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  1. Jan 23, 2014
    I just made an account on metacritic just to tell you how awsome this game is.
    Hardcore-Realism-Teamwork are the three aspects of this game. If you are looking into
    such experience dont hesitate just go for it. CoD-BF and other fps are just time-wasters
    in front of this. There is lack of community atm though..I hope this is just a temporary state
    and people who loves fps give more
    appreciation on this game. Expand
  2. Jan 22, 2014
    Insurgency is a hard core first person shooter at it's finest. The game strips you of most conventional shooter mechanics such as a cross hair and simply says survive. The game modes and maps in Insurgency are well varied and very entertaining and challenging. While there isn't much progression to speak of, insurgency entices you in not with rewards for doing good but rather the feeling of doing good and the sheer surge on adrenaline when you win the round for your team. Insurgency isn't for the weak of heart but if you are looking for a hardcore first person military shooter look no further. Expand
  3. Jan 23, 2014
    It is very difficult to put down in words what makes INSURGENCY so great, and once you start to try to list all those smaller things that add up to the greatness you are afraid that you will forget so many things leaving the reader with an inaccurate description of the game.

    Most games are just games or just experiences. INSURGENCY is a game and an experience at the same time.
  4. Jan 23, 2014
    I put around 250 hours into the game so far. I started back in the early access in March of 2013. The game has progressed into the best shooter I have ever played. It makes me keep coming back for more. This is a hardcore shooter that has filled the void that other modern shooters haven't been able to fill.
  5. Jan 23, 2014
    Great game. Buy it. All that has to be said. But seriously, for £10 you are buying a first person shooting experience like never before. Best shooter of this year.
  6. Jan 28, 2014
    One of the best tactical FPS games since red orchestra 2. Interesting and unique game modes, exceptionally rewarding gunplay. I would NOT recommend this game to people who only like really arcadey shooters like CoD and BF.
  7. Jan 26, 2014
    This is simply the most realistic, tactical, hardcore and yet fun-to-play multiplayer FPS available with emphasise on teamwork and realism. From my point of view It combines all the best features of Counter Strike, Red Orchestra, SWAT Rainbow Six, AA and Arma. Forget CoD and BF. Insurgency is a game for real man :-) Waiting is over. I would give 10 points, but instead opted for 9, since in my opinion the game would benefit from better bots though, to facililtate training of newcomers, make coop even more rewarding experience, and have fun with multiplayer game if there is not enough people, or simply play offline. Ten years ago bots were much better and human-like (see Far Cry 1). I would like bots in Insurgency be like those bots in Far Cry 1 and like bots in the Brink game today (modified after intitial problems) - usually hard to tell difference between human and bot. And this is my only complaint. Expand
  8. Jan 23, 2014
    I've had this game for a couple months now and it has only gotten better with the full release this week. If you like Red Orch., COD, BattleField, or just any fps military shooter, get this game. It's the tactical shooter that I've better waiting for. Get it, Play it, Live it... Insurgency!
  9. Jan 24, 2014
    The best tactical shooter i have played in recent years. The gameplay is balanced really well. Weapons recoil fells good. Maps are nicely designed and action is intense. Great alternative for casual games like COD and BF.
  10. Jan 25, 2014
    Like Fr4ntic, I also made a metacritic account so I could review this game. The phrase "Counter-Strike meets ArmA meets Rising Storm" is how I've been persuading my friends to play it because I think it takes all the best elements of those games and combines them expertly. The gameplay is tactical, tense and heart-quickening, with sudden vicious fire fights erupting and ending just as abruptly. Teamwork is the key to success and a good community of mic'd players is forming, much like RO2 had when it was first released. Maps range from long to mid-range mountainous areas to close quarter towns and villages and everything is highly detailed and feels realistic without straying too far into ArmA-style geekery. Like all "realism" type FPS games, there is a steep learning curve here, but once you surmount it, Insurgency provides a very rewarding experience. Expand
  11. Jan 25, 2014
    If you're looking for a game that promotes teamwork and realism this is the game to get. Insurgency is trying to differentiate itself from top sellers like COD and BF by adding a ton more realism in every way, and it does it damn well.
  12. Jan 30, 2014
    I don't normally write reviews but a total of 77 on steam does not give it justice. The I really hope this game gets expanded on. You get so much for £11.99

  13. Feb 6, 2014
    Don't write this off as just another fps.

    -Great weapon handling, ballistics, etc.
    -Tactical teamwork centric gameplay.
    -Surprisingly good soundtrack.
    -Red Orchestra with modern day firearms.
  14. Jan 23, 2014
    Simply AWESOME. A true back to basics shooter. Very tactical. I played through early Alpha all the way to release and have been very impressed with the devs and the progression of the game. A ton of thought has gone into the layout and feel of the game. 10 out of 10 from me. I can't stop playing.
  15. Jan 23, 2014
    Pure perfection with even more content coming! ArmA meets Counter-Strike in this great game. If you like the Red Orchestra games, or tactical shooters like Rainbow 6, you will love this as well.
  16. Jan 25, 2014
    If given more attention, this game could rewrite the way First Person Shooters are played today. It offers a new and incredibly realistic experience of modern warfare. This is the first game I've ever played in which players actually use teamwork. I like to compare it to the multiplayer of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Realistic, refreshing and, given a bit more attention, could rewrite the Online FPS genre. All this for a measly 15$, amazing. Expand
  17. Jan 26, 2014
    This game like battlefield 2, red orchestra, counter strike in ONE PICE! Intresting and deep multiplayer experience ! If you are hardcore FPS gamer YOU MAST BUY THIS GAME!
    P.S. Sorry for my english. See you in the battle.
  18. Jan 24, 2014
    When game was in beta and maps was ugly, I played it for the first time and then I thought "wow, this game will be successful". Despite of ugliness, even then it was great. Throughout the development time, Insurgency was getting better and better - you could see, that almost everything in game was right.
    And now it became one of the best tactical shooters. Not so hardcore as Arma, not so
    casual as CS or CoD, but just right. All thanks to source engine and excellent game mechanic. Congratulations to New World Interactive. Expand
  19. Jan 29, 2014
    This game is a what if... infinity ward would have made a new COD 2 in my opinion with the latest game modes and weapons , cod 2 is one of my favorite fps , i'm glad games like this are being released , thumbs up!
  20. Jan 23, 2014
    Unique, different, fun, cheap, overall great game. Bugs need to be worked out but thatll come with time. I love playing with friends, besides the few ragers in the game, its rad!
  21. Feb 2, 2014
    Worth once to play this game and other games seem like child's play. Gameplay, control, balance, graphics and music is praiseworthy. The developers managed to achieve a special feeling in the game when really afraid to die.
  22. Jan 28, 2014
    As an avid Red Orchestra / CS GO and ex CoD 4 pro, I was completely taken by surprise by this game. In combines elements of various game such as the ones before mentioned, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six, generating the absolute finest FPS currently on the market, IMHO.

    +++ Ballistics, Sound, Conceptual gameplay
    ++ Game modes, Graphics (in regard to its engine), Dev support
    + Community
    (growing number)

    - Balance issues (kind of natural for the state of the game)
    -- Minor tweaks, bugs (still, a natural defect but worth mentioning)
    --- Missing features, such as a more informative UI at the round start. I also consider that the game could benefit from a more warm in-game interaction with players, WITHOUT changing the gameplay.

