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  1. Sep 23, 2013
    The most overrated game i've ever played. It's a huge world full of incredibly boring and tedious tasks. The graphics are good for the time when the game was released, but it has tons of performance issues. I had to put all the graphics options on low just to get close to 30 fps. The only real redeeming quality is the massive map, easily the biggest map i've ever seen in an open world game. Everything else is sub-par or flat out terrible. The worst part is that it's just not fun at all. A real shame. Expand
  2. Dec 13, 2012
    Open world GTA clone where you play as a hispanic terrorist spiderman flying around some unnamed indonesian islands. Absolutely gigantic world with a ridiculous "action movie" plot filled with ninjas, Michael Bay explosions, air-dropped rocket launchers, and just about every vehicle you can imagine. I spent over 100 hours on this game to 100% it and it's one of the few games I have felt compelled to max out. Even without the multiplayer mod this is worth picking up considering how cheap it is now. Expand
  3. Sep 12, 2013
    overrated game of the year yep it is not good at all it has one of the most terrible voice acting ever boring protagonist and very weak shooting mechanics
  4. Nov 2, 2013
    [9.0] Just Cause 2 is an unforgettable open world experience. It's a massive improvement on the first game, and it gives incredible freedom and so many options. Just Cause 2 is one of few fast-paced action games that has as much depth as the player allows it to, and is an experience that is really defined by how much the player is willing to do with the game. It is the perfect example of why video games are such an important part of interactive media. Expand
  5. Jan 17, 2012
    I played for 50 minutes and got bored. The animation and dialogue I didn't appreciate. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous maxed out, but that cannot pull it's score up. The gameplay is open, however the gunplay does not feel satisfying. Uninstalled off of steam after one session.
  6. May 10, 2012
    The game is graphically pleasing - you can just stand and admire the beautiful island landscape. Good job. The gameplay however, did not keep me involved - i played only for about 6 hours until i got bored. What's the motive? Why should i continue playing? Everything is the same - you come to a village, start shooting, soldiers come in never-ending waves, you shoot them, etc. Perhaps for kids this is a fun way to spend time - for me unfortunately the gameplay is extremely monotone and boring. Expand
  7. Jul 11, 2012
    There are 4 words that can be used to describe this game: "Bloomin' huge" and "very fun". It looks beautiful, and runs extremely well, quite the experience using max settings on my PC. Yes, the story is crap (like a cheap action movie). and there are quite a few bugs I found, but these add to the overall feel of the game: fun. And isn't that the main reason we play games? for fun? and this game has hours of it at your disposal to do whatever the hell you want. Please make Just Cause 3 for the Wii U, I will love Square Enix for ever if this happens. Expand
  8. Apr 21, 2011
    Some of the best graphics out (for Dx10 anyway) on the PC, huge area without any joins to explore and play havok in (wish GTA5 would use this engine for PC) marred by no multiplayer... and dumb Ai spawning... not enough to spoil the game, a multiplayer version would be awesome maybe for JC3?
  9. Nov 20, 2013
    The over the top, mass destructive, chaos causing, parachuting agent could only mean a “Just Cause” sequel! Now, I'm the first to admit I have played the first game several times, but have never been interested long enough to complete it… The game although having fantastic environments never really done much else for me, the sequel however had me hooked. The vehicle controls had improved (there still aren't many vehicles, but they have improved) the environments still as huge and lush as ever… This game as a whole is quite awesome and as Rico so often says “It isn't a party til’ something gets broken!” and you can’t fault his efforts at starting parties! Expand
  10. Apr 17, 2012
    This game may be repetitive and the voice acting sucks and the storyline isn't that good either. But does the storyline really matter? No. I love exploring in this game and the the graphics are insanely beautiful even for two years later. The grapple hook is fun to travel around with and there are mods for this game, such as free vehicles you can buy, when they actually cost a lot of money which makes me play the game 1000 times more. The game is simple, go blow up stuff, and kill if you want or need to. The game may be repetitive but it's still fun. This game is very well optimized and if you have a bad card then you'll have to lower quite a few things.. Expand
  11. Aug 23, 2012
    Do not let them seduce you with good looking trailers. They are made from cut scenes which generally looks good. But when cut scenes stop everything good stop. Practicaly unplayable console port with bad story, bad shooting and medicore gfx! Avoid it!
  12. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: Some of the best graphics seen on the PC. 10.
    Sound: Catchy background themes/soundtrack, the voice acting is weak though. The gun sounds are okay. 7.5.

    Gameplay: Huge sandbox game with the world being one of the biggest in gaming. The game is like Just Cause, or a GTA type game but probably has the most freedom ever in the game. You get a grappling hook, unlimited
    parachutes, stunts similar to pursuit force on PC but much better. The gun play and shooting mechanics are good, but could definitely feel better. The game is built on a chaos mechanic; cause enough chaos to unlock each Act, stronghold mission, or faction mission. There are different factions where you do side quests. This game is superb. 9.5.

    Story: This is probably the weakest point of the game but still average. Your sent in to kill your old employer from the first part, but things take a turn and you find out the truth, and so on so forth it’s really not too interesting but again average. 7.5.

    Lasting Appeal: The game is worth it, single player only took me 12-14 hours to complete, plus many more side missions, PC mods that make the game even better. 10.

