
  86. Sep 29, 2013
    This is an awful game do NOT buy it, the weapons are bland and boring and the level design is sinfully awful. If you enjoy mindless, boring, unstimulating repetition while walking forward through an unmentionably terrible amalgamation of a game then go on ahead and buy this product.
  87. May 10, 2013
    A spiritual successor to Painkiller. Moving, shooting and some more shooting. There are only two weapons but with some upgrades. There is a nice steampunk mood to it, the enemies are various. Some very stupid, some quite smart. It mainly looks like this the whole way to the end you enter an arena, shoot swarms of enemies, take some medipacks and powerups, upgrade some stuff and go to the next arena. Overall very simplistic gameplay but fast and satisfying. Lots of lightning and blur, nice textures here and there, nice looking maps, few ok bosses and that`s it. The story is so generic that it would not make any difference if they did not include it at all. Adequate for gamers looking for pretty fast arcade shootemup game. Expand
  88. May 9, 2013
    An unbalanced, so-called "throwback" to the early FPS. That may be the general idea but in doing it keeps all the failings that those old school games had like crap controls and repetitive gameplay. The best thing about Hard Reset is that is looks great. Very detailed environments, stunning lighting and fluid character/enemy movement. It's unfortunate that those pros are nixed by its cons: limited controls with no ducking or action activated options, sticky floors/corners where the character constantly gets stuck (or usually trapped) on corners and debris, limited upgrading of boring weapons, short sprints (that can't be upgraded) and annoying gameplay. It's frustrating and ill-conceived and the narrative is propelled by unoriginal comic-book art story and horrid voice-over work. It does have its fun and challenging moments but the designers thought that the more crap thrown at you makes the game more "challenging". The music is good and the foley work is great as well. Too bad. This could've been something great. Half-assed indeed. Expand
  89. Aug 6, 2012
    Good FPS game that in old-school style: tons of enemies, crazy action, secret places in every level, huge/HUGE bosses, and Insane difficulty, I finished the game on Hard and some levels were truly freaking hard, like it was to it in old-school games of this genre. The positive sides of this game is definitely graphic, that is simply amazing. Next is art design (specially in free DLC). There are also quite a few downsides: short campaign (around 7 hours, with DLC on Hard), weak story that simply ends, and weak/bad voice acting. Expand
  90. Jan 1, 2014
    Looking at this game you could be forgiven for thinking this is an attempt at a deus ex clone, but the truth is it's much closer to a very pretty serious sam where you shoot lots and lots of robots. Fun, old school but ultimately runs out of steam. Or at least does for me.
  91. Dec 28, 2012
    REVIEW BY CD0.......... Hard Reset sets the introduction of Flying Wild Hog Studios. Putting you into a future setting, with a war dividing man and machine. PROs- Hard Reset captures the intensity of most top notch shooters. Allowing you to customize your weaponry with power ups, that are scattered around it's futuristic metropolis. The game shines with stunning graphical capabilities, as explosions rumble and electricity ignites beautifully. Showing an array of over the top mayhem, the AI is intelligent and deadly. Showing no mercy by strategically charging you position no matter your location, even separating their numbers to ambush you from front to back. Mainly the same minions of enemies in the opening, Fly Wild Hog studios does gravitate to more elaborate combinations of enemies towards the mid eventually. The length isn't extremely short, but scavenging for useful items thoroughly will still leave you with under 10 hours of game-play. The campaign has some direction and feel, with a few noteworthy turns. CONS- Fly Wild Hog Studios has done an attempt at making a franchise shooter, to say a few hiccups along the way would be an underestimate. The AI is unbearably difficult at the insane setting, making the game more of a job then entertainment. Hit detection was a major problem through my walk-through, to the extent of dead on and still the conclusion of a miss was absurd. The voice acting is humerus in the beginning, but as the story drags its feet. It becomes annoying to the point you just want no dialogue till the conclusion. Such repetitiveness of enemy units in the same formation is overlooked in the first few hours, but as the 4th and 5th hour enter. The game becomes so repetitive that it will leave you with the feeling you just played the same outcome of the last fight and the last fight and so on. The story is weak, and lacks emotion and character. Other than the character of being an annoying muscle head of common sense, with the sum of his vocab being minimally lost in a few swear words and couldn't you have thought that in your head like questions. CONCLUSION- A good game for a one time play, the price point is questionable on what it gives. The graphics and mayhem are the strong suites, along with the sophisticated weaponry that has multiple secondary functions. Impressive take on the first go for their studio, but it can't get my full appeal without fixing the important aspects that basis of any shooter. Hit detection is must, and without it, even on an easy setting the game feels fickle. BOTTOM LINE- Hard Reset gets a 6.9 out of 11 by CD0 Expand
  92. Dec 9, 2012
    hard reset is a good fps old school, with fun and fast gameplay, a very beautiful graphics for its time (2011), but the storyline is annoying and little interesting, the ambients are too similar between them as the enemies.
    perhaps the true problem is the little variety of situations both in the plot and gameplay
    it's fun.. but for how long ?
    for now i'm quite satisfied.. but only
    because i've paid this game 3 Expand
  93. Nov 30, 2012
    The Extended Edition of the game (Extension was free for early Steam buyers!) is basically more of the same formula. More types of enemies, diverse locations and even darker, metallic, shining, cyberpunk atmosphere, and more achievements of course. Relatively cheap game, looks nice, runs well even on mediocre PCs. Fun.
  94. May 9, 2014
    It's a great game with so many great ideas but yet has so many problems.....