    The game brings me the thought-to-be-forgotten feeling of actual competitive gameplay. It bring back the hope that not all current games spoon-feed you and treat you like an idiot. This is not a simulation though, but I regard it as one the current best point on the arcade - simulation axis. It is not "tacticool", it is a game that requires a vast attention span, good headphones and skill if you wish to play it at a tactical level.

    All in all, If you think about having second thoughts towards buying this game, ABANDON THEM. DO NOT FEAR THE "Early access/WIP" labels ! This game is one of the few that really aims high and is not a money-grab!

    If at least ONE person takes my advice and is happy with the game I'll be happy. This game needs good people to make it an even greater game that it is. A solid future is ahead of it, but don't think that the game is now unfinished.

    It's an organic project that will grow upon those who play it! You are what you eat!
  23. Jan 29, 2014
    Insurgency is by far one of the best FPS games I have played in the last 5 years because it is fresh and new, while at the same time familiar. The gameplay and gun mechanics are spot on and very satisfying. The sound effects in the game are highly realistic, to the point getting fired at and suppressed can cause a response in YOU. Elevated heart rates can often occur. Pretty cool. When you achieve a frag it feels more like a victory than a simple frag like in most games. Teamwork and thinking are rewarded over Rambo tactics, but the gameplay is not in any way slow. Suspenseful corridors, amazing suppression effects and useful attachments that actually modify/enhance the way you play. Gameplay takes the look of CS:GO, and improves upon it, then adds guns that actually do damage, and incorporates the strategy of MW2 hardcore search and destroy/domination (etc.) with red orchestra 2/rising storm. At 15 bucks, you can't go wrong! New World Interactive has pure gold with this title and it is my go-to game, often winning out even over Dota 2. I made this account just to review this game because it's that fun! Expand
  24. Feb 1, 2014
    This game is a realistic shooter with team based combat like in Counter Strike, and realistic movement and gun handling similar to arma. The graphics are nice but nothing special and the game itself runs smoothly. Combat is very skill based, players used to games like call of duty will find it very unforgiving. The current player base is small but quickly growing with mature supportive players.
  25. Feb 10, 2014
    Fantastic game and my new favorite FPS. I haven't played BF4 or CS:GO since I bought it. It could use a few updates (ability to save loadouts for example) but as far as gameplay, teamplay, and overall fluidity go, it's a 10/10.
  26. Mar 13, 2014
    Another bad game. This one has been advertised as some kind of realistic game for those who are tired of Battlefield and similar shooters and their shortcomings. Through various Youtube channels this message has been hammered. However, it fails in exactly the same regards as its big brothers: poor netcode, tons of hackers and haphazard gameplay that does not reward skill. Here we have a floating camera type of game with one-shot kills and "realistic weapons". Footsteps are close to impossible to hear, even if a player is running on a concrete floor next to you. Accordingly, the gameplay quickly becomes the blind chicken-gameplay Battlefield and COD are so famous for, albeit with much more camping. And just what is with one-shot kills that is supposed to be "realistic"? Would you automatically fall unconscious/die after being hit by 5.56 round? Really? Is this how reality works?

    Insurgency provides a fair amount of weapons and attachments for these weapons - clearly inspired by Battlefield - and the weapons admittedly have a great feel to them. But the contrast between the "realistic weapons" and the rubberbanding players running around at a speed that is anything but realistic, leaves me unimpressed.

    At best this is a better version of Counter-Strike:Source.
  27. Mar 4, 2014
    Seriously impressive tactical first-person shooter. A welcome change from the Call of Duty and Battlefield games, presenting a slower-pased and more tactical brand of gameplay. For a $15 title, you couldn't get more for your money.
  28. Apr 2, 2014
    Finally a developer that listens and interacts with the community. Dedicated servers, Map tools and built on the Source engine so modding is supported as well. Game play is challenging but not frustrating. The Coop mode is exceptionally fun with a group of friends.

    Maybe not as graphically intense as the $60 games but this allows PC players with lower end machines to play and
    compete. You cannot find a better value in fps games.

    Highly recommend!!!
  29. Jan 24, 2014
    Used to play this game when it was just a CS:S mod and it's come a long way since then. It's an unforgiving realistic game that's actually fun to play (unlike the arma series in my opinion). The objectives are clear and games can go from a minute or two (if you are lucky/unlucky) to 20+ minutes. For $15 this game is well worth it.
  30. Jan 27, 2014
    Lack of contents because dev needed financial support, so -1. But the gameplay is one of the most smoothest. Definately deserves score 10. I loved the mod, even since 2005(2 years before the release of the mod) i kept looking on it how Insurgency grows, and i'm happy that Insurgency became a successful indie game. Hope to see more great large maps, though!
  31. Jan 26, 2014
    after many years of being fed COD and BF bs, how refreshing it to see a dev just come up with a game that works.....this game does not pretend to be anything other than a shooter THAT WORKS! brilliant game and the AAA devs can really take a look at this to see how it should be done...straight up great, fun shooter with no **** attached.....and for those who believe great graphics makes a great game...we don't need you! well done NWI, easily the best military shooter out today (yes better than COD and BF!!!!).....sure it needs a little bit of polish which will come in time. as a release this is far superior to the AAA's of today as there was no bs at launch....this is the difference between those that make games to make money and those who make them because they care and love them! NWI, i am your newest greatest fan...Thanks for restoring faith in the genre again! Expand
  32. Jan 27, 2014
    Excellent tactical gameplay mixed with realistic weapon and movement mechanics make for a one of a kind FPS experience. Still rough around the edges in terms of presentation and polish, but the core game is easy to recommend.
  33. Feb 8, 2014
    The FPS I've been searching forever for

    I always thought I could go into hardcore mode on a game like COD or BF if I wanted more enhanced gameplay. After owning a game like Insurgency, I realized there was no point.
  34. Mar 14, 2014
    Coming from Titanfall, CoD, and BF this is much more refreshing. I'm just tired of playing the same games repacked with a new name every year. This takes me back to early Counter Strike and CoD days. It's more team oriented to win, and it just gives you that feeling of playing a hardcore shooter. It doesn't have multimillion dollar production value, or a a lot of trumped up menus, and voice overs, but it reminds us all that in the end none of that matters because in the end we just want solid game play. That is what this game delivers, and at a price tag of 15 bucks. What are you waiting for? Expand
  35. Aug 8, 2014
    Easily one of the best FPS games for a long time. If your an FPS fan and you dont own this game you are missing out.
    This game is unforgiving, very team based and will leave you screaming at the screen but when things go well oh it feels good!
  36. Jan 31, 2014
    Insurgency is great game that doesn't follow current FPS trend. It pretty much like highly realistic Counter Strike or modern era Red Orchestra game. It is fast pace(compare to other realistic shooter). It has great balance between realism and fun. It realistic to some minor which most of shooter in market ignored. And it reward teamwork very well. It also yell "F*** COD and BF!".
  37. Apr 2, 2014
    An amazing realistic shooter. The guns feel and sound great, and this game is very detailed and feel very authentic. You have to play it if you are a fan of realistic shooters, one of the best ever made.
  38. Feb 22, 2014
    This game is like any other war on terror type shooter, but is also very unique. And rather difficult, too.

