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  • Summary: Insecticide is a noir thriller set in an insect world that plays out through a wide variety of offbeat action and adventure levels. In a city overtaken by a sudden crime wave, rookie detective Chrys Liszt is on a crusade to rid the city of lowlifes. However, she immediately discovers that to reach her goal she will have to face the city of Troi’s most powerful criminal entities. Using only high tech pollen-based weapons, innate bug abilities, and hand-to-hand combat skills, Chrys must clean up Troi as well as learn more about her own past, which remains shrouded in mystery. Insecticide fuses elements from different videogame genres to create a seamless, engrossing story-driven gameplay experience. Lighting fast shootouts, a cityscape brimming with life and high production value voice-overs and cut-scenes result in entertainment on par with Hollywood’s best. [Gamecock Media] Collapse
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  1. Up to this point, it appears Insecticide is a reasonably good game unnecessarily sliced in twain.
  2. 75
    You can tell these people love the adventure genre enough to want to update it with action elements for the new generation. Unfortunately, the action segments of the game, while not terrible, aren't seamlessly integrated into the game which makes Insecticide feel like a mixed bag.
  3. Insecticide is an enjoyable, but short experience that you'll finish in five or six hours.
  4. There are certainly some positive elements in Insecticide that make it worth a look, mainly in the classic "adventure" half of its action-adventure gameplay. The trouble is, that’s only half of what is only half a game to begin with.
  5. Insecticide can't decide whether it wants to be an adventure or a platformer, so it does neither particularly well.
  6. Considering the budget price, you could do a lot worse on your quest to find an original adventure game this summer. [Oct 2008, p.65]
  7. Comparisons with adventure classic "Psychonauts" are unfavourable. [Oct 2008, p.78]

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  1. Oct 7, 2013
    The game itself is fun to play. The art is fun to watch, but graphically it's a mess. Game stutters from time to time like some flash game. There's no support for widescreen displays either. In general, this game feels like a worked up flash-based game. Expand
  2. S
    Jul 6, 2008
    Mediocre, short, and not very detailed. Good atmosphere. Not impressive. The game was meant for the DS. It was obviously ported to PC, and has graphics comparable to a mobile game system, which is not very good for PC. The action gameplay is basic, the voice acting is acceptable, and the "detective" sequences are basic "click everything" with minimal actual puzzles. I ran through in a very short period of time, then uninstalled, as it has zero replayability, and rather want the time and money back. The film-noir that it clings to is all that makes it tolerable, the game fits the word "mediocre" quite well. I've gotten more enjoyment for less money from MANY other things. Expand