Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 18
  2. Negative: 3 out of 18
  1. With very, very few adventure titles can I say: "If this was a book, I'd like to read it." Journey falls into that category.
  2. 88
    It offers over forty hours of a great story, very engrossing world, tough puzzles and believable characters. Veteran adventure gamers will find this game to match Syberia, not only in graphics, but also in sound and the script.
  3. A breath of fresh air in the adventure genre. Considering the level of detail that has gone into its design, the exceptional musical score, an overall enjoyable pace, a good story, over 40 hours of gameplay and 2 possible endings, this a title worth owning.
  4. This game has a suprising charm and beauty, with enough depth to keep you playing until the end. A solid pick that will surely satisfy.
  5. A fairly decent adventure title with good puzzles and a somewhat gripping storyline, but mired down with a few flaws in execution.
  6. 75
    The interface problems are enough to keep Journey To The Center Of The Earth from being a four-star game, but fans of point-and-click adventures will find plenty of puzzles and story to make it a game still worth buying.
  7. I found Ariane to be a tad fidgety when standing in one place and while other characters are speaking to her. Her abundance of mannerisms proved rather distracting to me, particularly at first. Fewer would have been better.
  8. Frogwares has put together an adventure that offers a fun story plot, engaging puzzles and interesting dialogue. The execution is a little rough in parts, with the awkward movement cursor, the sudden appearance of actions that couldn't be accomplished before, and the whole glove thing, but these don't take away much from the overall game experience.
  9. It’s story skillfully blends some of the most famous fictional elements of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne alongside more recent faraway works like DinoTopia and Jurassic Park, with the added pleasure of cinematically orchestrated music and beautiful graphics to engage players and immerse them in a magical world.
  10. Because of its idiosyncrasies I wouldn't recommend Journey to the Center of the Earth for novices. Experienced players, however, should have look if you want to take a fantastic journey and test your mental and moral fibre.
  11. Frequent adventure gamers who've acquired the sixth sense needed to navigate quickly through item hunts may enjoy Journey to the Center of the Earth for its engaging story and often-beautiful environments.
  12. 63
    A decent title that keeps you gaming for cheap. It's only 20 bucks and should take the average gamer somewhere between 30 to 40 hours to finish. Just know that a third of that time may be spent in utter frustration.
  13. Marred by bugs, design problems, low production values, and general sloppiness that usually overshadow its genuine charms.
  14. The visuals are pretty, the puzzles are engaging and the plot is engrossing, but this release isn’t all that it could be. The interface glitches, puny hotspots, gameplay linearity and absence of deep character development all limit its value.
  15. Even with its attractive $20 price, Journey offers more aggravation than enjoyment. [Holiday 2003, p.97b]
  16. Unfortunately there is nothing memorable about this game. The characters are one-dimensional and the story runs its course in about five hours - but the game just keeps going and going and going. The title of the game should be changed to Escape From the Center of this Game.
  17. An average adventure game, plagued with some awful bugs.
  18. Ultimately, the game suffers from a simple lack of polish, but in areas that severely detract from the gameplay experience.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 8 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 4
  3. Negative: 2 out of 4
  1. Jul 14, 2014
    Journey to the Center of The Earth just feels broken. The controls are off, the visuals are bland, and the gameplay is dull. Not to mention, the protagonist doesn't seem to be able to do things that should just be simple. My top example of this is the gloves. Need to fix some wires? Nope, you need the gloves on. Need to chisel out a gem? Nope, need gloves. Not to mention, the game gives back no input on this, so you have no idea what you're doing wrong. I have the disc version, which means it has the seal puzzle. Now, I've tried the correct combination of gems on the board. IT DOESN'T WORK! I even checked 10+ online walkthroughs. The puzzle doesn't work! The story is also uninspired, but the voices... AAAAHH. Full Review »
  2. AidanD.
    Oct 29, 2007
    Do Not Buy This Game! none of the professional reviewers mentioned that there are several game-ending bugs that prevent you from solving key puzzle such as the Valley of the Spirits. It actually CANNOT be completed without a walk-through, not because it is hard but because there is a fatal error that prevents the puzzle from resetting. In addition, the game crashed twice in just an hour of game-play and the protagonist became "stuck" on the landscape several times, forcing a reload. The graphics are buggy as hell, pixel-hunting abounds, and several hotspots are missing. Don't take my word for it, read a report of the critical bugs at: Even if this game were complete and bug-free, it would still be mediocre; with all the bugs and glitches it is absolutely abominable. This is the worst puzzle game I have played in my life, you have been warned. Full Review »
  3. LisaB.
    Feb 12, 2004
    I can't believe this was only $20! I just happened upon it while shopping at Best Buy. I picked up the box and knew this was the next adventure game that I had to play. I figured this would be a quick change of pace after playing Uru for so long - but 'Journey' was soooo much better than Uru! This game scores right up there with 'Longest Journey' and 'Syberia'. I definitely got my money's worth. Hope there's a sequel. Full Review »