    The different game modes offer a very enticing and exciting game play that sets it apart from games such as Call of Duty. The game has a very good sense of realism in that there are no hit indicators to tell you where you've been shot from, it doesn't take many shots to kill -
    fewer from the neck up - and the only feature that breaks the realism is the small indicators to show you that the person next to you is a teammate, and also where the objectives are. That's it! No radar either, which makes the game even more involving.

    This is by far the most realistic shooter I have ever experienced, and the four pack I bought for my friends and I was a damned good buy. Highly recommended.
  39. ozi
    Mar 13, 2014
    This is a great shooter, I honestly prefer it to the giants in the genre because it has a certain intensity that the big titles just don't have. This is mainly down to a realistic damage model, and the way the guns work. You have to move slowly and methodically, not just sprint around corners then hold down the trigger whilst jumping around.

    This is the only game I know where, if you
    are good, you can feel like some special forces guy, going on a sneaky flanking mission with a suppressed weapon, just using double taps to the chest to take guys out.

    The gun mechanics are so detailed as well, from the satisfying sounds, the SAW and the mp5 come to mind, to things like if you reload with a bullet in the chamber you won't need to cock the weapon again. Reloading also takes a reasonable amount of time so you can't really spray and pray (unless you have a drum or box under the gun).

    The co op is also great, the AI leaves some things to be desired, but its fun nevertheless, if you liked the "terrorist hunt" gamemodes in the Rainbow 6 Vegas games, you will probably love this.

    The only reason I gave this a 9 is that there are currently (13 march 2014) only 6 maps, (2 of which I don't like). But the devs posted on the forums about a patch coming before April that will add new maps and weapons so I am looking forward to that.
  40. Feb 9, 2014
    First of all, this game is for anyone who is looking for tactical-FPS. It's not easy at the start but, when you learn the game mechanics and get used to weapons it becomes a pure fun. If you looking for combination of Cod: MW maps, realism of Red orchestra and mechanics of Counter Strike this game is for you. It's a good mix of simulation and action.
  41. Feb 8, 2014
    Perfektní pařba! lepší než kinder warfare nebo bugfield :-) jasná volba co se týká FPS! taktika a spolupráce, žádné rambo úlety. zbraně skutečně zabíjejí na jednu,dvě kulky! super. splnění mojich snů
  42. Feb 9, 2014
    As most of the people i see writing reviews here i signed up just to review this awesome game. Let me first start with the Developers. YOU CANT FIND a more dedicated and reliable group of guys to make a awesome game. With such a small group its mind blowing how kickass this game is. The team work is essential in this game and so is a microphone. Communication, awareness and patience are what will keep you alive and helping your team in this game. This isn't some AAA company (which we all know the few i'm pointing out) claiming to be something it isn't. They took a risk of mixing DOD 1.3 , COD1, CSS and Red Orchestra into one. They couldn't have done it more fluid. The game is constantly being updated and patched. New guns are to come soon, along with maps. To sum this all up you honestly owe it yourself to give this game a try. for 15$ and a active Dev team. YOU CANT GO WRONG! Expand
  43. Mar 14, 2014
    A fantastic indie FPS. Imagine if Counterstrike and Arma 2 had a baby and you get this title. It brings a deep and hardcore tactical experience while staying accessible to the less "hardcore" gamer. While Red Orchestra 2 has a heavy learning curve that took me weeks to finally master, Insurgency was like putting on a pair of worn shoes. It masterfully manages to play to the "hardcore" crowd while taking little time to learn and understand the game. A truly well done FPS game to say the least. Expand
  44. Apr 1, 2014
    What a clunker. People will buy anything that has the "indie game" or "early access" sticker to it these days, because they are fed up with the crap the big companies keep churning out. The fact that this game gets so many 10s here AND the fact that almost nobody plays it is testament to that. Last time I checked I basically had 3 halffull servers to choose from, all with ping > 50 and none with the gamemode I wanted to play.

    It's the end product of a mod for a 2004 engine, and it shows. The controls feel incredibly clunky, often requiring keyspamming to do simple things like going prone. Netcode is pretty horrible - worse than Battlefield - with frequent rubberbanding and wtf moments. Sometimes when peeking your weapon will just start vibrating for no reason, sometimes you just can't go from prone to upright no matter how much you keyspam, and so on. It just feels clunky and odd, and with the 1-shot kill system, these things have consequences. Being hit in the toe will pretty much kill you, even if you're shot through walls, which is frequently abused. This is just silly, and is not realistic in any way. The game not only tries to be realistic, but desperately tries to attract more players by mixing in some elements from Battlfield and other "gamey'" shooters as well. This is idiotic and makes the game worse in both regards.

    The guns however, are very well done and feel authentic. On the other hand, that is the only thing that is good about this game - seems like they focused entirely on this and neglected everything else. With the frequent crashes and server breakdows that seem to occur with the latest build, I would not recommend this game to anyone.
  45. Apr 1, 2014
    Awesome game if you want to be in the middle of COD and Arma. It's realistic but not to realistic to be boring. On public it can be a hectic place with a lot of new players that just haven't really grasped the consept yet.

    As I am currently also playing the Ladder and the Cup I can tell you the competative aspect of Insurgency is although in the early stages verry promising. The opening
    cup has just been played on ESL and there are more and more clans flocking to the competative ladders/cups.

    I would recommend this game to people from any FPS background if you have seen footage and know what the game entales.
  46. Mar 4, 2014
    Red Orchestra 2 and CS:GO had a baby named Insurgency and he's growing up fast! The mod was amazing, but now NWI have outdone themselves. Buy it now. Minor quibbles which knocked it down to a 9/10: - victims of non-lethal hits to the torso should realistically suffer somehow (e.g. getting knocked down, severe slow-down or suppression effects, etc.) - need to quickly see the load-outs of team members in the load-out screen (e.g. to make sure somebody has the C4)

    - joining games with the map filter should filter on the server's map list, not just the current map

    - sprinting past the edges of doorways and other geometry can bring you to a complete stand-still (it would be nice if you could bump-off and around things as you do with other players)

    - the already excellent 3D VOIP system needs to be augmented with an AI that automatically mutes immature punks
  47. Apr 10, 2014
    Finally - a grown-up FPS that I can get my teeth into. I was never a fan of COD and only briefly flirted with CS and the others.

    Insurgency throws you in at the deep end, and you either sink or swim. It's brutal and uncompromising. Frustrating at first, yes, but as you learn the different map and modes it quickly clicks that teamwork is the key ingredient for success. When people work
    as a team this game is simply sublime and hugely satisfying. The online banter between can be pretty entertaining too, sometimes.

    The maps are relatively expansive and take time to navigate. They are well-constructed and there are many nice detailed touches particularly (for me) in sound design which is brilliantly immersive (the sound of the odd insect buzzing past you, being given-away by your breathing, etc.). The game mechanics are sharp and responsive. Guns and grenades are done properly in this game.

