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  • Summary: (Also known as "Kult: Heretic Kingdoms") Heretic Kingdoms is a 3D isometric RPG, that combines 3D technologies and the traditional ways of isometric RPG's. Enter the fantasy kingdom of ancient Rywennia and enjoy this action adventure at its fullest. Kult will take you ;from heroic fights against hidious monsters - using weapons and spells - to seeking wisdom and clues for your quests, while interacting with the many NPC's such as spirits and astral enemies. With 7 worlds, over 50 maps and over 40 quests, Kult will enchant you with its stunning beauty, its variation and colorful high detail, as well as its surprising and epic fantasy storyline. [Project Three] Expand
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  1. It's a solid experience with a somewhat steep learning curve...and a surprisingly deep skill system.
  2. Overall, Heretic Kingdoms is fun, fun, fun and destined to be a sleeper hit. The few niggles never really affected my enjoyment of the game. With its engaging story and completely different skill system, it's definitely worth your while to pick it up and play.
  3. The story is innovative, and so is the attunement system and the character advancement system.
  4. It works, but we have a sense of been there and done that. What keeps the game interesting and compelling is watching the growth of the main character.
  5. An enjoyable RPG experience with some interesting game play elements provided you can get past the shortcomings.
  6. The saving grace of this game is its affordable price mark.
  7. Does little to enliven the usual trail of hacking, slashing and opening boxes. We're pretty sure it shows the world's worst character creation screen: you can change your hairstyle and, er, your clothing. [Christmas 2004, p.122]

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  2. Negative: 2 out of 7