    Overall Score: 8.9 out of 10.
  13. Jun 19, 2011
    THE GOOD: Unbelievably huge game world. Fantastic graphics. Lots of vehicles and weapons. Blowing stuff up is fun. THE BAD: Blowing stuff up is repetitive. Missions are boring. THE UGLY: Racial stereotypes and bad accents.
  14. May 30, 2012
    It's one of my favorite games of all time. Why? Because the gameplay is sheer fun, grappling and parachuting, tethering people to cars then driving around. The environment is immensely interective, I hate when I feel like I'm in a plastic scenery just there for decoration. Not so now. You can blow up any of the literally hundred villages. I spent over 100 hours on this game, if you're a completionist you'll love it. I like sandbox games but what's good about this one is that you have constant goals - every area has a percentage of completion based on items you must find and things you can blow up. Basically, I never felt bored in all my exploration, unlike other sandbox games lacking such goals. These strong elements for me greatly outweigh the weak story, because the game is so much fun and I just spent 95% of the time playing anyway, and not listening to story. So that's it, one of the best games I've played in my life, if you don't like it in the first hours I'd say that's normal because the story is bad, but get actually playing and driving around and you'll absolutely adore it. Expand
  15. Apr 19, 2013
    You got a big map, weapons, a grappling hook, a parachute and you have to make chaos. The story is really uninteresting, but the gameplay amazing. A lot of fun!
  16. Mar 26, 2014
    The massive procedurally generated open world is gorgeous, and all of it is the player's playground to cause chaos in. The game "Fuel" also creates a huge world like this, as does Daggerfall, but all in all this game oozes the most fun.
  17. Apr 26, 2013
    some of the best graphics i have ever seen. the multiplayer mod makes it addicting. for ten dollars on steam, this is a great deal. the controls are a bit hazardous if you don't have a controller. luckily i got one just to play this game. the map size is great for exploring in all different types of vehicles. i actually never beat the campaign because i was too busy flying and driving around. the storymode is forgettable but the opposite can be said about the multiplayer mod. go buy it. Expand
  18. Jan 6, 2012
    Very exciting game, but I agree with other reviewers that there is too much parachuting and grappling. Overall, the game has great scenery and super weapons. Just Cause 2 is much more entertaining than its predecessor, and that was a great game too. I may actually buy the DLC for this one.
  19. Jun 2, 2013
    I've only had this game for two days, and I haven't even beaten its story. However, I don't even have to. All I can say is that this game is just plain amazing! It is quite possibly the best video game I have ever played. In fact, the story is the one thing about this game that I would have to say is wrong with it. It sort of does have a cruddy story that is like your average B-movie, however, the story is not at all what this game is about. What this game is really about is its awesome gameplay. This game is open world, and has so much to see and do. One thing that this game definitely wanted to pull off was be like the average action movie. In fact, if I didn't know this game better I'd say that it was possibly satirizing action movies. However, I do know this game better, and I can safely say that if this game was going for being like an action movie, it undoubtedly succeeded. This game has so many different areas that make you feel like you're in a movie like Die Hard or the Expendables. The areas have several different destructible objects, enemies to fight, and make you feel like your character is an unstoppable war machine while the enemies are nothing more than mere toothpicks. There are also several elements in this game that are much like the average action movie as well. Does this game have you taking over enemy bases? Definitely! Does this game have car chases? Absolutely! Does this game have any other vehicle sections? Plenty! Does this game have high falls? Assortment of different weapons? A tropical island setting? You bet! Speaking of the island itself, let's move on to the graphics. These are some of the best graphics I have ever seen in a video game! They are very detailed, very beautiful, and very vibrant and colorful! There wasn't a single thing in this game that wasn't detailed properly. This game is a very beautiful sight indeed. The sound is also quite good. In fact, it is amazing! The explosions have a punch to them, the guns have just the right sound effects, and the vehicles sound just the way they should. One thing that people are bound to love about this game is how little emphasis it has on story. I have criticized story in the past, however, in this case I don't feel the need to do so. This game proves that a video game does not need a big emphasis on story to be good (I'm looking at you Assassin's Creed). The game's story is very short (only seven missions long), and the rest of the game is spent exploring, raiding bases, going on car chases, and completing faction missions. There are plenty of these faction missions all throughout the landscape of the island, and they are all unique, and a blast to play. Overall, I'd say, if you do not own this game, then what the heck are you waiting for? It's cheap on Steam (only $15). This game has everything that an action game junkie would want. It has a beautiful setting, little emphasis on story, and a giant emphasis on explosive, extremely fun and fast-paced gameplay! Buy this game right now if you do not yet own it. Do not hesitate, it really is that awesome! Expand
  20. Mar 29, 2013
    With 400 square miles of rugged terrain and hundreds of weapons and vehicles, Just Cause 2 defies gravity and belief. One of the best (if not the best) free-roaming games out there!
  21. Jan 24, 2013
    Running around causing chaos is really quite fun! For a few hours. The grappling hook / parachute tools are cool to use, the combat works fairly well, and there are lots of vehicles to drive around in and lots of map to explore. Unfortunately, the story falls flat, and destroying random stuff for no compelling reasons gets old in a hurry. Or at least it did for me.
  22. Apr 11, 2014
    An excellent combination of Far Cry (2&3) with The Saboteur, this game will become addictive. Beautiful island scenery complements your ability to drive any vehicle as well as fly helicopters and fighter planes. Three main "bad" guys offer a variety of side missions, which allow them to conquer certain sections of the islands, and later providing some small assistance. I loved flying around destroying bases with the helicopter. The game is fun and the main missions (which trigger after creating enough mayhem and destruction, i.e., chaos) are interesting but too few. What I didn't like is having to find every single machine part/ammo upgrade box in all the bases in order for it to appear as 100% secured. I also thought there should have been many more side missions as well as more than just six or seven main missions. There is humor in the game, which is always appreciated. When continuously blasting away with the helicopter, Rico will begin humming a song. If he falls from a height without killing himself he'll say "whoa, that was too close to comfort." Or if he gets away from a serious fight without injury he will say other words in Spanish that I'm sure I can't write here. Hilarious. Well worth purchasing it for entertainment. Expand
  23. Jan 2, 2011
    This game is too much fun. Rediculously good graphics, pimped out for PC, and comes with free DLC if you get it through steam. I've got 50 hours of gameplay and I'm only 39% done, only on the 4th game mission, because the islands of panau are GIGANTIC. you will have tons of fun retaking the hundreds of villages, districts and military installations from the corrupt government, who even cares about the story quests? haha. it can seem repetitive at times, but the close to 200 vehicles available and the great grappling hook mechanics keep it from being tedious. The heat AI is a little dumb, eg: if you manage to run out the gauge, say, right before a truck full of policia crashes into you, they'll have completely forgotten that you're the guy they were furiously chasing 2 seconds earlier. Kinda messes up the immersion, but the gunfight AI is pretty decent and helps draw you in to each little destruction operation, as do the day/night cycles and the random rainstorms etc. Long story short, this game is excellent, give it a try as it becomes less than ten dollars when it's on sale, and it was clearly paid a lot of care in ensuring your enjoyment. I've never had a single player game outside of MMORPGS that gave me so many hours of fun. And I own some 100+ high end PC titles. Expand
  24. Apr 15, 2012
    Just Cause 2 - lets you play as an American secret agent running around a tropical island sandboxes creating chaos to destabilise the government; allie yourself with three different local factions vying for power. The factions give you adventure missions to prove your loyalty, get cash and power ups. Also - jump out of planes, off of trees or mountains, and base jump with a really cool parachute - if you can say something in Japanese then say it now !

    OverallScore 9.7 Played the SteamPC version in 2012.03 (2 years after release)
    [DRM] Steam only (and always easy)