    I've noticed a few minor graphical glitches but nothing that spoils the fun.

    Since I bought it some months back I've been playing it it daily (and often when I shouldn't be). The recent free update was quite substantial - including two new maps. Excellent value for money.

    The game is obviously a labour of love for the developers and I want to tip my hat to them. Very well done and thank you very much!
  48. Apr 1, 2014
    This is THE BEST multiplayer only first person shooter i have ever played. I loved it years ago as a mod (and still do), and i love it now in early access. The way it plays is completely original with the fun and intense game modes that just don't exist in any other games. If you find a good squad (and team) the game gets really fun and intense. The voice chat is also awesome since everyone, including the enemy, can hear you from a realistic distance, and then when you get out of voice range your squad members can talk to you over the radio. Overall, this game is worth way more than 60 bucks, and you can get it for 15 (or less on sale). So get it. Now.

    I'm over 400 hours into this game. Buying it for such a low price is like robbing the developers.
  49. Mar 31, 2014
    Insurgency is a fantastic shooter. This game is rough around the edges, but the core elements are outstanding. Modern shooters offer lots of glitz and glamour, but all that comes at a price. Popular shooters are plagued by issues that are just darn frustrating, such as overpowered score streaks, quick scoping, C4 kills, unbalanced weapons, and spawn killing. Those design flaws have existed far too long. Unfortunately, there are worst problems in the fps genre. Poor hit detection is my biggest gripe. Battlefield 4 is the best example of this. Unfortunately, AAA titles are where most gamers flock. I just don’t find many of them to be that good.
    Insurgency is different. Foremost, it doesn’t suffer from these problems. New World Interactive developed the game as a Source engine mod that has slowly evolved over several years. Several incarnations of the game exist since even before NWI’s founding. The game revolves around patience, teamwork, tactics, and patience (yes, patience is important). One of the original developers of the mod served in the US military overseas, so the game naturally takes place in Iraq and Afghanistan. The maps are varied, and several paths lead to any one point. By holding down strategic routes, a well coordinated team could control a match. But the design of the game makes that difficult. First, death is permanent until the next round. So the run and gun play style won’t work. If a player dies, their team can be flanked and gutted as a result. Some game modes have wave respawning. In those modes, fallen teammates will respawn only after certain objectives are completed.
    Second, classes are limited. For example, there can only be 1 or 2 snipers per team. Once a sniper is out of play, he’s gone until the next wave or round. This could be 30 seconds or several minutes. Class limitations are a welcome relief since it prevents domination by sniping, C4 spam, and noob tubing. Things too prevalent in the COD series.
    Third, Insurgency is lean and designed for competitive play. So servers support high tickrates. I’ve been in servers with 128tick and region lock. OMG!! (Battlefield 4 is a pathetic 10tick). Insurgency’s hit detection is easily in the top 5 games I’ve played. Plus, the guns handle well. LMG’s kick violently but can kill with a few bullets. Assault rifles are accurate, but lack the LMG’s suppression. Shotguns are devastating in close quarters, but lose their bite in ranged battles. Guns take several seconds to sight in. So players ADS a lot. This adds realism. Soldiers don’t burst into rooms with guns at their sides.
    Class customization is similar to the marvelous Take 10 in Blops 2. Unlike Blops, there are no cheesy perks like dead silence or engineer. Players can choose ordinances, weapon types and attachments, pistols, armor, and ammo capacity. And players do not rank up in Insurgency. Within each class, players have access to the same items and upgrades. But capacity is limited. If a player carries too much, he moves slower and loses stamina. So forgoing items, such as pistols, and switching to lighter armor will increase speed while and freeing up space for more powerful ordinances. The customization system is streamlined, not sparse like Titanfall or superfluous like BF.
    Next, showboating is not rewarded. Players do not run around with knives scoring one hit kills. Instead, they move cautiously thru rooms and alleys listening and watching for the enemy. Oh the tension!! Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates this. One player complained he couldn’t get one hit shotgun kills. He didn’t realize that the heavy armor of his opponents mitigated a significant amount of his weapon’s damage. Additionally, he tried to run and gun instead of remaining in areas suitable for shotgun combat. He left the game. For players who want to run around with shotguns, play something else. Here the focus is balance.
    And the best thing about Insurgency? IT SUPPORTS MODDING!! This will keep the game alive for years to come much like Counter Strike. But the developers are very active as well and have already released several patches and added new content—for free.
    What’s the bad? Insurgency’s graphics are dated. The game is designed to run on older machines, so textures will look muddled up close. Smoke effects are terrible. Character animations aren’t consistent. Throwing grenades and crawling around with LMG’s looks awkward, but certainly not game breaking. However, the maps are vibrant and lighting effects are impressive. Guns look and sound realistic.
    Insurgency has a steep learning curve. Gameplay is nuanced, and patience is required. If a player dies early, he must spectate until the next team respawn. This lends an opportunity to watch others and learn. Some will find this boring.
    Insurgency is a must own. It’s the perfect hybrid between Counter Strike and Ghost Recon. At $15, this is the best fps money can buy this year. Period. Compare this to another Source engine game released this year: Titanfall. Titanfall is a critically acclaimed AAA title and it lacks the customization, depth, and balance of Insurgency. And it costs $60. Don’t overpay for hype, download Insurgency today.
  50. Apr 12, 2014
    This game is exactly what I've been looking for in a shooter. It plays like a mix of the tactical realistic shooter like Arma and the first call of duty modern warfare. Perfect for some who wants more realism that the run around and shoot COD/Battlefield games and the slow moving ultra realistic Arma.
  51. Jul 1, 2014
    This game has the worst animations ive ever seen in a game. You can barely hear the footsteps. And you dont feel you are actually running/walking. The controls are so slow. And the game is way laggy. I feel bad for paying for what it feels like cheap mod, instead of a real professional game. The performance is poor too, my PC is good yet i cant have this Source made game running smoothly.

    The gunplay, shots sound and tactical gameplay are good, but i just cant get into it because of the slow/clunky controls. I cant recommend this game.
  52. Apr 17, 2014
    Insurgency is one of the best games I have ever played. The graphics might not be stunning but the gameplay is. It brands itself as a tactical and realistic shooter, and it is. I have 200 hours into this game so far and don't regret one second of it.
  53. Mar 1, 2014
    Very fun Good fun.....................................................................................................................................
  54. Feb 12, 2014
    Best shooter of this year.Hard but exciting.You can feel some of the real battlefield in this game.Just like they said,If you're looking for a game that promotes teamwork and realism this is the game to get. Insurgency is trying to differentiate itself from top sellers like COD and BF by adding a ton more realism in every way, and it does it damn well.
  55. Feb 18, 2014
    I too, felt like I had to make an account. I'd like to just say buy it, it's just awesome!
    I stopped playing all counter strikes, and most game that I have like BF4 etc... This game reminds me of when I first played a FPS. It is very fresh, it is a lot of fun. My son even stopped playing on his xbox one, and now plays this game more than his xbox! Simply put... learn how to play
    it, go slow and don't rush...

    The fear of going around corner is scary and the fun of taking a room etc as a team is OMG additive.

