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  • Summary: Features include: fourteen flyable aircraft, with countless other land, sea, and air vehicles. Patrol, Intercept, and Strategic Bombing, plus air strikes on a wide range of targets including warships, subs, trains, tanks, airfields, and factories; real 3D cockpits with fully functional dials and gauges; one million square miles of satellite accurate, mapped-terrain; fully realized damage model with parts that detach, explode, tear away, and affect flight. [Xicat Interactive] Expand
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  1. The first thing that drew me into the game was the amazingly beautiful world in which the game takes place.
  2. Not up to the lofty standards set by "IL-2," but still an entertaining WWII prop sim. [June 2002, p.56]
  3. Hard core flight sim veterans will find its simplified flight model and weak campaign to be disappointing.
  4. For a game that retails for around 40 bucks, I would be hard pressed to spend ten.
  5. Attack Squadron's high points are in the bomber missions...The immersion is excellent. [July 2002, p.76]
  6. While the game's flight mechanics and damage model provide some enjoyment, the few missions that ship with the program are uninvolving.
  7. It has too many defects and omissions.

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  1. Anthony
    May 9, 2002
    This game's graphics are incredibly archaic (CFS 1 looks better), its flyable plane's characteristics are generic, its documentation is absurdly inadequate, and it doesn't support Microsoft's first generation force feedback joystick. I will never buy any simulation with Jane's in its title again. Don't, repeat don't, buy this game! Expand