    [Challenges] Main mission run and gun adventures provided by the factions are straightforward and short (just right for that ADD in me). Weapons are standard and great, the grappling hook is awesome and essential to the game and easily mastered - this is so cool - allowing you to parachute fly across the land. RPG-like progression requires accumulation of parts, armor, money, and chaos points by completing missions (which are easy and abundant). To help your abilities progress complete enough SIDE missions. If you like to run and gun the highest adrenaline side missions are to take over military installations (always lots of fun like that first latte in the morning); if you like to explore and run away then discover the towns around the countryside for loot (simple and repetitive after a while - like eating marshmallows). I played on expert level and rapidly RPG-maxed out my favorite weapons and cars making the game much easier. There seems to be a mission for every mood. There is a bunch of optional but lucrative mini games like racing with cars, planes, boats, and base jumping - they all take skill - and if playing on a PC then you need a Joystick for full enjoyment of flying minigames. The AI is good and will kill you (do not eat cheese doodles while playing) [Value] This game is quite fun and quite long. I do not think you can replay this game - if you try to complete every side mission I think you have a 300 hour game on your hands.... The real fun ends around 100 hours - sounds like too much eh? [Children] This is not for kids - this game keeps track of the number of headshots; at least there is no smoking (smiley face wink) [My PC] i7-2600K 3.4GHz / ASUS Z68 ProGen3 / 8Gig RAM / Radeon 6870 / 1920x1200 / W7 PRO SP1 [Graphics 9.0] Why is there so much texture popping?
    [Controls 10] I always play with a Logitech keyboard and a Kensington trackball. Remapping the keys was easy and appears in the onscreen instructions.
    [Sound 10] I always play with headphones. I liked the way the music energy moved with the action - like Deus Ex - and at times was soothing; there was a good music variety; I turned up the volume ! [MyFavorites] [PC Win7] Crysis&Warhead JustCause2 Rage [PC XP] DeuxExHumanRevolution&TheMissingLink DeadSpace1&2 Fallout3&NewVegas HalfLife1&2 Bordelands BatmanArkumAsylum AssassinsCreed1 Magicka RedFaction Portal1&2 FromDust MrRobot Sam&MaxSeasons1&2 CulpaInnata TheSecretOfMonkeyIsland DreamfallTheLongestJourney Syberia1&2 CrayonPhysicsDeluxe DefenseGridTheAwakening PlantsVsZombies Prototype Bioshock1&2 UnrealTournament3 Quake4 [360] AfroSamurai BrutalLegends [XBOX] HALO KOTOR1&2 Crackdown ArmedAndDangerous AggressiveInline BeyondGoodAndEvil DeadOrAlive1&2&3&ExtremeBeachVolleyball Psychonauts [AppleG4] DeusExMachina ReturnToZork Suspended UnrealTournament TombRaiderSeries Suspended [Born] 1964
  25. Mar 21, 2013
    This game gets repetitive very fast. Every mission what you are doing for 3 different factions seem to be all the same. Its good open world game but suffers from variation between missions, this type of playing is boring and outright stupid.
  26. Jul 19, 2014
    A huge improvement from its first game Just Cause, although I don't really like open world game, and although I completed Just Cause's story line, this one I haven't, but for people who like nice graphics, BLOWING UP STUFF, and a GTA style game, but without the naughty bits ;) It is truly a good game. Also, now you can get the Multiplayer mod!
  27. Dec 26, 2010
    Not a game you want to get into for deep gameplay, but for dicking around purposes its top notch. When you get used to all the insane things you can do to the laws of physics it gets more boring, but as a rental game it's perfect.
  28. Nov 25, 2011
    This game is a really beautiful game that's extremely entertaining. Thankfully there aren't any story progression map restrictions like Grand Theft Auto, otherwise I don't know if I would have played it. The missions can be extremely repetitive and tedious. The redeeming factor is the surreal action, which is what keeps me hooked if I just wanna be a bad ass for a few hours.
  29. Aug 26, 2012
    RICHTIG GEILES ACTION GAME !!! , eins der besten die ich gespielt habe :DDD
  30. Nov 22, 2014
    Lovely game! There is so much to do on this game, like collecting upgrades and hidden items, destroying bases, stunting with vehicles and parachuting on a fun way! And i also like: - The sharp graphics, sounds and music - The great story - Funny and cool vehicles for stunting and the huge map. But personally, i don't think this is a game for completing 100%, because the gameplay gets too repetive. Expand
  31. Oct 23, 2010
    Great fun. Beautiful graphics and world. Loads of action and funny situations. The physics simulation is something like HalfLife 3. Good replayability. A very good game, deserving somewhere around 9 points. To rate this game below 6 is absolutely ridiculous.
  32. Feb 24, 2012
    This game is only fun if modded. The default base game is "restrictive". The gameworld is expansive and huge, it'd take 15 minutes in even the fastest plane to from from one side to another. It has different environemnt - tropical, snow, desert, forest. The vehicles operate funny and if driven at high speed, can spin out easily. The story is meh and short but what you can do in the free mode, makes it up. Expand
  33. Jul 3, 2013
    What an amazing game! You can fly planes, drive boats and cars, and skydive/base-jump. You can blow up tons of things. I totally agree with SPINEY when he says that the game is repetitive, which it is. After 25% the hard-core completion person will continue to 100%, the casual person will mess around, and the experimental people will start modding (if they haven't already). Repetitiveness aside, you can explore about 400 square kilometers of land and ocean, killing any Panuans in your way. The voice acting is average. The missions are entirely subjective though. Some may like them and think they're fun and interesting, and some may completely ignore them and think they're a waste of time/use them as cash. Factions drive cars around, and it's fun to get on them and shoot stuff. You can use a ton of weapons and upgrade them. The modding community is amazing also. I recommend the first person mod, multi-player mod (maybe), and other mods may bring interest such as realistic clouds and underwater planes. I've put almost 200 hours into this game between Xbox and PC. It's a classic. Expand
  34. Jul 11, 2012
    This game is great if only it had multiplayer. Good thing is working on that. I got this game last weekend right when they were testing the beta. I'm going to give this a 10 because I think it's going to live up to it. This game has great potential. You can read all about the game from the other reviewers I'm just going to say buy this game you can find it dirt cheap. I think I payed $7 bucks for it. Expand
  35. Nov 30, 2012
    The open-end aspect of this game is disappointing and meaningless. I spent hours trying to locate and destroy last piece of government property just so I can capture the settlement. I also hate the idea of running around collecting weapon and vehicle parts that are scattered the whole map. It is repetitive and boring. Weapon and vehicle parts upgrade could have been more meaningful if I get larger sum by attacking real-difficult-to-reach mountain and military bases. I have the grappling hook don't I? But no, more than half of the mission enemy or boss rarely put up with a challenge. Instead, I spend majority amount of hours trying to be like a dragon-ball collector looking at radar to pick up weapon/vehicle parts. If you are reading this by now, it is 2012. Skip this game and go for something else. Expand
  36. Dec 5, 2013
    Fun for the first two hours and then just plain frustrating and repetitive especially if you are playing with a keyboard. Trying to find new missions and moving forward takes forever and involves a great deal of pointless driving around only to keep ending up in the same place. They keyboard controls for anything other than vehicles are just impossible. I guess if you have a controller then yes hours of fun but otherwise hours of frustration. Nice looking world though. Expand
  37. Vas
    Jun 29, 2014
    This game offers a lot of territory and things to do. You can go around killing random enemy bases just for fun, or follow the story and complete missions. It is generally very hard to complete 100% of this game if you want every single thing done, takes a long long time because there is just so much stuff. The story is pretty fun too, I really enjoy the game. I think you will too.
  38. Sep 3, 2013
    A big, dumb, beautiful game with an interesting grapple mechanic. Really, it does what any open world game should do, and that's give you tons of freedom to go do what you want. As long as what you want involves a LOT of destruction.
  39. Aug 17, 2012
    It felt unpolished product, story/script was cheesy as hell, including awful voice acting and hideous Lip syncing. Gameplay was too easy and over the top, mostly because of stupid AI. All weapons felt flat, no recoil, nothing. Physics overall was terrible, especially car handling. Even music was forgettable.
    The only thing I liked was the graphics and environment. Really nice colorful
    world. Too bad the gameplay couldn't match it. Expand
  40. May 24, 2012
    well .. i liked game's gorgeousness ... but still its not worth .. game is having weak driving controls ... weak shooting mechanics and Worst Voice Acting ever i seen in my life .. but still the good thing is the open sandbox gameplay .. with Grapple Hook getting me feel like a true stunt guy ... still give it 7/10 .. not any best game .. but just fine
  41. Jul 14, 2013
    In a nutshell, this is a insanely fun game that has you exploring an open world, which is so massive you will take you 15 to 30 minutes (even flying a jet) to fully cross from one side to the other.
    Though on of the biggest draw factors is that there's so much to do: from hijacking cars, freefalling for minutes of cliffs, parachuting across jungles and deserts, picking fights with
    choppers and the enemy military, engaging in full on pursuits, complete missions and destroying bases just to name a few.
    Over time, all this does get a little repetitive, but that hasn't stopped me putting a full 50 hours into this game. Well worth it!
  42. Mar 21, 2012
    + giant map and lotsa things to search, + dozens of vehicles, + graphics are amazing, + missions are fun, + rope and parachute works great, + over 100 hours of gameplay, + songs are good, + sometimes pretty challenging - story is not that great, - some places are copies, - can't buy ammo, - no online. I would give this game 10 if this had online.
  43. Nov 7, 2013
    Bow down, GTA and Saints Row fanboys: THIS is the king of Open-World (Outside of you know, RPGs). Avalanche remembers that games are supposed to be fun. Just Cause 2 allows you to unleash your inner sociopath and wreak havoc on what is probably supposed to be North Korea but isn't. Full of neat easter eggs, and graphics that still look good 3 years later. Also, props for making a good PC port that can even outclass consoles. Check this one out. It goes on sale on Steam very often. Expand
  44. Sep 29, 2010
    This game is loads of fun if you like sandbox style games (which I do). According to my Steam account I have logged 158 hours in the game, so that should be an indicator of how good the game is or how insane I may be... If you don't love the parachute/grapple hook combo you are really missing out on the fun. I have played the GTA games (except IV) and found this to be more my style. One note: I did go buy an Xbox360 controller because that is the only controller this game recognizes. So, I used the controller for driving and flying and the mouse/keyboard for running around/fighting and parachuting! I can hardy wait until Just Cause 3 comes out... Expand
  45. Oct 26, 2011
    This is clearly a game designed around a sandbox, instead of a sandbox around a story. It is pure, unadulterated fun meant to entertain those who seek to down their foes in the most creative ways possible. Played as a standard third-person shooter it will feel tedious and unimaginative, so only buy this if you are out to explore the various extremely entertaining ways to do things. The graphics are amazing and performance very, very good for what you get and the physics..WOW. All in all, a great FUN experience meant only for the creative gamer, I would not recommend this game to anyone looking for a deep story and fleshed out characters. Expand
  46. Sep 19, 2014
    A pretty large and beautiful island background for a simple but interesting story,mechanics of freedom and influence,these are the advantages.But that's all of it.
    I found that it takes the players too much time to drive or hiking around the island,the mountain,for there's no fast plane for them at the beginning of the story.Meantime,the quests seem need the player to get the very
    locations to start or complete.As we know,some other known games,such as Sleeping Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV are with the mechanic of quest auto-interaction and ignoring the journey for the quest location.Sometimes,when the mechanic not triggered,we can use the cabs or fast travel.
    For short,the time wasting and amusement killing journey at the beginning consumed my patience for this game.
    Looks like the cloud save of it is not functional on Steam.
  47. Oct 8, 2011
    I give Just Cause 2 a 9/10 its a terrific game the only thing i would really change tho is i would make it so you could enter buildings I love this game and I certainly reccomend it
  48. Aug 6, 2012
    3/5 (Ok) Open world, great gameplay let's you do pretty much anything you want. It's fun. Really. But then you start to play for real and the gameplay now feels like an obstacle to your success. And then the story is boring, and then the missions are boring, and then you stop playing and you forget about it.