    Working with a team is a must! Team work, while taking a room is not like other FPS, you have to do it with skill, you can't just run in and shoot everyone.
  56. Mar 11, 2014
    I won't lie, this game seemed quite boring to me and look pretty bad but have playing it. Well all I can say that if you love a hardcore and realistic shooter then you will love this.

    You start the game with several different game modes from players vs players to players vs bots where the players have to work together to successfully win the level by achieving different task required
    such as blowing up an ammo cache.

    The game feels really realistic because of the way you can die so easily but also the class customisation is important and how the bots/players will try to take you down. You can't just rush in and kill everything as that will not work and you willl be shot down very quickly. You need to take your time and use your surroundings as cover and slowly move up checking your corners.

    Overall this game is great and fun to play, the game settings are nice bringing everything that you need.
  57. Mar 22, 2014
    Best FPS game i have play in my life. BEST GAME !!
    Best FPS game i have play in my life. BEST GAME !!
    Best FPS game i have play in my life. BEST GAME !!
  58. Apr 2, 2014
    This is really the best game i have played. I will start with the voice acting. Others might not agree, but i find it hilarious and really good. The weapons look realistic and also feel really good to shoot. . The RPG especially is fun to use. The gameplay is super intense and really fun once you get the feel for it. So far the community is really great. Also, this is probably the most realistic game i have ever played. I've logged over a hundred hours and plan on logging much more. And it is a good deal ($15 on steam, with 2 sales since it was launched). I feel like buying it on sale would be cheating the devs, they did such a good job. Expand
  59. Apr 8, 2014
    Insurgency has become by far my favorite FPS. I have Battlefield, CoD and CS but I quit playing them since I downloaded this game. What I love about it is that it is very tactical and an awesome multi-player. This game is very realistic in the sense that you would see the gun behave as you would in the real world, the recoil is just too real. You don't have to empty 1 magazine on your enemy to kill him (like Battlefield) two or three rounds do the job. Expand
  60. Apr 12, 2014
    Insurgency Is Very Realistic Game So Everybody Can Try Be Like In Real War Not Like In Battlefield!
    So I Like This Game For Realistic Action And TeamWork So I Recommend You Buy It!
  61. Apr 13, 2014
    Bought this game on a whim and I'm glad I did. Despite the bugs (mostly to do with the gun graphics interacting with the environment) its a great game with unlimited re playability (probably more than even CSS/GO if more maps are developed). The maps themselves are fairly well thought out, although repetitive elements do arise and areas within the maps can sometimes seem or be identical. The combat is refreshing and really my only qualm is that the game doesn't take into account trajectories the same way BF4 would (middle crosshair will always hit the target, despite the range). Hopefully this would be an update later one since they have already promised many updates in the future (they actually recently released one which has vastly improved the game). I think given another year, this game will be increasingly popular and refined. Expand
  62. Apr 14, 2014
    insurgency is nothing but raw. no crosshair, no dogs, airstrikes, satellites or any other crap. amazing ambient noise and weapon mechanics. also the grenades are incredible, great sound and realistic aoe. i like the wave spawning concept very much, really nice innovation supporting the team play. i think the only annoying thing so far is the restricted area **** where you cant shoot anybody but the opponent can shoot you like a dog and for the people saying its because of the possibility of spawn killing, that's ****. most of the restricted areas are not even near the spawn point and its just stupid that you're getting punished instead of rewarded for getting behind enemy lines. also some boxes, tables, roofs or spots are not accessable due to area restrictions which sucks because from the looks and the jumping ability it should be perfectly possible. not enough freedom for creativity in that department. all in all i cant wait for more updates. i hope they bring back baghdad and maybe a new pistol. Expand
  63. Apr 17, 2014
    This game worth a 10. I played fps since CS passing then to Cod and BF but this is how a realistic fps should be: 1 shot 1 kill, aiming its difficoult and all weapons have different recoil (you can just not think to kill a man 100 feet away with an mp5). teams have different classes and roles and all the game is about conquering stretegic points and completing objectives more than merly kill the other team (since the respawn is connected to the objectives fulfillment). A way better than other fps that more and more try to ruin the simplicity of the game with a kinda of usless **** Expand
  64. Apr 17, 2014
    in a world of high budget, over promising but under delivering FPS team based shooters, insurgency is a breath of fresh air! The depth, level of detail, gameplay and versatility make this a must buy, especially for the price. Recent updates have been improving every aspect and the game keeps getting bigger and better. Get it now! Ktxbye
  65. Apr 18, 2014
    Top FPS, closer to Red Orchestra than Counter Strike. Developer is conscientious about their product. I needed something similar to Darkest Hour and can see me sinking a lot of time into this game. Thoroughly recommended. Roll on Festung Europa!!
  66. Feb 6, 2014
    It's not a bad game at all, nor it is a very good one, I also feel that with time this game will get better however the core game itself will not change and after playing it for two weeks I am bored with it.
    It takes after the mod (obviously) in promoting close combat and attempting to make it realistic, one shot kills to the chest, realistic recoil etc....
    None if it is innovative and
    none of it stands out. This game in a nutshell is what I call a snap shooter, along the lines of COD or CS:S, you spot the enemy 10 yards away, you right click to bring up your sights and then you left click, this happens all in an instant, you move on to the next kill, rinse-repeat, check your KDR to see how good you are and that's pretty much the game.

    Your skills and how well you do are determined entirely about how fast you can push left click, not your choice of a firing position or terrain. Even if you're the first to spot, fire and hit him you're just as likely to die if he's got the reflexes. This makes the game frustrating as the maps are very small and corridor like, bottlenecking the players into very few routes all of which are highly campable. I tired of this style game play after the 20th COD game.
    There is an undertone of teamwork in the game, along the lines of everyone standing close to a CAP so the enemy doesn't get it, if they do get it you run back 20 metres to the next cap and try the same thing. When it works it can be fun but most the time people spread out across the map and do their own thing trying to get their KDR up, playing in a clan improves the game but when you're average round goes for 3-5 minutes and your averages live span is a quarter of that sitting in team-speak trying to get tactics going proves futile.

    If you want a realistic shooter go play the various of mods of ARMA or Project reality. If you're fan of CS:S or Hardcore mode in COD you will probably pick this game up and do well.
  67. Mar 9, 2014
    Realistic, comfortable gameplay, hardcore, teamwork requiered. FUN

    Maybe the thing I like the most from this game is the fact that there are no vehicles-rush (BF); nor akimbos (CoD); nor kill-streaks, nor battlepacks, nor ranking up or anything like so. Even when you are n00b you have the same weps that the most hardcore players, which means fun for everyone.

    Yes! Fun, I know that
    in other shooters fun means instant respawn and doing a session of sprinting around the whole map, but the game is so well designed that you are afraid of taking the bomb when you are at the next room, you are carefull of every sound, to every movement, because if you don`t you will be death soon. This game is incredible. It realy takes you inside. Expand
  68. Feb 5, 2014
    Not much to say about this game, and that's the whole point. Insurgency is just "another shooter".
    Its punishing/rewarding gameplay makes it closer from CS than CoD for instance, but the realistic aspect while the maps are small and very "narrow corridorish" (and not very inspired) doesn't fit well together.
    It may please to those who discover the realism in their FPSs, but for the
    accustomed to the genre, it might quickly appear flat and boring.
    For its price, it's pretty solid but nothing memorable.
  69. Feb 10, 2014
    Is this game good? Yes. Is is the best thing in the world? No. This game, like all others, has its positives and negatives. Overall, I think this is worth the buy. We'll probably end up seeing this game in the competitive scene after some patches, and a little bit of scrubbing. I'll get right to the point with the bad.

