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  • Summary: (Also known as "Fahrenheit") New York, January 2009. For no apparent reason, ordinary people are killing total strangers in public places. Although there is no link between the murderers, they all seem to respect exactly the same ritual and pattern. Lucas Kane becomes another of these murderers when he kills a stranger in the men's room of a restaurant. Haunted by strange visions, he must keep one step ahead of the police to find out what is happening to him. Inspector Carla Valenti and her teammate agent Tyler Miles are in charge of the investigation. A series of disturbing clues projects them into a world they had never even dreamed of. Meanwhile, the early onset of winter paralyses Manhattan in an unbearable fury of cold and snow. Each day the temperature drops, as a coat of brilliant white snow is drawn over the dark streets of New York. One thing is sure : The final countdown has already begun. Indigo Prophecy creates a new breed of interactive entertainment, merging cinema and interactivity. A spectacular real-time 3D adventure with state-of-the-art camera direction and multi-path scenario. Play different protagonists in this epic quest and make the story progress depending on YOUR decisions. Control different characters in an awe-inspiring paranormal thriller, discern the dark secrets behind mysterious serial killings, understand why the city is brought to a standstill by snow and dropping temperatures, Play the hunter and the fugitive : explore, interact, fight and confront by all means dark forces during your journey. After Indigo Prophecy, the world just can't be the same place again. [Quantic Dream] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. A completely engrossing game, designed for the patience of adult players, that will stand up to an almost infinite number of sessions. It’s a technically marvellous achievement by David Cage.
  2. Indigo Prophecy may not have the technical backings of a winner with its dated graphics and strange control scheme, but everything else screams classic.
  3. The game starts out kind of like "The Twilight Zone" meets "CSI," but then it turns into The "X-Files" with some "Matrix" undertones.
  4. A breath of fresh air in the adventure gaming world, well worth playing despite some dodgy camera angles.
  5. Indigo Prophecy is a game that actually gives the term "cinematic gameplay" some context, as well as some real heartfelt meaning.
  6. 80
    If it was a book you'd call it "a real page-turner"; it can be nigh-impossible at points to put down. When all is said and done, as the credits roll across the screen, you'll remember the poignant moments as part of the story, not the actions you took that caused them to be played out.
  7. Although the storyline is definitely morbid and intriguing, Indigo Prophecy screams of Dance Dance Revolution and Simon with its directional controls and the near system requirement for a dual analog gamepad.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 53 out of 73
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  1. Sep 12, 2012
    Quite simply, a masterpiece. Fahrenheit is, like Another World or Metal Gear Solid, the delivery of a cinematic genius (David Cage). Recommended without hesitation (but make sure you have a good gamepad to play with). Expand
  2. Feb 12, 2013
    story- great story, involves you playing as a guy that gets randomly possessed by some type of cult leader. and its up to you to save him or leave him to his fate. gameplay- controls are great for this type of game. its action adventure, but has 'QTE' which always makes the gameplay inifinitely more fun to play. the way it uses the controls, like combining keys and etc. interesting and creative. video- the graphics are solid. not something to brag about but the gameplay makes it great.

    audio- great music and effects make the game like an interactive movie.

    overall- its like playing an interactive movie, and you have to be always aware. because 'QTE' happens just like that.
  3. Jan 6, 2012
    I plowed through this game in a day. After I finished, I realized I really didn't appreciate the ending, but it was still awesome. This game is the reason why I bought a ps3 this holiday season just to play heavy rain. Expand
  4. Jul 12, 2013
    this game comes with a new type of game play you're the director and you control how the story progress according to what you do during the game the story of the game was really really good but i didn't like it at the middle it became ridiculous but what this game is great about is the atmosphere as it has a great atmosphere in the end it was a great experience that every one should try Expand
  5. Nov 10, 2013
    I really like the adventure genre, and I admire companies trying to modernize the genre. In this case, it turned out so-so. The story is engaging, and you'll often feel the characters stress during the different scenarios they will find themselves in. You'll get hints about some supernatural elements at the beginning, but I personally find the regular detective story and psychological thriller aspects going on far more interesting. This makes the second half of the game a bit wishy-washy, as they cram in a lot of unbelievable events. Ranging from characters suddenly developing in unbelievable ways, to environments and scenarios seeming too far-fetched, or just generally too strange without any believable build up. The gameplay itself is typical for the adventure genre; interacting with objects and surroundings, hearing the protagonists thoughts and such. There are interesting dialog options and choices to be made, but they seem to impact the story very little; but they do help the immersion a lot. The problem is that the controller is one of the two greatest challenges in the game, as it first seems illogical and after some getting used to just comes of as bulky and often causes great annoyance during timed events. The other challenge is the "Simon Says" events, which happens extremely fast and will confuse you even more as you will have to rethink on how to use the controller. The Simon events will also distract you from the on-going cutscenes, as you will have to focus entirely on the button mashing mini game, rather than on the actual interesting stuff that's happening on the screen. But other than my problems with the controller, I find the game to be a good choice for anyone who likes the adventure genre. Expand
  6. Apr 28, 2013
    Indigo Prophecy is equivalent to a B movie.You are not supposed to think to much about it, just go with the motion and have some fun. Its mostly QTEs with some level of point and click adventure gameplay.

    Let me also state that the story starts out more interesting than it finally ends up being, and things do get crazy in the middle. And the ending IMHO, is disappointing to say the very least, all this build-up for nothing?

    Still, this is still a game that i'd recommend to play. Buy it on a sale though...
  7. Mar 6, 2011
    Simply thinking of this game makes me shiver.
    You see, QTE's are only good when not Under/Overused, other wise they either get annoying
    (Under) and unexpected, and repetetive (Over) and dull.

    The controls make me wanna punch baby's.

    Terrible tnak-controls and redundant QTE's = Farenheit.

    The plot is just completley retarted, and the action is just nerve-wrackingly-Awful.

    I'm suprised I hasted 8 hours of my life on this peice of ****

    F*ck you steam for making me interested in buying it!

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