    Hell, writing this review makes me want to give it another try. (last played Jan. 2011)
  49. Dec 19, 2012
    TL;DR Amazing in exploration and free roaming, not much in anything else.

    For starters, the list of good things is the only thing that redeems this game really. The grapple/parachute and ability to go anywhere at any time really set the game apart in the beginning. Hell, if you're like me, you might not even want to finish the story, because flying around, blowing **** up, having speed
    races, suiciding things with explosives, etc. is just so much more fun. The graphics aren't mind-blowing but the scope of the map and the visuals are not bad by any means.

    Outside of those 2 things, the game is almost reminiscent of one of those $5 games on the shelf at some random department store. The voice acting is atrocious and the story and quests are horrible. To 100% the game is literal insanity and you might not even get that far because some bug will stick you at 99.5% (now fixed I think but it does not stop the pain of those before it). Outside of doing what you want, the game is literally "go here, kill someone/steal something, come back". The most enjoyable moments of the story, by far, is the opening missions when you figure out that the grapple can throw cars off a bridge during a police chase.

    Really, this game would not even be the sandbox we know if it didn't have the grapple/chute and the developers locked the different zones/islands in the beginning. If you're playing it for anything else, you're gonna have a bad time.
  50. Nov 8, 2011
    I love this game, the objective is create the Chaos, all things you destroy are good for the progress of the game. This Sand Box is very very funny. The game have 7 principal missions, 49 secondary missions and 70 racing missions. In the game there are a total of 370 locations (Militar bases, towns, cities, points of interests etc...). The weapons are very very more good that you found on GTA IV. You can update all weapons and vehicles. In this game you can search a total of 3200 Item box... realy realy a lot of things to do. I recomended 100% this game. [10/10] Expand
  51. Sep 14, 2011
    Good times initially, the open world is so impressive. Nothing like it on the market. Controls better than GTA, looks good, but it's just boring after a while. I found myself rushing to complete the game so I could mark it off my list.
  52. Apr 19, 2011
    If you base JC2 on JC1 at all - you are really missing out. That's what I did, and I initially missed an amazing game.

    The controls take a while to get down, but then you're inside one of the best sandbox games made yet. You can play it like an idiot, guns blazing, not worrying about dying, or you can be careful, precise, and make it a real challenge. The only complaint would be that
    once you finish the storyline missions, the game goes a bit on auto-pilot (in fact it offers to a chance to just be done). Things should really change once you've 'won' the main story, but they do not. You could argue that it just allows you to continue playing sandbox unabated (and trying to hit 100% - good luck!), but it feels like there should be a fundamental change in the game once you've hit the main objective.

    That's a minor complaint, overall it's a blast.
  53. Mar 15, 2013
    Amazing sandbox-style play that's set apart by the fun and interesting grappling-hook-and-parachute dynamic. The plot and acting for the story mode is sub-par, but this game is not about the story. It's about bouncing around a massive Island chain flying jets, riding bikes, attaching gas canisters to unwitting bystanders and sending them to the moon, and generally f'ing sh't up.
  54. Jan 31, 2014
    Just Cause 2 is the Expendables of the video-game world; it might not have outstanding features, but you get your money's worth through the entertainment it provides. PROS: +It is insane action movie that you control. +The game can be modded. +The multiplayer's good, but only if you have friends with you. +Huge open world! HUGE! CONS: -The story is somewhat original, but nothing to call your friends about, a-matter-of-fact it is kind of bland.
    -The game constantly thrusts you in to it's generic storyline.
    -The combat is floaty and odd with elements that making aiming ridiculously difficult at some points.
    -Who ever optimized this game didn't do a great job.
    It is just a popcorn game - a game you get out of boredom to pass the time.
  55. Mar 13, 2014
    Just Cause 2, and I'm sure some people will agree with me, is the greatest open-world game I have ever played! Pros: Ridiculously enjoyable gameplay Massive open-world to explore Packed with extra side-missions and content CHAOS!!! Cons: Checkpoints are inconvenient If you want to cause absolute chaos in the biggest open world in video games ever, then do yourself a favor and play this game! Expand
  56. Mar 25, 2011
    Gameplay - 8.5 , Graphics - 9.0 , Story - 5.5 , Playing time - 20+hours. Sandbox gameplay with beautiful graphics. At first it's fun, but it turns boring pretty quick. And the story is ****
  57. Sep 8, 2013
    the Game optimization is very nice,all of my computers can play it over 30 fps on highest setting.
    and the prize is nice,a game dare to put a low pirce is winner.
    it is very nice to travel freely in game,i think the most fun is not kill,is travel.because some place is the same..
    but if u travel,u can go through the four seasons,and the whole map is free,no need load,and no lag when go
    very fast by airplane.
    shame,it not support bandicam,can not record the game,fraps is hard disk raper,i can not accept it,so i give up record this game.
  58. Aug 26, 2012
    I probabaly give this game a little more than it deserves- People are right, the game is repetetive. However, the mechanic is so new and innovative that somehow it worked for me. The map is huge, too huge for me to explore it all, and while its not really "boring" it was still not intresting enough to make you want to see it all. The main storyline is not linear at all, Its just not very interesting, but I think the story's only goal was to give you moral obligation to cause as much chaos as possible in the entire state so I think the story did fine overall, even had few nice So why 9? Because of those staff that simply keep being fun no matter how repetative they are: Hijacking helicopters, Hijacking airplanes, Pulling vehicles stunts, flying around while doging bullets, and of course attaching things to each other. Yes, it probabaly wasn't the most effective to attach the two cars chasing you to each other near the bridge. And yes, shotting that guy instead of attaching him to a gas tank and shooting the gas tank could probably save me some time and health. The rope and parchute machanic is distinctive enough to make this game worth buying. The closest game mechanic to this game was that of infamous (where you can also hijack helicopters). but somehow this game is still very much different (And not only because its more challanging) Expand
  59. Mar 3, 2012
    If Ubisoft ever make an assassin's creed game with a grappling hook, civilisation as we know it will be over. People will lock themselves in their houses and refuse to leave because the combination of close-quarters contextual combat with the ability to pin enemies to the environment and turn them into viscera-filled pinatas will be like cartharsis on a stick to anyone who loves to play sandbox games.