    Graphics: Let's be fair. This really shouldn't matter
    too much. Look a CS Source. Those graphics aren't nearly as good as Insurgency's, and it's still a decent game. These graphics are thin and make it seem cheep. So doe CS Source (judge lightly). The weapons look decent, and could use a little polishing. Thankfully, they don't take up too much of the screen while aiming down iron sights. Optics are a different animal. Depending on the optic, your FOV is (duh). Overall, 6/10

    Class Setup: Somedays, you just wanna run around with an LMG and blow the heads off all your enemies. While I sympathise with this, there's only one slow available. So you can't just assume that you will get to play your prefered style the whole time. This does have its positives though. Not getting the same class every time forces teams to work as a team, and for everyone to follow their respective rolls. Word of warning: The sniper / Marksmen classes always seem to fill the fastest (baised on my very limited gameplay.) However I do think that overall it's for the better. I'm just bitter because I miss my LMG some times. Overall, 7/10.

    Goddamn lag: This is a harsh reality. And it affects every gamer who plays online. Please for the love of god, play this game with at least 10MB upload & download. You know who you are. 5/10

    Incredibly realistic. None of this BS that you find in COD (or BF) where you get shot, and might be able to escape. 99/100 times in this game, if you get shot, you're going down. Personally, I'd rather see a game where if you get shot in the leg, you move slower/drop to a knee rather than getting completely downed. But that's the word of one fat gamer. 9/10.

    Mechanics: I had a hard time getting used to the mechanics at first. This game has the "lean" feature that COD Ghosts and BF4 both flaunt. I believe it's far superior to COD, due to the speed of the snap or the "lean". Anyone who has been in any sort of firefight (paintball, airsoft, legitimate warfare...) you know how much it matters to get your head back in after firing. This delivers that in spades. This game also includes a sliding feature that fan-boys should really love. Could use a little tweaking. I don't think you should be able to slide as far as you do, but it still serves a legitimate purpose. Overall, 8/10

    Rendering: Let me explain. When looking down a sight (Iron, Holographic, ACOG), the entire screen around you doesn't go black. A better way to put it: Remember when Infinity Ward was stroking our cocks with the "Dual Render" feature in Ghosts? And how this was especially effective with sniper rifles? Yea. This ones got it. I just had to throw this portion in my already lengthy review. **** COD. Overall: 8/10

    Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork: If you have one run-and-gun-I-don't-need-no-stinkin-teammates player, then consider him dead, and work around fighting with a body down. If you don't work as a team and play the objective, then you're not going to win. Winning's everything right? Communicate. I don't wanna say that having a headset is absolutely paramount to win... but it sure as hell helps. Overall: 9/10

    The Fellow Gamers: This surprised the hell out of me. After 5 matches, 4 of them had at least 5 players, who were actively communicating. This was a very serious environment. Everyone was communicating and working to capture the goal. And we were going against AI! I was amazed how... dedicated to the objective these people were. Overall: 9/10

    Overall, this game has earned my respect. I recommend this game who wants something different from a first person shooter. 7.6(8)/10
  70. Feb 24, 2014
    This game takes out everything I don't like with other first person shooters while preserving the good. No crosshairs, no minimap, bullets are incredibly lethal and guns are very unique to control. Because of these elements the gameplay is slower and more methodical. I also love how the insurgents have to fight with old school weapons like the mp40, m1 garand, and ak. Speaking of which, the gunplay is the most realistic I've ever seen. I've had more fun in this game than I've had in bf4. The grenade part of the training mode seemed slightly glitch but besides that this game runs smooth. Expand
  71. Feb 27, 2014
    An extremely addicting and awesome game. It's one of those games you really get addicted to and can't wait to get to your computer and start a new match.
  72. Mar 6, 2014
    Fr4ntic has spoken the truth. I too made an account on metacritic just to let world know how awesome this game is. I am playing it since it got out for early access. One of many reasons I love this game is "Its more tactical and less typical FPS-COD crap". It makes you think first then act. Its all about teamwork and disciplined game play. This game has set an example for FPS games, COD devs should learn from this. You won't get anything this amazing, worth the money for $15 bucks on this planet ever... Just buy it Expand
  73. Apr 14, 2014
    Horrible game. Not realistic at all. Bad netcode, frequent rubberbanding/desync, can't hear footstep sounds. A floating camera game basically. Most servers are empty most of the time, I wonder why since this has so many good reviews.

    The gunplay is well done, but that is all. The rest of this game seems to be neglected.
  74. Apr 26, 2014
    Hacking is very common in this game. Combined with the complete lack of footstep sounds and no proper surround, this makes for a frustrating gaming experience that ends up being just run, aim & gun like the rest of the shooters out there. Totally overrated, if you ask me.

    Very few people are playing it also - usually around 500 with a peek at 850 or so. This means servers and game modes
    are very limited. Expand
  75. Sep 15, 2014
    When just about every 1st person shooter has went full nuclear, it is excellent to find a dose of reality. Some reviews state it brings nothing new. I beg to differ, it brings a modern FPS game into modern day without all the fluff. Bringing something new seems to mean make it more ridiculous in the current market. With Insurgency - No unlocks, short on stats, realistic gameplay. No ridiculous gadgets, no killstreaks, no headshot bonus. Gaming pure and simple.Some of the most intense gaming I have had since MOH:AA/BF:Desert Combat mod COD/CODUO/COD 2 when I competed. It brings good gameplay, something that is regularly left out and replaced with shock and awe graphics (blue tinted environments... Yeah DICE I mean you!).

    10 bucks gets you the best FPS of the decade (perhaps 2) - not some DLC that was pulled from the final game to sell to you separately at launch to maximize profit.
  76. Aug 17, 2014
    Better than Battlefield, COD, and Counter strike. This might be hard to believe, but it's true. Insurgency missions are tactical, realistic, but not overly complicated or requiring a million unlock achievements. There are lots of servers and players, and it all works fast and smooth as silk. The feel of game play is something close to perfect and I just love playing it.
  77. Sep 30, 2014
    What I like best about Insurgency is its realistic sense of damage taken. Ever played Battlefield and taken a dozen rounds and still lived? Here when you get shot, most of the time your dead. If your wounded then things go fuzzy and disorienting for a moment, then your health stays at the damage taken until you get hit again and die. Excellent FPS battling, amazing for an indie game and definitely worth the $15. Would be most excellent with some more maps and vehicles. Expand
  78. Aug 5, 2014
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME (TL;DR version at the end)

    So today there was an update to the game "Insurgency" and I went on the comments and said something bad about the game. Admittedly, it wasn't very constructive criticism because I basically just insulted the game, but regardless, it is simply an exercise of freedom of speech that I most certainly deserve because I actually bought the game.
    What came next completely surprised me. They deleted my comment (yes, the developers did it; it specifically said that when I received a message) and then permanently banned me from ALL discussions for the game. This is absolutely ridiculous. No wonder all the comments are filled with fanatical reverence for the developers... they simply delete and permanently ban anyone who doesn't agree with them.

