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  • Summary: One year after the events that take place in the film; troubled scientist Bruce Banner and his enraged alter ego, the Hulk, are forced into battle against the terrifying forces of the Leader, who's intent on using the Hulk's gamma energy to unleash a relentless army of gamma creatures on the world. Two types of gameplay - use the powers of stealth and logic as Bruce Banner or command the incredible strength and fury of the Hulk. 30 massive, highly-detailed levels featuring environments both directly from the film and exclusive to the game. Fully destructible and interactive environments - virtually anything can be manipulated, picked up, destroyed or used a weapon. Intense boss battles - battle it out against gamma-enhanced super villains like Flux, Rampage and Half Life. Hollywood quality VO and soundtrack featuring detailed voice over from Eric Bana as Bruce Banner. Take down the Hulk's foes with over 25 devastating attacks, including super attacks like the Sonic Clap and Gamma Slam. [Vivendi Universal] Expand
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  1. We would love to see an open-world game with less linearity and an even richer story. But for now, this action brawler delivers loads of mindless mayhem. [13 June 2003, p.104]
  2. It’s a great recreation of the old Marvel comic book to which geeks like myself will quickly warm, and the best use of a movie license in at least a couple of years.
  3. 80
    An incredible source of enjoyment. Using the proper "destroy everything" approach that a game of this nature needs in conjunction with an easy to learn combo system, Hulk doesn't steer action fans wrong too often.
  4. Despite the shallow gameplay, playing the Hulk is a guilty pleasure and with all of his trademark moves intact there are dozens of ways to dispatch your enemy and destroy your surroundings.
  5. The Hulkster follows commands easily, the camera gives you an excellent view of the action and you don't need to mash 20 buttons for every combat move you make.
  6. For those looking for some quick fun, Hulk provides some quality action that may not be very deep, but is definitely enjoyable.
  7. An uninspired effort, the kind of competent, workmanlike, and by-the-numbers type of product Hollywood itself churns out. [Sept 2003, p.85]

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