    Funny way to start off a review about Just Cause 2, but I feel that this is the major misstep that the game makes. As a sandbox game it follows in the footsteps of GTA, the trigger-happy titan among sandboxes. Just cause 2 does everything I've seen done in the GTA franchise and it does it smoothly and cleanly. But as a sandbox game trying to do something different it should've cast a wider net in looking for inspiration. Because while it is a sandbox, it is NOT a GTA game. The grappling hook changes all the rules, but I don't think the folks at Avalanche really cottoned onto that because the hook feels underused, and under-developed. Some more combo/contextual moves coupled with the ability to upgrade it and streamlining of certain manoeuvres (like dragging enemies behind your car, or holding a grappled enemy so you can fling them OFF of things etc.) would elevate this game beyond simply being a 'more interesting GTA clone' to something truly exceptional.

    That is not to say that Just Cause 2 is not fun. It is, and more fun than the last GTA game I played in fact (San Andreas for those of you keeping score). The vehicles while nowhere close to real-world accurate in terms of handling are massive fun to drive, skipper, and fly. The slingshot mechanic which turns your parachute into a paraglider is a stroke of brilliance, and the gunplay, while not stellar still manages to perform better than other sandbox titles. I just find myself wishing that the developers hadn't stopped on the threshold of greatness.
  60. Aug 22, 2013
    played for 10 minutes then deleted. A game obviously designed for children, I'm just lucky i only paid $2.99 on steam. I don't understand why all forms of entertainment are being aimed more and more at children, I have loads more spare cash, disappointing....
  61. Jan 4, 2013
    I'll start off with the positives, and then go on to the negatives. Just Cause 2 has a grappling hook and parachute mechanic, which - when used correctly - allows you to scale buildings and jump out of planes. In the story missions there are a few big explosions, which look visually impressive. The graphics are very good, too, and it's playable on many systems. But although hopping between cars, planes and boats is entertaining, it's only enjoyable for a few hours before it gets old. It's worth noting that there are lots of people claiming that this game has a fully - or mostly - destructible world. It doesn't - there are a couple of things that look different when you blow them up, and that's it -- just to clear that claim up.
    Now, then, on to the bad things. Firstly, the voice acting is awful. It is without doubt the worse voice acting in any game I have played, bar none. The game is set on some sort of island in south Asia, so all of the voices - from the main protagonist to the least important character - are Americans putting on atrocious Asian accents. You might not think that bad voice acting can let the game down, but it cannot be avoided here. The missions are repetitive and necessary for progress; I actually ended up giving up on the game eventually because the missions' repetitiveness wasn't justified by the bland storyline. The story is just bad. You have no idea what's going on and just seem to be doing things for no real reason - and that's because the game tells you what's happening at the start, and by the end of the first mission you have forgotten. The other main problem with it is the open world - it is a sandbox game, but no one of any importance exists in it except yourself, which reiterates my point about the game getting boring quickly.
    Overall, a fun game for a few hours - good, looking, too - but massively let down by its exceptionally bad voice acting, uncompelling story, dull world and horrendous repetitiveness.
  62. Aug 11, 2014
    I think that this is one of the best Console to PC ports. The graphics are nice, fps is good, aiming with mouse works well and controls are good. The game's main attraction is the grappling hook. It's a very fun open ended game. The AI is not the best, the military is very easy to avoid. I also found storyline not to be very interesting. All in all this is a really fun game and I really mean it. I spent many hours just going around the world and making a mess. Expand
  63. Feb 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. +Fun Gameplay+
    +Good Storyline+
    +Good A.I+ (Sometimes frustrates)
    +Great Graphics+
    +Great Open World Design+
    +Nice Multiplayer Mode+
    -Moderate Voice Acting+

    Just Cause 2 is really like the most expectation open world game, at least it's pretty amazing to see how good programmers tested this game is wildly impressive.
  64. Dec 17, 2013
    This game is fun as f**k, I mean who doesn't love flying around blowing s**t up. The story mode is fun, but stupid with hilariously bad voice acting (oh well) with great graphics and a strange, strange villain.
  65. Apr 2, 2013
    Loads of fun. Just Cause 2 truly understands the sand-box. It feels like like a polished mash-up of boiling point and Red-Faction Guerrilla maybe the Saboteur). First of all it gives you freedom. You can do whatever you feel like and It is all engaging. There is a plot to follow and factions to do side-missions for and endless opportunities to create chaos. The chaos will have the authorities after you which then leads to the evasion-game. I love the fact that you can shoot your way out of trouble, run, drive or para-sail away or even the hijack the chopper they bad guys sent after you.
    Travel: best I have ever seen. There is instant-travel (extraction from anywhere), stealing boats, cars, motor-bikes, planes, helicopters and then there is the hook. The grappling-hooks is so useful you will forget to walk places. There is a cool mechanic where you can use the grapple to ascend then engage your parachute to fly...then use you grapple to 'web-sling' your way around. No game has such a cool variety of transportation. If you don't become obsessed with collecting every little trinket in the game you will find hours of over-the top game-play here. Just flying a plane around to scout new locations can be entrancing. The island has a variety of terrain and the day-night cycle makes for amazing sunsets and vistas. Don't complain about the repetition in the game as this is the nature of the sand-box. Having 70% of the side missions available (after getting 20 hours worth of plot-mission value) is nothing more than gravy. This genre is not about deep plots anyway. If you want a game that is fun-to-play then look no further.
  66. Mar 29, 2011
    FUN, thats it, after years of seeing games feel more like work than games, i enjoy a fun game, not a perfect one, but fun, an over the top intentionally cliche story, with over the top action scenes(almost all the time) and a world " two times the size of the known universe" to destroy.