    Please, boycott this game -- do not support con artists like these who don't respect people's freedom of speech, and who block out any criticism to make themselves look better. In this respect they are basically on par with the developers of the WarZ. They don't deserve your cash and if you support people like this you will end up with a North Korean world.

    I know that freedom of speech only pertains to the government and private companies have no legal obligation to let you say whatever you want on their forums, but this is more a matter of respect for your paying customers. By barring all criticism, they are showing immense disrespect. It also says something about the quality of their game. If their game is that good, quality would have been self-evident and there would be no need to worry about what people are saying.

    THAT SAID, the game itself isn't that good either, although it isn't horrid. It is basically a copy of Call of Duty 4, and for some reason they dub it as innovative and new when the "modern warfare in the middle east" model has been used who knows how many times already. There are literally ZERO innovative mechanics in the game. Everything in it is a mashup of things in other games, mostly from Call of Duty, Counter Strike, and Battlefield. The quality is worse, however, than that of the games it copied. Graphically speaking, the game is subpar. There is also a lot of lag, and map design is immensely questionable. There are very few servers, and those few servers also have very few players. Do yourself a favor and don't buy this game. Even if you find the concepts interesting, just buy the games this copycat title stole from -- namely, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 2/3, and Counter Strike Global Offensive.

    I am still going to give this game 2 points despite all of the aforementioned flaws and the **** developers just because I did have fun with this game for a few hours, but only just for a few hours.

    This game's developers are cheap scammers that ban you for criticizing their game. But even if you disregard that fact the game is still subpar and you would be better off buying the games it copied from -- namely, Call of Duty 4, Battlefield 2/3, and Counter Strike Global Offensive.
  79. May 16, 2014
    What is awesome about this game - it's so freaking scary when you in shootout. Great sounds and mechanics. Luck of community but I hope its a temporary
  80. Jun 14, 2014
    Can't tell much about this game because it doesn't work at all. Servers are crashing all the time, so it's not really possible to play full round. It looks like early alpha state! Avoid that in all costs for now. Maybe few updates will fix something.
  81. Jun 10, 2014
    Going back to the nitty gritty that fps should and most want to be. for the price this is probably the best "sim" fps on the market today, now along with steam workshop modding community this games shelf life has just doubled with some of the mods looking fantastic. a true pc fps to the bone.
  82. Mar 4, 2014
    Insurgency offers some of the most enjoyable FPS action that I've seen since Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Much better than critics seem willing to admit...

    The few issues holding it back from a 9 or 10 score seem mostly tied to various bugs and glitches, which only require some light polishing. Also, there is no leveling / unlock system. This may be why some critics were disappointed
    when comparing Insurgency to CoD or BF. However, at its low price, I feel that I still got more than what I paid for.

    The elements which I believe most set Insurgency apart from its FPS competitors:

    - The 'weight system'. You customize your own load-out, with options such as guns, pistols, explosives, armor, and extra ammunition chest rigs. You are only able to carry a certain amount of equipment at once. This is surprisingly well-balanced and enjoyable. Both firepower and armor enhancements are costly, so one must choose wisely. At the same time, you can't really choose wrong!

    - The sound effects are intense. You will hear bullets whiz past your head. You will hear them crack upon hitting hard surfaces near you. These suppression effects are pulse-pounding! Soldier dialogue is also impressive. You will hear nearby teammates screaming and calling for help when they're being 'lit up'.

    - Well-built mid-range maps. They feel smaller than Battlefield's maps, but larger than CoD's. A wonderful middle-ground which makes SMGs just as effective as sniper rifles if you choose your cover wisely.

    - Great multiplayer game modes, and unique uses for explosives. Skirmish is probably my favorite game mode. Both teams have a weapons cache which is outside of their respective spawns. If you're bold enough to sneak in, you can use grenades, C4 or rocket launchers to destroy them. This stops the other team from gaining more reinforcement waves. Too often FPS games utilize rockets and explosives only as anti-personnel weapons. I thought Insurgency put a great spin on an old weapon.

    All-in-all, it's worth your money. There is a heavy learning curve, so prepare your anus. Once you have a basic grasp though, you will not want to put this game down! It's refreshing to see the Source engine still kicking and able to create such an impressive atmosphere. Good work New World Interactive. I'm excited to see what the future holds for you, and therefore the gaming community.
  83. Mar 15, 2014
    Game speaks for itself. I am not going to write a review, enough have been said already. I am just giving my score. I have played 65 hours plus and I still wake up in the morning and almost instantly think of starting up Insurgency for some play time.
  84. Aug 9, 2014
    Insurgency is **** pathetic. Between crashes every 10 minutes, broken and glitchy gameplay and an EXTREMELY confusing GUI, this game made me think Call of Duty was good. The kicker? You can't even quit the game through Task Manager. I had to manually shut down my computer and wait 10 minutes for it to reload. Even during the 5 minutes it DID work, gameplay was clunky and the controls are idiotic. This makes for a pathetic game that doesn't deserve to be on Steam.
    TL:DR: Insurgency was the worst FPS I've played in 2014 by MASSIVE amounts, with the runner up being Air Control. It's that **** bad.
    If you want a good FPS, play Titanfall, and avoid this pile of ****
  85. Apr 27, 2014
    I'd like to throw in my vote to Insurgency, which strikes a beautiful balance between Counter-Strike and Ghost Recon for me. I'm getting long in tooth, so pure arcade skills need to be balanced with tactics these days, and this game fills that gap.
  86. May 19, 2014
    Insurgency is a realism intense FPS that is based in Afghanistan .The game looks barer then most of your conventional FPS e.g COD CS:GO Battlefield.The game is built from the source engine so it might look like a copy of csgo. It's basically CS:GO intergraded with Battlefield ADS and COD's Regen health system.It is a 1 shot head shot every weapon, and a 2-3 shot body and 4 shot Limbs e.g arm legs.Adding the realism there is 3D Voip voice surround thing .Basically means that unlike csgo where everyone in your team can hear you, in insurgency everyone can hear you depending on where you are behind a wall or car or out in the open.BUT theres a thing in insurgency called squads.If you talk regardless where they are they can hear you.

    After saying all that i feel like im gonna play some insurgency now
  87. Jun 14, 2014
    I made this account just so I could leave this review. More people need to be playing this game because it is incredible! The maps are perfect and provide good strategic cover and the game itself really promotes teamwork. The game modes are great and definitely feel like a breath of fresh air after playing all of the mainstream shooters out there. It might take a few rounds to get the hang of things if you aren't familiar with games like this, but if you are looking for good tactical team-oriented gameplay then you will not regret this purchase. Especially for $15 this game is really a steal! Expand
  88. Jun 25, 2014
    I'm a long-time battlefield player and this game offers something that battlefield just simply can't do. It has the fluid play and powerful-feeling weapons of battlefield, with the tight gameplay of something like counter-strike, with the palm-sweating intensity of something like arma. The game modes are new twists on old favourites and really stand out. To be honest I was expecting something new and fresh, but I wasn't expecting to be blown away and totally impressed like I have been. I hope that people keep playing this game and that it will really catch on because these developers have stumbled onto something special. Expand
  89. Jun 25, 2014
    This game does what makes multilayer first person shooters fun far better than any game on the market at this point. Crisp graphics, great maps, reliable game engine, lots of game modes, awesome community and dev team, lots of guns, no grinding, minimal HUD, immersive suppression system... (the list honestly goes on). What does this all give you? The most intense and challenging team based closed-quarter firefights in any fps I've ever played.