    It's a painkiller style of game ,so the enemy are suppose to be fast and brutal, but the stamina bar of the character is set so low or just drained so fast that make this game feels sloppy and hard---you can't even evade the attack from the little robot horde with sprinting--- and the damn high contrast (/dark)
    environment just make this game even harder for me to aim the enemy !!! So basically this is game is for some really hardcore gamer , if you don't have any idea of what a painkiller game on hard is like ---- stay the hell away from this game !!! Expand
  95. Aug 14, 2013
    Fun to play, gets old quickly. You think that this game has split in different themes, but no. It is always the same and it gets boring really quick. Enemies are all the same and boss fights are not anything special, cool them are, I give you that. If you are looking for oldschool hardcore fps, pick up serious sam or Painkiller. This is just monotonous boring fps.
  96. Aug 10, 2014
    It feels like I have been dropped into the 2000AD comic series. It's like being right there.

    I seriously love the way this game looks. The city graphics are second to none for me, but I haven't played all the most modern games. Combat is great, if a bit tough at times. Although slightly short it has become one of my favourite gaming experiences. I played the demo a few times. I have
    played though on hard difficulty twice. My second play through took 12 hours including DLC levels. My first play through took longer partly because I was gawping at all the graphics.

    Combat with robots is extreme sublime.

    Really though I feel I am there in the comics, like they came to life, and I am in it. Incredible feeling. Awesome engine and concept. A good i5 and GTX650 Ti will keep frames rates above 25fps with settings maxed. It will be well over 25fps, but this type of hardware will keep it smooth in the most heated battles.

    Make the shotgun your first upgrade. It is a game changer.
    Take the railgun and RPG upgrades as soon as you can, as again they are game changers. (Other weapons may be just as effective, but I found these worked excellent. Other weapon types I did not even try.)
    These weapons are the game winners for me. I took them and all the combat gear upgrades.

    Minor bad point:
    One or two of the checkpoints are a bit far apart.
    My fight with the first boss nearly stopped me playing, but youtube showed me I had to use different weapons.
    One particular secret I can not work out. I could look it up online.
    Shame it is slightly short, even with the free DLC. I just haven't had enough for such a superb concept game.
  97. Dec 1, 2013
    True Old School game. It is repetetive, sometimes boring but overally its very good and it brings back a lot of memories. With the new free DLC the games lenght is acceptable and the new final boss is a bit of challenge. Great game!
  98. Dec 28, 2013
    GOOD: Nice video, good audio, WOW gameplay
    BAD: short campaign
    Hard Reset is probably the best "classic" FPS i played in the last 9 years (I say 9 to avoid a conflict with HL2): it combines 90s FPS tipical gameplay with modern elements. Its core is the interaction with the enviornment, that one can (in practice must) use to kill enemies. There are 2 weapons that can fire each in 5
    different modes with different effects. Expand
  99. Dec 14, 2013
    (Review En Español) qué puedo decir?.Primero que nada, que el Unreal Engine 3 hace que el juego se vea estúpidamente bien y que las armas se sienten ponchudas y poderosas (Como curiosamente ocurre con otros juegos hechos con este motor), como en la vieja escuela, donde incluso el arma más debil se siente cabrona. Hard reset es un shooter old-school que vale cada centavo invertido en el. Eso si, debes de estar consciente de que es lo que estás comprando, ya que este no es un shooter que trata de mostrar una historia épica y situaciones pendejas, sino uno donde todo se resuelve como debe de ser, a tiros con múltiples explosiones. Pero de todos modos, ¿qué importa la historia cuando puedes pegar de tiros a todo lo que se mueva? Esto es algo así como la carta de presentación del juego, y lo demuestra MUY bien. Expand
  100. Sep 25, 2014
    Hard Reset
    Too good to miss!
    No this is nothing like those old games. It's 2014 and I play 30+ games in rotation, including the GoG Doom 3, and this gem shines above them all as a vacation from the typical...
    Have you ever kicked a vending machine? Knocked over a newspaper dispenser. Smacked an ATM? Tisk-tisk. The machines fight back in this one. Hard Reset is one of the unsung triumphs
    of its time. It's a wonder this isn't an episodic franchise. The greats do slip past us. Get ready to be hit hard by this Monster-sized madness as you hit back with its unequaled weaponry set in a desolate dystopic future.
    If nothing else it has the greatest upgrade station in gaming.
  101. Mar 7, 2012
    I really enjoyed Hard Reset--a first person shooter that employs similar tactics to old school DOOM-style run and gun games, complete with secret areas for finding extra loot. The destructible environment is better than Hydrophobia, but doesn't quite match the caliber of a game like Red Faction: Armageddon. Hard Reset offers a half-decent story, sharp graphics, plus a great mix of different weapons and upgrades. On the downside there isn't a large variety of enemies so you end up killing the same machines repeatedly, and the length can be considered short, although I thought it was reasonable. Overall, the game feels very polished--one I would certainly play again on a higher difficulty. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 49 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 49
  2. Negative: 1 out of 49
  1. Apr 27, 2012
    Hard Reset isn't a bad game, but it's rote old school sensibility has passed me by. I don't have the same kind of reflexes I did 5 or 10 years ago to properly appreciate the twitch elements, so maybe I have to take some responsibility on that front. For me, Hard Reset is unremarkable because it seems about 5 years too late for me.
  2. Nov 17, 2011
    Hard Reset also does a lot of cool things in games that I wish we'd see more of, and it does them well. Interfacing with fictional computer terminals is fun, and scoping the strong art direction does a lot to set the game in a fairly original virtual setting.
  3. 70
    Short life span but budget price – this science-fiction inspired first person shooter has a lot to offer with stunning visuals and perfect old-school playability. Pity there's not a multiplayer option. [Nov 2011]