    It is true it gets repetitive and the sensation of the copy paste brush gets on to you after some
    hours, but it is without a doubt a fun game. as a game should be. Expand
  67. Feb 9, 2014
    Why is this game good? We may never know. The shooting mechanics aren't that good, and neither are the guns. The story is lame, as is the voice acting. The missions are sometimes bland and repetitive. So why is it fun? Because of the setting and action movie influence. Panau is bigger than GTA V's Los Santos. It has varied environments. You can hijack a plane, jump on top of it, and then jump on to a passing plane, and hijack that one. Its beautiful. You can do anything. Cars explode as soon as they hit something when you're not in them. You have a grappling hook and infinite parachutes. And its a great looking game as well. The problem is the lack of depth. The world is huge. But you can't really interact with it in the slightest. That's where games like GTA and Saints Row have it beat. I'm hoping for improvements in gameplay and the world in Just Cause 3 (if it exists...). Expand
  68. Jan 7, 2011
    first thought: OMFG WHY WONT THIS RUN ON MY WINDOWS XP?!?! second thought: Screw it i need to upgrade anyway Third thought: OMG its still laggy as crap becuase my computer only has 2 gb of RAM and an 8800 GTX graphics card Fourth thought: *ding* ill turn the settings down Fifth thought: this is actually pretty fun with all the settings turned to the lowest Sixth thought: *about 5 hours in* this game has the most horrible story that has ever been created by a game

    seventh thought: *about 10 hours in* who cares about story? i just attached a jeep to my plane with a grappling hook, flew the plane off the runway, got the jeep caught in a tree and had to jump out of the plane before i got hurtled into the ground and exploded!

    Final thought: Fun game, bad story, very high system requirments, can be a tad repetitive (especially if your going for full completion)
  69. Feb 22, 2011
    This game is one of the best sandbox games out there. The possibilities are almost endless. The set pieces are beautiful, and the explosions are some of the best explosions I've ever seen in a game. The only downside to this amazing sandbox experience is the campaign. The voice acting is hilarious, and the campaign basically sucks. Recommended to all people who love exciting, ridiculously fun sandbox adventures. Expand
  70. May 1, 2013
    Overall it's definitely worth giving this game a shot.

    The gameplay can become tedious- especially if you aren't into constantly similar ways to earn "chaos" or over-the-top action. If you fall in love with the over the top action though (reminds me of the movie shoot em up really) then you will probably love this game.

    There are some awesome mods available for it which is nice and
    the graphics are pretty good... however at the same time the cheesy story and voice acting really detracted from the experience. Some people loved that aspect but I just couldn't stand it.

    Definitely worth a play through.
  71. Jan 12, 2014
    What should I say about this game? Well, first it's a very nice game, it's certainly enormous, probably the biggest map with such detail. The Controls are quiet nice. The amount of Biomes are amazing, Mountains, Tropical Forest, Desert. The city is very nice to drive/fly around. The story is quiet nice. The music is ok.
  72. Oct 23, 2011
    Just Cause 2 has A LOT of destruction, a lot of guns and an absolutely stupid story, but overall I found this game a lot of fun. The grapple system is great, the graphics are descent and the vehicles are great as well. I didn't really like the idea of having to cause destruction to progress in the story, but the destruction was extremely fun. Tethering someone to a rocket and then setting the rocket off never gets old. =D Expand
  73. Jan 23, 2012
    I picked up this game on a sale impulse buy. I had seen my friends play about half an hour of it and was not impressed, a lot of the stuff you could do looked over the top and stupid. But after playing I found guilty pleasure in the over-the-top parachuting, ass kicking, and grappling. The environment was something I did enjoy quite a lot, the beautiful graphics combined with the setting, think Cuba combined with North Korea was very pleasing. The vehicle driving is implemented very nicely as well. If you don't mind stunts that are totally unrealistic, a mediocre story (Most cinematic are skippable though) and a massive free roam expanse filled with explosions, gunfire and god knows what else, this is the game for you. Expand
  74. Dec 15, 2011
    With a terrible storyline, God-awful voice acting, and the most cut-and-copy cutscenes ever seen in a video game, it's a wonder that Just Cause still manages to deliver a thrill ride of a time. If this game were judged solely on the aspects listed previously, then I would give it a zero in a heartbeat. However, I have a feeling that Square Enix purposely made it out to be this way. Just Cause isn't a game to be taken seriously, it's a game to mess around with in your enormous sandbox of countless toys. As soon as the first mission's over, you're free to explore the island of Panau to your heart's content. From hijacking airplanes and crashing them into congested areas, to keelhauling an enemy soldier along your speedboat, the possibilities are seemingly endless. You'll have loads of fun simply testing out your grappling hook on unsuspecting enemies, discovering all the ways you can mess with your prey. Once, I tethered my grounded boat to an airliner, which then proceeded to drag me across the runway and lift off, carrying me with it. It's all a bunch of silly nonsense, but it's what makes this game so enjoyable. If you're looking for a giant sandbox to piss around in, you can't do much better than Just Cause 2. Expand
  75. Jun 30, 2014
    Great game a sequel would be insane. Multiplayer mod is too much fun. I hope they have some crazy epic awesome winning hashtag multiplayer for the next one
  76. Dec 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I thought that the GTA games were the pinnacle in free-roam sandbox fun. I was wrong (thus far). Just Cause 2 (JC2) definitely sets a new standard for random sandbox fun. Just roaming around, cause chaos as part of the game's requirement, while literally traveling on foot, in the water, in the air, and in any vehicle possible, is simply ridiculously fun. The truly amazing feeling in the beginning of the game is, that while you are standing on a huge building, looking in the distance, you can actually say to yourself, "I can get there. This is not just a background." And it's true. Whatever you can see in the world of JC2, you can reach. Hi-jack a plane, a helicopter, a car, anything. If you drive, fly or go by boat, eventually you arrive at the way point you set for yourself. And it's fun. All the while you can earn money from chaos, buy upgrades, or just fool around. The only other game I've ever played where I can spend hours having fun while doing nothing, was in a GTA game. And this is a ton more fun. If you like GTA, get this. It really is awesome! Expand
  77. Oct 31, 2014
    I was very positively surprised by this game . It is like GTA and very very fun. THe graphics are just awesome and the open world possibilities unlimited. I love the Grapling Hook and jets !!!
  78. Nov 13, 2011
    Utterly enjoyable. Gameplay is so much fun, when you get the hang of it. Jumping around with your grapplehook and parachuting from tree to tree to avoid gunfire is just one of the many aspects of this game that makes it awesome. Here's the catch: Storyline is thin, and can be finished TOO quickly. Once you've completed the campaign, you get stuck in "Mercenary Mode" where you then attempt to complete the rest of the game (blowing stuff up, driving every vehicle available, etc.). Unfortunately, once you've gotten to that point, it just loses it's fun-value (unless you're comfortable running around and blowing stuff up for hours on end). Good enough game to buy if you can get it on sale. 7/10. Expand
  79. Jul 26, 2011
    Only in Just Cause 2 can I grapple onto a fighter jet as it's taking off, throw its pilot from the **** fly to a cliff-side enemy base high in the snowcapped mountains, strafe it with missile and machine-gun fire, get shot down by a SAM site, bail out of the flaming wreckage, grapple onto a passing attack helicopter while in free-fall, resume my attack of the enemy base using the chopper's guns, get shot down again, bail out again, land nimbly onto a tower, kill the soldier inside, take his mini-gun, destroy the rest of the base on foot, and then base jump from the edge of the cliff onto the beach half a mile below.

    Just Cause 2 does action right. It's so wondrously over-the-top it makes me wonder why all sandbox action games don't give the player a grappling hook and a parachute. It makes Grand Theft Auto IV look like a game about a 12-year-old kid's newspaper route. It makes Red Faction: Guerilla look like a shiny tech demo on Mars (Oh wait, it's always resembled that).