    Couldn't recommend this game more!
  90. Jun 26, 2014
    I'm with Fr4ntic on this, I just made an account to give this game a 10. It is really really good. It feels very realistic and doesn't get old. The devs are doing a great job of adding content and refining the game. I almost didn't buy this game but I'm glad I did as it is my favorite fps. I didn't even bother buying COD for the first time in years. If I could I would give it an 11.
  91. Jul 4, 2014
    By far, one of my favorite games due to it's tactical yet fast-paced gameplay, free-aiming mechanics, and INTENSE sound! The developers can disappear every once in a while (they have lives outside of INS in most cases) but it's nice to hear from them and get free content every once in a while.
  92. Jul 18, 2014
    I find this game to be a refreshing drink, or a nice breath of air. a step away from all this call of duty crap (not being biased, as I've prestieged a total of 12 times on 3 cod games) this game brought forward the idea of realism, and teamwork. their ideas where a solid 8.5/10 and their execution of them was about a 7.75.

    I'd recommend this game to anybody who looks towards the fps
    genre but wants a step away from super competitive parkour queerscoping nonsense, zombies, survival, etc. (about 11 hours on record here)

    a hint to future reviewers, when you look to review a game, review the game, not the engine it was written on. if your computer didn't handle it, you didn't play it, you don't review it.
  93. Aug 9, 2014
    I have just bought the game and played it a bit. I can say that i really liked it. It is a tactical FPS. It is easy to kill and easy to die. I play Red Orchestra 2 too and enjoy while playing it but RO2 is more annoying than Insurgency.

    Team play is important and if you play with friends it will be more funnier. It is a tactical game bu it is not really so stressful.

    Most beautiful
    things about the game are weapon and class systems. Attachments, bombs etc. It is nice to select a class and customize it. There are enough weapons and they look pretty good. It looks like that the devs spent some hours on weapon models.
    The problem about the game is "graphics" i guess. The graphics could be better. Of course not like last BF or CoD game but a bit better. Characters look stupid sometimes while they are running and fighting. Their movements seems not normal.

    Gameplay is more important then graphics. So it is a good game with some -'s
  94. Aug 19, 2014
    Um dos melhores jogos de FPS na minha opinião. Um coop muito dinâmico, e que você consegue jogar até com 8 amigos, uma integração muito grande, visto que outros jogos do gênero abrigam no máximo 5 jogadores por servidor. Sem contar que você sempre se surpreende com os Bots, que pulam, deslizam, correm e fazem o impossível para lhe pegar desprevenido e matá-lo (isso tudo sendo bem realístico, e não trapaceando por bugs). É um jogo extremamente tático, e que deve ter auxílio de comunicadores para se sair melhor na missão, visto que assim como os bots, você também morre com um tiro. Expand
  95. Aug 26, 2014
    Okay, let's put this out there before I get started; I suck at most FPS games. I do well enough to have a good time every other round, but for the most part I suck. That being said this game makes me feel good. I'm not saying that because I'm better at this game than most other FPS, no. I'm just saying, with the "realistic" damage and the amount of recoil, it's easier to actually get a kill: in a one-on-one confrontation. Put 2+ enemies in front of you and you'll more than likely die, if not shortly after while you reload. But, nevertheless, it's a good time with friends or even random people,most people play the objective and if they don't, they usually die and have to watch other people play better. I normally don't like the "get killed and then a forced into spectator mode" type thing, but in here it works well and really makes you ant to play better and better. The guns are great and all have their strengths and weaknesses, but most require a bit of skill to use. I strongly recommend to play the tutorial first, and to ignore all these negative comments. I read most of them and I think some are just upset because they died a lot, just my opinion though. At $15, it's a steal. Expand
  96. Oct 11, 2014
    It's a shooter perfect for those who are looking for realism in a FPS game.
    The controls are tight and the game-play is fun. Though this game is not for everyone, so keep that in mind.
  97. Aug 11, 2014
    The game is full of bugs and has problems with server-disconnects. It isn´t worth buying every single new little FPS wannabe where the devs just try to suck out some money and will leave the gamers with a broken piece of what could´ve been a good game.
  98. Aug 11, 2014
    This is not entirely bad game. Just the developers did not know what they want to create. I was expected a tactical FPS. And there are 10 character classes, smoke grenades, commanders and many other things... But no one using it. The only rule of the game is to hide behind a car and shooting to running through the streets.
  99. Jun 12, 2014
    You take a little bit of Counter-Strike, A lot of Red Orchestra/Rising Storm, and the smallest spec of ARMA, and you have Insurgency. This game actually makes you think quiet seriously how to slice the pie of doors and windows, forces you to consider the tunnel of death, and silhouette, and finnaly, Teamwork makes the Dream work, when you enter a scene on CS, there are 2/3 points of entry and exit and up to around 5-6 for visual spots, ARMA, you have a full 360 degree to maintain, while RO/RS amount of windows and doors, see spots, and entry exit spots are around the same in Insurgency. You really need a mic and headphones or you are in for trouble. Teammates need to cover your weak sides, and you should really communicate with your team on attacking known enemy locations, I am on the right side of the door I am looking left your on left looking right I am going to run in, you watch my back. But be careful 3D audio makes it where lintel can be taken but false lintel can confuse the enemy, plus I love shouting into the mic Allah Akbar as terrorist in a gunfight where the enemy can hear me and perchance miss his few key shots. It is so pleasurable to duck into cover have thenm blow 15/20ish shots and then slide out to the other side crouch lean out and fire 2-3 to end it, it gives me so much enjoyment, my heart races like going 100 MPH or being on a roller coaster. I have been in so many close calls, I have been utterly destroyed countless times, and I have destroyed the enemy quiet regularly with 9 KD or 7 KD I love it. Expand
  100. Aug 10, 2014
    So realistic and fun. A can guarantee you this is far more better than Battlefield and COD. With developers hard work, both on map making and game play balancing, you get a prominent game experience . In addition, all DLC are free.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 23
  2. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. May 9, 2014
    Insurgency is great in what it does, being like expanded Counter-Strike for competitive players. Unfortunately Battlefield has already corrupted me with is unlocking and achievements and... [May 2014]
  2. Apr 15, 2014
    Fun enough, but hardly anything new under the shooter sun. [May 2014, p.58]
  3. Mar 31, 2014
    The things that Insurgency does well can already be found in its original Source mod form while the new changes are not substantial enough to really make the game something worth trying out unless you’re completely wet behind the ears or looking to scratch an Insurgency itch.