    What about the story? Oh right, there's a story. You are Rico Rodriguez, and you have to overthrow a corrupt regime on an island nation. You work for an agency. And you have to shoot and kill your way into a number of crime factions in order to cause sufficient "chaos" that the regime's leader will finally come out of hiding and confront you. That's about it.

    I skip every cut-scene the game shows me. I just. Don't. Care.

    The fun in this game is being able to explore the largest game world I have ever played. I understand that larger game worlds have existed before, like Asheron's Call. I've never played that game, so the worlds to which I can compare that of JC2 are from Fallout 3, Oblivion, and Far Cry 2. These worlds are mere islands in JC2's vast nation.

    One final note: Just Cause 2 is the best game to play in conjunction with Steam's screenshot feature. F-12 yourself some excellent shots.
  80. Jul 25, 2014
    This game is easily one of my all time favorites; not only is it a mindless open world game with loads of explosions, but bathes in its own cliché to make even the ridiculous story and missions great fun to play. A point off for the main story being far too short, and that the game gets repetitive if you try to play it too seriously.
  81. Jan 4, 2013
    honestly in my opinion, the cutscenes, voice acting and the character are just awful..i hate his voice.
    everything else is just spot-on i cant tear myself away from this. the missions are nothing special but the game play is just awesome, run around shooting and destroying everything, upgrading and flying planes while on top of them...sweat.
  82. May 1, 2014
    This is the ultimate open world gaming experience with a stellar achievement in gameplay design (= the grappling hook). Graphics look great even by today's standards.
  83. Oct 22, 2013
    Great is great, repetitive is repetitive nice graphics, AI sufficient and a huge map that forces you to make some real trips to carry out missions almost too big!

    Not bad
  84. Jul 17, 2013
    Just Cause 2 is a game that works for some people, but will strike the wrong chords with others. Starting with the good, the game is graphically exceptional, boasting beautiful environments along with a wide selection of vehicles you can use for your shenanigans. Also, If you haven't heard, Just Cause 2's environment, the island nation of Panau, is massive, both in terms of boundary to boundary size, as well as verticality. The game features a mixture of locales, such as military bases, barren deserts, snow capped mountains, a jaw dropping cliff (Which is particularly fun to drive all sorts of vehicles off of), as well as massive set pieces, such as a massive nuclear submarine. The capital city of Panau is so large that you could fit a game all of its own in that specific area without raising an eyebrow. Gameplay for the most part is fun as well, featuring boatloads of gunplay, and plenty of Easter eggs combed with hundreds of collectibles. Now the bad... I'll start with the story, as it seems to be the elephant in the room here. It's a disappointing mash up of faction feuds, communism, and Russian stereotypes. Characters are completely forgettable, and the voice acting will literally make you cringe. The people of Panau speak some sort of Vietnamese/Japanese mash up with an Australian accents. Rico delivers his fair share of cliche catch phrases, and every time you pick up a collectible, you are treated to the same awful sound byte give to you via one of the faction leaders. Gunplay can also seem broken at times, and in high points of heat, the rather low draw distance will give the appearance of enemies simply spawning out of thin air. Also worth noting, citizens of panau will scream at you in English...while the environment Iis huge, it's mostly barren, and all of the towns in the same area are just different layouts of the SAME BUILDINGS. You will also encounter building clones in the capital city, which can lead to disorientation and déjà vu. Not joking.. The missions are pretty much the same as every mediocre action shooter, drive here, shoot them, go here and hold a button. Certainly nothing revolutionary. I will end with the ridiculous, which is certainly Rico's main form of transport, the grappling hook and his unlimited supply of parachutes. While unrealistic, the combo provide an excellent way of traversing Panau, as well as providing a form of entertainment occasionally. In conclusion, Just Cause 2, is a game that shouldn't be taken seriously, and merits a console purchase of a used copy simply to run around a blow stuff up. And if you enjoy even more ludicrous gameplay, pick it up on PC and try out the multiplayer mod, which is quite a thing to behold. A mediocre package overall Expand
  85. Aug 20, 2013
    As long as you don't mind a lot of explosions, and don't care much about realism or story, you will find it hard to stop playing this game. The problem with Grand Theft Auto is that it tried too hard to be realistic and gritty, and it lost track of what a sandbox like that is supposed to be, fun. Just Cause 2 works because it's Chaos system is kind of a reward for doing whatever you want; it rewards your freedom in a way. Whether you want to sabotage a mountain military base or just throw grenades at passing cars, as long as you are blowing something up, you are progressing the game, while games like Grand Theft Auto merely let you commit mass destruction for the heck of it. The story is terrible, but that isn't what the developers focused on, and it is pretty obvious when you hear some of the voice acting, and becomes even more apparent in some of the boss fights (I won't spoil them). In summary, this is probably the ideal game to play after a stressful day at work/school, where only excessive violence can calm your nerves. There are a few issues that in most games would cause me to demote their rating, such as the occasional glitch, the inability to shoot while inside a car ect, but I have so much fun the rest of the time I can't think of giving this game anything less but a full 10. Expand
  86. Mar 14, 2011
    A great free-roaming game that is set in communist Panau. The gameplay is great, the story is alright, replay value is high, the graphics are well done, the characters are decent, and the style is cool. A great recommendation for those who have played games of the Grand Theft Auto series.
  87. Mar 1, 2012
    The game itself is fine and really good looking but there is a lot of unused potential and the main story is extremely short + side missions after few hours are simply boring and doesn't surprise with anything new. There is so many locations that could be used for amazing missions but from unclear reasons there is no activities there besides those activities which you can find anywhere else.. like blowing stuff. Driving model is simply pain in the ass but we can have a lot of joy from flying. Expand
  88. Feb 16, 2012
    I was a fan of the first version of this game, and had to grab the second as soon as i saw the trailer come out. I couldn't believe when playing there could be so much freedom of movement and travel in an open world game. I've never traversed such a massive game world so teeming with npc's, enemies and activities. It's really astounding that they were able to put all of it together. I would honestly have to say the faction missions and a lot of the story get repeditive, but thankfully when playing the opportunity to get a refreshing dose of pure free flying chaos between those missons makes up for it. Highly underrated, a pure gem! Expand
  89. Mar 29, 2012
    Excellent game. It excells in freedom, destruction, and entertainment. It is not the perfect game, however. After a while the game gets slightly repetative and replayability dims. This does not mean it is a bad game, rather not worthy of the 8-9 score due to the lack of significant motives for replayability, as I do not find myself coming back to it terribly often. However, it does provide fun on a scale of the huge map that expands from many different seaons. It looks beautiful. Sunsets are astounding and the dynamic weather is well executed. The gunplay, on the other hand, is not so strong. Point and click mechanics are, however, balanced by the opportunities provided by the grapple - which provides a new dimension to shootouts. Definately worth a buy on a Steam sale, although not full retail. A solid 7. Expand
  90. Aug 25, 2012
    This game is utterly amazing. I had a couple of doubts before buying it because people weren't enjoying it that much, but after playing it for the first time, I couldn't stop playing. The gameplay is very accessible and you can gain some skills, which make the in game time longer. And long after completing the main storyline I still play this game just because it's so much fun to hook something up a helicopter and fly it into a car or something. This game will never get boring for me, I love it! Expand
  91. May 15, 2013
    Very good optimization, more than decent graphics and a whole lot of gameplay possiblites. possibly the greatest and largest open world game ever made. A 100 GTA cities can take up the whole game map, no lying about that. And it's not that big without a reason, and can take over 100 hours to 100% complete.
  92. Jan 22, 2013
    Possibly the greatest stress-relieving game ever made. Driving around the island in a Marten Storm is the most fun I've ever experienced in a video game, next to driving around the island in a Cougar 600. The game doesn't support multiplayer, but watching/taking turns with a friend is extremely entertaining. The campaign is bad. But that doesn't matter.
  93. Jun 24, 2013
    Definitely my favorite sandbox game of all time. One that I often come back to just to wonder around in. Lush gorgeous tropical environments that are beautifully rendered. Really fun and interesting gameplay mechanics like the grapple/dual grapple hook. Tons of sweet vehicles. I've put in about 50 hours on the game, only about 5 of those hours max were actually playing the game. The game itself is pretty lame to be quite honest. That might sound funny but it's the truth. Rated on it's 'intended' gameplay I'd give this a much lower score. In fact, I'd love if they just threw out all the run around and shoot things and people attacking you elements, blah blah blah. Bored me to tears really. But HOT DAMN, what a sandbox. This game is definitely on the top of my list for when the Occulus Rift gets released. I'm gonna be jumping off them mountains and parachuting from helicopters for hours on end. Great on the PC with the First Person mod installed (also can't go wrong with 2 KM grappling hook.) Pure FUN FUN FUN! Expand
  94. Dec 13, 2013
    This game is fantastic. Great fun, great world, which is detailed and enormous, great campaign (maybe not hillirious voice acting) and great...blowing up If you haven't brought this, BUY IT NOW!!!
  95. Jul 2, 2011
    an amazingly fun game, that kept me coming back, and in the current steam sale, the value for money has never been better, only let down is some of the repetetiveness
  96. Jan 2, 2011
    The harpoon/parachute concept is very enjoyable, but the repetitiveness of the missions, atrocious voice acting, and overall lack of effort that seems to have been put into just about everything except fun game mechanics left a stale taste in my mouth. Flying around causing aimless chaos is fun for a few hours, but when you realize that's the only entertaining element the game has to offer you get bored quickly. Expand
  97. Aug 20, 2011
    Its a little bit of fun mostly. The appeal of this game really only lies in the beautiful graphics and the open world with the ability to destroy and to do a few amusing things if you were to put your mind to it. As for the story its not very interesting and the missions are rather generic and repetitive.
  98. Mar 31, 2012
    yeah it's repetitive but thats ok because i just came here to MOD......and wow does this game have an AWESOME modding community :) you can fly like superman get every car, plane, helicopter, boat, weapon. The missions are an afterthought cause the meat of this game is exploring the gargantuan map, and it's soo pretty i thought i went to a tropical island. Flying planes then jumping ontop of them while you crash into a mountain and then parachute to safety.......epic and awesome :) GET yourself a trainer and go to this website Expand
  99. Feb 6, 2012
    Just Cause 2 is a phenomenal game which implements so many features that no other game - at the time of release or now - has ever implemented. You have a parachute and a grappling hook along with more than a hundred vehicles and tons of weapons as well. It only took 20 hours to get through the main story, and the game has so much more than that. Some badass things I do: standing on a boat and shooting rpgs off of it, grapple hooking my low-flying 747 to a boat and flying away with it, defusing nuclear missiles while riding them, and base jumping out of a hot-air balloon. The great thing about this game is that none of the things I said will ruin the game for anyone because the world is so many kilometers wide that you could play for 100 hours and not even see any of the things I'm talking about. I truly recommend this beautiful, action-packed game for anyone that likes sandbox, FPS, action, or story games. Expand
  100. Aug 23, 2012
    I need to sleep. I really really need to get some sleep. But Just Cause 2 won't let me. I keep saying "I'll just 100% this tiny little base" then the next thing I know I've hijacked a helicopter and I'm blowing up another base. Or I start out in some base (after getting blown up or crashing or being shot) far away from where I want to be so I order a plane. Next thing I know I'm swooping low over the ground trying to get low flyer achievements or ogling the sky and water or trying to swing under a bridge for the bridge limbo achievement. The gameplay is just so much fun and there are so many moments in the game that make you love it. You can go from feeling god-like and overpowered to dead in a matter of seconds because that tank you commandeered just got filled with bullets from the Panuan helicopter that you knew they had scrambled but just plain forgot about. This game is NOT meant to be taken seriously. You can hop out of a jet flying at several hundred miles an hour and just stand straight and tall looking like a bad ass. You can haul a minigun with unlimited ammo around and lay waste to everything in your path. You can grapple swing parachute for miles. You can base jump out of a helicopter, land safely and then get crushed by the helicopter as it falls out of the sky In Just Cause 2, you can do all of that and more. The story is hilariously over-the-top. If it wasn't clear at first, there's a mission where they throw ninjas at you and a nuclear sub pops out of an ice lake... on a tropical island. I don't think they were going for believable, they were going for fun with James Bond class mega-villains and stereotype allies.

    Yes, there is nothing realistic about the game, and isn't that really the wonderful part of it? This is a game where you need to be open to embracing the silliness because it's all an excuse to play and have fun.
  101. May 16, 2012
    This game gets boring after a few minutes. If this game defines anything, it's repetition. Most cutscenes are repeated, the dialogues are generic and voiced badly, the story can't be named a story. The grapling hook is an interesting feature, but it stays the only interesting thing about this game. The driving physics are bad, the vehicles are slow, the map is enormous but with so few details, that you just take a jet, and fly up to 5 minutes in a straight line with afterburner on, just to get to a point 6 km away. Technically the game looks fine, but not great at all. Repetition is the main motive, trees, rocks, streets, landscapes get repeated so often, that the large map is of no use. Anyone can blow up a map using ctrl+v. Blood looks strange, explosions lack a real bang but the lighting of sunsets is quite nice. But gta4 looked better.
    Driving by car is annoying, all 30 sec the police starts shooting. They are not very difficult to fight back, but still it gets repetitive a lot. Just like Just Cause 1, the game is a nice feature, but fails to fulfill the rest of qualities a good game needs. The upgrade system does not make a big difference, there are very few different guns and all the good stuff is available from the beginning so you have seen all the game has to offer in the first hour of gameplay. After that, nothing new happens. Really, nothing. Some parts are ridiculously difficult, but just because 3 helicopters and a lot of soldiers fire directly at you after reloading. The controls are ok, the helicopter controls are really good, the only thing I'd like to see in another game. Countless counters track you during the game, but nothing interesting happens when accumulate 500 or 600 headshots, more than 100 stunt points and so on. And it is so easy to progress these stats, that you start to ignore them. In hindsight I wonder why i played this thing for over 15 hrs. I think I wanted to know if the end is as lame as the rest of the game, maybe I had some hope that the game surprises me with a good ending. But no. Not at all. So buy this game only if you have alzheimers and don't realize when things get repeated every 2 minutes or if you really want to waste time.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. One of the most enjoyable sandboxes for players to experiment in this side of Grand Theft Auto. [Issue#204, p.86]
  2. Just Cause 2 can hardly be called an average game. It's a good one undermined by a selection of mediocre elements, and it's all the more frustrating this time around because Avalanche shows us glimpses of just how much fun two weeks on holiday with Rico should be. [Apr 2010, p.96]
  3. Just Cause 2 is a sequel that outdoes the original with gripping gameplay, exquisite visuals and a variety of missions that will keep you playing longer than you might expect. If you're an action fan, you need this.